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by DeeDev
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fanfiction · #1956928
May, Dawn, Misty and Hilda are in a daycare, but what lies within, no one knows.
[Introduction] In this campfire story, you can be any one of the four characters, either it is May, Dawn, Misty or Hilda.

Summary : You and your friends were walking down a walkway when you noticed a job request at a daycare centre, where they tend to both baby pokemon and humans. But what lies within this daycare, will be mysterious...

Rules : In this story, the characters can't die because of some drug they took. Even when they get eaten, stomp or even crush, they will only feel pain, but they CAN'T die. You can also add some other characters, but make sure is related to the main characters for this story.

Allowed -
- Poop
- Pee
- Fart
- Diaper Stuff
- Vore
- Toilet
- Potty Play
- Diaper Pail Fun
- Mouth Play

Disallowed -
- Sexual Stuff
- Foot Fetish
- Nudity
- Killing the character

And last of all, have fun!!!
May's P.O.V.

"Should we look for a job?" Dawn asked me.

"Maybe, but what kind of job?" I asked.

"I hope is something easy," Misty added.

"And nothing too disgusting," Hilda stated. Right then, I saw a flier in the window of a daycare centre. I read it out loud to my friends.

Four girls, just graduated from high school. Good with both Pokemon and Human babies. Not afraid to get a little messy. Also loved to play with them

I was super excited as the daycare needed four girls to work, and it's also around our age. Man, I can't wait to work here. "Hey guys, I think I just found out answer," I said before entering the daycare centre, which left my other friends stared in confusion before following me.

As I approached the counter, with the flier in hand, a young woman smiled at me before she said. "You want to apply for the job?" the woman asked.

"Yeah, me and my friends," I said, as the others soon stood beside me.

"I better warned you girls. This job isn't easy and it would be very messy," the woman said as she filled in the form.

"Don't worry, we dealt with sweat, mud and dirt. What's the worse it could happen?" I replied as Hilda and Dawn eyed me suspiciously while Misty glared at me. I wondered what I'd say wrong?

"Okay, please sign here," the clerk said, showing us the location of where we should sign. It was just a simple one, before the woman behind the counter showed us into the daycare centre main hall.

"This is where the babies will play," she explained before entering another room. "And this is the baby pokemon's room," she said. From what I could tell, the two rooms almost looked identical. Apart from the wall colour, but I guess they don't want to make things more difficult.

The woman then showed us the changing room, with four tables. I noticed that a small flight of chairs was leading from the floor to the table was tiny. I wondered why. And there was a couple of chute for dirty diapers in the wall. One was for wet while the other one was messy. I guess it would lead to a room or a dumpster at the end of the diaper chute.

We were later led into another room, the toilet, but unlike normal one, this toilet was a lot of different. There were multiple small toilets on the ground, which I find it creepy. And to top it off, there potties all over the place and a big tank at the end of the toilet. I guess we would dumped the waste in there.

"So, is that all?" I asked.

"Just one more room, but only one of you will be holding the key though," the woman said. I looked at my friends and I figured I should hold onto the key. Dawn and Hilda tend to forgot to either take the key with them whenever they leave or lost it while Misty, well, lets just say we don't want to know the consequences.

"Alright, now what kind of room is this?" I asked, getting curious.

"It's a special room for people like us to take care of the young ones," the woman explained before she unlocked the door. We later followed her into the room before she flicked the switch on. The whole room was filled with bottles. From what I could tell, the bottles were filled with pills.

"So, do you still want to work for us?" the woman asked.

"Yes," we all replied simultaneously.

"Alright. Each one of you will be taking a couple of pills," with that, she took one of the bottle before pouring out some pills for us. I took two of it while the others did the same.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Just swallow it and find out," she said with a grinned. Okay, from what I could tell, there was something off about this. A diaper chute in the changing room instead of a diaper pail, a flight of tiny stairs between the floor and the table, a row of small size toilets and a room full of bottles. I began to feel suspicious about her, but I just shrugged it off before looking at my friends. "Well, here goes nothing," with that, we all ate our pills.

We didn't feel anything after a few seconds. I turned to look at the woman when suddenly I began to shrink. And that's not all, even my friends began to shrink too! What's going on!

"If you were wondering, those pills are shrinking pills. They also prevent you from dying, which means you're invulnerable to anything that can kill you, but you might feel pain though. Also, whenever you are either in the toilet or the changing room, you must watch out for the babies. They tend to throw out the things themselves," with that, I began to stuttered.

