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Humans are turned into animals, by strange and varying sources.
[Introduction] Have you ever felt that fear? The fear that you may become something non-human through some kind of arcane or scientific change. Or maybe it's utter joy. Joy over the fact that you can shed you humanity, and live as a beast. Today, I present to the reading and wiritng audiences a tale of both of utter joy and crippling angst. Ignore that the human part of you and let out that inner animal of yours. For this... Is a change that will last. Don't worry though, you aren't alone. There are others who will bare this particular burden.

Author's Note: Feel free to use any animal you wish. It may be any mammal, fish, bird, etc. Stick with one animal though, don't go Beast Boy and shift between like twenty different creatures. Also, all characters will have a psychic connection to each other through unexplained means. Have fun everyone, that includes writers and readers!
It was a dreary midnight, as a young man crossed a stable on the outskirts of a nearby farm. He was just walking home after a late night gaming session, as it his wasn't too far from his bud's place of residence. As he walked near a stable, he took a look at a nearby pig-sty. The pigs were barely awake, yet one was staring daggers at the young man. The man couldn't look away from the pig and soon found himself locked in a daze. His eyes began to flutter, as he blinked them continuously until he found himself looking at a different vantage point.

He was no longer standing on two legs in the grass, but on four hooves in the mud. He let out a squeal, as he saw a duplicate of human self staring at him while smiling. "Enjoy your new life as a pig sow!" The man let out another squeal, and began running across the mud frantically. Not only was he trapped in the body of a pic, but a female one! The body-thief smirk, as he left. The pig was alone and afraid, she fell into the mud in despair trapped in this new farm-life. There was nothing she could do, but live out this new life laid out for her.
It started like this Amanda was playing her new game of Animal Crossing New Leaf, when her Mom came in and said "You are so lazy! One day you're going to take root on that sofa!"

Amanda just grumbled irritably

"I wish there was some way to teach you the value of hard work." Amanda's Mom said throwing up her hands in exasperation.

Well neither of them knew it...But Mom was about to get her wish.

Amanda stuck her hand in a bowl of buttered popcorn and munched on it...Not knowing that the butter in that microwave popcorn had been laced with some sort of new serum.

Amanda had just started her game, she was now Mayor of Townsville (Yes, that's what she chose to name her town) And the Villagers were a Male Pig a Female Chicken, a Male Kangaroo, a Female Tiger...

Amanda gulped when she saw the Tiger Villager...Her name was Bangle wasn't it? The Tiger Villager turned and...Winked.

Amanda blinked and rubbed her eyes, she wasn't sure she saw right...Then she looked at her hands...They were now Orange with black stripes.

"What the crap?!" Amanda said she felt a strange tingle all around her body as she saw the orange and black fur spread all over her body and a tail started to grow causing her immense pain!
While this was going on, James who was now a farm pig, had to deal with the difficulties of farm-life. She had nothing to do for fun, but roll in the mud and interact with other pigs. As it turned out, the body she now inhabited had piglets. Forced to breastfeed, it was a trying time for the new pig indeed. The sow needed an out, yet she found no possible opening. Suddenly, she heard some sort of roaring echo through his mind. At first, she thought it was some kind or predator, poised to take a bite out of her porcine new form. Yet, this howl belonged to that of a tiger, something indigenous to the local. "Uh... Hello?" Asked the pig out loud in her mind, not being able to communicate in anything other then squeals.
An enormous Bengal Tiger ran out a Suburban House terrified by her transformation

'Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!' Amanda thought in a panic She ran into a nearby forest

'OK, OK...'She thought to herself 'Calm down...What would the Ninja Turtles do in a situation like this?'

She tried to concentrate and think of what the Ninja Turtles would do...In her mind she pictured them giving her spirit advise.

"Sorry." Raphael said "We can't help you with this."

"This is beyond our jurisdiction." Donatello said

"Try someone else." Michelangelo said before they faded from her mind

'Crap.' Amanda thought 'My own imagination is working against me.'

Then she looked and saw a nearby farm beyond the forest, there was a fat old sow looking very nervous.

'I'm hungry...' Amanda thought 'I want some bacon...'

But then she stopped herself 'No! No!' She thought 'I'm not a wild animal!'
"Ah! There is a tiger out here!" Exclaimed the sow, aloud in her mind. "I... Strangely understood that." Said the tiger, somehow sharing this strange psychic connection. "I'm glad someone understands me! I'm been trapped in this sow's body for only a day, and it's still driving me up the wall!" The tiger frowned, "I was just a human too just until just a few minutes ago! Something happened to change me!" The tiger walked closer to the gate, in order to look eye-to-eye at the sow. She may no longer be human, but that doesn't mean she can't show common courtesy. "The name's Amanda, what's yours?"

The pig let out a surprised squeal, "It's... It's James." The tiger let out a laughter-like roar. "That's a guy's name, you're clearly a girl-pig!" The pig turner her back to the tiger, "Correction, I was a guy! And now I'm livestock, you've got to help me out of this!" The tiger stopped laughing and walked right up to the wooden gate. "And how am I supposed to do that? If I'm here too long, I'll rile up the animals and cause them to go crazy! The farmer will hear me, and I'll be caged for the rest of my life!" The pig let out a snort, "Well, do something!"
"Man, man..." Amanda said as she used her paw to unlatch the gate to free James "I may be a Tiger but at least I stayed the same gender."

