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Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Other · Other · #1971945
Something I made just for fun! Open for anyone who wants to try it!
[Introduction] A tiny maid is being sent to work for a very wealthy, and somewhat perverted lesbian mistress.


1. No death.
2. Feel free to create new characters, but please try to use the main ones as much as possible, and the tiny maid in almost every addition!
3. Have fun!
4. Just let me know if you wanna try this!

Main Characters...

Name: Rose (The Mistress)
Age: 19
Hair: Golden Blonde - Length: Halfway Down The Back
Breasts: DD-Cup
Rear: Large And Soft
Normal Clothing: A Skimpy Bikini
Special Powers: None

Name: May (Tiny Maid)
Age: 16
Hair: Light Red - Length: To Shoulders
Breasts: B-Cup
Rear: Small And Soft
Normal Clothing: A Maid Outfit That Is Red Where Maid Outfits Are Normally Black
Special Powers: None
Other: She Is Five Inches Tall

Name: Sara (Normal Maid)
Age: 20
Hair: Silver - Length: Half Way Down The Neck
Breasts: E-Cups
Rear: Large And Soft
Normal Clothing: A Tight Tank Top And Short Shorts
Special Powers: None

Name: Reena (Working Off Debt)
Age: 13
Hair: Purple - Length: Half Way Down The Neck
Breasts: A-Cup
Rear: Small And Firm
Normal Clothing: Skimpy Maid Outfit
Other: She had stumbled into Rose's mansion, and broken a 5,000,000 dollar vase. She is now working for her to work off the debt.

Name: Kay (Normal Maid)
Age: 15
Hair: Light Blue - Length: Half Way Down The Back
Breasts: C-Cup
Rear: Small And Soft
Normal Clothing: A Pair Of Large Glasses And A School Uniform
Other: She is EXTREMELY smart, but very clumsy at the same time.

Name: Mami
Age: 21
Hair: Dirty Blonde - Length: To Shoulders
Breasts: D-Cup
Rear: Large And Firm
Normal Clothing: A Green Leotard And A Pair Of Red Roller Skates

May, the five inch tall girl was raised, and was forced to learn how to respect her masters, and mistresses... She was being delivered in a small cardboard box. She had no idea where she was going, and was nervous about this.
"Alright. Last load, and then we're off." You could hear a man saying as you felt the box you were in flying through the air and slamming inside a delivery van.

"Hey watch it! Some of those things have to go to that rich lady on the other side of town." You heard a woman yelling back to the man.

"You mean that lady who always walks around in her underwear?"

"Yeah. And i don't feel like explaining why her stuff is all smashed up when we drop it off in person, do you?"

"Honestly, i couldn't care less. In fact, I'm being sent off to another company in a few weeks. So i could care less what happens to this shit."

"Really? Another company? When were you going to tell me buddy?"

"Just now. In fact, they told me that no matter what happens while I'm still working here, I'll still get the job anyway. So if something gets damaged on my part, I won't lose the job."

"Really? You want to trash some of that rich lady's stuff then?"

"Why not? Lets start with that small box up top." After they said that, you could feel the box being shaken by the man and woman outside. They were shaking it so hard and so fast that your whole body felt like it was being torn apart. And by the time they stopped, you felt like you were going to pass out.

"That's all the things that need to go to her place."

"Not a whole lot this time around. Hey, another idea. See this small box we left mostly undamaged?"


"Let's put it in first, then place all the bigger and heavier boxes on top of it. Whatevers inside will be broken for sure." Then you felt the box being tossed into the van. Causing you to roll around the inside some more. You wanted to warn them about you, but you were given strict instructions not to make a sound until you made it to your new masters place.

Then, without warning, you could hear the two tossing more boxes into the van. Right on top of you. You could see the top of the box starting to push downwards until the box started to split on the sides. Then, when the two put the last and most heaviest box inside the van, the box finally caved in, slowly crushing your tiny body. Then the two got in the van and started driving around town, dropping off other orders and such. At one point, you saw a hole that you could crawl out of the box from. Slowly crawling, you made it out of the box and onto the hard and slippery floor of the van gasping for air.

You could see plenty more boxes strewn throughout the back of the van. Then you heard the two getting into the van and driving off once more. When they proceeded into their next turn, some of the boxes started sliding away from you. And you ended up sliding into one of the grooves on the floor. Then they started making another turn the other way, causing the boxes to slide back towards you. But they ended up sliding right over you instead of on top of you because of the grooves. Trapping you between a box and a hard place. But you didn't want to be trapped here forever, so you slid under the box to the other side and out of the groove.

Then the van applied their brakes and caused the boxes to slide into you. The impact forced you to be sent flying to the front of the van with the drivers. And that's when you came face to foot with the female driver. Before you could tell what she looked like however, you could see that her foot was outside of her shoe and her shoe was on it's side in front of you. You started backing away from her shoe, but then the man hit the brakes once more, causing you to be sent flying into her shoe. Then the woman reached for her shoe and started putting her foot back inside.

You could see her bare foot entering the shoe with the loveliest shade of sky blue you've ever seen in your life. Then, while captivated by her toes, you failed to see her foot as it shoved you into the toe of her shoe. Knocking the air out of your lungs and forcing you to take a great big wiff of her feet. They smelled very nice and clean. Like she just took a shower before she left home for work. Then she started moving her feet on top of the dash. And when she did, she also pulled her feet backwards, causing you to slide underneath her heel. Then you could hear the van stopping one last time.

"This is it. Rich lady's place." The man said to his female friend.

