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All heroes begin somewhere...
The Project

Frank Schremph watched from his cozy SUV as teenagers flocked into Richmond High School. His dark eyes darted from student to student, looking for something. Something... special.

Schremph pulled out a recording device and clicked it on.

"This is Frank Schremph. School has just started, and already I am finding ideal students for my experiments. These students have... gifts. Talents. I need to get to them..."

Schremph cut himself off as a few people began to notice him. He quickly drove off, anxious to get home and examine his notes...


Welcome to the beginning of "The Project." Heroes always begin somewhere, and this story begins no differently. Before Schremph began his Area 51 experiment, he needed to find recruits.

Richmond High School is a school full of secrets. The dark underworld of this school is unknown, still unrevealed. It's only a matter of time though before it is revealed.

Here are your rules:

-You have 2 days to make an addition. If you miss an entire mission, you will be eliminated from the campfire.
-It is preferred that you use a hero that you have previously used in this story, but you are more than welcome to just make a new superhero.
-You will all form one superhero team where you must all use your abilities to overcome special missions. There will be 6 missions in all, and each mission will last 2 rounds.
-For the first addition, simply give your quick bio, then begin your first day of school. Here is your template for your bio:

Superhero name-
Year of school-

Best of luck!
Name: Anthony Schremph
Superhero Name: N/A
Abilities: None
Year of School- Junior

Anthony Schremph watched from the school entrance as his dad observed the students. The man with the square jaw never seemed to let up on Anthony's peers, regardless of how much Anthony begged. He shook his head slowly and wandered inside the school slowly, anxious to start his first day of school as a Junior.

The hallways were crammed with teens, each one as lost as the other as everyone worked to find their lockers and friends. It only took Anthony a moment to find his locker, stuck between a nerdy kid with long, stringy hair and a group of preppy girls. Anthony opened his locker when a loud yell came from down the hall...

Name: Axel Redress.

Superhero name: Evergreen.

Abilities: Plant Manipulation. (Although he doesn't realize he has this power yet, whenever his life is in danger, any nearby plants will come to his rescue).

Year of school: Sophomore.

"There. That's one more poster down. Only-*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*." Just then, my watch started beeping. Reminding me how late it was, and that i had to rush it if i was going to be to school on time. Running as fast as my legs would let me, after about 15 minutes or so, i slowed down as the school gates came within view and started walking while gasping for air. When i made it to the school grounds, i leaned up against a wall for support until i could catch my breath. Only to hear someone shouting from behind me. I turned around quickly to see that i was leaning up against a SUV and didn't realize it.

"Kid...get away from the SUV...Now!" Boy did he sound pissed. I bolted from the school gates and ran into the school itself. Now leaning up against one of the lockers trying to catch my breath again. After some time passed, i quickly looked around to see who was where. A lot of people i knew were all in the halls looking for their lockers and talking with each other about various things. But then i saw someone I've never seen before. From the looks of things, it was someone new to Richmond High. Most likely didn't even know where he had to go either.

"Guess I'd better help the poor kid out. Who knows. He might even be interested in joining my group." As i put my posters in my locker and locked it up, i approached the boy to see if he needed my help.

"Hey!" I said out load. The boy looked my way as i walked up to him.

"You new here? You look lost." The boy nodded as he looked back at me.

"Yeah. This is my first day here." The kid looked a little unsure of himself as he looked at all the passing people.

"Ah. A Junior huh? I'm a Sophomore myself. If you want, i could show you around a little bit. Get you used to the place."

"Sure. That would be great. Thanks. I'm Anthony Schremph by the way."

"No prob. My name's Axel Redress. But just call me Axel."

Name: Natalia Youngblood

Superhero Name: Nightshade

Abilities: None yet

Year of School: Sophomore

There were many, many things that made Natalia nervous. For example, her freshman year swim coach who was far too fond of push-ups, or maybe the way her older brother drove her to school every day as though there was never anyone else on the road. Still, nothing compared to the judgments and expectations that filled a high school hallway.

Natalia squeezed through the throng of people to get to her locker, her backpack slung over one shoulder and her chemistry textbook hugged to her chest. If it were up to her she would have been homeschooled, but her parents had the notion that she needed more exposure to the "outside world".

The outside world wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Putting in her combination, Natalia opened her locker with some difficulty thanks to the students who kept accidentally knocking her into it. At least, she hoped it was an accident.


Natalia jumped at the loud voice, dropping her textbook and just about missing her toes.

The source of the voice walked by her, heading to another boy in the hallway. One of his friends, probably. Did no one here know what it meant to talk? It was as if their whole lives had to be announced to the world so everyone could hear about their every opinion, fight, or breakup.

Natalia bent to pick up her textbook, depositing it safely in her locker and shutting it. She took a deep breath, calming herself before turning around and making her way through the people once again to her first class.
Name: Pat Wolf

Superhero Name: Element

Abilities: None yet

Year of School: Freshman

Pat let out a slow breath as he looked up at the high school. He had heard many things about Richmond High School, but with as much information as he had been given, he still walked into the school completely unsure of what to expect. He brushed a long streak of black hair from his face as he looked down the hallway at the sea of people.

"Hey!" a voice called out from the crowd. Pat looked around, but was unable to determine the voice of the yell. People ran back an forth, some pushing others into lockers.

"Hey there... freshman," a voice called from Pat's left.

Pat looked over and froze at the towering seniors next to him. The "leader" of the group was somebody everyone knew in these parts, Brian Christensen. Brian shoved Pat hard to the floor, sending Pat's books in every direction. Brian reached down and grabbed one of the books, pretending to read through it.

"We don't really like freshman in this school, do we guys?"

The rest of the group quickly agreed with the broad-shouldered senior. By this point, a small group had begun to gather around the scene, but nobody seemed to bother to help as Pat sat helplessly on the floor.

