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by DeeDev
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Erotica · #2036888
What happens when 3 girls overstayed their welcome in a mall? Torture of grossness ensures
[Introduction] May, Dawn and Leaf has somehow stayed in the mall after it has closed. But what they didn't know was that the Janitors were Team Rocket, Jessie and James.

You are allowed to torture the 3 girls with anything relating to;
- Dirty Diapers
- Diaper Pails
- Compactor meant for diapers only.
- Human waste (Pee and Poop)

- The girls will be shrunk down to 3 inches tall

Got all that? Okay, let's start!
"Come on guys, it's way late now!" Dawn scowled to the other two as they lagged behind her. They had gotten caught up with looking at a few things further back in the stores and hadn't even noticed the time. Then Leaf had a bright idea to try on a few more thing in the back and.... well, now they were the only ones here.

"I think it'll be okay..." May shrugged, sighing as she tried catching up. Dawn had pressed the button on the elevator to call it up so they could leave. "I didn't think trying on clothes would take that long, Leaf. And you didn't even like any of them?" She teased as the elevator dinged and opened up for the three girls. "See, Dawn? Nothing suspicious, just..." May stopped herself as the elevator opened up to show a pair of janitors inside. The girls collectively froze as the two janitors didn't seem to notice them until they pushed their cart out.

"Hey!" The woman with slight bit of red hair peeking out from her cap called out, "What're you twerps doing in here, don't you know the mall is closed?" She paused, "You're in for it now, banned from the mall, going to jail... come on!" She shouted, pointing the girls to the elevator, smirking to her co-worker as they all head into the elevator, the girls all looking down at the ground as Leaf began to protest that it was just a mistake.
"Oh quiet you! You guys are going to be-" the female janitor stopped abruptly, as she had a sudden evil thought. She gave an evil grin to James, who nodded, knowing what his partner had in mind.

"Please, we didn't know what the time was. It won't happen again," Dawn protested.

"We believe you, but we need to teach you girls a lesson," with that, the female janitor pressed the button to the basement, to which they were planning to torture the girls with dirty diapers they had collected over the days.
"A... lesson?" Dawn cocked her head questioningly. "What do you mean?" She shifted nervously on her feet before the janitors both nodded. She looked to her two friends and bit her lip as the door opened and the two janitors ushered the girls out. "Hey... what're we doing down here?"

"What's down here?" Leaf asked, looking at some of the doors on the side of the hallway. It looked like most of it was maintenance facilities or things like that... The janitors led the girls to a room at the end of the hall and then paused a moment, enough for Leaf to notice the label. "Dirty... diapers?" She blinked, frowning before the primary door was opened up and the girls were pushed inside, followed by the janitors and their cart.

"Exactly!" The James locked the door while Jessie unlocked the second door and cracked it open slightly, letting the stench of the mountains of filthy diapers inside creep out into the room. The three girls began to gag and pinch their noses in disgust. "You girls need to be punished, so we're going to give you a choice of punishment to start you off!" He snickered, revealing himself by removing his disguise.

Jessie opened the door the rest of the way, allowing the girls to see the vast amount of filthy diapers stored in the room, several of them opened wet and messy ones. "Would you care to show the girls our new invention?" Jessie smiled before she grabbed Leaf and May and pushed them towards the diaper room, before doing the same to Dawn. The girls were too dazed from the smell and sight to do much, they could only cover their noses in disgust.
"We have 3 options to have fun punishing you 3 girls," Jessie said, while tossing a bag of dirty diapers into a compactor.

Within those 3 options, one of it was a huge dirty diaper compactor, meant to compact the diapers in a huge solid block.

The other was a huge diaper pail, meant to squish all of the diapers into a cylinder before getting shrunk down to size.

The other option was shrinking the girls down to 3 inches before rolling them up in one of the messy diaper.

There was a lot of other things the janitors could do to the girls.
"No, we refuse, you sick freaks!" Leaf crossed her arms and looked back at the other two. "Nothing is worth going through all that, let's just leave..."

"Oh, I don't think you understand," Jessie laughed as she revealed the shrink machine, hidden from the cart. "You don't really have a choice in the matter, which is why we're choosing something for all the of you now!" Both James and Jessie laughed as they began to shrink all three girls. Dawn tried making a run for it, but didn't get very far before the tray began affecting her too, and soon all the girls were shrunk down to only a few inches in height.