"Right. Let's drop her boxes off at the front door and get this day over with." Oh no! You're suppose to be inside your box when they deliver you. You had to get out of this woman's shoe before you were taken back with them. Then the woman jumped out of the van and onto the ground. Causing her heel to crush your lower body with great force. Thought it didn't shatter anything, you were really in pain now. And with every step she took, it made you wish that she would just kill you and get it over with. And then she stopped. Most likely at the front door with the boxes. Then you heard the doorbell ring. Then a second time. Then a third time. And then she started pulling her foot out of her shoe with you stuck to her heel from being stepped on so much. But she only lifted her heel out of the shoe. Even so, your whole body was now outside of her shoe.

"Must not be home right now."

"That's fine. Better that she not see who did this to their packages anyway. Just to be safe." Then the woman started sliding her foot back into her shoe. As she was doing this, your body was being peeled from her foot and was then deposited on the cold, hard, ground right behind her shoe. Then the woman took a step backwards right on top of you. Putting her full weight on top of you, though only for a moment. Even though it was only for a moment however, that was nothing compared to what the woman was about to do next.

With her foot still on you, she did a 180 turn with the foot that was on top of you. Causing you to scream out in overwhelming pain. Then the woman's foot lifted off of you and started walking back to the delivery van without a care in the world. Still crying from the pain, you could see that your body was bruised all over, and you had cuts on your arms and legs with blood trickling down very slowly. Though the damages looked very serious at first, they weren't. And even though parts of your body felt like they were broken, they weren't also. It was just soreness, cuts and bruises, and the feeling of passing out every ten of so seconds.

But before you wanted to pass out, you still had to get back into your box before your new masters returned to the mansion. Slowly limping while holding one of your arms with the other, you made it to your box and started covering up with the note that your original masters sent off with you. Explaining who you were and what you would be doing when you arrived. You were also told to memorize what the note said in the event something were to happen to it. You then decided that you should remind yourself what it said until your new masters arrived.

"Mistress Rose. We of the Miscellaneous Item Auction would like to thank you for winning the privet bidding of item #1971945. We also accept your generous down-payment of your $5,000,000 family vase, which we will send for within the next few months. We would also like to remind you at this time, that even though you did win the bidding of this one of a kind item, until we collect the vase, item #1971945 is still legally ours. And if anything harmful were to happen to her while in your possession, we will be forced to collect form you until there is nothing left to collect. But we hope that it doesn't come to that. Fair regards to you on this fine day...The Miscellaneous Item Auction."

You could still remember your days at that place. Where you were taught everything you needed to know about serving those who were to be your new masters. You don't remember your life before you were sold there by your birth parents, or even how you became tiny in the first place. You were told that things like the past were irreverent. Only taking orders were top priority. And that you would see them through no matter what.

Then, right before you were about to pass out, you could hear the faint sound of footsteps approaching. Followed by a shriek.

"What happened?! Why is all my stuff torn apart like this?!" Then the woman started lifting up the box you were in and opened it up very slowly. Afraid of what the damages to you were. And when she saw you all bruised and bloodied, (Though you weren't bleeding anymore,) her hand reached for you and picked you up very gently and started looking for any signs of life. And that's when you looked up at her weekly and said...

"Hello...mistress Rose. I'm...May...And I'll...be your.....new......." Then, before you could finish your sentience, you blacked out from exhaustion in your new master's hands.

-Rose's point of view-

"Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no! Don't you die on me May! Don't you do this to me after that little klutz broke the vase i was going to use as a down-payment for you!" I ran into the mansion holding May in my hands as carefully as i could, went straight to my room, locked the door, and i didn't come out until i was certain that May was still alive and feeling better.

-Two days later-
When May finally awoke, she was met by Roses face, eyes with tears in them. "M...Mistress Rose... W...What's wrong? D...Did I do something wrong?" May asked, not know that she had been passed out for two days. "OH! Thank goodness you're alright!" Rose shouted as she swiftly picked May up, and hugged her to her cheek, her breasts bouncing slightly as she did so.
-Still Rose's point of view-

While i had May up against my cheeks, i forgot about her condition and pulled back quickly, but gently.

"Oh I'm sorry. Are you alright? Does your body still hurt?" May simply looked up at me weekly like before. But she seemed to have more energy than last time and nodded.

"I'm fine. I'm...feeling...a lot....." Then May started falling over, but i quickly held her up with my pinky finger.

"Don't push yourself! Oh you poor thing. You must've been through Hell." I carried her over to my bed and laid her on top of my pillow. Then i was about to cover her up, but she raised her hand to stop me.

"Mistress Rose...please...I'm alright. Just let me...get to work." I was surprised. She still thought she could work in her current condition. She even tried forcing herself out of bed, and i could tell that she hadn't fully recovered yet. So i gently pushed down on her chest and held her in place.

"No. You're staying right here until you recover from whatever happened to you. I won't ask who or what did this to you for now. But later, i want the full story. Understand?" I knew i was sounding a little too strict, but i had to. Otherwise, May might just get up and try working anyway. She looked and sounded like the kind of girl who would do just that. Then i reached for the phone on my desk and called the downstairs phone. Then one of the other maids picked up.

"Mistress Rose! Is that you?! Are you alright?" From the sound of her voice, it must've been Sara.

"I'm fine. I need you to send up a bowl of hot water and a towel, and some more first aid kits. Also send me up a feast fit for a king. I haven't eaten or drank anything in two damn days and i don't care how fat i get off of it!" Then i slammed the phone down back on the receiver. Not caring about the damages. The important thing was that May was alright. She was still too hurt to get started, but until she did get better, i would make damn sure no one would hurt her until she did.