"I'm gonna have a great time with you..." Brian said as he closed in on Pat.
Name: Kody Williamsen
Superhero name: Neutral
Abilities: None yet..although his genetic disorder is somewhat active.
Year of school: Junior

Kody had been walking through the halls. Not paying any attention to the throngs of people that passed by and ignored him. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a majority of the classmates gathering down the hall and the roar of a fight brewing. This captured his interest and his hand started twitching.

Hurrying over to the scene, he saw Brian Christensen readying to bully yet another freshman...how typical. Normally he wouldn't interfere, but after the rush he got this morning...he wanted more. His voice rang out and caught Brians attention.
"Hey...jock runner!"
The hall went silent as Brian and everyone elses eyes turned to Kody. "i hear they got you a new nickname on the football team Brian."
His ego shone through as he grinned. "oh yea..and what would that be punk?"

He grinned as Brian took the bait. "i hear the lead cheerleader calls you pencil dick." More than a few gasps escape the crowd as rage envelops Brians face. "you're dead kid...you hear me? DEAD!!!" His fist smashes into Kodys face sending him spiraling into the wall, but he gets back up and tackles Brian, trading blow for blow.

A girls scream echoes through the hall. "Oh god...there's more!" Three more jocks from the football team rushed towards the frey.
The crowd began to frantically scatter and get away from the ensuing brawl.
Name: Senura Eversleigh
Superhero name: Streak
Abilities: Electricity manipulation, Lightning speed and reflexes and some more to be discovered
Year: Sophomore

There was a brawl going on in a part of the hall as Senura walked to class. She did not find it worthy of her attention, guessing that it must be Christensen bullying another freshman. She passed through the perimeter of the crowd. She usually did not stop to witness such fights, it was such a disgrace to the art of fighting.

However, the crowd seemed unusually silent that day, not just the helpless kind of silence but the awestruck type. She stopped and stole a glance towards the brawlers, there were about three or four hefty jocks, the friends of Christensen ramming their fists onto a Junior. However, she noticed that the Junior was not the usual scared and shrunk kid, but a feisty one. Interested, she watched for a while. The boy had the guts and spirit, she noted, but he was no match for those brawny hulks of jocks.

Knowing the outcome, she walked away to her class. It was Physics, her favourite subject, probably because she possessed electrical abilities. There was only one girl sitting in class. Everyone else was mostly glued to that squabble. As she entered the class, the girl looked up. Senura realised that this girl was not her physics classmate.

"Excuse me," she said to the girl, who turned to her with somewhat timid eyes, "I don't think you are in the right classroom..."

"Oh!" the girl gasped, "Am I? I thought this was Chemistry class!"

"No, this is the Physics classroom, Chemistry is next door," said Senura.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" said the girl, jolting out of the seat and hastily gathering her textbook, "I guess I got flustered because of that awful fight going on out there that I..."
The poor girl was sputtering. Senura felt like putting her at ease.

"Oh never, mind that," she said to her, with a touch of reassurance, "Atleast there is someone here who can't stand that senseless violence".

The girl gave a nervous smile, "Fights make me nervous," she said.

"They are just brawn and no brain, you don't have to be nervous about them," said Senura. With an after thought, she added, "My name is Senura. What is yours?"


"You are a Sophomore too, right?" asked Senura.
Natalia's eyes widened with surprise, "How do you know that?"

Senura shrugged, "No big deal, I remain in the background of social situations, and have ample time to look around and study people. So I notice almost everyone."

"Oh," there was a hint of disappointment in Natalia's voice, or so Senura felt.

"You don't mingle much do you?"


"Same here," said Senura, suddenly feeling surprised towards herself for talking so much. Maybe it was time to end the conversation.

"Nice to meet you, Natalia," she added, "I will see you around."

"Nice to meet you too," said Natalia and hesitated for a while, as though she wanted to say something. But the next moment, she turned and rushed out of the room.
General Schremph anxiously slammed his hard drive into his computer and watched impatiently as the computer whirred to life. He looked around his living room, careful to be sure no one was watching. When the computer came to life, Schremph ran downstairs to the basement.

Along the wall, Schremph pushed an oddly placed button. Moments later, holographic screens flashed down from the basement ceiling. Many were maps and random data, but one screen revealed a slightly frustrated man.

"Schremph! You're late!" the man said. His eyes narrowed as he leaned in.

"I... I apologize. It was the first day of school, so I tried to get as much information as possible," Schremph explained. He adjusted his glasses nervously as he waited for a scolding.

"I appreciate your maverick spirit, but we are limited on time. Now when the military gave you this experiment, we were not expecting you to run the program from your home. It seems rather... unnecessary."

"I understand. I simply wanted to keep it private."

The man on the screen let out a quiet sigh. "Well, round up your students and bring them here."

Schremph's dark eyes widened behind his glasses. "Already? But sir, it's only the first day..."

"Evil waits on no one, and neither do we. Now go get the students."

Schremph nodded slowly and rushed to look over his data. Thankfully, a few students did manage to stick out from the crowd...


Anthony looked over at Axel, thankful for a friendly face. Thanks to being a military brat, Anthony never had much time to make friends. His dad had insisted this time would be different though...

"What was that?" Axel said as he eyes looked past Anthony. Anthony turned to see a crowd begin to gather. Through the people, he could see one kid taking on a group of hulking jocks. Without another word, Anthony sprinted from Axel and pushed his way to the fight.

Anthony grabbed one of the jocks off of the lone boy and landed a powerful blow to the kid's face. He then jumped on top of the boy, landing blow after blow to the helpless boy's face. Anthony felt rage build up in him as he continued to maul the boy's face.
As i made my way through the crowd of students to see where Anthony ran off to, i came across a bloody sight. Anthony was going all Hulk on one of the jocks. But the other jocks scattered at the sight of Anthony's rage like the little pussy's that they were. But Anthony still didn't let up. If someone didn't do something soon to calm his anger, he might kill the guy. Quickly, i reached into my backpack and pulled out a small, clear, plastic bottle with a powder inside. And the words, "Angel Trumpet. DO NOT INHALE!", written on the side. I pored a small amount into my right hand and got right in front of Anthony, who was still hitting the jock. Then, without wasting a second, i took a deep breath and blew the power into Anthony's face. Causing him to fall backwards from the shock. For a second, i thought he was going to leap back up and start beating me up next. But then i saw the effects of the Angel Trumpet were taking effect. And soon, Anthony just laid there on the floor with a calm and oblivious expression on his face. Then, the boys who were being attacked got down on their knees to see if Anthony was alright.

