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by Veezy
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A lady of virtue
Acts 9:36 describes her as Tabitha that translated Dorcas. This woman reminds me so much of myself. Every time I read her story my spirit is fed. Dorcas was a woman full of greatness and bountiful deeds that she had a passion for. Theirs not a moment in her day she did not take such joy and contentment in helping others. People knew of her throughout her journey. Everyone knew she had a compassionate, discernment, ingenious mind, humble spirit and heart about things. Often Dorcas discovered that she had been given so much to others where at the end of her days theirs was no one really to give back to her. At times Dorcas desired to have someone she could lean on from time to time, she would pray for that. Through it all she would always smile through her loneliness.
It is so easy for me to write about Dorcas because it’s like her spirit was passed on to me before I was conceived and born. Moving on, unlike myself from a child until now I have always suffered from illnesses. At times I could feel death creeping on me, but the lord would say to me “child it is not your time to go yet, you have work to finish.” The same with Dorcas, she was sick and she died. She passed out. Everything in her, the fight, and the will to keep pressing was no more. Dorcas family, friends, others that knew of her came together and began to speak on how well she made a difference in their lives. How she always smiled and made people laugh. She always knew what to say to make everything alright. She had a funny sense of humor, so full of life.

Friends, family, and others that didn’t know of Dorcas all felt the pain of losing someone with a great love over them. Dorcas gave invigoration, but when it came to herself she did not have that same feeling, that drive, the desire to push herself like she pushed others. Dorcas was laid down on a table of some sort, people were in deep sadness and tears. People smiled, thinking back to the intimate times they shared. Nevertheless, always remember, God does not forget our hard work in anything we do. Dorcas had a labor of divine love, companionate, a treasure of caring, offering, and sacrificing for others even when she went without.

Peter was sent to be an observer witness to how God showed his love for all the hard work Dorcas given out. Peter shows up; he pardoned everyone to leave out. God worked his restoring spirit through Peter. Peter whispered a word “Dorcas awake.” There comes a time when you have to turn off everything around you, that cleave itself to you, meaning a friend, your spouse, your children, your job, outside functions, and other things that pulls from of you. You have to make it priority to go before the Creator to replenish you, renew you, and water your garden.

We have to get to a point to tell others “I am not free today”. If not you will begin for perish away, just as Dorcas did, just as many of us walk around each day empty, not living to our fullest potential. Empty, running on nothing. We have to Awake and release from depression, arise from sickness, Arise from people saying what you can or cannot do. Awake from your pity parties. Awake from negativity. Evil forces come in shapes, forms and sizes. Speak that into yourself. You got the words of love, the truth in your hard works and the light, in your spirit of goodness and praise, Awake. Say it repeatedly until you have it and it flows daily throughout your day.

Dorcas was exhausted, burnt out from al her works and daily grind. I know it’s hard out there trying to provide for your family, unemployed, being turned down for jobs. Being the encourager for others, feeding the less fortunate, among other things. Know God is there, never fear, doubt, become weary, discouraged, depressed, coping with the spirit of anxiety, the spirits of suicidal thoughts, children out of reach, families turn their backs on you, bill collectors keep calling, whatever the case may be, The Creator is there to bring you through, others through it all, me through it. Make a difference in today because that is all we have, tomorrow may ever come for you or me to witness it, so for now go for it, say it, “Awake” I did, so can you, not a question but a well known fact!

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