"C.. can... we cancel our job now?" I asked, hoping for it.

"Sorry, but you MUST work here for at least a couple of weeks before you can resign," with that, my heart sank. I would be here for two weeks! I just hope I can survive that.

"Now, which room would you four girls would like to go?" the woman asked.

"I think..." Hilda began, not too happy about the decision. Caused both of the pokemon and babies would be either through the potty, diaper chute or getting trampled by them.

"The babies!" Dawn quickly replied, not knowing what she just said.

"Okay then, get ready for your first day at work," with that, she scooped us up before heading to the hall. I have a really bad feeling about this....
May's P.O.V.

We were let off in the main hall of the babies. From what I could tell, the whole place was filled with babies, from age 1 till 5, and to make matter worse, they were all active as they ran around the place, chasing each other or playing with their toys. "So... what now?" I asked, looking at my friends. I noticed that they were glaring at me, which I felt that they quite angry at taking this job without consulting them.

"This is all your fault May!" Misty yelled at me. I flinched at her yell. I gulped, hoping that she wouldn't use that.

"Ca.. calm down Misty... or you're going to get us noticed," I said, trying to calm down the fumed girl.

"Calm down? Calm Down!!! How can I calm down when I'm 3 inch tall and surrounded by giant babies and to top it off, we are going to be in a disgusting situation all thanks to you!!!" Misty yelled at me. Yup, I could practically see steam coming out of her ears, and I knew what would come next. But I never expected to see this, two hands were coming down to both Misty and Dawn.

"Misty! Dawn! Behind you!" Hilda called out to them as she stood beside me. The girls turned around before the two hands grab them. They shrieked at the sudden surprised before the baby took them away.

I looked at Hilda, who was shivering from scariness. Who wouldn't be to see a giant baby took two of our best friends away. "Hey, are you alright?" I asked, placing my hand on her shivering shoulder.

"Yeah, but I still feel sorry for Misty and Dawn," Hilda said to me. I have a really bad feeling, noticing that the baby that took the girls was heading to the toilet. I gulped, not liking what the baby would do to them. But at least they weren't going to be dead.

As I put my concern towards Hilda, a shadow was looming above us. I gulped down before slowly turning around to see a baby girl, around 3 years old. "Oh~ dollies," she then grab both of us, which made Hilda shrieked.

I then smelled something really horrible, before looking down. Her diaper had a yellowish colour, which I guessed she wet her diaper. I gulped, before noticing that she was now heading into the changing room. I hope nothing would go bad, as I await the next moment...
May's P.O.V.

We were being led into the changing room by the baby girl. I noticed that Hilda was getting nervous about the whole thing. I can't help but feel guilty for bringing her and the others here, but we do need the money to live. I then realised that the baby had put us down on the changing table. I quickly stood beside Hilda, trying to calm her down. "Hilda, calm down, everything will be alright," I said, slowly patting her back.

"O... okay..." she said in a shaky voice. I then turned my attention back to the baby girl before realising that she managed to climb onto the table without us noticing. I then covered my nose from that putrid smell that's coming from her diaper. I noticed that it's really wet in the front by noticing the colour of diaper. I also realised she haven't messed her diaper yet, which I sighed in relief. If she does mess her diaper, I don't know what would happened next.

"Dolly, change my diapee," the baby girl said to us. I have a really bad feeling about this, not to mention a good possibility of falling into the diaper while taking it off. I shivered at that thought before looking at Hilda. She was still shaking, but not as much as before. I then turned back to face the baby girl.

"Okay, what's your name?" I asked.

"Betty," she replied. That's kinda cute name for a girl.

"Alright Betty, I need you to lie down for a few minutes while we work on your diaper, okay?" I explained as Betty nodded. She did as she was told before Hilda and I covered our nose, caz right now the diaper was facing at us with a smell so horrible it's even worse than a Skunktank. I held my breathe before finding a way to climb up on her. I noticed that the dress she was wearing was just above the diaper, which could help us to climb it easily. As I climbed up the dress, I heard Hilda called out to me.

"May, I will wait down here while you unbuckle the diaper from above," she called out to me.

"Alright," I replied before reaching the top. I had a bad feeling about this, knowing that anything could go wrong with our size right now. As I started to pull the tape on the diaper, I noticed that Hilda was trying hard not to gag under smell, caused she's practically closed to the diaper.