"What...happened? What did you do to him?" One of the boys spoke up.

"Don't worry about him. He'll be fine. It's this guy I'm worried about." I said as i pulled a first aid kit out of my backpack and began administering first aid on the jock. Luckily for him, i manged to stop Anthony before any real damage could be done. But what happened to Anthony in the first place? What could provoke him to attack this guy relentlessly? I mean sure, he deserved to have his ass kicked. But why would Anthony go so far? Just then, i heard footsteps coming from down the hall. And in came the principle, a security guard, and Brian.

"Mr. Redress! What's the meaning of this?!" From the sound of things, Brian and the other jocks ran straight to Mr. Samuel Ritricker (Pronounced Rit-ricker) for help.

"Those are the two prince. The one on the floor, and the one overlooking him there. They started attacking us as soon as we were helping this one kid pick up his notebooks." One of the other boys jumped right up and started complaining.

"You weren't helping me! Sir, Brian and his gang were pushing me around until this guy came up and started defending me. Then the guy laying on the floor here came out of nowhere and started beating up this one guy right here. And that's when Mr. Redress came up to him and blew something in his face. And now i don't know what's wrong with him." Then Samuel looked back at me and said...

"Axel, is this true? Is Brian the one who started this whole mess?"

"I didn't see the start of the fight itself Samuel. But him and his cohorts were definitely attacking these two when me and Anthony arrived on the scene."

"He's lying teach! Don't listen to this plant loving freak! He's in line with those two right there!" Then Samuel turned to Brian and said...

"Mr. Christensen. I've known Axel a lot longer than you have. And i know him well enough to trust his words of advice over yours. Especially after hearing that remark you just made about him being a freak." Brian tried to interject, but was quickly stopped by Samuel.

"Furthermore, after seeing him giving your friend first aid, i do believe you should be more thankful towards him. Don't you agree?" Then Brian finally gave in.

"I...i guess." Then Samuel patted Brian on the shoulder and said...

"Don't worry. I'm sure you can find a proper way of saying thanks to Mr. Redress, as well as apologizing to his friends for all you and your friends have done to them. After all, you'll all have plenty of time to think of a way of saying sorry. In detention. Three months time to be exact." Then Samuel motioned for the guard to escort Brian off to detention. Who was stumbling over his words at this point. Then Samuel looked back down at us and questioned us some more before saying...

"You've all had a rough day from the sound of things. So I'm going to let you all go home for today to rest up. Does that sound good?" We all nodded in thanks. All except Anthony. Who was still under the influence of the Angel Trumpet.

"One last thing Axel, before you head off. Pat told me when i arrived that you blew something into Anthony's face when he started attacking this one here. Was it one of your many plant based self defense tools?" I nodded in response to his question and said...

"Angel Trumpet. The plant most likely to turn a person into a zombie. People can extract scopolamine from the plant, and use it as a potent drug that leaves victims unaware of what they're doing, but entirely conscious. And since it can be absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, all you have to do is simply blow some it into a person's face, and they won't know what hit them."

"And the effect's aren't long term? They won't harm him in any way other than what you've told me. Right?"

"Not the amount that i gave him. He should be back to normal within a few hours."

"Good. But I've told you many times Axel not to bring things like that in here. What if someone else got their hands on something that powerful? Though it may have saved this kid from getting killed, i won't allow weapons like that in this school. So if you promise me to never bring something like that here ever again, I won't send you off to detention with Mr. Christensen. Alright?" I didn't need to think on that one for very long. Especially after the way Brian was talking about me before.

"I promise."

"Alright then. Now let's get you boys over to the nurses office before we send you off." Then me and Samuel helped the jock up to his feet, while Pat and Kody helped Anthony up to his. And we all went to the nurses office for a quick checkup.
Pat watched in amazement as the fight finished in a matter of moments. He was sure this band of students that had come to his rescue would have won the fight handily if not for the interference. Pat went straightaway to the nurse, but of course there was nothing to be fixed.

Pat walked out towards his class and let out a sigh of relief. Whoever those other kids were that came to his rescue, he should probably get to know them a little better. As he continued on towards class now, everyone seemed to keep their distance. Somehow, that fight put some fear in the other students...

The front doors burst open as a grown man barged into the hallway, eyes darting around from student to student. The students cleared a large path down the hallway, ending at an unknowing Pat. The man connected eyes with Pat and walked towards him.


Pat looked at the man confused. He looked around, hoping those older students would come back to help. The man pulled something from his wallet and revealed a shiny badge.

"United States Department of Defense. I need you to come with me," the man stated clearly.

A couple gasps filled the hallway as Pat followed the man. He still looked around the hallways though, clearly not done.
After that principal had interfered with the fight, Kody was still ready for more. His face was slightly bruised and his body ached...and it excited him. He wanted more...he wanted the fight to continue.

As he reluctantly entered the nurses office, she immediately sent the kid Brian was bullying out of the room since he wasn't hurt. Kody however..was the first one she attended. She dabbed his head and he glared at her. "stay put young man...i need to stop the bleeding."
Kody couldn't even tell he was bleeding, nor did he care.

He stood up, pushed the nurse away and walked out of the room. In the hallway, he spied one of the members of his gang and he walked up to him. "i need you to do something for me." The member shook his head. "Not now man...the armys here..and they're taking random students into a tank or something outside. People are freakin!"
Kody grew excited. The army!? now that might be a interesting fight to be sure...but he took a deep breath. "fine..after they leave then..." He proceeded to whisper instructions into his friends ear and they both nodded. "consider it done."