James had begun searching for a suitable messy diaper to throw the the girls in before continuing their tortures. He found a diaper that was stained brown, and looked like it leaked a little bit. "This is the one!" He smirked, gingerly picking it up and then taking it to unroll next to the the small girls.

"No, please! We'll do anything, just don't put us in there!" May cried out, still trying to cover her nose, it sneered absolutely awful, and the mountains of dirty diapers looked like actual mountains now... she didn't even want to think about what the inside would look like. Too bad James didn't let her think too much, as he unveiled the contents of the girls' prison. The inside was almost completely covered in poop, and the intensity of the smell almost made Leaf throw up it was so bad. None of them could bear to look at the diaper before James picked them up and slowly began bringing them to the start of the large mound of mess to stuff them inside.
"P-Please, don't do this!" but Dawn's pleased went unheard as James dropped the girls onto the messy diaper before sealing them inside it. He pressed the diaper softly, making sure the girls would be fairly coated in poop.

Within the diaper, the girls were sputtering and gagging at the taste, and the smell, of the poop. Their entire body was conpletely covered in poop, as well as getting soaked in pee. Leaf wanted to throw up, but she wanted to avoid making anything in the diaper amy messier. And with them getting pinned on all sides, moving was near impossible.

"This could not get any worse..." May spoke, not enjoying this at all.

Meanwhile, James made sure to roll the diaper up real good before facing Jessie with the diaper in hand. "So, now what shall we do?" he asked.
"How about we let the compactor do its job for now? I'm sure these twerps won't be able to get out, and that'll give us some time to do some other work." Jessie offered while James continuously rolled the diaper around between his hands. The contents continued squishing about inside, forcing the girls deeper into the mess before he finally stopped to put the diaper in the compactor. All three girls were helpless as the cold, smelly, and sticky waste continued coating their bodies, absolutely ruining their clothes and staining them brown. May gagged as some poop went into her mouth and she tried spitting it out before James dropped them.

The diaper kept them pinned down to where they didn't move much during the fall, until the impact forced them into the mess one final time before they were allowed to stand up. Groaning, May was the first to rise, wiping the mess from her face as best she could before trying to find the others. It was rather dark in the diaper, and the stench of being covered in poop made it difficult to even focus. "Is everyone okay?"

"No! I'm not 'okay'!" Leaf cried out, stumbling to the sound of May's voice. She had a rather large mass of mess stuck to her face that was too stubborn to come off, but was slowly starting to drip down her body. "I'm covered in poop and pee, and we're trapped inside some stupid disgusting diaper that smells awful and..."

"It's your fault we're in here, Leaf!" Dawn yelled, pushing the girl over and back into the pile of poo with her free hand. The other was too busy trying to cover her nose... not that that was working out all that well at the moment considering her entire face was brown.

"Hmm, are you sure you don't want to keep their diaper with us while we go clean the daycare? Perhaps we can grow them back afterwards and then put them back in?" James offered, hesitating to put a small layer of additional diapers on top of the girls' diaper before starting the compactor.
"We can do that to them right before the mall opens. The girls would be trapped in the middle of the cube, and we will be the only ones to know the girls is inside that diaper bail. Besides, we can think up of more torture for the girls," with that, borth Jessie and James left the room to get more dirty diapers, from both the daycare and the changing rooms.

Meanwhile, inside the diaper, Leaf wiped the poops off of her face with the clean spot of the diaper. Her face was still covered in poop, but it wasn't major anymore. The other girls did the same, and they have adjusted themselves to ghe darkness in the diaper. Though the smell was getting worse with every passing moment. "So, now what" Dawn asked, completely upset about Leaf's choice of trying out all of the clothes earlier.

"First, we need to get out of he-" before she could say anything else, there was the sound of hydraulics outside of their poopy prison. They suddenyl felt themselves shift before realising where they were.

"Crap! We're in the compactor!" May exclaimed, but not without saying pun not intended. They tried to find the exit, but since all of the sides looks the same, they were truly trapped. And to make matters worse, they felt like they were getting squished. The weight of the diapers made the girl's prison a whole lot smaller.

When the girls can't handle the pressure any longer, the pactor had retracted and all went silent. The only sound was the setting of the diapers. The girls, however, was completely stuck inside their prison. Dawn's head was pressed against one of the pee soaked pads, forcing her to smell and taste the pee. While May was completely covered in feces till her neck, like she was inside one of the turd. Leaf suffered the worse, completely pinned between 2 very messy padded walls, thus completely covering her entire body in poop. She couldn't even move at all as she was trapped between 2 walls, like a sandwich.

