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by Gaby
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G.o.T. Campfire - House Lannister
Born out of darkness into the light

It is you who decides fate.

What is the world you live in? Where is your future? Who are your friends and allies and which of those might be foes?

Do you turn your back and leave the darkness behind you in order to face the light or do you avoid the light and dedicate yourself to the dark side of your life?

The choice is yours.

This is your campfire! Do what you must.
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Good luck, my Warriors! *Shield1*
Sarah smiled at the sound of the doorbell. Max had only left a few minutes ago; he must have forgotten something. Or ...

No, she thought to herself. It's way too early for that ... right?

Her cheeks flushed as she tried to rid those thoughts from her mind. She and Max had only been dating for a few weeks and, although she was certainly in the mood to take their relationship to the next level, she didn't want to give him the idea that she was easy. No, she needed to stand her ground and hold off for a few more dates, no matter how badly she wanted him right now.

Still, that doesn't mean we can't fool around a little, Sarah mused as she slid the security chain free and opened the door.

"Did you change your mind or--"

Sarah had to stifle a gasp of shock when she realized it wasn't Max on the other side of the door. Instead, it was an older, balding man in a rumpled, ill-fitting suit. He offered a short wave as a means of apology for startling her.

"Sorry to interrupt your evening," the man said. "Do you mind if I come in?"

"Since I don't know who you are or what you want, yes. As a matter of fact, I do mind."

She tried to close the door, but he slid his foot between the door and frame, preventing it from closing.

"I really must insist we talk," he said imploringly. "It's about your new boyfriend."

That gave Sarah pause. She kept her weight against the door to prevent him from pushing himself farther inside, but stopped trying to force it shut. For his part, he didn't seem to be making any effort to get inside either.

"You can say what you need to say from there," she said.
"OK - Just let me make it clear to you that I have been following that guy for quite a while" offered the man.

"Following? Why would be following him? Who are you?" Sarah had a thousand more questions but didn't know what to ask first.

"I'm sorry young lady. I should have identified myself. Name's Jeffers, Paul Jeffers. I'm a private investigator." the name offered in return.

"Private investigator!" Sarah hissed. She was shocked. Why would a private investigator be concerned about Max. Immediately she was worried that perhaps something terrible was wrong.

Sarah did not usually have a lot of success with her boyfriends. They seemed to be attentive for a while but then they seemed to lose interest either in her or they became too possessive and wanted to control her life. Was this one more problem?

"Why are you following Max?" she restated her previous question.

"Max is not who you think he is" counted Paul from the door. "Let me in and I will explain."

Sarah was still not sure of all this. After all this man had just appeared at her door and told her he was a private investigator. She had no proof.

"I'm not going to let you in. I don't know who you are. Do you have some kind of identification?" Sarah offered in return.

Suddenly the man pulled his foot from the door. The weight that Sarah had placed against the door forced it to close. Ensuring the chain was again in place she pulled the door open to peer outside.

There was nobody there.

She removed the safety chain and opened the door wide. The only thing she found was a business card.

Sarah noted the card was from a company named "Confidential Investigators" There was no address but there was a phone number and the name on the bottom of the card was Paul Jeffers.

Sarah took the card and closed the door.

She was unsure what to do.

Should she call the number?

Should she ask Max what was going on?

She sat down and started to cry.
Paul Jeffers, or at least the man pretending to be him, watched Sarah from his concealed location behind the hedges as she picked up the business card he had left for her. Once she had returned back inside, he crossed the street and climbed into a sedan. The other man in the passenger seat looked over at him.


"The seed has been planted," Jeffers replied. "It's only a matter of time before curiosity gets the better of her and she leads us right to him."

The passenger nodded and both let silence descend over the car as they continued to watch the house.

*Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1*

Sarah paced back and forth, turning Jeffers' card over in her hand, wondering what he could have possibly meant by Max not being who he seemed. As far as she knew, Max was a mild-mannered pharmaceutical sales rep from the city. But then again, if he did have a secret life or was hiding something, her not knowing about it was kind of the whole point, wasn't it? She bit her lip as she considered her options.

On the one hand, she could just go over to Max's place right now and sort this thing out. What was the worst that could happen? She catches him living in some tiny studio apartment instead of the penthouse he claimed to have? Maybe he has a wife who answers the door?

On the other hand, she could call Paul Jeffers and find out more information. He was a private investigator, after all. If she could find out the information from him, she wouldn't have to risk a potentially embarrassing situation confronting Max herself. Then again, Jeffers was just some creepy guy who showed up at her doorstep with a crazy story. Did she really trust him?

