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An immortal human works at a Summer Camp for giant monsters. Keep it friendly.
[Introduction] Note: This was supposed to be an interactive story but due to events beyond my control, this will have to do. This is the story of Edgar Hofferson, a human living on the outskirts of Horrorville, a big city in a world of giant monsters based on the creatures of myths and legends. While most humans would wind up as monster food, Edgar had a spell cast on him that made him incapable of meeting an unnatural death; unable to be crushed, able to regenerate outside a predator’s body after being dissolved by stomach acid and able to regenerate severed limbs among other things. Edgar works at Camp Darkly, a summer camp for monster girls. However, while Edgar has nothing to worry about predators, he has a large group of female monsters who consider him attractive and are out to make him their boyfriend by any means necessary. Here’s to a rough summer. Thanks to Anonymous One for the idea.

Mountain Regulars

Friend Monsters

Nadine Hofferson
Species: Nidhogg
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A brown-yellow skinned dragon resembling a winged tyrannosaurus with rock-like lumps all over her body. She has dark gray hair with tusks braided into the sides and a ponytail.
Nadine is Edgar’s adoptive mother and the sorceress who cast the spell on him to make him immortal.They say she’s related to the original Nidhogg in Norse mythology. While Edgar and Nadine love each other dearly, Nadine is constantly bugging Edgar to settle down with a female monster and is determined to get him hitched if she has to find him a wife herself.

Sora Hofferson
Species: Wyvern
Height: 750ft
Appearance: A gray skinned and pear shaped dragoness resembling a purple winged pterodactyl with pointed ear-like horns with hair and a large snout filled with sharp teeth. Has a long tail ending in an arrow.
Originally appearing in Monster Slopes, Sora is in actually Edgar’s adoptive older sister. Though Sora and Edgar never had much of a rivalry, Sora has a habit of teasing her younger brother, mostly by using him as a seat cousin. She still works as a photographer for a magazine, but she comes up once a week to visit her mother and brother.

Miranda Howler
Species: Werewolf
Height: 800ft
Appearance: An obese werewolf with glowing yellow fur and golden brown hair that covers her left eye. Miranda always wears a red hood over her head.
Miranda is Edgar’s best friend and the art counselor at Camp Darkly. She’s Edgar’s most common partner and usually carries him on her shoulder. However, Miranda loves to chomp on humans and tends to eat Edgar when she gets hungry enough. She’s also one of Lupa’s many cousins.

Gia Starking
Species: Bahamut
Height: 950ft
Appearance: A monster resembling an indigo skinned hippopotamus with the scaly skin of a dragon, gills of a fish on her neck and large dragon’s wings and an enormous stomach. Wears a gothic outfit with multiple piercings, one of which is on her tongue and has long black hair reaching to her rear.
Gia is a painter from Terrordale and the twin sister of Elisa of Monster Slopes. She used to be Edgar’s girlfriend for several years, but dumped him for Miranda some time ago. Edgar and Gia are on good terms, but Gia still feels guilty about what she did to Edgar and wants to hook him up with Elisa to make it up to him.

Species: Alien
Height: 380ft
Appearance: A light blue-gray skinned alien monster resembling a Xenomorph with six arms, no eyes, a skeletal tail and sharp teeth. Somewhat hourglass shaped.
Xeno is an alien that lives in the woods and only speaks in an alien language nobody can understand. She was part of a failed invasion force to Earth and was left behind by her own kind. However, she shows no hostility towards Edgar despite the fact nobody really knows much about her.


Kaylee Lee
Species: Qilin
Height: 875ft
Appearance: A light blue skinned qilin with large golden antlers and grayish pink hair with diamond marks on her body. She has an hourglass figure.
Kaylee is the head counselor and Edgar’s boss at Camp Darkly. Unfortunately Kaylee despises humans. The only reason she hired Edgar is because the camping bureau told her the camp had one less counselor than they needed at the time and she figured a human was good enough. Kaylee is very impatient with Edgar and has reality warper powers that she uses whenever she gets really mad.

Bettina Bright
Species: Brocken Specter
Height: 475ft
Appearance: An hourglass shaped rainbow colored ghost resembling a humanoid Haunter. She has no legs along with hollow eye sockets and sharp teeth and her hands aren’t attached to her body.
Bettina is the counselor in charge of campfire stories. She’s a prankster who loves to surprise and scare people, especially Edgar which is why Edgar doesn’t like her that much. However, she doesn’t hate him. Bettina drowned when she was a human and as a result is scared of water and aquatic monsters.

Odile Pogo
Species: Ogopogo
Height: 760ft
Appearance: An hourglass shaped plesiosaur-like monster with the neck and face of an eel and two bright yellow fins going down her back. From the neck up she has grayish white skin but is colored like an aurora from the neck down and has horns on her head.
Odile is Edgar’s biggest rival at the camp. She’s a counselor who thinks that humans are out to steal jobs from monsters and is paranoid that Edgar will get her fired. Despite this, she’s a hard worker who enjoys her job at the camp and legitimately cares about the campers.

