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A High School for Anthropomorphic Animals
[Introduction] The High School of Doctor Moreau is a beloved High School in Animal Land where young Anthropomorphic Animals can feel free to be themselves (And not have to worry about any of the other students eating them) But what happens when the school decides to let in Human Students despite popular opinion

Anthros ARE not Giants! They are more or less Human Size with Mice and Rats and other small things being slightly shorter then a Human while Elephants, Rhinos and such are slightly larger then a Human
Anthros wear clothes...Because erections are traumatizing enough as it is WITH clothes on
Every author is a different character, you can play as an Anthro Character or as one of the new Human Exchange Students...Keep in mind the Humans WILL be vastly outnumbered by the Anthros

Have fun
"Hey piggy, piggy.. Hey piggy, piggy!"

Solimar kept walking, head held high, with a smirk on her face. Being a peccary, Solimar was always running across people who had no awareness.. High school was just going to be another example of a place where the idiots would think they are kings with queens.
The Friendly African Dwarf Crocodile Chaka ran up to Solimar...She had a hard time pronouncing his full name so she just called hi 'Solly' for short because Chaka was a big reptile with lots of sharp teeth Solimar didn't question this.

"Solly! Solly! Did you hear news?!" Chaka was bouncing up and down "They're overturning Doe VS Blade and they're going to let humans into this school!"

"What the crud?" The Peccary snorted "Humans? In our school?"

"Yeah...I hope Humans taste good with ketchup." Chaka said

"You know eating fellow students gets you expelled." Solimar said "That's pretty much the only reason the Cow, Sheep and Goat students are still alive by this point."
Solimar heard the bell ring but was imaging humans running for their life through the halls of DM screaming for their lives. A small curl of a smile crept across her face for the second time. "Geez, this is going to be an interesting year."

"Hey Chaka, how's the schedule looking for you today?"
"I'm taking art this year." Chaka said enthusiastically "Mrs. Liama will be the Art Teacher this year!"

Mrs. Liama was a Cow Anthro who often used the tassel on her tail as a paint brush.
"Hey you two!" Exclaimed Jimmy, the Anthro Chimp, "Wait up!" Jimmy ran up to Chaka and Solimar as they entered the class. "What took you so long, you silly monkey?" Asked Chaka, as she bared her fangs at Jimmy. "I was up late last night, playing "Body-Swap Online! It's awesome, especially with the Virtual Reality helmets! I swapped with a lioness, a zebra, a hamster, and many other anthros as well! You two should definitely play it!" Chaka shook her head, "I'm fine with scales, thank you! Even if it's fake, body swapping is just weird!" Solimar tapped his hoof against the ground, "I wouldn't mind swapping with a skinner anthro, even if it was only Virtual Reality..." Chaka gave him a smack on the head, "Hey, you're supposed to be my side!"
Mrs. Liama squeezed some paint out of her udder into a cup. Her udders gave red, yellow, blue, and white, so she could mix any color she wanted from that. She added a little blue to the red in the cup and got a lovely purple. Using her tail, she switched a swath of color across the canvas.

"Ahhh," she said. "That's going to be a lovely sunset." Just then the bell rang. "Darn! Back to the students. I wish I had the entire day to myself."

She put her top back on.
Solimar heard Mrs. Liama announce her morning greetings and watched as Chaka and Jimmy made faces at each other like when they were little. She started to wonder how things would be as they got older. A thought about whether they would remain friends crossed her mind. She immediately muttered loudly, "Of course!"

Jimmy turned to Chaka and made a 'cuckoo' gesture with his finger and smirked. Chaka leaned in her direction, "Solly? Wow, are you okay? You're not staying up late losing brain cells doing that Virtual Reality thing are you?" Chaka made a curled face at Jimmy then turned back to wink in an almost cartoonish manner. It made Solimar think of the Lacroste logo.

Chaka, in a most humored voice said, "Hello? Don't make me say it!" She drew the gaze of Mrs. Liama but continued in a whisper, "You are beautiful the way you are," then sang, "You're amazing just the way you are."