Now their only way out was for eiher Jessie or James to let then out of their prison. Even if they would go through another torture, anything was better than this, or so they thought.
"Is everyone alive?" Dawn attempted to yell as best she could, spluttering more so than anything else as she couldn't even move her head, the sopping wet diaper walls pressing tightly against her and having drenched her in stale urine, leaving her smelling even worse than before with the mix of brown and yellow wastes. She accidentally forced more of the liquid into her face and mouth as she tried making some room for herself to breath, unable to do anything to even attempt to cover the scent now, making her cough and gag.

May gave a small moan affirmative, unable to do anything otherwise as her body was buried in the mess, like a stinky, squishy, tightly-wrapped blanket. Her arms were stuck to her sides, both underneath the mess that had now seeped between her layers of clothing from being pressed against her so tightly. She was gagging as well, unable to do anything from her current position, and squirming around only forced the mess to squelch around her skin. She shivered in disgust as she felt it do so, and it only made her gag further.

Leaf made no noise from her current position, but she would probably have cried out if she could have. She couldn't see or feel anything except poop, she could feel it around all parts of her body so she dared not open her eyes. Unfortunately for her, she had screamed before being stuck in her current position, so she also had some of the old mess force itself down her throat, leaving a lingering bitter taste of mess in her mouth. Even worse, she was forced to endure the stench to the worst possible intensity, making her gag and then involuntarily making her get some more into her mouth, which then made it even worse. The filth pressed against her was soft enough that she could move slightly, but it kept her firmly stuck, and with how tightly packed the diaper was, there wasn't anyway she could get out, and there wasn't any way the other two girls knew where she was exactly. She thought she might be stuck, buried tightly inside a disgustingly full messy diaper, forced to breath its stench and taste nothing else but the mess coating her entire body.
But the sound of the doors unlocking caught their attention. The 2 janitors had returned from wherever they've been, and now, the girls would be freed from their prison, or so they thought. They heard the voices of the janitors outside of their prison, but with the padded surroundings, and with the poop around them, it was hard to make what they were saying. They heard one of them saying further their torture, or something.

It wasn't long when they heard the ruslting of diapers around them before they felt their prison moved. The sound of the zaps made them feel a little relief. While in the meantime, Dawn was able to move since she was longer pinned to the soaked padded wall, but both May and Leaf were still stuck. May was longer pinned, but since the pactor compacted them tihtly, May was literally inside an adult size turd. Leaf, on the other hand, was still immoveable with her being sandwich between two messy walls.

When the diaper was fi nally opened, the light blinded both Dawn and May a little bdfore readjusting to the light. "How is it in there? Got comfy?"James taunted, as he unroll the diaper to reveal the girls in the messes. Dawn's clothing and hair was completely ruined, and she would have to take a whole day to get clean again.

May was just laying on the pad, with just her head sticking out of the turd while her entire body was encased in it. But Leaf suffered the worst between the 3 of them. She was like a brown blob Monster, with just eyes and mouth and the entire body completely covered in poop.

"When we get out of here, you guys will be blasting into space!" Dawn yelled at the top of her lungs.

Jessie just snickered before she appeared beside James. "We have been busy getting ready to torture all of you girls," Jessie said before shpwing the girls the list of torture stuff the 2 janitors had in mind.

A jar with a lid, a potty that would make escape impossible for the girls, and so on so forth. The girls gulped as they weren't looking forward to this, at all.
Leaf still couldn't see anything very well, with the thick layer of poop covering her she couldn't clean herself up at all and was stuck mostly listening as she remained sitting in the waste. She was exhausted from being trapped for so long that she didn't have any energy to try fighting back at anything. Since she was already covered in poop, it didn't really matter too much to her if she sat back down in the filthy pile and sank back into it.

"You're sick, both of you!" Dawn yelled, the only one able to really stand up and move around. How could they do this to them? They did blast them off quite a lot, but this was just disgusting torture! Keeping them trapped in a dirty diaper, putting them in a potty? "Just wait until we grow back up, you're going to regret all of this!" She continued fuming.