Robyn Queen
Species: Hobgoblin
Height: 350ft
Appearance: A tall hourglass shaped and white skinned goblin girl with large ears and glowing purple eyes. Has long black hair with primsrose highlights and dresses in black and purple gothic lolita along with a tiara shaped like thorns. Aside from her ears and snub nose, Robyn almost looks human.
Robyn is an inspector from the camping bureau. She thinks that Kaylee has done a bad job as head counselor and is running the camp incompetently. Although Robyn doesn’t like Kaylee or most of the staff much, she honestly cares about the children and is afraid that they’ll get hurt under Kaylee’s incompetent eye. She doesn’t hate humans, but believes them to make better pets than they do laborers and considers it unfair to the humans to assign monster jobs to humans. She even keeps humans as pets back home.

Tricia LeFay
Species: Chimera
Height: 895ft
Appearance: A gigantic obese gold furred lioness with long brown hair. She has leather wings on her back along with two extra heads, one being the head of a white goat and the other being the head of purple cobra. For clothes, she wears a bikini made out of dinosaur bones.
Tricia is a rival sorceress of Nadine’s and her most hated enemy. Tricia despises Nadine so much that she casts cruel spells on Edgar whenever she sees him just to annoy her. She is also extremely territorial and doesn’t like it when people get too close to her hovel.

Wanda Oldman
Species: Vampire
Height: 575ft
Appearance: An obese hot pink skinned vampiress with black hair worn in a ponytail with pink stripes in it. She wears a reddish pink Gothic Lolita outfit with a white skirt, pink fishnet stockings and high heeled black boots. She’s recognizable by the red monocle over her left eye. Wanda carries around a black umbrella with bat’s wings that protects her from the sunlight. She mainly gets around by levitating off the ground.
Wanda comes to the riverside to go fishing. Unfortunately for Edgar, she loves to eat humans and thinks they make excellent bait. Because of Edgar’s regenerative powers, Wanda sees him as an infinite source of food and bait to catch fish and has already made prey of him hundreds of times to his annoyance.


Janet Maza
Species: Gargoyle
Height: 825ft
Appearance: A red skinned gargoyle with long purple hair worn in a ponytail reaching down to her butt. She has leather wings with a lizard like tail and two small horns on her forehead. Janet is the most pear-shaped of the suitors.
Of all the counselors, Janet is the most mature and responsible. The gargoyle girl loves children and hopes to be a mother one day. She is also the suitor of Edgar’s closest to winning and is considered the most beautiful monster in Horrorville. Janet is the younger sister of Petra from Monster Arms and Roxy from Monster Slopes.

Skyla Laird
Species: Kappa
Height: 735ft
Appearance:A kappa resembling a hawksbill sea turtle. She has yellow green skin with reddish brown spots and a large shell on her back. She also has long green hair with yellow highlights and a dome on her head filled with water. Skyla is very apple shaped due to her appetite.
Skyla is mainly in charge when it comes to aquatic activities. She also used to babysit Edgar for Nadine so he’s known her for a long time. Now that you’re working at the camp, she’s become one of many female monsters attracted to Edgar. Skyla also has a large appetite and will eat what other monsters would rather avoid, though it’s clear she’ll eat anything if it’s on a pizza. Skyla likes to keep Edgar on the neck hole of her shell or in the dome on her head.

Dolly Fleece
Species: Weresheep
Height: 655ft
Appearance: A giant and fat weresheep girl with golden wool over her body and silver horns that curve downwards. Mainly wears a pink version of the standard counselor uniform with bedazzles.
Of all the counselors and Edgar’s suitors, Dolly is the most girly girl of the bunch. In fact, she’s the one who designs the camp uniforms. While weresheeps usually eat humans, Dolly was raised by humans and is completely harmless. It’s believed that her human parents live with her in her cabin. Despite being one of the nicer monsters, Dolly doesn’t get along well with Miranda.

Nathalie “Nat” Hawthorne
Species: Jack O’Lantern
Height: 565ft
Appearance: A chubby apple shaped blonde haired girl with a large white pumpkin for a head.
Nat is a hyperactive and optimistic counselor who’s very popular with all of the campers. She’s one of those girls who always looks on the bright side. She’s one of those people who’d look for any excuse to party hardy and likes to plan fun activities and festivities in advance. Nat has such a huge crush on Edgar that she’s already started to make plans for a wedding dress.

Venus Leelander
Species: Manticore
Height: 765ft
Appearance: A giant overweight purple skinned manticore with pink hair and with white streaks and two leathery wings growing out of her back and four horns on her forehead. She also sports a scorpion’s tail and three sets of sharp teeth.
Venus is the camp cook and the most tomboyish of Edgar’s stalkers. Despite being a manticore, Venus is unable to eat humans due to them upsetting her stomach and instead is very affectionate towards Edgar and always offering him food. However, Venus is oblivious to the fact that she’s an incompetent slob incapable of making anything that tastes good. She was hired by Kaylee after the cafe she worked at was shut down by the health department.

Heloise Baskerville
Species: Hellhound
Height: 800ft
Appearance: A giant and fat black furred dog with a huge protruding stomach. Heloise has long bright red hair with horns where her ears should be and a devil’s tail.
Heloise is a petty criminal sentenced to work at Camp Darkly for community service. Unlike the other counselors, she doesn’t care much for being at the camp and is apathetic about being a good influence on the children. However she loves Edgar. But Edgar hates working with Heloise because Heloise keeps him in a small purse whenever he works with her.