Solimar rolled her eyes and waved her friend on but they began to bust out laughing. A big belly laugh came from Solimar who could only plead with her eyes at Mrs. Liama as to her forgiveness. Mrs. Liama was the best!

As the three settled down, it became clear that no one else in the room had caught the laugh. As Solimar wiped a tear away, she noticed everyone seemed slightly on guard.

(Author's Note My apologies...In my additions I keep referring to Solly as Male when DP states she is female...I am ashamed)

"OK..." The Cow Teacher said "For today's lesson we will prepare for the arrival of the Human Students with a study in Human Anatomy."

She pulled out charts of naked Human Male and Human Female

"Eww." Chaka groaned "They're so...Ugly!"
"Hey, I take offense to that!" Exclaimed Jimmy, "It's said that my kind is highly related to humans, and it's offensive when you guys constantly bash them!" Chaka leaned over to Solimar and whispered in her ear. "That's probably why he wants to swap bodies in his little virtual game so much! He doesn't want to be stacked up to humans!" Solimar frowned at Chaka and shook her head. "He's just having fun, Solly! Besides, I've played the game on occasion too, it's not all that bad!" Chaka frowned and turned back to the blackboard. The teacher continued to point out the differences between the physical differences of male and females.
"What's that dangly thing on the male?" Chaka asked.

Mrs. Liama rolled her eyes. "Chaka, you know it's a penis. Don't play dumb."

"I thought it might be an udder."

Mrs. Liama blushed a little. There were certain words that embarrassed her and udder was one of them. Not penis, though. She could say penis all day long without blushing. Not that she ever did.

"No," she said. "It's definitely not a... what you said. It's a penis. Got that, class? A penis. That's p-e-n-i-"

"We know how to spell it, Mrs. Liama!"
In her mind, Mrs. Liama thought that the kids should know better than to try to get a rise out of her after all she had known most of them since they were little tots. Mrs. Liama had spent much of her life volunteering at the library. Many of the kids loved to hear folklore about their anthropomorphic ancestry; however there were times when some of their parents would fold her storytelling into a creationist spin.

"OK, guys, then let's keep going. The Humans will be with us soon and we need to cover this so you all do not end up embarrassing yourselves with anatomically incorrect doodles... and you know who you are." Mrs. Liama said with a grin. Just as she turned to resume the lesson by chalk board, a knock was heard at the door.
Chaka finished her drawing a Human Male and Female

"OK Jimmy." Chaka said "What do you think of this?"
"Well, they're okay looking. They might look better with a coat of scales or fur!" Shouted Jimmy, in his usually happy-go-lucky tone. "That's not what I meant! I want you to tell me what you think of the picture!" Exclaimed Chaka, as Jimmy smirked. "Well, I've swapped bodies enough times with women in my online game to tell you that. Unfortunately, I mainly swap with furries of the opposite gender, so human anatomy often loses me. I'll tell you one thing, we chimpanzees have much larger dicks then that picture does!" Chaka put her hands in her head. "Why do I even bother?"
"Another unique thing that humans have is buttocks," said Mrs. Liama.

"Buttocks?" Chakra said. "Do I have buttocks?"

"No, you do not. Crocodiles have no buttocks. We might say that Jimmy does, but that's because he is a primate and the most like a human."

"Yayyy!" Jimmy said.

"I have a buttocks," Solimar said.

"Perhaps," Mrs. Liama said, "but it doesn't resemble a human buttocks at all. Maybe a little bit. I don't know. We'll have to do anatomical comparisons when the humans get here."
"Come in," Mrs. Liama said when she heard the 2nd knock over the banter about human butts and penis size.

In through the door came a human hand with long fingers and a square shape, followed by a felted crown swallowed by chestnut dark hair. Solimar felt an intense need to see the face past the hoodie but her peers got in her way.

The Human's name was Roderick...Or just Rod for short and he was very very shy...He kind of suffered a panic attack when the Animal Students crowded around him.

Ms. Liama decided for Roderick's safety to cut class short before the poor boy had a heart attack.

