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Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Fantasy · #2002364
We will choose and follow the path of a young soldier through a war with giantesses
[Introduction] We follow a young soldier on his experinces of war with Giant Women.
Now this story is different from others where the army has no chance against the Giantess forces. Nope in this one the fighting is supposed to be at a stand off. The way this war works is supposed to work is when its down to small firefights (we'll the Giantesses don't have guns they do everything with they're bare hands) the giantesses just over power the squads of men since they don't have bullets big enough to do much more then a pin needle (unless it's an eyeshot), but when it's a full scale battle when the military is using tanks, aircraft, and missiles then they usually win
The Soldier we will be following is Corporal Joshua Kalchick (Age 19) of the Armored Cavalry (thats right he rides a tank) he volunteered in hopes of getting free college (though he was expecting to get shipped off to the Middle East) He is his tanks commander (which means he mans a 50cal MG while directing the rest of the crew) The tank he is assigned to is none other than a M1 Abrams main battle tank armed with 3 machine gun (1x 50cal and 2x 308. calibers) and a 105mm cannon that could nail a target from over 2 miles away. it is protected by over 2ft of metal, and can reach a top speed of 45mph despite weighing 60 tons. (which means a giantess can't crush it like a tin can, and most likely can't pick it up)
Now I am hoping Josh can make it through few battles then eventually get captured by Giantesses.
The rules are
No killing Josh which means no foot crush, no digestion (he can be eaten just not digested), and noughing that will end with him dead or unable to move for the rest of his life
No diapers
No getting into toliot scenes (I read a toliot scene in someone elses story so discusting I can't handle it)
and no getting the whole U.S. Army wiped out in a day they must last the whole story (which is not intended to ever end which makes this story so much better)
Other than that have fun in fact I am only gonna add in news reports, and sometimes suprised twists
Remember if you're part of this story you must do you're part I made myself CC leader so that I can skip you if you hold up the story, remember you can always skip your turn if you want
if you aren't in this campfire but send a message saying so to my on site email
Remember enjoy and have fun
News Paper: There are giant women taking over the western U.S. but the Military was quick to respond and now the military and the Giantesses are locked in a battle, casualties mounting on both sides how long will this last
Josh's POV: I can't believe it I'm helping spear head a attack on a bunch of Giant women. Josh and a battalion of 50 tanks supported by 500 infantry are heading to fight for control of a bridge vital for transporting the rest of the military across the Missispi River. They will be there soon
They Arrive there are about 50 giantesses fighting was intence. Midway through the battle a giantess tossed a tree that landed on the tank beside his, he gave the order to fire and the shell hit the giantess. When the battle was over about 20 soldiers were ethier dead or wounded. there were about ten dead Giantesses, and 1 captured. The Captured giantess was trapped under a collapsed building,
She had reddish-blond hair and D cups breasts, and a nice ass. she was wearing a shirt that exposed her belly, and a skirt
Josh went over to see her
A Non-Existent User
As Josh went over to see her the military police arrived and ordered him back. "But I was going to see if she was ok" Josh protested. "By order of the president of the United States you must stand down soldier. We have to get this women back to normal size so we are going to get the science division in here and let them take over" the officer said. "Fine but don't hurt her" Josh said. "Hurt her? You are one to talk soldier now get back with you tanks and get on to the next battle" the officer said. Josh wanted to hit him, but knew that the officer was right it was time to move on and pursue the fleeing giantesses.
As Josh was heading to his tank he heard the sound of chains breaking and when he looked back the Giantess broke free she ran to him and grabbed him and yelled at the rest of the troops "let me go if you want him back again"
A Non-Existent User
"Ok ok ok just calm down we will release you just give me a second to tell the general your demands" the officer said as he got on his radio. Unknown to the giantess a few tanks with incendiary bombs were gathering behind her. "The general says that it is ok for you to go" the officer says as the giantess in turn puts Josh down on the ground. Then the tanks opened fire hitting the giantess with the napalm catching her on fire...
The Giantess still holding Josh ran into the river, the flames went out and she hung him over her open mouth showing her pretty teeth
Josh gave the Giantess a face that asked for mercy, she considered not eating him
The Giantess then ran off into the woods with Josh

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