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by Joe
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Fantasy · #2035001
Based on that scene with the heads in Return to Oz, this story features that concept.
As I said in the description, this story takes a concept from the Return to Oz movie and make a story based on it.

Plot: The story features a young princess in a magical world who can use magic, but was beheaded because of that. Her loyal servant's daughter manages to revive her since she also could use magic, but could not reattach her. This resurrection spell had killed off everyone in the kingdom and thus only two remain since then.

And so the princess decided that she may need a new head to replace her own and decides to hid her original one and let the replacement handle everything. Sadly, the body has evil intentions as she wants a whole collection of beautiful young female heads. Girls and maybe teens are being hunted down for their beauty in this haunting story.

Main Characters:
Princess Lila: Born with the ability to use magic, she was executed for it, but was resurrected. Her head now hides somewhere while her replacement takes her place. She is a gentle, sweet, and polite girl who just ends up with a horrible fate. In the story, her head would sometimes chat with her servant, but never interact with the other heads since she though that the heads are artificial. Note that she is only 13 years old.

Princess Lila's body: Unlike her head, she is a bit greedy and spoiled. She has a desire to have a collection of beautiful heads to her liking like clothes. She sometimes act cruel to her servant, but at least treats her like a friend. She isn't a complete monster, she just want to look beautiful. One big thing to notice that she has no desire for male heads or really old heads too so if she were to meet a man, she would either tell the person to leave or straight up kill them.

Sarah, Princess Lila's servant: Daughter to the princess's servant, she continues to serve her majesty after sacrificing the entire kingdom for their prejudice just to revive the princess. She and Lila are childhood friends and are about the same age. Despite how cruel Princess Lila's body treats her, she still serve her since she is the only one she can relate to since they both can use magic. She does talk to the princess's original head to only keep her company, but keeps the secret of how cruel her body it to not scare her.

Rules: No Sex.

I need to start it first so that I can create the mood for this story.

Profanity is fine

No gender swaps, we had enough of those

Try to put some effort into the additions and make it long in a descent

Nothing Sexual in general!

If a head were to be attached to Princess Lila's body, she will be taken over, but if its someone else then the head is in control.

If a head is detached, the head would regain control.

Most of the story is either the Princess's body or Sarah either go to places to find perfect heads, or inviting girls in alone unless its multiple targets, or sometime for the heads to interact with each other.

I will be responsible for how the story ends.

Try to add original characters, but you can link pictures of other girls just to describe what the character looks like.

Remember that the victims has to be either kids or girls around their teens. If you want adults, then it has to be a young one at least.

The heads are stored in a shelf.

Have fun
Well, based on the description, you know that there is a princess who can use magic and was executed because of this. Now her servant's daughter decides to advantage the princess by sacrificing the kingdom for their prejudice to resurrect her. Now our story begins.

Princess Lila woke up after feeling the pain of being decapitated.

"Is this heaven? I feel so light. Pretty light headed."

"Um your majesty, I have some bad news. Your only a head.", said a voice.

The princess was wide awake and saw a girl that is in a maid like dress and is the same age as her. The girl has a braided long pony tail hair that really sticks out.

Lila tried to move, but she couldn't.

"Sarah, what happened to me?", cried the princess, "I can't move."

"As I said before, your only a disembodied head.", said Sarah.

In the description above, you know that she was a childhood friend of the princess. Lila was shocked about the news and saw her own body trying to get up and approach to her head.

The body picked her head up by her long wavy brown hair and the head cried in pain.

"Ow. Do hold me carefully.", said Lila's head.

The body did as her head says and the princess looked at her new servant.

"I had to resurrect you your majesty, but suddenly everyone in the kingdom has vanished for some reason.", lied Sarah. The girl knew that if she told the truth, the princess would be upset so its best to keep it a secret. It was for her own good that the kingdom is gone after treating her so badly.

"Now, could you reattached me back to my body?", asked the princess's head.

"I'm afraid not. The spell book I found to bring you back said that if the person is decapitated, the person has to stay that way as a price.", said Sarah.

"Great. I have to rule this kingdom headless since no one is here. In fact, I can't rule anything."

"Its matters not. I'll figure something out. If anyone were to come here, I will try to keep this a secret."

"Your always reliable Sarah.", said Lila.

And so Lila hide her head somewhere in her room in a cabinet since suddenly she has no control of her body.

"Body, what is the meaning of this?", asked the head.

The body did hand signs, but decide to use her magic to communicate with telepathy.

"I'm going to find a new head so that you can rest here while I do all the hard work at the same time keep this a secret.", said the body.

"I understand, but I hope that you won't kill anyone for it."

"I promised."

The body seem to have some strange plans for getting a new head. She swore to not kill, but there wasn't anything about magic.

The body came to her servant and wrote a note and gave it to her. Note that the body could see where she is going because she is developing a way to sense her surroundings.

The note said to get the maiden from the South and only her because of important matters. Sarah immediately went on horseback and gave to do as she is told.

In a shrine, it has both some western and Asian influence to it. There's a maiden named Hana.

The girl looked around 14 to 15. She has somewhat thick eyebrows, brown hair and wore red maiden attire and a weird maiden crown. Her eyes are brown like chocolate and her hair was tied in thick pig tails.

I don't intend to steal character, but she looks similar to this. Its by coincident that I find a character looking like her:

Its all I can find.

The maiden was walking through a garden and saw Sarah trying to meet her.

"Are you the Maiden of the South?", asked Sarah.

"The only Maiden here. Its nice yo meet you.", asked Hana.

"The princess requested for you to come alone.", said Sarah.

"I see. There must be a possibility of bad luck in your kingdom since I have heard about the amount of lower class people."

"Maybe, I have no idea, what may the princess wants with you."

"Well, we may see and find out."

The maiden just went since no one ever visits her nor live with her. Neither any animals so it wouldn't matter much. The maiden went onto the horse and they rode back in only an hour.

The maiden went into the castle in confusion of what the princess may want with her. The two continued to walk into the halls when suddenly, the headless princess appeared. Hana was shocked to see such a sight though she tries to gain the courage to speak up.

"Did you asked me to help you your majesty?", asked Hana.

Lila's body went close to the maiden and use her telepathy to communicate.

"Yes, such beautiful hair and face. Such elegant eyes though her eyebrows look too big, it still looks appealing. I might want you after all. You are beautiful as everyone says."

Hana was shocked to hear a voice from nowhere. The body stepped back and did some hand signs. It scared both Hana and Sarah.

Suddenly, Hana felt her head being lift. She felt numb from the neck down and saw that she is floating. She tried to look down seeing a neck stump on her body. She tried to move, but she couldn't. Hana realized that she is detached from her body and the princess want her head to be the replacement.

"What is this sorcery? How can I still be alive? Have you turned me into a demon?", asked Hana's head. The floating head was worried and kept asking questions.

Sarah was crying and stumbled back to the wall. She held her mouth and was afraid of what's happening.

Hana then saw her body parts being broken down piece be piece and slowly disappearing until all that's left is her head. Hana's head floated in place as the body went closer to her again to retrieve her.

The body grabbed Hana's head and held her eye level and said telepathically.

"You are mine now. At least I will take good care of you and you shall live a life of royalty. Just as a head. You won't be alone for sure."

The head only looks at the body with fear and stayed silent. The body then reattached Hana's head on her and it sticks. Sarah got up the body was about to say something.

"Good work today Sarah, but I kind of need you to get me more heads, at least one for the day. If you don't, I may have to take yours. Though take your time, you just came back", said Lila's body using Hana's voice.

Sarah did as she is told and headed to the village to find the perfect head for her majesty. Lila's body, that's what I'm gonna call her, or just Lila. Maybe call her head literally Lila's head. Any who, the body gained knowledge of what priestess and maidens do for exorcism. At least she can fend off demons at night.

If the body had the head of a witch or a female knight, then she could be fearsome. Basically, she gains the knowledge and memories of the heads she attaches.

For now, she waited for her new head and wait to get some more. She wanted more heads because having the same face is boring and the fact that she can detach and reattach when she wants.

Princess Lila the body wants to take advantage of her ability as much as possible.

And so, Sarah searches for another victim...
Sarah rode her horse through the forest until she witnessed a young woman, about 17, throwing some rocks down a well. Sarah called out, "From the kingdom of Princess Lila, I greet you!" The lass turned around and showed Sarah her beautiful face. She had jet black hair and blue eyes. Another thing about her facial appearance was that her skin was a much different tone from that of Lila's.

"Lila? I've heard of her. Anyway, who are you?" the 17-year-old asked.

"I am Sarah, Lila's loyal servant," Sarah announced.

"Pleased to meet you. My name is Mara. So why have you - her servant - come to greet me?"

"Princess Lila is looking for more female youths to have around her kingdom."

"But why me?"

"She wants to give their lives a second chance."

"Well, it is an honor. I never thought that I would meet a princess. But what do I know? I'm just a poor orphan. Every day I look down this well and contemplate suicide."

"Worry not, Mara. Your life will continue. Just come with me."

"Oh thank you, servant Sarah! I will prove my usefulness!" Mara got onto Sarah's horse and held onto her.

"Alright, Carrot Drum! Let us head back to the castle!" Sarah told her steed, who let out a "neigh" and rode the two back to Lila's castle. On the way Sarah took another look at Mara, who was confused by this.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Mara asked.

"I was checking if you were up to Lila's standards of beauty," Sarah explained, "and you are."

"Um, thank you?"

"You're very welcome." Yeah, she definitely won't match, Sarah thought, There is a huge skin color different between her and Lila. But then again, maybe that's what Lila's body wanted.
Sarah felt really sorry for the girl. She hoped that the princess would just not want Mara and let her leave. Though she would be surprised is Princess Lila wants her.

As they reached to the castle, the two entered and then Princess Lila rushed to meet Mara.

"Thanks Heavens you returned my friend. What may this guest name be.", asked the Princess.

"Mara, you majesty.", said the girl.

"Hmm, you have such a unique skin color. I never really saw anyone with it."

Sarah only stood there trembling. She couldn't believe that the princess's body could make a sweet maiden look sinister. The servant then look away to walked to another room to not hear the cries.

The princess lead Mara to a room and telling her how she gets to live in her castle since it has been very empty.

"Hmm", the princess thought, "She is older than me, and has a different skin color. It matters not, I can hide it with long sleeves and gloves. Her hair is just beautiful."

Mara starts to feel uneasy about how the princess is looking at her. The princess then did some hand signs and said.

"You just look perfect."

Mara then felt her head being detach and the numb feeling spreads to the neck down. Mara screamed as she started to break apart and seeing her body parts disappear. Mara is left as a head floating in still place and saw Lila detached her own head.

Hana woke up realizing what is happening next. She saw Lila grabbing Mara's head and attaching it onto her neck. Even though the two have different skin colors, Lila still looks gorgeous.

Hana's head was shocked and Lila using Mara's voice said.

"Fear not, Hana, Maiden of the South. I shall shelter you as I promised."

Lila handed Hana's head to Sarah and the servant went to a shelf that is near the princess's room and placed the head there. The servant finds a pillow and put the head on it on the shelf.

"What is the meaning of this?", cried Hana's head.

"I'm so sorry. I never realize that the princess's body do this. I'll tell you that she has always been a friendly person. I think that's she is only upset of losing her head.", said Sarah in tears.

"So I'm stuck like this forever."

"May god have mercy on your soul."

Sarah left the room with Hana crying out for her. Sarah cried as she visited the princess as she got dressed. She wiped her tears quickly and went up to the princess herself.