"Mistress Rose...I've been out for...two days now?" I looked back at her and got down on my knees beside the bed.

"And you haven't eaten anything...this whole time?" I simply nodded in response.

"Oh mistress Rose...I've caused you...so much pain. And I'm not...even...worthy. *Cough* *Cough*" May started hacking. And her voice sounded raspy. I tried to get her to stop talking, but she continued anyway.

"I've already...failed you...as a maid. *Cough* *Cough* I shouldn't even...deserve to live. *Cough* *Cough* So please...just drop me off...in the middle...of the sidewalk...and let me-" I couldn't take it anymore. I slammed my fist down right beside her and stood over with the most upset expression May would ever see in her life.

"Now you listen to me May! I told you that i wanted you to rest and get better! And here you are talking and hurting your lungs! If you don't stop and rest you'll kill yourself! And then you'll have failed me!" I looked down at her. Still enraged, and saw her body was covered in my spit from shouting uncontrollably. And that her eyes were wide open. She looked like she was about to piss herself right then and there. And then, she did. She started pissing all over my pillow right in front of me. And strangely enough, that's when i started calming down. That's when i realized how much i must've scared her. She was already put through Hell and back, and here i was shouting her ears off and spitting in her face. She didn't deserve this kind of treatment. Then i fell backwards and slowly started crying.
There was a knock on the door. "Excuse my mistress... May I please come in?" by the sound of it, it was Kay. "What do you want?!" Rose called, still crying. "Oh... I'm sorry mistress... If this is a bad time, I can come back later..." Kay said still outside the door.
-Still Rose's point of view again-

"It's alright Kay. Come in." I said while drying my eyes and slowly standing upright. Then the door opened and Kay walked in holding a small metal box in her arms.

"Mistress Rose!" Then Kay dropped the box and ran up to me and embraced me for a moment or two. Then she let go and looked at me with a worried expression.

"I thought something horrible had happened to you. We all did for a while. So please promise us you won't do anything like that to us again alright?" From the sound of things, Kay and the other maids were really worried about my well being for the past two days.

"I'm sorry Kay. I can't make any promises. Not when we have our new addition to the roster over there." I then looked at the bed where May was. Kay looking soon afterward.

"Is that...?" Then Kay walked over to the bed with me and looked down at May. From the looks of things, she had calmed down as well. Though she had her back turned to us. Kay tried reaching out for her, but i grabbed her hand quickly and pushed it away.

"Unfortunately, something happened to her while she was being delivered here. And now she needs to rest for a while before she can start working." Kay simply nodded and waked away for a moment. Then she came back holding the box that she came in with.

"Is this what i think it is Kay?" Kay nodded as she handed me the box. Then i set it down on the desk next to the phone and opened it up. And inside were the items i asked Kay to start working on. Two small ray guns. One colored hot pink, and the other a royal blue. I picked them up and started looking them over.

"The pink gun is the strength boosting gun. From my studies on animal test subjects, the gun makes their body's more resistant to damage, and increases their overall strength. It doesn't make their muscles bigger mind you. It just makes them able to lift and move things that they couldn't lift or move before." Then i put the pink gun away and looked at the other gun.

"As for that gun, that's the growth ray. It makes whoever you fire the gun at bigger for as long as you keep it pointed at them. Though it doesn't work on inanimate objects like clothing or stuff like that. The good news on that gun is that i didn't have to create a shrink gun counterpart for it. as all animal test subjects were returned to normal size within twenty-four hours." Then i put the growth gun back in the box with the strength one.

"And the strength gun? Does it have a time limit before it wares off?" Kay just shook her head and said...

"No. For the past three months now, so far all of the animal test subjects still have their enhanced strength. So from what i can tell, the strength doesn't wear off. That is, until i tested them with the growth ray. Then all effects of enhanced strength seemed to disappear. Except for the fact that they were already stronger from being bigger anyway." So from what Kay's research tells me, the strength ray makes people and animals stronger for as long as they aren't effected by the growth ray. But that the growth ray only works for about twenty-four hours before the subject is returned to normal size.

"I'd like to test the rays out on her as soon as possible mistress Rose. But I'm guessing you want me to wait until she's rested up enough first?" I closed the box and handed it back to Kay before nodding.

"Yes. She'll need to rest up for a while before we test them out on her for real. And before we put her to work as well." Kay nodded as she looked back down at May. Then we heard a knock on the door again.

"Mistress Rose. Your meal is ready. May we come in?" From the sound of things, the other maids wanted to see if i was really alright.

"Yes. You can come in." Then the door slowly opened up and in came the other maids with a ton of food. Fit for a king. Just as i had requested. Sara came in holding a large silver platter in one hand with a giant red lobster and a side salad on it. While in her other hand was a small plate plate with lot's of sauces on it. Reena was holding a large white plate with a ton of macaroni and cheese on it. And Mami came speeding in with her roller skates, stopping right before me while still holding two buckets full of ice. One with bottles of water, and the other with soda. And on top of her head no less was the bowl of hot water with the towel i asked for for May. My God was she good at balancing things. But so reckless at the same time. Everyone placed their items down on the floor by my feet and looked at me with smiles on their faces.
"Mistress... Might I ask a request of you?" Sara said. "What is it?" Rose asked. "Well... You liked it last time... Could you please vore me mistress? You did let me out before... So could you again?" Sara asked.
-Still Rose's point of view yet again-

"I'm sorry Sara. But i don't think now's the best time for that." I moved out of the way so everyone could see May on the bed, still resting.

