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Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Animal · #1971966
A bunch of people are sent into the world of Fur Displacement, and inhabit new forms.
[Introduction] Amanda and James were setting up for a party, patiently awaiting the arrival of their friends. "I can't wait for everyone to get here!" Shouted James, "I even brought this special video game with me!" Amanda pretended to be interested, "That's great, just what is it?" Asked Amanda, to which James responded by shaking his head. "I have no clue what kind of game it is, all I know is that it bears the same title as one of my stories. It's named "Fur Displacement", isn't that weird?" James asked, as he popped the game into his video game console. Just then, the screen began to glow, as it sucked James and Amanda in. They weren't sure what exactly was about to happen, but they were about to find out.

This is based off of my Fur Displacement series. This campfire is meant to be slice of life, so no big story arcs please. It will focus on the writers having to deal with new bodies and new lives. One character per author, feel free to choose any species or gender to represent your character.
Original Name: James
New Name: Leona Bushtail
Species: Lioness
Gender: Female
Job: Voice Actor
Description: A pregnant female lioness with a set of large breasts. She is currently expecting a litter of cubs in the near future.
Appearance: She has soft yellow fur, with a long lion's tail. She has the face of a lioness, and paw-like hands. Due to a special rules for jungle-cat furries, she doesn't have to wear clothes.

Leona blinked, she had no idea where she was! One moment she was in the real world, next thing she knew she was in a maternal yoga class with a bunch of furries! She was about to get up, until she noticed her soft luscious golden fur and her magnificent large breasts. Not only was she a furry, but also a female! On top of that, her stomach was huge! It didn't take a genius to figure out she was pregnant! She looked down at her gut, as the class continued on. She tried her best to keep up with the yoga instructions, but it was difficult to move in her body. When she exited the class, she looked around for Amanda.
Original Name: Amanda Franken
New Name: Melody Ecureuil (French for Squirrel)
Species: Eurasian Red Squirrel
Gender Female
Job: Pastry Chef
Description: Not pregnant, but often mistaken for pregnant due to being too fond of sugary treats, and she works in a bakery "It's like an alcoholic working in a liquor store" She says
Appearance: Red fur with cream underparts, long red head fur the same color as her fur, chubby verging on fat.

Melody blinked, she was in a bakery, she was in the process of getting bread out of the oven, she quickly realized that was what she was supposed to do and quickly got the loaves out before they burned
Leona looked around for Amanda, as she exited the gym. She knew she had to find Amanda, and anyone else who got sucked into this strange world. She had to do it fast, she didn't want to give birth in a month or two! The impatient lioness began to walk briskly along the avenue, until she heard a voice call her name. "Oi! How's it going there?" Leona turned to see Harvey, a character she created! Leona couldn't believe, she had been sucked into the world of one of her stories. "H-Hello..." Said Leona, in a thick African accent. "Leona, you said you'd help me doing some shopping for Sandra after you were done at the gym! C'mon, let's head down to the bakery!" Leona tried to shrug him off, but she felt somewhat compelled to go with Harvey. After all, she created him! The two went off to the bakery, as Leon contemplated the weird situation she was in.
Melody wiped sweat from her brow as she finished her shift...Now she could enjoy the fruits of her labors! The belly rumbled hungrily.

As she changed out of her uniform she could smell the heavenly perfumes of chocolate, cinnamon and rich fruit sauces

Once she was in more comfy clothes, she walked out to see a pregnant Lioness with a Black Panther
"Hello there!" Said Harvey, as he wandered into the story along with the lioness. "Shouldn't you two be wearing clothes? Especially the pregnant lioness." Harvey shook his head, "Have you not heard about the law passed? Jungle-Cats are allowed to walk around naked!" Leona stared at Melody, and strangely recognized her from somewhere. Leona watched the squirrel knocked down numerous objects, as if she wasn't used to her tail. That's when it hit her, that squirrel must be Amanda!
"Amanda?" The Lioness asked

'Amanda...' Melody thought 'I remember that name from someplace but I can't think where...'

Just then, her belly rumbled

"Can I talk later?" Melody asked "I need some serious snack time..."

