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Yet another campfire of mine. Nothing really special about it.
[Introduction] This campfire follows the story of a girl who goes into a pet shop, only to find out that they sell only tinies! And of all races as well.


1. No male giants.
2. No gender changing.
3. PLEASE no time skips... I really hate time skipping...
The Ragrow pet shop was a very... Unique... Pet shop. Instead of things like cats, and dogs. They sold tinies! From humans, to nekos, to inus, and even mermaids! They had it all in terms of tinies! Today, Jennifer Coral was going to this shop to find a pet for her eleven year old daughter.

Jennifer looked to be around 25. She had a slim hourglass figure. She wore a black shirt, a dark grey mini-jacket, lighter grey pants, and dress shoes with black socks. She had brown hair a little past her shoulders, as well as emerald green eyes. she had G-Cup breasts, and a large rear end as well.

As she entered the shop, the first place she saw was the clerk sitting at the front desk.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for something good for an eleven year old..." Jennifer asked the person at the front desk...
The clerk put an eleven year old boy on the desk. She said this is a special breed that's indistructible so you can do anything to him. Squish him into mush, eat him, he'll just reform.
Jennifer said perfect that means my neice can have fun with him, and she can share him without worry of him breaking
She payed the clerk and took the boy
"Now then... Tell me about yourself little boy..."

Jennifer said, cooing over his cuteness as she walked out from the shop
(Jacks POV) the boy nervously glanced up at Jennifer and said my n..n..name is Jack. I'm 11 years old and I'm quite curious of what you intend to do with me.
"Me? Well I barely intend to do anything... You're a birthday gift for my daughter. She's been wanting another pet to keep her snake company." Jennifer says with a smirk...
Wait a snake will eat me, is she really gonna throw me in with one

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