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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Documentary · History · #1967349
My life and the ups and downs
[Introduction] Part I
The story of my life begins with my first day of preschool. When I was little I went to a preschool called Sugar Maple. The kids accepted me for who I was and what I wanted to be. As each end of the day came my aunt always picked me up and I remember I always used to run up to her and give her hugs and kisses. When the last day of preschool came we had graduation. I never looked forward to it because I was leaving my friends and I probably wouldn’t get to see them again.
Then summer came. Every summer I mostly spent the time between my dads and my grams and sometimes my mom’s house. I spent the time with my family and their friends. My cousins and I always the summer together and we do everything together. We go swimming together, movies together, we go to fair together and we do pretty much everything together. Then summer comes to an end and we have to go back home to the boring life.
The first day I entered the doors of kindergarten I was at a new school, and I didn't know anybody. Everybody thought I was weird and ugly and not normal. After the first day it got somewhat easier and I had gained some friends. As the days went by, that year got over and I was thankful. But then came first grade, same people, and same problems. All my friends gave up on me and changed into meaner kids and they picked on me. Then one day a kid came name Hayden. Hayden and I were best friends and sometimes I even wonder what he is doing right now as I tell this story. There was something different about Hayden because he accepted me for who I was and what I wanted to be, he was real.

Part II
After first grade I moved to BMU and it was pretty much another repeat of kindergarten and first grade. Except I had friends. I was scared to come to a new school because I knew what people were capable of doing and saying to me. I have friends here and there but none of them stayed my friends. Until fifth grade my friends never stayed my friends. But as Fifth grade came I got picked on more and more each day. It didn't bother me at first but more and more each day it got to me more. I was scared of what would happen if I told on them so I didn't. I was afraid that if I told they would make up some other story and I would get in trouble. All my friends changed and I lost all of them. As the years went by they were pretty much the same as fifth grade.
As Eighth grade started a new guy came to school and became my best friend. As the middle of the year he started dating my other best friend. They are an amazing couple and they both are my best friends and I hope it never changes. Paige always knows how to make me feel like this is where I belong. Sebastian always knows how to make me laugh and always changes a bad start of a day into a great day.
There was one girl who has been my best friend through the whole 8 years I've been here at BMU, her name is lily. Lily and I have been friends since the summer before I began my years at BMU. Lily and I always do everything together and we go everywhere together. She is my best friend and I hope it stays that way forever. If Lily changed and became one of the girls who picked on me then I wouldn't know what to do and I would feel devastated. I would feel like my life was over.
One time in seventh grade another guy came to our school, his name was Jonah. In the beginning I thought ewe I ain't ever going to be his friend. But that all changed and he became one of my best friends ever. In the middle of ninth grade a few months ago he moved schools and I lost contact with him. I miss him a lot and sometimes it hurts enough when I think about it that I start to cry.

Part III

My life has been alright from then on. Now I'm in ninth grade and it's hard to keep up with all the homework but I sometimes can do it and sometimes I don't get everything in for one teacher. Summers are still the same, Spending mostly all time with my family but also my best friend Lily. We go on trips together and everything. Lily and I never do anything without each other. I guaranty there isn’t one thing we haven’t done together. She is my best friend and I never want to loose that. I just hope she don’t change too much like all the others did in my past. I hope she stays the same.
Ever since I came to this school I have changed. It’s like there’s still a part of me in Newbury School where I left my friends, but I moved on. Yes, I do miss my old friends a Newbury School but I have moved on and they have to. None of me regrets moving and none regrets ever going to Newbury School. I had a good experience in both schools and soon I will be out to college and the past will be the past, the presence will be the presence, and the future will always be the future. I have to keep my head high and tell myself everything will be okay, and I will one day graduate college and have a family of my own. Right now I’m not worried about what my future is going to look like I’m just worried about graduating and getting everything done in time so I can. From here on out I know what I want to be in the future and I’m leaving at that. So far my life has been good, not the best but also not the worst. My parents are not together and haven’t been since I was born. I hate it I really do but I have learned to get over it and not to worry about anything because I am strong enough to get through it all.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/1967349-How-My-Life-Started