That night, in Solly and Chaka's room (Yes...They are in a boarding school) As the two prepared for bed. Chaka went to town on a bag of deep fried insects

"You know you shouldn't eat those right after brushing your teeth Solly said

"I can't help it!" Chaka groaned "I'm hungry and the only meat we're allowed is insects."

Chaka climbed into the top bunk and looked at Solly

"Rod seems strange don't you think?" Chaka whispered

"We don't even know him." Solly said

"I mean why was he hiding his face?" Chaka asked

"I don't know!" Solly grunted tired "Good night!" She turned out the light

Chaka sighed, she was hungry...And horny...The problem with having a roommate is they will hear you masturbate, Chaka couldn't go onto Fanfiction.Net and beat off to her favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles smut...Dear lord she didn't know who strung the words 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' together but whoever they were they were geniuses Chaka hit puberty when the 2003 show came on since then she lusted over Donatello..."Yummy Donatello..." Chaka whispered into her pillow
Meanwhile, Jimmy was chilling with Rod in their room in the guys wing. "So... what do you do for fun?" Asked Rod, as he looked around the room. "I play Body-Swap online! It's this awesome game that allows two people to swap bodies on a virtual plane!" Rod began to grin nervously, "Could I... Could I play it with you? I used to be pretty good at games, maybe you can show me how this works!" Rod was still nervous about being in a school filled with animal-people, but Jimmy seemed to be the only one he could connect to. Maybe it was because chimpanzees are close to humans on the evolutionary ladder. Jimmy nodded, "Sure! I have an extra VR helmet on-hand! We can swap bodies using the game and have some fun!"
"OK," Rod said.

"Uh, Rod," Jimmy said. "How do you happen to be a student here?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you don't seem to be an animal. You do know this is a school for animals, right?"

"Am I the only human here at the school?"

"As far as I know. I mean... except for some teachers and staff, of course. But I don't know about any other human students."
"Wow, I'm the only one?" Rod had been told that he would be one of the first but was not told that he would be the first human wandering the halls of DM.

Jimmy snorted as he wondered about the mispath of information.

Meanwhile, Solimar dreams of the new student and again could feel a strong pull to know what he was like.
Chaka was dreaming she was dating Donatello...In her dreams they were beside some cold Mountain stream in some Mountain Woodland...She was acting like some Antebellum Southern Belle in a stupid 'Gone With the Wind' type dress and was begging Donatello to 'Rip her bodice'

Just then Chaka woke up...Because she needed to use the restroom.

She quickly stumbled out of her bunk went down the hall to the restroom, did her business, then she saw Rod...Rushing into the Boy's room...She heard the sounds of vomiting.

"Oh man!" She heard Rod moan "I am NEVER playing body swap again! Jimmy had me swap bodies with a blobfish!"
Chaka threw open the door, "What's going on in here? Jimmy, are you tormenting Rod?" Jimmy shook his head, "No, honestly I just wanted him to play this game with me! I guess humans have weaker stomachs when it comes to this kind of game!" Rod hung his head in shame, "Sorry, I guess I'm just not that good at these furry video games!" Jimmy and Chaka gasped in unison, as Rod looked confused. "Rod, did you just utter a racial slur?" Rod clamped his hands over his mouth. "Lay off him, Chaka, he's new here! I'll let it slide, because I still feel bad about the video game thing!" Chaka stomped her hoof against the ground, "I guess your right. I still can't believe he said "Furry", that name dates back to when we were feared and hated!" Jimmy and Rod were frightened by Chaka's rage. "We're going to have to punish Rod! And I think I know of a fitting way..."
"No, Chakra!" Jimmy said. "He's a human. He can't withstand the kind of 'punishment' you deal out."

Chakra grinned. "You seem to like it when I do it to you."

Jimmy blushed. "Well... but I'm not Rod. Leave Rod alone!"

"God, Jimmy! You were the one that was just making him vomit!"

"That was a mistake. I'm sorry, Rod."

Rod wasn't feeling too good. "Uh, that's OK. I guess this school is going to be a little tougher going than I expected."
"Yeah, whatever." Chaka said, still agitated by the F bomb being dropped.
The next morning the students got ready for breakfast.

