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by Joe
Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Fantasy · #2040538
The vocaloid girls lose their heads and end up in weird situations while being detached.
[Introduction] Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Luka Megurine and Meiko Sakine lose their heads during their vacation on a private island after an incident that first affected Miku and the girl spreads this to the others. Now they must find a way to turn back to normal, but it leads to strange moments.

Characters(Note borrowing pictures to show what the girls look like):

Hatsune Miku: One of the most popular vocaloids, she is a kind-hearted, yet gullible girl. She is very nice to everyone and does whatever she can to help.
She was enjoying her vacation on a private island, but suddenly found a lab that has this chemical that made her headless and she spread this disease to her friends.
Personally, she finds being a disembodied head embarrassing.

Rin Kagamine: A very sweet and hyper girl who is really mischievous and jokes a lot. She is the youngest of the group in this story and has a twin brother named Len that has to stay away from her while Rin is affect with the headless disease.
Rin ironically like being headless.

Luka Megurine: A very mature girl and is arguably at the age 20 of the group. She often has this mysterious side that would make her reactions to things unpredictable. She seems to have a comedic naive mindset when it comes to something out of her control or something strange happens. However, she does like to joke around, but at times her sense of humor is strange.
Luka finds being headless to be a new and weird experience.

Meiko Sakine: A mean spirited girl, but does not go too far. Just a bit mature in a strict way. Often times, she is nice or a bit neutral, but just don't piss her off. Also she has a thing for alcohol and is crazy when she's drunk. She is older than Luka by a year making her 21, but not as calm as Luka. She is often the realist that points out the reality of things.
Meiko finds that being a head to be the worst thing that happened to her.


No sex, we had enough of those.

No male characters or at least don't let them lose their heads, trying to avoid nasty head swapping moments. I often find it weird in stories that has it. I'm not sexist, but its too nasty for me.

Swearing is allow.

No additional characters unless they are either other female vocaloids or you message me about it.

None of the girls can attach themselves to their original body, but can attach to others temporary before being detached again.

Enjoy yourself, I know we have a lot of rules, but I'm just trying to avoid disgusting moments in some stories that I read.

Vocaloids are owned by Crypton Future Media Inc.
One day, Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Luka Megurine, and Meiko Sakine are at a private island that Luka somehow owns thanks to someone she knows. They were just enjoying themselves at the beach.

Miku wore a turquoise bikini with white detailed shapes and is by the waves of water. Rin wore a white bikini with big yellow polka dots and is splashing Miku with water. Luka wore a regular pink bikini and is sight seeing. Meiko has a red bikini with black edges and is laying on the sand, relaxing.

They were having fun until Miku spotted something strange.

"Hey Rin, did you see that?", asked Miku.

"Yeah, like some sort of door.", said Rin.

The two walked toward the strange door and entered. Luka and Meiko had no idea that this happened as they were too busy doing their own thing. So Miku and Rin walked into a building that they never noticed before and saw many gadgets and tools.

"I think were in a lab.", said Miku and she saw Rin poking stuff, "Rin, you shouldn't be messing with that!"

The blond girl looked at Miku and apologizes. Miku grabbed the test tube that Rin was holding and tries to put it back, but accidentally spills it. The gas starts to spread and Rin ran out. Miku was consume by it and the whole lab was breaking apart for some reason. Miku ran out with Rin and the whole building collapse.

"That was close. Its so weird on how one test tube can cause so much damage. I wonder if it affected me in some way?", said Miku.

"I think that line in your neck might be it.", said Rin.

The vocaloid discovers in as she looked down a bit. Her vision then changed as she felt like she is falling, but she bumped into Rin. She then felt like she was picked up and saw Rin's face.

"What's going on? I can't move. I feel so weird.", asked Miku.

"This is awesome! Your only a head.", said Rin.

"You must be kidding me. There is no way that's possible.", said Miku.

Rin then showed the head her headless body and the girl shrieked.

"Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no! How is this possible? Why am I still alive? How can I talk?", asked Miku.

Rin then turned Miku's head facing her. Miku then notice a line in Rin's neck.

"I think its happening to you too.", said Miku.

Rin notices and her head fall off to the ground. Instead of freaking out, she was amazed.

"Whoa, this is awesome!", said Rin.

"No, its not. Please put me back on.", said Miku.

Rin controls her body to put Miku's head back on, but it didn't work. Rin and Miku are left carrying their own heads.

"What do we do now?", said Miku.

"We can scare Luka and Meiko.", said Rin.

"Um, no. Let's just hold onto our heads on our necks until we can figure something out."

Rin apparently ran off and Miku has to follow her. Meiko was still napping as Rin prepares her surprised attack. Rin threw her head at Meiko as the brown haired girl woke up and spotted Rin's disembodied head.

"I must be dreaming.", said Meiko.

"Trust me, its real. Its also happened to you.", said Rin seeing the line on Meiko's neck.

Meiko's head then falls off to the sand with a soft thud. The vocaloid realize what happened to her.

"Rin, what happened?", asked Meiko.

"You kind of lost your head.", said Rin.

Miku ran to stop Rin, but its too late. She accidentally bumped into Rin's body and her head flew back and fell on Luka. As a result, Luka's head falls off. As Miki's head is on the ground, Luka's head fell on Miku's head.

The girls call for their bodies to pick them up and it took a while.

"Hey body, I'm here.", said Rin as her body came and picked her up, "Good girl."

"To the left, no. A little to the right. I'm down here.", cried Meiko to her body.

"Up we go.", said Luka as her body picks hers and Mku's head. Luka's body then gives Miku's head back to her body.

"Thanks Luka.", said Miku.

"Your welcome Miku. Just don't lose your head over it.", said Luka.

Miku wasn't amused. After that's settled, the girls carried their heads back to the cabin they rented and put on their regular clothes. They met up at a table and placed their heads on it.

"Miku, explained what happened?", said Luka.

"Well me and Rin found a secret door to a lab and Rin was messing around the place. I have to put that test tube that Rin was holding and suddenly the tube broke, the building was destroyed, and this happened.", said Miku.

"I forgot to mention. This island had a secret lab and one of the inventions made here helps let people live through decapitation.", said Luka.

"You should've have told us beforehand.", said Meiko.

"Based on the notes I found online, we can't attach to our bodies. Who knows what will happen. Our bodies could become independent, we could have the wrong bodies, and so much more would happen in our condition.", said Luka.

"Cool, so what now?", asked Rin.

The girls' heads sat on the table while their bodies sat at their chair waiting. And so...
"I don't like this," Meiko says as she watches her headless body from the table. "I don't like this at all."

"Chill out, Meiko," Miku says. "At least we still can control our bodies."

"But we can't attach our heads to them! God, I feel so helpless this way."

"I'll tell you what. If it makes you feel better, I will put your head on my body."

"Right. And I'll put your head on my body."

"Deal!" Miku's body then grabs Meiko's head and puts it on. Meiko then gains control of Miku's body. She then sees that she also still has control of her original body.

"Thanks, Miku," she says.

"No problem. Now do me."

"Pause!" Luka shouts out. She and Rin giggle.

"I don't get it," Miku says. She then notices that Meiko has not honored the blue-haired girl by placing her head on the mature girl's body. "Well, aren't you going to put me on your body?"

Meiko grabs Miku's head and shouts, "Luka, catch!" She throws Miku's head at Luka's body, who catches it.

"Hey! You said you would put me on, Meiko!"

Rin sighs. "Miku, are you ever not going to fall for Meiko's jokes?" she says.

"Hey, Rin, catch!" Luka says. The two girls' bodies play catch with Miku's head.

"Whee!" Miku says, completely forgetting that Meiko fooled her. Eventually both Luka and Rin tire of playing with Miku's head and toss her at Meiko, who catches her.