Suddenly, a voice echoed down the hall. "Kody Williamsen!" He turned to see a officer walking down the hall towards him, a slight quickness in his step. "you are to come with us immediately."
Kody looked at his friend, then back at the officer. "make sure you finish that job man. I expect to hear back soon."
With that, Kody walked up to the officer, students in the hall watching anxiously.
"yea..what the hell do you want?"
"I need you to come with us. There's someone who wants to meet you."
After school, Senura walked out of the school's entrance. Everything seemed fine. No remnants of the fight could be seen.
It was time to head back home. She usually used the back gate of the school campus as it was less crowded.

As she walked to the gate, an man stepped in front of her.

"Senura Eversleigh," he said, "You are required to come with us right now".

Senura frowned in annoyance. Who did he think he was, ordering her like that? She positioned her right hand towards the man.
"Don't mess with me or you'll be sorry!" she warned.

"I know, Miss! We know all about you, which is why I was sent to get you". said the man.

"Who are you and what do you know about me?' asked Senura in a low voice.

The man flipped open a badge, "United States Department of Defense. We need your assistance on the matters of Defense. You must come with me now"

Senura dropped her stance after she saw the badge and looked at the man. He seemed genuine.

"Fine. But one wrong move, and I'll be gone before you know it!" said Senura

"As you wish," said the man.

As the last couple of students piled into the cramped room, General Schremph let out a slow exhale and closed the door. The teenagers before him all looked up to him in looks of confusion, many of them having no clue why they were called upon.

"I'm sure you are all confused why you have been summoned by the Department of Defense. Let me clear that up now; your country needs you."

A few of the teenagers looked surprised at Schremph's blunt statement, but he still continued.

"Our nation is receiving multiple threats from different terrorists, and to help combat them, I have been placed in charge of a new program. Our goal is simple: to bring together teenagers who possess special abilities. I know some of you may not realize it yet, but you have all been chosen because you have special powers. Some may call you superheroes, but you aren't Superman. This is real.

"Now, we are going to start with a simulation. It is important that you learn how to utilize your abilities before we send you out. The simulation is simple. Each of you will be placed in a small group outside of an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse contains many terrorists, but at the center of the warehouse, you will find a small group of hostages. You must infiltrate the warehouse, locate the hostages, and help them to safety. Because it is a simulation, there is no real danger. That does not mean you should take this lightly. Your country is depending on you. Good luck."

Schremph quietly exited the room and closed the door behind him. The room began to blur, and in moments, the heroes find themselves outside an old warehouse. Armed men stand guard at the entrances, and many more pace around inside the fenced in area. A short distance away, a small mysterious box sits. It may just be a simulation, but it feels so real...

-Rescue Hostages

I took a quick look around. Somehow, me and Kody were sent somewhere new without us knowing.

"What happened? Where are we?" Kody said as he looked back and forth.

"I'm not sure. Is this the simulation that that man was talking about?" We both looked in front of us and saw a big warehouse less than a mile away. Guards armed with small arms fire were positioned all around the warehouse entrance. And even more on the inside area. A short distance away, we both saw a small box laying on the ground in front of us. We both walked up to it and slowly opened it up. There were two backpacks inside the box. Both having our names on them. Inside mine was about a dozen or so small plastic containers containing what looked like Angel Trumpet powder. Which i was thankful for. As my last batch was running low from Anthony going stir crazy. And there was also a water gun inside the backpack as well. On the side there was writing that said, "Mala Mujer sap". That was really going to come in handy in the event that we got discovered. As i finished putting everything into the backpack, i looked over and saw Kody looking inside his own backpack as well.

"What's inside yours?" Kody looked back at me before simply zipping the bag back up.

"Stuff and things. What about yours?" Seeing as how he wanted to keep the contents of his bag a secret, i thought it would only be fair to do the same.

"Things and stuff." Kody gave me a smirk as we both stood up and looked at the gate off in the distance.

"So...how should we go about getting in there Axel?" Kody asked me as he watched the guards from afar.

"I doubt if we just walked up to the gate they would let us take a tour of the place." That got a chuckle out of me. And it also gave me an idea.

"Hey Kody." Kody looked back at me.


"I think i may have a way of getting us inside."

"Please do tell." I reached into my backpack and pulled out some of the Angel Trumpet power.

"Hey, isn't that...?" I nodded as i handed him one of the containers.

"Yeah. Just put some in your pocket and follow my lead." Kody then dumped some into his pants pocket and put the container inside his backpack and threw it over his back as i did as well. Then we started moving towards the gate.

"Um...Axel? You do realize that we're heading right towards the gate right?"

"Yep." I said as i nodded back to Kody.

"You do realize that there are guards at the gate right? Guards that will probably kill us on sight. Right?"

"We'll find out soon enough." I could tell Kody wanted to keep his distance from me. He probably thought i was losing it or something. But soon enough, we reached the front gate. And that's when we were approached by two guards wearing bulletproof vests and holstered handguns of to their sides.

"Stop. This area is off limits. Turn around now." One of the guards said as he motioned for us to turn around.

"Oh. I'm sorry. But we really need help. We got separated from our class on a nature trip in the woods over there. We saw the warehouse from over there and thought we could ask for directions." The two guards looked at each other for a second before responding.

"Give us a second will ya." We both nodded as the two guards turned around and started talking to each other. Then i reached into my pocket and looked at Kody as he got the hint. We then walked up behind the guards and grabbed them with one hand. And as they turned around to face us, we forced the powder into their faces. As they breathed the powder in, they slowly started to lose the will to fight back. And slowly let us lower them to the ground.

"That was too close Axel. And a really crazy move too." I looked back at him and said...

"Yeah i know. But it worked didn't it?" Then i saw the guardhouse a few feet away and got another idea.

"Hey Kody. Grab that guy and bring him in there. I've got a less dangerous idea on getting us inside the warehouse safely." Then me and Kody dragged the guards into the guardhouse and closed the blinds so no one could see inside.