"Hey, is that-" I held my arm out in front of the other maids before they got too close.

"Yes it is. And right now she needs her rest. So back off." I said with a commanding voice. The maids got the hint and slowly took a few steps back.

"So um...will that be all mistress Rose?" I heard Reena say from behind the other maids.

"For now, yes. You can go back to work." Then the other maids slowly walked out of the room and closed the door on their way out. Then i looked at all the food on the floor and was about to start eating like a barbarian, but then i remembered May and looked at her on the bed once more.

"Hey May." May slowly turned around and looked at me.

"I've got a lot of food down here if you want some. In fact, i might not be able to eat it all by myself. Would you like to help me chow down?" May just looked up at me with a small smile creeping across her face.

"I...would love...something to eat." May sounded like she was still week, but she needed sustenance if she was going to get some of her strength back. Then she slowly tried to get up, but ended up falling on her hands and knees. Then i offered her a ride on my hand. She looked at my hand for a few seconds and then crawled onto it. Then i lowered her right beside my feet and let her look at all the food in front of her.
Kay poked her head through the door, and looked in. "Mistress... Someone is here, and she wants to see you... What should I do?" She asked.
-Rose's point of view one last time...possibly...probably...don't quote me on that-

"I'll go see what she wants myself." Then i got up slowly while making sure i didn't step on May or the food on the floor.

"Do me a favor while I'm away Kay. Take good care of May, and make sure no one else comes in the room until i get back. Alright?" Kay nodded as i left the room to see who was downstairs.

-May's point of view. At last!-

When mistress Rose left the room, The maid called Kay closed the door and locked it. Most likely to make sure no one else came in until mistress Rose came back. Then Kay walked over to where i was and sat down on her knees in front of the plates of food, watching me eat some of the mac and cheese.

"So you're May. My name's Kay. It's nice to make your acquaintance. Kay then held out her pinky in front of me. I took my cheese covered hand and shook it. Then she pulled her pinky back and looked at it for a second before sticking out her tongue and licking the cheese off. Then she looked down at me with a look of intent.

As rose walked into the "waiting room" of sorts of her mansion. There was a young women around age 18 sitting on the couch. Her clothes were torn, and tattered. Her hair was a dark green. Her skin was was a light brownish color, like the bark of trees. She had dark red eyes, and cherry red lips. She had an hourglass figure with C-Cup breasts, and a small rear. She had no shoes on, and smelled like a pine forest. She had several scratches upon herself. "Hello miss Rose... My name is Clair..." The girl said. "Um... Hello... What is it you want?" Rose asked, noticing that one or two of the cuts were still bleeding, and staining her couch. "I would like to apply as a maid here... I am willing to do absolutely anything for a place to stay, or maybe even a few silver coins..." Clair said. "I see..." Rose said.

Meanwhile, in Rose's bedroom. Temptation was slowly overtaking Kay... She was trying desperately to stop herself from just lifting up May...
-May's point of view-

I couldn't believe how good the food tasted. The mac and cheese was divine. And the lobster meat...well, i had a hard time pulling apart the outer shell. So i asked Kay to help me out. She gladly pulled some meat apart from the body and handed it over to me. But before i could even take a bite, i looked up and saw her leaning right over me with a strange look in her eyes.

"Um...Are you hungry as well Kay?" She kept looking at me from above for a few more seconds before she reached down for me. But then she stopped before she reached my body and slowly backed away. Then she tried again. This time her hand was about to pick me up, but then it let me go. Then she looked like she was about to cry for some odd reason.

"Miss Kay? If you want to pick me up and hold me, you can. Just please be gentle. I'm still very sore from-" Before i could finish my sentience, she quickly reached down and grabbed me and lifted me up to her face. Then i could see her breathing faster than before as she brought me right next to her face and started examining me.

"Kay? What are you doing?" I asked her as her warm minty breath washed over me. Her mouth opened up long enough for me to see her teeth clamping down like she thought she was eating something. Then she lowered me down to her chest as she placed me inside her bra. As i slid down her chest i grabbed onto the bra as fast as i could. Then i saw Kay taking off her clothes, leaving the bra for last. Before she took that off however, she picked me up and brought me behind her and undid the bra-strap, letting it fall to the ground. Then she brought me back in front of her with her naked body for me to admire. I had to admit, she looked beautiful for her age. Then she placed me right on top of her hard nipple and left me to hang on for dear life.

"Kay! Why are you doing this?! I started screaming at Kay. But as i did, i started coughing again. And i felt my grip failing. But right before it did, her hand grabbed me and brought me down even lower. Right down to her vagina. Which looked like it was flowing with pre-cum Then it hit me like ton of bricks what Kay was doing.

"Wait...Kay. Please don't do this. I-" Then i coughed some more. But Kay seemed to be in her own little world and didn't hear a thing i said or even me coughing. Then she slowly pushed me into her vagina, forcing me to taste her pre-cum as she forced me inside of her body.
"What do you mean you want to be a maid here? And stand up, you're staining the sofa!" Rose said to Clair. "O-Oh... S-Sorry ma'am... I-I really would like to work here... P-Please allow me that chance..." Clair said as she bows, looking as if she was about to cry. Rose gives an annoyed grunt,but considers it. "Fine... I'll give you three days to prove yourself If you do... You work as my maid... If not... You LEAVE." Rose said. "Yes mistress!" Clair said smiling.