"Yeah, yeah." James said as 'she' walked out "You could have turned into a snail and then you'd be both male AND female...Believe me I know...We experimented with Snails when I was in high school."

"Don't bring up high school." Amanda said "It was a terrible time for me...I was different...I have Asperger's Syndrome."

All the tiny piglets ran out with their 'Mother' feeling the air with awkwardness

"Are those...Your's?" Amanda asked "Are we going to take them with us or..."
"We'll leave them! The farm taker will find some way to take care of them! If we bring them with us, they'd probably get in the way. Besides, I'm not really their mom anyway. I'm just a guy who happens to be wearing their mom's pigskin." The tiger chuckled to herself, "Well, Miss Piggy! I'll get you out of there!" The tiger walked right up to the pen and turned her back. "Take a running leap and try to land on my back!" The pig nodded, "I'll give it a shot!" The pig went to the other side of the barn, and trotted as fast as she could. She took a running leap and almost cleared the leap, until her hoof hit a part of the gate that sent her toppling onto the tiger's back. The two girls fell over the ground, writhing in pain. "Oh god, get off me! I knew you were a fat pig, but I didn't think you'd be that heavy!" Exclaimed the tiger.

The sow did as she was commanded, and leapt off of the tiger. "Sorry! I'm not used to this new form yet!" The tiger frowned, "Well, where do we go now, sow?" The pig glared at her, "Well, first we get off this farm, and then try to return to normal. Somehow, I don't know how yet!" The tiger nodded her head, "Don't worry, Miss Piggy! Whatever happens, you've got this strong female tiger to protect you! After all, I don't want your little piglets to be denied suckling on their mommy's teats!" The pig ignored and began to walk off. "Oh c'mon, I was just joking!"
"So...How did you Transform?" Amanda asked "The last thing I remember was eating some microwave popcorn and suddenly I turned into this!"

"Wait!" James said "As in 'bodily transformation' I was forced into this sow's body by...Whoever was originally in the Sow's body"

"You mean the sow?" Amanda said

"I'm not sure if that was the Sow who stole my body." James said "But you transformed after eating popcorn?"

"I'm not sure if that was it 'per se' I just remember it was the last thing I did before I transformed." Amanda said

"So, the sow's in your body?" Asked the tiger, "It looks like "he" got the better end of the deal!" The pig pouted, "Don't remind me! If I ever find that body-thief again, I'm going to head-butt him until he gives me my body back!" The tiger laughed, "Sounds like a plan! Although, I have no idea how I'm going to return to normal. Maybe I have to go on some kind of life-changing journey, with other talking animals. And I'll have to sing musical numbers to the forest, despite the fact that nobody is actually around!" The pig twitched her ears curiously, "Uh... Were still talking about our current situation right? You're getting a little too whimsical." The tiger let out a grown, as she silently said to herself, "Two worlds, one family..." The pig let out a snort, "Don't you dare start a musical number!"
"Sorry Man..." Amanda said "I watch too many cartoons...Like one time I had a really bad fever I woke up thinking I still was a cartoon." (Author's Note: True story)

"You have Asperger's Syndrome?" James asked

"Yeah..." Amanda said "I find it difficult to relate to people, it's probobly why I watch cartoons and relate better to Animals."

James reached up and patted Amanda on the back with a trotter "It's OK." James said "Someone once told me if we all went to a psychiatrist we'd all be diagnosed with something."

Amanda smiled despite to situation "We better get moving." Amanda said "Before I get shot and killed...Do you remember that incident in Ohio?"

"What incident?" James asked

"Nevermind." Amanda said "Let's just get going."

As the Tigress and Sow walked into the deep dark forest the Piglets followed much to James' irritation

"How many Piglets do you have?" Amanda asked

"Lost count." James said annoyed

"Maybe they'll come in handy..." Amanda said "Like the burnt meatballs in Fighting Foodons."
(Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who watched Fighting Foodons! You get bonus points for the reference!)

"I think they'll be about as handy as my curly tail! I hope they don't get in the way!" The piglets ran up to James and began nuzzling their tiny heads against hierstubby legs. "Ooh! I think their in the need for another feeding! Better get to work, mama!" Exclaimed the tigress, as she laughed like a mad-woman. "I just fed them this morning! I'm not feeding these things all the time, it's embarrassing!" Amanda began to pout, "You don't want that, they'll die without their mother's milk! Look, feed 'em and I'll look the other way!" The sow let out a snort, "Promise, Amanda?" The tiger nodded, "Promise, James!" The pig held her head in shame, as she lead the pigs to a nearby bush. James lied down his side, as the piglets excitedly suckled on her teats. James began to feel a little bit of pride, being able to take care of a unit as a mother. It was weird, but taking care of these piglets brought her a strange sense of joy.
Amanda meanwhile was following an interesting smell, since she transformed, everything seemed so much more bright and colorful, her senses were so much more powerful!

