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Monsters, giantesses, and the antichrist. What could happen?
Well, boys and girls, it finally happened. HE was born. The deceiver, the Leader of the Horse Men, the Dragon, the Serpent, the one to lead us to ruin. That's right, The Antichrist is here and his name is Aaron Wormwood. But, something went wrong.

Instead of preparing the way for the final days of mankind, Aaron is having an identity crisis of sorts. Aaron is fully aware that he is the son of Satan but he doesn't want to take up the role. He doesn't understand why he has to do any of this crap. That is where Nexus comes in.

Nexus is a mansion hotel for giantess monsters, angels, demons, and everything in-between. This is the place chosen to act as Aaron's place of learning. He will interact with monsters and creatures of both good and evil to decide which path he will follow. And we will help him on that path.


Aaron Wormwood: Aaron is a seemingly normal 17 year old boy. He is however the son of Satan and the most powerful human walking the Earth. He is hansom, charming, intelligent, talented, and full of potential, just as Satan wanted him to be. But he's not sure he wants to betray mankind and lead them into the Rapture. Despite his demon heritage there is a great deal of good in him along with the evil. I'll be taking his point of view.

Aura Winters: Aura is the angel female sent by Heaven to teach Aaron how to a force for good. She stands at around 500ft tall and has tanned skin, green eyes and golden blonde hair. Her hair is cut short in the back and her bangs fall just below her eyebrows. She wears a blue shirt with jeans and sneakers. Aura is kind, generous, and more than a little arrogant. As an angel she truly believes she's always right and will become aggressive when challenged. Naturally, this is one of Izzy's favorite things to do. She hates demons and thus is unsure of how to fell about Aaron's clear goodness. When using her powers a halo and snow white wings appear on her head and back respectively.

Isabella Firehart: Isabella, or Izzy for short, is the demoness chosen by Hell to teach Aaron how to become the true Antichrist. Izzy stands at 500ft tall with pale skin and dark blue, almost black, hair that hangs down to her back. Her ruby red eyes are further intensified by the black eyeliner she always wears. She also has two bone white horns growing out of her forehead. Izzy always wears a short skirt with matching V-neck shirt of some kind along with matching shin high combat boots. Izzy is at heart a prankster and with always pull one such prank on Aura whenever possible. She is crafty, openly cocky, ill mannered at times, and cruel. She has respect for Aaron as the son of her king but what she really thinks about him and if she actually likes him is a complete mystery. When using her powers black leathery demon wings appear on her back.

Lilly Summers: Lilly is the forest fairy chosen by Earth to teach Aaron about balance. Her job is to show Aaron the balance of required evils and natural goods in the natural world and thus to find a balance of good and evil in himself. Izzy stands at 700ft tall, easily towering over Aura and Izzy. Her skin as emerald green and her rose red hair is tied up into a ponytail. Her sky blue eyes match the jeans and jean jacket she always wears for her yard work along with a pair of straw sandals. Lilly is about the most mellow person you will ever meet. Always friendly and cheerful she became friends with Aaron almost instantly. She does have nature's wrath, though. It is hard to do but when Lilly is angered she can be just as cruel and brutal as Mother Nature herself. She cares deeply about Aaron and will openly show it. Her hope is that after his training Aaron will still she her as a friend no matter what he chooses. When using her powers she grows emerald and ruby butterfly wings from her back.

Sarah Van Hellsing: Sarah is the 35 year old descendant of Vampire hunter Dr. Van Hellsing and his modern day successor. Sarah was invited by Blair personally to come and stay at Nexus and give Aaron a human point of view on things. As such, Sarah was given a ring that allows her to grow at will to match the size of the other monsters in Nexus. She normally stands 5'6 but with the rings she can reach 600ft tall. Sarah has raven black hair cut to just below her ears and striking steel grey eyes. She is very beautiful but hides a fiery personality. Sarah is a monster hunter, the greatest monster hunter alive today and as such Aaron is top on her list. She has been forbidden from harming him until such time he proves to be a danger to the human race. However, Sarah had terms of her own. A group of humans would be allowed to enter Nexus and live there with her to give Aaron a better idea of the people he would destroy if he chose evil. Blair agreed.


Blair the Were Panther Witch: Blair is a centuries old were panther that learned witchcraft early in her life. The magic somehow locked her in a half human half panther state permanently. She has the body and face of a woman but the fur, whiskers, tail and ears of the panther. Her bright green eyes are slanted like a cat's and she always has a cocked smile on her face. She stands at 600ft tall and wears black dresses with red trim and a pointed witch's hat along with high heeled boots. Blair is neither good nor evil, only a business woman. She offered to make her mansion hotel, Nexus, the site of Aaron's teaches for the soul propose of using him as a gimmick for sales. She will not hurt Aaron in anyway, in fact he amuses her greatly, but she will not hesitate to use him in some money making plan. Blair is extremely powerful in magic, possibly THE strongest, and has used that to keep the more violent monsters away from Aaron.

Maria the Gargoyle: Maria is the gargoyle co-owner of Nexus with Blair. She is even older than Blair has been the panther witch's friend almost since her birth. She stands as the tallest monster in Nexus at 800ft tall and acts as the manager of Nexus while Blair handles the money and guest relations. She has grey skin the color of stone and great wings to match. Her hair is a dull white along with her eyebrows and her eyes are a creepy reverse with the whites completely black and the pupils a startling white. She even has pointed ears. Her usual attire is a black and white maid's outfit, one that Blair had forced on her but has since become use to. Maria does not smile often but is one of the kindest and caring people around. She will give help and advice anytime some one asks for it and keeps her door always open. Aaron will often go to her with his deepest problems and Maria is happy to listen.

These are the monsters you will start out with. Remember, Nexus is a mansion hotel, a BIG one. Any monster can be in here at anytime. Every monster can change size at will in the mansion, anywhere from human sized to their maximum natural size. If you join you have to make three characters. A giantess monster of your own choosing, make her good, evil, whatever, but she must live in Nexus. Second, an enemy. You must make one character, human, monster, angel, demon, whatever, that Aaron and his friends will have to fight against. This character's motivation is yours to pick. And finally, the characters you will be playing as. I'll be taking the role of Aaron himself, and you guys have to make a human character you'll play as and live inside Nexus. This character can be anything, monster hunter, mage, priest, or a normal human that came to live there, it up to you. And you will have to find a motivation for being there. Did you come to fight beside Sarah Van Hellsing, twist Aaron for your own gain, or did you come in to teach Aaron about the human world? Your call.

I do have a few rules:
1) Don't kill off any characters without talking to me first.
2) Be creative.
3) This is a giantess monster story, no male giants
4) Everyone will have 1 week to make an add or skip their turn when it comes around.

*7/2 update* The following bios are from Axel for us to use when creating our human Characters and giantess monster Characters respectively.





Powers: (If any).




Monster species:




Alignment: (Good, evil, or neutral).

Powers: (If any).


Special thanks to my good friend Axel who helped me out this thing together. Axel, buddy, I literally couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. Any questions or concerns, send me an email.
The three sat at the table in the blackness of space. Only the stars around them gave light the brightest of which had been built into the cosmic table. God, the Devil, and Mother Nature sat in an uncomfortable silence, each deeply concerned by the 17 year old boy that was the topic of their current meeting.

This boy was Aaron Wormwood, the Antichrist. Son of Satan and Prince of Hell. His birth would signal the end of the Natural order and he would grow up to lead Humankind into the Rapture. The end of Days would happen, the virtuous go to Heaven while the Sinners are trapped in a new Hell on Earth for all time. And Nature would begin again on another planet. This was the plan, the plan that these 3 beings that set up at the dawn of Man.

However, something changed. A sudden bump in the plan none of them could have seen coming. It was assumed that once born, Aaron would just grow up in Satan's image and everything would fall into place. But as it turned out, Aaron had good in him, a great deal of it in fact. Enough so that when the time came for the Rapture to begin, he refused to start on account of he couldn't figure out why he should lead mankind to ruin. And thus, the 3 beings of creation came together to solve this problem. They couldn't force Aaron to act, but the time for change was upon them and with out it everything would end.

Thankfully a solution came to them, in the form of a Were Panther in a pointy hat, Blair.

The panther witch stood before them on the great table, a mouse compared to these colossal beings. She never shown fear, only a cat's grin as she watched the 3, her plan spinning in their thoughts. It really was the only way they could resolve their problem without having to step on each other's toes and risk open war.

Finally, God turned to Blair. "Very well. We accept your plan. However, we will be adding terms of our own."

Blair smiled brighter. She knew what they were going to demand before they said it. She had wanted to suggest it from the beginning but felt it was better to let them feel like that had come up with it their selves. They have to save face after all.

Satan spoke next. "Aaron will go to your hotel for monsters and learn everything he can from both sides of good and evil. He will form his opinion based on what he learns and return after ward. But, we will provide an angel, demon, and nature beast of our own to act as his official teachers. Those are our terms."

"Of course." Blair bowed to display the needed respect to the King of Hell. "I'll set everything up right away. In a week, I'll be ready for Aaron and your guests to move it." And with a nod from the 3, Blair left for home.

Blair walked through the door that connected her hotel Nexus to the cosmic meeting place of the 3 Supreme Beings. Her partner, Maria the Gargoyle eyed her curiously.

"Hello, Maria my friend, we are going to be rich!" Blair started a victory dance at her future plans.