"My my Sarah. You really have outdone yourself this time. This head is marvelous. It even suits my long sleeved dresses.", said Princess Lila.

"Yes your majesty. Would that be all the heads you want?", asked Sarah.

"Are you kidding me? I want more. Some of these heads may soon be deflected or broken. I need lots of spares. In fact, I think Hana is lonely in that room you place her. She need other bodiless friends. You may rest for a while and continue your search when you feel like it."

The servant bowed and left the dressing room. She regretted on resurrecting the princess. She then went to her room and slept. Sarah had nightmares of how Hana and Mara got detached. Sarah was really scared that she couldn't sleep and continues to search for more victims.
Seeing that her friend’s body had a “head fetish”, Sarah went back to Lila’s room to talk with her head.
“Hello, Sarah,” Lila said after Sarah retrieved her from the cabinet. “What’s up?”
“Lila, you and I have been friends forever,” Sarah started saying.
“Of course. I always admired our truthful friendship. So how’s my body? Did she find a new head?”
“Yes,” Sarah said bluntly.
“Is her new head pretty?”
“Yes,” Sarah said, still bluntly.
“Well, I’m happy for my body.”
Sarah let out another blunt “yes”, which Lila caught on.
“Something the matter?” Lila asked.
Sarah was going to tell Lila what her body was actually planning to do, but she then looked at her smiling face and decided to tell her something else, since she didn’t want Lila to be shocked. “It’s just,” she said, “that you didn’t deserve to be beheaded.”
“I know, Sarah. I didn’t expect this either. But it worked out in the end. I’m still alive, and my body’s still alive. Thank goodness for magic.”
“Yeah, thank goodness,” Sarah said, laughing nervously.
“Don’t worry about me, Sarah. I’m fine, but a bit hungry. Would you please take me to the kitchen, my lovely servant?”
“How about you stay here while I bring food to you?” Sarah suggested.
“Sure,” Lila said.
“Be right back.”
As Sarah began leaving the room, Lila said, “You know, Sarah? I’m glad I could rely on you all the time. You never lie.”
“You’re right,” Sarah said. As she turned her head, she had a look of guilt on her face as she headed to the kitchen. One day, she thought. One day, I will show her the evils of her body.
Sarah got whatever she can savage from the kitchen. Since there are no more chiefs since they all died, Sarah had to do her best to cook some soup and bake some bread. She finished and carried the meal to her highness's head.

As she walked by she met the princess's body wearing Mara's head.

"I see that you rested. Is that for me because I just finished eating already thank you.", said the princess.

"My apologies, but its for your head.", replied Sarah. The servant was surprised that the princess cooked for herself.

"My head is hungry. Its been so long since I met my original head. Is she fine alone? I'm worried about her even though it has been only for a day."

"Your head is fine your majesty. Just for you to know, the resurrection spell lets the head be able to eat and the food goes down the original body."

"If its for my original head then I let her eat her heart's content even if I already ate. Well, now its time to comb the hair of my two heads.", said the princess.

The girl left and Sarah headed to meet the princess's head. The servant was surprised about how much she cared for her head. Could this be a redeeming quality? At least the body isn't completely heartless.

Sarah went in and open the cabinet that contain Lila's head.

"Sarah, that looks tasty.", said the head.

"Open wide you majesty."

Sarah fed Lila some soup and sometimes the bread. Sarah worried about how Lila would feel since this is the first time she cooked. Lila has shown to have not like the taste, but she continued to smile.

"It taste funny, but pretty good.", said Lila's head.

"I'm so sorry your highness.", said Sarah.

"Don't worry, it tasted fine. I think your the best cook here.", said the head.

Sarah bowed and left the head again. She thought about her childhood for her and never there was a moment that she was mad at her. Sarah wished that Lila could get a body again, but she remembered one thing.

If she goes capturing someone again, maybe Lila can take her body too. But if she does so, she will see how her body has been doing all these things and she would be upset how she lied to the princess.

Sarah thought about it and hope that she can tell her highness's head the truth.


Meanwhile, the body retrieved Hana's head and tucked her under her right arm. She went to a chair and a table that has a mirror and she detached Mara's head. She placed the two heads together on the table and prepares to comb their heads by undoing whatever braid they have.

Mara's head looks around and saw Hana's head.

"What's going on?", asked Mara's head.

"I think she combing our head.", said Hana's head.

"I am Mara, well her head anyways."

"I am Hana, the maiden of the south."

"The actual maiden. How can this be?"

"I was tricked and now must spend the rest of my life bodiless like you."

"If you have some sort of prayer or blessing to get us out. Please do so now."

"I'm sorry. I can't do anything in this state."

Both the heads looked at each other with woe. Lila's body knew how they feel and hopes that her newest collection won't go into despair. They should feel honored to live in a castle as heads the body thought.

Hana and Mara's head talk a little more and it calm them down a bit.

"Why would the princess want your head even though you have a different skin color?", asked Hana's head.

"I don't know. I guess its because I look pretty. Do you think I look pretty?", asked Mara's head.

"I think so. In fact, I love your long smooth black hair.", said the maiden's head.

"I really find you cute for a wise maiden. In fact, her majesty made your hair look really nice", said the head.

"Thank you.", said Hana's head.

Hana now has her brown hair neatly combed and is tied in a bun. She had her priestess crown on her still and its been placed like a tiara or a headband.

Mara has her long hair combed and neat. She has some braids on her side and never has she looked as beautiful as before.

Hana's head was about to be picked up and she said some final things before being controlled by the body.

"I will never forget you friend.", said Hana's head before being attached to Lila's body.

"Me too!", said Mara's head.

Lila got Hana's head straight and picked up Mara. she walked to her newly dubbed Hall of Heads and placed Mara to a spot in the shelf. The girl looked at the princess as she left and then realize that she is alone for a while.
Sarah is now off to go find a new head. Before so, Princess Lila with Hana's head stopped her for a bit.

"Sarah, I have something to tell you. If you can, could you retrieve the princess of the neighborhood kingdom near here?", said the princess.

"Your highness. Aren't you taking the risk of going to war?", asked Sarah.

"Don't worry, I already set a spell from your spell book to make everyone in her kingdom forget about her. Now hurry on now, she might sell her hair for money."

The servant did as she is told and got onto her horse and left. As she rode, she was shocked that the princess would use such magic. It was a ten minute ride there in horseback as she found the princess that her majesty had told her about.

She still wore her royal clothes and her looks match to her highness's standard. Her hair was very wavy and golden blond, something that will satisfy her majesty's desire. She's also about 14 years old.

"Hello, Princess Lisa of Gold. My princess has gave an order for me to retrieve you.", said Sarah.

"Finally, someone remembers me. Could you tell me how come everyone forgot about me?", asked the blond.

"Its to not feel the pain of your journey. The princess of Gale demands your help and it would take a very long time. Even perhaps years."

"What would she want anyways?"

"Well, she needs young maidens in her castle ever since the massacre that killed many in the kingdom."

"So she need help rebuilding her kingdom."

"Um, yes. Of course."

"Lets get it over with it."

The two got onto the horse and gallop back to the castle, but an unwanted guest appeared in front of them. It was a girl that looked like a child. The girl has blue twin tail hair and has elfish ear. She could be a nature spirit.

"What's this about the princess needing young beautiful maidens? I'm beautiful so I wanted to be invited!", said the spirit.

"Who might you be?", asked Sarah.

"I am Nora, Spirit of the river. I demand an invitation.", said the spirit.

Sarah looked at the girl and she may do. The princess may like how she looks. The spirit got onto the horse and they rode back to the castle quickly.

You know the drill, the three came back and met the princess herself again.

"Oh ho Sarah, you got two in one trip. Your getting better everyday.", said Lila.

"You must be the princess of Gale I suppose.", asked Liza.

"Yes I would be.", said Lila.

"Now tell me what's the big idea of inviting the prettiest girls here. Do we get a prize?", asked Nora.

"My my, both of you do. Liza, your beauty was well known throughout any kingdom. As for you little girl, your elf ears and blue hair amuses me. I really find you cute."

Nora pounded her chest with pride. Liza was only disgusted with Nora's attitude. The two introduced each other to Lila, while Sarah left to avoid hearing the cries of the two girls.

Lila's body thought to herself, "Now who should I wear now? I could wear Liza, but Nora looks cute. I should go for cute. I have wore two elegant heads already, time for something new. I can place Liza's head in the Hall of Heads with Mara and place Hana there too. At least the heads won't be lonely anymore."

Liza and Nora then saw Lila preparing the detachment spell...
A few moments later, Sarah checked on which head that Lila’s body decided to wear. “So Lila, which head did you decide to…” She paused when she saw that both Liza’s and Nora’s heads were on her body.

“Hello, servant Sarah,” Lila’s body greeted while using Nora’s mouth.

“Do you like my new heads?” Lila’s body asked from Liza’s mouth.

Sarah was completely speechless. She finally blurt out, “Why did you decide to wear both heads, my lady?”

“Honestly, both of these heads were so cute, that I couldn't pick just one,” Lila’s body said from Nora’s mouth this time.

“Well, you know what they say,” Lila’s body said using Liza’s head.

“Two heads are better than one,” Lila’s body continued from Nora’s head.

“Which means two times the beauty,” Lila’s body said using Liza’s head.

Sarah had a hard time wrapping her head (no pun intended) around all this craziness. “I… need to rest a bit,” she said.

“Yes, you've been working hard. You definitely deserve a break,” Lila!Nora said.

“In the meantime, I’ll go check on my other pretty heads,” Lila!Liza said as she headed to her shelf.

Sarah went back to her room and laid on her head, thinking about what had happened. “What the hell did I cause?” she muttered to herself. “I sacrificed everyone in the kingdom, just to save my friend. I mean, I’m glad that Lila’s body is taking great care of her heads, but man, is she so vain, which is unlike her original head.” She got up and left the castle to search for more heads to add to the collection. “Oh well, duty calls.”
Sarah didn't had much sleep so she set up camp for the night. It was so late that the sky was pitch black with the stars being the only night. The girl slept some more and her nightmares begins.

In her dream, she was only her head on a shelf. She looked next to her and saw Princess Lila's head on her left crying. She then saw more heads on her right and they all screamed. Sarah then woke up sweating and notice that its has been the afternoon.

The servant got up, ate whatever she packed and left for the nearby village. The village was filled with crowded pathways and it was filled with markets. Sarah thought that the place was really noisy so she hurried to find a girl that would suit the princess's taste.

She then saw a girl climbing on a monument and started to use some sort of paint to put graffiti on the statue. After doing so, some people tell her to stop and she only there fruit and stuff at anyone and laughed. Sarah looked at the girl a bit and realize that she might be it.

The girl has black hair that is tied up in a high spiky ponytail. Her eyes were of red and has fang like teeth, but not like an animal. She has some beauty, but her personality would be a bother.

Sarah wouldn't feel sorry for her since she looks like a hooligan that is a bother to society. Compare to this girl, she makes Nora the most elegant lady in the whole kingdom. That's saying something since that river spirit speaks in a rude manner and is a bit wild. At least Nora is nice.

This girl is just mean so Sarah quickly try to approach to her. When the servant got close. She got yellow paint on her face. She tried to wipe it off a bit and looked at her and said.

"By order of the princess of Gale, she requires you to visit her castle."

Everyone was shocked that someone of royalty wants this girl. The girl just hanged on the statue and said.

"Sure, would food be provided?", said the girl.

"Yes. Of course.", said Sarah.

The servant try to get the girl to follow. The village looked happy that the girl would be gone. Sarah might guessed that no one liked her and flet that she did the right thing for once. The servant had a hard time trying to talk to the sly girl since she would either walk off at times or make fun of her.

