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by db
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #1981784
The Creations of Dr. Moreau form a support group. The Beast Folk Cometh
[Introduction] OK, The Island of Doctor Moreau was a true story, after the Mad Scientist died and that stupid Prendick guy escaped, the creatures lived on...And without Moreau constantly pushing them around they managed to form a stable society...That survived into the 21st Century...Where they are discovered by the Outside World.

Each Author plays one character, like in the other campfire.
Your character doesn't have to be of a species described in the Original, in the Book itself Moreau himself states he lost track of how many Monsters he made, so if you want to make a Peacock Creature, a Tortoise Creature or...Octopus Creature go ahead.
Carnivore Creatures do eat meat, though they mostly eat Fish and Insects to Avoid preying on their fellow creatures

(This character is brought to you by Palladium RPG Books

1d100 → [72] = (72)= Wild Animal
1d100 → [70] = (70)=Opossum

Sammy woke from what he had hoped to have been a dream. He could feel the tension in his back and legs as he had been dreaming about two small dogs "playing" with him all night. "Yeah, right," he snorted.

Sammy stood and stretched, enjoying both the good stretch and the slight twinge. He declared, "It's good to be alive!"

After taking care of the daily constitutionals, Sammy glanced at the wall calendar and noticed that group was coming.
(This Character is also brought to you by TMNT & Other Strangeness)

1d100 → [71] = (71) = Wild Animal
1d100 → [21] = (21)= Black Bear

Ophelia The Black Bear Woman was the leader of the Support Group for Creatures, as of late Human Explorers had found their Island. And much to the Creature's Chagrin they discovered they were freaks, but the explorers were nice and didn't shoot first ask questions later. Instead they invited the Tabloids over the Paparazzi the Poor Creatures...In retrospect it might have been kinder just to kill them.

Sammy walked in panting. "I hope I'm not too late." He puffed

"Actually you're just in time." Ophelia, said her long furry arms folded "Where is everyone? I hope they didn't commit suicide...."
"It's all really strange you know?" Sammy said "When we were Cubs Humans were just Big Scary Monsters are parents warned us about if we stayed out after dark...Now we know they're real and..."

"They're just jerks." Ophelia said
Ophelia went over to the Window and looked over.

"It's so sad." The Bear Woman said "What's become of our little island paradise. Overrun with tourists....And Paparazzi."

"Yes." Sammy said "But you have to wonder...What is the world outside like?"

Ophelia turned to the Opossum "Why do you wonder that?"
"I just think there hast be more out there," Sammy said gesturing to the window with his snout. "I've always had a feeling that I need to explore. Not just to get things I need but really, I don't know, explore."

Ophelia chuckled and shook her head. "You're full of thoughts about things that make most really really nervous."

"Yeah, I know."
Ophelia sighed opened the fridge and got out a Honey Beer (No alcohol) And started to sip on it

"I wonder when the others are coming." She said
It was at this moment, a red fox showed up. "There'd better be something good here," he said. "The fish weren't biting this morning."

"So, what's your name?" Ophelia asked, as she closed the door to the fridge.

"Robin. Say, what's in there?"
"What's in where?" Ophelia said. "The refrigerator? What do you think is in there? It's a refrigerator. Food is in there."

"I know that! I meant... Oh never mind. I'll just look for myself."

A large brown beaver walked up the steps. "Hello! Hello! Is this the support group? Branford Beaver is the name. Dam building is my game. How do you do!"

Branford shook hands all around and handed out his business cards. "Remember, if you ever need a dam built, call me first. Lowest prices and the fastest times. If it's a Branford Dam it's a damn good dam."

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