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by Joe
Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fantasy · #2046108
Four girls will learn to appreciate their body after being detach and are stuck as heads.
[Introduction] Four girls learn to love how they look after being detached from their bodies. Unlike most stories about detached heads, they can't attached to anything. The girls must survive as disembodied heads as their bodies teach them a valuable lesson.


Akane: She is a Asian girl with short black hair, 15 years old and the most average of the girls. She sometimes question on how bland and boring she is and how she wants to be special. Her body is tire of this and want to show her how special she really is and how she looks

Aki: Akane's older sister that is about 18 years old. She has messy dyed red hair and likes to brag about her big chest, height and looks. Her body hates her arrogance and wants her to learn some humility.

Katy: She is a Caucasian girl who loves being cute. She has cute blond twin tails and has a child like face, 16 years old and is the shortest of them all. Her body wish to tell her that she has to accept her limits and how sometimes she can't overdo things.

Hanna: A raven haired girl with tan skin, wears glasses, 15 years old, youngest and smallest of the group. She feels bad on how other girls surpass her in looking beautiful. Her body want her to know that she needs to be grateful for who she is.

Rules: No sex, we had enough of those.

No head swaps, we have lots of those too. This story was meant to show four girls surviving the wrath of their bodies as heads.

The bodies can use any method of torture to any of the heads as long as its not sexual.

Have fun and be creative.
Akane, Katy, and Hanna were at Akane's room having a short conversation.

"You know, have you ever wonder about our physical flaws?", asked Akane.

"What do you mean?", asked Katy.

"I mean, nobody is perfect and I personally think that I'm a bit boring. I'm not that special and nothing about me stands out.", said Akane.

"I think the only problem with me is that I need to be cuter. A girl can't stop being cute and must keep aiming to go higher.", said Katy.

"You girls are lucky. I'm just too inferior compare to the two of you.", said Hanna.

"Really? I think that the fact that your the smallest out of all of us makes you unique. I really find you interesting. Not like me who is the opposite of that.", said Akane.

"Well I'm not cute enough. I can't get the attention of the boys at school.", said Katy.

"Well well, look who's here.", said a voice coming from the door.

"Go away Aki. I had about enough of hearing you bragging about how good looking you are.", said Akane.

"Oh come on, you used to compliment me when we were kids.", said Aki as she enters the room.

"That's the past.", said Akane.

"Well, I'm absolutely flawless don't you think. I should be a super model.", said Aki.

"Well you should concentrate on going to college first.", said Akane.

"I'm jealous of your sister Akane, she is good looking.", said Katy.

"Don't encourage her!", cried Akane.

"That reminds me. I think there is a way to make ourselves better.", said Hanna.

"Really?", all the girls asked Hanna.

"Its a ritual that I found online that says that it will use any supernatural forces to improve anyone in anyways.", said Hanna.

"I heard of this before, but its a bit dangerous. I heard a group of people went into a coma doing this and only one came back claiming that he was transported to a whole new dimension where he had to do a challenge.", said Akane.

"I'm having second thoughts now.", said Hanna, "I just remembered that if you don't past the challenge, you might be cursed forever."

"Don't be scared, Let's do this. I can be more cuter with this ritual.", said Katy.

Hanna looked up the steps in the internet and got all the basic things. They all got pillows and candles for this and begin the ritual. They set it all up on a small table that Akane has in her room. It was night time so it will work.

"We desire to improve ourselves. Please grant us our wish, unocaimu!", said the girls.

Nothing happens. Hanna gave a sigh of relief while the rest were disappointed.

"I'll never be unique now!", cried Akane.

"I'll never be cuter than I am right now.", cried Katy.

"Huh, I'm perfect the way I am.", said Aki.

"Girls, why do I feel like someone is grabbing my arms?", asked Hanna.

The rest of the girls felt the same thing. Their arms suddenly grabbed their heads and magically pulls them out. The girls felt numb from the neck below and their bodies placed their heads on the table where the ritual takes place.

"What's going on?", asked Hanna.

"We're suppose to be dead, right. This isn't natural.", said Akane.