She ran over to the counter and bought a slice of Dutch Apple Pie with whipped cream and a tall glass of milk
"Amanda, you have to listen to me!" Shouted Leona, as she walked towards Melody. "You're not who you think you are! This is a story I created, and we're both inside---" Before Leona could finish her statement, she felt the baby inside her kick. Leona gripped her stomach, the shock from the kick almost knocking her off her feet. "Miss, you are heavily pregnant. You need to stay inside until giving birth." Said Melody, as she went back to work. "No, that has to be Amanda!" Shouted Leona, as she began to panic. "Oi! Leona, are you alright?" Leona let out a sigh, she didn't want to get taken in an insane asylum. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just... Go."
Amanda sat down and began to enjoy her snack, her savored the sweet cinnamon spiced apple pie, the luscious whipped cream and washed down with the ice cold milk...She thought about what the Lioness said and it stirred strange thoughts in her
Melody's memories began to fade slightly, as Amanda started to realize what the lioness was saying was true! "Oh my god, I have to go find her!" Meanwhile, Leona and her new mate Rafa were relaxing at home. Rafa would rub Leona's belly every few minutes, as if he was waiting for an egg to hatch. Leona wasn't enjoying this one bit! She was hating the fact that she was trapped in the body of a pregnant lioness, and that she was married to a male! Her stomach continued to churn, as she wished Amanda was there to teach her the ropes of being a woman.
There was a knock on the door. Rafa opened and there stood Melody with an enormous box in her tiny paws

"Hi!" The Squirrel grunted "I'm Melody from the Long Tailed Bakery...Did your wife order a Deep Dish Cherry Pie?"

"Cherry pie?" Rafa looked at Leona who looked knowing

"All right." Rafa said "Come in! Come in!"

Melody set the enormous Pie on the table

"Can I rest a moment?" She asked
"Sure." Said Rafa, "But not for too long, my mate needs her rest." Rafa left the room and left the two women alone. "I'm guessing you remembered." Said Leona. "Yep! I also remember that pregnant women like sweets, so I brought this!" Leona frowned, "Please don't remind me that I'm pregnant! Every time I try to walk around, my big belly gets in the way!" Melody began rubbing Leona's stomach. "It's not all bad! You'll be giving birth to a litter of lion clubs, won't that be grand?" Leona shook her head, "I don't think it's grand."
Melody rubbed her legs "OK...You probably want my female advice...Trouble is I don't know much about pregnancy...As I've never been pregnant in my life."
"I know, but I'm just so nervous about this whole thing. What if Rafa wants more cubs? What do I do then? How can I tell him no in an honest way?" Asked Leona, as her ears perked up. "I don't know, but you shouldn't worry about that. All we have to do is get out of here, and you can kiss your baby bump goodbye!" Leona began to frown, "And how do we get out of here? I can't think of a single thing we can do to get out of this situation! I can't believe I'm going to give birth in my story!"
"I can't believe I'm a pastry chef." Melody said

"What's that got to do with anything?" Leona asked

"In real life my cooking skills SUCK." Melody said "The most I can do is make Kraft Mac & Cheese. That Pie on the table...I baked it myself...Somehow I just knew how to do everything right."
"Tell me about it, I'm a voice actress! That's awesome, but I can't do it right now because I'm on pregnancy leave!" Melody gave Leona a pat on her furry head. "Don't worry, we'll figure this out somehow." Leona smiled weakly, as she rubbed her belly. "Hey, Melody. Do you think you could teach me how to behave like a proper lady? I've written many stories about becoming a girl, but I've never actually become one before."
"I don't know if I can teach you to be a PROPER lady." Melody chuckled "I was a big fat tomboy in real life sometimes I'd forget to shower or brush my teeth for weeks...Oh boy I said too much."
"It's alright. For now, we should relax." Suddenly, the two women heard Rafa begin to stomp towards the. "Oh geez, your mate is getting angry! I'll try to visit you tomorrow, maybe we can find the others if we begin searching!" Melody rushed for the door, as Rafa returned. "That lady is too intrusive, Leona. Come, let me inspect your wears..." Said Rafa as he ran his paw across Leona's leg. She knew she should hate it, but she was surprisingly turned on. Rafa ran his paw across her crotch, which made her extremely giddy. Finally, Rafa once again rubbed the belly of his mate. "I ran into Kevin Long-Ears today, it's been a while since I saw him!" Leona recognized that name, that was another character she created! In that story Kevin swapped bodies with an old donkey named Albert Mules. Maybe Kevin will be able to understand her plight, of being trapped in a foreign body.
Melody ran to her apartment, she knew where it was from her new body's memories

"Oh geez." Melody said when she turned on her computer "This really is a different world! None of the websites are the same...Normally I would calm my mind with some TMNT Fanfiction...But I get the feeling the concept of Ninja Turtles really wouldn't be that entertaining a concept in these parts..."