"You're so cute when you're gullible," Meiko says.

"Pause!" Rin shouts. She and Luka giggle.

"I still don't get that," Miku says. "Now will you put me on your body, Meiko?"

Meiko instead leaves the cabin and runs while carrying Miku's head. "This is fun!" Meiko says.

The wind flows through Miku's head, and she enjoys the breeze, again forgetting Meiko joking with her. "That feels good!"

Meiko then runs back to the cabin a few minutes later. "Okay, that's enough," she says, finally placing Miku's head onto her body.

"Hey, I thought you wouldn't give me your body!" Miku says, looking down at Meiko's body that her head is now attached to.

"I said I would," Meiko says. "I don't lie, you know."

Meanwhile, Rin and Luka are spinning their own heads on their ring fingers as if they were basketballs. They are... unsuccessful, as their heads keep falling on the ground.

"I'm okay," Rin says.

"I'm not," Luka says.

"We all know, Luka," Meiko says. The four girls then laugh.
"Now I want your body.", said Rin to Luka.

"Me?", said Luka.

"Its obvious that we can't be attached to our original bodies. Might as well attach to yours since there's no one else."

"Fine, but I get to have your body first."

"Oh body!", cried Rin.

The blond girl's body went to pick up Luka and put Luka on. The pink haired girl was relieved to have a body again, but its smaller than her original one. Rin's head waited patiently for Luka's body and it grabbed her. She was then attached and felt big since she's somewhat the tallest of the group.

"I'm so huge.", said Rin.

"I'm so small.", whined Luka.

Miku in Meiko's body came and was shocked to see this. Meiko came, trying to get used to Miku's body and wasn't amused at this at all.

"Rin, you have Luka's body and Luka has yours.", said Miku.

"Obviously.", said Rin.

"I wonder if we're going to be stuck like this?", said Meiko.

Suddenly both Miku and Meiko's heads fall off. Luckily their bodies caught them in time.

"What? I'm a head again.", said Miku.

"I should go down to the lab that you and Rin went to find some notes.", said Luka.

"Sure. We found it by the jungle of the place.", said Rin.

Luka with Rin's body then ventured forward while Miku's head is carried by Meiko's body and vice versa. Rin tests out if her head is still detachable and it is.

The girl then places her head on the table and so did Miku and Meiko.

"I wonder how my twin brother is going to think about this.", said Rin.

"Oh no. I forgot. We need to find a way to turn back to normal in a week or else I can't show my face anywhere anymore. We can't stay here forever and hide which I wish I could do. Wait, if we do get out, we could affect everyone and they will be headless like us.", said Miku.

"I just hate being like this.", said Meiko, "I can't move or do anything. I wonder if I can still drink at all."

"Let's not get there.", said Miku.

Luka then came back, this time carrying her head with some papers and a laptop. The vocaloid came in and rest her head on the table and sat Rin's body.

"Rin, your body is so nice and obedient.", said Luka.

"Thanks.", said Rin.

"Any who, I found out more about our condition. Based on some tests, we can head swap, but only its temporary. If we get detached, we need a new body. It would take a while for use to be attached to the swapped body again and it only works if its not our original body.", said Luka.

"I call Meiko's body.", said Rin.

"Stay away from my body. I only trust Miku and Luka with it.", said Meiko.

"Ah boo.", said Rin and now looks at Miku, "Can I borrow yours Miku?"

"Maybe, but Luka has more to say.", said Miku.

"Pretty much we need to be willing to share bodies if you want to feel hands or legs again.", said Luka making a stern expression that is very scary as a disembodied head.

Miku squeal a bit and Luka notices, "Sorry Miku. Trying to be a bit dramatic, but I'm serious about this."

"Its fine. Anything else.", asked Miku.