Now that her curiosity had been piqued, she knew she couldn't just let it go. For better or worse, she had to see this through to the end now, and needed to know for sure if Max was really everything he claimed to be. She mulled it over for a few minutes, then made her decision.
She picked up the phone and started to called the cell number that Max had given her. He had told her it was his private line and he would respond to her calls. She would ask to him to meet her and straighten this whole thing out.


While outside the passenger lifted the electronic device and said "She's making a phone call. We'll have his number in a moment......Then his ass is ours!".


Sarah was confused and conflicted. She stopped dialing and put the handset back in its cradle. She felt that she should be trusting Max. She wanted to believe in him. His kisses were exciting and she had just hoping that they might be ready to move into something a little heavier. She longed for his arms around her. She needed passion in her life. She couldn't do this over the phone. She had to meet him and find out what was happening.

She would wait until morning. They usually met for coffee at a local specialty coffee shop before she headed off to her job at the marketing firm. She could ask him then what was going on. That would definitely be better. She wanted to see the expression on his face when she told him about her late night visitor. She had to know why a private investigator had been looking for him. It' wasn't the police looking for him. So it probably wasn't some criminal thing. Sarah continued to mull over all these little things in her mind.

She happened to look out her window to the street and noticed two men sitting in a silver Buick just down the street. That was unusual for this quiet residential area. People just didn't sit in their cars outside at night. You knew immediately that one of the men must be Paul Jeffers. Why would they be watching her? Why had Jeffers left her door and left his card instead of giving her answers? She knew what she had to do. Sarah picked up the phone.


"Oh no. She called the cops. We better get out of here." said other man as he looked at the 911 number that Sarah had dialed.

Jeffers started the car and pulled away.


Sarah hung up the phone and slipped into a light jacket and headed out the door knowing now she could find Max and get down to why all this was happening. She smiled when she realized she had out-foxed the private investigator.
It didn't take Sarah long to find Max's place in the city. He had been true to his word, and lived in the penthouse apartment of The Milford Building downtown. The doorman knew him personally and confirmed that he lived there alone, although convincing him to let her inside was another matter entirely. No matter how much of a case she made for being admitted past the lobby, he and the security guard would not let her up without Max's express permission. The rule was strictly enforced by the building owners.

Eventually, Sarah just decided to call up to Max's apartment and ask to be let in.

"Yeah, I know it probably sounds a little crazy that I'm here in the lobby of your building without any notice, but we really need to talk," Sarah said into the courtesy phone at the security desk.

Two minutes later, the elevator was opening directly into Max's penthouse apartment. Sarah had never been to an apartment where the elevator opened directly into the living area, but here she was, doors sliding apart and revealing a spacious well-appointed foyer with expensive modern furniture and decor.

Max met her as she stepped off the elevator.

"What are you doing here?" Max asked her.

"After you left earlier, a man paid me a visit," she replied.

"Who was it? What did he say?"

"The name he gave was Paul Jeffers. He said he's been investigating you for a while and that you're not who you say you are."

Max ran a face over his hand as Sarah moved inside the apartment.

"I really wish he hadn't brought you into this," Max said.

"Into what?"

He didn't answer her, but the look on his face was one of disappointment and perhaps even a tinge of sadness. And underneath that... something dangerous.

"Look," she said. "Maybe I should just go."

"I'm sorry," Max said, stepping closer to her. "I'm afraid that's not going to be possible anymore. You know too much. I can't let you leave."

The doors to the elevator slid shut behind her.
"Stop it Max!" Sarah shouted, "You're scaring me."

Max grabbed Sarah by the wrist and pulled her further into the room. She was resisting as he pulled her forward until when he got to the sofa he pushed her forward so she fell against it and ended up lying on the couch. Sarah looked up at him with eyes which had started to tear because she was afraid and saw that Max was actually laughing.

"Why are you laughing". she queried.

"Well Sarah, my sweet, I have dreamt about having you laying on my couch but I didn't think it would happen so soon." Max said with a chuckle.

Sarah looked down and saw that her skirt had hiked up to mid-thigh and while still being modest she was glad that the view was appreciated by Max.

"Max!"she sqealed a little embarassed but mostly delighted.

"We'll have time later for getting more comfortable but right now I need you to tell me everything that happened to you tonight. Please try to remember everything and not leave anything out" Max stated as he sat of the arm chair and pulled out a tape recorder.