"At least I'm the cutest head here.", said Katy.

"While I'm the best. Now how are we going to fix this?", asked Aki.

"I don't know.", said Hanna.

Suddenly Akane's body collected all of their heads and juggled them. The girls felt dizzy and then a demonic voice in Katy's phone says.

"You are all going to live a disembodied nightmare tonight. Until you learn a lesson that will change your life, you will be stuck as heads for all eternity. Also, juggling your heads is just the beginning and don't worry about head swaps. As I said before, you girls will be stuck as heads.".

Now the bodies plan to do something to their heads. They grabbed their perspective heads and prepare to have fun.

"Help.", cried Hanna.

"We won't be getting any help at this rate.", said Akane.

Well Akane's body dragged her head to the laundry room and dumped her head into the washer. Akane's head watch in horror as her body add the detergent and press the buttons.

"Body please! If you hear me, you know that I could die this way.", cried Akane.

Her body text to her, "Too bad. Its all in the program. Its your fault for performing that ritual. I guess the only way to get out of this is to learn your lesson."

"What lesson?", asked Akane.

"Figure it out yourself!", text the body.

Katy's head was thrown into a trash can outside. Her body left the trash can open for a while and left for a bit. The body came back with some orange juice and dumped it on her head.

"Ew! I'm all sticky.", said Katy.

"You're not so cute now. I guess you look perfect from where you are. Garbage.", text the body.

"What did I do wrong?", said Katy.

"Everything!", text the body.

The body proceed to close the trash can lid and the garbage truck was coming. Katy's body then went back to the house while her old head cried for help.

Aki's head was apparently dumped into the toilet and her body kept flushing her. Her body was disappointed that she won't flush down, but just kept flushing for the fun of it.

"What's the point of this?", asked Aki.

The body picks her up and placed her on the sink. Aki blew some hair off of her face and she was all wet. The body text using her phone and the text said.

"Putting shit where it belongs.", text the body.

"Oh hell no!", said Aki.

Aki's head manage to bite her own body's hand when she was about to be picked up. Aki's head ends up falling into the toilet again. The body then used a text to speech app the phone so happens to have and decides to take advantage of it.

Using the fun demonic voice setting, the phone said, "As long as you are bodiless, you're my bitch now!".

"Oh shit. No pun intended.", said Aki's head in the toilet.

Hanna's head spends some time trying to not have her head roll into the flaming stove. Her body seems to be cooking something with a horrible stench. Hanna was sweating a lot and when the body was done cooking, she decides to feed her body while the head is near the stove's flames.

Hanna's body spoon fed her head with some sort of stew that tasted awful. Since Hanna is a head, she can't leave or do anything. Hanna has no neck or stomach so the stew would push itself out of her mouth.

It was nasty and when the body think she had enough, she slapped her head into the sink and starts pouring water. Hanna's head cried and was grabbed out from the hair.

Katy's body came and both Hanna and Katy's bodies plan on what to do to Hanna's head now. Also, Akane's head is still in the laundry and Aki's body decides to do something else to her head.
Hanna's and Katy's bodies took Hanna's head outside and threw it at each other, thus playing catch. Hanna's head got dizzy during all of this.

"If I had lungs again, I would barf!" Hanna's head cried.

Meanwhile Aki's body felt the urge to use the toilet, so the body peed and pooed... on top of Aki's head!

"Eeeeew!" Aki's head screamed. "Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew!"

Akane's head was done in the washing machine. She was covered in soap as her body picked her up. "Wow, you're wet!" Akane's body texted. "Let's fix that, shall we?"

"Glblblblblb," Akane's head said, her mouth filled with toiletries.

"My thoughts exactly." Akane's body placed her head in the dryer and turned it on.

Katy's head was in the garbage truck with all the other crap. "Help! Help!" she screamed. "Somebody help!"

The guy driving the truck stopped and checked one of the bags.

"Help!" Katy continued screaming.

Not again, the garbage guy thought, sighing. Why do kids keep throwing away their electronic toys without depleting the batteries? Better teach them a lesson. The guy, thinking that the alive head in one of the bags was a simple toy, drove back to the neighborhood, but stopped when he saw two headless girls playing catch with one head. "What the hell?" he asked.