Amanda followed her nose to a pond, it was a perfectly ordinary pond except for the fact it was completely and utterly still, no sounds could be heard, no birds, no insects, no frogs, no wind.

Amanda walked up to the pond and looked at her reflection, she could see herself in the water as if it were a mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the pond." Amanda started to say, then the image in the pond started to shift...Ripples on the surface changed the image to one of a Tiger...To one of a dark shadowy figure.

"Soon...Very Soon..." The Shadowy Figure said in a harsh whisper "The powers of the Animal Kingdom will be mine!"

With that the image faded, leaving Amanda shocked, it was like something out of a nightmare! Only she had been awake!
Amanda ran back up to James, who had just finished feeding her young. "James! I just saw some kind of weird vision with a shadowy figure!" Exclaimed the tiger. "Seriously? This day just keeps getting worse!" The sow let out a snort, as she began pacing. "He said something about gaining all the powers of the animal kingdom! I don't know what it's about, but we have to stop him!" James let out a squeal, "And how do we do that? We don't even have fingers, or hands, or anything!" The tiger shook her head, "We have all that we need already! We have heart!" The pig made a gagging sound, "That's just too cheesy for me!"
Amanda was all in a panic "It was really scary!" She said "It was like something out of nightmare only I was awake! It's one thing when you have nightmares when you're asleep but what of nightmares when you're awake?"

"Most of us call that hallucinating." James said
Billy Boon woke up with a hankering for tin cans of all thing, why that he wondered, but when he saw is reflection in a mirror it all makes sense, he's now a billy goat. He let out a yell loud enough to draw attention "YAAAAAAH!!!" Amanda says "What was that?"
A nearby billy goat, separated from it's heard, was wandering aimlessly. "Oh god, what's happening!" Exclaimed an unknown voice. "James, was that you?" The sow shook her head, "Nah, my voice sounds female in this psychic connection. I couldn't say anything that sounds remotely masculine." Tiger turned back towards the goat, "I think the goat is a victim like us! Let's go talk to him!" James shook his head, "Let me talk to him! If he saw a giant tiger lunging towards him, he'd die of a heart-attack!" The sow wandered over to the goat, as the tiger hid behind a hill. "I hope he knows what he's doing!"
"Oh man!" Amanda thought to herself as she saw the Sow talking to the Goat "I'm feeling REALLY hungry and those two animals look delicious!"

She wiped some drool from her mouth with her paw "I got to eat something." She said "Before I faint."

The Sow and the Goat walked over to her

"This is Amanda." James said "Don't worry she won't eat us."

"Hey." Amanda said "Why don't we go to my house and get something to eat? I think my Mom will be cool once I explain everything to her."

"And just HOW are you going to explain it?" Billy asked

"I can write." Amanda said "Watch."

With her paw she spelled in the dirt the word HELP
Billy says "I surly hope she isn't too frightened to read it, I hope she doesn't call animal control."
"I don't know, I think your mom would be too busy screaming her head off at a tiger in her backyard to read a note you scrawled." The tiger let out a roar, "Oh? Then let's see your big idea, Miss Piggy!" James let out a snort, "Well, you said that the guy you saw wanted the power of the animal kingdom, and were animals. Maybe he's behind our strange transformations! All we have to do is find the guy, and get tiger-woman over here to attack him. We'll force him to change us back, it's like Brother Bear. Minus the catchy musical numbers, and Canadian moose!" Amanda snickered, "Aren't you Canadian?" The pig shook her head, "Not in this body! In this form, I'm an American pig!"
"Well I need to eat something before I die!" Amanda said "And I don't think either of you want to be my midnight snack do you?"

The Pig and Goat shook their heads.

"Mom saw me transform into a Tiger this morning." Amanda said "Maybe if I act normal she'll understand."

The three of them plus the Piglets walked up to the House. Amanda got up on her hind legs and knocked on the door.

Amanda's Mom opened and to the other's surprise she wasn't freaked out at all.

"Oh. Amanda. I was wondering when you'd be back."

Amanda rubbed her stomach with her paws.

"You're hungry I see...I made some spaghetti and meatballs for supper and...Who are you're friends?"

Amanda just shrugged

"Well...I have some...Salad that they can eat."
Billy and James ate the salad, "Mmmm, your Mother must be a great gardener." Billy says, "This salad tastes amazingly fresh."
"Your mom's really understanding!" Exclaimed James, as he chowed down on the salad. "Yeah, she's amazing! When I become human again, I'll have to thank her with flowers or something!" James stopped chewing salad for a moment, "Yeah, it's good to have optimism when it comes to what happened." Amanda smiled, "Don't worry guys, we'll find a way to return to normal! Like you said, we should look for this animal kingdom guy." James nodded, "Yeah, you said you saw his reflection in a pond! Let's go check it out after we're done eating!" The animals nodded in agreement, as they continued to eat.
Amanda led them to the pond where she saw the vision.

"This is where I saw it." Amanda said "I looked at my reflection in the water and suddenly my reflection turned into the shadowy figure."

"Whoa." Billy said "That's amazing!"

"Yeah..." James said "By the way what's the cause of your transformation?"