As I worked my way through the first tape, the diaper started to sag, which meant that I managed to completely unbuckle the first one. But right now, the smell was absolutely horrible. I tried my best not to puke as I worked my way to the second tape. On my way there, I took noticed that Hilda was covering her nose and mouth as her back was facing this way. Something feels rather off about this.

I was now unbuckling the second tape when the diaper suddenly tore itself from the tape before falling right on top of Hilda! I didn't managed to call out to her before the diaper dropped onto her. I heard her shrieked out of utter shock as I jumped down at the side, not wanting to land in a cotton of pee. I took noticed of a lump under the diaper, which I guessed was Hilda under it.

"Hilda, are you alright?" I asked, finding a way to get her out.

"You'd think!?" she replied as she struggled to move. "Get me out of here, it really stinks down here!"

"I'm trying to!" I yelled back before noticing a toothpick nearby. I quickly grab it before wedging it under the diaper. I then tried to lift it up with all of my strength as I noticed Hilda's head was now visible. She quickly climbed out of under the diaper felled back down as the wooden stick broke. But Hilda managed to get out in time.

"So... how are you feeling?" I asked, scratching my head.

"Apart from getting crushed by a really disgusting wet diaper, I'd say, alright," Hilda said with a shrugged.

"C'mon, lets get her patch up," with that, me and Hilda quickly went to pull the dirty diaper out before putting on a new one. The new one was rather easy to move and to buckle it to Betty.

As we were rolling up the wet diaper, Betty grab both of us. "Lets play a game," she told us. I raised an eyebrow as I looked at her. Something about those eyes made my spine shiver.

"What kind of game?" Hilda asked.

"Escaping the dirty room," after she said that, I gulped about what was going to happen next, she is going to toss us into the diaper chute!

"Can we play another game?" I asked quickly, hoping for Betty to change her mine.

"Then lets play riding in my diapee," she replied. Okay, riding in a clean diaper was alright, but since we don't know whether she would use it or not, I rather take the first option.

"How about another game?" Hilda asked.

"No, I want to play the first one or second!" she replied, a slight anger from her.

"I rather choose the first one," I whispered to Hilda.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, do you want to be covered in poop?" I asked sarcastically.

"Now that you said, yeah," she agreed.

"Can we play Escape the Dirty Room?" I asked.

"Okay! Which dirty room you want?" she asked. I felt a little relief that she let us choose which one.

"How about the wet one?" I asked, not knowing why I just said that.

"Okay!" she replied happily. At least we are not going into the more disgusting chute. But the next thing happen was that she placed both of us her wet diaper before rolling the diaper with us in it. Ew~, it's getting gross as the pee began to get squeeze out before we were drenched in pee.

"This is so gross," Hilda said as she could barely move.

"I know what you mean," I replied as I could feel my clothes getting soaked. I then heard a metal sound before Betty's voice came.

"Game start!" with that, she dropped us into the chute. It was only a few seconds drop before we landed into a pile of wet diapers. Great, now we're trapped in a diaper, which's wet and to make matter worse, we're now in a diaper bin or room. I don't even want to know how it would be and how the whole place would smell like. I gulped as I look at Hilda, who was gagging at the smell around us. I too began to feel a little cramped up as I could feel a new weight above us. I guessed another diaper just dropped on top of us. Now, how are we going to get out?!
Dawn's P.O.V.
A baby held Misty and I tightly as he took us to the bathroom. I noticed that the little boy was around three years old. "I will get rid of you nastee buggees!" he said as he reached the bathroom. Misty panicked as the boy pushed her against his diapered butt. "Die, nastee buggy!" he screamed as he farted on Misty. I could hear her coughing and gagging and I was about to feel about sorry for her when the boy started to move again. "You too!" he said as he dropped me in his diaper. I heard him grunting a bit as I realized what he was about to do to me. He was going to pee on me! As I realized this, it was already too late; a warm flood came out of the boy's private parts and it completely drenched me in stinking water. He pulled me out when he was finished and then dropped Misty and I into a potty. "I will kill you, nastee buggies," he said as he took off his diapers, sat on the potty and began to grunt. Misty and I panicked as we knew what he was about to do. We tried to climb the potty, only to be knocked down by a giant turd. The boy's poop landed on Misty, pinning her under a log of pure stink. The boy stood up and picked me up. I struggled in his hand as he moved my closer to his butt. "Nastee buggy will clean my butt!" he said as he pushed me head first into his butt, covering me in tiny bits of feces. I could only wonder how May and Hilda were doing as I was forced to endure being toilet paper.
Hilda's P.O.V.