"Oh, thank goodness, mister!" Hanna's head said.

The bodies quickly moved their hands, and suddenly the garbage man just shrugged. "Nothing odd here. Just remove your toy from this bag, ladies." He handed the bag with Katy's head to the bodies, who grabbed the head from it. They then gave the bag back to the man and he drove off.

"Did you just alter his mind?" Hanna's head asked. She then sniffed Katy's head. "Wow, Katy, you smell like crap."

"Thanks," Katy's head answered sarcastically.

And speaking of crap, Aki was not doing so well...
Aki's head was about to have poop on her, but her body could not poo for some reason. Aki's head has to stare at her butt for a while and has to smell continuous farts. After a while, the body left. She closed the toilet lid and went to find gloves.

The body came back and pulls Aki's head out of the toilet. The body then turn up the tub and wash Aki's head for some reason. After that, she dried her head with a towel and used test in the speech to text app.

"Thank you body. I have no idea what message your trying to convey, but please don't do that again.", said Aki.

"I only did this for you because I ain't touching you covered in piss. I got more fun for you.", the phone said.

Aki's head shuddered as her body grabbed her by the head and leaves the bathroom.


Akane's head is now stuck in the dryer as her head bashed up and down and started to feel dizzy. After that, her body took her head and dropped her since she is so hot. Akane's short hair a least looks clean and adjusts itself to look nice.

Akane's head is left on the ground while her body left her for a bit.

"Are you just going to leave me here?", asked Akane.

Akane tries to roll away, but couldn't and her body came back with mittens. The body carried Akane's head to the freezers which made Akane gulped a bit. Her body placed her inside, looking forward.

"Its so cold.", said Akane's head.

"You need to chill.", text Akane's body.

"Please don't close the door.", said Akane.

The body closed the door and left to join Hanna and Katy's bodies outside. Outside, the bodies were spraying water from a hose at their heads. Akane's body came with a water gun and starts spraying them too.

A neighbor saw this and shrugs it off. The neighbor just remembers his young memories and let the bodies have their fun at night.

"At least you don't smell as bad anymore.", said Hanna's head.

"You seem more open to insults than usual Hanna.", said Katy's head.

"I'm just upset about being a head.", said Hanna as water hits her face.

"Well I understand how you feel. I wish I'm my whole cute self again. Not just a cute head.", said Katy.

The bodies then thought of a funny idea. Katy and Hanna's bodies decides to collect their heads and force them to kiss each other. Katy and Hanna struggle to resist this, but it was too late.

Akane's body then took a photo of this for fun. Aki's body came out with her head and a golf club and some croquet hammer. All the bodies thought that this is a wonderful idea. Akane's body rushed to get head.

Akane's head now looks pale and has some ice on her. Her body came and took her out.

"I'm so glad to be out.", said Akane's head.

She then has her head placed on the ground next to Aki, Katy and Hanna's heads. They were lined up and the bodies seemed to be ready for a game.
The bodies built giant wickets and dug huge holes in the backyard. "Uh oh," the heads said in unison.

Akane's body grabbed a golf club and whacked her head with it. When Akane's head landed in the hole, her body raised four fingers, meaning "Fore!"

Hanna's body did the same for her head. However, Hanna's body was only able to sink her head with the club in two strokes instead of a hole in one like Akane's body.

Aki's body, however, used a croquet mallet to roll her head through several wickets. Katy's body did the same to her head.

Meanwhile, back in the giant golf hole, Akane's and Hanna's heads were talking. "This cannot be happening," Akane said.

"I agree," Hanna said, "but you have to admit, being used as a golf ball is kind of fun."

"What?" Akane asked her friend.

"I mean, when I was airborne I felt the cool breeze in the air."

Akane had to agree with Hanna. "Yeah, you're right. But maybe we shouldn't act calm about this. We don't want our bodies to win."

"They've already won, Akane."

When Akane's and Hanna's bodies came to retrieve their heads, the heads pretended to dislike being used as balls, hoping that the bodies will give them some sympathy. They did not, and instead took off their footwear so their heads could lick them.