"My my, such a fiesty one." Jessie laughed, flicking the girl back onto her bottom so she landed near May. "You twerps are going to be stuck like that for quite a while, do you know what we've had to go through? This is our revenge, and you're in trouble for being here so late anyways, don't you forget it." Jessie smirked, picking the girls' diaper up so James could take care of the compactor so it could be reset. "I think we should try that potty out, what do you think James? I've got a bit of something that could use unloading." She brought the diaper close to her face just so the girls could all, or almost all, see how serious she was. May visibly gagged along with Dawn at the idea, Leaf had no idea what was really going on and was planning on just sitting until someone else helped her out. "We've got some time until the daycare opens up, and we've got these new diapers as well." She smirked, showing the girls the fresh bag of soiled baby diapers and a few adult ones they had collected from their trips through the mall.
Jessie grab Dawn as her first victim, before dropping her right in the middle of the potty. "We will show you how we deal with feisty twerps like her," with that, Jessie toom off her pant and panties before sitting on the potty.

Dawn was quicly shrouded in darkness, not knowing what was gonna happen next when the sound of gurgling answered her question. "Oh Arceus no," she cursed.

(I have a feeling you will write the best at this part. XD)
Dawn's soaking wet clothes stunk like nothing she had experienced before, but she had a sinking feeling she was going to be experiencing something even worse as Jessie positioned herself over the potty. There was no escaping for Dawn, the walls were far too high for her to scale, and they were so far away she wasn't sure she could even reach them as Jessie began to fart into the chamber, filling it with a foul odor that nearly made Dawn gag once more. So many awful smells, if she ever smelled flowers again she'd probably marry the person who gave them to her.

Jessie grunted as she felt her gurgling peak, wanting the twerp underneath her to squirm about as much as possible in anticipation of the inevitable. Then, with a grin, she began to feel herself start to unload down into the potty below. Dawn looked up in horror as a large brown mass began to snake its way down into the toilet, right on top of her! She finally snapped herself out of it, but only to scream as the massive log crashed down into her, some of it forcing itself into her mouth before it coiled away from her. She wanted to throw up from the repulsive taste and smell, not to mention she now was starting to get covered in the warm squishy substance, and the stink stuck onto her skin stubbornly before she began trying to free herself. She had a substantial amount on her face that she wiped away with as quick a motion as she could manage before she shoved the log off her enough to where she could stand up.

"Ohh, I hope you're ready for the next round," Jessie groaned as she began blasting into potty again, the force of the fart knocking Dawn down, but thankfully away from the large mess already in the potty, before Jessie began to unload once more.
May heard Dawn's screamed as well as Jessie farting into the potty. Knowing what was going on, she felt pity for her. She can't do much since she was still encase in the turd, with no way of moving her hands without feeling disgusted at the squelch of the poop on her skin.

She look over at Leaf, who was still sitting on a messy part of the diaper, didn't move much at all. Possibly she can't see at all and her whole body was unnoticeable under all those feces. She may need a bathe as soon as they get out of here. But something caught May's interedt was the jar. What were they gonna do with them with that jar?

All she know was that, she hope Dawn would be alright.
As May continued thinking about the jar and Leaf, James had begun to shrink some of the dirty diapers. Most of them were pretty filthy already, so he didn't need to vet them further. The babies at the daycare were known to be able to fill a diaper to bursting on occasion. With a smirk, he began to put a small layer of them into the jar. "Oh? You're really excited about this, aren't you?" He smirked, dropping a shrunken diaper on May's face so she was forced to endure the smell of a fresher diaper.

Meanwhile, Dawn was desperately trying to avoid the barrage coming from Jessie's rear. Unfortunately for Dawn, the logs were quite large, almost as thick as she was tall, and the positioning of them prevented her from running away. Jessie looked in occasionally to double check she was aiming in the correct area, grinning as she realized Dawn was trapped now between the wall of the potty and the wall from the mess. Dawn looked up in horror as Jessie placed her bottom directly over where Dawn was trapped. Dawn made another mistake though, as she got on her knees and tried screaming and yelling at Jessie while her bum began to unload another round.

Dawn got another blast of mess, but this was much softer than before and came out so quickly that she didn't have time to shut her mouth. Some of the mess forced it's way into her throat as she fell backwards onto the floor of the potty and the mess plowed into her. Jessie scored a direct hit as she continued pushing, her load burying Dawn in the foul smelling waste and completely covering her in it. Dawn could feel the mess spread over her body and face, the hot squishy mass smelt disgusting as it continued to give it's way into her mouth, making her taste the steamy bitterness of Jessie's previous meal.