Martha Tortue
Species: Tarasque
Height: 735ft
Appearance: An obese monster resembling a black tortoise with six arms, red stripes on her body and the face of a lioness with reddish brown hair. Wears a pink nurse’s outfit is attached to the front of her shell somehow. She has a large stomach and spikes covering her shell.
Martha is the camp’s nurse in case anyone gets hurt. However, she has a short temper and has little patience when her patients don’t cooperate. She has a crush on Edgar and like many female monsters Edgar knows, she wants him all to herself, to the point where she’s hostile towards the other counselors. Martha also holds a grudge against Janet because she lost to the gargoyle in a beauty pageant a few years ago. Speaks in a slight French accent.

Elisa Starking
Species: Bahamut
Height: 950ft
Appearance: A brown skinned bahamut similar in appearance to her sister Gia down to her breast size, but with a much larger stomach and long dark blue hair reaching down to her enormous rear. Almost always wears a red scarf and red-orange jacket.
Like Sora, Elisa originally appeared in Monster Slopes as a friend of Stephen. She recently started work at camp to have a steady job when she can’t work at Grimmsly Lodge in the winter. Elisa is usually calm and composed but she breathes out fire when aroused or angered. She’s developed a crush on Edgar but most of the other suitors are against it because of her being from Terrordale.

Desiree D’Vour
Species: Wendigo
Height: 850ft
Appearance: An obese white furred monster resembling a yeti but with sharp claws on her hands and feet, sharp fangs, blue curved horns and a long furry tail. Wears blue lipstick and a black ranger’s outfit with a blue tie.
Desiree is a forest ranger who patrols the woods on a regular basis. However, she abuses this position to hit on Edgar. Her strategy for trying to seduce him is to swallow him whole and keep her prisoner in her belly until he agrees to go out with her. Despite her crush on Edgar, Desiree has no qualms on eating humans, if only because that’s how her species was created.

Celadon Hase
Species: Bixie
Height: 880ft
Appearance: A fat gray skinned lioness made entirely out of stone. Celadon wears a pair of thin glasses and has wings on her shoulders with gray hair the same color as her skin.
Celadon is a florist who comes to the woods to pick flowers for her shop. Like most monsters, she flirts with Edgar on a regular basis. However, this is mainly because she’s been very lonely since her human husband passed away several years ago. Celadon’s daughter Nala is a camper at Camp Darkly and is trying to hook Edgar up with her mother.

Fay Kong
Species: Flying Monkey
Height: 650ft
Appearance: An overweight purple furred monkey with white feathered wings. Mainly wears her hair in dreadlocks with an orange cap.
Fay is Nadine’s assistant and an apprentice sorceress who’s known Edgar for years. While loyal to Nadine, Fay is headstrong when it comes to certain magic spells and more than once, she’s messed with some potion or incantation she shouldn’t have. However, she is very affectionate towards Edgar and hates competition.

Katrina Irving
Species: Dullahan
Height: 700ft (Body), 50ft (Head)
Appearance: A pear shaped and tan skinned girl with rose colored hair. Being a dullahan, she carries her severed head around like a basketball most of the time and always wears a white suit of armor.
Katrina is another apprentice to Nadine, however, she specializes in sculptures. Normally she’s very stoic but gets excited when she sees Edgar and loves to smother him against her body. She doesn’t get along with Fay much for obvious reasons.

Dixie Eastman
Species: Mock Turtle
Height: 725ft
Appearance: A heavy set and golden skinned monster resembling a snapping turtle with the head, udder and tail of a cow. Has long golden blonde hair and a mole on her chin.
Dixie is Tricia’s apprentice who secretly has a crush on Edgar. Dixie acts friendly and hospitable towards Edgar when Tricia’s not around, but when Tricia shows up, Dixie is mean and tortuous to Edgar to the point of eating him in order to avoid getting in trouble with her boss. Speaks in a Texan accent.

Circe Bacon
Species: Wereboar
Height: 685ft
Appearance: A huge monster resembling a crimson warthog with long black hair. Circe dresses mainly in a manner similar to Wonder Wonder, minus the tiara and is easily recognizable by the star shaped tattoos on her thighs.
Unlike Venus who couldn’t cook a decent meal to save her life, Circe is a gourmet chef of a high class restaurant in Horrorville. She comes to collect ingredients from the forest and swamp area and has been known to give her cooking to Nadine and Edgar as something of a bribe. Circe lives on the first floor of the Monster Arms apartment building.

Fanny K. Stein
Species: Frankenstein
Height: 800ft
Appearance: An obese patchwork style creature with skin of contrasting patches of green shades. She has long black hair with two white lightning bolt like stripes in it reaching down to her large rear. Fanny has standard bolts in her neck and a mechanical right eye. She also has wires connecting from her neck to her upper back and several diodes sticking out. She also has a stomach big enough to rival Elisa’s.
Fanny is Sora’s best friend and a plus sized model who comes to the mountain on occasion. Incredibly vain but otherwise nice. Fanny is yet another of the girls who’s attracted to Edgar, yet Edgar is afraid of. While she’s nice and sweet, Fanny has a darker side and can be downright psychotic at times. She squished her last human boyfriend for cheating on her.

Lucy Monstro
Species: Landshark
Height: 850ft
Appearance: An obese humanoid great white shark with long red hair reaching to her rear. Mainly dresses like a treasure hunter.
Lucy is a treasure hunter who comes to the mountain because she heard of a fortune in stolen jewels from one hundred years ago hidden somewhere in the mountain, but she has yet to find it. The only thing Lucy loves more than gold and jewels is Edgar because he’s the first human she ate that survived it, leading her to believe he’s her soulmate. Despite this, humans are her favorite food and she’s been known to swallow ocean liners.