"But..but..." stuttered Sarah.

"I will answer all you questions later but this could be a matter of national security" Max stated in a very serious tone.

Sarah spent the next half an hour telling and re-telling her experience of what happened at her front door.

When she was finished another person appeared. He was a short stout man and he placed a small silver tray on the table beside Sarah. The tray contained a cup and a pot of tea along with the normal milk and sugar.

Max stood up and said "Have some tea. I have to confer with my superiors and then I will share with you about all this.

Sarah slumped back and watched Max disappear down the corridor.
Sarah poured herself a cup of tea while she waited for Max to return. A few moments after taking a sip, the room started to spin. The stout man was by her side instantly, but only to catch the toppling teacup as she fell backwards onto the couch and into unconsciousness. Her last thought before she passed out was, Did... did Max just drug me?

*Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1*

Once Max was certain Sarah had ingested the tea and been rendered thoroughly unconscious, he left his position in the shadows just outside the room and continued to his home office where he locked the door and fired up his computer. He activated the webcam and soon found himself staring at someone in a military uniform on the other side of the screen. From the number of medals, ribbons, stars, and other adornments on the uniform, this man was clearly someone highly-decorated and highly-placed within the Armed Forces.

"We have a problem," Max said, getting right to the point. "Someone is on to me. Claims to be a private investigator of some kind, but this is from a secondhand account, so I can't tell if that's legit or just a cover."

"Is the mission compromised?" asked the General.

"I don't think so. Not yet at least."

"The mission is your top priority. Do whatever it takes to ensure we remain on schedule and undetected."

"Understood," Max said. "And what about civilians? There's a woman I've... been seeing... who might have gotten dragged into this despite my efforts to keep her out of it."

"Keep her alive, Agent. We're in the spy business, not the let-innocent-Americans-die business. Do whatever it takes to make sure no harm comes to her. Are we clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. I'll expect a full report during our next update."

The videoconference connection was severed, leaving Max alone with his thoughts. After only a moment, he got to his feet and exited the room. His butler was waiting just outside the office for him.

"Let's get Sarah into the car. I need to take her somewhere safe."

The butler nodded and headed for the living area while Max retreated into the master bedroom and began hastily packing a bag.

*Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1*

A silver Buick pulled into an empty metered spot across the street.

"That's her car," the passenger said, pointing at Sarah's car parked in front of The Milford Building.

"Good thinking putting a tracking device on her car," Jeffers conceded.

She had run them off with her little calling-the-cops stunt, but she should have stayed at home. By leaving, they had been able to follow the GPS signal right to what they assumed was Max's location in the city. They got what they wanted after all.

As they were about to get out of the car, the gate to the building's underground garage opened and a sleek sports car edged out onto the street.

"Hey, is that her?" The passenger asked, pointing to the unconscious woman sitting beside the driver.

"Yeah," Jeffers said, gritting his teeth. "And that's our target behind the wheel. Hold on; this just got a lot more complicated."

He started the Buick and pulled out of the parking spot, slamming his foot down on the accelerator in an attempt to match the speed and acceleration of the sports car, whose engine was roaring as it shot down the deserted downtown street with the velocity of a bullet.

"Don't you dare lose them," the passenger said, gripping the door handle and center console to steady himself as Jeffers raced the Buick in pursuit of their quarry.
Max was professional. He immediately caught that a large sedan had pulled out after him. He made a few unusual turns to make sure but was soon aware that the car was definitely following him. He started to carry out the protocols for being trailed making sure that the other car did not close the gap on his car.

Touching a button on the edge of the steering wheel he heard a voice come of the speaker

"Good evening agent four this is mobile control. How can I help you." it was a soft female voice.

"I have a chaser, sedan, silver in colour, unknown number of occupants, vehicle was waiting and followed from location delta five. You have my location?" Max toned while using his driving talents to keep ahead of the pursuing vehicle..

"We have you on the master map agent four. I have dispatched two intercept vehicles to your location.." the female voice had a slightly southern accent.

"Thank you Melanie, I mean mobile control." Max smiled as he realized his communication mistake.

As he turned the next corner two dark town cars pulled in behind him. When the silver car made the turn it was confronted with a blocked road and four men in black who started to pour live automatic fire into the front of their vehicle.

The last thing that Max saw was the two towne cars leaving the scene with wrecked silver car in the middle of the intersection.

"Agent four this is mobile control we have terminated the vehicle who was following you. The two people in the car are shaken but not badly injured. They will not be following you again tonight." There was a proud lilt in Melanie's voice as she made her report.

