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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2045590
You are a trainer in a world filled with anthropomorphic Pokemon.
[Introduction] This campfire was not my idea. It was made by another called keyblade@writing.com and before that was made by a writer I don't know as an interactive. Key blade deleted his campfire and his rules were a bit more strict than what follows:
You get a week to add your addition unless you have a good explanation.

You can be as wild as you want with back stories and plots, just don't mess with other writers' characters. Heck, you can have a non human as a main character but you must be a trainer.

All Pokemon are allowed. I also allow fan made Pokemon but I must have all the details of said Pokemon.

You pick any first evolutionary stage Pokemon that isn't a legendary for a starter.

After starter, we choose what Pokemon you get by randomizer. We use the randomizer as many times as there are members of the campfire. So if three members, you get to pick from three randomly decided Pokemon.

Feral Pokemon are also okay, but in this world they are EXTREMELY rare, so you get only one no matter how many you catch.

You can get a Pokemon only every five turns.

You can evolve a Pokemon after ten turns. You can't catch a Pokemon if you choose evolution on that turn.

You must write a bio for your character and every Pokemon you receive.

The first addition is your bio and your starter's bio.

In this campfire, all regions are close. It'll take one full turn to get from one to the other, except the orange islands because they are a part of Kanto, same with other dimensions like the Reverse World in Sinnoh, but it can only be reached from Sinnoh.

Only original characters except evil teams, gyms, and professors.

NEW RULE: You can gain multiple pokemon at once but you must wait double the amount of turns to get more. This also applies to starters.
The bio goes as follows for human:









Same for Pokemon just add nickname, the name will be the species.
Name; Thornton "Crisis"

Gender: Male, but his looks say otherwise.

Age: 15

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Appearance: A pale boy with disheveled hair and deep blue eyes. He doesn't look muscular and wears a white shirt and blue jeans combo only no matter what the conditions. He can be seen with headphones hooked up to a remote playlist filled with thousands of songs no one has ever heard of. He wears a scarf with a large blue bead behind his neck and a belly warmer that splits into nine trails.

Personality: Thornton is a hyperactive creative boy. He never socializes with humans as he was raised by Pokemon. He is very shaky with his responsibilities where humans are concerned, as is everything else. In battle or when he gets too stressed however he becomes too wild and goes out of control. As the mischievous entity he is, he will alter situations in his favor, play pranks, and even steal, not caring about any human rules and only goes through life mentally judging everyone to see if they are worthy to be "taken care of".

History: No one knows how, but one day a Zoroark and Ninetales found a baby human boy. With no parents, the couple decides to take care of him and raise him as their own. as such he can only speak Pokemon and has some powers akin to his parents, however they are only strong hen in a rage or used in conjunction with Pokemon. But aside from the headphones he stole from a market, he doesn't know anything at all about humans. He was baffled when he first saw them and vowed to understand how and why the two races are so difference and why humans are so violent.
Name: Terry

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: 6"

Weight: Less than a pound

Appearance: Terry has short brown hair, brown eyes, slightly pale skin color, and a cleanly shaven face. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, gray shorts with a black belt, and white socks with black and red shoes.

Personality: Terry is an average guy. He cares about others, though often times more about himself as he is more fragile than others. He also doesn't like machinery because of how easy they are capable of killing him, and because of what they did to him. (More on that later) Though he also has his own inner demons that get to him from time to time, thinking they can get away with doing things that would otherwise get him in trouble with the authority's, or even put his life in danger. Or sometimes both.

History: Terry was once an average young adult male who did everything that was expected of him, from helping out his parents, to playing with his friends, to working, and other things as well. Life was good for him, until one day, he was offered a chance to make a lot of money in exchange for testing out a new device that some big name company developed that would supposedly improve the lives of both humans and Pokemon. So he agreed to test himself against the device. And after the test, a couple of shocking things happened to him.

First, he was teleported to a forested area he'd never seen before. And Second, he realized he was shrunken down to around six inches in height. When he realized what had happened, it was too much for Terry to take, and he almost took his own life thinking if he didn't, something else would. But he found the will to hold on at the last second and managed to keep himself alive until he could find some answers as to what went wrong. It wasn't long before he found out that he was teleported to the Sinnoh region, and that the company responsible for the test that caused everything to happen to him was in the next town over that he decided to go to them for help.

It took him what would take a normal sized human less than a day over three days before he arrived at the Company's doorstep, then after he somehow found a way to get noticed, the people there did everything in their power to restore the damages that their device had caused. During his stay being tested on and looked over by the many lab coats who worked there, he had learned that the device that he was exposed to was in fact a shrinking device they had developed for transport purposes, and that they expected the shrinking part to happen to him, just not the teleporting part.

In the end, and after many months of tests, they were unable to find a way to restore his height. For some odd reason, the only device that had any success in restoring the size of everything the first device shrunk wasn't able to restore his own height. Thus the company decided the only thing they could do was make sure Terry was well taken care of by them for the rest of his life. (Though this act was only to insure they weren't hit with the biggest lawsuit of their lives) But it was worth it in the long run, Terry had people who waited on him hand and foot all around the clock for three months after everything was said and done.