When Rod came down to breakfast, he saw there were two lines...In one line all the Herbivores were standing, Solly was in the Herbivore Line.

And in the other line all the carnivores were standing...Chaka was in the Carnivore Line.

Rod turned to Jimmy "Is there an omnivore line?"He asked

"Afraid not." Jimmy said "Everything here is strictly Herbivore and Carnivore."

Rod saw that all eyes were on him, all the students were eager to see which line he would choose...Who's side he was on.

Rod looked at Jimmy "Which line do you stand in?"
"Well, I stick with the herbivore line." Said Jimmy proudly. "Alright, I'll go herbivore too!" Jimmy threw his hairy arm around Rod's shoulders, "Yeah, we apes got to stick together! We're around the same evolutionary ladder!" Solimar walked up to the two, as she stood in line. "What are you two doing? Chaka told me you two weren't getting along!" Jimmy kicked his foot around nervously, "Well, it was a bit of a misunderstanding. I had never been too good with those kinds of games." Solimar snorted, as she smacked Rod on the back. "It's fine. I don't blame Jimmy, sometimes he just gets too excited." Jimmy suddenly smirked, as he remembered something. "That reminds me... I just got invited to a primal party!" Rod looked at Jimmy confused. "What's a primal party?" Jimmy began to chuckle, as he made ape noises. "It's a party where the anthros behave like actual animals! We walk around on all fours, make animal noises the whole time, and even some brave people don't wear clothes there!"

Rod began to get excited as he smirked, "Oh, that sounds so cool! I wish was an anthro so I could go." Jimmy began scratching at his head, as he thought of an idea. "Well, humans are similar to apes. So maybe I could get my friend who is amazing at prosthetics and costumes to dress you up like one." Solimar began to chuckle and snort like crazy, "Now this I have to see! I'll make you a bet, if you can dress up Rod to look exactly like an ape, then I'll play your body-swap online game with you all week long! However, if you can't make him look like an ape, then you have to dye your fur pink for the next week!" Jimmy held out his monkey paw, "Alright, it's a deal! Just you wait, Rod is going to look like more of an ape then I am!" Jimmy shook hands with Solimar, as Rod gulped. He was nervous about this whole thing.
"What do you think?" Jimmy said. He and Rod were standing in front of a full length mirror admiring Jimmy's handiwork in turning Rod into an ape.

"I don't know. I kind of look like an ape but something doesn't seem quite right."

"It's your arms," Jimmy said. "They are too short. Apes have long arms."

"What are we going to do?"

"I guess you will just have to be a short-armed ape."
As they headed out to the primal party, Rod started to feel itchy and began scratching and picking. It started to become more intense and he swung and flailed his arms about to reach all the spots.

"Dude, that's great! It distracts from the short arms thing!"

"Jimmy, I have an itch and it's driving me crazy! Can you help me out here?!"

Chaka laughed from her doorway.
"I'll help you out Rod." She said, she took Rod into a spare room no one was using at the moment.

"The problem with these things is they tend to have a lot of this itchy stuff inside before you put them on and you have to remove it..." Chaka said shaking some grey powder of Rod's Ape Head, then she looked at the back of Rod's neck...There was a bar code on it.

"Um...Rod." Chaka said "Why is there a bar code on your neck? Is it...A tattoo?"

Rod gasped "You saw that?!"

"Um...Yes." Chaka said

Rod turned around and said "Please don't tell anyone!"

"OK." Chaka said

"You don't understand!" Rod said he started to cry "I'm a human clone!"

"Oh." Chaka was not sure she understood "Is that a bad thing?"

Rod wiped away tears "While you Anthro Animals were safe in your little 'preserves' Humans were creating human clones just to harvest organs for sick and dying people, they were farming us clones! Using women with developmental disabilities as broods and keeping clones locked up in cages so we wouldn't grow smart and escape, when I was just a baby, the FBI cracked down on the whole clone farming thing and me and all the other babies were sent too good families before the clone farmers could really harm us."