Maria, however, was less pleased. "You put yourself in the middle of the Antichrist meeting to make a money scheme?! Are you crazy?"

"Its the best way to make some money. You know we need it if we're going to keep this mansion hotel afloat." Blair smiled at her grim faced friend. "Think about it. The antichrist and the 3 chosen of the 3 Lords. All staying here and deciding the future of creation. Everyone will want to come here, to see the group, add their opinions, or try to influence Aaron in some way. A steady supply of customers, we'll be rolling in it."

Maria hit Blair with a stern look. "It won't be just the onlookers and fame seekers. You know as well as I that some are not happy that Aaron is around. His mere existence shows that things are about to change and some people are not happy about that. If you let them all come here to see him some will try to kill Aaron, Satan's son or not. He'll be in danger and you'll have it all fall on top of us."

Blair just cocked a grin as she sat in her chair. "Well, then. Those 3 guest better be real good at fighting. Won't they?"
I just wanted to let you all know that the following is my own honest to goodness bio. My true self. Who I really am. (Excluding powers). I know some members of the campfire wanted to know more about me. So I figured, why not insert myself into the story as a Character? However, I must warn those of you out there, in the History portion of my bio, things get a little too dark. So if you're faint of heart, I advise you to skip that part of my bio.

Name: John.

Gender: Male

Age: 24.

Appearance: I'm 6' 6''. I have white skin color. Short yet fast growing brown hair and eyes of the same color. I also wear glasses with a red and black design on the sides with lenses that also darken in the sunlight. I enjoy wearing silk or polyester clothing, but will wear other kinds of clothing if the need arises. I enjoy wearing sandals in the spring and summer times, but switch over to warm shoes when the cold winter approaches.

Personality: I consider myself to be a team player. I do my best to try and understand all sides of the story until I can come up with my own conclusion. I'm usually a very patient person, and can sometimes wait quite a long time before I get impatient. Although I do suffer from anxiety attacks from time to time, and can't handle lots of noise all at once and will oftentimes walk away from the source of said noise until I can regain my composure. I'm also a little immature I'll admit, and will act childish from time to time as well. But all around, I'm an easily likeable person.

Powers: For reasons that will be explained later on in the story, my body has been heavily reinforced and has become extremely flexible. Enabling me to survive being crushed and trampled by even the strongest of giantesses.

History: I'll tell you all this now, I haven't had a very good life in the past, but then again, i know there are others that have it much worse than me. I however, grew up with a very drunk, abusive, drug lord of a father who enjoyed beating up my mother, my sister, and myself for most of my young life.

When I was still inside my mother's womb, my father choked my mom until she fell unconscious, and just watched over my mom's body with my sister in his arms.

When I turned two, my father tried introducing me to booze and marijuana. Luckily for me however, my mom was there to save the day. Even though from her account I was chugging down the can of Budweiser like one of root beer. It was also around this time I was diagnosed with
. A disorder that effects people in many different ways. For some, it makes us unable to do some things, while others excel greatly in one or more areas. In my case, it was mostly low level stuff. Except when I would hold my breath and almost pass out, spin round and around and around and fall over, and bang my head into my pillow at bedtime. Some of these things I still do mind you. (As well as some things I haven't mentioned). I don't know why I do them, other than it mostly relaxes me for some odd reason.

Form then on to around me turning five, dad was keeping most of mother's money away from her, and therefor, form me and my sister as well. Finally one day, mom said enough was enough, and she filled for a divorce. She ended up winning when dad didn't show up for court that day, and won custody over me and my sister. But soon afterwards, dad pushed for visitation rights. And won. So once a week, he would show up to visit us at our new home. Only to beat me and my sister up whenever he thought he could get away with it. However, it didn't take long for mom to put two and two together when she saw all those belt shaped marks on our backs, and fought to take away his rights to see us ever again. And won yet again. Now rid of the biggest problem in our lives, we were ready to do whatever we wanted without worrying about the big, bad, wolf.

Much later, when I turned fourteen, my doctor just found out that my hip has been sticking out of it's socket somewhat for most of my life. Most likely from when I was born or something. And I had an operation done to put in back in it's place. As well as installing a metal plate and some screws to keep it in place. Two years later however, the plate and screws were giving me complications, and i had to have another operation to have them removed. And i also learned about a year ago that when they did the last operation, they put my hip in the wrong way. Which now causes me to trip over myself every now and again.

When i was twenty-one, my dentist screwed up my teeth by not fixing them when he was supposed to. (Instead, he thought it would be a good idea to go on vacation for two years and let my and other people's teeth fall out). It was around that time that I had to have one of my bottom right teeth removed, and five others drilled and filled because of cavities.

And just this year, I discovered that I may have what's known as Elasticity. Basically, it's the body's way of saying that I'm more flexible than most other people. So much so, that I can roll myself up into a ball if I wanted to. The only problem with Elasticity, is that it may effect my heart and could kill me if left untreated.

The only other things I can think of about myself is that I'm bi-curious, which means i don't know which sex i enjoy more. The kind with men, or the kind with women. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm still a virgin and have yet to experience sex for myself. And if someone out there doesn't like that part about me, then they can go jump off a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom for all I care. I also enjoy video games, board games, card games, etc. I got into writing a few years back. And that i would really like to get into making my own games, publish some works in the future, and would also like to learn how to paint and play the piano as well.

The following is the bio for my giantess monster.

Name: Chaos.

Monster Species: Shape Shifter.

Age: Unknown. She always changes how she looks whenever she feels like it, so no one knows just how old or young she really is. But for now, picture her looking 18.

Appearance: Due to Chaos being a shape shifter, she can change her appearance to just about anything she pleases. And in some rare cases, into whatever others want her to become. So no one knows what she really looks like. Though for now, picture her with emerald green eyes. Long, wavelike, aqua blue hair that ends just beneath her small behind. A matching dark blue swimsuit set as her choice in clothing. Long legs with cute size 10 feet in black and blue wade shoes. Each of her breasts the size of a magic 8 ball. White skin color with a bit of a tan set in. And what else is missing? Ah yes. Her height. Chaos stands in at 100 feet tall. Making her the shortest giantess monster (so far) staying at the Nexus.

Personality: Chaos is a very loving and gentle creature, being very protective of her friends and those close to her. But she can become evil minded and furious at other beings that try to hurt her or her friends. And if she or her friends are hurt in some way or another, she can sometimes become completely consumed by anger, and will rage on everything in her path. She returns to her former self only after she makes sure either she or her friends are completely safe.

Alignment: Neutral.

Powers: Chaos possesses Hydrokinesis, (the ability to control water), and some few believe this to be the reason for her shape shifting ability's. She also possesses incredible super strength and high physical durability no matter how tall or small she is. She can extend her limbs, is an expert swimmer, a skilled climber, and some even fear that she possesses the power of immortality.

History: For most of Chaos's life, she has believed that she was once a human. And that she was killed, and somehow became what she is today. For a long time now, she has been searching all over for any information and any leads that might uncover who she once was. But with little to no luck, Chaos has mostly given up on finding out the truth if there really is any.

When Chaos isn't looking for the truth about her past self, she's mostly busy playing video games and snacking on junk food. She can be very messy and often times more than a little bit childish. But she always shows her kindness whenever it's needed, even during the worst of times. Other hobbies include cos-playing, singing and dancing, spying on others, and indulging in her own (or sometimes others) sexual pleasures.

The following is the bio for the Character who try's to kill Aaron.

Name: Enoch.

Creature Type: Fallen Angel.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown. Looks to be around 20.

Appearance: Enoch has a very slim build, dark gray hair that ends at either side of his chin, but does not cover up his face, and is tied in the back so it looks like he has a small tail on the back of his head. He has dark green eyes, white skin color, and has a black wing on his left backside that's as long as he is. He sports a black shirt that has a yellow upside down cross on it, is torn at the shoulders, and also has broken handcuffs around his wrists. He has black pants that are split at the left ankle to around halfway up to his knee. He also has a long, lose, gray scarf that starts around his neck and ends at his feet. Which are also barefoot. He has a white bandage tied around his left palm, another one tied around his waist, and two more tied around his upper and lower left leg. And lastly, he has a dark chain tied around his waist just above his bandages.

Personality: After Enoch first descended to Earth, he showed a sort of child like personality. Always getting himself into trouble with the people of Earth and often times getting his friends in danger. Though it took him a while, he learned to become more mature and take a more leader like roll within the group. Though he still shows some child like aspects like lazing around and trying to get to know the people of Earth better instead of doing his job, he mostly keeps the others in line when left in charge, and always looks down on those who do sinful things.

Powers: With his powerful wing, Enoch can fly around and about with much ease. More powers may or may not be added as the story progresses.

History: Enoch was once an Angel of Heaven who fell to Earth for reasons he can't remember. Soon after his descent, he was found and taken in by a group of other Fallen Angels called The Seventh Trumpet that protect the people of Earth from the denizens of the Realm Of Darkness, and aspire to regain their wings so that they can return to Heaven once again.

About a year before current events, Enoch had to do battle with one such being from the Realm Of Darkness. Not only did he fail to kill her that day, but he also suffered from a severe form of amnesia after his encounter with her. It was only through the efforts of a group of people who, like him, had been tricked by an organization known only as, "The Contractors", (which is also a campfire I'm working on with J. M. Darkly and UltimateNeo), that they were all returned to normal. But only after his partner, John, (that's me), had signed one last contract with his Contractor to have Enoch's full memory of his life in Heaven and on Earth returned to him.