"I don't know really." Billy said "I just woke up this morning in this Goat body."
Amanda says "Had any unusual dreams last night?" Billy says "Now that you mentioned it, I did dream I was on my way home and I ran into a goat man. It wanted me to follow him so I did and it lead me to a lake, it pointed into the water so I looked into it and the dream ended. That when I woke up as a goat."
"That'd be an awesome origin story of a superhero! Young Billy Boon was once an average man, until a goat-man led him to a pond and turned him into a goat! Now he fights cr---" Amanda shushes James, "I'm gonna stop you right there. Sorry, your superhero narrator voice doesn't sound as awesome with your new female. Leave the superhero narration to me!" Billy shook his head, "Enough about superheroes!" Suddenly, the group picked up rustling in the leaves with their new animalistic hearing. "That must be the guy!" Exclaimed Billy, as he stood at the ready. Out of the shadows, emerged a man in a cloak. "Well, hello freak-shows! We meet again!" Amanda got ready to pounce, as she growled at the man. "Why did you do this to us?" The man laughed, "You? Don't flatter yourselves, your only the weakest link in the chain! Once I've turned the entire earth into animals, no one will be able to stop me!"

James snorted, "We'll stop you!" The man once again laughed, "Foolish sow, no one can stop me! No one aside from me can understand you! Now, witness my ultimate form!" The man threw off his cloak, to reveal a bug-like battle armor. "Oh my god!" Exclaimed James, "It can't be!" Amanda began to panic, "Have you seen this guy before?" James shook his head, "It's Dark Armored Beetle, from episode 38-49 of Armor King-Rolukar! How can he be here, he was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion in the inter-dimensional vortex prison!" Amanda looked over at Billy, "Bill, what the hell is he saying?!" Billy shook his head, "He's speaking nerd, I can't translate it!" The armored villain laughed, "I see my reputation precedes me! Unfortunately, you won't be alive long enough to do anything about I!" The man walked away while laughing. "Amanda attack him!" Exclaimed James. "I can't, I'm paralyzed with fear! Just who is this guy?" The group stood in fearful awe, as the intimidating man walked away. "I don't care if that is scary as shit, were going after him!"
"But...What the heck can we do without opposable thumbs or speech?" Amanda asked

"If only there was someone else who understood us." Billy said sadly "Someone who wasn't a dick."

Just then the pond started to glow with a soft heavenly light...A Glowing Figure rose from the surface of the water...An Angel for lack of a better word.
"Hello, young one!" Exclaimed the shining being, as he rose from the water. "Are you... an angel?" Asked James. The being laughed, "What? No! I'm a being made out of pure energy and I just happen to look like an angel! People tend to get that confused. "Oh, cool! He can understand us!" Exclaimed Amanda, "So, who are you?" The energy being twiddled his thumbs together, "Oh geez, how do I say this... I'm kind of responsible for all of your predicaments..." The group scowled at the being. "You better do some explaining, before I gut you!" Exclaimed Amanda, as she took charge. "You see, I had just through Armor King-Rokular in an inter-dimensional void. It was a pretty cool show, so I went to that universe. Somehow, my entry brought Dark Beetle to life, and he escaped to this dimension. Why he turned you all into animals, I have no clue. If you stop him, I'll change you back!"

James let out a snort, "You brought him back to life! Why don't you clean up your mess, since this was all your fault! I mean your a cosmic being, show some backbone!" The angel laughed, "Just because I'm cosmic and inter-dimensional, doesn't mean I'm all-powerful! If I could stop Dark Beetle, I would've already!" Amanda let out a roar, "And how we are supposed to stop that guy? He looks powerful!" The angel shook his head, "Looks can be deceiving! Dark Beetle hasn't attuned himself to the fabric of the universe yet! He's just a man in armor at the moment, with no powers besides turning people into animals. The battle against him won't be that difficult, but the road ahead you will have many challenges indeed." James let out a squeal, "What kind of challenges? We are we talking about here?"
"He may try to get some followers." The Energy Being said "People who not just want to BE animals but also actively hate humans...You know like the kind you see all over PETA."

"Oh." Amanda said "THOSE guys." She shivered "I love animals and all, but you got to draw the line somewhere, sawing a boy who got eaten by a shark DESERVED it because he was human is just sick!"

"Right you are." The Energy Being said "There are some who harbor a murderous rage against their fellow man, for no real reason whatsoever...They don't really love animals they just hate humans."
Bill says "Amanda's right, people like that makes my skin crawl. I mean we all love animals but tell me one reason why someone wants to hate humans?"
"Right!" Exclaimed James, "We have to stop these guys!" The energy being nodded his head, "Very well! Then take these magical morphing belt-buckles, they will give you the power to stop his evil plot!" James wiggled his curly-tail, "Really?!" The energy being laughed, "No! You've already got a tiger, why the hell would I give you super-powers?" James grumbled, "Friggin' cheap-ass energy being..." The energy being frowned, "I heard that! Now, go stop his plot! I've got stuff to do, like being insightful and stuff! His place of residence lies due east from here!" The energy being faded away. "That guy is a tool!" Exclaimed Billy. "Well, he's right!" Shouted Amanda, "We gotta go stop him!" The group agreed and sped off.
"Boy..." Amanda said "I'm glad I didn't turn into an octopus...Or a Shark something bound to water, that would make it really hard to go up this hill."