Melody snickered to herself "Of course the people here might watch it because said Turtles where no pants...Lots of female viewers..."

She blushed when she realized where her train of thought was going "Sweet Genius! I'm not going into heat am I?" She sniffed her own crotch

"No...Everything's cool...I wonder if they have YouTube on this internet."
Meanwhile, Rafa was seducing Leona to the extreme. Running his hand along he soft warm fur, she felt extremely giddy. Rafa grabbed Leona and hugged her, as her massive belly rubbed up against Rafa's manly chest. "You are the best thing that has happened to me since I left Africa!" Exclaimed Rafa, as he continued to hold Leona in his warm embrace. Leona started to feel bad, before she just wanted to escape this life. However, her new mate was so gentle and kind. Leona took her head and nuzzled it against Rafa's neck. She knew this isn't the life she wanted, but she would have to deal with it for now.
Melody yawned, she felt sleepy

"Well..." She yawned "Better tuck in..."
Leona and Rafa went to sleep in their bed, as Leona nestled on top of Rafa's muscular body. He drew her in close with his arm, as he smiled. The two drifted off to sleep, and woke up the next morning. Leona awoke to the sight of Rafa's dick rubbing up against her leg. She nearly hopped out of bed in surprise, she was so freaked out! Despite that, she was strangely aroused by the sight of it! Leona knew she couldn't distracted by her mate's genitalia, she'd have to go find Melody and escape from this crazy-ass dimension!
Melody tried to wake up but she felt more sleepy then usual, she looked out her window and saw it was starting to snow

"Snow?" Melody yawned "Is that why I'm so sleepy?"

Then she realized Squirrels Semi-Hibernate

"Good thing it's only Semi-Hibernate." Melody said "Or I'd never get out of bed."
Leona left the house as snow began to drift downwards. She walked outside, her fur coat keeping her being cold. She strutted over to Melody's house, as she awkwardly tried to walk with her huge baby-bump. It was an arduous task for a pregnant lioness, but Leona knew she'd make it there. Halfway there the lioness realized she made a terrible mistake! Due to her pregnancy, she had less energy then she'd normally have! She knew she should've driven there, but just when she was about to collapse, a friendly rabbit came into view. "Hello there!" Said the rabbit furry. Leona turned to find herself staring into the face of Kevin Long-Ears, a character she created last year! She wrapped her arms around the rabbit and gave him a big hug. "Uh... Is there a problem miss?"
Melody slowly got herself out of bed, dragged herself into the bathroom to use the toilet, yawned and walked to the kitchen.

She knew she had to eat to keep from falling over the first thing she did was grab the gallon of milk and pout herself a tall glass of the frothy white stuff.

She took a drink, it had a rich full taste unlike the two percent stuff she normally drank
Melody found that the milk was much better tasting with her new taste buds. After eating breakfast, she grabbed a magazine and began to read it. She could find Leona later, she wanted to relax for now. Meanwhile, Leona and Kevin were driving down the street in his car. "So, you're saying that you were once a... What did you call it again? A human?" Asked Kevin, as Leona nodded in response. "Alright, so you were a human. Until you woke up in the body of a lioness, and you supposedly created me and everything in this world." Leona once again nodded. "Normally, I wouldn't believe you. However, after all that body-swapping business, I'll believe in anything at this point." Said Kevin, as he continued to drive. "I know you'd believe me, Kevin! You were always my favorite character!" Kevin laughed and smiled, "Ah, shucks! I can help you, but you have to promise to do me a favor in return."