"If your going to be a guess of her majesty, I suggest you to not behave the way you are now!", cried Sarah.

"Geez lady, calm your tits.", said the girl.

"I am not lady, I am Sarah, servant of Princess Lila."

"Well call me Kyoh. So how far is this kingdom of yours?". said Blair.

"Well Miss. Kyoh, it may take until the afternoon."

"Oh bother."

Sarah has never met anyone so rude in her life. She would really want this girl to be decapitated and suffer like the rest. When they finally made it to the castle. It was the same, but with some changes that would happen soon.

Princess Lila's body now wore only Nora's head and the river spirit's head look like her, but with a more princess look. She cam close and looked at Sarah.

"Nice job Sarah. You found another one. She may look like a poor peasant, but I see beauty in her that I want. Though you took a very long time. I'm guessing that you were really tired.", said Princess Lila.

"There was no problem your highness.", said Sarah.

"I can tell by your face that you are stressed and traumatize. I know that finding girls for me is tiring and is messed up for you. If it were to make you feel batter, think of it as doing a favor to a friend. Lastly, I command you to take the day off starting today and you shall continue your duty the day after tomorrow."

Sarah bowed and left to her room. Kyoh looked at the princess and picked her ear. She flicked the earwax to the floor and it somewhat bothered the princess.

"So, who might you be?", asked Princess Lila.

"Oh your majesty, I am Kyoh of the village nearby and am here to see your silly looking hair.", said Kyoh while giggling.

The princess was amused at the same time insulted. She thought that after sometime here she would learn some manners.

"As you may see Kyoh, I have something important for you. I need your head."

"My what now Princess Buttercup?"

The princess did her hand signs and said, "Your head."

Like the other victims, Kyoh's head is lifted off her body and her body parts disappear in front of her eyes and then the girl is left as a floating head. Unlike the other victims, Kyoh looked happy.

"Wow. I'm just a floating head and I'm suppose to be dead. And that rhymes.", said Kyoh's head.

"I surprised about your reaction. Say, you look hungry despite of the lack of a body.", said Princess Lila.

"Sure, now that I don't have a stomach, I can eat as much as I want."

"Agree. The spell book did say that you can still eat, but you don't have to. You are currently in a state where you are dead and alive at the same time or undead, but no in a zombie way. Let's just say that you can eat for fun and not for survival. I'll let you eat as a head and then attached you on my neck."

"Oh ho, are some some sort of head collector?", said the rowdy girl.

"In a way, yes. I wear heads like accessories though they are offered the luxury of what this castle can offer."

"So I get to live from decapitation and live a royal life. Best day ever!"

Princess Lila was happy that a head is finally not crying or screaming. She carried Kyoh's head to the dining room and placed her head there. The princess prepared the meal and does a good job at it.

She came in with some steak and lots of good stuff. Kyoh licks her licks and tries to head to the food, but couldn't since she's only a head. The princess spoon fed her one at the time.

"Hey lady, would you shove more into my mouth instead of a little piece?", said Kyoh with food in her mouth.

"Kyoh, you have lots to learn. You need to eat and talk like a proper lady if your going to live here. I really don't want to kick you out because your such a beautiful head.", said the princess.

"You think I'm pretty?"

"Yes. I only accept pretty heads for my collection and your one of the only few to have the honor. I don't except men nor old ladies or just any girl. They have to be beautiful for my taste."

"Why thank you?", said Kyoh finally having no food in her mouth.

After dinner, Lila carried Kyoh's head to the hall of heads and detached Nora's head off her neck. Lila placed Nora's head next to Liza's head and then proceeds to put on Kyoh's head.

"Hmm, it feels nice. Though her hair is a bit too messy. I could just fix it with some combing.", said Lila with Kyoh's head.

The princess left and the fours heads in the shelves look at each other. Hana and Mara's heads are on the second row while Liza and Nora's heads are below.
"Who do you think she is?! If I can get my hands on her...", cried Nora's head.

"You don't have hands remember.", interrupted Liza's head.

"Damn it.", Nora's head said and puffed her cheeks.

"Now that she is here, we can introduced each other properly until we can meet the new girl. So I'm Hana, Maiden of the south.", said the priestess's head.

"The maiden?", asked Nora's head raising an eyebrow.

"Yes I am."

"Anyways, I'm Mara.", said Mara's head.

"You know me from our trip here, Princess Liza of Gold. At your service.", said Liza's head.

"I'm Nora, spirit of the Aurum River.", said the blue haired girl's head.

"The spirit of the Aurum River. The one who drowns innocent lives if they dare go into your sacred waters in the forest.", asked Hana's head.

"Yes I am. Those guys were invading my turf. Now what are you going to do about it Maiden? Your only a head. An abnormal force like me.", said Nora's head.

"Not if I can help it.", said Hana's head.

The maiden's head said a prayer and Nora was in shocking pain. Mara cried out to Hana to stop.

"Why should I? If I let her go, she might do something to us while were heads.", said Hana.

"I'm as useless as your are, remember. I need water to do what I do and the last I checked, we don't got any.", said Nora's head.

"How about we get along since we are going to be here forever?", said Mara's head.

The two heads then apologize. Though Hana's head said that she may need to be cautious in case.

Both Mara and Nora's head respect that since Hana is a priestess so its her job to do something like that. They can't blame her since she's been practicing doing that stuff all the time. Hana also said that at least her prayers won't effect everyone even though they are in as state where they cheated death.

"I know it sucks being here, but we have to make the best of it. At least were getting taken care of instead of being treated like objects.", said Mara's head.

"You know, why would Princess Lila do such a thing? I know her for a while and I know that she would never do this. She would rather be blind and deaf forever than stealing heads.", said Liza's head.

"My guess is that she is desperate of a head.", said Hana's head, "I might act the same way if that happens to me."

"It doesn't matter, what she did is messed up. If she dares touch me, I'll tear her flesh out with my teeth.", said Nora's head.

"Nora, please. Biting her won't bring our bodies back.", said Mara's head.

"If only I have my bible or tools at my shrine. I could somehow stop this evil and get our bodies back.", said Hana's head.

"I don't think Princess Lila is a demon.", said Liza's head.

"Of course she is. Only a demon would commit such heinous acts upon people. It was suppose to be my job to stop it, but I ended up as a damsel of distress.", said Hana's head.

"At least, I'm safe from your other exorcist crap.", said Nora's head.

"I still got my voice!", said Hana's head as she said a short prayer that inflicted pain to Nora.

"Don't ever call my sacred techniques crappy!", said Hana's head.

Nora's head sticks her tongue out and Hana can't see this since Nora is below here. Mara sighed and hoped that everyone could get along.

"This is going to take a while.", said Mara's head trying to smile.


After combing Kyoh's head, Princess Lila decides to visit her original head. Kyoh's head now looks more princess like with the braids and neatness. She enters her room and opens the cabinet that contains her original head.

"Body, is that you?", said the head.

"Yes my original head.", said the body with Kyoh's head.

"You look beautiful as Sarah had said."

"Indeed she did. How are you doing?"

"Fine, it gets lonely here, but its fine since I know that you and Sarah visit me from time to time."


"Say body, how did you get your new head?"

The body try to think of a lie. If she told her head, she would control her and stop her reign of collecting more gorgeous heads. The spell book did say that the original head has total control over their body despite of decapitation and how sentient the body is.

She just got her independence and she doesn't plan to lose it. She thought of an idea quickly and said.

"Sarah helped make a few artificial ones to my liking. She goes out to find some influence of gorgeous heads out there and make her own version of it. These heads look like the original person."

"That's wonderful body. You can have many looks as you like.", said the head.

"Well its getting late. It was really nice talking to you head. I hope that your fine being in the cabinet."

"I don't mind. I got you two."

The body blushed and was happy for the complement. She left the room and thought to herself.

"Sarah, hope you rest well for the day. Its my turn to hunt some heads. I'll leave the castle in the morning after dawn."

Princess Lila's body was willing to go out alone for this so that her servant can relax. She might be vain, but she deeply cares for her heads, her original head, and Sarah. She just has some selfish flaws.
Lila’s body rode into another town and spotted a population surrounding a guillotine. “What is going on?” she asked.

“This young lady is being decapitated,” one of the townspeople said, pointing to a young lass with her hands tied standing before the guillotine.

“Decapitated? For what?”

“Ma’am, this is a magic-free town,” another townsperson said. “And she has been using magic. Thus, she will die.”

This made Lila angry, since she too was in this predicament. “How dare you! Magic is beautiful and should not be a felony!”

Everyone in the town gasped. “She’s a witch!” the town’s mayor said. “Burn her!”

“I’m not a witch, I’m a princess!”

The townspeople charged at Lila with pitchforks and torches, but she quickly grabbed each and every one of them and killed everyone by burning and/or stabbing them. As they died, they called out, “WIIIIIIIITCH!”

Lila walked past the rotting carcasses of the townspeople to untie the young woman, who had a shocked look on her face. “Are you okay?” Lila asked.

“You… you killed them,” the lass said. “All of them.”

“They were going to kill you! I could not let that happen!”

“You don’t understand. I broke a law. I deserve to die!”

“Obviously, you have been brainwashed by these people. Magic is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Just let me be beheaded. I don’t want to use a body anymore.”

Lila sighed. “I’ll take you to my castle to take care of you, Miss…”

“Vanna,” the lass finished.

“My name is Princess Lila, and I know what you’re going through. So will you come with me?”

Vanna reluctant said, “Yes.”

And so Lila and Vanna rode back to her castle…
When they got into the castle, Lila immediately used her magic to decapitate Vanna and made her body disappear.

"What?", cried Vanna.

"Well, you did say you wanted to be beheaded. Wish granted.", said Lila.

"I suppose this is the price of you saving me", said the girl's head

"Of course. I collect heads so that I can wear them.", said Lila, "Your eyes are just have this silent gray. Your hair may be silver, but its way more beautiful than an old lady. Your pig tails are simply fabulous. I really want you. The fact that we both use magic means that we are really meant for each other."

Lila asked Vanna's head to stay their floating while she detached Kyoh's head and put it in the hall of heads. Lila then came back headless and attached Vanna's head on her. She stroke her new silver hair and purred since she really like the hair. She looked in the mirror and gazed at her gray eyes.

The princess looked outside to see that its still day time so she should go get more heads.


Meanwhile, Sarah finished sleeping for most of the day and saw the sun is still out. She went to Lila's body and asked if she could take her original head to the garden.

"Of course Sarah. She needs sunlight and some time outside.", said Lila using Vanna's head.

"Thank you, your majesty.", said Sarah.

The servant went to her room and grabbed the original head in the cabinet and asked if she is willing to go to the garden.

"Of course Sarah. It would be like old times.", said Lila's head.

The two went out and Sarah brought a pillow for her majesty's head. The two of them sat and looked at the flowers around them. The servant thought that this might be the right time to tell the truth, but she should not be hasty.

"Um, your majesty. Are you worried about what's happening with your body?", said Sarah.

"Nope. I think its all fine. She said that you help make her good artificial heads. What's your secret?", asked Lila's head.

Sarah try to think of a lie to go along with this, but she has to be brave about it.

"Um, its a secret that I want to keep for myself. Its just too personal.", said Sarah.

"Oh I understand. Lately I can tell your hiding something. Could it be my body been killing people? I hope she has right intentions.", said the head.

"Of course not. She is really not like that!", cried Sarah. She was telling the truth. She never say the body killed anyone, and never saw her kill the village that tried to kill Vanna.

