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You are five years old, been dropped off at a potty training school you end up shrinking
You have recently turned seven. Your mother, an accountant, as to run to a meeting, and so has dropped you off at her friend Claire's Potty Training school, where she helps kids ages 1 to 6 potty train if they need a little help. As you step inside, you feel yourself shrinking, thankfully, your clothes shrink as well. As you look around, you hear booming footsteps. Looking up, you see on the kids has found you. It's a girl, about five. She picks you up, and as you rise, you notice something peeking out of her skirt. It's a....
Pull-Up, the girl is wearing a Pull-Up. "Hmm," the girl,looks you over. Judging from a nametag on her t-shirt, the girl's name is Leliana Winters. "You must be a toy!" She exclaims giggling, Before you can argue, she continues, "I know, how bout a game?" Nervous, you nod swiftly. Grinning, Leliana cheers, "Yay!" She opens up her Pull-Up, and des posits you in the back. "Have fun, oh, and if have an accident or go potty, you clean me, alright toy?" Pay kicking, you try and get out, but the Pull-Up. Groaning, you wait, exploring the training pants. Soon, you hear a grumble, and Leliana starts running, hopefully to the bathroom. You feel the Pull-Up start to be tugged down. Leliana....
Is about to use the potty. Running around you exit the diaper. Before you can find the door she finishes with the potty. You continue searching but soon hear her voice again she is right behind you. She picks you back up "it's time to clean me. Get the pad now it's gross." You apprehensively go and grab the supplies.
After dragging the supplies over, you see that the girl only pretended to use the potty. Instead, she had dropped a massive mess in the seat of her pull up and was expecting YOU to change her. You slowly walk around the girl, inspecting an poking her from all sides to see how best to get the pull-up off.

"I'm not sure I can do this, sweetie.", you say. "Can you find someone else to change your messy pull-up?"
The girl thinks it over, before shaking her head, smirking, "No little man, you got to do it." She laid down on the changing mat with a muffled SQUISH. Taking a deep breath, you gag as you open the girl's Pull-Up, and begin wiping her down eventually pulling a new Pull-Up onto her. "Thank you toy, now...." She picks you up and dumps you into an empty potty, and the walls are too smooth for you to climb out. "Have fun." She waved, skipping out. You shudder when suddenly,a butt looms above the potty. It's not the girls, it belongs to a....
Boy. Jason is the girl's best friend and is known for waiting several days to poop. It was a surprise to all that he is now using the potty twice in one day. You now close you eyes and wait for him to poop. Jason is feeling pain as he starts to push he's not sure if he can poop but he continues to attempt to when waste starts to exit him.
A Non-Existent User
You look up to see the poop begin to fall down into the potty. You run around trying to avoid the poop. You kept running until you were hit with one and passed out. When you came to you were no longer inside of the potty but where now inside a white area. You looked up to see a butt. You also saw that you were in a girls diaper. You went over to a leg hole and decided to...
You slowly clamber out, and shimmy down one of the girl's giant legs. The girl appears to be about three years old at the most, and she is fast asleep. You tiptoe away, only to be lifted up by a girl's shoe, and get sent flying through the air. You land in, thankfully, what appears to be padded cotton. The girl must either be really close to being potty trained, or is, but has frequent accidents. The girl starts running towards the bathroom all of a sudden. She....
sat down on a potty without removing the diaper she started to push. You rush to the back off the seat before any waste can hit you. You see her push quite hard as a lot of waste enters into the diaper which starts to overflow. Getting further and further away from the hole in the potty you wait for her to finish.
Apparently, this girl is a huge messer, because five minutes later, she is still shoving, and the potty is begging for mercy. Her diaper is solid brown and leaking right through the padding, and the potty is half full of liquid waste. Just then, the girl gets up. Seeing her diaper, she smiles, takes it off, and smears it all over her brand new pink clothes. Then, she takes the potty chair, raises it above her head, and dumps it all out on her head.

The girl now looks like a monster, but she is smiling. She then leaves the bathroom, flinging the dirty diaper over her shoulder. It lands on you, and the huge poop logs are too heavy to move. You are forced to stay there, under the girl's messy, used diaper.
After much struggling, you are able to climb out from under the diaper, taking a deep intake of air, sighing. You slip through the drake underneath the door. The girl is now clean, and sitting in a corner, you guess she must have gotten in trouble. You decided to hide in the toy chest. An hour later, it opens to reveal a girl, but not the one from before. She's about seven, maybe eight. She smiles and....
Thinks "YES!!! The new My Little Pony toys are still here. I'm taking them with me. Yesterday I didn't have a diaper to carry them in now I do.

You notice you are on one of the ponies as she flings the pony into her diaper.

After a few minutes the girl's mother comes and picks her up but not before asking. "Do you have to poop? You always do before we leave."

The girl first feel a small pressure in her stomach but then feeling the sought after ponies in the diaper replies "nope"

The two get in the car and start the 30 minute drive home. About 5 minutes in the girl...
The girl's stomach grumbles ominously to you. She groans lightly. The mother notices, and stops on the side of the road, taking the girl's travel potty out, and setting her on it, diaper around her knees. She is blocked out of sight by her mother's van. As you climb out of the diaper, Anna grunts....
You notice a chance to escape you hastily attempt to escape. In your attempt to escape you knock several ponies out of the diaper you fall out the ponies on top of you.

Anna the girl as she is grunting takes notice and puts the toys back in the diaper she has not pooped out a turd yet but her mother notices Anna messing with her diaper and thinks she's done. Anna in a split second decision puts the diaper back on. She tells her mother she couldn't go and the two start heading back home. Forgetting the potty. Anna a couple of minutes later really has to poop again. She quietly starts pushing a log out.

You are trapped waiting the inevitable. The ponies around you are soon to be caked into the turd.

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