Ever since then, Enoch has been very grateful to John for returning his memory to him, and he often pays him a visit to check up on him and do favors for him as needed. (This is all yet to be explained in "The Contractors", But I feel like I should start planning out an ending to the story somewhere. So why not here?)
A Non-Existent User
Name: Bellatrix Crete

Monster species: Minotaur

Age: 44

Appearance: A middle-aged and 1000ft tall red furred minotaur with brown spots and long black hair. She is massively obese with large breasts and an udder even bigger than her head. Mainly wears a green jacket and black shirt along with a silver horseshoe necklace. Bellatrix is naked from the waist down but her fur covers her up.

Personality: Bellatrix is a paranoid minotaur who is afraid of Aaron because of his heritage and sees his existence as a bad omen. She believes he will destroy the monster world and is out to kill him by any means necessary, even if she has to swallow him whole. Bellatrix doesn’t think much of humans to begin with.

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Bellatrix has the power of clairvoyance and can see visions of events that may or may not come to pass. She also possesses four stomachs but the first one is the only one without acid.

History: On the day Aaron was born, Bellatrix had a vision that haunts her to this day, a vision that convinced her that Aaron would be the key to the apocalypse. She spent years trying to figure out what the prophecy meant when she finally found out about the demon born child. Bellatrix tracked Aaron’s location to the Nexus hotel and moved in right after he did so she could keep an eye on him. Everyday, the minotaur giantess keeps watch on Aaron ready to strike him down should he follow the path of evil.

Name: Lynda Aensland

Monster species: European dragon

Age: 77 (Looks 18)

Appearance: A titanic and pear shaped 800ft tall European dragon with green skin and a gold colored underbelly. She also has pinkish hair worn in an afro-mullet style. For clothing, Lynda usually wears a purple business suit with primrose colored fingerless gloves.

Personality: Mean, power-hungry and greedy, even by standards of European dragons. Lynda Aensland is a social darwinist of the worst level and believes that the strong must prey on the weak to survive. She dislikes any kind of competition and there is no level she won’t stood to in order to stay on top. She also seems to think very little about earth element monsters for some reason.

Alignment: Evil

Powers: (If any). Being a dragon, Lynda can breath fire, fly and is exceedingly strong, even for a monster. She’s immune to most weapons and most magic doesn’t affect her, making her more than a match for Blair.

History: Lynda is the owner of a rival hotel called Dragon Lily and she’s ruthlessly destroyed any competition the hotel has faced, with only the Nexus remaining. Blair and Lynda have been bitter enemies for years and Lynda won’t stop until the Nexus is belly-up. She knows about Aaron but cares not about his parentage and believes humans to be weak creatures only fit for food or slave labor and Aaron is no exception.

Name: Nani

Monster species: Nandi Bear

Age: 23

Appearance: A 650ft gold furred monster resembling a cross between a hyena and a baboon with a single eye in the middle of her forehead and six fingers. She has light blonde hair even lighter than her fur and wears cargo pants with a blue Hawaiian shirt.

Personality: Nani only speaks in grumbles and groans and is rarely intelligible. She loves to eat human brains but knows that Aaron is off limits. While many people assume her to be dumb, Nani is more intelligent than her grumbling would lead her to believe. Nani mainly takes Lily’s side in terms of Aaron.

Alignment: Good

Powers: Nani has the agility of a monkey and is capable of scaling walls. Her sharp claws can cut through steel. Her single eye allows her to see in infra red and ultraviolet light.

History: Nani came to the hotel three years ago after most cryptids were forced to leave the human world after it became impossible for them to stay hidden from humans. She was in grave condition from a fight with several monster hunters and would’ve perished if not for Lily tending to her wounds. Nani decided she owed Lily her life and became somewhat of a servant to her, usually when it came to Aaron. Having been used to eating humans, Lily had to make it clear to Nani to leave Aaron alone and surprisingly the Nandi Bear hasn’t gone after Aaron once.

Name: Terra

Monster species: Behemoth

Age: 150 (Looks 25)

Appearance: A 1100ft tall monster resembling a large hippopotamus with the reddish brown scaly skin of a dinosaur and an elongated tail. Terra mainly wears a red jacket with strange symbols on it, a blue loincloth and a black shirt. She has bright red eyes and large sharp teeth like that of a hippo along with a scar on her neck.

Personality: Terra is a monster who seems aloof and always keeps to herself. She seems indifferent to Aaron’s special bloodline and doesn’t like to communicate with the rest of the monsters in the hotel. Since she pays her rent faster than anyone else, Blair doesn’t complain, but Terra appears to be more than she seems because she occasionally rubs the scar on her neck as if she’s thinking about a great enemy.

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Being a behemoth, Terra has the power to generate earth shaking tremors just by taking a few steps. She is also the physically strongest monster Aaron knows and is shown to be resistant to fire for the most part.

History: Little is known about Terra’s past, but she recently moved into the Nexus hotel out of nowhere. She claims that she is looking for somebody and believes that because of Aaron, the Nexus is the perfect place to look. Both Aura and Isabella seem to know something about this mysterious guest, but both agreed not to say anything.

And now for the human character I’ll be playing as.

Name: Mr. Z (Full Name Unknown)

Age: 47

Appearance: A middle aged man around Aaron’s height with tan skin and graying brown hair worn in a ponytail with a beard. Mainly wears a black shirt and gray jacket with black jeans and Italian shoes and carries a cane with a coyote’s head at the top.

Personality: Unlike most humans, Mr. Z shows no fear of monsters. He’s the kind of person who acts friendly and pleasant, even around his enemies and never loses his cool no matter how bleak the situation. He also appears to be somewhat opportunistic and even Blair considers him to be more than he appears to be on the surface.

Alignment: ?

Powers: (If any). Mr. Z has no powers but he is said to be the smartest human alive.

History: Nobody knows Mr. Z’s true history, only that he showed up at Nexus a few days after Aaron was born. He somehow knew about Aaron and his heritage before anyone else did. Nobody knows what Mr. Z is planning, only that it’s most likely part of something even bigger.
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Name: Jack Francisco Ferdinand AKA Firefly

Age: 19

Appearance: Jack is tall, with bright orange hair and dark aquamarine eyes. He usually wears an orange t-shirt under an unbuttoned black long sleeve shirt. The black shirt has on orange stripe going down the front on his right side. The stripe goes over his shoulder and down his back. Black fingerless gloves find their place on his slim hands, with holes where the knuckles are. He also wears black jeans held up by an orange seat buckle belt with a silver buckle. The center of the buckle is adorned with a painted insignia of a firefly. Finally, Jack finishes the look with bright white running shoes with orange stitching, black soles, and orange laces.

Personality: Jack has that smiley, happy kind of personality that girls love and some guys just can't stand. He always has some sort of smile or grin on his face unless he's in some kind of fight. He's honest, compassionate, and loyal. He's always willing to help someone, even if it puts him in mortal danger. He's not someone that gets scared easily, and has a kind of honorable warrior mentality. Still, he's a funny person who most anyone would like to have as a friend. He can get into the most awkward of situations, and makes for a good laugh both on and off the battlefield. But when it comes to his allies, he never backs down or hesitates.

Alignment: Good-neutral

Powers: Jack is about 84.8% human and 15.2 % firefly fairy. Because of this, he has the ability to teleport short distances instantly. Each time he does, his body gives off a bright orange flash of light. He also retains a form of super speed, able to run at a top speed of 107.4 miles per hour. He can also jump unbelievably high. This all comes from his part-firefly fairy physiology. Jack always seems to have energy. Being part firefly fairy can do that to you. Since he's not at least 50% firefly fairy, he has no wings, nor can he summon wings. However, he is firefly fairy enough to only need about three hours of sleep. He could stay up a whole week and only look the tiniest bit drowsy.

Of course, using his various abilities, whether it's teleporting or otherwise, costs him energy. If he uses too much energy, he can run out. If he does, he needs at least an hour to restore all of it. He can fight while he recharges, but it takes at least twice as long. Still, even when he's completely drained, he's fast enough to outrun any normal human and dodge automatic fire. But, when he's out of energy, he does have a tendency to trip over his own feet. Even so, he has a lot more energy than a human. It would take a considerably long time to drain him completely. He could constantly teleport for several hours without breaking a sweat. If you want to kill him, you have to catch him first, and that is no easy task.

However, there is another downside to being part firefly fairy. Although they are physically gifted, their bodies are fragile and they can get injured quite easily. What humans would call a weak punch could easily render a firefly fairy unconscious. Even though Jack is mostly human, he still retains his firefly fairy side's fragility. He's not necessarily a pushover, but he's certainly not as resilient as the average human. If he gets hit, he usually gets hurt. Even so, most people can't lay a finger on him anyway. He's just too damn quick.

Jack is an expert gunslinger, wielding two custom hand cannons with a deadly precision. The monster handguns are modified Desert Eagles named Nina and Christina. These chrome-plated devastators have an unprecedented range thanks to extended barrels, and extra large magazines mean more bullets and less hassle. Each gun has a black grip with his firefly insignia on either side, letting anyone who crosses him know that these guns are his girls. No one messes with the girls. No one. That said, Jack sometimes catches himself calling his weapons of choice 'the girls' or 'the twins.' Sometimes he even dreams of the two hand cannons being two real human girls. He keeps the actual firearms tucked away in two black hip holsters hidden behind his black shirt.