"Though I admit one thing. There's something wrong with your body.", said Sarah.

"What would that be?", asked Lila's head.

"She might umm... Its hard to say without being mean."

"I know its hard to manage the kingdom with just two people. In fact, I wish I can help. I'm so worthless.", said the head.

"That's not true. If it weren't for you, your body would have been dead."

"I see your point. I am helping a bit."

Sarah decides to keep the truth hidden from the original head for a little longer. It was a nice day to be outside and she doesn't want to spoil it.
“Say, Lila,” Sarah asked her friend, “how about you and I head into town?”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Lila asked. “Because people going to notice a severed head being carried around.”

“No problem, I’ll just hide you.” Sarah took Lila’s head back into the castle and placed it in a bag. “There. Now just be quiet.”

“My lips are sealed, Sarah.”

So Sarah got onto her horse and took Lila’s head to town. However, it was the same town where Lila’s body was just previously. “Hmm, it’s very quiet here,” Sarah said. “I thought for sure there would be-” She stopped when she saw the huge pile of dead bodies.

“Sarah, what’s the matter?” Lila said from Sarah’s bag.

“Nothing, nothing,” Sarah lied. “I just seem to have lost my way to town.” Sarah’s horse then sniffed one of the corpses and neighed loudly. “Shh!”

“Why did your horse neigh?”

“Um, she smelled food?” Sarah kept lying as her horse looked at her with shame, then Sarah shrugged her shoulders and sighed. She then did some hand signs to bring an image in order to find out who murdered the whole village. Inside the image was the face of Kyoh on top of Lila’s body. No, Sarah thought, she couldn't have.

“What’s with all the silence?” Lila asked.

Sarah continued with her lying. “Well, I forgot how to get to town, so I’m going to take you back to the kingdom.” Sarah’s horse rolled her eyes as Sarah rode her back to the castle. Lila’s body has some explaining to do, Sarah thought. I mean, I can’t hide all of this from her poor, sweet, innocent head forever.
Sarah placed the princess's head back to her cabinet and went up to the body in the hall of heads. The princess's body was deciding on which head to put on and just too Hana and Mara's heads and be two-headed.

"Your highness, we need to talk.", said Sarah.

"Yes Sarah.", said Lila with Hana's head.

"Is it true that you murdered everyone in the town nearby?"

"I only did it out of self defense. They were trying to behead poor Vanna here.", said Lila/Mara pointing at Vanna's head who only gave a weak hello.

"May I advice you to not do something like that again? I took your original head outside of town for some fresh air and found a pile of corpses caused by you."

All the heads on the shelves were talking to each other the moment they heard the original head.

"As I said before, I did it out of self defense. They were trying to kill me and Vanna.", said Lila/Hana.

"It's true.", said Vanna's head.

"By the way, how is my original head? Did she had a great time outside?", asked Lila/Mara.

"She's fine. At least she doesn't know about your mess.", said Sarah.

"Thank goodness she's okay.", said Lila/Hana.

"I want to point out about how your original head may feel. What would your original head say if she found out about everything we done so far?", asked Sarah.

"I.. I don't know. She could understand me, but...", said Lila/Mara

The princess took a deep breath and then said with the two heads attached to her at the same time, "I don't think I'm in the mood of wearing heads today.",

The girl then detached both heads and placed them back on the shelf. She then left headless.

Sarah could tell that now the body is feeling some guilt. At the same time, the servant is worried about what may the princess be capable of.

"So little miss princess's head is hiding while we have to be her replacements. I really want to tear the both of them to shreds with my teeth!", cried Nora's head.

"Nora, please. Her majesty's original head is not like that. Only the body. I'm so sorry for you all about everything.", said Sarah.

"I don't blame you. You were forced by that witch.", said Liza's head.

"Don't say that.", said Sarah.

"Maybe someday the princess might want your head.", said Kyoh's head and she laughed.

Sarah had no tolerance for Kyoh so she left.

"I think that was harsh Kyoh.", said Hana's head.

"Please. At least she could be having the time of her life as a head.", said Kyoh's head.

"Not everyone enjoys this.", said Mara's head.

"Well all you do is complaining about suicide. Being a head mean no worries about your body or anything with the princess around the castle.", said Kyoh's head.

"I don't talk about suicide all the time!", said Mara's head.

"Let's see hear. I remember you saying, 'I would rather be dead than this' just yesterday.", said Kyoh's head.

"KYOH!", screamed Mara's head.

"Everyone please stop. Your giving me a headache.", said Vanna's head.

"Ha, I get the joke. You got it Nora.", said Kyoh's head.

"Ah huh. Though it still not enough for me to forget about my desire of revenge.", said Nora's head.

"Don't worry, you'll probably get a bite someday. It would be interesting to see.", said Kyoh's head.

"Thanks Kyoh. You always understand me unlike some heads who think I'm crazy.", said Nora's head.

"Nora, you know that the stuff you say is too barbaric and insane.", said Mara's head.

"Why you little?!", cried Nora's head.

"Calm down everyone. What's done has been done? At least we have each other.", said Liza's head.

"Well, you girls are really nice. I was really lonely while running the shrine. I made new friends while being a head.", said Hana's head.

"I can somewhat agree.", said Mara's head.

Some of the heads agree and then Vanna moan and said.

"Can we please have some peace and quiet? I really have a headache and it got worst."

All the heads apologize and decided to sleep for the day.
Lila's body went to her room and slept. It felt weird for her to sleep with out a head at all since she can't feel anything with a pillow. The guilt might have kept her awake, but she spends the night denying it.

Sarah was sleeping in her room now crying and is filled with regret. She may want to rebel against the body, but she will risk losing her head. She thought about it and concluded that she would only do so if the body goes too far or when the secret has been revealed to the original head.

Sarah couldn't bear to think about what would Lila's head think if she discovered the truth. Would she be ready to give up her body to fix all of this in the end?

Lila was never the person to hold grudges or get angry. She is often the forgiving person no matter what happened. Could Lila really forgive her body and Sarah this time? The servant tried to sleep and did out of exhaustion.

Lila's head slept soundly in her cabinet. Though she woke up to the thought about what might Sarah be hiding. She was acting strange when they tried to travel to town. No way Sarah would get lost to the town. She visits there on many occasions.

Lila's head notice that she could be lying and she knows that she has a good reason, but why. The head was willing to forgive her no matter what. She trust Sarah that she wouldn't do anything that bad.

The head tries to calm herself down since it might be due to the fact that Sarah might be setting up a surprise party for her since her birthday is literally coming up soon.

The head wished to know what's going on and hopes that nothing bad happens at all. All she knows is that Sarah must be a victim to something big. But what?
Lila’s body suddenly woke up to use the bathroom. Why do my heads have to be so thirsty? She thought. On the way, she accidentally bumped into Sarah. “My servant, do you have to go as well?” Lila’s body asked telepathically.

“I already went,” Sarah said. “I even put in a new roll of toilet paper for you.”

“Oh Sarah, you do so much for me.” Lila’s body went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

“Sometimes I wish I didn't,” Sarah softly said.

“What was that?” Lila’s body said from the other side of the door.

Sarah decided that it was best to come clean. “You aren't the only one who has killed off an entire population. My lady, I have done this sin as well.”

“You what?!”

“You know how I brought you and your head back to life? I used a magic spell that killed off everyone in the kingdom.”

There was a pause. “So they did vanish for a reason. But why would you kill many just for me?”

“Because you’re my best friend! Both you and your head!” Sarah cried. “And it was wrong of these people to murder you because of your knowledge of magic!”

Lila’s body opened the door and hugged Sarah. “Sarah, you are my dearest friend and most loyal servant, and I thank you for bringing me and my head back to life, but I am so sorry for this.” Sarah just closed her eyes and hung her head in shame as Lila’s body used her trademark hand motions...

Lila’s head saw that someone was opening her cabinet. When she saw Sarah’s sad face, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Lila, I have been keeping a huge secret from you. Your body has been responsible for the murder of an entire village.”


“I apologize for not telling you earlier. I was afraid of what she would do if I told you.”

“So where is my body now?”

“She decided to leave the kingdom forever, so it is just you and me. But let me remind you something: your body loves you very much, and is happy to see that you are doing fine.”

Lila sighed. “Well, thank you for taking care of me, Sarah, my truest friend in the world.”

“You are very welcome.” She closed the cabinet, then left the room and took her head off, thus revealing that Lila’s body was wearing Sarah’s head. “I am so, so sorry about this, Sarah, but you have caused a mass genocide, and as the Princess’s body, I have to decree that you must be punished.”

“Are you saying that it was better for me to let you stay dead?” Sarah asked.

“I do not know. Both you and I have sinned, and I cannot tell my head the entire truth, so I am afraid that I will have to wear you forever.”

“But what about all those other heads that you and I collected?”

“I don’t know. I am so mixed up, that I have no idea what to do. Just sleep tight, my friend.” And with that, Lila’s body put Sarah’s head back on, then spoke to herself using Sarah’s mouth. “And flights of many sing thee to thy rest.” Lila’s body then went back to sleep.
Lila's body woke up and decided to wear a new head. She just realize that she couldn't wear Sarah's head forever because its boring to do so. She went to the hall of heads and placed Sarah's head there next to Kyoh's head on the bottom row.

"Oh bugger.", said Sarah's head.

"I knew this day would come.", said Kyoh's head.

"Kyoh, behave.", said Lila's body telepathically.

"Well excuse me princess.", said Kyoh's head.

"Sarah, you may be punished in this state, but your still my favorite servant. I really gonna need you when I talk to my original head.", said Lila's body telepathically.

"Yes my lady.", said Sarah's head.

The body thought about wearing Nora's head, but she bite her so she wants to wear Liza's head instead since it has been a while and has manners. The body slapped Nora's head on the top for her rude behavior and left with her new head attached.

"If your all angry at me for all of this, be my guess.", said Sarah's head.

"Its not your fault.", said Mara's head.

"We know that you only did it for a friend that you cared for.", said Hana's head.

"By the way, what's this about the original head?", asked Vanna's head.

"Well you see...", said Sarah's head as she explain how it all started.

"No way.", all the heads say.

"Its true. The original head is very kind, yet she had a mean spirited body.", said Sarah's head.

"Princess Lila is fine after all. She's like us, but all alone.", said Hana's head.

"We really need to do something about this.", said Nora's head, "That body must be stopped."

"Girls, we shouldn't. We can't do anything in our state.", said Sarah's head.

"Well, does this castle have a suit of armor?", asked Vanna's head.

"Yes, why?", replied Sarah's head.

"We could use those for substitute bodies for our rebellion, but we need more help to get the job done. We may need to wait for more victims.", said Vanna's head.

Sarah's head started to worry about what the heads have in mind.

Princess Lila's body with Liza's head is sitting in a chair drinking tea. She then heard a knock on the door. It revealed a Japanese girl of 15 in a Japanese school uniform. Most likely the sailor ones. She really doesn't look like she's from this world at all.

She started speaking in confusion and Princess Lila used her magic to translate what she's saying.

"My name is Kana and I'm from Japan. Where am I? This place looks too medieval.", said the girl.

The princess lets her in to talk more about it. From what the princess gathered. The girl was somehow teleported here from another dimension for some reason.

The princess also was looking at how she looks. Her hair was short that's round. Somewhat like this character:http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs47/f/2009/226/4/3/Meiko_Sakine_by_echoingfate.png

Imagine just the hair with a Japanese girl in a cute school uniform and brown eyes.