"I need to look more into it. There were reports that random things will happen. Some reported to have their bodies have a mind of their own. Others had their heads floating. No matter what happens, it always ends with the person's head being detached. We are lucky to be able to control our bodies and live.", said Luka.

"Wow, that is very scary.", said Miku.

"But hey, at least we look cute as heads. Let's just have fun with this for now until we can find a way back to normal.", said Rin.
"Well its getting late. Good night.", said Miku as her body carried her away.

All the girls then got dressed into their pajamas and brushed their teeth. Miku then notice a scale nearby and decides to see how much her head weighs. She places it there and finds out that she weighs 12 pounds.

"That's pretty light.", said Miku.

"Actually an average head is about 10 pounds so your basically fat for a head.", said Luka who came out of nowhere.

Miku picked her head up angrily and Rin and Meiko came to see.

"I wanna check how much my head weighs.", said Rin.

The ribbon haired girl places her head on the scale and she weighs 9 pounds. Meiko does the same and weighs 10 pounds. Luka does so too and weighs 10.1 pounds. Better than Miku.

"Its my hair that makes me heavy. That's all.", said Miku.

"Right.", said Meiko.

"My hair is long too and I'm not that heavy.", said Luka.

"I'm the lightest here.", said Rin.

The girls then carried their heads to bed. Miku placed her head on a table next to her bed. Rin cuddles her head like a teddy bear. Luka places her head on her chest. Meiko just places her head on a pillow and her body just slept there.

In the morning, the girls got into their casual clothing and ate breakfast. If they can.

"I'm not sure about this.", said Miku.

"We'll just head swap and eat on each others body while we can and... Rin?", said Meiko seeing Rin being able to eat as a head.

"What?", asked Rin.

"Your eating.", said Meiko.


"You don't have a body on or a stomach for that matter.", said Miku.


"I forgot to mention, we can still eat as heads. The food will go to our original bodies. This might be a good way to black mail our bodies in case they try something against us.", said Luka.

"I hope that never happens.", said Miku.

The girl then went ahead on eating breakfast. Rin successfully spoon fed herself. Miku ends up spilling stuff. Luka does this very slowly and tries to learn how to do it. Meiko ends up having her face covered with food.

After that, the girls traded heads for the day. Rin has Miku's body, Miku has Meiko's body, Meiko has Luka's body, and Luka has Rin's body.

"Is everyone satisfied with their body?", asked Miku.

Everyone nodded.

"Good, but remember that we need to stay together. If any of our heads were to fall off, we would be useless if our original bodies are not around. You only get to control others bodies if your attached to it. As of now, we can only control our original bodies. Any force upon our heads would also detached us immediately.", said Luka.

"Okay", said Rin.

The girls concentrated on their original bodies to attach the others heads and boom. They head swapped.

The girls went out a bit for their vacation and something big or strange can happen.
The girls went on sight seeing since its an easy going day until Miku trips and her head pops off. Luka tries to go after Miku's head, but ends up tripping and her head falls off.

Rin and Meiko's body stumbled around looking for a head while their heads on another body came to see what happened.

"Miku, Luka, are you okay?", asked Rin.

"Other than feeling numb from the neck below, I'm fine.", said Miku.

Luka only gave a blank-like surprised expression. Meiko then plain to give Luka her body and Miku Rin's body.

"Must I Meiko? Her body is too small.", whined Miku.

"Hey?", cried Rin.

"Is there any other choice?", asked Meiko.

"You got me.", said Miku.

As the two heads get some new bodies, Rin shouted.

"Wait! I have and idea."

Rin dragged Meiko along with Miku's and Luka's bodies away for some reason and leave behinds Miku and Luka's heads. Rin with Luka's body came back quickly with Meiko on Miku's body and all of them were wearing bikinis.

"Let's play beach volleyball", said Rin.

"Oh no. I'm guessing were the balls.", said Miku.

"Uh huh.", said Rin.

"How did you get Meiko go along with this?", asked Miku.