"We're all lucky we got the Animals we got." Billy said jumping up and down because Goats love climbing hills, "I mean at the very least we're all air breathing vertebrates of reasonable size, I mean...Think how much harder our quest would be if we were Snails, or Slugs?"

James shivered "Ewww... Don't say such things! I saw a special of Slug Sex on the discovery channel, they are disgusting."
As they made it up the hill, they see a wolf rushing towards them. Amanda bared her fangs while Billy scrathing the ground getting ready to charge, James cringed. "Help me, that strange man turned me into a wolf." It said, Billy said "Another victim or a trick?"
"I don't know if we can trust him." Said James, nervous at the sighting of the predator. "Don't worry! Even if he proves to be a foe, we've got a tiger here!" James shook his head, "A tiger won't save us if he ambushes us and eats us! He's probably Dark-Armored Beetle's main henchman!" Amanda laughed, "Dude, you watch too much anime." Billy laughed in unison with Amanda. "So, can I join you?" Asked the wolf. "I don't know." Said Billy, "Amanda, you should decide. You're the closest thing we have to a leader." Amanda nodded her head, "Well, I think he should..."
"We should test him." Amanda said "How did you become a Wolf?"

The Wolf froze "Well...."

"Do you know?" Amanda asked

"I don't know." The Wolf said "Just some guy said he turned me into a Wolf."

Amanda looked at the Wolf's eyes "His eyes are different from ours." She said "We have animal bodies but our eyes look like Human Eyes, while this Wold has regular wolf eyes...I think he is an ordinary wolf that somehow can talk!"
The wolf then showed it's true colors "So, you saw through my deception. You're not as gullable as the master thought but still I will have to kill you all!" Bill says "James, stay back. Amanda and I will deal with the wolf." Amanda says "I have a plan but I need your help Bill, are you up to it?"
"Yeah!" Exclaimed Bill, "Whatever the plan is, I'm cool with it!" Amanda nodded her head, "Alright, head-butt him head-on and I'll sneak up behind him and attack him!" Bill shook his head, "Wait, what? Why do I have to be the distraction? Why can't James be the distraction!" Amanda laughed, "Because James is an obvious distraction! If he saw a pig charging at us, he'd know what were up to." Bill let out a sigh, "Fine!" Bill began charging at the wolf, "Ha, a goat? I'll make him mince-meat out of him and go after the pig next!" Bill charge directly at the wolf, and knocked him down on his rear. Amanda took the time to skulk through the underbrush, so she could sneak up behind the tiger from behind. "Ok, I've got to come up with a good one-liner!" Thought Amanda to herself, as she prepared to leap-attack the wolf.
The only thing Amanda could think to say is "This might kill thee a little!" And bit the Wolf on the back of the neck

As she did that the Wolf let out a high pitched cry of pain, she let go, because it reminded her of the sound a dog makes when you step on his or her tail.

The Wolf seemed changed, he was still sapient but seemed to repent

"My apologies." The Wolf said bowing his head "I was under mind control."

"Who are you?" Amanda ask

"My pack call me Howl." The Wolf said "It is a very common wolf name...There are others like me...Other animals who have fallen under the spell of the dark one."

"Who is this dark one?" Billy asked

"He is something that can never be understood..." Howl said "You can not grasp the true form."

"EARTHBOUND!" Amanda and James said

Howl shook his head and muttered "Humans..." Then said "Anyway...The dark one is said to be older then time itself...He seeks to undo Humanity because he sees too much good in it...He wants to return to a world without civilization."
James says "And you are helping this dark one?" Howl shook his head "Not any more, I've seen the evil he's done and I want to fight back. Until now, I wasn't able to." Amanda says "So you'll us?" Howl says "Yes, but first I have to get my pack back from the Dark One but there's one wolf I saw that may help. A transformed human." Billy says "How do we know him?" Howl says "Look for a wolf with blue eyes."
"So, where is this wolf?" Asked James, as she twitched her floppy ears. "He lies to the north, but we'll have to tread carefully. Dark Armored Beetle's henchmen lie around every corner, so be wary!" The group set off on their quest to the north, venturing into the deeper part of the forest. Unbeknownst to our heroes, a vulture was watching them. This vulture belonged to Dark Armored Beetle's personal air patrol, and soon our heroes would meet with true danger.
"Man..." Amanda said "This is getting more mysterious by the minute!"
As they head North, they are suddenly dive-bombed by the vulture, Billy says "Where did he come from?" Amanda tried to pounce it but it's too fast. Howler says "That's one of Dark Armored Beetle's henchmen. Quickly we need to find cover before we get flocked."
The vulture dive-bombed the group, as they tried to escape through the under-brush. Our heroes made their escape, as the bird continued to hound them. The vulture dive-bombed Amanda, which caused her animalistic instincts to kick-in. She grabbed the vulture in her mouth, while the bird was in mid-flight. "Oh god!" Exclaimed James, "Your not really going to eat him, Amanda?" Amanda bashfully kicked her paw in the dirt. "James, he's a bad guy! If he let him go, he'll warn the other bad guys and we'll die! Seriously, have you never watched Lord Of The Rings?!" Exclaimed Billy.
"Maybe we can get this Bird to return to his senses." Billy said "After all Howl did say all the Animals serving Dark Beatle are under mind control."
James just winced on what Amanda did next, with the vulture's neck in her mouth, she just bit down her fangs penetraiting it's arteries killing it. The dead bird fell like lead onto the ground. James says "You killed it." Amanda says "It was either it or us." Billy says "Let's just continue on before something else attacks us."
"This suddenly when from a whimsical adventure, to Lord Of The Flies!" Exclaimed James. "Nothing is whimsical about our situation. That vulture would've pecked out our eyes, I had no other options." Said Amanda. "Whatever the case may be, let's just continue on!" Exclaimed Billy, as he began to lead the pack. "So, where is that wolf?" Asked James.
"Over here!" Howl said "I just needed something to eat!" He put down a freshly killed rabbit