1. This is a fantasy only story so no human giantesses, no mecha giantesses, no mutates. Xeno is the sole exception because she doesn’t even look humanoid and because it’s funny.
No Nightmare giantesses. Chihiro is especially not allowed in this story. She’s overused and overpowered. No offense to her creator.
No toilet stuff. I hate it.
The minimum height for adult monsters is 300ft. The maximum height for child monsters is 150ft while the minimum is 100ft
No swearing. There are children present for crying out loud.
Also, nothing sexual in the campsite or in this story in general. There are little girls present. Think of the children.
Only adult monsters can flirt with/stalk Edgar. Don't be gross
Be descriptive and keep the characters’ personalities consistent with their description. Don’t make them suddenly do things they’d never do.
No Ending the story.
No death and no over the top graphic violence. I want any violence that appears to either be catfights or cartoon violence, not blood and gore.
This story is canon with Monster Arms, Shores, Gaol, Tower, Slopes, Bedlam and Boondocks.
Have Fun! And try to make it funny, this is a comedy.

(This campfire was transferred to me by RedHurricane, who has left writing.com to pursue a more professional career. I will do my best to keep the campfire the way her wanted it. This story is not meant to be seen in any way, shape, or form as adult or erotic.)
A Non-Existent User
It was a surprisingly sunny day up in the mountain area around Horrorville. Horrorville was like any other big city, except the inhabitants were giant monsters the size of skyscrapers. These creatures were right out of mythology and the legends of humans from around the world. The monsters had mixed feelings regarding humans.

Some of the monsters were harmless and benign around human, while other monsters despised humans fiercely. Some monsters even openly preyed on humans. The world of the monsters was separated from the Earth of humans many centuries ago but on occasion humans found their way into this world of monsters.

This is the story of one such human in the monster world, Edgar, a human found as an infant out in the wild. The child would've surely perished if not for Nadine Hofferson, a Nidhogg dragoness who came across the child and raised him as his own. Worried for his safety, Nadine cast a spell on the child, a spell that would do nothing for a monster but would give a human immortality, nothing could kill Edgar and any time a monster would end his life, he would resurrect immediately no worse for wear.

However, as Edgar grew into a young man, he faced a problem far worse than anything a predator could throw at him. While he could survive in the wilderness easily, he found he was quite attractive to the eyes of monster girls, something that quickly became a headache for him.

Our story begins as Edgar was getting dressed for his job at Camp Darkly, a summer camp for young monster girls. He looked at his watch and let out a sigh. "Camp starts in a few days," he said. "It's not the kids that are the conflict, but my coworkers are gonna drive me crazy all summer. Every year it's the same thing." As Edgar got up, he stepped out of the matchbox bed Nadine made for him and walked out. Nadine at the time was busy washing dishes. "Mom," called Edgar out. "I'm off to work."

Immediately Nadine stopped what she was doing and turned around. "Summer already?" asked the nidhogg giantess. "Well I'll be. It's gonna be a lonely twelve weeks here without you." Nadine lowered her head and Edgar smiled and then rubbed his mother's enormous nose. "Don't worry Mom, the camp's not too far from the hovel. I'll visit you whenever I can." Nadine kissed Edgar and smiled, showing her hundreds of razor sharp teeth, but Edgar had no reason to fear them. "Well, just as long as you try to come back with a fiancee this year." "Aw Mom," groaned Edgar. "Not this again. It's too soon."

Nadine laughed and crossed her stubby arms. "Well son, if you don't pick one, I'll find a bride for you if I have to." "Yes Mom." Groaned Edgar before he jumped into Nadine's hand so the dragon giantess could place him on the ground. Suddenly Edgar heard vibrations and into the room walked one of Nadine's two apprentices. Her name was Fay, she was a giant purple winged monkey who was one of Edgar's many suitors. "Hi Edgar." Said Fay dreamily as she bent down to Edgar's level. "Oh Fay," said Edgar. "You're up early. Where's Katrina?" Fay shrugged her shoulders and then reached into her pocket before she handed a small box wrapped in a fancy napkin to Edgar.

"I figured you'd get hungry on the way to camp preparations so I made you a little something." Said the monkey girl. "Thanks," said Edgar as he put away the lunch in his backpack. "Uh, Fay, you didn't use magic to make it this time did you." Fay shook her head as Nadine stared at her. "I should hope not," said Nadine. "I don't want you messing with any of my spells when I'm not looking. As Fay laughed nervously the front door opened and reveals a pair shaped girl in a suit of armor with no head.

Well, that wasn't completely true. She was holding up her rose haired head in her hand, except it was wet, dirty and really angry. "You butt-scratching little jerk! Mistress, that dirty ape shoved my head in the gutter this morning to keep me from making lunch for Edgar." "Katrina is lying!" yelled Fay in response. Katrina glares at Fay before tackling her to the ground.

Nadine let out a sigh as did Edgar. "Well," said Edgar. "I'll be seeing you. Mom, make sure those two don't kill each other while I'm gone. I've got to meet Miranda at the crossroads." Edgar walked up as Nadine waved goodbye to him all while her apprentices were fighting in the background.

Edgar knew it was a long way to Camp Darkly from the hovel, especially for such a tiny human but he's used to the treacherous terrain by now. Before Edgar walked out, he saw the large wyvern statue in the garden and bowed to it out of respect. That statue used to be his father, a wyern who was Nadine's husband, but he had been murdered by a gorgon when Edgar was only a child.