Jack is also an expert martial artist. He is a second degree black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and proud of it. He also has a motorcycle license, and drives a beautiful black sports bike with an epic firefly vinyl. He's an excellent chef, too. And he's a good listener. He doesn't really associate with women outside of his profession. Being so young, he doesn't really have any experience with women. Well, sexual experience, at any rate. He can certainly talk to them without getting nervous. If he is nervous, he can hide it well. On top of all this, Jack is a well accomplished writer and artist, which leads me to his history and occupation. It should do well to explain his wide range of skills.

History: Jack was born in Southern California. His mother, a part firefly fairy from the Land of Sparks, married a human man with roots in Japan. He was a healthy baby boy, and was raised very well...until he turned 11.

On his 11th birthday, Jack's friends and family were murdered by a psychopathic serial killer. Jack was the only one who managed to survive. He somehow managed to tripped the assailant and steal his handgun. He only hesitated for a moment before pulling the trigger. When the police arrived, they found the remnants of a birthday massacre. The case was examined thoroughly by local police. Jack told them what happened, and he was considered innocent. Needless to say, Jack was emotionally scarred. He had killed a man just after watching his loved ones die. What the courts considered self defense, he considered murder. He vowed to devote his life to protecting people. He trained to become a bodyguard.

Within 8 years, he discovered the potential of his powers, mastered the art of gunfighting, and became a 2nd degree black belt in two variants of Jiu-Jitsu. He started out as a one-man security team for hire, but soon developed his own security company, Firefly Security. His trusted friend and sensei, Elsa Green, served as chief advisor to the company, working from behind the scenes to make the company successful.

Elsa is a plant fairy around 30 years old. She's 51.% plant fairy and 48.3% human. She can summon her wings at will and has the gift of extended life. She's a beautiful redhead with ivory skin who loves the color green and is a close personal friend of Jack's. She helped him cope with his...birthday massacre problems. She also trained him in the art of gunfighting and was his sensei.

Thanks to her, Jack became the perfect bodyguard, one who can kill to protect those who need protecting. He was hesitant to kill at first, but Elsa convinced Jack that killing is a necessary skill in the security business. Now he can kill without that hesitation. He's protected at least 15 high class targets. The 10th one gave him another, more odd assignment in addition to his regular paid protection: contribute to his biography. Soon, Jack knew the ins and outs of the English language. Elsa is also a good English instructor. Now, Jack is equipped to both protect his clients, and write their biographies. And that's exactly what Elsa's old friend Lilly Summers wants him to do...for Aaron Wormwood.

Now, why would Aaron need a bodyguard? Simple. Lilly can't be there to protect Aaron all the time. And Jack happens to share Lilly's view that, no matter which path he takes, Aaron must stop the destruction of the universe. Why would Aaron need a biographer? Well, somebody's gotta do it. Most people are too scared to do it, hate Aaron too much to do it, or aren't qualified to do it. And what could Jack, or simply Firefly, possibly get out of all of this? Next to a handsome amount of money, the chance to meet the Antichrist...and get his autograph. The signature will make the original copy of Aaron's biography authentic. So there. Now you know everything.

Jack still has a few more tricks up his sleeve. And he has a whole campfire for you to figure out what they are!

Monster Name: Honey Adams

Monster Species: Honey Wasp Demon

Age: 354

Appearance: She looks younger than she actually is. She looks like a human in her 20's, with short, bright blonde hair that's twisted into wild curls. Her skin is a dark brown, her eyes a golden yellow. She's around average human height, perhaps a little shorter...when she wants to be, that is. She also sports a proud pair of DDD breasts held back by a golden rod shirt with angular black stripes. The stripes on her shirt form arrows that point to her cleavage. It is a T-shirt, but it has a heart-shaped hole in the center that serves its purpose of revealing her breasts...just the way she likes it. Honey also likes to wear black bellbottoms and black stilettos, with a cropped black leather jacket over it all. A set of golden hoops earrings and gold eyeshadow and lipstick finish the look. She also has a nice ass. (What? Expecting something more poetic? Forget it!)

Personality: Honey is a devious seductress. She constantly steps on other people to get more power. She may seem sweet, but she's pure evil...somewhat. She may be a demon, but even to her, being evil all the time is just too much. She basically just does whatever she wants. Although, this is not always the case. Some of it is just for survival. She's not evil in a sense that she hurts other people because she wants to, but because she has to. Of course, she doesn't really care about anyone but herself anyway. So that helps. And plus, sometimes hurting people is fun for her. Why wouldn't it be? She is a demon after all. It's this selfish and devious nature, combined with her natural demon talents, that make her a great seductress.

Alignment: Neutral-evil.

Powers: You may be wondering what exactly a Honey Wasp Demon is. This particular type of demon falls into the Seducer tier of the high-class morphing demons. Seducer Demons get their power from seducing others. (No shit, Sherlock...) But, how do they do this? Well, they simply convince people to do stuff for them. Once someone does something the demon wants them to, the demon saps power from the the end result. Lower tiers of Seducer Demons can do this just by getting someone to do something stupid. A great many Youtube videos have these types of demons to thank for their relative success. Of course, higher tiers of Seducer Demons, like Honey Wasp Demons, have to get people to do...other things. Sexual things.

Honey Wasp Demons are very good at getting people out of their clothes and into bed. It's just natural talent. However, sometimes, just the sex itself isn't enough. Sexual pleasure is one thing, but Honey Wasp Demons, along with a few other Insect-Morphing Demons of the Seducer tier, need to do three things to completely sap all of the power they possibly can out of their victim. One, they need to have sex with the victim. Two, they need to break the victim's heart somehow. And three, they need to kill the victim, thus sealing the deal. Honey Wasp Demons (or, Honey Wasps if you prefer) are one of the few types of demons that need to do all three steps. They are also the only Insect-Morphing Demons of the Seducer tier that need to do all three steps in order. If they can only get two of the three steps done, they won't be able to sap all of the power they can from the victim. It gives them a real rush when they can pull off all three, but miss one, and no rush for you.

As I said earlier, Honey Wasp Demons are Insect-Morphing Demons of the 2nd Class of the Seducer tier. Of demons. What does that mean? So far, that means they seduce people for power. What do they need that power for? To morph into giant insects, of course! When Honey gets pissed, or needs to kill her victim quickly...or both, she can transform into a giant demonic wasp. When in this state, she can increase or decrease her size. Her minimum size is human height, but her maximum size is a good 300 feet tall. She can also transform into a Humanoid Wasp, not completely human, but not completely wasp either. Picture if you will a giant wasp with a human head, wasp-like eyes, two arms and two legs, wings, golden rod skin with big black stripes, and black hair resembling fire. Scary, am I right? While a Humanoid, she has a neat little trick she can use to get the edge on unsuspecting opponents. She can reach back and remove her stinger. Unlike your average honeybee, this will not ki
ll her or even hurt her. Instead, it gives her a weapon to use: The Stinger. It's an obsidian-bladed short-sword that she can wield with unbelievable speed and accuracy. It also has a habit for catching on fire. The flames, like her fiery hair, are also black. Somehow. Demons like to show off their other-worldly powers. One of them is black fire.

The one downside to being a demon is a constant hunger for power. She needs to seduce, break hearts, and kill to steal the power she needs. This power, which we humans can simply call Demonic Energy, is what enables her to transform, fly, and change sizes. It's also her life force. If she runs out, she'll return to normal size and state. If she runs out completely, she gets sent back to Hell. It's kinda hard to get back from there, even for a demon. Luckily, the higher your tier, the faster you can return to the physical world. Honey could probably come back within a month or two. Gremlins on the other hand, aren't quite so lucky.

History: Honey doesn't really have a backstory. She was born a demon and does what demons do. She has a brother. Other than that, there's nothing left to tell. She's been doing the same gig for over 350 years. Even so, that's actually pretty young for a demon. You know what demons say, "places to be, hearts to break, people to kill."

Monster Name: Gamarin

Monster Species: Giant Atlantean Turtle

Age: 790

Appearance: Gamarin is basically a giant turtle, with large tusks on her bottom jaw, and bright blue eyes. Her skin is a very dark, yet very vivid dark green color, while her shell is an ash black. Her shell is also sparsely decorated with little swirls of dark green and neon green, as well as sky blue spots and splashes here and there. Her teeth and claws are all ivory colored, and she stands at about 260 feet tall. (If you need help picturing it, look up Gamera.)

Personality: Gamarin is usually very gentle and kind, always willing to help the innocent. It's kind of her job. She is known as 'Gamarin, the Guardian of the Universe and Friend to All Children,' a title she inherited from her father. She can keep a cool head in any situation, and is very clever. She may seem shy at times, but she's very sweet and nice. Still, threaten anyone she's out to protect, and she'll quickly change her attitude toward you. She's definitely not afraid to kill, and she's very calculating and precise. She knows just what to say and when to say it, especially in battle. When she's not in battle mode, she can indeed be very shy. Even so, she can make friends with just about anyone. Hell, she's already friends with every human child on Earth! That said, she's very protective of children everywhere, not just Earth, the realm she's assigned to protect.