But living a life of luxury while watching other people take care of him wasn't the life he wanted to live. He just wanted his old life back. And even if he couldn't have that back ever again, he just wanted to live his life the way he wanted. And the first step towards that goal was to become a Pokemon Trainer.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where our story begins.
(My deepest apologies! I've been so flipping scatter brained. Please don't punish me!)

Name: Mixe De Rien

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 5'9" (6'4" with antlers)

Weight: 129 lbs.

Appearance: Mixe is a neko in a matter of speak. Though there's a major catch. Its not a cat that he's mixed with. Its a reindeer! He has pearl white antlers that extend seven inches above where his light red hair stops. He has wide black eyes consistant with that of a reindeer. He has a muscular yet athletic build. He normally wears a red tshirt with black jeans and red running shoes.

Personality: Mixe is the type that loves to hold a grudge against any who hurt him or his loved ones. Though his love spreads far. Even though he pretty much vowed not to ever get into a relationship. Mainly due to seeing how much others get so badly hurt from such close trust. To call him over protective is an under statement. He will make sure you never get hurt. And if by some odd chance you do, he will hunt down whoever hurt you.
I look from side to side and howl, calling for my friends to meet under the moonlight.. I jump down and swiftly gather al the fruit I will need. Soon, my friends of the night come, which are just random Pokemon own to be nocturnal ones like ghosts, dark types, etc. I grin.

"<Are we ready for tonight's adventure guys?>" I enquire.

(Note. < And > are normal Pokespeak. Anthers can speak, but usually with an accent and will take a few days {two to three additions} in order for them to be fluent. of course the exceptions to these are sattrter anthers that already know how to speak due to constant exposure, and feral Pokemon, whom are incapable of human speech.)

They all nod and cheer. We gather the supplies and head to the outskirts of a bustling city. We sneak into what humans call a theater and watch amazing moving images telling the tale of an evil Zoroark capturing a princess. I hiss and use a minor Shadow Ball to destroy the projector and scamper off. We also head to a park where we run around. Once we become tired and know we have been unseen and have gathered everyone, we return to the depths of the forest no human can venture into ad rest for tomorrow. That adventure was honestly our biggest excursion and my last, as I plan to go out on a joinery with my family members.
Well, this is it. Today is the day i would finally be able to get my own Pokemon and go off on my very own adventure. After so many months of begging the company to grant me the opportunity to go off into the world once more and enjoy living my life my own way, with a team of my own, and experiencing all kinds of new things with said team, they finally decided to give me my own Pokemon. But only on the condition that i would be assigned another Trainer as a caretaker for me and my Pokemon. I didn't object, so long as they at least let me try to do things on my own the first time around without any help, i didn't care at all.

At the moment, i was being carried by one of my regular caretakers, a young adult woman who's name i keep forgetting with long blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a black and white maid style outfit, and long black boots. Though when i say carried, i was of course being carried in her bra, surrounded by her big, luscious breasts as they swayed back and forth as she moved forward. She was one of the few women who didn't mind me being so close to her like this. In fact, she would be one of the few things i would miss while being looked after at this place.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the president's office, where he looked straight at me from his desk, shaking his head as my carrier lifted me out of my cozy seat and gently deposited me onto the president's desk. The president was a fairly big man in terms of weight, but doesn't mind being called fat on occasion. Just don't say it too many times or you will regret it. He also had short white hair, black eyes, a thick brown sweater, brown dress pants, and black dress shoes.

"Terry, how are you feeling today?"

"Great. You?"

"Alright i suppose. So, are you ready for the big day today?"

"Of course i am! Why wouldn't i be?" I beamed as the president smiled down at me, then he got up and held out his hand for me to board. Once i was on, he lifted me up to his shoulder as we began walking to the main corridor. Along the way, he would talk about all the advancements the company has made over the last few years, even though said advancements were the cause of my shrinking and staying shrunken. He knew i hated technology for what's it's put me through, but i knew that he was trying to convince me of all the great things they are doing for the betterment of man and Pokemon alike.

Sadly, i just didn't seem to care anymore.
Slowly I wake up in my pile of hay. I yawn and stir, my mother pushing me with her nine tails.

"<Sweetie, its time to go.....>" She says to me in a soothing tone.

I grumble and sit up, rubbing my eyes. She rolls two Pokeballs to my feet. I beam and nod. I tap her on the muzzle with her re and cream colored ball. I then creep out of the main room INO the kitchen that has a geothermal vent for a stove for whenever mom isn't home to heat Dad's cooked meals for us. I ten pounce into my wolves father. He laughs and tries me off, but not until I catch him.

"<Don't worry Dad, we'll finish our match once we get new friends.....>" I say.

I pocket the odd sprees in my belly warmer. Mom stole them so thy could be kept inside them whenever there is danger. When I first tried them, I was frightened that humans stole my family. But then they released each other. After a while I found that they weren't in any harm in there, and I was told to keep them in there for until lunch so I could get used to the feeling. I walk swiftly out of te forest and look at a large building I my right: a research facility. My friends told me an accident occurred a while back. I shrug and go near t, very curious and wonder if Pokemon are inside.

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