"Eew!" Akane said.

"Yea... uck!" Hanna said, trying to change her expression.

Despite their pleads, the bodies shoved their heads into their feet. Aki's and Katy's bodies, seeing this, decided to do the same for their heads as well. All heads, seeing that it was fruitless to retaliate, decided to just give in and lick their bodies' soles. In addition, they kissed the feet and even sucked their toes. This pleased the four bodies very greatly.
"Yuck, I got dirt in my mouth.", said Katy's head.

"We're not done yet.", Aki's body text in her phone with the text to speech app in the demonic voice.

All the bodies look at Aki's body and the body showed the rest about the app. The other bodies decided to do the same because the app makes them look menacing.

Akane's body decided that a simple game of golf isn't going to cut it. She wants the neighborhood know about this. She grabs her head and then prepares another whack to her head. This time when she did, Akane's head flew from the sky and crashed into someone's window.

The other bodies then were appealed to this sort of chaos and prepares to do something as insane with their heads. Aki's body grabs her head and puts her head in the car trunk. The body then starts driving at high speeds to who knows where. Aki's head was busy bumping and crashing into things in the back.

Hanna's body decides to take her head to the 24 hr bowling alley just so people can see her play bowling with her own head. Hanna's head got this idea when she sees her body pull out a coupon to the place. The body then walks through the streets while Hanna cries for her to stop.

Katy's body decides to cause attention online by taking pictures of herself with her head. Katy worries about her body ruining her reputation.

"Don't you dare take off your clothes!", said Katy's head.

"Oh I won't. That would ruin both of our reputation. Instead, I'll take pictures of your fear.", text the body.

So the body took pictures of herself carrying her head or just the head with Katy crying for her to stop. The body just ignores her and was in joy to see her head cry and terrified.

The body decides to take extreme measures by leaving Katy's head in the road waiting for a car to come over.

"Don't do this to me! I don't want to die!", cried Katy's head.

Her body just took picture of Katy's fear and posted them online. Akane's body then went to her neighbor's house to retrieve her head.

Akane's head woke up seeing her neighbor pick her up after crashing through a window. The man just looks concerns about the head.

"Mr. Lewis?", asked Akane.

"Yep, that's me. By the way, how are you only a disembodied head?", asked Mr. Lewis.

"Long story short, a ritual."

"Let me guess, is it the one about improving yourself because that one is popular in this town."

"How did you know?"

"Well when I was younger, my friends, but me did it and they ended up turning into animals and were taken to the zoo."

"So that's why the animals there look pretty smart."

"Well all I know is that the only way back to normal for you is to learn your flaws and overcome it."

The door bell rang and Mr. Lewis placed Akane's head on his bed. The man went downstairs was beaten the ever lasting shit out of him. Akane then saw her body come in and pick her up. The body had blood stains all over her clothes.

As the head and body left the house, Akane saw Mr. Lewis on the floor looking all beaten up.

"Don't worry, he's just unconscious. My main concern is you.", text the body with a demonic voice coming out of the phone.

Akane's head then prepares herself the next regime. As for Aki's head, she's going somewhere special.
Aki's body opened the trunk and pulled her head out. "Where are we going?" Aki asked, worried.

"Well, you have such pretty hair," Aki's body texted. "But you would look better with a shaved head."

"Oh hell no!"

"Oh hell yes!" Aki's body brought her head to a barber salon. The barbers there were surprised to see a headless body holding its head. "I'll take number 7." The barbers got even more surprised with the demonic voice from Aki's phone.

"What is number 7?" Aki's body showed her. "Oh God, why? Don't do it, guys!"

But it was too late. Aki's body handed the barbers money, and one of them shaved Aki's hair off. "I'm sorry, kid," the barber said, "but your body's money talks."

"That happens to be my money!" Aki said.

After getting her head shaven, the barber gave Aki's head back to her body, who then left the barber shop.

"You know, you look better without hair," Aki's body joked.

"Kill me!" Aki cried. "Just kill me already!"