The next step before Edgar could reach the camp was to cross a bridge across a large gap connecting the two mountains. At the front of the bridge was a vicious Midgard serpent waiting for him and hissing. The wild animal would've attacked, but Edgar was used to the pests by now and all it took was a nasty glare to scare the snake monster away. "This is where Miranda was supposed to meet me," said the young human as he begun to cross the bridge. "I hope she already had breakfast. I'd hate to go to work smelling like wolf spit again. Well better just sit here and wait."
Edgar heard and felt the ground shake, and Edgar, figuring it was Miranda, turned around and saw himself facing a set of giant paws.

"Heheheh....hello, my sweet small-fry!"

Eggar looked up and paled, standing before him was't a werewolf, but a giant and fat black-furred dog with C-cup breasts and a huge protruding stomach. Heloise has long bright red hair with horns where her ears should be and a devil’s tail.

Heloise Baskerville, the 800-foot Hellhound.

Heloise smirked, her tail wagging as she leered down at the human, smirking. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the small coin purse she kept him in whenever Edgar worked with her and she hand-paw swooped down and closed around him and she laughed as she brought the struggling human she was crushing on to the purse and dropped him into it. Zipping it closed and pocketing it, the Hellhound spun on her heel and went back towards the camp. Now she just had to last throughout the day without the other counselors from finding her out.

As for Edgar, he had nothing to do but be bounced around inside the purse by her movements while Heloise checked who she was going to be working alongside today and groaned aloud.

Katrina Irving, the Dullahan and the camp's "White Knight"! She didn't want to have to deal with HER! Little Miss Morality! Heloise would be lying if the petty criminal sentenced to work at Camp Darkly for community service said she didn't want to use the Dullahan's head as a soccer ball.

Heloise decided to get it over with and headed over to the sculpting area. As soon as she got there, she glared as Katrina walked up to her.

"Headless." Heloise said curtly.

Katrina bristled, but then relaxed.

Inside the coin purse Heloise had in her pocket, Edger brightened, he heard the word "headless", which was Heloise's nickname for Katrina! If there was anyone he could trust to get him out of this it was her! She was the most moralizing person at the camp! Dullahans were a race of knights, and chivalry dictated that they must always protect those who were weaker than themselves.

"Kat!" Edger shouted, praying that her head was close by so that her ears could pick up his voice.

Katrina froze and her head was whipped around by her hands. EDGER?! Where was he?! She couldn't help it...she just adored the little guy and loved to smother him against her body. Heck, sometimes she liked to carry him around on her neck and place her head on her body to make it so she was all he'd know. She loved him, pure and simple...so the fact that she couldn't hate the outer sutors that liked him bugged her. They saw what was special about him the same way she did. She couldn't hate them for that, it'd be hypocritical of her.

...Even if one of them was that overweight, poo-flinging, banana-breath. Still, Katrina and Fay both agreed they couldn't stand Tricia LeFay, mostly for always casting cruel spells on KATRINA'S Edgar whenever she saw him.

After checking the ground, Katrina's eyes widened, and she glared at the Hellhound. "GIVE HIM TO ME!" she shouted, having her body tackle Heloise. With it being covered in heavy armor, this was no laughing matter. Heloise was knocked on her butt.

"Are you crazy?! You could've squashed him!" the canine monster snapped furiously. Seeing how the Dullahan lept back and away as if she were burned with an absolutely horrified look on her face, the crook got a real nasty idea. Reaching into her pocket as she stood up, Heloise found a small tin of red liquid foundation and got some on her fingers before raising the red-stained fingers to show the other monster-woman and made a show of looking horrified.

"NO!" Katrina shouted.

Seeing Katrina fall to her knees, Heloise inwardly snickered. If all went well, Edger would be all hers for good by the end of the day.

Question was, did Katrina buy the ruse or would Edger blow it and cause the Dullahan to take him from her?
Heloise silently celbrates her victory while Katrina laments her poor Edgar. All is going according to plan so she decides to get out of there while she can. She's almost in the clear when Katrina hears a faint voice. "Hey! Katrina!" it calls out. The dullahan stops her tears for a second and looks up at Heliose, specifically at her bag. "Wait a minute, Edgar's immortal!" she remembers. Thinking quickly the hellhound rushes in and kicks her head before her body can react and it tumbles away. "Hurry up! Come and get me, she has Edgar!" she yells to her body. As the body scrambles to get its head Heloise beats a hasty retreat. "Don't worry Edgar, I won't let anyone take you." she says while peering in the purse. Edgar groans and tries to hold on while she runs. Its not like this is anything new. All of the girls have hoarded him at least once. Nat had him in her Jack O'Lantern head one time, Dolly had him trapped in her wool for a while, and even Janet wouldn't let him out of her boobs one time. All he can do now is wait for something to happen.

When Heloise stops running she opens her purse and pulls him out. "Okay Edgar, I think we should spend a nice day together." she tells him. "Look Heloise, you're...nice, but somebody's gonna find me. Miranda's probably looking for me right now." you tell her. "Then its a good thing we'll have some privacy." she says. "Today I have to gather pinecones for Miranda's crafts session, so we'll be in the woods all alone." Miranda handles any arts and crafts activity, and she's very good at it. Too bad she probably won't get her supplies since Heloise is responsible for it. She doesn't really care about her duties at the camp since she's not here by choice. She probably would have blown it off and took a nap, but now she'll just use it as an excuse to have you to herself. Hopefully you can keep her focused enough to get the job done.