"Gross!" Amanda said

"No it's yummy!" Howl said

"You know I've been thinking." Amanda said "About the supposed arbitrary nature of our transformations...I think...Have you guys ever heard of Totem Animals?"

"You mean that wacky new age Native American stuff?" James asked

"Yeah that's right." Amanda said "Maybe these are out Totem Animals."
Howler shared the rabbit with the rest, James "A pig eating a rabbit? This is wrog," Howler says "Think of this as survival. Even Hunter had to learn that." Amanada asks "Who's Hunter?" Howler responds "He's the blue eyed wolf. The pack took care of him when he was transformed and before we were captured."
James begrudgingly stared at the rabbit, "Fine! I am pretty hungry!" James took a little nibble of the rabbit, as Amanda and Billy cringed. "Not too bad!" Exclaimed James. "Well, of course not! Almost anything tastes good to a pig! Hell, even pigs taste good to other pigs!" Billy frowned, "Wait, so pigs are cannibals?" Amanda nodded her head, "Only, if they toss bits of pig into the slop. Usually, the slop is a bunch of compiled trash."
"But anyway what I said about totems." Amanda said "Maybe we need to find a way to channel our Animal Powers so we can more effectively fight evil."
James says "I see where your going on this Totem animal thing, but unless I have the power to turn into a warthog. I'm no good." Billy says "What do you mean about that?" james says "I know goats can defend themselves with their horns and tigers are fierce preditors but what can a sow do?"
"Breast-feed her piglets?" Asked Amanda. "I doubt that would come in handy when I'm in danger." Billy laughed, "Speaking of which, it's been a while since you've given the piglets some nourishment!" James let out a grumble, "Gr... Fine, I'll feed them right now!" Amanda laughed, "Those piglets sure like suckling on their mommy's teats!"
Amanda spoke with Billy "I had this idea in my head...It came to me like a vision, if we can find some way to channel our totems we could 'evolve' from regular animals to Anthropomorphic Animals...That would be more useful for fighting evil."
Billy asks "You mean as Humanimals?" Amanda asks "Humana-what?" Billy says "Part human, part animal. Humanimal."
"Don't you mean furries?" Asked James. "No, Humanimals are completely different!" Exclaimed Amanda. James shook his head, "Nope, their basically the same. I'd prefer to call 'em furries. Humanmials just sounds like some special soap imported from a foreign country." Amanda began to grumble to herself, "I like the phrase Humanimals better..."
"Well..." Billy said "How do we learn to 'channel our totems' as it were."

"We must find a Psychic Shaman." Amanda said "Preferably a Native American though any ethnicity will do...Hopefully a Shaman can understand our Animal Speech because they're all 'in tune with the Earth' and Junk like that."
Billy says "There's old Greyfeather. He may qualify." Amanda "A Charikee, yes, he's bound to help us." James asks "Where do we find Greyfeather?"
"That's a tough question. Greyfeather is one of those guys who likes to move with the wind. He's here one second, and gone the next." Stated Billy. "Then how do we find him?" Asked James. Billy smiled, "I think the better question is "How will he find us". Trust me, he'll probably run into us at one point."
"Great." Amanda said "Then we have to wait for him to find us rather then we'll find him."
Billy says "I imagine he'll show himself next time Dark Armored Beetle makes his attack, one thing I know about Shamans that they never let evil win."
"It's like the Lion King, he'll just come to us when were in need of spiritual guidance!" Exclaimed Amanda. "What if he can't find us? Do ancient shamans use GPS devices?" Billy shook his head, "No, he'll be able to find us by tracking our souls!" James laughed, "Sounds like a GPS to me!"
Suddenly everyone's bellies rumbled

"I'm hungry." Amanda said

"How much do large animals need to eat?" Billy asked "We ate like three hours ago?"