The princess thought that she looked plain, but the two continued to talk. Kana told her about cars and technological stuff from home and a little of Japanese Culture. Lila was hooked in and want to know more. The more they talked, the more the princess wants Kana's head.

"Say Kana. Do you want to stay here forever?", said Princess Lila.

"I don't think so. My mom would be worried.", said Kana.

"Fear not Kana my dear. I kind of need you for a little favor. If you can help me, I can get you home. How does that sound? It may take a while or years, but I will make sure that you will stay young and go back as if nothing has happened.", said the princess.

She wasn't lying. She would do that. In fact, she recalls the spell book talking about traveling worlds. Even so Kana looks pretty plain, but in a pretty way.

"So what do I need to do?", asked Kana.

"This.", said Lila.

Suddenly Kana's head fell off her neck and her body grabbed her in time. The girl was confused and has her body raise her up to see her neck.

"After your services with me, you can have your body back. I just need your head for my fashion reasons. I could even make you look more beautiful like a princess.", said Lila.

"This is too weird for me.", said Kana's head.

"Don't worry. Its your first time. Just give me your head and your body could be my new servant.", said Lila.

Kana has no choice, but to do as she says. She gave her head to Lila and they headed to the hall of heads. Kana's body is literally trying to find her head. It wonders off somewhere and gets lost in the castle.

They arrived to the hall of heads and Lila detached Liza's head and put on Kana's head. The body absorb all of Kana's memories of the modern day world. The girl left with delight and still has more heads to collect.

Princess Lila now has images of the cities and building and she was really happy about the thought of the place. She really want to tell her original head about this, but if she does, she will reveal her secret. She decides to keep all of this to herself.

"We got one more. Is that enough?", asked Nora's head.

"More. We have to be patient until we have more girls so that I can use my magic to float to a suit of armor and give all of you girls substitute bodies of armor.", said Vanna's head.

"I agree, we may actually need an army to fight the body. After all, she is skilled in magic.", said Mara's head.

"Say Sarah, how many knight armors are there in the castle?"

"More than the amount of heads here.", said Sarah's head, "But I do not wish to be in any part of this."

"Your loss missy.", said Kyoh's head.

Sarah's head only growled. At the same time, Princess Lila's body with Kana's head continues her search for more heads. This story is going to take a while.

Kana’s headless body wandered around the castle, looking for her head. She eventually ended up in Lila’s room and searched through many drawers.

“What’s going on?” Lila’s head asked. Suddenly, she was picked up by Kana’s hands. “Sarah, is that…” She paused when she saw Kana’s body. “Hey, you’re not Sarah or my body.” Kana’s body put Lila’s head on. Lila then looked over the Japanese girl body that her head was attached to. “What has my body done?”

Lila then ran through the castle and ended up in the hallway of heads. Oh no, Sarah thought.

“Ah, so these must be the artificial heads that my body was talking about,” Lila said, much to everyone’s confusion. But Lila too became confused as she saw that Sarah was one of the heads in the collection. “Sarah?”

Sarah sighed. “Well, Lila, there’s no way that I can keep this secret anymore.”

“What is going on?! Who are all you heads?”

“Your body has gone mad with power!” Nora said.

“She has vanished our bodies away and left us as heads that she tries on!” Vanna said.

“But to be fair, she does treat us fairly, given the circumstances,” Mara said.

Lila turned to Sarah and picked her head up from the shelf. “You lied to me.”

“I did it to protect you,” Sarah said, tears in her eyes. “Because you’re my best friend, and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

Lila hugged Sarah’s head. “Oh, Sarah, you know that you could tell me anything, and I would understand!”

“So how did you get this body?” Liza asked.

“Dunno,” Lila said. “It just went into my room and put me on.”

“Sarah, I think you should tell her,” Kyoh reminded Sarah.

“Tell me what?” Lila asked.

“Lila, where do you think that everyone in the castle went after your resurrection?” Sarah asked.

“You said they disappeared. Unless…” She paused. “Oh my God, my body killed them off?!”

“No, no, no. I mean, your body did kill off a population, but not them.”

“But who did that? Sarah, only you and I were the only… two… people… in the… Sarah, you killed them?”

“Yes, I did!” Sarah cried. “But for you, my friend!”

“I… don’t know what to say,” Lila said. “But where is my body now?”

“She said something about going to some chick’s special world,” Liza explained, “while wearing said chick’s head.”

“Well, we gotta get my body back!” Lila said, starting to leave while holding onto Sarah’s head.

“Hey, what about us?” Vanna asked.

“Oh, right!” Lila said. “Sarah, where’s the book that my body used to vanish these girls’ bodies away?”

“I think she left it in the library.”

“Don’t worry, ladies. I’ll fix this,” Lila said as she took Sarah to the library to fix this entire mess.
Lila's body with Kana's head is looking at the book to find a way to go to other dimensions for new heads. With that, she can find some really unique ones, but she was stopped by Lila's head on Kana's body holding Sarah's head.

"Body, what's the meaning of this? I know the truth.", said Lila's head.

"Oh head, I uh.", said Lila's body.

"You are to give me the book so that I can restore everyone back to normal.", said the head.

The body obey and gave her head on an Asian girl's body the spell book. Lila looked at the pages while places Sarah's head next to her on a table. The body stood where she was since her head wouldn't allow her to leave or get near her.

Lila looked and started crying.

"My head, I'm sorry. There is no way of restoring the heads. You can at least help Kana here. You just have to give back the body.", said Lila's body with Kana's head.

"There has to be a way.", said Lila.

The girl was losing hope in restoring the heads and decided the best thing to do. She removed Kana's head and chained up her body. She the teleported her to the dungeon with whatever magic she can find in the spell book.

The bodiless Japanese girl was confused and saw Lila with her body.

"I'm so sorry for what my body did. I'll give your body back after I handle some small things.", said Lila.

Kana's head only nodded. So Lila goes to the hall of heads and placed Kana and Sarah's head on the shelves. Vanna told her to at least get some suit of armor for a substitute for a body. The princess did so and tested it with Vanna's head.

Ironically, it worked. Vanna could feel hands and legs again even though the insides are empty. Lila got more armor for the other heads and then herself and Sarah. The princess at least gave Kana her body back and try to attach it.

The plus side, she's back to normal. The downside, she can detached her head anytime she wants.

"This really was a weird day for me. At least I'm back together.", said Kana.

"Well don't lose your head. Literally.", said Lila.

"I hope so.", said Kana.

Lila opened a portal and it lead Kana home.


The Japanese girl is back to where she was, but due to all that magic stuff, her disembodied head appear in front of her mom on a table while her body is trying to look for her head.

"Mom, its not what you think. Just give my head back to my body and it would be all fine.", said Kana's head.

Her mother fainted and the bodiless girl cursed under her breath while calling out for her body. She thinks that she needs to control this ability more.


Back in the kingdom of Gale, all the girl's heads now have a knight's suit of armor for a body. Its too big for them, but its better than being only a head.

One of the biggest problem was that their movement was uncomfortable at times so they resort to carrying their heads. Even though the girls are free, they decided to stay because of how they look.

Pretty much the story would resort to their new life style and how the body is being punished.
Princess Lila was carrying her head with her knight armor. After some time with it, she made the armor look more feminine just so that it looks a bit more appealing. Some of the other girls did so too. Lila has her brown wavy hair kept long with her crown on top. Her new body has some flowers on it and looked as big as her old body.

The princess was in her garden sitting and saw Sarah come by. Sarah kept her look the same and sat next to Lila.

"So Sarah, how's today?",asked Lila.

"It was fine. You old body was taken care of in the dungeon, still healthy.", said Sarah.

"Glad to hear it. Say, I really find it weird that all of us in the castle have something in common."

"What would that be?", asked Sarah.

"We can't have our old bodies again and were stuck like this. At least we make things a bit better than it should be."

"I see. It was like yesterday when all of this started."

"Hey Sarah, remember. You can tell me anything, alright."

"Yes my lady."

Lila then left to go meet her old body in the dungeon. The body looked in perfect condition and was just sitting there.

"Hey body, how are you?", asked Lila.

The body responded with telepathy,"Terrible. I'm stuck in a cage for crying out loud."

"Better than having Nora come in and attack."

"Good point."

"Body, I forgive you, but I'm not sure if I can trust you. Maybe it would take some time.", said Lila.

The body gave a thumbs up. Lila went out of the dungeon with her head on her armored body and saw some of the girls working a bit. If they are going to stay in the castle, they might as well help out. Some have their new bodies work while putting their heads somewhere. Others just do it the old fashion way.

Occasionally, one of the girl's would lose their head like Nora right now.

"Oh Nora, let me help you.", said Lila.

"Thanks you majesty.", said Nora's head.

"What happened this time?", asked Lila.

"Well, me and Kyoh where playing ball with my head as the ball."

"If your going to do that, be careful next time.", said Lila.

She then saw Kyoh's head sleeping and decide not to disturb her. She did see her body sleeping like her head, but at least the floor is clean. Lila then found Nora's new body next to Kyoh's armored body and gave her head to it.

Nora adjusted her head to fit her body. Like Lila, Nora made some changes to her armored body. Its more slender and has some blue streaks on it.

Lila left and says, "This is my new life now and I'm gonna have to learn to love it."

Basically, the rest of the story is to establish the characters more with their new bodies and probably add a new arc if necessary. We may even talk about Kana more later.
As time went by, the young girls got much more used to their armored bodies. In fact, some of them have even experimented with them. As Princess Lila walked by, she saw that both Liza’s and Nora’s heads on one body. “Well, that’s one way to get closer,” Lila said cheekily, which had all three of them chuckling.

“Well, one of the things your body did with us was put two heads on at the same time,” Liza said.

“And both Liza and I were the first heads that she tested out on that experiment,” Nora said.

“I see. So whose body are you sharing?” Lila asked.

Liza and Nora looked at each other with confusion.

“Eh, it doesn’t matter. All body armors are practically the same.” Lila then left the dicephalus pair to meet up with Kyoh, who was removing parts from her armored body.

“Hey Lila, heads up!” Kyoh shouted as she threw her metal arm at Lila, who caught it. Lila then looked at it as its fingers moved. “Neat, huh?”

“Yep, this is pretty cool.”

Kyoh then pulled off her legs and other arm and threw them at Lila, who caught all of them. “Nice relaxes, Princess.”

“Thanks.” Lila saw that Kyoh was practically limbless. “Just a flesh wound. Or in this case, a metal wound.”

“Want me to put your limbs back on?”

“Yes, but mix them up, will you?”

Lila rolled her eyes as she placed Kyoh’s arms where her legs should be, and her arms where her legs should be.

“Sweet.” Kyoh then walked away on her arms, which looked like that she was walking on her legs.

“You are so odd, Kyoh.”

“Better than being even,” Kyoh joked as she walked away.

Lila then met with Mara, who was holding Vanna’s head in her hand and holding her up high. “Alas, poor Vanna! I knew her well!” Mara recited. Vanna reacted by giggling.

“Re-enacting Shakespeare, aren’t we?” Lila asked.

“Yep,” Mara said.

“My turn!” Vanna said.

“Alright, Vanna,” Mara said as she took her head off and put on Vanna’s. Now Vanna was holding Mara’s head up high.

Vanna began to recite Hamlet as well, while Lila left to meet up with her servant Sarah. “So how is everyone in the castle doing?” Sarah asked.

“They’re adjusting just fine,” Lila said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m busy searching for a spell to give us back our bodies,” Sarah said.

“Any luck?”

“Well, I’ve found one that will give us new bodies.”

“So what’s the problem with this spell?”

“It only gives male bodies.”