First I was crushed under a heavy and wet diaper, next that I was rolled up with the diaper before getting tossed away with the other dirty diapers, and now, how are we going to get out?! I can't seem to move my hand, and to make matter worse, I'm completely drenched in pee. Ew~ I then turned to looked at May, who by my guessed was thinking of a way out. She then tried to push the diaper, but only getting soak by the pee. As I leaned back, the diaper began to move a little. May then looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "What did you do?" she asked me.

"I just leaned on the walls of the diaper, why?" I asked. she then tried to lean, and the diaper moved even more.

"Hey, I think I have an idea. C'mon, follow my lead," she told me. She then turned around before pushing the wall, and the diaper began to move, but not enough. I quickly follow May by pushing the diaper. Our surroundings began to move as the diaper started to roll.

When I noticed that there was a gap, I quickly stopped before trying to climb out. But as I climb out, the diaper we were in started to move before I fell back in. And before I knew it, the diaper we were in began to fall and along the way, the was unrolling. But we were falling from the diaper before we were pushed into the diaper before.

When we hit ground, the diaper on top of us pinned us down with another opened diaper. This just keeps getting better and better. Now, we can't even move. And the smell was horrible, because the diaper below us was an old one. "Now, how are we going to get out?" I asked.

"Lets try pushing the diaper on top of us up," May told me. We began to try to move the diaper, but it was too heavy and the pee that was still in it began to drench us. I'm completely soaked in pee! I just hope Dawn and Misty and doing better...
Dawn's P.O.V.
So, right now I'm drenched in pee and covered with poop and I'm stuck in a 3-year-old boy's butthole. Things aren't really looking so bright for me and Misty right now. I could feel that the boy was crouching down to pick up Misty. "Why nastee buggy not die?" I heard him say from above. The boy then puts his diapers back on, and I could feel him walking. "Dawn, are you there?" I heard Misty say. "Yes! I'm here! Help me, Misty!" I screamed from in the boy's butt, so I guess Misty couldn't hear me. But then something started to pull my feet. At first I thought it was the boy, so I braced myself for any more gross things he might want to do. But then my hope went up a bit when I was pulled out and saw that it was Misty. "Whew, you sure stink, Dawn," she said. Well, I am covered in pee and poop. Then the boy stopped walking. "Nastee buggies, why you no die?" he said as he pushed his diapers, and forcing us into between his buttocks, with my face right in his butthole and Misty behind me. I coughed and gagged as he farted right in my face! "Oh God," I said, "Why do I always get the worse torture?" Then the boy picked both of us up and put us on what I think was a changing table. "Okay, nastee buggies. If you no die, then you change my diapees." the boy said grumpily. "Okay, okay, we'll change your diaper," Misty said quickly, "Just lie down here." I wondered where May and Hilda were as we started to change this boy's diaper.
May's P.O.V.

The diaper on top of us is pretty heavy. But I noticed a small gap at the left side, which is big enough for both of us. "Hey Hilda, can you slide to that small gap over there?" I asked.

"I'll try," with that, Hilda began to slide towards the gap while I tried to hold up the diaper. The pee is starting to flow out of them, covering me in more of it. Maybe this was a bad idea of taking this job. I then noticed that Hilda was finally out, so I tried to head towards the gap with I loose my footing. I then fell down before getting crushed between the two diaper. I can't seem to move this time. "Hilda! Help me out of here!" I yelled.

"I'm trying to!" I heard her yelled from outside. I noticed that she's trying to lift the diaper up as I felt the weight above me lighten, which gave me a change to get up before hurrying to the gap.

As I made it out, I noticed that Hilda was now by my side. "Okay, now what?" I asked before I smell something really horrible than in the diaper. The whole was stunk with old wet diapers. I covered my nose and I noticed that Hilda too was doing the same.

"I thought you had an idea?" Hilda asked me.

"Well, we do need to get out of here," I said as I looked up. I wasn't that high up, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was how were we going to climb up? I then noticed the pile of diaper next to the door. I then turned to look at Hilda, giving her a hint of what we're going to do.