"Just for a bet if its a good idea or not.", said Meiko.

Miku felt so much anxiety while Luka just gave a blank expression and went along with this. Rin carried the two heads and reached to a part of the beach. The blond girl manage to set up a volleyball court quickly and Miku watched in horror.

Miku and Luka are left on the sand as if their bodies were buried, but they are literally just heads. Luka then says that she want to go first,s saving Miku's behind if she had one.

Rin then carries Luka's head to the court and teamed up with her body. She looked at Luka's head who only gave an assuring expression. Rin then serves and Luka's head flew. Her pink hair flow through her face as if she is flying.

"Whee! This is fun.", said Luka.

Meiko then pumped the head with her body spiking it. Rin's body manage to save it and Rin uses Luka's body to send it back. The game went on until Rin got a score. They then place Luka's head next to Miku's and the girl cries.

"Don't worry Miku, Luka's fine and she's not crying.", said Rin.

"I think another side effect of our conditions just happened. Our heads must be more bouncy now.", said Luka.

This was proven right when Rin and Meiko had their heads fall off due to the time limit of being attached. Their head surprisingly bounced instead of having a hard landing.

"Your right Luka. I didn't feel any pain at all.", said Meiko.

"Now that happened, my turn to be the ball.", said Rin.

So the heads commend their bodies to play beach volleyball with Rin's head. No one, but Luka and Rin wants to be the ball. After that, the girls placed their heads on the sand and had a nice view of the beach.
Suddenly Miku's head felt like its in the air only to have Meiko and Luka's head see Miku's head in the air.

"Miku, your floating.", said Meiko's head.

"I am?", asked Miku's head.

"I think this is one of side effects that I mentioned.", said Luka's head.

Then Miku's head flopped down. The heads realize that it was only a coincident. After that, their bodies picked them up to go in their cottage. The bodies placed their respective heads on the table and sat on the chairs.

"What a day?", said Rin's head.

"I say.", said Luka's head.

"So how are we gonna turn back to normal?", asked Miku's head.

"Well based on the notes that I found, it will take a while. The only signs that show that we're recovering is when our bodies just come up to us and put us back on and it stays.", said Luka's head, "I'm afraid that its all patience."

"Damn it", said Meiko's head.

"What can we do as heads now?", asked Rin's head.

"We for sure do no want to do what they usually do in those futuristic headless stories like having two heads.", said Miku's head.

"I was hoping for that.", said Rin's head.

"I say that we go to the lab and search for some more clues on how we can go back to normal.", said Meiko's head.

"Your right. I needed to search the place more starting tomorrow.", said Luka's head.

And so the girls carried their heads and prepared to go to bed. In the morning, they got breakfast like they did the day before and begin their search.
They carried their heads through the remains of the lab and have a hard time looking for anything. Miku, Rin, and Meiko busted their way through the destruction, now tired, but suddenly Luka shouted.

"I found it!"

The girls got to Luka and was shocked to see her all fine.

"I'm not even attached, but I felt like my body is exhausted. Yet, I see you looking okay.", said Miku.

"I'm just lucky I guess. Anyways, in order to turn back to normal, we need to apply this glue on our necks and voila, back to normal.", said Luka holding a test tube.

The girls does so and are back in their bodies again.

"I'm back!", cried Meiko.

"It was fun while it lasted.", said Rin.

"Now that's over, let's just enjoy the rest of the week until we have to pack up and go.", said Miku.

Well, even it ended this way, something minor happened that might be shocking. Later that day, Miku was in her bed lamenting her time headless. She lifts her head out to see if her heads stays, but it doesn't.

"Eh", said Miku.

She puts it back on and it stays. She does some pushing and everything, and her head stays. When she lifts her head again, it pops off. Miku decided to keep her head on and keep this a secret from her friends to avoid more madness from happening. She then went to sleep.

Sorry that it ended like this, but the girls had enough troubles in their vacation.

The End!

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