“Oh.” Suddenly someone knocked on the door to the castle. “I’ll get it. You keep searching, my servant.”

“As you wish.”

Lila opened the door to let in… Kana.
Kana the Japanese girl from another world is back. She wore some more casual clothes from her place which is a purple sweater with a blue undershirt. She has some shorts and sneakers on which looked weird to Lila. Her hair looked the same as before with one a small braid on the side.

The girl spoke some Japanese, but Lila used her magic to translate everything.

"How did you get back here?", asked the princess.

"Well, the same why as I did before, I fell down to a pond that lead me here.", said Kana.

"Why? Won't your family worry about you?"

"When you mean by worry, you meant my mom fainted and was sent to a hospital with a long term coma. Not just that, I became a tool at school.", said the Japanese girl.

"Why is that?", asked Lila.

"This.", said Kana as she detached her head.

Lila was shocked about this and ask what's her real purpose here.

"I came to live with people like me. You girls has detachable heads with armored bodies which might be my type of people.", said Kana's head.

"You can stay if you want, we have many rooms. Though I ask if you could help out around the place if you got the time."


The two entered the castle with Kana still holding her head and went to her room. The Japanese girl unpacked her stuff and sat on her bed.

Lila now realize that not only she has to find a way to get the girls original bodies back, but has to hope that Kana will be able to go home accepted by everyone.

Lila went to the library and looked through a bunch of books that they bought in order to find the spell that can restore their bodies. The last thing they want is to get a guy's body.

"You know Sarah. I would rather have a body of a serpent than a body of a male.", said Princess Lila.

"Agree, your highness.", said Sarah.

Lila thought that even though she will never have her original body again, at least she would help others do so.
Kana went out with her head attached to her body. She held it to make sure it doesn't fall off. She then met Hana while she is dusting a room. The priestess body was meant to resemble her old one with some robes and all though it was slightly bigger.

"Oh, you must be that girl from before Kana, right.", asked Hana.

"Yeah. Its nice to see you again, um.", said Kana.

"Its Hana. By the way, I do find your clothes really uncommon in this country. Your shoes look kind of bulky and with some strange looking strings. I just find your attire kind of different.", said Hana.

"Well, I'm not from here.", said Kana.

"So your from another country."

"No, from another world."

"I remember now. I heard that your from this land called Japan.", asked Hana.

"Yes.", said Kana.

"Is your land having trouble with demons of sort? I could give some tip for the priests there."

"Demons and spirits don't exist where I'm from.", said Kana.

"That's wonderful. At least no harm will be done, except for thieves."

"Well, need some help?", asked Kana.


The Japanese girl grabbed a duster and help the priestess out. The manage to get the job done quickly though they had one mishap. There was some dust in the air and Kana sneeze.

The girl's head fell off and her body fell on Hana which made her head fall off. Kana's head rolled out of the room. Her head then met Liza and Nora who was still conjoined.

"Hey, I know you. Your that girl from the other world right.", said Nora.

"Well could you help me back to my body. Its in the room to the right of us.", said Kana's head.

"Well heads up.", said Nora as she picked up Kana's head and threw it to her body who caught her. The body then threw her head which Nora caught again. The two kept at it for a while with Kana screaming for help.

"Nora, don't you think that its a bit cruel to do this.", asked Liza.

"Not unless we do it to ourselves.", said Nora as she uses her arm that she can control to pull Liza's head off, the carried Kana's head and her own and juggled.

"I'm feeling sick.", said Kana's head.

"This is so fun.", said Nora's head.

Liza's head only giggled. Kana's body continues to search for her head and she crawled on the floor. After Nora was done juggling, she gave Kana her head back. The Japanese girl's head was dizzy and her head cradles her.

Nora attached her head back to her armored body and left to put Liza back to her armored body.

Hana ran with her head tucked under her armored body asking if Kana was okay.

"I feel dizzy.", said Kana's head.

"I'll let your head rest for a while.", said Hana's head.

The maiden puts her head back on and carried Kana's head to a room with a chair that has pillow and placed the head there. Her body sat next to her head to wait for the head to recover.

When Kana felt better, she asked her body to put her back on which she did and the girl decided to explore the castle more since this is going to be her new home.
As Kana walked through the castle she noticed a door that said “DO NOT ENTER” on it. It was closed tight shut, but there is a peephole on the door, so Kana looked through it, seeing… Lila’s body. Despite the body’s lack of a head, Kana could tell that she felt guilty of her doings. Kana left to explore the castle more.

After she was done walking around the entire castle, Kana sat on a bed and took a short nap. She had a dream about Lila’s headless body being crucified and burned like a witch while all the heads that she stole laughed at her. She woke up and decided to visit Lila’s body in the dungeon.

“Kana, you are back,” Lila’s body said. “Why have you come?”

“Ever since you decapitated me,” Kana said, “the people of my world have shunned me. Thus, I’m moving into this castle.”

“I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“Well, you better leave before anyone spots you.”

“I will, only after doing this.” Kana took her head off and put it on Lila’s body. Despite that, Kana still spoke from her body. “How does it feel, Lila?”

“It feels… great,” Lila’s body said from Kana’s mouth. “I do miss the feeling of having a head on my shoulders.”

“I’m going to need this head back.”

“Go ahead,” Lila’s body said. Kana took her head back and put it back on. “Now get out of here. I do not want you to suffer the same fate as I am.”

Kana quickly left the dungeon, and luckily no one saw her. Poor body, she thought. She then look out a nearby window to see that it was a beautiful day. She turned to Lila’s head, saying, “Hey Lila, mind if I go outside for a while?”

“Go ahead,” Lila said. “After all, you’re the only one in the castle with a regular body. In fact, why don’t you take one of our horses?”

Kana smiled. “Thank you, Lila.” She then left the castle and rode onto a horse, ending up in a village. However, it was the same village where Lila’s body caused a massacre, but all the corpses and their blood have disappeared, and the only person Kana saw was a man in knight garb accompanied by a dog. “Excuse me, mister, but where is everyone?”

“Rumor has it that a dullahan has sheathed blood in this town,” the man said. “So Harry here and I are gonna see if this is true.” The man’s dog Harry caught a sniff and pointed TOWARDS LILA’S CASTLE. “Looks like he found a bogey.”

Kana looked shocked. This man was likely going to off her new friends, and it was possible that Lila’s body was responsible for this! “Um, why don’t I aid you on your search?” Kana asked nervously. “I’ll lead the search.”

“Excellent idea, Miss…”


“Kana, huh? My name is Brock. Lead away, lady!”

Kana quickly rode her horse back to Lila’s castle to alert everyone about Brock and Harry.
Well, Kana has to somehow stop Brock and his dog attack her new friends. The best thing she can thing of is leading the knight to the castle, show him Lila's body and everything will be better.

"Say, your clothes look a bit uncommon.", said Brock.

"I get that a lot.", said Kana.

The three made it to the castle and went in. Kana has to make sure that no one catches them. They were almost close to Lila's body when Kyoh appears with her limbs in odd places.

"Oh hey, your that Kana girl.", said Kyoh.

Brock drew his spear and said, "So its true, there is a Dullahan on the loose."

"Huh, what are you talking about? I ain't no Dullahan.", said Kyoh before her head falls off.

Brock and his dog were excited for battle and the two charged at Kyoh. Kana then screams.


The two stopped and looked at Kana.

"The one that massacred the town is not her. I know where she is. And Kyoh, just leave, unless you want to die.", said Kana.

"There's more than one.", asked Brock. Harry the dog barked.

"Yes. I met some already and not all of them are evil. Though I doubt that their Durruhan or whatever you call them."

Kyoh then left grumbling about not being able to be part of this. Kana lead to the room the contains the cage that held Lila's body.

"So the one who destroyed the village is captured. That was easy. Now all I need is some proof that she exist and no one will think I'm crazy.", said Brock.

Harry the dog whimper to Kana to help out his master. Kana then went to Lila's body and grabbed some jewelry and cloth for the knight. When the girl looked back, she saw Lila herself with Brock being nervous.

"Kana, didn't you read the sign.", asked Lila.

"I looked out of curiosity and I'm also trying to save your life here.", said Kana.

"By showing this man my original body.", said Lila. Harry barked and petted him, "And this little fella too.".

"Well I intended to have him see that the body is trapped and punished so that he could go away.", said Kana.

"So who's the one who killed the village?", asked Brock.

Both Kana and Lila pointed at Lila's original body/

"Well, I'll be off.", said Brock.

Lila stopped him and said, "Fine, but please promise to not tell anyone about this room. You can say that you found the body, just no where it is or else people will come here and hurt my original body."

"I promise, you too Harry.", said Brock.

The dog wagged his tail with pleasure. The two left and Kana and Lila sighs after closing the door behind them.

"Can you imagine if Nora were to find this room?", asked Lila.

"Indeed you will"

Lila and Kana saw all the girls fight in front of them. Brock and Harry were trying to move through the girl's armored bodies and finally got out trying to catch his breathe. Same with the dog.

"We followed you your highness and heard everything through the door.", said Nora.

"I think that this is my fault Kana.", said Lila.

"Now let me at her!", screamed Nora.

The blue haired girl charged at the door and tries to open it with Lila trying to grab on to her in order for her to stop. Everyone else had a big argument on whether or not they should attack the body or not.

This made Kana's head fall off the window while the girls clash. Sarah appeared and stepped back a bit and waited for the battle to be over. When it ended, all the girls were in pieces. Sarah has to help everyone up until they were whole again. Thought they were missing something.

Kana's head, since her body is looking for it.

Kana's head rested on a patch of grass face up and saw the sky.

"Wow, I never saw the sky like this. Though it sucks being just a head again. At least it feels nice out here.", said Kana's head.

The disembodied head rested in a garden filled with many beautiful flowers. Kana thought that she could live with this. It was really peaceful and quiet, until the armored bodied girls came.

They all ran to Kana's rescue while screaming out her name and huddled up. When they stopped, they ended up crashing each other and fall into pieces.

"Hey, I was enjoying the outdoors.", said Kana's head.

"Do you really like my garden?", asked Lila's head.

"Yeah, its just so beautiful. It was a wonderful peaceful place until you girls came in.", said Kana's head.

"Sorry. We're just worried about you.", said Lila's head.

"May I remind you that were in pieces.", said Liza's head.

"We'll figure something out.", said Lila's head.

The girls try to put themselves back together. It took a while and some girls end up with the wrong parts. Only Kana's head got her body back quickly. She attached herself and helped out a bit.

Some of the bodies try to grab Kana's head which slowed down their progress.

"Hey, give me back my head.", shouted Kana's head.

"Who took my arm?", asked Mara's head.

"What about my legs?", said Vanna's head.

"Nora, give my chest back!", shouted Hana's head.

"Never!", said Nora's head.

"Everyone, we must be proper ladies and attached ourselves properly.", said Sarah's head.

Eventually by sun set, they were all in one piece again.

"Who wants dinner?", asked Lila.

Every girl wanted to eat. Even though their bodies are fact and what keeping them attach and not fall into the armor is magic, they can still eat.

From the logic that Lila's body pointed out. The food that the girls eat go to their original bodies. Some of the girls detached their heads to eat while others kept their heads on.

Kana said something before she ate that the girls ignore and just ate. Kyoh lack some table manners and just ate whatever. Nora surprisingly could eat a lot even though she is only a small head. Hana is the only one that is vegetarian since she is a maiden and the only meat she eats is fish.

Everyone had a great dinner and decide to go to sleep. They prepared to go to bed and detached their heads and placed them on a pillow while the body gets the bed. Only Kana slept with her head on.