Leona perked her ears up, as she excitedly swivelled her tail around. "And that is?" She asked, as she turned to face Kevin. "I want you to finish the story. You left it unresolved didn't you? It's best you finish it up once you return you to your world." Kevin said, as Leona began to clap her paws together. "Don't get excited, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Give me a few days to try to come up with a solution." Leona moved close to Kevin, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "What the--- What was that for? I'm straight, man!" Leona laughed, "Relax! I'm straight too, but straight in a different way! Since I'm female, I'm allowed to act like a female!" Kevin began to blush, as he turned back to focus on the road. "I'm glad my wife wasn't around! She'd probably scold me for weeks if she saw a naked pregnant lioness kiss me on the cheek!" The two continued to drive down the road, as Leona felt proud of the fact that someone now knew her secret.
Melody finished her magazine and knew she had to get moving if she didn't want to fall asleep again, so she put on some warm clothes and headed outside to walk around a bit
Leona and Kevin were driving past Melody's house, when they suddenly spotted her. They drove up towards her, as the rabbit and lioness hopped out of the vehicle. "Wow, looks like you made a friend, Leona!" The lioness frowned and shook her head, "Well, technically I created him So, it's more like he is my son." Melody laughed, "Wow, quite a resemblance! Mother and son alright!" Melody broke down laughed, as Kevin frowned. "Hey, don't backtalk him! He's been through a lot, and now he's a pregnant woman!" Melody let out a throat-clearing cough, "Oh, sorry."
Melody yawned "Kevin...Do you ever feel sleepy during the winter?"

"Um no..." Kevin said "Rabbits don't hibernate...At all."
"Oh sorry, I forgot. Say, if you're the Kevin from that story, did you mean you swapped bodies with that old donkey?" Asked Melody, as Kevin twitched his tail. "Yeah, it was one of the weirdest moments of my life. Thanks to somebody!" Shouted Kevin, as he turned towards Leona. She began whistling as if she was innocent.
"Man, man..." Melody said "Does anyone have those fantasies where you wish you could go back in time or to another universe and introduce to them something from your own time or universe just to see the look on everyone's faces? Like I imagined last night what the People of this world would thing of the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles..."

Kevin turned to Leona "What is she talking about?"
"She's a nerd like me, you get used to it after a while." Leona said, as she patted Kevin on the shoulder. "I don't think I'll ever get used to your guys' weirdness." Said Kevin, as he looked at Leona.
Just then as they drove by the park...Melody spotted something out of the corner of her eye it looked like a fast moving shadow...It happened so fast Melody wasn't sure what she saw
"I saw something in the shadows!" Exclaimed Melody, as she pointed at a nearby alley as they drove past. "Those are the rats. No one wants to hire them because employers considers them smelly and loathsome. They aren't well respected, and are constantly ridiculed in this society." Melody nodded, "Poor little rats. It sucks when you can't get hired because of your appearance."
"Come to think of it..." Melody said "The only real difference between Squirrels and Rats is the tail...And that Squirrels live in trees and bury nuts."
"Squirrels are far more respected then rats. It's a weird society we live in, but we deal with it somehow." Said Kevin, as the three furries continued down the road. Melody began to glare at Leona, who was gripping her pregnant belly. "Something wrong?" Asked Leona, as she rubbed her stomach. "Yeah, you created this world! When you get back, you have to alter it so it's better!" Exclaimed Melody. "I can't just make it a perfect world. This fictional universe is supposed be like ours to an extent. If I destroy the rules and make it a perfect world, then it doesn't make for a good representation of reality." Stated Leona.
"Yeah but..." Melody said "You could write about a civil rights movement of sorts..."
"I guess, but it's not going to do them any good if we can't get out of here." Said Leona, as she rubbed her muzzle with her paw. "I may know a way for you two to get home. Maybe Albert Mules' hypno-spiral can send you back to your home dimension! It can do more then swap people's bodies you know!" Said Kevin, as he drove towards Albert's office.
As they entered the building the sweet scent of incense filled their noses