"Sounds like your friend is having fun." James snickered as he began picking up the diaper Leaf and May were on and bringing it to the jar to dump them in. He slowly began to turn the diaper over so May would fall in first, followed by Leaf, then followed by a good portion of the mess in the diaper.
May screamed out as she fell down into the jar, unable to do anything to try saving herself as the mess she was trapped in continued to confine her. She landed on the small bed of dirty diapers face up, but the back of her head splattered into a messy diaper. She gagged as she felt and heard the squish behind her head, but did nothing to try and remove herself from it.

Leaf made some moaning noise as she felt herself falling down, but she didn't know where or anything. Her poop coated exterior did not do much to slow her decent, but she ended up landing almost on top of May. The mess from the diaper came next, as May was helpless to stop the rain of brown from further burying her. Dawn remained trapped in the potty under Jessie, but May had no idea of her condition.
Once all of the contents on the diaper was emptied, James unzip his trousers as he wanted to relieve himself in the jar. He made sure he wore a pair of gloves before he befan peeing into the jar, slowly filling the jar up. The pee was mostly soaked up by the dirty diapers, even though they were shrunk down. The messes was mixed up with the pee to make a stew like human waste in a jar.

Inside the jar, May was able to loosen up thanks to James urinating into the jar. It made the turd around her to soften up, thus made it easy to break through. As she crawled out of the pile of poop, she was quickly showered in pee, completely drenching her in pee. She made a mistake of opening her mouth, causing her to gulp down mouthful of pee, gagging her. On the bright side, she was cleaned of poop, thouh he brown spots on her clothes could never be washed off. She noticed that the jar was filling up with golden water, which made the pee mixed in with the poop. The sight made her gagged, with the pee reaching her waist.

Then she realised hat Leaf haven't got up yet. Wuthout a second thought, May dived under the golden water to search for Leaf. It didn't take her long, since Leaf's waist was easily spotted thanks to the pee able to wash most of the poop covering her. She grab what assume to be her wrist before dragging her above the pee. It now reached just above their chest, and the flow of pee had stopped. The sound of the jar getting closed up was heard, entrapping the smell of poop and pee within it. However, that wasn't their main problem.

May was trying to help Leaf get most of the poop off of her face by dunking her head into the pee before using her ruined bandanna to wipe the poop off of her face. It worked, as Leaf was able to see again, and able to thank her for it.

"So, now what? He have sealed our only escape," May was still cleaning the poop off of Leaf, but some of it stuck to her clothing stubbornly.

"We can only wait and see what happens next. We can't do much with out size. I just hope it wont get worse from here," Leaf commented, finally happy she was able to see and talk again after getting covered in the poop for some time.
There were bits of poop and some diapers mixed throughout the pee the two girls were trapped in, Most of the mess had come from the diaper James had dumped into the jar, including the mess trapping May and Leaf, while some came from the opened diapers. May was thankful to be able to move again without feeling any mess squish against her skin or anything of the sort, but the stench from the mix of pee and poop was several times worse and made her want to gag continuously. "How could it get any worse, Leaf?" May asked, trying not to use her nose as much as she could. Both girls had wads of mess trapped in their hair, now sticking together and drying as they stood above the urine as best they could. "Are you okay, Leaf?" May sighed, trying to find something they could use to sit down or lean on, but it would appear they could only do that if they piled all the used diapers over to the side and then packed them in with some of the mess.

As Leaf began to explain her foray into the messy diaper and her struggles with it, Dawn was sobbing quietly to herself as she was forced to swallow another mouthful of Jessie's filth. She was completely enveloped in the hot mass and she was trying to work her arms up to her face so she could at least breath or cry without constantly having more stuffed down her mouth, but they were stubbornly stuck. "Ahh.... I think that's enough for now." Jessie smiled, standing up from the potty to look at her work below. She laughed as she could hear the girl trapped beneath the mess below, deciding to leave her there for a little while to see how James was doing with the other girls. She could see them begin to organize the diapers inside and the floating bits of mess as well. May had stumbled and dunked herself into the concoction a few times while Leaf continued searching for more and more dirty diapers for their support structure. Most of the diapers she found were completely open, and she'd accidentally grab onto the dirty part, but Leaf was too filthy right now to even do much more than gag occasionally.
Since Jessie only had poop, she had something else to relief. "James, open up the jar for me will ya?" Jessie asked while using some tissues to wipe the stain around her anal before dumping it back into the potty.