"Aw, there's no fun in murder, my egotistic head," Aki's body texted as she placed her head on the car's antenna.

As Aki's body drove back home, her head cried for help.

"Hey, keep it down!" Aki's body called via cell phone. "I'm trying to listen to the radio!"

Akane's body, on the other hand, brought her head to a little girl playing in the street. The body quickly changed the phone's voice to a calm tone so she does not scare the kid. "Hey, you wanna play with my head?" Akane's body asked.

The girl looked curious instead of frightened by Akane's headless body. "Yes," the girl said.

"You're giving me to a little girl?" Akane asked.

"I'm currently bored with you," Akane's body texted. "I'll pick you up when I find a use for you."

Akane's body handed her head to the girl, who hugged Akane's head. "Come on, let's go!" the girl said as she brought Akane's head into her house. Akane sighed, thinking that being carried by a toddler should not be as bad as her psychotic body.

Meanwhile, at the bowling alley, Hanna's body was using her head as a bowling ball. The other bowlers just shrugged and kept playing their games, since they are slightly frightened as to what the body would have done to their heads. During the middle of the bowling game, Hanna's body lent her head to another bowler to use.

Luckily the car about to run over Katy's head stopped. The driver got out and questioned Katy. "What happened to you?" the driver asked. He then saw Katy's headless body on her phone, and he immediately went back into his car and drove away quickly.

Eventually, Mr. Lewis woke up and saw all the mayhem outside. He hid into his house, hoping that the girls will learn their lessons.
Aki's head might be bald, but her body notices something.

"If she's bald, then I can't use her as a whip. Time to use my dark magic to make it grow back.", thought the body.

The body hands were filled with dark mist and Aki's hair grew back. Aki was surprised about this and cried and tried to rub her cheeks with her hair.

"Oh thank you so much. I'm willing to be your disembodied slave, just don't ruin my good looks.", said Aki's head.

"Oh don't thank me. I have bigger plans that gonna involve your hair.", text the body.

The body got into the car with her head and opens the window. She made Aki's hair grow longer and then used Aki's head like a minesweeper. The body started destroying anything that her head hits. The police were after them and Aki's body decides to stop and has a plan.

The police went to the car and saw Aki's headless body and they screamed.

"Its a ghost!", cried one of the cops.

"That's right. I need you to let me do my thing if you want to appease me or else I'll haunt you in your sleep.", said Aki's body with the demonic voice in her phone.

The cops nodded and left. Aki's body continues her fun whack stuff with her head.

"Ouch! That hurts! And stops spinning me like that! I'm getting dizzy.", said Aki's head.

"Don't be a kill joy", text the body.

For the past time, Katy's head waited to either be picked up or run over. None of those happened so her body picks her up and said.

"Screw this, I'm gonna go sleep. Its freaking 3 in the morning.", text the body.

So the body literally got home carrying her head. Her parents along with Hanna and Akane's parents were on vacation so at least that's taken care of.

The body went to her room. The body hangs her head upside down in her closet by tying the twin tails on the rails tightly and leave her hanging. The body then got to bed.

Hanna's head is now in the hands of a random guy who freaks out about holding a disembodied head. They both screamed thus dropping Hanna's head. Hanna's head ends up rolling out of the bowling alley and rolled down the streets.

Hanna also got ran over by cars and such and finally got over to a bush. She really hopes for anyone to help.

Akane's head spends time talking with a girl in her house.

"So let me get this straight. Because of a ritual, you ended up like this and your body doesn't want you anymore.", said the girl.

"Yep.", said Akane's head.

"Sweet, my very own decapitated head. I'll add you to my creepy collection."

The girl refer to her collection of horror based genre stuff like shrunken heads, voodoo dolls and etc. Akane freaked out about this since she hates that sort of stuff.

"I'm not creepy. In fact, I'm cute for a head.", cried Akane.

"Then you will be a great wife for Mr. Head here.", said the girl.

Akane's head saw a shrunken head that reeks of smelly socks. Akane was placed next to the head and was disgusted. She then cried for the girl, but she went to sleep.

