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[Introduction] Introduction - Your name is Jacob. You are 12 years old, and you scare EXTREMELY easily

1. You don't have to be shrunk in your home.
2. You can't die, this story will go on forever
3. The giantess can be gentle, or cruel
4. No sex... Come on, you're 12.
5. No male giants
6. NO diaper stuff
7. If you have ANY questions about the story PM me.
You are going for a walk one day, when your head starts hurting like crazy. You eventually black out from the pain, and right before you wake up you here an odd sound. You open your eyes, only to see that you were 4 inches tall, and in...
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....a high school....
...You panic, and start to rapidly look around. You eventually see that you were on a table in the cafeteria. But what causes you to freeze in fear is a warm blast of air hitting your back...
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You turn around and see that you were standing on the popular girls table and the warm air was
...the breath of a girl with long black hair, a beautiful face, a large chest, and a school uniform. At the sight of this you fall on your back, and start to back away...
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Then you feel more warm air breathed on you as a girl with a large chest and blonde hair is looking at you
...You are so terrified that you curl up into a ball, and use your hands to cover your head. "P-P-P-Please d-d-don't hurt me..." You say in a barely audible voice...
...Just then the blonde bursts out laughing...
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I am not going to hurt you she says
..."No promises..." The black haired girl said. The girls then...
...The blonde glares at the black haired girl as if expecting a "just kidding"...
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Then the black haired girl says "just kidding little guy"
...You were still scared to death, and you had turned pale...
..."Oh, Brit! You scared the poor thing half to death!" The blonde said...
..."Hey, I was just joking... Not my fault this pest scares so easily..." The black haired girl said...
"You could at least try to calm him down!" The blond said...
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"I am sorry little guy" Brittany said.
"I-I-I-I..." Is all you can manage to say...
The blonde's stomach growls loudly...
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"Well it looks like it is time for lunch" the blonde says getting out some lunch and starts eating. Everyone else at the table follows suit. Then you see a hand coming at you. You are then grabbed by the blonde and placed gently in her ample cleavage...
You blush deeply, and wriggle around trying to get out... For decency sake.
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"No no no little guy you stay there" she says
"W-W-Why? C-Can't I stay somewhere more... Not so pervy?" You ask, still deeply blushing.
"Sorry little guy... But I don't think that you're in any possition to make demands..." The blonde said with a grin.
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As sh picked you up
As she picked you out of her cleavage she plopped you into her maw. You see bits of chewed food stuck in her teeth.
"W-W-What a-are y-you doing?! P-Please l-let me out!" You shout in fear.
"Mmmm..." She moans at your taste as she starts to lick your tiny body over.
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"Ok that's enough" you say
"I think I might just have to swallow... This is the best taste ever..." She says.
"W-W-W-WHAT?! N-N-NO! P-P-PLEASE!" You shout. But she doesn't listen,and swallows you.
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Then she eventually...
Before you are digested, she spits you up into her palm, and smiles down to you. "Enjoy that little ride? Cause I sure did..." She said to you.
"N-N-NO!" You shout.
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Fine then you can stay here she said as she opened up her pants to reveal a diaper!!!
-Please refer to rule six, and post again-
-Fine, I'll repost for you-

"Fine then! You can stay here!" She says annoyed as she opened up her pants, dropping you into the ____ of her panties.
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she drops you in the front of her panties and you decide that you want to get some payback at her for putting you in there...
You bite down as hard as you possibly can on her skin.
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She screams and grabs you throwing you out her window into her yard
You scream as you go flying out, landing in the DD-Cup cleavage of a 17 year old girl with flowing black hair, and brown eyes. She was doing some gardening, and hasn't noticed you.
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You stay quiet and don't move
She continued to water the plants in the garden, a gentle smile upon her face. "Such beautiful flowers..." She said to herself.
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You then jump out of her cleavage and land on the ground
As you did so, she noticed you. "Hmm? What's that?" She asked herself.
She reached a hand to you,a nd gently picked you up.
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You tried to escape and fall to the ground bounce off her boobs hit the ground and run for it. You get far into the grass so she cant find you

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