"Don't forget you're a ruminant." Amanda said "You're like a Cow you have four stomachs to feed."
Billy ate the grass on the Forest ground, James says "Eating grass? You may have a stomach like a cow that doesn't mean you should eat like one."
"Hey, this grass tastes good! Besides, I wouldn't talk about eating habits James! Pigs eat everything!" Exclaimed Billy. Amanda smiled, "Speaking of pigs, shouldn't you feed your piglets, James? You said you were going to do that!" James let out a sigh, "Fine!" He walked off to a nearby bush, his piglets following him as he did so.
Amanda's stomach growled she was hungry but she knew she couldn't eat any of her friends, and eating out of trash cans sounded like a bad idea too

She walked around the forest wondering where she was going to get anything to eat, when she saw a rabbit hop in front of her
Amanda is conflicted between her instinct and her concoious. Her concious tell her not to kill the rabbit, it's innocent and could not hurt a fly. Her animal instinct tell her to kill the rabbit because it's food. What shall Amanda do?
Amanda spared the rabbit, and let it run off. She couldn't bring herself to kill it, but what was she going to eat? She had to figure something, she didn't want to eat her friends after all! She decided to eat...
...Out of the Garbage Cans

Fortunately, someone had thrown away a perfectly fine pizza just because it had anchovies on it.

Amanda ate every bit of the pizza
Billy asks "Now who wastes good food like that?" James says "My guess, someone who got their pizza order wrong." Amanda says "Their loss is my gain, do you want some of it before I finish it James?"
James nodded his head, "Fine." Amanda tossed James some pizza scraps, as he happily began munching on them. Billy ran up to them as they ate, "I think the shaman is approaching us!" James blinked in dis-belief, "How do you know?"
"I'm seeing some swirly mystical lights and I hear some weird chanting." Billy said
Suddenly everyone overheard yelps and howls. "Uh oh," James says "I think that's Howler's pack." Sound of growling followed by sound of snapping bones as chanting grows louder soon sound of moaning is heard then a minute later silence, then voices are heard "How you feel?" Second voice says "A little disoiented, but amazing. I can talk verbally again. Thanks Greyfeather." Greyfeather says "You find that your wolf totem has not only evolved you, but you now have enhanced your fighting style, you need it for the battle ahead against the evil that threatens humanity." The second voice says "Yeah, I can fell I can take on Black Armored Beetle myself." Greyfeather says "Not so fast Hunter, he's too powerful to take on alone, you need help of others." Hunter asks "Where are they?" Greyfeather says "They are close."
The wolves approach the group, and bow before Greyfeather. "Now that everyone here, it's time for your next evolution. The only way to defeat Dark Armored Beetle, is with the powers I shall give you."
Amanda was the first to transform, she felt her spine and back legs changing in a way that allowed her to stand upright
Billy was next, he bleeted in discomfort as transformed into his antrho form, he stood up as his forelegs transformed into arms and hands, as his transformation finished, Billy looked at himself, "Wow, this is incredible." Greyfeather approached James "Now for you, as a bonus. I will correct your gender problem."
Greyfeather turned James into a large boar furry, James' hooves turned into hoof-tipped fingers and toes, as he assumed an upright stance. He had a large gut that hung out from his torso, making him look rather hefty. After the transformation, the three stood triumphant at their Digivoultion. "I will have the piglets sent away to the farm!" Exclaimed the Shaman, "All three of you must now prepare for your final confrontation with Dark Armored Beetle!"
"Oh and one more thing." Greyfeather said "You will only be able to become Anthros at Night...Moonlight is the key to your transformation...By sunrise you will be ordinary animals again until the next moonrise."

"Why?" Billy asked

"Most people don't take their first Anthro sighting in stride "At least in the cover of darkness anyone who sees you will get the impression their eyes are playing tricks on them."

"So...We're like Teenage Mutant Ninja Werebeasts?" Amanda asked

"Perhaps." Said the Shaman "How many of you are actually teenagers?"

"I'm not." Amanda said "I''m 24."
Hunter says "I'm 23" Billy says "I'm 25."
"I'm 23, going on 24." Said James. The shaman nodded, "Ok, so none of you are teenagers. Your more like the, "Young Adult Were-Beasts From Beverly Hills." The group looked at each other. "Sorry, it's a show my soon used to watch all the time in the 90s. Anyway, be careful on your journey!" Smoke shrouded the group, when the smoke cleared he was gone.
"I guess...We should head up the hill...To wear that big purple ominous cloud is hanging." Amanda said
Billy noticed Hunter's eyes "Look, it's the blue eyed wolf Howler told us about." James says "So it is." Amanda says "So Hunter, how were you treansformed?" Hunter says "If you must know, my real name is Shawn Neally and I'm a college student majoring in nature photography. I was assigned to take some pictures of animals, so I found a pack of wolves. As I was about to take a picture of them. This cloaked figure asks if I wanted to get closer to the wolves, all I reponded is I guess and the next thing I know I was out like a light. Next thing I know I was licked awake by one of the wolves, I was afraid at first but the shocker is when he told me that he never saw a blue eyed wolf before and I became part of the pack and became Hunter. Until the figure captured most of the pack including the Alpha," Amanda asks "Is the Alpha's name Howler?"
"Yes." Said Hunter begrudgingly. "So, let's go take out this beetle guy right now!" Exclaimed James. "We need a plan first." Said Amanda, "We can't just rush him straight-on. Let's figure out what to do once we get there."
But Amanda realized she didn't know much about planning these things

"Darnit." She said "I don't know much about military planning, Dad's a financial consultant, Mom's a homemaker."
Billy says "Perhaps I can help with that, I have an uncle who's a drill Sargent at Fort Dixon. Will that do?"
"Oh yeah, let's just run down to Fort Dixon, and magically turn back into feral animals when we arrive." Stated James sarcastically. "If you've got a better plan, then let's hear it." James shook his head, "We need something more concrete then just running to a drill sergeant, we are werebeasts remember."
Amanda sighed irritably and walked off into the forest she looked at her reflection in the water.