"First I need some stuff." she says and goes to her cabin. She sets the bag down and rummages through her bags. She bends over while doing so and you get a good look at her butt. Its pretty nice and her tail wags as she thinks about her day with you. You stare for a moment and then realize this is your chance to escape. You try to hop out of the purse and run away but two claws grab you. "Ah ah ah." Heloise says. "You're mine for the day, so stay put." she says with you at her face. "Trust me, its going to be a HOT day." she blows a little flame out of her mouth with that statement that comes dangerously close to you. She doesn't hurt you but, like all the girls, she knows you're immortal. They wouldn't want to hurt you, but know its not a big deal if they do. "Now in you go." Heloise says and puts you back in the purse. You see she's gotten a sack for the pinecones and some drinks for this little outing. You suspect its alcoholic. She's already gotten in trouble because its against the rules to have alcohol here, but you doubt she cares.

Heloise makes her way to the woods with you in tow. She hums to her self and scratches your head gently as she walks. When she stops she starts gathering the pinecones. You once again make a break for it but she's on to you. "Here, why don't you help?" she says and places one of them on top of you. It doesn't crush you, but you can't move. "Come on, I'm doing this for you." she says. "I'll get these for those brats. You want that right?" It is true. The kids love arts and crafts. You stop struggling to give her time to finish. She may be doing it for something in return, but at least she's capable of good deeds. There might be some hope for her yet.

Soon your pinecone is lifted and so are you. A huge tongue hits you and licks you over and over again. "I love you so much, and your so tasty!" Heloise says. Then she puts you between her furry boobs. "Is that better than my purse?" she asks. It definitely is but once she leaves she'll put you back in the purse. She always does. Suddenly there's a sound a little ways away and Heloise looks over. "Damn! Its that park ranger!" she says. Desiree! She's the wendigo park ranger. If she finds you she'll take you for herself, so this doesn't exactly help. Heloise turns quickly to leave and drops a pinecone. She grabs it in haste but bumps into someone. It turns out to be Celadon, the stone lioness. She must be out here gathering flowers for her shop. As both of them collect themselves you wonder if Celadon will notice you in Heloise's boobs.
From your furry prison you watch as Heloise smacks into Celadon and tumbles backwards to the ground, as the Stone Lioness turns to see who just ran into her, completely unaffected by the impact. "Watch it, rock brain!" barks Heloise, dusting herself off and groaning. "Sorry...won't happen again." replied Celadon timidly. Celadon was not one to start a problem, and would more often then not take the blame for mistakes, if only to keep anything bad from happening. Being made out of stone, she really has no reason to take that sort-of abuse, and you often wonder why she does. Maybe she's just naturally a nice person.

As Heloise picks herself up off the ground, you suddenly catch Celadon's eye. You figure she's going to say something, but Heloise suddenly turns to leave with a huff, Celadon not saying a word. Maybe it was just her non-confrontational nature, or maybe she didn't like dealing with Heloise, even if it was for you. Heloise walks for a little bit, checking behind her every so often to see if the ranger followed her. Then, with the coast clear, you're suddenly plucked out from between Heloise's breasts, and held up close to her face. "That was close, Edgar. Either one of those girls could've seen you...but lucky you, I still have you all to myself." she says with a grin. You're about to tell her that Celadon did see you, but hold your tongue. That'd only make her more protective of you. Maybe Celadon will tell the other girls, or the park ranger...

With a zip, she opens her tiny purse, and you were once again plunged into darkness as it closed behind you, leaving you trapped again. If Edgar had lived in the human world, he would've thought it ironic that the human was inside the dog's tiny purse, and not the other way around, but the joke was lost on him. Deciding to just sit back and enjoy the uncomfortable ride, he closed his eyes. Escaping the purse was impossible; He'd tried before. For a tiny purse, it was shockingly secure. Only now you had another question on your mind...where was this Hellhound taking you? She was supposed to be picking up Pinecones...and you sincerely doubt she'd picked up more than a handful.

After who knows how long, the large zipper suddenly opens once more, and you're greeted with the grinning face of the pudgy hellhound from before. "I know I'm supposed to be collecting Pinecones, but there were too many people there. One of them might've seen you! But we're talking about bratty campers, they can live with a dozen pinecones." You sigh. Miranda wouldn't be pleased. But as much as you wanted to tell off Heloise, you were sort've at her mercy, as much as you hated to admit it. At least until someone else comes along.

To your surprise, Heloise doesn't grab you and pull you out of the bag. Instead, she walks away. Puzzled, you climb up to the edge of the bag, just in time to see her close the door to her cabin. Oh no. You knew she majorly slacked off...hell, you expected it. But you'd atleast hoped you'd be in the woods or something while doing so, so that way someone would find you. Not her cabin. She turns to face you, and your heart sinks. This was going to be hell...no pun intended.

"I'll be right back, little guy! I have to take care of something real quick before we can 'hang out', alright?" she said, walking out of the room. Now was your chance! Pulling yourself out of the purse and plopping down on coffee table, you take stock of your surroundings. The door was, all things considered, quite close to you. If you could get off the coffee table, you could make a break for it, and squeeze under the door. Rushing forward with the plan in mind, you barely notice the edge of the coffee table as you fall off, falling several hundred feet before meeting a grim death on the ground.