-About fifteen minutes later-

We walked out of the guardhouse wearing the guards outfits and looked back at each other.

"I have to admit Axel, this was a pretty good idea overall."

"Thanks. But the downside is us having to leave our bags of goodies behind. We were only able to hang on to a small amount of Angel Trumpet without drawing attention. Although i was able to hang onto this." Then i showed him the squirt gun.

"A squirt gun? And how's that suppose to help us again?"

"Inside the tube is a powerful sap from the plant Mala mujer, The sap, a common feature among many plants in the Euphorbia genus, can cause painful skin irritations and unsightly discoloration. So all i have to do to our enemies is squirt a little in their face or eyes, and they won't be getting back up anytime soon."

"Nice." Kody then opened the gate up as we walked through to the main gate.

"We'll have to hurry up though. If the other guards find the body's of those other guards, we won't have much time to work with. Plus they'll know that two of the guards in here aren't with them." Kody nodded as we walked through the main gate and into the factory.
Name- Quentin Hawthorne
Superhero name- Quantum
Abilities- Able to absorb and use any and all energy. However, do to the Neutron Flux Capacitor he can only take in so much. He is essentially living energy in a human shell.
Year of school-Senior

Quentin’s mind raced at the thought of finally being out from under the thumb of General Schremph and his agents. Yes, it was true he was going undercover to possibly find others like him, but he had no intention on going through with this mission. After the events of Area 51 he had been poked and prodded by every needle and test imaginable. His powers had been steadily growing. The Government still had a tether that gripped his growing powers in a vice with the Neutron flux capacitor implanted on his right arm in the form of a tribal tattoo.

Quentin sat in the back of a black and silver SUV with a bookbag on the seat next to him. His thoughts were on his first day at the school he was invading for lack of a better term. The mic went off in his ear sounding like a small explosion.

“Mr. Hawthrone, I hope you realize the gravity of the situation.” General Schremph’s familiar voice rang throughout his ringing ear.

The two agents who were acting like his parents in the front seat acknowledged they heard as well with a simple nod.

“Yes, I know what I have to do, but can I at least have a little fun being around people my own age?” Quentin asked.

“We don’t have time for you to have fun.” General Schremph snapped.

~ ~ ~

Quentin was assigned his partner to save the hostages. She looked familiar like he had known her for the longest time.

"You're Natalia, right?" He asked, hoping he was right.

He hadn't had a chance to take in the face of everyone as he was late, so he hoped the name he overheard was correct.

"Y-yes," she hesitated.

He found her shyness adorable, and instantly wanted to know all about her.

"Well, I guess we had better get going," He decided, allowing his energy to flow over his body changing it to a pale radiating blue.

"What is your name?" she asked.

"You can call me Quentin, but everyone else pretty much calls me Quantum."

Natalia turned back to her partner, her eyes widening when she took note of the now blue color of his body. She gaped at him, more than a little freaked out.

"Oh my god... A-are you hurt?" She asked, concerned even as she was inching away slowly.

Quantum looked confused for a moment before laughing softly, shaking his head. "No, it's my power. I can absorb energy and use it in different ways."

"Power? So this wasn't just a joke... Or are you in on it?"

"Uh, no, it's not a joke, I promise. Don't you have any powers?"

Natalia shook her head, thinking of other logical solutions to whatever this was. "Nope. But that General guy said that I would soon, whatever that means."

He looked the slightest bit troubled by that comment, but covered it up quickly. "I guess you'll find out after we're done here, which we really should be getting to by now."

Natalia looked away, nodding. She stood for a while longer, looking almost as if she was doing nothing at all. After a few minutes and a couple looks from her partner, she looked up at him.

The first thing she noticed was his height. Dang, did he make her feel short.

Snapping out of it, Natalia focused on what she needed to tell him. "Okay... There seem to be four possible entrances, judging by the number of different groups of guards that I believe change stations every five minutes or so. Probably to keep them alert or something, I don't know. But anyways, they alternate numbers as well. Right now there three of them here, meaning the next will be two guards if they stick to the same routine. That's the weakest defense we'll have to go up against, and there's no way to attack in between gates with the amount of time we have between rotations and the sheer size of this thing together."

Quentin raised his eyebrows. Natalia, realizing the information she had spit out, blushed. She wasn't a talker, but when it came to intellect or even academics, there was no end to her words.

"I can't really help much with the guards, at least to um... Take them down or whatever. Sorry."

Quentin shrugged, smiling a little. "I think I can take care of that part. Let''s go."

As Quantum ran in that direction, she headed to the small box she had seen earlier, her biggest issue being the question of what in the world she could contribute to this... Mission? Is that what it was?

Picking it up, she followed after Quantum, already falling a few steps behind.
In the blink of an eye, Pat found himself sitting at the entrance of a dark warehouse. To many, this would be terrifying, by for Pat... it was inviting. A deep breath next to him caught his attention and he realized he was not sent alone after all. A beautiful young girl looked around, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"Who are you?" Pat asked.

"Senura. Senura Eversleigh."

"Name's Patrick Wolf, but you can call me Pat. Say, do you know anything about what's going on?"

The girl simply shook her head as she took in her surroundings.

Pat, anxious not to embarrass himself in front of the cute girl, jumped to his feet and looked around. "That military guy said something about super powers and Superman. Do we have powers?"

The girl shrugged, careful not to say anything. Pat looked the girl over, before a small box caught his eye. A large grin flashed over Pat's face as he jumped down next to the box. It was rather small, but still heavy. As the box opened, a bright light flashed out.

"Close it!" Senura whispered loudly.

"But... I want to know what's inside!"

Senura finally rose to her feet, looking at the dark building before them. Armed men wandered the grounds, eyes scanning for an intruder. Somewhere in the area, more teens were facing the same situation. Pat shoved the small box into one of his pockets and stepped up next to the young girl.