Alignment: Good

Powers: Gamarin inherited several different abilities from her late father, Gamera. She can breathe superheated plasma fireballs and beams. She can also absorb fire-based attacks, and convert that energy into mana, the omnipresent energy that makes up all life on Earth and beyond. She can use that extra mana to heal herself, or use it to form devastating attacks. Two of them were first preformed by her father: The Vanishing Plasma Fist, and the Ultimate Plasma Mana Cannon. With the former, Gamarin can cover her arm in super-heated plasma, and deliver a punch that can put a hole through just about anything. She can even create an arm out of the plasma if her actual arm is gone, and still have the same effect. The plasma arm doesn't last forever, though. As for the latter, the UMPC is exactly what it sounds like. Gamarin opens up her chest plates and fires a huge beam of plasma and mana. It's extremely deadly, and very hard to avoid. Also like her father, she can retract her various appendages and fly using boosters called Mana Rockets. These Mana Rockets use mana to create blue plasma fire and blast it out of where her arms and legs would normally be. There are also two panels on her shell that can be lifted up to reveal two more Mana Rockets. Using these, she can fly at mach 3 speeds and spin fast enough to use the Mana Rockets like a buzz saw, cutting through anything that gets in her way. She also has retractable elbow spikes made out of bone. They are very sharp, easily able to cut through buildings...and monsters. Well, some monsters, anyway.

Gamarin also has some unique abilities of her own. She can create mana-based weaponry, something her father could never do. Everything from swords to spears is at her disposal. She can even create Plasma Claws and Spikes by using the mana to extend her claws and elbow spikes. She can also unhinge her jaw and use Plasma Tusks. It works great for a surprise attack, since her tusks are practically useless thanks to their size. Gamarin can even use Mana Eyebeams! How cool is that! She's also well-versed in two variants of jiu-jitsu. She's incredibly agile and athletic for a turtle. Her shell is strong, and can only be pierced by the sharpest and strongest of weaponry. She can take missiles like they were nothing.

However, she cannot absorb EVERY type of attack. She's not immune to the effects of radiation, and cannot absorb anything that isn't plasma. Even if she does, she won't get any mana from it. On top of that, she's very small compared to most monsters. Even so, those are basically her only weaknesses.

History: Gamarin is the daughter of Gamera, the once great 'Guardian of the Universe and Friend to All Children.' Gamera, however, was killed by an unknown adversary from another world entirely. The Atlanteans decided to use his DNA to create Gamarin, his successor. The Atlanteans were surprised to discover that Gamarin had an above-level intelligence, and was even able to speak in just about any language fluently. It was almost as if she was human. She learned to love mankind and Earth, especially children. She's been protecting Earth from giant monsters in the Tokyo area for almost 800 years. (That's still pretty young, considering her dad died at around 150...million...)

Thanks to her connection with nature, Gamarin soon learned that the universe was at risk of coming to an end at the hands of the Antichrist. When the day came, she was ready to end her service to the Earth and its people. But...nothing happened. The Antichrist didn't begin the Rapture. At first Gamarin was confused. Then she became aware of the Antichrist's identity and situation regarding his position and heritage. She decided to do what she could to protect Aaron. Not only is he a child, but he's also the one who will eventually begin the Rapture and end all existence. Gamarin set out to got to The Nexus hotel and convince him not to destroy the world. She's on a mission to save both Earth...and the Antichrist. And she won't let anyone stand in her way.

Antagonist Name: Unknown

Antagonist Species: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Appearance: This person is affiliated with shadows. No one has seen him other than, perhaps, his friends or clan members.

Personality: Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Little is known about this person's abilities. The secrets of his clan are shrouded in mystery. Anyone who sees their true abilities...dies.

History: We know this person comes from the Naruzuka Clan of assassins. No one knows how they operate or what they're capable of. All we know is that this person has targeted Aaron. What else need be said?

Today, i was all alone in my girlfriends apartment. Laying down on the couch taking a nap. There wasn't much else for me to do. I already did the dishes, took out the trash, and pretty much cleaned the place from top to bottom. The only thing left to do now was to wait for Garnet to get back so we could have some fun. That's when i heard someone knocking on the outside window. I quickly looked already knowing who it was.

"Enoch!" I jumped up and ran over to the window to let him in.

"Hey John! What's up? How my favorite human doing?" Enoch said as he reached out with his hand and shook mine.

"Doing fine. How's my favorite one winged angel doing?"

"Pretty much the same on my end. Though I've been keeping busy with the group and all."

"How are the others doing? Last i heard they took down the hydra without even having to cut off one of it's heads."

"Yeah, that was a blast. I'm still not sure how we manged." That's when i showed Enoch over to the couch where we both sat down.

"So how are you and Garnet doing?"

"Great. Couldn't be better."

"She still enjoying herself with her power over you?"

"Yeah. And I'm enjoying it just the same. I tell you Enoch, it doesn't even feel like a contract when when it's something both you and the contractor enjoy doing."

"I just don't understand John. How can you enjoy letting her use and abuse you like that? I just don't understand any of it."

"Trust me Enoch, there are other people who would kill to be in the position I'm in with Garnet. For me, there is no such thing as a better way of life. I'm glad i met her that day she tricked you and me into signing that contract."

"Even though her contract almost killed us both?"

"Ups and downs. That's all that little incident was. One big pile of ups and downs. But in the end, it was worth it. Don't you think?"

Well yeah, but you..."

"Hey. I thought i told you not to worry about that. I signed that contract of my own free will. And the terms were fair and just for you, me, and Garnet. I'm fine with her controlling my height. She loves it when she shrinks me, and so do i. That's all there is to it."

"Yeah." Enoch said with a sad look in his eyes.

"And besides, even you have to admit that you loved it when i was tiny the last time you were over. You enjoyed playing with me whenever you got the chance."

"Hey! No i didn't! You're making that up!"

"Oh yeah? Wanna bet?" I said as i taunted Enouch up off the couch. It didn't take him long to tackle me to the floor as we wrestled each other. It was for fun though. We both knew that as we laughed our way through it all. And then i got him in a sleeper hold.

"Ack! How did you?!"

"Well Enoch? Do you admit it?"

"Alright fine! I admit it."

"You admit what exactly?" I said as Enoch started turning purple.

"I...admit having...fun with you...while you were tiny." I saw that Enoch was ready to pass out, so i let him go.

"And another win for the weakling human. I swear to God you're going easy on me sometimes."

"Well i would go all out, but I'd probably put you in the hospital."

"I doubt that. You're way too nice to do that Enoch."

"Wanna bet?" I gave him a quick look before as we both took fighting stances, waiting for the other to attack first.

"Now now boys, not in my house." We both looked to the far wall and saw a woman appear from out of thin air.

"Garnet!" I ran over to her and kissed her on the lips as passionately as i could. She was shocked at first, but returned the favor, leaving Enoch to just blush at the sight of us kissing.

"Wow. Someone really missed me, didn't they?" I nodded as i held her hands in mine.

"I did. I wanted really badly to come with you. Why didn't you let me hide somewhere on you?"

"I'm sorry John, but you know i can't bring you to work. You know as well as i do that the other contractors still haven't forgiven you and your friends for what you did to us. If they got their hands on you...i just don't know what I'd do without you." Garnet said as she started looking sadly at the ground.

"I know." I said as i frowned and held my head down as well.

"Hey, cheer up." Garnet said as she lifted my head up with just a finger.

"I've got a surprise for you. You remember that hotel called the Nexus, that place that's home to over a hundred giantess monsters?"

"Yeah?" I slowly started smiling as i realized where she was going with this.

"Well, i just won a raffle for two free gold memberships to the Nexus hotel! Plus one free year stay for two guests!" My eyes shot open when she said that. I immediately embraced her in the tightest hug I've ever given her.

"Oh my God! Thank you thank you thank you so much Garnet! I can't believe you won that contest for me! Thank you!" For a second there, i was worried i might've been hurting Garnet, but i was so overwhelmed with joy that i couldn't do anything else but hug her. At least, until i started feeling strange. I opened my eyes as i saw Garnet looking down at me on her jacket. That's when i realized that she shrunk me down to around two inches tall in order to get me off of her.

"Sorry Garnet. I guess i got carried away there." Garnet then held out a hand and brought me up to her face.

"It's alright John. I know you were just so excited from the good news that you couldn't contain yourself." I just smiled as Enoch approached us both and asked--

"Um, I'm sorry but, what's the Nexus?"

"Oh, you don't know?" Garnet asked. Enoch just shook his head as Garnet filled him in.

"Nexus is a place for giantess monsters of all kinds and sizes. It's exclusively for female monsters from Hell and the like, though sometimes male's and other creatures are allowed in as well. Such as humans and angels for example."

"So wait, you and John are going to a place full of monsters and demons? Why would you want to go there?"

"Well, i just found this out from a co-worker. Apparently, there's news of a VIP guest staying at the Nexus. And you'll never guess who it is." Me and Enoch both looked at each other for a second before asking the question.

"Well? Who is it?"

"Get this, they say it's The Antichrist himself." Then the room exploded from me and Enoch shouting at Garnet.

"The Antichrist?! You don't mean 'The Antichrist' do you?! The same Antichrist that's talked about in The Bible? The one that starts up the Rapture and leads all the pure souls to Heaven, while all the damned souls stay on Earth to rot?" Garnet could only nod as she filled us in on the skinny.