Max turned the metallic blue sports car unto the entry lane for the expressway and pointed the car towards the safe house he was heading to to protect Sarah.

"mobile control what is estimated time to location foxtrot seven" Max said to the hidden microphone.

"at current speed you should arrive in twenty-seven minutes fifteen seconds" The southern accent was back.

"Thank you control." Max finished and zoomed out down the highway,



Jeffers and his passenger crawled out of the wreckage of their silver Buick. Both were shaken, but not stirred, as they surveyed the damage caused by the two sedans' worth of automatic gunfire.

They were going to need another vehicle.

Jeffers flagged down a nearby taxi, walked over to the driver's side, and hauled the man out of his vehicle. He and the passenger got in and sped off, leaving the shocked and furious cabbie chasing after them in the street.

"Any idea where they went?" Jeffers asked his partner.

"Looks like they were headed for the expressway. We'll be lucky to catch them in this thing, though."

"At this point, it may be our only chance."

Jeffers merged the car onto the expressway and jammed his foot on the accelerator, doing his best to make up for lost time.

*Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1* *Bullet* *Shield1*

Sarah began to stir as Max drove the car toward the new safe house. She awoke with a start as she realized they were well outside the city limits.

"Where are we?" she demanded. "Where are you taking me?"

"It's okay," Max replied. "I'm going to keep you safe."

"But from what?" Sarah insisted. "You still haven't given me any answers."

"Those will come in time. But for now, I need to get you to the new safe house."

"No!" Sarah cried, grabbing the wheel. "Not until you tell me about what's going on!"

Max fought to keep control of the car as Sarah frantically fought against him. He managed to hold her at bay, but he could only hold her off for so long before she would just refuse to cooperate at all. She was stubborn that way, as Max was beginning to learn through their courtship. She wasn't the type of person to just accept something on blind faith, which made keeping her safe significantly more difficult.

"Okay," he said, finally getting to a point where he could keep one hand on the wheel and one hand on Sarah's shoulder, pushing her far enough back that she couldn't grab it and force the car to dangerously veer off the road. "I'll tell you if you promise to calm down."

"Tell me now and not at some unspecified point in the future?"


That seemed to calm her, and Sarah settled into the passenger seat, looking at Max expectantly.

"Okay," he said, taking a deep breath. "Here's what I can tell you..."
"....first of all I guess I should identify myself. My name is not Max. I am Jason Campeau. I work for an organization you may have heard of. I am a agent for the Secret Intelligence Service. We are also known as MI6." confessed Max or now Jason.

"MI6! Isn't that British. You don't have an accent. You don't sound British." countered Sarah.

"Yes you are correct MI6 is the British foreign intelligence service. I myself am a Canadian by birth. But we are trained not to have an accent. But give me a few minutes and I think I will be able to quell any fears you may have. I will explain what I can and then you can ask me whatever questions you may have."

"I am an agent on an assignment to infiltrate a group of people who are working in drug company. While the company is a valid business there is an offshoot of people who have been working in the company and are making some very dangerous drugs. Drugs which could make a great many people sick. The drugs may even cause the death of many unsuspecting people".

"This group has been stock piling this drug without the security departmenr at the company knowing anything. In my position of a drug representative for that company I have been monitoring their activities and we are waiting until they have completed their work and then our team is planning on swooping in and taking them into custody and taking the drugs so no one will get hurt."

"As you can see we have employed quite a bit of support for this operation. Your own countries organizations are connecting with us and supporting our work here. The team that stopped that car thas was following us was from the FBI. Melanie who you heard on the intercom works for the CIA" Max continued.

We are now headed to a safe house which is about fifteen minutes ahead of us. You will stay there until we close in on these bad guys and then you will be free to resume your normal life" Max finished his comments as a taxicab drew along side of them.
Max hit the brakes and his car dropped back just as gunfire erupted from the passenger window of the taxi.

Bullets ripped across the hood of the sports car.

"Is that Jeffers?" Sarah asked as she glimpsed the driver of the taxi. "The private investigator slash FBI guy?"

"It would appear so, yes." Max replied.

"So why is the FBI shooting at us if we're all on the same side against this drug company?"

"Well..." Max trailed off as he noticed steam starting to spill out from under the hood of the sports car. "Remember back when I said I was MI6?"

"You mean when you told me that like sixty seconds ago?"

"Right. Well, as it turns out... I'm really more of a 'former' MI6 operative. What I'm doing for the drug company isn't technically sanctioned by any government."

