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by Will
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Female character of the Big Bang Theory gain weight
[Introduction] The female cast members of the Big Bang Theory are putting on some pounds. This is female weight gain ONLY.I would like to keep it as realistic as possible please. No gain of 100 pounds from one sitting. Try to spread out the weight gain through the story.

Weight gain
Force feeding
Some magic(but keep it realistic)

I want as many people participating as possible. So tell your friends to tell their friends to help out and create a great interactive weight gain story for the girls of the Big Bang theory. Try to have each section at least a paragraph please. Thank you for those who will help and write to your hearts content.
Who would you like to gain?
Who would you like to gain?




It was a nice fall night in Pasadena California. Penny was sipping wine as she tried to form some sort of dinner. She was a terrible cook, but thankfully she was saved by take out more nights than she was proud to admit. Thankfully her active lifestyle kept the pounds off and her body camera ready.

The pasta she was currently burning would have gone well with the meatballs that were cooking on a burner that Penny had forgotten to turn on, but as the food situation was going wrong left and right she decided she better head across the hall and jump on the take out band wagon with the boys before they order their Thai food.

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