Meanwhile, Kay was moaning extremely as May was being used as a human dildo. "M-MISTRESS! P-P-PLEASE H-H-HELP!" May said, coughing so much that she nearly passed out.
-Kay's point of view-

As i started forcing May inside of my vagina, i could feel her panicking and trying to escape. This only made me enjoy the feeling of her inside of me so much more. I knew that what i was doing was wrong, but I've never had sex with anyone. Not even mistress Rose has tried to make a move on me even though she's done it with the other maids. I want to see what I'm missing out on. And now that I'm doing it, I'm really loving it, but at the same time, i can only imagine what May must be going through right now. I feel so sorry for her and want to stop before she gets hurt, but at the same time, i just don't give a damn. Then, i felt more movement. And then i felt a surge like nothing I've ever felt in my life. When May hit that spot, i shot out what looked like white hand soap from my vagina. And when i saw this, i fell flat on my back as it continued shooting out and upwards. This lasted for about 30 seconds before it stopped. And by the time it was done, i was huffing and puffing like crazy. I couldn't stop myself from hyperventilating. I tried to stand upright for a while, but then my feet stepped on some of the white stuff and i slipped on it. Then i tried to regain my balance again, only this time my feet landed in the plate of mac and cheese. After a while of trying to stop sliding around, i finally stopped when my feet slid most of the mac and cheese into one of my overturned shoes that i placed right next to it.

"Oh. Yuck. Now my shoes are ruined." I said as i was about to dig the mac and cheese out of my now ruined shoe. That's when i heard a voice outside the door. I almost screamed as i thought it was mistress Rose coming back from seeing who our guest was. But then i heard her voice, and it wasn't the mistresses. It belonged to one of the other maids. It was...

-May's point of view-

"M-MISTRESS! P-P-PLEASE H-H-HELP!" I started crying as i started kicking and punching my way out. But to no avail, no one could hear me in here. Not even Kay. Why was she doing this to me in the first place? Was she enjoying this? I didn't know. But the more i fought, the closer i felt like i was going to pass out. And my cough wasn't getting any better either. Before long, her fingers were doing all the work in here. Even if they were dragging me along for the ride. Then, right before i was about to pass out, i decided to give Kay one last kick. But when i did, i started regretting it. Because that's when i started seeing the wall of white all around me. Before i realized what was going on, i was shot out of Kay's vagina and onto the floor with such force that i felt even worse than when i was when i was delivered here. I could barely move any part of my body at all. Then, through the cum puddle i was trapped in, i could see the shadow of Kay's feet approaching me. Then, i felt the crushing force of her feet as they came crashing down on me. And if that wasn't bad enough, her feet started sliding me around the carpeted floor. Creating friction with me, her feet, and the floor. Burning me and making me feel like i was about to die. Then her feet slid into something else which only made things even worse. It smelled like something cheesy. Then it hit me. The mac and cheese! Her feet slid right into the plate of mac and cheese as she tried to regain her balance. Not only was she mixing me with yet another ingredient, but the hard glass of the plate underneath me was putting even more pressure on my body than before. Now i could really begin to feel my bones starting to crack under the pressure. But luckily for me, that experience was short lived. As her feet moved around some more, i felt myself being shoved into something. Like a bowl of some kind. And then, i passed out.

-Rose's point of view-

"Alright then. The first thing we need to do is find you an outfit to wear. So i guess we'll go out shopping for one." Then i stood up as Clair did the same. I was about to walk out the door when i remembered May. I didn't want Clair to know about her until i was sure she could be trusted, but i really wanted to pick out an outfit for Clair myself. So i looked around and saw Reena scrubbing the floor not too far away.

"Reena!" Reena slipped on the floor and split her dress so you could see her young cunt. Reena didn't seem to realize this and just walked over as i started blushing.

"Yes mistress Rose? What do you need?" She asked. Still not aware of what happened to her dress.

"I want you to go upstairs and stay with May until i get back. Kay's with her right now, but i think she might need some help with her." Then i walked right up to Reena and slid my finger right on top of her hairless pussy. And that's when she realized what happened when she slipped and fell.

"If you and Kay do a good enough job when we get back, then perhaps I'll show you two what sex is like. Does that sound like fun?" Then i slid my finger up and down Reena's cunt and rubbed my cheek across her face. Which made Reena moan in pleasure for the very first time. Then i stopped as i shoved her to the floor right next to my shoes. She was about to get up, but i planted my right foot on her belly and moved my left one into a pair of black high heels. For a moment, i thought about putting that foot on her body as well, but since she just started working here about a week ago, it didn't feel right to torture her. Right now anyway. And in front of another new maid. So i took both feet off of her and put the other shoe on and walked out the door with Clair, who looked at Reena as we left the mansion.

-Reena's point of view-

After mistress Rose left with her guest, i felt so excited. Rose said that she was going to teach me and Kay about sex. I've always wondered how it felt for Sara and Mami when mistress Rose invited them to her bedroom, but they refused to tell me for some reason. But now me and Kay were about to learn from mistress Rose. I couldn't wait. So i rushed up to mistress Rose's room and knocked on the door. I could hear some movement, but the door was locked. So i had to wait for Kay to open the door for me first.
May was sobbing loudly, nearly out of breath. She soon passed out, barely alive... And that's when Kay finally saw her... Kay looked, and saw May, not moving, and barely breathing at all. "OH NO! THE MISTRESS IS GOING TO KILL ME!" Kay shouted.

Meanwhile, Rose, and Clair were getting into her limo to look for a special outfit for her. "Um... Mistress Rose... You should know that... I'm... Not human... I am a dryad, or a forest spirit. I can change my form into plants like small trees. I... Just thought you would need to know that..." Clair said. Rose was surprised to hear this, but said nothing in reply.
-Kay's point of view-

"Oh God. Someone's at the door. If it's mistress Rose I'm so dead." trying my best to regain my composure, i stumbled to the door and opened it a crack to see who was on the other side.