"The one and the same. However, from what i heard, he has no plans to start up the Rapture at all. From what i heard, he doesn't understand why he has to lead mankind into the Rapture. Why does it have to be him? Why not someone else? So he's not budging an inch for his father. As for why he's there, the owner, a ware panther witch called Blair, came into contact with God, Satan, and a forest fairy from Earth called Lilly Summers. And they all agreed that the Nexus would be a place of learning for Aaron. Each party would send someone to teach Aaron their side of how things work, and how Aaron should use his powers. In short, the Nexus just became the biggest hotspot in the three worlds." Both me and Enoch were awestruck. We didn't expect The Antichrist to come so quickly. And now he doesn't want to take up the roll he's been given?

"Garnet, why did you go for these tickets in the first place? Something tells me it wasn't for a vacation was it?" Enoch said as Garnet lowered her head.

"You're right Enoch. The real reason i got these tickets was so that you could go there and try to convince Aaron to use his powers for good. If you can do that, then we won't have to worry about the Rapture anymore. Satan's plans will go right down the crapper. And we can all live on with our lives. At least for a few more thousand years anyway."

"Me? You want to send me in there to deal with The Antichrist? Look, Garnet, i don't think you've got the right angel for this job. I don't think i can convince him of anything other than what he's supposed to do."

"Well, there's more to it than just that ya see." I could only look back and forth as Enoch and Garnet talked to each other.

"The other reason i want you to go to Nexus is to let John have a good time. Since i know he's wanted to go there for a while now, and since there won't be much time left if you fail, i want to make sure he's happy during our last days on Earth." I could only look back at Garnet, upset, as i started crying a little.

"But Garnet, i want to be with you if the world's going to end. Why can't you come with me?"

"Unfortunately, the others are planning an emergency meeting to decide where to go so we're not stuck on Earth when things get dicy. I have to be there for the whole thing, and from the sound of things, it might take a while. Perhaps longer then your stay at Nexus." I was sobbing at this point. I had just recently found someone to share my fantasy's with, someone who loved me dearly and wanted to make sure i was happy. And now there was a chance that i might never see her again? The only thing left for me to do at this point was cry like a child in Garnet's hand.

"Oh sweety, don't cry. I know this is upsetting but-" I interrupted her by crying louder. I didn't want to hear her make excuses. We were all going to die and unless Aaron changed his mind, nothing was going to fix that. It was about thirty seconds later that i felt the ground tilting. I opened my eyes and saw Garnet's wide open mouth as she dropped me inside. Leaving Enoch to look at Garnet in shock while she swallowed me whole.

-Garnet's point of view-

As i swallowed John, Enoch looked like he was about attack me.

"Relax Enoch. This isn't the first time I've swallowed John. He'll be fine so long as i get him out before i need to go to the bathroom." Enoch still had a look of concern on him, but dropped his attack stance.

"So why did you do that?"

"Well i couldn't concentrate with him crying, and i had something else to tell you."


"Since I'm going to be at that meeting for a while, i need someone to take my place as his guardian, and to borrow my power over him."

"Hold on, i see where you're going with this Garnet, and i can't take you're place. It just doesn't feel right controlling someone else's height."

"Oh come on Enoch. Stop fooling yourself. You, me, and John all know you really enjoy playing with him. Even if he isn't tiny, you two were having rubbing your body's so close to each other." Then Enoch started blushing again.

"I-i don't know what your talking about."

"Really? Then would you mind telling me what this is all about?" I said as i pressed my index finger against Enoch's already stiff member. He shuddered at the touch, almost begging for release. But i pulled back, feeling that it wasn't my place to pleasure him.

"A-alright. I'll do it." I was shocked by the quick turn around. He must've been fantasizing about playing with John in one way or another. Shrunk or not.

"Alright then. I'll get the contract for me and John and make the changes. They should be effective by the time you two reach Nexus." Enoch only nodded as he looked preoccupied with something. He probably couldn't wait to get his hands on my power. He wanted to play with John so badly, it was so cute all the same.

"Right then, guess i should get him out of there before number one or two happens." Then i started stuffing my index and middle fingers down my throat.

-My point of view-

I could hear a commotion outside Garnet's throat as i slid down, occasionally getting caught as Garnet's throat closed around me. I wasn't scared or anything about what Garnet just did to me. This wasn't the first time she swallowed me whole. In fact, as far as i could tell, the only time's she would do that was when she wanted to hush me out whenever we got into a small fight, other times she did on accident. And a couple of times she did it while drunk.

It didn't take me long to reach her stomach, where i landed on a half dissolved cheeseburger. From there, the only thing i could do was wait for her to let me out in one of three ways. Though i was really hoping she'd let me out the same way i went in, and not through the other two ways. In any case, i didn't have to worry about being dissolved by her stomach acids. Thanks to the deal i made in the contract, my body's defense has been increased drastically. Normally it was meant so that i wouldn't be killed by being crushed or trampled by someone while shrunk. But i also learned the first time Garnet ate me that it took quite a long time for my body to be dissolved after being eaten.

Then, without warning, i felt myself being brought back up the way i came. And within moments, i could see light as i was puked out of Garnet's belly and on the floor in front of her and Enoch.

"John! Are you okay?!" Enoch said as he got down on his hands and knees to check up on me. I didn't say anything. Not because Garnet just ate me a second ago, I was still upset at her for wanting to leave me when i wanted to be with her the most. And she could tell that i thought that when she didn't hear me respond back to Enoch.

Then garnet slowly picked me up off the floor and brought me over to the kitchen sink to wash me up. I didn't bother trying to resist as she slowly stripped me of my clothing and held me under the warm water. Then she used some dish soap and used it to get the stink off of me. She was taking a while on my junk, trying to get me excited no doubt, but i held myself back from moaning as much as i really wanted to. She looked a little upset at this, stopped washing me, and started drying me off with a dish towel. Again spending more time than she should've on my parts. This got a small moan out of me, more than enough for her to start working her magic on me once again.

"Hey John..." She started saying innocently.

"Yeah?" I said back with some amount of caring.

"I know how much you wanted for me to go along with you. But i have do have some more good news to cheer you up."


"Well, I've made a small change to our contract until i get back from my meeting. In the change, Enoch is to take my place as your guardian, and will also receive my power over you."

"Really? You did that for me?" I said, clearly excited by the new change. But then i took a quick look around to see where Enoch was. And thank God he wasn't in the same room to hear me say that.

"Yes. And don't worry. Enoch was quite happy when i offered to give him my power. In fact, he was so happy, he had quite a noticeable erection in his pants. I think he really wants to play with you tiny when he gets the chance." This widened my eyes a bit. I never knew Enoch felt that way about me before. I mean, what happened with us when we were wrestling was fun and games as far as i was concerned, but did Enoch really want to play with me that badly? And did he have anything else in store for me?

"In any case, lets get you back to normal so we can send you two off." Then Garnet readjusted my height back to normal and sent me back to my room to get dressed, since i was still naked after all. But not before slapping me on the ass for giggles.

-30 minutes later-

After i got dressed and packed some things for the trip, i returned to the living room where i saw Garnet and Enoch sitting on the couch waiting for me.

"Got everything John?" Garnet said as she got up.

"Yep. How about you Enoch? Need to pick up anything before we head off?"

"I'm good. Thanks for asking though." Enoch said getting up as well.

"So, how are we getting to Nexus?" I asked looking back at Garnet.

"I've already got that covered." Garnet said as she opened up a portal in front of the doorway.

"Alright. I guess this is goodbye Garnet." I said half sad and half happy.

"Don't worry. If things go along smoothly, then I'll see you soon. If not then well--" Before Garnet could say another word, i gave her another long and passionate kiss. This one went on for about a minute before we separated, leaving our saliva dripping down both of our lips.

"I love you Garnet."

"I love you too. Now get going before the portal closes." After saying our goodbyes, me and Enoch walked off into the portal.
Name: Stephanie (My true self)
Age: 25
Appearance: Black ponytail, white and brown jumper, large nose with purple and nerdy glasses along with wide brimmed hat
Personality: Carefree, ditzy, slightly lazy in attitude. Observant and naive with a slight sarcastic streak
Powers: Imagination and telepathy, raising the undead
History: At 25 weeks premature and born on March 1st, I was raised with basically no hope for the world. My twin brother (who was supposed to be born with me) passed away without incident and the doctors told my parents that I would be blind and deaf from birth. I now suffer from a lot of medical-conditions and have anxiety about the world, but I try to look on the bright side of life. I moved a lot when I was younger.
Alignment: Chaos
Class: Necromancer
Goal: To corrupt and twist Aaron for my own gain, possibly for fun. Will give cryptic advice

Giantess Monster
Name: Mortella Agaite
Monster species: Medusa
Age: 18
Appearance: Fiery red hair, dark mascara and eyeshadow, orange snakes inside hair
Personality: Very boastful and vain. Wears a blindfold but can echo-locate around the room
Alignment: (Good, evil, or neutral) Neutral
Powers: (If any) Petrification when you meet her gaze, the power to compel thoughts, the power to make herself giant-sized
History: Mortella was raised in an egg that hatched when it was laid on a stone tablet left at an altar of a forsaken harvest deity, along with thousands of other offspring that seemed to have competed for the attention of the wayward Gorgon. As a result of its upbringing, Mortella feels ashamed of its heritage, but proud that she was raised in the arts of the enlargement so to be Queen of all the Gorgons.
Goal: To influence Aaron and destroy the world

Second human that will try to kill Aaron
Name: Larosin Finschaets
Age: 30
Appearance: Spiky Brown hair, lanky supermodel body, muscles in arm, wearing a green corset
Class: Monster-Hunter
Personality: Vain, psychopathic tendencies and self-destructive. She believes the only reason to live is to destroy all those who oppose her and will whip herself into a frenzy
Alignment: (Good, evil, or neutral) Evil
Powers: (If any) Berserker rage, the power of eloquent speech, expert sword-fighter and high stamina with average strength
History: Larosin was always looking for a challenge, any challenge. She travelled from world to world, seeking for the most bloodthirsty opponents. She fell in love several times, but due to her personality she always fell out of the relationship. While she is at it, she thought slaying monsters would be a good goal to pursue and now she has her eyes on Aaron...
Goal: To murder Aaron and destroy the world while she is at it...