The Japanese girl wonder if she should go back home. She found a place that she could live forever, but her comatose mother might worry when she wakes up.

Kana decide to worry about that later after a few days.
After a couple weeks of being in the castle, Kana eventually decided to go back to her world. She talked with Lila and Sarah about her plan.

“…so I’m going back to my native Japan,” Kana said, “if only just to see how my mother is doing.”

“Your world sounds interesting, Kana,” Lila said.

“Yeah, sounds like somewhere that I would go,” Sarah said.

“So would I!” Kyoh said, popping up.

“Me too!” Nora said.

Everyone else in the castle wanted to go to Japan with Kana.

“Alright, alright, we can all go together,” Kana said. “But on one condition…”

“What condition?” Lila asked.

“Let’s invite your body.”

“Are you crazy? My body has deceived us all by stealing our heads, vanishing the others’ bodies away, and murdering an entire village!”

“Didn’t Sarah do the latter as well?”

“I did that to save Lila’s life!” Sarah said defensively.

“But Lila’s body did it to save Vanna’s life! Right, Vanna?”

“Well, Kana does have a point,” Vanna said.

Lila sighed. “Alright, Kana. We will bring my body with us.” She went to the dungeon to temporarily free her ex-body.

“My beautiful head, you have come back to me!” Lila’s body said. “Let me tell you, if I could give the others their bodies back, I would.”

“Lila told me that you would want to visit her world.”

“Certainly. But since I am a fugitive, it’s not going to happen.”

“Look, body, you feel guilty enough. So the other ladies and I are going there, and we’re going to take you with us.”


“Really. But you are going to be restrained. I don’t want you vanishing other people’s bodies away.”

“I understand.”

Lila unloosened her body’s chains and put handcuffs on her. “Let’s go now.” Lila and her body met up with the others. “OK, we’re ready.”

“Great,” Kana said as she used her teleporting powers to transport her and her friends to Japan.
They arrived in Kana's house. Nothing seemed to be changed since Kana left. The girls looked at all the furniture and technology in Kana's living room and looked marveled on the stuff.

"What's that screen thingy?", asked Nora.

"Its a television set. Its sort of like a crystal ball in your world.", said Kana.

She turns on the T.V. and they saw a random show pop up. The girls were glamored about the whole thing. Sarah stopped and notices something.

"Kana, wouldn't your people find us strange?", said Sarah.

"Well I intended to stay in my world to have people accept me for who I am.", said Kana as she detached her head.

"I allowed you girls to follow because its my way of forcing others to not treat me like an unequal. After my time with you all, I decided accept myself for who I am.", said Kana's head.

"That's great Kana.", said Lila.

Suddenly a little girl with high small brown bun like twin tail hair came downstairs and saw them.

"Hey Yuna. How are you doing?.", said Kana.

The girl only ran to her older sister and held Kana's head.

"Wow big sister, your head is off.", said Yuna.

"Please give my head back to my body."

The little girl does so and saw the rest of the girls.

"Wow, are you girls knights?"

"Not exactly, we basically have armor for bodies.", said Hana. All of them pulled their heads off which Yuna was more amazed.

"You girls are so cool. Its just so weird and I like weird. And what's this?"

Yuna went up to Lila's original body and poked the neck stump. Lila's body wasn't annoyed of this though she want to ask Yuna one thing through telepathy.

"Hey Yuna, want to be like your sister?"

"Being able to take my head off. Sure, I can finally survive decapitation. I would use my head as a ball and head swap with my dolls, make my body do my homework while I watch T.V. and so many stuff like...", said Yuna, but before she could finish her sentence, her head fell to the ground.

"Body, your not suppose to do that!", said Lila.

"You said not to vanish bodies. You never said detach heads. Besides, she wants this and I may need to borrow a head.", said Lila's original body.

"You can borrow mines. I can make my armored body a disguise.", said Sarah who is carrying her head.

Lila's body took it and attached Sarah on.

"Its good having a head again.", said Lila's original body with Sarah's head.

"Cool, I'm a only a head. Can you give me to my body big sister?", asked Yuna's head.

Kana carrying both her head and her sister's passed it to her sister's body. Yuna starts throwing her head up and catching it. Kana didn't care since at least she and her sister have something in common.

Lila/Sarah left Sarah's body in a closet. Kana suggest that they go out a bit. Before that Nora's head has something to say.

"While were hear, I need to do something important.", said Nora's head.

All the other girls still are holding their heads. Nora then threw her head at Lila's original body biting her. Everyone tries to make Nora stop only for their armored bodies to break apart.

Yuna and Kana just stood there holding onto their heads.

"Its feels nice holding my head big sister.", said Yuna's head.

"Yep.", said Kana's head.

After all of that they put themselves together and left Nora's head to a window so she can see Tokyo itself. They did it because she will attempt to bite Lila's original body again. Nora's head gazed at the buildings and saw her friends going forth the new world.

Kana with her little sister and friends from another world explore Tokyo. The streets were busy and Kana has to teach the girls about safety. The whole time they tucked their heads under their arms except for Lila's original body who kept Sarah's head on.

Lila manage to use her magic to let people understand what they have to say. Though many of them have strange thoughts. It wasn't prejudice, it was just weird of how the armored bodies girls look like. Most of the time, the girls look at buildings, stands, shops and many regular things. Kana and Yuna are usually the ones that has to explain everything. From their exploration, Yuna learns more about what happened with Kana and the armored girls.

The police at least didn't go all out crazy. Kana just explain to them about the situation, but they thought that it was all a magic trick and cos-play. They even told the armored girls, Kana, and Yuna to try to not get people have heart attacks.

So far, Kana was glad that people accept her for her headless condition or is it that they don't care and dismisses it as some sort of trick. It was better than how they treated her at school. The armored girls were having a great time looking at average things.

Lila tries to keep order while most of the girls go all out sight seeing and look at things closer which sometimes freak people out. Lila's original body would at times detached Sarah's head off of her so that she can see.

At least none of the girls cause any major trouble, they only freak people out a bit and went on sight seeing. What could go wrong? Well, one girl from Kana's school that likes to tease her for fun. Kana spotted this girl and hopes that she doesn't ruin her day.
“Well, well, well,” the girl said as she spot Kana. “If it isn’t Kana, or should I say, ‘Kan’t Keep Her Head On’.”

“Hello, Mary,” Kana said, unamused.

“Apparently you’re too secure in people making fun of you, that you invited knights that have the same condition as you to protect you, you wuss.”

“We’re not knights,” Lila said. “I happen to be a princess, and these are my servants.”

“Freaks,” Mary said. She then pulled off Kana’s head. The others tried to get it back, but their heads were in Mary’s hands as well. She chuckled as she juggled all the heads.

“Stop it!” Lila’s body said, angry.

“Make me!”

Lila’s body began to use her magic to vanish Mary’s body away, but her head told her, “Stop!” She immediately stopped, and Mary’s head fell on the ground right next to her body. The heads that she was juggling landed in the hands of the bodies.

“What did you do, you brainless body?” Mary said, angry as well. “Now I’m a freak!” She tried to put her head back on, but found it impossible, since her neck has disappeared. “Fix this!”

“I cannot,” Lila’s body said. “It is permanent.”

“You mean my head and body are gonna stay separated forever?!”

“Pretty much,” Lila’s head said. “At least you still have your original body. My servants and I had to use magic to make these suits of armor movable.”

“Hey, it serves you right, Missy!” Kyoh said. “You do not make fun of others!”

Mary just groaned and left the ladies.

“Thanks for standing up for me, girls,” Kana said.

“Anytime, Kana,” Lila said. She then turned to her original body, who felt guilty.

“I am sorry,” Lila’s body said, “but she was really being mean.”

“Well, she did kinda deserve that,” Lila said. “Come on, let’s continue exploring Tokyo.”
"So who exactly was that?", asked Sarah.

"Oh that's Mary. She's some girl at school who often acts all superior because she went to America, got an American name, and can speak both Japanese and English. Though her real name is Mana.", said Kana.

"America?", asked Sarah.

"There's more to this planet than Japan. Compare to America, Japan is just a island.", said Yuna.

"Amazing. And I thought the Land of Asla is big back in our world.", said Lila.

"I have no idea what are you talking about, but ya. Something like that.", said Kana.

"So how are we going to restore Mary's or Mana's neck now?", asked Hana, "She kind of deserve it, but it would be too cruel to leave her like that."

"Until we can restore our own bodies. She kind of need to learn to live with it.", said Vanna.

Everyone now felt like that was just mean. They felt like head home and when I mean home, I mean to their home world. Kana went to her house quickly to retrieve Sarah's armored body and Nora after being stuff there for a while.

"Now Nora, remember what we told you.", said Mara.

"No biting anyone.", said Nora with a bit of anger.

"Well it was nice seeing you all take care. Just jump into the pond and you'll be back to your world. You can visit anytime." said Kana.

"Bye Bye", Yuna said as she detached her head and waves it around.

And so the girls left...

The best way to explain what happen to Kana and her sister is that there father also fainted at the sight of them headless. When they woke up and discovered the truth, they just accept their daughters for who they are.

Kana often comes to school carrying her head. At first everyone felt uneasy, but then it blew over and everyone got over it. Kana being headless was a normal thing in the school. Sure some people would be surprised, but there was no prejudice, just shock. People started to think that Kana is cute when she is only her head and not have her body.

Kana would occasionally allow people to carry her head around while her body sits somewhere. That's how much they like her head. At least both head and body are safe.

Yuna shows this to her friends and they were amazed at this The girl in fact memorize the hand signs that Lila's body did to her so that and some girls became headless like Yuna.

However, they don't allow guys since they might do something perverted. At least they lost interest and calls being headless is a girl thing since they aren't allow to do so. Even the female teacher in Yuna's class got involve with this and teaches with her head on the desk either explaining things or sleeping while her body does all the work.

Mary decides to call herself Mana again and she wasn't treated like a freak. However, she does not like being headless. Sometimes people would confuse Mana's body for Kana's and Kana would have her body. Either way, Mana does not like being head as much as Kana and at least no one tease her.

And back to the girls in the castle...
It was all normal for now. However, Kyoh notices that her armor seem to be breaking apart since it was getting worn off. Vanna has explained that her magic apparently must have made the armor age more thus making them unusable soon. The girl also notes that her magic decays things which is why her old village hated magic.

One by one, the girls have their armor broken down and render as useless since the metal pieces turned to dust. Some tried to share bodies, but even then their bodies eroded.

After a while, the girls placed there heads back to the shelves in the hall of heads like the old days.By then, only Sarah and Lila are the only ones with their armored bodies left. Even that's looks rusted. They tried to find ways to bring back their bodies, but there was no hope. Soon, their bodies rusted and they were only heads.

Lila's body grabbed the two heads and brought them to the shelves. All the girl heads look at the two with pity.

"That's the last one.", said Liza's head.

"I'm so sorry. I never got close in finding our bodies back.", said Lila's head.

"What's done is done? At least were still alive.", said Mara's head.

"Now what?", asked Hana's head.

"We could sell ourselves to the circus and be famous.", said Kyoh's head.

"I'm not in the mood of being juggled.", said Hana's head.

"Wait, maybe my body and I can continue in returning our bodies back.", said Lila's head.

"How?", asked Nora's head.

"Since my body is the only body that we can use and possibly have more knowledge in the spell book.", said Lila's head.

"That's a great idea.", said Sarah's head.

Lila called out for her body and her body was obedient to her demands.

"Yes my head.", asked Lila's body telepathically.