...before regenerating, taking a few moments to recover, and running again. Man, that was useful. It gave you a leg up in the monster world, at least. As you reach the monolithic door, with no hope of opening it, the gap underneath is a little small...but you could probably squeeze through. Prepping yourself, you're about to attempt to slide underneath when suddenly a deafening knocking sound reverberates through the door, practically knocking you off your feet. You barely have time to react as the door opens, swinging no more then a few inches above you, as you look to face whomever opened the door, realizing that it's...
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You look ahead and see what looks like a pair of hooves attached to a pair of thunderous thighs covered in gold wool. You look up to see the massive form of Dolly Fleece, the weresheep counselor of cabin 3. You let out a groan because she's yet another of the stalkers. Personality wise, Dolly was every girly girl who played with dolls and make-up when she was a kid, but with the twist that she was a 655ft omnivorous sheep. You have to cover your eyes as the sunlight shines off of her uniform since it's covered in bedazzles. You remember Kaylee throwing a fit until Janet pointed out it wasn't against the rules for Dolly to modify her uniform. But what was Dolly doing in Heloise's cabin.

The sheep giantess lets out an annoyed bleat. "I must be a complete idiot. Letting that irresponsible hellhound borrow my sweater, three months ago. I know she has it here somewhere." Dolly starts looking through Heloise's drawers and shakes her head, giving you a clear few of her golden woolly butt in the process. You have to admit, she was beautiful, even with her horns and wool. Ironically, weresheep were in the top ten most dangerous monsters to humans. Dolly however was raised by humans so she'd never think of devouring one. You heard that her human parents live with her in her cabin, but you've yet to meet them.

As Dolly gets up, she reaches into Heloise's drawer and takes out a pack of cigarettes. "I knew it," she says with a smirk. "Ooh, Kaylee's gonna be real mad when she finds out Heloise has been smoking on the job again." You let out a sigh. These girls were cutthroats. They'd be friends before summer started but one step onto camp grounds and you'd have eight of your fellow coworkers fighting over you. Dolly then lets out a sigh. "I don't know why Kaylee never fires anyone though? And to top it all off, Elisa said she was hiring two new counselors. The last thing I need is more competition."

At that moment, you're about to walk away when Dolly turns and sees you. Dolly bleats happily and snatches you up as you grunt. She presses you against her cheek and smiles. "Edgar! Oh, it's been too long. I haven't seen you in days!" You let out a sigh. "Hi Dolly." You say. Dolly bleats again and then realizes something. "Hey, wait a minute. I thought that no account Miranda said she was picking you up." You roll your eyes. Even though Miranda was spoken for and was only a friend to you, Dolly didn't like her. Makes sense since Dolly's a sheep and Miranda's a wolf.

"Well," you say. "Heloise beat her to it." Dolly bites her lip. "That selfish hellhound," she says. "Hogging the hottie for herself." Suddenly Dolly gets an idea. "Dolly?" you ask nervously. "What are you... Ah!" Dolly shoves you down her pant leg and you're quickly tangled by her wool. You yell as you struggle but only succeed in getting more stuck as the weresheep walks away from Heloise's cabin.

Dolly is giggling as she passes by Odile. "I wonder what she's laughing about?" the ogopogo giantess asks as Dolly skips towards her cabin. "That's just great," you say. "Back to square one and camp hasn't even opened yet. It happens every year." Suddenly you hear the doorknob turn as the weresheep giantess is entering her cabin. What now?
You feel every step Dolly takes as she walks through the door, then you hear it close with a slam. The weresheep begins humming to herself as she walks around. Suddenly you feel something large invading your wooly prison. It must be Dolly reaching in to grab you. Two of her fingers grab your body and pull you out. She has to tug a little to get you out of her wool, as one of your legs is still tangled up and doesn't want to come loose. "Come on Edgar." Dolly says, and after one final tug she pulls you free, tearing out a small tuft of wool along with you. "I guess you just love being close to me." she says with a giggle, then spots the wool still attached to your leg. "Guess you took yourself a souvenir! Don't worry, we can make something good from it!" She pulls the wool off and sits it on a shelf. Then she walks toward the back of the cabin. "Its me guys, you can come out." she says.

You wonder who she's talking to when you see movement on a nearby dresser. There is a small cabinet sitting on top of it, and a small door on the front is opening. Out of it walk two humans, a man and a woman. "Hello Dolly!" the woman calls up. "Who's your friend?" Dolly places you on the dresser next to them. "This is Edgar. Edgar, these are my parents." she says, introducing you all. So these are her parents. You've heard rumors that they live in her cabin, guess it was true. "So this is Edgar!" her mom says. "Dolly has told us all about you!" Her father shakes your hand. "From what I hear, your quite the ladies man." he says. There's a "Hmmph!" from up above. "Well those hussies will be sorely disappointed because he's mine!" Dolly says with her arms folded. "So to what do we owe this pleasure?" her mom asks. " Well I went to get my sweater back from that lousy hellhound and I found Edgar there on the floor! I just had to snatch him up!" Dolly explains. Then she heads to the closet to put the sweater away.