Meanwhile, the girls had finally made a place for them to sit, though it was disgusting with the squelches of the diapers after it were throughly soaked by the amount of pee within the jar. "Now what?" May asked, while drying her hair off from getting soaked in poop mixed urine multiple times. They weren't doing any better with the smell trapped inside the jar, and they had to slowly breath to avoid getting sick of the smell.

The sound of the jar being open caught their attention as they look up to see Jessie's face. This meant she was done with torturing poor Dawn with her after meals, and they were next. "I hope you enjoy your little swim in there, as there will be more to come," this cause the 2 girls to be shocked. It had gotten even worse for them as the face of Jessie was replace by her vagina. If the situation wasn't messy, they would have blushed madly and avoid gazing at it. At least the 3 of them were above 18, or this would be conpletely awkward.

Jessie began to relax as she tries to unload her tank into the jar. The girls felt small droplets, or in this case, large droplets or pee before they were showered by a torrent of pee. They got some of the urine down their throats, forcing them to drink the golden water. It tasted really salty, and gagging at the taste of it. The jar was quickly filled up to their necks, and before they even register what as happening, they were now nose deep in pee and was force to swim above it to avoid drowning. But the torrent kept coming, sometimes pushing them down under the pee before they had to resurface to breath.

They continued like this for a minute or two before the torrent of piss had stopped. They noticed that the jar was now more than 3 quarters full, and finding a way to seat was near impossible. But that wasn't over as Jessie carried the jar they're in before heading towards the potty. What was she gonna do to them, they wondered.
Dawn, meanwhile, was struggling underneath all the mess. Kicking or moving anything just seemed to make things worse as the mess was soft enough that it just stuck everywhere, rather than staying in place once she pushed at it. However, she was suddenly bathed in bright light once more, but she couldn't really tell because so much poop had covered her face.

"Let's get you cleaned up a little bit, huh?" Jessie laughed as she picked Dawn up with a gloved hand very carefully, before 'accidentally' dropping her. Dawn moaned loudly, her lips sealed shut from the mess coating them and trapped inside her mouth. Her decent stopped abruptly as her entire upper body was trapped in the mess once again, Dawn getting a fresh glob of it forced back into her mouth from the impact. Jessie laughed again before picking her up, now with a large amount of poo stuck to Dawn, before unceremoniously letting the girl fall into the jar... right on top of Leaf!

Leaf spluttered from the impact as she was dunked down again, forced to endure having shit on her face again and taking a large mouthful of pee accidentally. Dawn began to sink though, her arms and legs not responding as quickly as they needed to. Alarmed, May begrudgingly dove under to try and pull the mess coated girl back up. Jessie and James laughed evilly as they plotted their next move.
May grab what assume to be Dawn's wrist, pulled her above the pee level to prevent her from drowning. Leaf quickly follow suit, coughing after swallowing 3 big mouthful of pee. She had never drank anything this terrible and salty in her life! As she spat out the any remaining pee in her mouth, May on the other hand grab her ruined bandanna and cleaned Dawn's face. It didn't domuch, since Dawn was showered in fresh poop, thus being extra sticky, clinging to Dawn's face like a tape.

When May could see Dawn's face, she quickly dunk her bandanna, soaking, before cleaning the rest of the mess off of Dawn's face. "Hey, Dawn, how are you feeling now?" May asked, hoping that her friend was still sane. But all she got from Dawn was humming. may then realised dat Dawn's mouth was somehow glued together by the mess, and she couldn't open them up.

"Dawn, sorry bout this" May apologies in advance, knowing Dawn would hate it. She dunk her head, with her nose just above the golden water level to avoid drowning her. Though she might not enjoy the closeness with her nose above the pee, with every breath stung of fresh pee.

Quickly, May used her bandanna and tried to unstuck Dawn's mouth so she could talk again. It took her some time, but she managed as Dawn was finally able to open her motuh again. On instinct, Dawn too a mouthful of pee before rinsing the mess in her mouth and spitting them out. She would prefer to taste the salty pee than the bitterness of poop.

"So, how are you feeling now, Dawn?" May asked, shoving her bandanna back into her pocket, knowing she would use it soon.

"Diagusted, but thanks for the help," Dawn said, still trying to get the taste of poop out of her mouth.