"Hi Kay. Mistress Rose sent me to help you out with May while she went out with another woman. May i come in?" I sighed with relief as i realized i still had time to get things back in order before mistress Rose gets back from her trip to wherever. But now i had to deal with Reena. And the room still looked like a disaster. Food was everywhere on the floor, that white stuff that came out of my vagina was soaked into the carpet, and May was somewhere in the middle of it all.

"Um, Kay? Can you let me in please?" I looked back at Reena. Knowing that i had to let her in no matter what. But first, i had to clean the room up and find May.

"Of course Reena. I just need to tidy some things up first. J-just give me a sec." Then i closed the door and started rushing to get things back into place. I moved most of the food plates around, but the mac and cheese was strewn all over the floor. So i had to pick up each and every piece and put it back onto the plate. Then there were my shoes. Which were now ruined from my little daze a moment ago. I reached in and scooped out all the mac and cheese and mixed it back in with the rest. I also thought i felt something funny in with the mac and cheese, but thought nothing of it as i started cleaning up the soapy stuff from my vagina. Luckily for me, there was a rag and hot water already in the room. So i started rubbing as hard as i could and washed the carpet up nicely. But now it was wet. So i had to cover it up with some blankets that were in mistress Rose's closet.

"Kay? Are you alright in there?"

"Of course. Just a few more seconds Reena." Reena was getting impatient. I had to hurry and find May next. But as i looked all over the room, i didn't find any sign of her anywhere. Where could she be? I knew she landed on the floor. Did she run away? If she did, i couldn't blame her. If someone did the things i did to May, I'd run away from that person as well. But when i was about to give up, i remembered feeling something strange when i scooped up the mac and cheese from my shoes.

"No...she isn't...!?" Thinking the worst, i looked at the plate of mac and cheese and reached inside for only a second before i felt something strange once again. Pulling it out, my worst fears were confirmed. It was May's cold, limp, and cheese covered body. Just looking at her she looked like she was dead. And then i screamed...


-Rose's point of view-

As i left the mansion with Clair in my rose red limo, i got into the built in hot tub and started to relax as Clair just watched me from the other side of the limo. Then i stretched out straight and let my feet poke out in front of her.

"Do me a favor while we wait. Message my feet so i can unwind." Then Clair quickly jumped from her seat and started rubbing my feet vigorously. Though she was rubbing pretty hard, she was really targeting the pressure point on my feet. So i didn't tell her to let up, and just grabbed a pillow, closed my eyes, and laid my head into it while i soaked up some rays from the tinted sunroof overhead.

"Um, mistress Rose?" I heard Clair say as i opened my eyes irritated.

"You should know that...I'm...not human." My eyes shot open from irritated to shocked.

"I am a dryad, or a forest spirit. I can change my form into plants like small trees. I...just thought you would need to know that." I was surprised to hear this, but said nothing in reply.

"A forest spirit huh? I just might have a use for someone with that kind of power. That is, if those two kids aren't fucking up with taking care of May. But i think I'll keep that to myself for now." Then we arrived at the salon.
*The lady running the salons smiled. "Hello miss Rose! Your new swim suit has arrived!" She said. "Whoa... This place is amazing..." Clair said lookign around.

May remained out cold, nearly dead. There wasn't much hope of her survivng... But it was possible...
-Kay's point of view-

Right after i screamed, Reena rushed into the room and saw me holding May in my hands.

"What happened?! I heard you scream...What's wrong with May?" Reena approached me and looked at May, who was still covered in cheese. I didn't want Reena to blab about what i did to her, so i came up with a quick excuse to keep her off my trail.

"Um-well, ya see, i was, um, talking with May about what she'd be doing when she got better, but then i took a step back and slipped on one of the plates and reached out for the bed to support myself. But then i pulled too hard on the covers and May fell from her bed and into the mac and cheese plate. Also she's out cold and she won't wake up, so i screamed." Reena looked at me like she wasn't buying the whole story. But let it slide at the part where i said she wasn't waking up. Then she looked at May and took the rag and washed the cheese off of her body. Then she took the blanket from the floor and dried her off and set her back onto Rose's bed and covered her up. Then Reena spun around and gave me a glare.

"Alright. Let's get one thing straight Kay. We both know you're not telling me the whole story. And when mistress Rose gets back, you're going to be in a lot of trouble. Even more so if May doesn't wake up. So if you don't want me to rat you out, you're going to have to do whatever i say until i feel you've learned your lesson. Alright?" I was shocked. This newbie maid, who wandered her way into mistress Rose's mansion and broke the vase that was suppose to pay for May, was now blackmailing me into obeying her commands? On top of already having to obey Mistress Rose? The girl had some spunk that's for sure. But i was left with little choice. And i knew that i had to pay for my crimes sooner or latter. So i...

-Rose's point of view-

When we walked into the salon, Clair looked around in amazement.

"Whoa! This place is amazing." Then we were greeted by one of the stylists who bowed before me.

"Miss Rose. It's so nice for you to grace us with your presence once again."

"Thank you. I'm just here for her." Then the woman looked at Clair who still looked like she stumbled out of the forest.

"Oh my! What happened to you?"

"I-" I placed my finger over her lips before she said anything about her being a forest spirit.

"She just lost her way in the forest outside of town and happened to find me by chance. So i decided to help her out in exchange for her being one of my maids."