"So, Senuuuura, any thoughts on how to break in?"
Kody glanced around the area. Wearing this gurard uniform looked ridiculous...it was much too large for them, but it did allow him to conceal a couple things if he needed them.
As they walked through a couple corridors, he overheard a couple guards talking in a nearby room.
"What about the prisoners?" "eh..they'll be taken away shortly. No need to worry about that."
"Where they taking ém?" "not my concern...and not yours either."

Kody stopped for a minute. They're moving the people? Axel stopped and turned to him. "what's up?" He turned back. "did you hear that? what those guards said?" Axel looked slightly confused. "i didn't hear anything and there are no guards nearby from what i could hear. Now c'mon!"
Kody shrugged and entered a nearby room with Axel, which led to a balcony ledge overlooking the storage area. Underneath them, in the middle of the room, was a group of people tied and gagged.

Kody poked Axel and pointed. "jackpot! we got ém." Axel nodded. "we should wait here for the others and make a plan." Kody grinned. "too late for that...let's get ém! Before Axel could say anything, Kody leapt off the balcony onto a stack of boxes, his loud landing echoing through the area. Three armed guards ran in.
"What the hell was that!? Search the area..NOW!" They rushed into the room, not noticing Axel or Kody...and he smirked as he reached into his uniform and took out two knives. "let's have some fun!"

As the guards split up, one of them walked beside the stack of boxes that Kody stood upon. He jumped off and stabbed the knives into the guards neck, feeling his body shiver violently as it collapsed. Pulling his blades loose, he eagerly began searching for the other two.
He glanced up to where Axel had been, but didn't see him. He shrugged and kept looking, finally finding them both by the prisoners. Kody ran into the clearing, chucking both his knives at the guards and watching them impale them both in vital areas, their dying groans the last solace.

Axel ran into the clearing. "Did you have to kill them? i had my dust!" Kody shrugged as he pulled his knife free of the bodies and began cutting the prisoners loose. "My way was faster." Axel rolled his eyes and kept an eye out for the other teams or for other guards that might show up.
"Yes, you better keep up!" said Senura, and began walking swiftly towards the gate and the guards head on.

"Hey, wait!" cried Pat, "I think there's something for you in this box!"

Senura stopped in her tracks, in irritation. She had told him to forget about that box, hadn't she?

Pat was dangling a pair of flimsy gloves at her. "These were under your name in the box," he said.

Senura grabbed them with a scowl, "What am I supposed to do with these?"

"Wear them!" said Pat, shrugging.

Senura glared down at the silver coloured gloves as she fingered them. She suddenly realised that they were made of real silver, the best conductor of electricity! She put them on and flexed her fingers. The gloves were very comfortable.

"What did you find for yourself?" she asked. Pat hesitated to answer.
"Whatever," said Senura, "Just don't spoil things, OK? I'll handle the entrance".

Saying so, she went towards where the two guards were. As expected, they barred her way.
What a bunch of idiots, she thought.

She raised her arms at them, and willed a familiar force, which emerged from deep within her. The force flowed through her arms and into her tingling palms and fingertips, and shot out. Before the guards knew what was happening, they dropped to the ground at the impact of the electrocution.

Senura looked over her shoulder. Pat was standing behind her, gaping; first at her and then at the fallen men.

"Come on, lets not waste time and get inside, before others are alerted", she said.
"Heroes! This is Schremph!" a familiar voice crackled over the radio.

"I apologize for dropping you off like this in a simulation, but it is important that you get through this quickly. From the looks of it, some of you are closer to finding the hostages than others. Please, hurry.

"I also couldn't help but notice that some of you have yet to use your powers. Remember, you have all been chosen because of your powers. Dig deep. Discover your powers. I believe in you."

Silence came through the radio, followed by static. Schremph's voice crackled through again.

"Anthony! Quiet! Your time will come. Just let me continue with my simulation!"

The radio finally goes silent for good and you are left with your companion. Its time to finish this "simulation."
As Kody finished untying the hostages, i could hear a ruckus off in the next room. It sounded like the other teams had made their way into the complex as well and had decided to take out the other guards like Kody just did a second ago. Then the doors opened from in front and to our left. And then four more people came rushing in. One of them glowing a pale blue. They walked up to us. Almost mistaking us for the other guards.

"Hey guys. Right on time." Then they realized who we were before they attacked us.

"You must be Axel. I've heard some good things about you from Schremph. And the one helping the hostages must be Kody. Am i right?" Kody looked back at the others and replied...

"Yeah. And I'm guessing you must be the human glow-stick. Am i right?" Everyone just gave him a look. Myself included. Kody got the hint and helped the hostages to the doors without another word. The rest of us following soon afterwards.

We started talking for a bit until we reached the gate. Mostly introductions and such. But when we reached the fence, all of us saw a small army of armed men approaching the complex. Most likely a backup unit that someone in the warehouse called for. We all got behind the guardhouse before any of them saw us and started talking.

"Great. Now we've got a small army of armed men out there who don't look too happy about us rescuing the hostages. Any ideas anyone?" Quentin asked as he look at the rest of us.

"How about we kindly ask them to leave?" Kody said jokingly. Everyone shot him another look. Except for me. I was thinking long and hard on what he just said while everyone else started questioning having him along on the mission with us. But then i thought of a grand idea.

"Ask them to leave? Kody you're a genius!" I said as i ran into the guardhouse. Leaving everyone else to wonder what was going on in my head. When i came back out, i was back in my normal clothes and carrying my backpack full of Angel Trumpet. And i also brought a blueprint of the warehouse for everyone to look at.

"So what's the plan Axel? And why is Kody a genius all of a sudden?" Senura said mockingly. Kody looked like he was about to attack her for a moment, but i put my hand on his shoulder before this escalated into something none of us could control.

"Kody is a genius because our plan is simple. We're going to ask the guards to leave." Now everyone started giving me a look.

"I'm serious guys. Look." I said as i showed them the blueprints of the warehouse.

