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Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fantasy · #1985267
Josh is a shrunken middle schooler about 2 inches tall
[Introduction] This Story is about a boy named Josh. He's 13, goes to a Middle School, has friends, pretty average teenager, except of corse he's 2 inches Tall
The rules for this story are
Little to none male interaction they can speak but can't do any more than that. Interaction with girls is exceptible
No diaper stuff
No Sex
Other than that have fun and keep it interesting
You wake up from a nap you're in the breast pocket of you're girlfriend, Lillian. She is a blonde girl with b cup breasts and is pretty darn talk tall for a girl her age.
You guys are in your first class of the day. Cooking class
A Non-Existent User
You like this class but sometimes are a little afraid if you were to fall into the meals you and Lillian were preparing. Today was making a nice cake. You and Lillian partnered with Lillian's best friend Taylor a blonde also with b cup breasts and was shorter than Lillian. She liked hanging out with the two of you.
You had something troubling on your mind... You had been wanting to break up with Lillian for quite some time now, but you were too afraid of how she would react... Though she was a sweet girl, if mad, she can go into a full on rage! That was one bad thing with her... And the main reason you wanted to find someone else... You look her in the eyes, trying to think of the words...
You decide this is a bad place to break up with a giantess and decide to wait until later when it's safer.
You then turn you're focus to whats in the cake. Suddenly you see a hand coming towards you. Then you realize you're standing on the brown sugar all you can do is pray Lillian or Taylor sees you....
A Non-Existent User
All the sudden you are scooped up into a measuring cup with brown sugar. You are then brought over to the mixing bowl and are dumped into it. You are like an over sized raisin in the bowl. It seems like no one is looking at you because you were hit with white sugar next...
"Alright... So next is the... WAIT! WHERE'S JOSH?!" Lillian cried out, swiftly digging htrough other supplies as she tried top locate the tiny boy...
Well she searched frantically for you while Taylor (unaware he was in the mix) put the fudge mix in the freezer for it to cool. Taylor then shut the freezer and went to help Lillian search for you. 45 minutes later with the fudge done Taylor took it out of the freezer. And told Lillian have some fudge it'll cheer you up.
Lillian sobbed; oh he probably fell into someone's ingredients and is gonna be eaten. You suddenly realized that when she got mad it was out of love for you, suddenly you started to realize what a horrible mistake breaking up with her would be. Then you feel yourself being lifted up to Lillian's mouth. You try to call out to her but you're shivering so hard it's hard to shout you make one yelp before going into her mouth.....
(I forgot to mention that Josh is indestructible so he'll survive being chewed)
You shout as loud as you can then go into her mouth Lillian heard you and said; Josh where are you.
She chewed up the brownie and tasted you. She knew that taste and spit you out and was at tears to see you okay

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