"That's nice." Chaka said she felt a shivers go down her scales, how could Humans farm their own species

"But it gets worse." Rod said "Even though the supreme court says clones are Human a lot of people don't think so...They call us 'soulless abominations' and some things so nasty I can't even repeat them...I was getting death threats in my original school my parents were worried I was going to die...That's why I was sent to this school...They hoped I would be safe here among the Animals who don't know what a clone is."
Jimmy placed his monkey paw on Rod's back. "Anyone who would call you an abomination is obviously an idiot! You are as real as I am!" Rod began to tear up, "Who cares?! It's not like I have a real family anyway!" Jimmy began to pat Rod on the head, "I can be your family! I'd be glad to have you as a brother!" Jimmy gave Rod a big hug, as Chaka began to cry as well. "Wow, that's profound, Jimmy!" Jimmy nodded in agreement, "I may be a goof, but I'm not insensitive! In fact, I feel like I've become closer to Rod then most people! I'm often judged by anthros for being too human-like, so I know how it feels! In fact..." Jimmy walked off and came back with two of his game helmets. "These helmets aren't just for playing the game, they can allow two beings to switch for a couple of hours. I'd be honored if you switched with me, so I can show you that you are far from hollow!"
Chaka frowned. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Jimmy?"

"When have my ideas ever not been good?" Jimmy said.

"Uhhh... lots of times!"
"OK," Rod said, "Let's do this!"

"Wait!" Solly had heard everything while she finished getting ready and came running out of the room. Jimmy turned in her direction and looked baffled.
"I don't think you should do that!" Solly said "You remember what the headmaster said...No students swap bodies on campus."

"That's a dumb rule." Jimmy said

"You know why it's in place." Solly said "So the kid who's bad at math can't swap bodies with the genius to take his test for him so he'll get good grades."

"Oh fine." Jimmy said "But I think it would help Rod's self esteem."

"It's OK Rod." Chaka said "Want to go to my place and watch TMNT?"

"You sure you're just going to watch the actual episodes?" Solly asked "You're not going to show him your smutty TMNT fanfics?"

Chaka blushed "No I won't!" She snapped
"She totally is! By the way, the 80s show is the best one!" Chaka shook her head, "No way, 2003 is best!" Jimmy sneered, "Yeah right! We all know classics our the best! Even Rod agrees with me! Right, bro?" Chaka and Jimmy towards Rod and impatiently wait for his answer. "Well, I prefer the new 2012 show actually!" The two of them scoffed in dis-belief. "Alright, well let's head to my place, Rode. You two can come as well. Heck, I'll even let Jimmy bring his body-swap online game! However, no swapping bodies with me for real, just in the game! I don't want to wake up in a chimp's body!" Jimmy held his hand above his head in mock-salute, "Yes, Captain!"
Solly followed along thinking Chaka was mighty quick to turn their room into a party room without asking her what she thought of the idea.
"Ugh, what about the primal party?" Solly thought as she dragged behind the others. "I really wanted to show off how brave I am!" In fact, she felt some relief by staying in.
"OK..." Chaka said "Let's start at the beginning shall we? First episode coming up!"

As the four of them sat down and watched the episode, Rod seemed distracted.

"Is everything OK Rod?" Solly asked "You seem...Off?"

"I was just...Thinking." Rod said

Chaka turned off the DVD "What were you thinking about?" Chaka asked

"Where did you Anthros come from?" Asked Rod...Looking in my history books in school...In my Human School...All I remember is...For the longest time Animals were just Animals and then...In the Mid-1980s they spontaneously evolved into Anthropomorphic Bipeds."

The Three Anthros looked at each other.

"I wouldn't call it so much a spontaneous evolution." Solly said "Jimmy can you help us out?"