"Oh no, I am so not climbing that!" Hilda protested.

"Look, I don't like to climb that too, but do you want to stay here or do you want to get out of here?" I asked. Hilda just looked at me before she sighed. I then turned around before I started to climb the pile of wet diapers. I then noticed that Hilda was trying to climb too.

As we were halfway there, I heard someone farted outside the door that leads into the room. I wondered who it was? I hope it wasn't Misty and Dawn smelling that. I looked down to see that Hilda was already under me.

We then continued to climb up the pike of diapers to the door, hoping to get out of this disgusting place. As we were getting nearer to the door, I a boy shouting. "Okay, nastee buggies. If you no die, then you change my diapees," I heard him say. If he said 'nastee buggies', then that means that it's Dawn and Misty outside, about to change his diaper. We better hurry to reunite with them.

I was now at the entrance to this room. I tried to push it but it won't budge. I noticed that Hilda was now at my side, so we both tried to push it and to our luck, it was opening. There was a gap big enough for both of us. We quickly got out of the room before hiding behind a pile of clean diapers. I noticed that we smell awfully gross, but we were covered in pee. "So, what now?" I asked as we took a peak at a corner. I noticed that Dawn and Misty were now changing the boy's diaper.

I was about to head there when something unexpected happened to them...
Misty's P.O.V.

Dawn and I were doing this boy's diaper caused we had no choice. I really don't want to be in a stinky torture, for the fact that I was pinned under a poop that stinks horrible! We were unbuckling her diaper, me on the left and Dawn on the right. It wasn't easy, but we managed to unbuckle them. "Alright, now don't mo-" I was caught by surprised when the boy grab both me and Dawn suddenly. What's he doing?!

"Let's play a game, nastee buggies," the boy said, which sent shivers down my spine. I really don't want to play the game he wants, considering that we were now in the changing room.

"Wh-what sorta game?" I asked, stuttered. He just grinned at us, which I had a really bad feeling about this. He then dropped us onto his dirty diaper. The next thing I noticed that he was pinning us down with his hand as he was trying to get up. He then was stepping on us. The pain was unbearable as the weight of him was on top of us. I turned to see Dawn also struggling against his weight, but I'm kinda surprised that we weren't crushed by his weight, I wondered why.

I then looked up before my heart sank, he's taking laxatives from the shelf! Who in the world would put laxatives on the shelf which's reachable for babies? I noticed that he took a couple of pills before swallowing them. I gulped, knowing what was going to happen next as he placed the bottle of laxatives back before lifting his feet above us. We tried to move out of the way, but we were too slow as now he grab us before jumping off of the changing table. We were later put into the emergency potty that's in the changing room. I guess this was where the torture would start.

I tried to climb the potty but his butt is blocking the only exit. At least there's light coming from the holes. I looked at Dawn, who was trying desperately to escape the torture, but with little success. I then heard some grumble coming from above us. I then looked at Dawn with a horrid face. "Here it comes. Get ready Dawn," I said as I ran towards her.

When I was beside her, a huge fart erupted from the boy's butt. The smell was so horrible that tears was starting to come out of my eyes as I cough and gagged at the smell. Dawn was too trying to stay awake as the smell was putrid and there was no way out of this.

As the smell die down, I thought that was it until I noticed the boy's butthole was gaping. I gulped as I knew what was going to come out of there. And there it was, a big poop was coming out of it as appeared out of the boy's butt. The smell was so horrible like his fart that we had to walk backwards away from the poop. As we felt the wall behind us, another poop came out, piling the one before.

Before long, there was a pile of poop in front of us, and what's more, we were mere centimetres away from it. I looked at Dawn, who was covering her nose from the smell, was not in a good state. When I looked back at the pile, another poop came out of the butt, and this time, it was heading straight for us! We were looking for a way out, but there wasn't.

As we turned around, the poop landed on us, pinning us to the ground. We gagged at the smell of the poop as we tried to move, but it was heavy and considering the fact that's very soft. A few seconds later, another poop landed on us again, and this time it's our lower torso, now we can't move out legs. This is getting disgusting by the minute!!! I wondered how May and Hilda were doing as I was hoping to use my mallet to pound that May. And I need to survive this torture as another poop fell on us, covering us in it...
May's P.O.V.