Steph huffed when she saw the arrival of more humans in the motel. She was polishing her Necromancer spellbook when she saw a pair of eyes fall on her. The human necromancer whirls around to meet eye-to-eye with a lanky lady who glared at her with pure hatred...
"Larosin?" speaks up Steph knowingly as the monster-hunter lifts her wide brimmed hat.
"The ONE and only, my gal" Larosin grins and says with an accent that suggested cockiness, "I hear that there was this huge fiasco... down in the Nexus... Also hear that there was a huge monster terrorizing the citizens..." the hunter polishes her sword and watches it glint savagely.

Steph just stood there with her mouth agape, "Will it be dangerous? What does that have to do with me?" she stutters as a zombie dug itself out of the ground, moaning as it reconstructed itself. The Necromancer eeps at the sight!

"Everything..." Larosin cackles enigmatically, "If you follow my drift... there is this... monster called a Mortella which was lying in a lair of the Nexus... and an most unusual... specimen that seems to have a most delectable aura..." She whistles loudly, "It calls itself an Aaron... and I desire nothing more... than to slay the Aaron, but you must keep this quiet between us two,"
Steph gulps and nods softly. "Grreat," Larosin beams to herself while tensing her fingers as if planning a grand-recoup, "Your goal is to distract the Aaron from suspecting a thing while I slay the Mortella first..." Larosin grins as she watches the sword glint with a fiery light... Shortly before licking the very edge of the blade, and some blood trickles down as she savors it

Steph had her own goals in mind and just nods in confusion... "Question? Where do I come in?" Larosin just glares at Steph intensely and points, "Sit down there and wait for Aaron to come here...! I'll guard the door." Larosin barks as Steph nods and hides behind a bookshelf... "The hideous Mortella approaches yonder!"

Mortella's arrival

Yesss- I ssssense many faces here... many-many elegant delicious morsels which seem to be just beyond this puny door... they smell delicious and I want-to see if that winged presssence has to do with the Aaron! The Aaron is but a ssssimpleton to my plans... It reached the front door, ripping open the hinges with its fingers like it was merely a tin of sardines...
A Non-Existent User
At this time, I was in the hotel overhearing Bellatrix speaking. "That antichrist is going to be the death of the monster world. Mortella and Isabella are fools to influence him. He needs to be executed before the rapture can come. It's now or never. I have to make my move."

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Mr.... let's go with Z for now. Think of me as that guy who made enemies of those gargoyles, except a lot more handsome. I know for a fact that Bellatrix is paranoid. She wants to kill this Aaron kid because, big surprise, he's the son of the devil. I thought that was interesting so I decided to stick around and see what would happen. After all, no matter who wins, I win. I've got a plan and it involves these monsters, but I'm not telling you just yet. Spoilers.

I tapped my cane and then had to hide because Nani, that nandi bear came forward. I give credit for Lily for saving that beast but I don't feel like having my brain eaten. I returned to my quarters where I heard the phone ringing. I checked my caller ID and bigger surprise, it was that dragoness, Lynda Aensland. Lynda, she's no fan of Blair and wants to destroy her hotel to eliminate a rival. I've dabbled in that kind of stuff before so I know how it works. I really didn't want to talk to Lynda, but hey, I sold her something that would help her get the drop on Aaron, or maybe not. We'll see.

So I answered the phone. "Hey, hey Lynda, how's my favorite western dragon doing." On the other side of the phone, Lynda let out a hiss. "Listen here Mr. Z...." "Hey, I have a first name. It's David. Got it memorized." "Whatever. You sold me the notes of Fu Sueki, the alchemist who somehow found a way to create monsters out of stained glass." "Hey, I know. It works. I saw my GF's dad use it to create a stain glass minotaur. Well, let's just say it didn't end well. It's legit. I don't know why people don't trust me. So, your plan is basically to create a creature of living glass to infiltrate the Nexus and destroy it from inside. Lynda, do you know how many windows are made of that kind of glass in the hotel. If used improperly that spell, well, I can't be held responsible for what happens."

Lynda just growled on the other side. "I don't care. That panther bitch thinks she's so special because she's hosting the devil's son. She's stolen my customers far too long. I intend to bury her. Maybe if Aaron is lucky. I'll keep him as a pet." "Good luck with that." I said as I hung up. I let out a laugh. "Oh Lynda," I said. "You have no idea what you're doing. This is just a test to see how far Aaron has grown. If he survives, then the real fun can begin."

I twirled my cane and walked away. Yeah, you don't know who's side I'm on. For now anyway. Just keep an eye out. Let's see how Aaron does at the first sign of real danger.
A Non-Existent User
Hi there! I'm Jack Francisco Ferdinand. My friends call me Firefly. You can call me Jack. I'm what you'd call a professional bodyguard. I'm the guy you call when you don't wanna die. I've protected everything from foreign dignitaries to royalty. Now, I have a new job: protect the Antichrist. Yes, the Antichrist. I'm serious! The really real Antichrist. Really! It's true! I'm not lying! Stop doubting me!

Anyways, I'm good at what I do. Possibly the best in the world. Not to brag, or anything. But, I've been selected to protect this guy, as well as to document his life. Why? Well, no one else would take the job. I can see why. This isn't your average babysit. This is the Antichrist we're talking about!

The first problem is getting to him. Apparently, this kid Antichrist is staying at this hotel called the Nexus. That's where my friend Elsa comes in. She's got a lot of magic skills. She says she can open a portal that'll take me there. I can't wait to go there, in all honesty. I mean, wow! I get to meet the Antichrist! How cool is that?

How do I kick this thing off? Hmm...well, I suppose I'll just...start from the beginning.

It was a cold Friday afternoon when I left for Elsa's. I took the elevator down to the parking garage where Blacklight was. Blacklight is my motorcycle, a jet black Suzuki Hayabusa with an epic firefly vinyl. She's pretty damn powerful. Yes, it is a she. Don't you judge me. Anyway, Blacklight is equipped with a 1340cc in-line 4-cylinder engine...top of the line. Her acceleration is top notch, her handling is angelic, and she's got a kickin' radio. The vinyl is completely custom. It's a firefly with a trail of flames behind it. The fire trail circles around a white Japanese character. I believe it means 'flame.' Beautiful bike. I love riding her.

I grabbed my helmet off of the handlebar, put it on, and sat down on the seat. I turned on her engine, turning on the radio while I was at it. My favorite station, 65.5 The Rocket, was on. They were playing 'Can't Buy Me Love,' by the Beatles. I swear they play the best music. All the good stuff. I flicked the visor on my helmet down and kicked up my kickstand. I cracked my knuckles, grabbed the handlebars, and took off. I enjoyed a nice, easy ride. I got to listen to some really good music. At one point, 'It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)' by AC/DC came on.

"Oh, yes! I love this song!" I quickly turned up the volume. I didn't really know the song...but I knew the chorus. Who doesn't? Every once in a while, I would sing out, "IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP, IF YOU WANNA ROCK AND ROLL!" at the top of my lungs. Of course, my helmet muffled me. After two or more songs, I ended up at Elsa's.

Elsa's house is a quaint little place. It was an old one story house, but Elsa kept it in good condition. The whole thing was painted lime green, with dark green doors and window frames. There were also green vine designs scattered across the outside. Elsa likes the color green. A lot. I'm sure you can tell. Her entire front lawn is a garden. She's got plants in there from all over the world, from tiny little flowers to giant trees. That's no surprise, though. She is a plant fairy, after all. Well, a plant fairy-human hybrid to be exact. Kinda like me, except I'm part firefly fairy instead. She can manipulate plants and stuff like that. She's more than half plant fairy, so she gets to live longer than the average human. Me? Not so much. Unfortunately.

I took my helmet off and hung it on the handlebar like I always do. I turned off the engine and put the kickstand down before I hopped off. I gave my head a good shake and ran my fingers through my hair...to get rid of my helmet hair. I straightened out my jacket and walked through Elsa's front...garden. There's a little stone path that leads up to the front door. Good thing, too. You can get lost in Elsa's gardens. I mean, yikes. I finally reached the front door after a good 5 minutes of walking. It's a big garden, if I forgot to mention that. You can barely see her house from the front curb.

I rang the doorbell. It was a nice little jingle. Ding, dong, ding, dong, ding! Elsa eventually opened the door. I swear, if she's not walking through her garden, she's reading some kind of plant book. She never answers the door right away, that's for sure.