"We're here. Right by the fence outside the main gate. Our enemy is here. About a mile away from us and moving fast. In order to save the hostages and get the guards to leave us alone, we'll need to separate into three teams. Team one is our attack team. They need to go outside the fence and lure the guards into the warehouse. While this is happening, our second team will be escorting the hostages through the warehouse and to the other side. Hopefully, no one will be there waiting for us. After team two makes it through the warehouse, and after team one lures the guards inside the warehouse, team three will have finished setting up our little trap for the guards." Then i opened my backpack and showed them the Angel Trumpet. I also gave them a brief explanation of what it was used for before shoving it back inside.

"I see. But how are you planing on blowing enough Angel Trumpet into all their faces at once?" Quintin asked as he looked back at the guards. Who were now less than half a mile away from the fence.

"Simple. Team three's job is to use the ventilation system, located here, and dump all the Angel Trumpet into the vents, turn on the air conditioning, and let it blow throughout the warehouse. And after all the guards have had enough contact with the Angel Trumpet, we simply ask them to leave. Since they won't be aware of what they're doing until it's too late to stop us." Everyone seemed to like the plan. So we decided to go along with it.

"Alright. So now all we have to decide on is who goes with who. I'll be leading team three since i know how to use the Angel Trumpet. I'd like for you to come with me Kody since this is our idea." Kody gave me a quick smile before nodding and giving a quick look around.

"Then me and Natalia will escort the hostages through the warehouse and out the other side." Quintin said as he and Natalia gave a quick nod as well.

"Then that leaves me and Pat to lure the guards inside and let em have it." Senura said as she gave Pat a quick nod like the rest.

"Right. But remember, we only need you to lure them inside. Don't go thinking you two can take them all on by yourselves. Alright?" Everyone nodded one last time before we all stood up and could see the guards less than 100 feet away from the fence.

"Alright everyone, lets move out!"
Pat looked over at Senura as this Axel kid barked orders. Her face oozed determination as she listened to the team's plan. He sighed as everyone split up.

"Keep up!" Senura said as she sprinted towards a large group of the guards.

Pat ran after the cute young girl, praying that she would be safe. As she ran towards the guards, they all turned to her, surprised that a young girl was challenging them in such a manner. Pat finally caught up to her as she stood frozen, eyes staring down the enemy.

"Run!" Pat yelled as he turned to run away. Senura stood strong, electricity pulsing from her gloves.

"Senura, we have to stick to the plan!" Pat cried.

Senura's hands clenched to fists as she dug her right foot into the ground. The group of guards began closing in on Pat and Senura, quickly eliminating any hope for escape. Without thinking, Pat jumped between Senura and the guards. He let out a vicious yell as he thrust his hands forward. A burst of fire shot from his hands, turning the guards before him into ash in a matter of moments. Time froze as everyone tried to comprehend what had just happened, Pat included. He brought himself back to reality, and looked back at Senura.

As Kody ran with Axel, he kinda regretted not being with the assault team. Sure, they had to get the powder ready and they weren't supposed to fight the guards..but Kody was in the mood for a brawl. He even had his knives! As they ran towards the vent system, his cell buzzed.
He stopped and flipped it open, grinning. Axel turned and glanced back.

"C'mon..we need to..Kody? what's up?" Kody flipped the phone shut. "nothing...let's go." Axel shrugged hesitantly and continued towards the vent systems. Once they got there, Axel handed the bag to Kody.
"just dump it in...after that, turn it on and we can leave." Kody nodded and began dumping the powdered substance into the system, flipping the on stitch and hearing the machine hum to life.
Axel took this opportunity to grab the cell phone and quickly bring up the text Kody received. His eyes grew wide just before Kody smashed his fist into Axels face, sending his spiraling to the ground, the cell tumbling to the ground at Kodys feet. Kody frowned as he grabbed the cell phone and tucked it back into his pocket.

"you shouldn't snoop man. It's bad for your health to know things that don't involve you." Kody smirked as he cracked his knuckles. "Now that you saw that, i'm gonna have to smack you around a little...and even if you have some of that powder crap left, you won't get me with it."
Kody watched as Axel stood and faced Kody. Even if he knew he had some members of his gang kill Brian Christensen as he left the school didn't matter. He didn't care...he wanted a fight...and now he had one.
Senura nodded and turned around. Their exit had been blocked by the guards.

"I'm gonna make a clearing for our getaway," she said to Pat, "Use another bout of your flames, if necessary, on your way out".

Pat nodded. Senura closed her eyes and took a deep breath, saying to herself, "Lightning Speed"

The next moment, just a nanosecond after opening her eyes, she dashed forward, marveling the way her surroundings suddenly began to move in slow motion. The guards who were in front of her would have no idea what hit them!
As she reached these guards, she forcefully brought her out her right fist and punched the jaw of the nearest guard. She advanced and parried a volley of blows against the guards, knocking them flat on the ground.

She continued till she reached the exit and stood, waiting for Pat. Whether Pat was surprised too by her sudden takeoff, she didn't know, because he was already halfway towards the exit. The guards had not yet made a move to stop him. Perhaps, she had stunned them too much, without using her electricity!

Pat reached Senura and stopped.
"Are these guards still stunned or are they just plain dumb?" said Senura, when the guards were still still. The fallen guards painfully got up.

"I'll get their frozen butts moving," said Pat and shouted out to the guards, "Hey, a couple of kids just kicked your asses, are you gonna let us get away with it?"

That did it. The guards rushed at them. Senura and Pat took to running into the building.

"Hope Axel and Kody have got their part of the plan in position!" said Pat, glancing at the advancing army of guards.

"Yeah, or else, we'll finish them off!" said Senura.

The two heroes entered the building.

"Quick, lets get out before they see where we go," said Pat, "Plus, I do not wanna catch a whiff of Axel's powder!"

They slipped out just before the guards pooled inside the warehouse.
In the blink of an eye, you find yourself back in the same room that this began. Schremph was standing in the exact same spot with his arms folded across his chest.

"Well, looks like you've just run out of time," he said quietly.

You look around and can feel some sense of disappointment in the air. Who exactly it's coming from, you cannot be sure, but it is there. Schremph paced around a moment. You can almost hear the gears in his head turning.