"Oh i see. So you'll be working for miss Rose then. Then we'd better get to work on making you looking like a proper maid." Then the young woman took Clair by the hand and led her down the hall. Then the owner came over to greet me.

"Hello miss Rose. Your new swim suit has arrived. Would you like to try it on today?"

"Yes. But i need to make a quick phone call first."

"Alright then. Right this way please." Then the owner led me into the staff break room, showed me the phone, and left. Now i could call up Kay and Reena and check up on their progress with taking care of May.

-Renna's point of view-

Right before Kay could give me her answer, the phone started ringing. And the caller ID came up as the salon that mistress Rose normally stops at. Picking it up while giving Kay the evil eye, i spoke into the phone.

"Hello? Oh hi mistress Rose." Kay's eyes shot open when i said Rose's name.

"How is May doing? Well let me see here. Kay's been with her ever since you've left, so let me put her on the line for you." Then i put my hand over the speaker so mistress Rose couldn't here what i had to say to Kay.

"Well Kay, it's all up to you now. Will you tell her the truth and most likely get fired? Or will you do as i say and keep your job serving both her, and me?" Then i shoved the phone in Kay's hand as she gripped the handle tightly. Then she slowly brought it up to her face. And then...she said...
"M-Mistress rose..." Kay said with tears in her eyes. "Yes Kay? What is it?" Rose replied. "Please hurry back! May isn't doing well, and I'm not sure how much longer she'll make it without medical attention!" Kay half shouted as he begun to cry. "WHAT?! ALRIGHT KAY! I'M ON MY WAY!" Rose said as she swiftly hung up the phone. "wow... There goes your chance..." Reena said with a grin. "SHUT UP YOU BRAT! MAY IS SERIOUSLY HURT! I WASN'T JOKING! SHE MIGHT DIE!" Kay shouted through tears.

Rose was swiftly gathering her things to go when Clair stepped out of a changing room in the sexiest maid outfit you'd ever seen. "Do I look good in this mistress Rose?" Clair asked with a small blush on her face.
-Kay's point of view-

As i continued crying about what would happen to May and myself, i could hear a chuckle coming from Reena. Then i looked up to see an evil grin on her face.

"What's your problem Reena?! May might die! This is no time to be-"

"You think i give two shits as to what happens to mistress Rose's, poor little May?" Then Reena started laughing even harder than before.

"What's going on Reena? Why are you being mean like this?" Then Reena shot me a cold icy glare for what felt like the longest of times before speaking to me once again in the lowest tone.

"Why? Why do you think? It's because of that tiny little bitch I'm being forced to work here. Because i broke the vase that was supposed to be used as a down payment for her. I would have gotten away with it if only i didn't stop to listen in on mistress Rose's conversation with you and the other maids about a extremely important and rare item coming here about a week later. Namely her. Because of that little bitch's existence, i had to drop the vase when Rose and the other maids spotted me and knocked me over. Causing the vase to shatter, along with my life."

"But why you? You're so young Reena...why would you commit to a life of crime?"

"Why? Namely because, one. The cops would never suspect a child of committing such a crime. And two, because it becomes a little hard to survive in this cold, dark world when your parents go splat after coming face to face with a trucker carrying over 1.000 pounds of logs and sends their car flying straight into an industrial sized wood cutter." I just held my hands over my mouth as i heard her say those things. I never knew she could be so cold. But at the same time, she had her reasons. Then i saw her crying a little and tried to reach out for her. Only for her to shove me to the floor.

"Heh, it doesn't matter that much anyway. mistress Rose should be here any minute now. And i must be there when she arrives to give her the bad news about all the things, YOU did, to poor little may." Then Reena started laughing some more as she walked over to the door. Opening it just slightly before the door was forcefully opened from the other side and sent Reena crashing into the wall behind the door.


-Rose's point of view-

"Those fucking little brats! I knew i never should have left them in charge of May!" I started screaming as i looked around for Clair. Luckily, i didn't have to look far. She ended up coming to me in a maid outfit.

"Do I look good in this mistress Rose?" I didn't answer Clair. Nor did i look at her new outfit. I just grabbed her and hauled her back to the limo and tossed her inside. Shouting to the driver...

"Take us back to the mansion! And don't worry about speeding or running red lights!" Then the driver took off like someone who had just robbed a bank. While Clair was looking at me with tears in her eyes.

"Mistress Rose? What's going on? And why did you grab me so forcefully?" I looked down at Clair who was laying on the floor by my feet while holding her arms and almost crying.

"Oh Clair." That's when i started calming down and lifted her face into my lap.

"I'm sorry for hurting you. But something very important came up back at the mansion that i had to take care of myself." Then i could feel Clair breathing into my thin underwear, causing me to start moaning in pleasure.