As Dolly walks away with booming steps you turn to her parents. Honestly you don't really know what to say. While you grew up surrounded by monsters, you haven't actually met many humans. Its kind of strange looking someone in the eye. "Oh! We forgot to introduce ourselves!" Dolly's father says. "The names Perry, and this is my wife Shae." Shae gives you a big smile. "So I hear your parents are monsters?" she asks. "Yeah, I was adopted. My dad dies when I was little but my mom did a good job raising me." you tell her. Dolly returns and pats your head from above. "You bet she did! She raised a handsome little man!" she says. Moving on you ask some questions of your own. 'So you guys actually live here?" The two of them smile. "Yup! We stick together as a family, wherever we go!" Dolly answers. Then she opens the cabinet to reveal a makeshift house on the inside. There's a bed, dresser, sofa, and other standard furniture. "If we ever need to go anywhere Dolly just packs everything up and we're on our way. She's such a good daughter!" Shae says. Dolly smiles proudly at the praise.

"So what were you doing in Heloise's cabin?" Shae asks. "Well, I've kind of been around today and she had me before Dolly came along." you tell her. "So the ladies just can't keep they're hands off you huh?" Perry asks with a chuckle. His wife and daughter glare at him, making him go silent. This feels really weird talking to them like this. Their daughter basically kidnapped you and they're acting totally naturally. You guess thay have to be pretty chill to raise a monster. Its not that its bad either, monster girls snatch you up all the time. Its just that with the couple in front of you and the wall of wool behind, it feels kind of awkward. Suddenly you hear the cabin door open. Dolly quickly shuts the cabinet and her parents rush inside. They move fast, as if on reflex. You however, are still standing there when someone enters the cabin. Who could it be?
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To Edgar's annoyance, the person who walked in was another of his stalkers, Janet Maza. The lower half of Janet's uniform was straining against her huge rear. As she looked around the cabin, she spotted him and smiled.

"Hi, Edgar!" Janet said, walking up to Edgar. "Fancy seeing you here."

"Hey, back off." Dolly said, walking up to Janet. "He's mine!"

"Sorry, but I have just as much righ to him as you." Janet said, picking Edgar up. "Besides, we need him right now. The stove pilot light is busted and he's the only one who can fit in the stove to fix it."

Dolly frowned. "It's busted again?" She said. "We really need to get a new one."

Janet shrugged her shoulders as she plopped Edgar on her shoulder and walked out of the cabin.

As soon as the cabin was out of sight, she grabbed Edgar off her shoulder and set him on one of her buttcheeks.

"I know you'll love my sexy booty more then Dolly's wool, Edgar." She said.

Edgar sighed as he lay on Janet's butt. She sometimes did this with him. It didn't even faze him anymore. Though he did admit, Janet had a nice booty.

Suddenly, Janet grabbed Edgar stuffed him down her shirt. Edgar didn't even have time to react. Just then, he heard the voice of...
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It was the voice of Heloise. "Janet," says Heloise in a rather angry tone. "Have you seen that tattletale, Dolly? She just told Kaylee about what I was hiding and she turned my entire supply into water." Janet shook her head. "We have to set a good example for the kids, Heloise. You don't want them to wind up like you, do you?" Heloise gave a growl and then walked away. Fortunately for Janet, Heloise was so frustrated that she didn't notice the scent of Edgar. "First that sheep rats on me and then she steals Edgar from me. I'll get her for this." Janet couldn't help but laugh seeing as Heloise thought that Dolly still had Edgar in her clutches.

Of course, Janet had to stop laughing and fly in the air because Skyla was walking by. Janet gave a smirk. "Nobody knows that I'm the one with Edgar now. I'm going to keep it that way." Edgar let out a sigh. He had been through all of this before every summer since he started to work at the camp. Most men would be happy to have this much attention from such beautiful girls, but Edgar was sick of this routine and wished he could just pick one girl and call it a day.

At that moment, Janet had flown down and then taken Edgar into the cafeteria. She picked the lock with a claw since she didn't have the key. As Janet took Edgar into the kitchen, they saw that it was entirely in disarray. Venus hadn't even cleaned the pots and pans and the scent caused Janet and Edgar to gag. "Oh geez," said Edgar. "No wonder her restaurant got shut down." Janet let out a sigh. "Venus may be my friend," said Janet. "But I'm beginning to think Kaylee should hire another cook. If Robyn saw this mess, she'd have a fit." Edgar nodded his head and then walked to the stove where she placed Edgar in the pilot light.

"Well I'll be darned," said Edgar. "The stove is broken." Janet gave a scoff. "What do you expect? I'm not a liar like some other girls I can mention. You fix the stove and I'll deal with the dishes." Edgar nodded his head and started to make adjustments to the stove as Janet took to work on the dirty dishes. What made Janet different than the other girls was that she was more mature and responsible. Almost maternal, which was ironic as she was actually the youngest of three sisters. Then again, Edgar heard one sister was a cop and the other was a lifeguard, so they might have taught the red-skinned gargoyle a thing or two about responsibility.

"You know," said Edgar as he was fixing the stove. "I wonder if Circe would be interested in doing the cooking. Perhaps she can help Venus straighten up and fly right." Janet let out a sigh. "I guess. I wouldn't want to have more competition in the camp, but it would improve quality around here. We want our campers to get a decent meal." Janet finished the dishes and then saw the stove turn on before she turned it off to spare Edgar some pain. "Stove's all fixed." Said Edgar. Janet smiled and nodded her head. "Wonderful. Now, come along with me, I already talked to Miranda and we're going to be the ones to wait for the campers to show."

Edgar smiled as Janet took him in her hand and was about to leave the cafeteria when the door opened and another of the camp counselors walked in...

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