Akane's head doesn't want to spend the rest of her life as a piece of horror. She hopes her older sister and friends are doing better. She remembers that her body will get her soon, and she hopes that she will.

Akane then remember how she must learn a lesson about her flaws. She then guess that her flaw of being boring might be a clue.
Back at the house, Aki's body put her head in the toilet, because her head being used as a whip had made her puke.

"Let it out, head," Aki's body texted, "and I shall plan much more with you soon enough."

After she was done vomiting, Aki's head said, "I guess I'm not as perfect as I thought."

Katy fell asleep in the closet. She woke up when her body opened it.

"I guess I should just accept who I am," Katy said to her body. "I shouldn't do so much at once."

Hanna's head rested in a bush. Two birds rested on her head.

"Hello, you adorable avian animals," Hanna said. "I guess a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush."

The birds pooped on Hanna's head and flew away.

"Um, rude much?" Eventually a pair of hands grabbed her head, her original hands exactly. Apparently her body found her.

"That guy sure was a klutz, wasn't he?" Hanna's body texted as she rubbed her head's glasses.

"Thanks for finding me, although you didn't need to," Hanna said. "Now, I accept myself for who I am."

Akane's head now had makeup on it. Apparently the girl practiced on her while Akane was asleep. She looked at herself in the mirror. The makeup on her face was really off, as in she looked a bit like something out of a horror film. "So what do you think?" the girl asked.

"I feel... special," Akane said.

"You sure do," Akane heard the voice from her cell phone say. She saw that her headless body was standing next to her, giving her a thumbs up.

Thus, the four bodies and their heads all met up at Akane's house.
They all met up at the living room and the heads expect more torture. Then they realize that the bodies are just washing them up and just sitting at the couch.. The heads were placed on a table and one of the bodies took out their phone and asked.

"Did I heard that right?", text one of the bodies.

"After what Mr. Lewis told me, I think it doesn't matter if I'm special or not. I'm me that that's all I need.", said Akane's head.

"I'm not all that perfect if you think about it. Sorry for being an egotistic jerk everyone.", said Aki's head.

"I think I'm cute just the way I am. I can't force myself to overdo things. I'll just have let myself be adorable naturally.", said Katy's head.

"I may be small, but I think that's the way I like it. At least no one makes fun of me for it.", said Hanna's head.

"Our tortuous methods worked. I'm glad that you little heads learn to be better people than when you were attached.", text one of the bodies.

The demonic voice from the beginning of the story spoke through all of the phones.

"Congratulations, you passed my test. Unfortunately I'm an asshole so I'm keeping you girls headless."

"What? Why?!", cried Aki's head.

"Because my goal is to improve you girls. You girls look way cuter as heads."

"He has a point. We are kind of small and huggable like stuffed animals.", said Hanna's head before her body hugs her.

"Your not helping.", said Akane's head.

"At least your bodies will take better care for you and you get to eat again.", said the demonic voice.

And then it was over. The girls tires to reattached themselves and even try head swapping, bu none of those work. Its official, they will remain bodiless for the rest of their lives.

"I got to head to work now.", said Aki as her body left to change her clothes.

"Like that?", asked her sister.

"We should at least be glad that we're alive. That's what this whole night is about. There's no point in hiding this because someone will find out soon anyways. Even our parents.", said Aki's head.

"Okay.", said Akane.

"I might not have a stomach, but my body seems to be hungry.", said Katy's head.

The girls saw their bodies holding onto their stomachs. For the record, the heads can't feel their bodies anymore so they have to be able to tell if their bodies need anything by looking at them.

"I'll got make some breakfast.", said Akane as her head is being picked up.

"We'll help too. Our parents aren't home anyways.", said Hanna's head, "They'll be fine with us being at your house.

So Katy, Hanna, and Akane left to the kitchen, but they seem to have forgotten someone.

"What about me?", cried Aki's head, "Are you just going to leave me here?"

Aki's body came with her working clothes on and picks her head. Aki thanks her body and the body strokes her hair. They two then left to the kitchen for breakfast.
Akane's body made the eggs. Katy's body made the sausage. Hanna's body made the pancakes. And Aki's body made the toast. The four bodies then placed the food on the table next to their heads and fed the food to them.