"Thankfully, that was just a simulation. I hope you all understand that real life won't be as simple. Unfortunately, there is no more time for a simulation.

"Intel has informed me of a situation along the Mexican border. A gang has hacked into our systems and taken over a border patrol station. We cannot be sure of their intent, but records say that an internationally wanted man, Jose Miguel, is using this as an opportunity to sneak into the US.

"I must warn you, Jose Miguel is far from an easy fight. He is... special like the rest of you. He has abilities that we are not even aware of, but there is a reason is he able to transport easily from country to country. Just be careful out there! Time's up, heroes. Get out there, stop Jose Miguel. "

Without warning, you find yourself in the middle off a desert wasteland. In the distance you can see some small buildings with faint lighting. A small box lies a few feet away. Your best guess is you are in Texas. Hopefully, you are...

-Stop Jose Miguel


Without warning, the simulation had ended. Kody had gone from getting ready to brawl with Axel to being in a warehouse with the general. He did not look pleased. He went on a spiel about how they needed to work together and how they were lucky it was a simulation.
Kody almost got ready to tell the generall off when he stated they needed to hunt a notorious criminal. Now this he could get behind! With the blink of an eye, they were out of the warehouse and in the middle of a desert..and no sign of Axel. Instead, he was paired up with what looked like a sophomore girl.

"So the plant geek got paired with someone else eh? Whatever...hey, can you do anything 'special?' Sophomore?" The girl turned to him, unsure of what to say. He sighed and took out his knives, tossing one of them on the sand next to her as he inspected the box nearby.
"hmmm...water, binoculars, the usual spy crap. You better grab that knife and use it Sophomore...seems like this is the real thing now. You don't...you might get yourself killed."

She slowly picked up the knife. " I have a name you jerk. It's Natalia." He only shrugged and gestured for her to come to the box. As she got close, she glanced inside. "take whatever you want..soon as you're ready we can get going. I wanna see what this Jose is like...."
His voice quivered with excitement. The simulation was interesting, but this was thrilling. His hands almost started shaking at the prospect of what was to come. He turned slightly to her. "you got what you need? If so, then c'mon. I want to get this started soon as i can!"
He began to head in the direction of the dimly lit buildings, hoping he would find the criminal..and his entourage. He could hear Natalia scrambling behind him, quickly catching up.

Natalia followed after Kody, already feeling uncomfortable with her new partner. He seemed to pride himself on successfully harming other people. She stared after him as she ran, imagining a young Patrick Bateman in his place before forcing her mind to stay on task.

She had never had trouble with that before, but it seemed that ever since getting back to the room, wherever the Schremph guy was, her mind had been a little fuzzy. Natalia tried her best to ignore it, crediting it instead to the all too sudden change of course her life had taken.

As they neared the buildings, Natalia definitely felt more aware of a different sort of feeling. She frowned, touching a hand to her forehead and checking for a fever that would be undetectable anyways due to the intense heat in... Texas? Is that where they had been sent?

Shaking her head, Natalia slowed a little, feeling some sort of presence somehow though she couldn't explain it.

"Stop!" She yelled after Kody. "Wait! I think there are people nearby!"

Judging by the armaments that were strewn around the place, they weren't the nicest people either.

Kody turned, smirking at her. "And how would you know, Sophomore? Or are you just getting all scared on me now? Stop stalling, and let's go."

He resumed his pace, eagerness practically radiating from him. How he could be so enthusiastic about a situation in which death was a possible outcome, Natalia had no clue. She gripped the knife she had taken in her right hand, not really comforted by its feel at all. Natalia knew nothing of weapons or how to use them, as she thought was true of at least most high schoolers. Obviously she had thought wrong.

Not wanting to be left alone, Natalia followed hesitantly behind Kody, glancing around at every one of those odd feelings she got. It was as if she was imagining people in places she couldn't even see.

Great, Natalia thought. Now I'm going crazy, too.

She slowed to a walk until she caught up with Kody, who was now standing still, pressed against the outside wall of a building. Somehow Natalia didn't have to peek around the corner to know that they were right next to a group of people who she assumed were working for Jose.

Feeling as if she were in one of those action movies her brother so loved, Natalia backed up against the wall as well and slowed her breathing.

"I told you so," she muttered quietly under her breath.
Senura suddenly found herself in a new place. A desert wasteland. She did not like deserts. But one could not be choosy in life, was what she had learnt over the years.

She looked about, and noticed a fellow hero. It was Axel, the self appointed leader of the group.

"Hi," he said, "So, we are partners this time".

"Apparently," replied Senura dryly. She did not enjoy casual conversations. They were always pointless.

Axel bent down to pick a small box on the ground nearby, while Senura scanned the landscape again. There were a few worn down buildings at a distance.

"There are a couple of masks here, along with some bare necessities," said Axel.

"Masks?" said Senura, with disdain, "What for?"

"Probably to hide our faces from the enemy. We are too precious for the General to lose. Here, I believe this is yours," said Axel and tossed a golden eye mask, with lightning spark shaped cut at the brows.

"Oh, please!" she bit out, "What will be our next surprise? Superhero costumes?"

"You don't seem too keen on this mission," remarked Axel.

"I am interested, but I don't cotton to the notion of masked and costumed heroes. We are not out of a comic book!"

Axel wordlessly slipped his mask on. "Don the mask and let's go. We have no time to lose," he said.

"What do you have in mind?" said Senura, reluctantly wearing the mask.

"We must first survey the field," said Axel. He set out quickly in the direction of the building. Senura followed him, effortlessly keeping pace with him.

When they neared, Axel gestured Senura to slow down. Senura did so till they backed against a wall of one of the buildings.
Axel peeked around the wall, as Senura peeped into a window in the wall.

Senura saw a small room. There was a lone computer in a corner. It was turned away from her, so she could not see its screen.

"What do you see?" Axel asked her. She told him.

"Ok, I saw a group of men some distance away..." he said.

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