"So as far as anyone else knows, you're an employee of the drug company."

"Yeah, that about sums it up."

Sarah rolled her eyes as Max continued to struggle with a car that was quickly losing power. Whatever the bullets had ripped into under the hood had rendered the car basically useless and Max muscled it over to the side of the road.

As it rolled to a stop, the taxi screeched to a halt up ahead and started reversing back toward them.

"Great. What are we going to do now, Max... or Jason... or whatever your name is? Any bright ideas?"
Jason reached across Sarah's lap and opened the glove box. Insde of the glove box was a small panel with four buttons. He pressed the first button and a double flame thrower erupted from the front of the car. The taxi halted again and the two occupants physically ejected themselves from the now burning vehicle.

Pushing the second button the roof of the small sports car shot off the fell to the rear.

The third button started to glow and pulse with a low hum. When the hum became a full tone and the button stopped pulsing and became a solid red colour Jason pushed it and a metallic grinding filled the air,

Pushed the last button which was coloured green and suddenly the entire interior of the car was thrust into turmoil.

The action flung Sarah to the left and then back and forth.

With the dust and sudden movement of the air Sarah was not quite able to grasp what was happening. The force of movement had forced the breath from her lungs so she was unable to speak or even recognize what was happening.

Sarah was dazed but soon recognized she and her immediate surroundings were moving. The wind blew her hair into her face so it wasn't possible for her to actually see what was happening, but she knew by the motion that somehow she was flying.

Getting a grasp of herself Sarah pulled her hair into a know so she could see what exactly happening. She realized she was sitting in a two seat ultra light aircraft.which was being propelled by a small engine sitting directly behind her. Below her the flames of the burning taxi and remains of Jason's sports car which was now merely a shell.

Jason guided the ultralight away from the highway and off over a wooded area. Then just ahead of them was a large house with an open area behind it. Jason started into a landing pattern onto the open area.

Piloting the craft expertly into a landing Jason flipped a switch and cut the engine.

"What was it you were asking my dear" Jason responded with a smirk.
Sarah slapped Max across the face. Hard.

"What was that for?" he demanded.

"Don't ever do something like that again without telling me first!" she shouted.

"The theatrics aren't helping our cause," he said, removing a handgun from a shoulder holster. "You should get inside while I secure the perimeter."

There was a rustling in the bushes and, in a split-second, Sarah grabbed the gun out of Max's hand. Before he could protest, she fired three quick shots into the woods. The shots were followed by the sound of loud thumps as three very heavy somethings hit the ground. Sarah strode toward the source of one of the thumps, which was now making an odd gurgling noise.

"What the hell are you doing?" Max asked, tagging along behind her.

At the edge of a clearing, Sarah came across the source of the gurgling, a man dressed in black fatigues, clutching a hand to his throat to stop the bleeding where one of Sarah's shots had grazed him. A few yards to either side were his very dead teammates.

"Holy hell," Max said. "How did you do that?"

"I think maybe it's time we have a little talk," Sarah said, motioning him into the house with the gun as the third man gurgled his last gurgled and died right there in front of them. "Why don't we go into the house?"

From the way she was pointing the gun at him and the skill with which she had dispatched three men just moments ago, Max figured he didn't have much of a choice.
"Turn around" she ordered as she brandished the gloch in his face,

Max wisely did as ordered. Sarah grabbed his wrists and quickly applied a pair of thumb cuffs which disabled Max. She then searched him taking his cell phone, spare magazine for the gloch and his identification.

"How many people waiting inside the house?" Sarah asked.

He didn't respond so Sarah became very unladylike. She lifted her knee in a quick jerk and forced a painful knee to Max's crotch. He doubled over in pain.

"Three or four, I'm not sure" Max grunted in pain.because of Sarah's aggressive action.

"I know you are not MI6 any longer. Nor are you FBI or CIA. So time for you to start talking and no more of those lies." she warned.

"I work for the chemical and drug company.". Max confessed. "I had worked for MI6 but when Allied Chemical made me an offer I took a contract with them."

"Keep going. Tell me more." Sarah prompted.

"Allied Chemical makes some special drugs. They are providing some special drugs for the military. There have been someone trying to get into those files. I was trying to find out who. That is why my story about being a salesman for the drug company." Max confessed.

"Thank you for finally telling me the truth" Sarah said

"So who are you" Max asked. "With shooting like that you work for someone."

"Let me introduce myself, Captain Sarah Ferguson. I work for Military Intelligence.

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