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A campfire creative between my PDG Pal and myself. Enjoy!
[Introduction] We have accepted the challenge. Enjoy our story.
A loud whoop erupted from Ronnie as he replaced the phone receiver into its cradle. He sat for a moment, a goofy grin plastered on his angular face.

He started dancing around, swing his hips, and tapping his toes. He was so excited. He danced over to his dumbfounded wife, Marie, and swept her up in his big arms.
"Ronnie!" She yelled, startled. "What on earth are you doing? I've never seen you act this way."

"It happened!" He whooped again. "It finally happened!"
"What happened, Ronnie? Tell me for Christ's sake and stop all that dancing around," Marie stated.
"I won! I can't believe it. I finally won it big time Marie!"
"Won what?" Marie asked, finding Ronnie's excitement a bit contagious.

"I've been chosen to go on Top Chef, Marie. This is it! No more Ramen nights for us."
"Oh my goodness! I am so proud of you! We should have a cook out so we can share our good news with everyone. What do you think?'
Ronnie happily agreed and set to making preparations for the feast. Of course, he would be in charge of the menu. Before he knew it, it was time for the guests to arrive.
"Marie, oh Marie!," Ronnie called from the kitchen. She was in the game room making sure they had everything they needed for their guest. "Yes?" Marie called back from the game room.
"Can you get the door, please?" Ronnie called. I think I heard the doorbell.

"Sure thing, love." She called unaware that what was waiting would change marriage.
Marie walks to the door and opens to find a lovely young blonde lady standing there with a baby of about six months old. "Hello, how may I help you?
The girl stares in silence, as if unsure of what to say. Marie stands, waiting. If it weren't for the baby, she'd have shut the door already.

"I was told my dad lives here."
"Your dad?" ask Marie.
"Yes Ma'am. His name is Ronnie Sinclair. I was told my mom, Bridget Walker that that was his name. Does he live here?"
"How...how old are you child?" Marie fought to catch her breath.

Just then, Ronnie walked around the corner and dropped the platter he carried. "Amelia!"
"Daddy!" Amelia shouted and ran to him with one arm out stretched and the other still holding her daughter. They embraced and Ronnie asked "How have you been my dear Amelia?"
Ronnie looked above the blonde hair of his long, lost daughter into the steely blue eyes and red face of his wife.

"Daughter?" she fumed.
Ronnie turned away from his wife for a second to look into his daughters eyes and told her "Amelia, I have to talk to Marie in private for a moment. Can you excuse the two of us?"
"We have so much to catch up on, my beautiful, daughter. I thought I'd never see you again." He hugged her, ushered her and the baby to the living room and then turned to his fuming wife.
"And who is this beautiful young lady you have here?" Ronnie said.
"This is Isabella Grace, my beautiful daughter. Her father is after her and I am on the run"
"Oh, Amelia!" Ronnie said, sitting on the couch next to her and forgetting the infuriated Marie who still stood next to the front door.

"She looks just like you. She is beautiful. Jus like you are."' Ronnie asks them to make themselves comfortable and leaves to a have a little heart to hear with Marie.
"I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about this before," he said. "I just could never find the words. When her mom took her away, I lost everything."
"Well, you should have thought to find the words. This is supposed to be our time not a time to raise children all over again. What do you plan to do with them?" Marie asks.
"We'll figure it out," he said and kissed her forehead.

Marie fumed. He was blowing her off again.
Ronnie walked back into the room where Amelia and Isabella still waited on him to return. "I am sorry to have kept you waiting my dears. Let me show you to your room."
A conflict raged within Ronnie as he showed his daughter and her baby to their room. How in the world could he expect Marie to care for the two of them while he went on Top Chef?
Marie was at odds with herself. How could Marie expect Ronnie to turn his own child away? Can she really live with raising children again or is this independence really worth her marriage?
After a stressful dinner, there was still a party after all, of sullen looks and uncomfortable silences, Marie and Ronnie were finally alone in their bedroom.
After getting into her gown she was not sure how to tell him how she had to say, so she just said it. "I'm sorry Ronnie, I just can't raise kids again. You have to choose between them or me."
Marie was silent during the dinner party, which scared Ronnie. He knew he'd blown it big time with this revelation. He only hoped that Amelia and her baby would win his wife over.
After dinner Marie asked to hold the baby, which surprised Amelia and Ronnie, they got along famously. Marie smiled with a true smile that Ronnie hadn't seen since the Top Chef.
"You know, Ronnie," she said with a smile on her face. "I think I am going to like being a grandma."

Ronnie grinned and he asked, "so can they stay?"'
Marie's grin matched his own and said, " It will be a sacrifice, but I can't see them on the streets."

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