"Mm, that was good," Akane said. "Thank you for your help, my friends."

"No problem," Katy said.

"Anytime," Hanna said.

"Now if you'll excuse me," Aki said, "I have to head to work." Aki's body picked up her head and headed to the front door. "Toodle-oo!"

"Well, now what?" Katy said.

"Maybe we could let our bodies play video games," Hanna said.

"Yeah, just to pass the time," Akane said.

The three bodies brought their heads to the living room, then picked out a cooperative multi-player video game for them to play. The heads watched their bodies play with their controllers.

"I'm here, I'm here!" Aki said when she walked into her place of occupation, a beauty salon. Everyone in there looked strangely at her headless self carrying her head. "Yes, I have a mole on my cheek. I kid, I kid. Long story short, a wizard did it."

Everyone else just shrugged and let Aki do her job. Her first customer said, "Your head is beautiful."

"Oh, come on," Aki said, remembering to learn to not be so self-conceited. "I'm not that pretty." She then put makeup on the customer's face.

Back at home, Katy, Hanna and Akane were done playing their game. Their high score eclipsed their past scores when their heads were attached to their bodies.

"Wow," Katy said, "our bodies are better at video games than we are."

"Isn't that surprising?" Hanna said.

"Maybe being detached is better for us," Akane said. "Wanna watch TV?"

"Sure," Katy said.

"TV's good," Hanna said.

Akane's body grabbed the remote and changed to the girls' favorite channel.

"Thanks, body," Akane said. She then sniffs her body. "Wow, you're sweaty."

"So is my body," Hanna said.

"Our bodies probably need showers," Katy said.

The three bodies let their heads watching TV and went to the bathroom to wash up.
While the bodies are showing, the heads realize something really dark.

"Maybe our bodies deserve their independence. I mean, we can't do anything as heads. I feel so bad for them.", said Akane's head.

"But how can we live without bodies. In fact, they need us for eating.", said Katy's head.

"And that's all we do, eat and be carried around.", said Akane.

"Well I could look for rituals that let us float.", said Hanna's head, "I seen some that do that."

"Than its settled. Hanna will look up rituals that will give us some telepathic powers so that we can be independent.", said Akane's head.

The bodies came back and Akane told them about their proposal. The bodies seem to be somewhat okay with it. Hanna with her body begins searching on the internet.

Aki and her body were working hard together. Aki's head would greet and work on the brushing or stuff like that with her mouth. Her body does most of the other stuff. Her manager came in and likes her progress since more customers came for her.

"Really. Your gonna give me double the pay.", said Aki.

"Of course. I am paying for two employees.", said the manager.

"You hear that body.", said Aki.

Her body just strokes her hair and they continue working. Everyone loves Aki's head and finds her even more cuter as just a head. While people find her body to be more sexier.

At home, the bodies placed their heads in a ritual circle and did it. The heads started floating and things started moving around. When that was clear, the heads decided to test out their new powers.

Akane's head went up to the remote and grabs it telepathically. Katy's head spun around and was amazed to be able to be in the air like this.

"This is so cool. Now we don't have to rely on our bodies.", said Hanna.

The bodies looked kind of sad. It might be due to the fact that they think they became useless and aren't forgiven for last night.

"Don't worry bodies. We did this for you. We don't want you to be our slaves forever. You can do whatever you want now.", said Akane's head.

Her body went up to her and gave her head a hug. However, the bodies don't want to leave their heads. Akane then made a proposal.

"Fine, we will stick together then. We have to work together to get ahead of life.", said Akane's head.

The bodies agreed. Aki came back with her body carrying really happy.

"Good news sis, I got a double raise. Maybe this whole thing really did improve ourselves.", said Aki.

"Your right Aki. I mean its a weird change, but at least we overcame our past flaws.", said Akane.

"By the way, why are you a floating head?", asked Aki.

"Its a long story.", said Akane.

In the end, they hook up Aki with this ritual and she could float on her own. They all got along well together as head and body. People pretty much don't care if their headless and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

The End!

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