"Mistress?"Clair said as she looked up at me wondering what was wrong with me. But then i brought Clair's face up to mine and gave her a kiss. She was shocked by this no doubt, but took my tongue into her mouth nonetheless. And soon enough, she started doing the same and kissed me back. Then i started stripping her of whatever outfit she was wearing right down to nothing while she did the same to me. Though i didn't have much on to begin with. Then we started kissing each other once again. And then, the limo started weaving into other lanes and almost hitting other cars on the road. This caused me and Clair to be tossed around the limo while we tried our best to make love to each other. After our first toss, i started licking Clair's breasts and grabbing for her ass while she grabbed for my hair and started kissing my forehead, and with her other free hand, grabbed my ass as well. But then the limo took a sharp turn and sent us stumbling around the back of the limo, and forcing us to step on my purse and it's contents. I tried to step off of my purse, but Clair was pulling me back as best as she could and started stepping on it herself until the contents spilled out and into the hot tub. Then i panicked, and fell into the hot tub along with Clair with me on the bottom and being forced underwater for a few moments. When i came back up, i could feel the contents of my purse underneath my ass prodding me. I tried to reach for them, but Clair was still trying her best to make love to me. And soon enough, the hot water was starting to get to me as well. And i stopped resisting and pulled Clair down with me as i started rubbing her pussy with my feet and shoving my toes inside whenever i got the chance. Causing Clair to moan like crazy and give me the deepest tongue I've ever had in my life. But that was short lived as the limo applied the brakes sent us sliding out of the hot tub with a lot of the hot water as Clair tried standing upright with me still underneath her. This caused her to step all over my body while the limo was swerving like crazier than before. Clair stepped on my pussy, then lifted her foot over my belly and planted it firmly right there while the other one landed right between my breasts. This also knocked a lot of air out of my lungs as i tried to breath. But that was also short lived when Clair's foot slid from my chest and over my throat. Now i couldn't even breath as her other foot lifted over my face and slammed that as well. I felt like i was going to pass out. But then the limo took another sharp turn and turned the tables as i found myself somehow standing upright with Clair underneath me. Though i knew that she probably didn't mean to hurt me, i decided to have a little fun with her regardless. I looked ahead and saw a handle i could grab onto for keeping myself steady. I grabbed hold just as the driver took another sharp turn to the left, causing my feet to lift off of Clair and making me feel like i was hanging from a cliff. Then i saw Clair sliding into the hot tub once again and planted my feet right onto her body and started trampling her as best as i could. Then the limo took a sharp turn to the right. This caused Clair to be propped up against the wall and also caused me to lose my grip on the handle as i fell on top of Clair. Then we proceeded to make love to each other once again. It felt like hours had passed since we left the salon, but it was only fifteenth minutes. And then, the brakes were applied one last time as we arrived back at the mansion. Clair looked like she wanted to say something, but i ignored her as i put my outfit back on quickly and stumbled out of the limo as Mami greeted me at the door.

"Hello mistress-" Before she could finish her sentence, i pushed her out of the way and rushed upstairs to my room. Then i saw the door open slightly and kicked it open as hit something inside the room.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" I screamed as i entered the room.
Kay was sobbing into her hands as she points over to May on the bed. "PLEASE MISTRESS! PLEASE HELP HER! PLEASE!" She cried out. Clair rushed in. "So that's why... Mistress! I can help! I swear! Remember when I told you about my 'power'? Well I can use that to help her!" Clair said.
-Rose's point of view-

"WHERE IS SHE?!" I screamed as i entered the room. Kay was Kay was sobbing into her hands as she pointed over to May on the bed.

"PLEASE MISTRESS! PLEASE HELP HER! PLEASE!" She cried out as i rushed passed her and looked down at May. I got down on my knees as i tried to feel for a pulse. Nothing. Whether it was because she was too small for me to feel any kind of a pulse, or if she really was.....i got up and grabbed Kay by the collar of her outfit and yanked her forward and shoved her back to the floor as i looked down at her with such rage. It was at this time i also saw Reena holding her forehead as some blood started coming out of it. She must've been what i hit when i kicked the door in. But as far as i was concerned, she was with Kay when this happened. So she deserved it just as much as Kay does.

"I want both of you to leave and go to your rooms. And don't come out until i say you can. I'll deal with you both after i confirm whether or not May is still alive." Then Kay slowly got up still sobbing as she and Reena slowly walked out. Then i looked back down at May and started crying myself.

"I knew i shouldn't have left you with them. I should have taken you with me when i left with Clair, but i didn't want you getting hurt or lost along the way. I promise if you make it through this that I'll do everything in my power to keep you safe." I rested my head by May's tiny body and kept on crying. Then i heard someone rushing inside the room with me. I turned around and saw Clair standing right behind me as she looked down at May.

"So that's why."

"Leave us alone! You saw nothing Clair! Now get out!" I started shouting as i got up and reached out to grab her.

"Mistress! I can help! I swear!" I stopped just short of her neck when she said she could help. I gave her a sharp look as i awaited her plans for helping May.

"Remember when I told you about my power? Well I can use that to help her!"

"Her power? Ah yes. She's a forest spirit. She has the power to turn into plants and trees. Then perhaps she can turn into some kind of magic plant that can save her?" I looked at Clair as i considered trusting her with May's care. But i knew that at this time, she was the only one who could help me now. So i had no other options at this time but to trust her.

"Alright. If you can save her, then i will hire you to take care of May in my place when i otherwise cannot. But if you fail, if something should happen to May, if she dies...then I'll make you regret ever setting foot in my house. Understand?" Clair looked at me with uneasy eyes for a few moments before she gave she her final response.
"Yes mistress... I swear on my life to protect May's!" Clair said, gaining a confident look. "I'm going to change into a special one-of-a-kind medicinal plant... you need to cut off half of the stem, and turn it into a liquid. Have May drink it, and she will be back on her feet in twenty-four hours... But... I'll be reduced to two feet tall when I turn back. It's the only way to save her..." Clair said. she placed her hands together as if praying before she began chanting. her hair turned pink, and her body green before she began to shrink, and morph until she was a sparkling pink flower with a strong scent...
"O-O-Oh m-my..." Rose said as she picked up Clair in her flower form. "I... Please forgive me Clair..." Rose said before she tore off half of the stem, and ran out. she swiftly found Mami, and gave her the stem half. "Mami, I don't have any time to explain! Take that and turn it into tea! Or else!" Rose said, crying slightly...

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