"So, guessing from the evil looks on those Rocket scums, we aren't gona like it, at all," Leaf spoke, looking up to see both Jessie and James were grinning evilly at them, with some really disgusting torture awaits for the 3 teenage girls.
Jessie then lowered the jar down to the potty and let the girls all see the horror of a mess she had provided down there. The girls all had difficulty seeing it, and Dawn had no intentions of even intentionally looking back down at where she came from. She could still feel some of the mess deeper under her clothes, and she was sure her face was absolutely filthy at this point as well.... though, all three of them had rather disgusting looks at the moment. Leaf had been gagging the entire time she observed Dawn being cleaned up, she had no idea how May stomached the whole thing so easily, but she was thankful that they were okay for now.

The mixture of mess and soiled diapers in the jar was revolting to smell, but there honestly wasn't a time when things smelled good ever since they had been taken captive like this. At least the urine helped... keep the mess from sticking too much, though it made it an altogether worse consistency that made all of them want out. Luckily... Jessie was willing to help with that. "Okay twerps, time for your new adventure!" She laughed, quickly turning the jar over then plunging the lip into the mass of poo. Some of the crappy mixture drained out, but the mess soon formed a seal, thus trapping the girls in a high enough pool that they still had to swim to stay above it. Team Rocket's device had prevented the girls from dying, but none of the girls really knew that, so they were freaking out. Leaf was trying to bang on the jar, but only succeeded in making herself splutter about further.

"Girls... there's... only one way to save ourselves..." May gulped, looking down and trying fruitlessly to see the top of the mess pile the jar was on. "We've got to... dig a way out."

"Nu uh, no way I'm going back into that crap!" Dawn shook her head, hair whipping around and smacking her in the face with a sticky mass of mess. "Eww! You see?" She coughed, moving the hair from her face again. "It's not worth it!"

"Well how else do you think we'll get out of here?" May sighed, frustrated as she tried thinking of something else the girls could do, but coming up with nothing, less Jessie or James pulls up on the jar...
"We can't rock the jar left to right, and we don't want to tire ourselves from doing it or we might drown," Leaf exclaimed, clearly agreeing to May's idea sknce it was their only escape route.

"Do you have any better ideas?" May asked, waiting to hear what Dawn would say, but she just kept her mouth shut knowing what both May and Leaf meant. They were right, they had to dig their way out through the mess she had been to. Went she look below her, it look like a pile of mud, but it wasn't.

"I am not going with you guysto a mall ever again!" with that, Dawn dove down under the pee. May and Leaf quicly followed suit before they began to dig their way out. The poop was really soft and sticky, grossing out the 3 girls. Dawn went back up to breath, even if it is filled with pee She went back down to help the others.

This continued for awhile, in the meantime, both Jessie and James got ready the diaper pail with 3 very leaky wet diapers on the changing table. "Those babies sure can relieve themselves," Jessie commented before looking back in the jar to see dat the girls were now digg8ng their way out.
"Yeah yeah, just keep digging!" Leaf gasped, spitting out another mouthful of pee before diving back under to try digging her way out. The mess was rather soft at the top, making it difficult to really grab and move large amounts of it. It would slide through their fingers and the pee just filled any hole they made. They slowly began to make progress though, until they had dug just under the lip of the jar. "Okay... now we just push through, we're almost done!" Leaf took one last deep breath before diving into the hole. Though she wasn't keen on completely coating herself in poo again, she was getting tired of swimming in poop and pee. Her face was grim as she faced the wall of poop that she planned on squirming through until she reached the top of the mess pile.

May and Dawn had followed along with Leaf but didn't really know what she was talking about. They thought there was still a lot more digging to do, and were disgusted when they saw that Leaf pushed herself head first into the poo wall and began to wiggle her way through. Leaf was beginning to second guess herself as she continued to push through. The mess was still rather soft as she wriggled her way through, carving out a hole for the other girls to try and follow... assuming the mess didn't just fill it back up once she passed through. Her face was completely brown now, her hair was coated in mess down to her scalp by this point as she kept burrowing. Her progress began to slow down before stopping... Just as her head barely poked through the top. May and Dawn saw her from the other side of the glass and began banging on it to get Leaf's attention.

Jessie laughed as she noticed the head wriggling about before nodding to James, "They sure can, just wait until we put the girls up there with them too, just imagine!" She chuckled to herself as she went back to readying the diapers with James.

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