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A poem I wrote for my younger brother's funeral.
Casey’s Poem by Dara Low

My body aches for its lack of words.

My body aches for its inability to translate unconditional love into word form.

My knees buckle as my muscles revolt against my skin.

A Drowsy, numbing pain resonates in place of my words.

My love for you, our unique and beautiful bond was and will remain one that is unrehearsed.

Unique like the beauty you embodied that ran skin deep.

From the slight gentle dip of your nose, to the freckles that stretched all the way across your cheeks.

Your warm green empathetic eyes that saw the hurt and beauty in other’s that others could not see.

My love for you could never be sumed up or concised to fit any form of text.

For all forms of text ultimately lead to an “end of thought”

But, there will never be an end to my thoughts..

There will never be an end to our story..

Although I may be lacking in words, never in love..

I am forever thankful for this position I was given in this life as being your big sister, no other position offered could ever prove to be as equally rewarding and fulfilling.

For no future position offer or duty could ever predate the opportunity I was given in this life to walk beside you as your big sister.

I loved you since the first day i saw you, I will continue to love you just the same if not more, for everyday for the rest of my life.

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