"Man! That's strong!" Melody said as she rubbed her nose

"Sorry..." Said Kevin "The incense is to cover everyone else's scent...You know if there's like a Skunk in the room or something."
The three entered and were greeted by Sandra Chitters. "Oh, hello there. How are you today." Kevin, Melody and Leona looked at each other. They didn't remember Sandra being this cheery in the story. "Are you alright, Ms. Chitters?" The squirrel shook her head, "I'm not Sandra, I'm Albert in her body. I had some extra time leftover from my lunch hour, so she hijacked my body so she could use it." Kevin smiled, "Well, "Sandra", we need you to show us to your office pronto!"
Melody felt something was not right, she looked out of the corner of her eye...That fast moving shadow again!
The shadow bumped into Leona and Kevin, as they both fell to the ground simultaneously. Melody ran over to Leona. "Leona, are you okay?" The lioness looked at her, as she weakly turned her head to face her. "Leona? What are you talking about, I'm Kevin!" Melody drew back in surprise, the two of them had swapped bodies. "What's going on? Did they switch bodies?" Asked Sandra. "I'll say." Said Leona in Kevin's body, as he picked himself up off the ground. "It can't be!" Kevin ran into the room to find the spiral smash to bits. "What happened?" Asked Melody. "The creature inside that spiral is a source of great power! Using his power, two furries may swap bodies. If he gets out of this building, the whole city could get mismatched! Babies will become mothers, strippers will become business men, the entire city would be turned upside down!"
"Oh crap." Was all Melody could say
"If I fix the spiral right now, he should immediately be sealed away. However, if he comes back, he could stand in our way. We have to work fast. Kevin and Leona, you two should guard the front office. Melody, wait right outside the door here. I'll have to fix this if we want to return to normal." Said Albert, as he headed back inside the office.
"OK!" Melody said "Wait right by this door...How hard can that be right?"
Melody began tapping her paw against the floor, while waiting for Albert to finish. "It's coming back this way!" Shouted Leona. "What's so bad about that? Everyone here's already been swapped!" The two frown and stare at Melody. "What? Oh, right. I forgot about me."
The Shadow started to descend everyone finally got a good look at it, it was a terrifying inky black thing with sharp teeth and spikes all over the body!
"Don't get too close to it!" Shouted Leona, as he tried to keep the beast away from her. "Well that's rude." The three stepped back for a moment. "Just because I'm evil looking, swap peoples bodies, and tend to growl a lot doesn't mean I'm evil! What kind of prejudice society do we live in!" Shouted the creature, as he began to sob. "Hey don't blame us, we weren't the ones made it!" Shouted Kevin, as she glared at Leona.
Melody wasn't sure if these were crocodile tears or genuine...Cartoon Villains have a way of screwing with your head
The monster began to approach Melody, "Don't worry, I'm friendly!" Kevin began to catch on to the creature's play. "Melody watch out! He wants to swap bodies with you!"
Melody was quick and scampered away before he could touch her

Using her climbing ability she climbed all the way to the Chandelier
"You're quick! However, that won't stop me for very long!" Shouted the creature, as he began climbing the walls. "Oh no! I don't want to swap bodies with a monster!" The creature moved towards Melody, until Leona tossed a lamp straight into the creature's face knocking him down to the ground.
Melody overcome by Animal fear ran straight out the building into town
"She abandoned us!" Shouted Leona. "I can't believe it, we just saved her life! The least she could have done is hide in the corner!" The monster nodded in agreement, "I know, right? I may be an evil demon hellspawn sealed within a gem, but at least I stick around long enou---" Suddenly, the creature disappeared in a puff of smoke. Albert walked back into the room, holding the fixed amulet. "Well, it looks like I'm going to have to fix up this office. Again. Firstly, let's get you two back to normal!"
Melody was in the park, sitting in a tree and crying
After a while, Leona, and Kevin, who were back to normal approached her. "Are you alright?" Asked Leona, as she patted Melody on the head. "I just want to go home! I want to get out of this crazy story and back to reality!" Leona moved hand towards Melody's tail and began to stroke it. "Don't worry, Albert says the amulet will be able to send us back." Said Leona, as Melody's tears began to fade.
"I'm sorry I'm such a coward." Melody sobbed
"It's alright!" Exclaimed Leona, as she patted the poor squirrel on the back. "A lot of us run away afraid. You're in a weird world and in a weird body, it happens!" Kevin smiled, "Our job was to keep it distracted anyway, and you did a fine job at that!"
"All right..." Melody wiped away her tears
"So, let's head back to our world right now!" Exclaimed Leona. "Yep, and I'll be joining you! Leona said I could stay for a bit in your world, just to see how different it is from our own."
Melody was wondering how they were going to get home
"Mules' amulet should to be able to send us home. Let's head back up and talk with him!" Shouted Leona, as Melody nodded in agreement.
Melody always thought that Donkey in the story was kind of creepy...But she didn't say anything

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