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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #2009444
rough draft intended to prompt further formation of story that is completely incomplete.
[Introduction] A STRAY

Sorry to disappoint those who've held social status in high regards.. There's too much to share, and even more to convey ~ we must skip the charades. I'm a stray, the sort you cross the street to avoid, the kind that get's garbage thrown at, the type that not only lingers in the shadows observing, but shares their observations with any willing ear. Just as a stray would seek warm companionship - I find myself lost in another's grace. Only to be alienated further and further from that of which i search for. There's only one thing I find solace in especially in these chilly weathered months.. It's the thought of love. every sort loves the idea, so few are fortunate enough to experience something so worthy of applause. Your not the bees knees ya know, by nomad friend reminds me as were walking about in the crunchy leaves near a coffee shop, actually a dozen intertwined between small novelty shops. creativy just flows out of me like an intense pipe breakage I couldn't seal up even if i wanted to. even if it costs me friendships= still it seeps from my inner soul, splashing colorful reactions out from those around me.. Most time's after hearing some quizzical observation, my current and ever so temporary companion is just as silent as if they have forfeited in some tragic accident their ability to form words, as if they've been born mute. I hardly shy away from sharing these ideas, but they never are graced with a likeness of enthusiasum I'd hope for.

(going to break this down into sections and elaborate further, the next time the writing bug strikes.) Please be patient with me. :)

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