I was horrified as a baby boy just dump Misty and Dawn into the potty before pooping on them. I feel sorry for them, but me and Hilda need to hide, as we don't want the boy to find us and do the same thing to us. Though we still stink of pee, I don't think he will noticed us thanks to his poop. I spotted a yarn nearby, which would help us get down from the table without being noticed. "Okay Hilda, I want you to stay here while I head to there to get some string to get us down," I told her as she nodded.

As I check to see the boy, my luck was even better as the boy just got up from the potty before wiping his butt. He then dumped the dirty tissue into the potty before walking away. I quickly ran towards the yarn while making sure that the baby boy didn't come back. I pushed it over before rolling it to our hiding spot. "You grab that end while I tried to pull here," I explained as Hilda did as she was told.

I began to unwind the yarn, trying to make it long enough so that we could climb down the table. I really don't want to climb down the stair, not wanting to take the chance of getting found. As I pulled the yarn, I heard some shouting from inside the potty. It was Dawn! She was calling for help. "Hurry up," I said as I finally pulled it long enough. I then threw it over the table as Hilda put a piece of pin under the yarn, preventing it from moving.

I climb down the string, as well as Hilda while looking out for any other babies. Once I touch the ground, I quickly went to make sure that the coast was clear, and it was. I then look backed to see that Hilda was now behind me. "Alright, lets hurry to the potty to get Misty and Dawn out of there," I said as I look left and right, making sure that there was no one before sprinting towards the potty. Hilda was close behind me as we were nearing the potty, which Misty and Dawn were inside right now.

As we neared the potty, the screams of Dawn was even clearer now. "Somebody, get us out of here!" Dawn screamed. Once I reached the potty, I noticed that the potty was around 3 stories high, for me of course. How am I going to get them out without falling into the poop. I then spotted a toy truck that had a crane on it. Can you believe my luck?

"Hilda, come with me," I said as I led the way.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"We're going to get our friends out of there," I replied as we reached the toy truck. I noticed that the hook was retractable, which will be easy for us to get them out.

We pushed the toy truck towards the potty, hoping that they're still alright even though they''re covered in poop. As we reached the potty, I quickly grab the hook while Hilda went to turn the wheel to raise me up to look what was inside.

As I was now over the edge, the overwhelming stance was horrific. I gagged at the smell while looking at the mess. I was horrified at the sight. The whole potty was covered in a pile of poop. I scanned the poop, looking for Dawn and Misty when I noticed a figure like person was moving. "Hilda, try to move me towards that way!" I called out to move me to the right.

Hilda nodded before moving the crane. I then tried to reached down as there was another wheel beside me. I turned the wheel to lower me down, low enough to get either Dawn or Misty out. As the figure that's covered in poop, I realised it was Dawn. "Dawn, is that you?" I asked as the figure was struggling to move.

"Yes, this is disgusting. Get me out of here!" she yelled as she tried to grab the hook.

"Alright, just let me lower it down for you to reach it," I said as I lowered it down when a hand grab me. The next thing I knew was that I fell into the pool of poop, which was utterly gross and I gagged at the smell. I was now covered from head to toe in poop.

"Ew!!!! Gross!!!" I screamed as Dawn got out of the potty. Which now left me and Misty, which I had a really bad feeling about this. Then she jumped onto me as I was now under her, and what's worse, I'm covered in poop.

"Now, since you have gotten us in this situation, I demand an apology and I want to get out of here this instance!" Misty yelled at me as she pushed my head deeper. I can't seem to move thanks to her sitting on me and the smell of the poop wasn't getting any better.

"Alright! Alright! I'll apologise!!!" I yelled out, struggling to get her off of me while trying not to gag at the smell.

"And?" Misty asked.

"I'll find a way to get us out of this mess! Okay?!" I yelled. Then I felt a weight on top of me was gone as I pushed myself off. I quickly wipe the poop off my face before glaring at Misty when I noticed she was gone. I looked up to see that she was now getting out of the potty. I sighed at the situation as I wait for my ride.

As the hook was coming back, I heard some footsteps and girl screams before a voice spoke. "Oh, dollies!" I heard. I gulped as I tried to find a way to hide. But what choice do I have since I'm now in a pool of poop and I'm covered in it. I quickly jumped into the pile as the baby girl approached my friends.

I just hope they're alright as I tried to endure by hiding in the poop long enough to make sure that the baby girl was out of sight before I get out of this pit!

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