"I need you to help me get these girls bodies back.", asked Lila's head.

"But my head. Its impossible."

"How about you get to attached one of these heads and I'll help out a bit.", said Lila's head.

"Fine. I don't got much to do anyways.", said Lila's body.

She took Kyoh's head because she might annoy the other heads and tucked Lila's head under her arm. They both headed to the library and look at the spell book that taught Lila's body on how she can vanish a body.

"Oh I remember, I think that I threw away that page that returns bodies.",said Lila's body with Kyoh's head.

"You what?!", cried Lila's head.

"Well I was going to prevent anyone steal the heads here. I think its right here.", said Lila's body after finding a scrap of paper in the book shelf. She unfolds it and it reveals the process of bring back bodies.

"The art of returning banished bodies defies the laws of nature and the victim will pay the price of immortality and eternal youth in exchange for their body parts.

There is a spell that returns male bodies, and the reason why only male bodies because this spell was usually used on males. Though this practice stopped way long ago. It also limits on what can come back and defy the laws of nature.

If this were to happen to a female, its best to consult a nearby alchemist since they could either bring back the body if they are a professional one or make a new human one."

"Well at least you heads can be young and pretty forever. Now, we must meet the nearby alchemist in our kingdom.", said Princess Lila's body.

So the princess's head and body went to their horse and visited the nearby alchemist. When they did arrived, they met only the head of a girl who has a red large up pony tail hair and very tan skin. The bodiless head sat on the table smiling.

"Hello there. I am the mighty alchemist Sasha. How may I be a service?", said the head.

"Excuse me, we heard that alchemists could return bodies with this spell.", said Lila's body as she showed the head the page that contain the vanishing body spell.

"Ahh, your little friend in your arm need her body back.", said Sasha's head.

"Well actually, I'm her body and she allowed one of the victims to borrow her body.", said Lila's body.

Lila's head look at Sasha and she was surprised to see the alchemist be like this despite of being a disembodied head herself. Lila's body then place Lila's head by a nearby chair.

"Well, this requires my master's help.", said Sasha. The head then call out her master and it reveals a girl that looks similar to her only with purple hair and a body.

"Hello there, I am Corina, the person in charge. For the record, Sasha here is the result of me making some homunculus. She does make a great assistant despite of being born without a body.", said the alchemist.

Sasha gave a small giggle. Lila's body then asked again. Corina told her that she can bring back bodies, but there are some flaws.

"First off, I can only bring back one body per day so depending on how many heads you got will determine how many days. Secondly, even though the person will be attach back to his or her body, but will have their heads be detachable and will fall off with a certain amount of force. Thirdly, they have to deal with the curse of immortality since they will be in a state of being alive and dead at the same time.", said Corina.

"I understand, so how about helping this head for today.", Lila's body said before pulling out Kyoh's head and the head looked around in confusion.

"What's with this silly looking place?", asked Kyoh's head.

"How dare you insult our establishment! Master has decorated this place with very mystical artifacts and some of the finest materials!", cried Sasha!

"Calm down Sasha. Let's bring back your friend for now.", said Corina.

Corina sets Kyoh's head on a circle with many symbols. Corina then pour some chemicals into the circle and it glowed. A big flash of light appeared and Kyoh has her original body back.

"Hey, my body is back. Like it was before.", said Kyoh. She was surprised and attempted to see if she can detach her head which she can.

"Sweet, I can still do that.", said Kyoh's head.

"Amazing, you have your body back!", said Lila's head.

But then everyone look at Corina who is now headless and her head is on the ground.

"Master, are you all right?", cried Sasha.

"I'm fine Sasha, I could just sacrifice and animal to return my neck. For now I'll be a head with you.", said Corina's head.

"What happened?", asked Lila's head.

"You see, the technique requires me to sacrifice a body part and I chose my neck so that I can be a head for a day. I could just use one of my fingers or toes for now and then bring all of your head's bodies back. Probably when I'm only a head. or left with only one arm or leg.", said Corina's head.

"Are you sure about this master?", asked Sasha.

"I told you, I can put myself together later.", said Corina's head.

"Thank you so much.", said Lila's head.

"Glad to be a service. Now I need some cash."

Lila payed the alchemist in a cheap price since Lila and her body are the only costumers in weeks.

"I'm so glad that I can help people again. I'm willing to do anything to help others.", said Corina's head.

So Lila and her body left with Kyoh. The funky girl decides to leave them.

"Kyoh, where you want to go?", asked Lila's head.

"After being far from home. I guess I can take this opportunity to venture off to the world. See new places and all.", said Kyoh as she carries her head.

"I'm glad that you have a new purpose in life.", said Lila's head.

So they returned home to the castle, Kyoh took some food and supplies with her and said her goodbyes. After all of that, the girl sets off to a new adventure while carrying her head.

The next day, Lila and her body chooses who gets to get their body back today. They chose...
"Vanna, you're next," Lila says.

"Oh boy!" Vanna says with cheer. "I get to have my body again! And I get to be immortal!"

"Hang on," Lila's body says telepathically as it puts on Vanna's head. She then leaves Lila's head with the other heads so they can all talk a bit.


Lila!Vanna arrives back at Corina's shop. Corina just got her neck back, and is now eating the remains of the animal that she sacrificed to get her neck back. She is even sharing her food with Sasha. She almost unrecognized Lila's body until Lila's body removed Vanna's head. "You're back, I see!" Corina says. "And you have another head wanting her body back?"

"Could you, please?" Vanna asks.

"Of course," Corina says as she does the same method with Vanna that she did with Kyoh: circle, chemicals, light, Vanna getting her body back and Corina missing a body part. This time it is her ears.

"Master, can you hear?" Sasha asks.

"What?" Corina asks.

Lila's body quickly writes down what Sasha says and gives the paper to Corina.

"No, I can't," Corina says. "But again, I can sacrifice another animal." She then feeds Sasha another piece of the sacrificed animal.

Vanna decides to use sign language to ask Corina, "What kind of animal did you sacrifice?"


"Lila's body, you go back to the other heads," Vanna says. "I'm going to stay here to translate for Sasha."

"You are very kind," Sasha says.

Lila's body waves her hand good-bye and goes back to the castle to meet up with the other heads.

"Two down, six to go," Lila's head says.


That night, Lila's body goes to sleep in her bed, while the heads sleep on the shelf. But for some reason, Lila's body does not seem comfortable, so she goes to the hall and wakes her original head up.

"What's wrong?" Lila's head asks.

"For some reason it just does not feel right sleeping headless," Lila's body says telepathically. "I think I need a head to cuddle. And what better head than my original one?"

"Why, sure, body," Lila says.

"Oh, thank you," Lila's body says, hugging her head. They then look over Sarah's sleeping head. "Why don't we take our faithful servant as well?"

"That would be great."

The two wake Sarah up to see if she wants to be cuddled with as well. She agrees and Lila's body takes both heads into her bed and hugs them while they all sleep peacefully.


The next morning, Lila, her body, and Sarah wake up and go to the hall to ask the heads who wants to have her body back today.
Well day after day, each girl gets their body back and left on their own path in life.

Liza decides to return home to her royal home and asked Lila to let her family remember her. They did and they even accept her condition of being headless.

Nora returns to the river that she is the guardian of and now not only she scares people of drowning them, but also showing them her disembodied head.

Hana returns to her temple to clean up and place and continues her job as a priestess. Though it was still empty, her friends from her time being headless visit her. She also uses a ribbon to make sure her head stays on her body.

Mara decides to live with Hana since she has no where to go and Hana has been her best friends ever since she was only a disembodied head.

Vanna decides to leave to show the world that magic isn't a bad thing and luckily found a village that accepts it. Her goal now is to spread the joy that magic has to offer.

Lila, her body and Sarah remained and it was Sarah's turn to get her body back. They placed Sarah's head on the ritual circle and saw something disturbing. Corina, the girl trying to restore them now has a disfigured body. Her head still looks fine, but her body parts aren't looking good. Some are just disgusting pieces of flesh while others just looked misshaped.

"Corina old friend, what has happened to you?", asked Lila's head.

"I never performed this technique multiple times like this before. Doing so requires me to pay a more hefty price and thus this happens. I was thinking about this for a while, but I might try to attach myself to an artificial body I found and ditch my deformed body.", said Corina.

"I'm so sorry Corina."

"Don't worry. I enjoyed being headless at times. I can last for two more tries. I will not only get your friend here her body back, but also you two too.", said the alchemist.

"Master, do you plan on killing yourself?", asked Sasha from a table afar.

"Of course not. Just getting rid of this deformed body. Its all slimy and misplaced.", said Corina, "Now you two, get into the circle!"

After that, Corina performs the technique and...
Well, Sarah has her body back and Lila is actually attached to her body again. The princess felt guilty about taking away her body's independence. She then saw another girl on her side. She looked like her and has a white blank dress. It looked a lot like...

"My body! You have a head of your own.", said Lila.

"I have?", said Lila's body touching her new head.

She looked similar to Lila, only more fitting to her personality or basically a more sinister version of Lila. The body was just happy that she has a head of her own and does not have to go back being controlled.

The three of them saw Corina now only a head. The head said.

"You know what. I can live with this. Sasha, I can trust you in taking my place with the artificial body.", said Corina's head.

"Are you sure master?", asked Sasha.

"Of course. Your just as good as I in alchemy. The only limit is that you have no body. Your basically a clone of me. I'm retiring as a disembodied head.", said Corina's head.

"Thank you master."

"Just call me Corina. I'm no longer your master since I'm only a head. I should be calling you that boss."

Sasha gave a smile and Corina asked Lila to go get the artificial body for Sasha. Lila does so and Sasha now has a body and the new person in charge of the place.

"Here's your money for all of your help.", said Lila.

"Thank you for coming. I'm glad your all back to normal.", said Sasha.

"Well not really.", said Lila's body as she detached her new head.

Lila and Sarah tests this out and forgot that their heads can still be detached. Lila and Sarah looked at each other and giggled a bit.

"At least we have our bodies back.", said Sarah's head.

The three walked out of the place carrying their heads. Lila's body was so happy with her own head and permanent freedom. Then they notice something.

"Since your more different person than me, we need to give you a new name.", said Lila's head.

"How about Lilo? I have heard of a name like that and its similar to her majesty's name.", said Sarah's head.

"I like it. Now that's over, I believe Princess Lila should be queen since there is no king in our kingdom.", said Lilo's head.

"I'm too young for such a title.", said Lila's head.

"Don't worry. No one, but us are going to run the place.", said Lilo's head.

"We will always be at your side, Queen Lila.", said Sarah's head.

Lila blushed and they made it home. As of now, they tried to work on the chores around the castle and lived happily. Occasionally there is a visitor that needs a place to stay and the girls allow them to.

Slowly the kingdom is rebuilding itself until it was complete. Due to the curse of the girl's condition, they never aged or die of age. Basically Lila would continue to rule forever probably.

The Kingdom of Gale no longer had people who are against magic with a little thanks to Vanna. The people now serve Queen Lila, the Headless Queen. Lila was not shy about holding her head in her speeches and even when talking to people. In fact, every time she goes out, she carries her head.

As fr Sarah, she faithfully serves Lila like always, occasionally carries her head with Lila. They would at times go to the garden and sit on the grass as heads and their bodies resting by the tree trunk.

The new Princess Lilo now spends her time of independence enjoying herself and some time as a head since she was always a body. She loved seeing new things, tasting food, hear music and etc. Occasionally, she would play pranks with her disembodied head.

From there on out, the headless girls lived happily ever after. The End.

The End!

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