"Well, hi! Nice to see ya, Firefly!" she said with a smile. She leaned up against the doorframe. There was something in her hand. A book. I flippin' knew it.

"Nice to see you, too, Elsa."

"Come on in!" Elsa led me into her humble abode. We walked straight into the living room. Elsa had already cleared a spot in the middle of the room. This, of course, was for the portal she was going to open. As soon as the door closed, she got right down to business. "Alright, Firefly. Let's get you mission ready."


"First off, you'll need this." She handed me a small plastic card.

It had this printed on it:

Jack Ferdinand
Room 38560'

"Cool," I said as I put it in my wallet.

"Next, you need to understand what you're doing. Your job is to protect the Antichrist. You have to get rid of anyone who tries to kill Aaron."


"You only have permission to interfere if you see someone try to attack Aaron, or if you hear someone say they're going to kill Aaron."


"Now, my friend Lily asked me to ask you to do this, so you have to be careful about what you say or do. It's Aaron's job to bring about the Rapture. He still can't decide whether or not he's going to do it. If he doesn't, oh well. If he does, too bad for anyone who didn't call Jesus their Lord and savior before it was too late. If he doesn't do either...well...er...shit will get real bad real fast."

"What do you mean?"

"All existence will end." I whistled. That was a pretty severe consequence for being indecisive. "Even so, you can't influence his decision in any way. You are to remain completely neutral. That's part of why Lily wants you to do this. One way or another, the world will end. It's just a matter of time."


"You understand that. Some people don't. But, Aaron, as the Antichrist, has some authority of his own. If he doesn't want you to protect him, don't. Just tail him. You can only intervene after he's asked you not to if he tells you otherwise. You are in no position to oppose him."


"I know you're wondering why he can't protect himself. Truth is, he can. Lily just wants some extra insurance. That would be you."


"While you're there, you'll keep a record of everything Aaron does, and use it to write his biography. You'll have to get him to sign it to make it authentic."

"Get the Antichrist's autograph? Too cool."

"You have a license to kill, if you see fit to. The Nexus isn't a normal hotel. It's filled with monsters of every shape and size. Literally. There are things in there that would send most other creatures running. But you can count on any monsters you run into being really, really big. Most, if not, all of the monsters there have the power to change size. I'm counting on you to see this through...to the ends of the earth. Or, perhaps not. Kinda depends on Aaron at that point."

"I see. How do I address him?"

"I don't think he cares much about that. Just call him...Aaron, I guess."

"Will there be any normal-sized guests at the Nexus?"

"Probably. You aren't the only one, as far as I can tell. Aaron is human. I think...anyway, that gold membership you have allows you to stay there for as long as you like. I wired the payment through to Firefly Security, so, you won't have to worry about monthly payments."

"That's good."

"When you get to the Nexus, you'll see several blue portals. They're kinda like the portal I'm going to use to get you there. Portals are how normal-sized people get around the place. They're all labeled, too. Just go through the one that says 'Front Desk,' and you'll be able to figure it out from there. My portal should take you directly to the Nexus lobby, so you don't have to worry about taking Blacklight with you. Besides, they have no parking there, anyway."


"That's all you need to know. I'll open up your portal, and you'll be on your way to the Nexus in no time."

Elsa motioned for me to stand back. Stretching out her right hand, a small ball of blue energy appeared at the tip of her index finger. It slowly started to gravitate away from her hand. Once it got a good 3 feet away, it began to spin and stretch into portal as tall as I am.

"There. You're good to go."

"Thanks, Elsa. You're the best." I walked up to the portal, then turned back to Elsa. "You know, I just realized this might just be my last job."

"It just might, tough guy," she said with a grin.

"If this is the last job, I guess this might be goodbye." I reached out my hand.

"Even so, I have a feeling we'll see each other again." She shook it. She had a firm grip, too, Really gets on my nerves sometimes. After a good long shake, I turned back to the portal.

"I'll see you around, Elsa."

"Later, Firefly. Don't die, okay?"

"Wouldn't dream of it!" And with that, I disappeared.
My point of view

After we stepped through the portal, we found ourselves stepping through it like it was a door. Because when we were on the other side, we found ourselves inside a building.

"Is this it?" Enoch asked.

"The Nexus. Garnet always said it was a big place. I guess she wasn't lying after all." Indeed, the Nexus was bigger than i ever dreamed. We could tell we were in the front lobby, except everything was so huge. The front desk alone looked like it was at least five hundred feet tall. It was so tall in fact, that we couldn't see whether or not anyone was behind it. Which would make it quite hard for us to check in.

"I'll go take a quick look." Enoch said as he flew up to the top of the desk. Then he just fluttered in place for a moment before flying back down.


"There is someone there. But she looks like she's asleep. She looked like some kind of half human half cat like thing."

"The official term is were-panther." We were both startled startled by the large booming voice that came out of nowhere. Then, from behind the desk came the gigantic figure of who i could only guess was the owner of the Nexus. Blair.

"Hmm, I'm going to take a shot and say that the fallen angel is either with Aura or Isabella, and that you, puny human, are with Sarah. Correct?"

"Um, no. We came here by ourselves. I'm John, and this is my friend Enoch. We're here to check into our rooms." Blair raised an eyebrow and slowly moved back behind her desk looking for something.

"Ah, i have a John here on the list, but i don't see an Enoch with you. Only Garnet."

"Garnet couldn't make it. Due to the Antichrist, she and the other Contractors had to plan an emergency meeting. So she sent Enoch as her replacement." Blair started tapping her fingers on the desk while looking over some papers. But after a moment or two, she came back from behind the desk. Only this time, she was around our own height instead of six hundred feet tall.

"I see. Well that's too bad. I was really hoping to meet a Contractor for the first time. But oh well. You're here now, so let's get you settled into your rooms." Blair said as she snapped her fingers. And all of a sudden, we found ourselves inside a different room. It was a big room, but not in a gigantic way. It was big in the fact that there was everything you could ask for a room to have. It had a big round bed at the back of the room. It was large even for human standards. It had a stocked mini fridge, an open bar, a wall mounted flat screen TV, it even had a large hot tub in the center of the room. This room really had everything in it.

"Well, here's your room. Hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything, just call the front desk. And if no one's there, just wait for someone to show up." Blair then snapped her fingers again and vanished from the room.

"Well...now what?" Enoch said as i set our stuff down beside the oversized bed.

"Now, we explore the place. I've never been here before. I want to get to know the place. See the other giantesses, perhaps even meet the Antichrist."

"You really want to meet the Antichrist John?"

"Well, kinda. It's all a matter of is he as nice as Garnet claimed he was really. If so, then i wouldn't mind meeting him." Enoch shook his head before saying--

"John, i understand why you want to meet him, but i don't think you'd be the best person to be around the Antichrist."

"Why do you think that?"

"You're the kind of person that enjoys exploring your own sexual pleasures. If someone like you were to come into contact with the Antichrist when we need to convince him not to lead us all into damnation, it wouldn't bold well for us all." I could understand where Enoch was coming from. But just because I'm sexually active didn't mean I'd be a bad influence on the Antichrist.

"Well if I'm forbidden to even meet him for once in my own life, then i guess I'll just leave and explore the damn place without you." I said angrily as i stormed off and out of the room, leaving Enoch to ponder in his own thoughts.

Enoch's point of view

After John left the room, i felt a tinge of guilt inside of me.

"I'm sorry John. But i need to make sure that once we're done here, you, me, and Garnet can go back to our normal lives without worrying about someone trying to kill us. It's either i convince the Antichrist to let us all live in relative peace, or move onto plan b." I shuddered at the thought of plan b, but knew that i had little to no choice if it came to that.

"If he won't listen to reason, then I'll have no choice but to kill him. I'll have to kill the Antichrist."
Larosin sprang into action as Steph hides behind the bookcase as her eyes widened. She saw a splatter of snake skin as Mortella was hissing wildly and makes a strangled clicking sound as the jaws opened. Larosin kept Mortella in her sights as she bares her teeth savagely, trying to evade Mortella's echolocation and shifting from side to side, leaping sideways as it crashes a nearby shelf with it's large bulk. "You are a firking large naga!" Larosin crows too late in a bloodthirsty frenzy, not thinking straight. Steph was unsure this was a good idea

Mortella was larger than Larosin and it grins as it simply grips the bloodied knight as Larosin keeps swiping with her sword uselessly in the air. "Deliciousssss" It spoke as Steph whimpers as Mortella lowers Larosins to its lips as the snake literally devoured Larosin whole. Steph could hear Larosin's trimphant cry

Larosin's POV:
What? Why was I consumed by that fat beast that I craved to slash with my ready sword! I felt throat muscles grip at me as I slide down into the darkness of the snake's abyss. I hear a snake heartbeat that sounded really soft. But to my ears it sounded as loud as a drum. I was still frothing wildly when I landed with a thud inside the Mortella's belly. Just as planned. I whipped out my sword frantically and wasted no time in slicing the Mortella from within... It'll take a few hours though... I laughed psychotically, this was what I LIVED for!

Steph creeps out from the bookshelf while Mortella was distracted and summons a nearby creepy skeleton of a cat to aid her. Maybe Larosin wasn't going to come out in time... "Larosin's eaten but I have to see where Aaron is!" She told the cat to bring a message to others via a small scroll inserted into its mouth. The skeleton cat nodded and scampered away with a message for Aaron: Come meet me in the library. Bring an army. Steph

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