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A mother gets lazy around the house and gets fatter and fatter
Phil Lake married Jennifer lake when they were both 23. Phil, a business man in Dallas earned enough for him and Jennifer to settle down in a big suburban house. Two years after their marriage Jennifer got gave birth to their baby girl Ashley. Jennifer had always been a healthy beautiful blonde in high school and college. Jennifer never got a job after college, since Phil was able to support both of them with his salary. At their wedding, Jen had filled out to a curvier figure. Her exercise routine had stopped after their marriage as Jen spent most of her time sitting on the couch watching soaps, and eating lunch with her gal pals. Jen ate her way to 180 lbs before she got pregnant and had Ashley. She became a housewife taking care of Ashley. Spending most of her time driving Ashley around and watching television. Now at 36, Jen had slowly plumped up to 280 lbs of fat housewife. Phil worried a bit about his wife's expansion but figured it was inevitable with marriage. Plus he didn’t mind the feeling of Jennifer’s inflating butt.

Jen dropped off Ashley at school and pulled her minivan out of the parking lot. Her mouth watered as she thought about breakfast. Driving by a McDonald's she couldn’t help herself and pulled into the drive-thru lane. She rattled off a big breakfast order and moved down the line. She excitedly grabbed the big bag of junk food and placed it in the passenger seat. She drove through the parking lot and decided to park and eat her meal. She just couldn’t wait to get home. She pulled out the greasy egg mcmuffin and place her left hand on her big belly. She ate through the bag without any hesitations. nonstop feeding with no breaks. She took her last sips from her extra large frosty and through it in the empty bag with the rest of the wrappers. Jenny rubbed her stomach trying to soothe her stuffed gut. She unzipped her hoodie, allowing her swollen belly to expand outward. “Oh my god.” She said as she felt her belly roll touch the steering wheel.

She pulled into her drive way. As she got out of her car she heaved her wide jiggling backside out of the front seat. Bringing with her a box of doughnuts, she entered her house. Jen turned on the TV and sat on the sofa. She opened the box of doughnuts and took a bite. Her belly filled up her lap space, lying on top of her spread out thighs. Shoving doughnuts into her mouth, eyes glued to the TV, not really thinking about how much she was consuming. Her gut pushing further outward. When she finished off the box, her shirt had been pushed up her belly revealing both her flabby rolls. her exposed midsection was feeling a bit cold so she went to zip up her hoodie. pulling both sides of the hoodie together over her engorged middle, she couldn’t get the hoodie around her bulging gut.
Since she’d married Phil, Jennifer’s lifestyle had slowly changed from healthy one of exercise and moderation to a lazier existence filled with overindulgence and sedentary inactivity.

Sure, Jen wasn’t exactly happy as she watched her once trim body vanish beneath the layers of blubber that had piled on over the years, but she’d grown to love her overfed lifestyle too much to give up on her snacking and lounging around. Every time she outgrew another pair of pants she’d swear to herself that she was going to get her eating under control and start working out. Yet these resolutions usually lasted only until her fat tummy rumbled with hunger – making demands for food that the bloating babe was simply too weak-willed to resist.

And so it had been for thirteen year. Jennifer’s growing girth matched up with a seemingly endlessly expanding appetite. As her gut grew and grew, Jen’s hunger had kept pace, expanding in proportion to her swelling curves. These days, tipping the scales at a hefty 280, the swollen sweetie couldn’t stand to go more than an hour or two without chowing down on some delightfully fattening treat.

Of course, with her burgeoning weight, Jennifer had also become slower and lazier. Heaving her bulky body around was a tiring business, and Jen had steadily grown more averse to any kind of physical exertion. Puffing and panting just wasn’t something she enjoyed, so she was careful to avoid any unnecessary effort. Besides, getting out of breath made her uncomfortably aware of just how out of shape she’d become – an unpleasant reminder of the consequences of her increasingly gluttonous lifestyle. So she’d become an expert in avoiding any and all forms of exercise, making sure to park her car extra close to stores and avoiding stairs like the plague. On a good day, Jennifer could avoid doing anything more strenuous than cracking open the packaging on a pack of Twinkies.

So here Jen was, sitting on her fat bottom, gobbling down boxes of sugar-dusted doughnuts, and watching as her swelling belly surged out in front of her, too big to fit inside her outgrown hoodie. Once again, Jen thought briefly that the hoodie might perhaps be a wakeup call – perhaps she should really get her appetite back under control, maybe take up exercise. But, fat and lazy as she was, the thought didn’t really take root. These days, her thoughts about self-control usually lasted for only a few seconds before they were drowned out by thoughts of yet another indulgence.

And, sure enough, within a few moments of discovering that she’d become too big for her hoodie, Jennifer was once again thinking of what she could fill her belly with next.

Licking the remaining doughnut sugar from her plump lips, Jen struggled awkwardly to her feet, clumsily heaving her hefty bulk off the sofa. Her shirt had ridden up some more as she’d squirmed herself off the seat, and her blubbery love handles were quivering in plain sight as she paused to consider what to get to eat. Resting a chubby hand on her fat hip, Jen pondered the question – so many delicious possibilities. Whatever would she choose next?
Despite just having eaten a box of doughnuts, Jen’s sweet tooth was still not satisfied. She opened up the freezer looking for some ice cream. Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint, Cookie Dough, there was a lot of variety too choose from. She always kept the kitchen fully stocked and then some. She grabbed the carton of chocolate ice cream and a spoon. Closing the freezer door she noticed a number to order pizza. It would be time for lunch in a while and Jennifer didn't have any plans. Some pizza sounded really good right now, but she’d also like to go out and get something with one of her friends. She didn't need to decide now though. Since the carton of ice cream was 2/3’s full Jen grabbed some Girl Scout cookies too as she waddled back the living room. The butterball let out a grunt as she lowered her flabby bulk onto the sofa.

She resumed her binge watching of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Phil wouldn't like that she wasn't waiting to watch it with him but she knew how to stay on his good side. She felt a little bad about it but it made the time go by so fast. Her muscle memory allowed her to stick bites of ice cream in her mouth while keeping her eyes glued to the screen.

Jennifer adjusted the pillows a bit and sat sideways on the couch allowing her plump legs to spread out over the cushions. With the pile of pillows she created, she was allowed to sit back with her shoulders turned slightly towards the television. With spoonful after spoonful of chocolate ice cream continuously melting in her mouth, her back supported by several soft pillows, and her brain stimulated by a captivating drama, Jennifer had found ultimate comfort. So comfortable in fact that she drifted off to sleep.

40 minutes later she woke up. Jen yawned. She was a little disoriented by the unplanned (but very welcomed) nap. She picked up the empty box of cookies that was balancing on her soft bulging belly. She placed it on the coffee table next to the empty carton of ice cream. Part of her wanted to go back to sleep but feeling a bit of emptiness in her gut, she checked the clock and realized it was time for some lunch. As she sat up several crumbs fell off of her plump and pudgy breasts. She mulled over her lunch options. There was still food in the fridge if she wanted to make something, but that would be more of a hassle than ordering from that really good pizza place in town. Checking her phone she had texts from two of her friends, maybe she could get something with one of them, either at a restaurant or one of their houses. Pulling her shirt back down over her midriff, Jennifer thought about her options.

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