"Sure thing!" Jimmy said

Jimmy got out a chalkboard and pointer and started to draw on the chalkboard

"So it all started like this." Jimmy said "In the 1960s with all the hippies and the free love and everything, a Scientist wanted to create a drug more powerful then LSD...He got what he wanted, unfortunatly his lab blew up and his new experimental drug went into the waterways of America, now once in the water this drug was too deluded to do much harm, but when Animals drank the water from Cats and Dogs to Bunnies and Bears, to Horses and Hawks...Well the scientist wanted to create a 'mind expanding drug' and he succeeded! Seemingly overnight...All vertebrate animals from Mammals to Fish became self aware, but were not Anthropomorphic Bipeds, no we were still ordinary Animals who couldn't speak Human language. Evolution generally happens with generations not individual lifespans, so after a few years time, to our parents, generation back in the 1980s, people could help but notice that there were Cows and Pigs with hands and Dogs and Cats who could walk upright, thus began the one year war between the Humans and Anthros and the Humans lost...But thankfully the Anthros chose to be merciful because if we wiped out the Humans we'd be just like Humans."
"Wow, that's a lot to take in!" Exclaimed Rod, as Jimmy smiled. "Well, it is a lot to focus on!" The group continued watching episodes, until night fall. Shaka and Solly had fallen asleep, while Jimmy and Rod were still wide awake. Jimmy and Rod left the room to let the two girls sleep. "So, what now?" Asked Rod, as he turned to Jimmy. Jimmy walked over to his backpack, and pulled out his two body-swapping helmets. "Woah, we can't do that!" Rod said, as he began to twitch. "Relax, it'll only be for a couple of hours! Besides, the girls are asleep! I want to show you how great being an anthro is, it'll just be for a little while!" Rod sighed, "Alright, if it isn't hurting anyone, then I guess it's alright."
"Excellent!" Jimmy said, his mischievous monkey eyes sparkling with fun. "It's really simple. We just put on the helmets. Click the EXCHANGE buttons, and we're done."

"That does sound simple," Rod said. "And this label on the helmets says they are Made by Remco in China so they must be reliable."

"Reliable? Oh, you mean do they always work correctly? Yeah! Almost always."

"Wait... almost?"

They were in their helmets now, fingers poised over the EXCHANGE buttons. "Ready?" Jimmy said. "Let's do it!"
Both Rod and Jimmy pressed the EXCHANGE button then the helmets make a humming sound and when it's over Rod find himself in Jimmy's monkey body while Jimmy is in Rod's human body, Jimmy says "Whoa, so this is what it's like being human."
Meanwhile, another new arrival was getting things ready- the new gym teacher, a tiger named Rufus. "This is going to be fun," as he looked over the list of students. "How do I keep things equal between the students?"
Meanwhile Solly was asleep snug in her bed, while visions of Brownies danced in her head.

She woke up, "Chocolate!" She squealed "I must have some this instant!"
Chaka noticed her Peccary Friend was sleepwalking towards the kitchen
Chaka wanted to wake her friend up, but she knew it was extremely dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker, so she merely followed behind her hoggish friend. The peccary wandered into the kitchen, and looked about.
Solly's nose sniffed vigorously until it found the right direction. Soon she was rooting around in the cupboard for brownies. She came out with a box of brownie mix held in her teeth.

Chaka waved her hands as if to say "No!" but still she was afraid to wake up Solly. Gently she removed the box of brownie mix from Solly's mouth. "I guess I'll have to make a batch of brownies," she mumbled.

Soon the oven was preheating and Chaka was clicking her mixing spoon against the side of the bowl. Solly lay down on the floor of the kitchen and snored.
"I hope the cook doesn't get too upset," said Chaka.
Solly dreamed about wandering the halls of the school and being unable to find another living soul. She found herself in the girl's locker room and sensed that someone was lurking there between the lockers. She tried to investigate but only could catch shadows.

"Whose there?"
Sleepwalking Solly fell on her back

Chaka looked at her friend as she finished the brownies.

Ms. Liama walked in "OK." The Cow said "No more boiled peanuts before bedtime!"

And the Cow walked out
Chaka held the plate of hot fresh brownies under Solly's nose and Solly woke up. "Yum!" she said.

The two of them opposite each other on the floor, cross legged, with the brownies between them, and slowly ate the brownies one at a time.

"These are too good to eat fast," Solly said. "I want to fully experience every single bite."
"That's good to know," said Chaka.

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