She touched the water with her paw...And suddenly out of the water came something that floated into her hands

A Bo Staff
Amanda tried out the staff and accidently hits Billy "Ow." Amanda says sorry didn't see you there." Billy rubbed his nose "That's what I get for sneaking up on people. Where did you get it?" Amanda point to the water "In there." Billy got courious and reached into the water and pulled out...

A pair of tonfas.
James reached and pulled out a sword, grinning excitedly at his new weapon. "Sweet, I'm like King Arthur! The sword is the best weapon in my opinion!" The group rolled their eyes at James' excitement.
"Wait." Amanda said "Tonfas, huh? It's not what I was expecting, but it'll do."
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Greyfeather says "I see you got the weapons chosen best suited by your fighting style. Amanda with grace and balance, you have the Bo Staff. Billy Boon, with Accuacy and force, the Tonfas are your weapon of choice. James, with a sharp wit and a sharp tongue, you have the Broadsword." Amanda asks "What about Hunter?" Billy says "Yeah, does he get a weapon?" Greyfeather says "Hunter does not need a weapon, he is a weapon."
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"That's pretty badass!" Exclaimed James, as he patted Hunter on the head. "You got that right!" Shouted Hunter, as he began laughing proudly. The group prepared to head out to battle, their weapons armed.
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"All right!" Amanda said "Let go up the hill! We're all tricked out with these awesome weapons and I am feeling fine!"

"Man!" James said "You're feeling peppy."

"Don't you feel good about getting your Y chromosome back?" Amanda asked
Hunter says "Now, let's finally get Dark Armored Beetle and make him regret for what he's done to us." Billy says "I agree with that." He twirls his tanfas like he mastered them for years. James says "Wow Billy, you are good with those." Amanda says, "Come everyone, let's see what are weapons can really do in battle."
"Alright, it's time to show these guys what a male boar can do!" Exclaimed James, as he readied his sword. Suddenly, the sky darkened and beetle's forces arrived. "Can't wait to take 'em out!" Exclaimed Billy. "If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I always start at a climax!" Exclaimed Hunter, as he leapt into battle. "I don't have a cool battle-cry, so I'll just run in hacking and slashing!" Exclaimed James, as he brandished his sword.
Strangely as the battle started odd Christmas music started playing from the sky

"Why are they playing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree?" Amanda asked

"Probably to annoy us into surrendering." Billy said "It won't work. I'm kicking ass!"

James slashed a couple Mooks with his sword, they exploded into a sticky black substance

"This smells familiar..." Amanda said sniffing the slime "Reminds me of a trip to the La Brea...These things are made of tar!"
Billy swings his Tonfa at one of the Mooks with such
Force, that it explodes into black goo. "Your right, these things are living tar."
The group continued to fight the mooks, however more and more of the creature kept coming in droves. "We need to cut them off at the source!" Hunter nodded, "Yeah, we need to destroy Dark Armored Beetle! If we kill him, the rest will crumble!"
Amanda used her staff to pole vault over the Mooks

She used her staff on the Beetle, but her staff wasn't sharp enough to cut through the armor, she jumped back before he could knock her down
Billy says "Remember what we overheard Greyfeather tell Hunter, Dark Armored Beetle is too powerful to take on alone, we have to take him on together." Dark Armored Beetle says "Hahahaha, Fools! Do you think you all can take me on and defeat me? I'm old as time itself. I shall put an end to mankind and alone or together, you all can't stop me!"
"Alright, let's attack him all at once! James, you lead the charge!" Exclaimed Amanda. "What, why me?" Asked James. "It's from your fictional live-action Japanese show, you should be the one to stop him!" James nodded his head, "Fine, but I get all the glory from this kill!" Billy laughed, "What glory? You know the government's just going to sweep this under the rug no matter what we do, right?" James ignored Billy's statement. "Attack!"
They punctured him with all three weapons, from the holes dark sticky tar covered them
Dark Armored Beetle laughs fiendishly as Amanda, James and Billy are covered in black tar. Hunter watched in horror as he sees the Mooks carries them away. Dark Armbored Beetle has big plans for them. "You all think you can stop me, but you only hastened your fates, I have big plans for all three of you. Now where's that wolf?" Hunter rushed back to Greyfether quickly and silently.
"Abandoning your allies, huh? You're no wolf, but simply a coward!" Exclaimed the Beetle, as hunter ran off. "Time to get to work, bring them back to the base!" The three were loaded into a truck, and hauled off. Several hours have past with them unconscious, until they finally woke up. They were surprised to find that they were trapped in their full animal forms once again, while James had become female once more. They were locked in mechanical cages with laser grids, making it impossible for them to escape. "Welcome to your new prison!" Exclaimed Dark Armored Beetle, "And your new hell!"

To be continued...
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