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by Joe
Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2063879
A world here everyone is headless and they need to pay to get themselves attached. Rebel!
[Introduction] In a world where people ended up losing their heads due to a disease and they have to pay to stay attached for a while. Bodies also end up losing and selling heads. The heads are sold in markets and such, including artificial ones.

For the record, heads are practically immortal, can control the last body they attached to, don't age, could roll, and no necks.

Our heroes are a small rebellion group of heads who planned to stop this rule and let heads be back on their bodies for free.


Riley: A female head who has the courage to fight despite a lack of a body. She has long black hair and is around 19 years old.

Gus: A male head who works with Riley despite how hopeless the situation may be. He has a buzz cut hair and barely visible beard. Same age as Riley.

Chloe: A young female head who is pretty mature and is aware of sex despite being around 9 years old. She is still immature due to her age despite her knowledge of adult topics. She has blond twin tails and is very cute.

Anna: An Asian female head who is pretty calm and intelligent. She doesn't mind any situation and is willing to accept anything as long as it helps her and her friends. She has a bowl like brown hair.

Rules: If your going to add sex, make it brief. We have a child here who might have an adult body.

Please try your best to keep up with the canon. At least stay in character with the characters in this

Put some effort to the additions.

You can add more characters if you want, but at least have the original character shine.

Have fun.
In a world, everyone ended up losing their heads due to a disease. It was just a normal day until everyone has their heads fall. This applies to animals too. People had to live with carrying their heads and it was difficult. Eventually a young scientist named Dr. Wendy Mitchell found a way to fix this temporary.

She made a small molecule that sticks the head back to the body, but only for a little while. To save up the time, heads could remain detached, pause the time limit, and reattached when they need to, starting the time limit again. Having two heads decreases the time limit so being attached with two heads is a bad idea.

However, the scientist had other intentions. She decided to charge people for the chance of being attached. It was expensive and it was just as bad as a drug war. The rich ended up living with their heads on while the rest try to survive as heads.

Eventually bodies were given rights and independence since some ended up being without heads. The heads were either lost or sold to places. Many heads remain bodiless and without a home, eventually picked up to a shelter where bodies can purchase them.

Our story begins with a group of four heads in a store who are part of an unofficial rebellion group who plans to stop this anarchy and restore it to normal. Look at the character list on who they are.

So one day, Riley's head explained the plan to her fellow bodiless friends as they sat a the shelf they been occupying for a while.

"We get any bodies, act normal for a while, get used to these bodies, get enough money to stay attached as long as we can, sneak into the lab, get rid of the doc, and find a way to restore everyone back to the way it was.", said Riley's head.

"I hope we don't get arrested this time. Head prison is terrible.", said Gus's head.

"It is only for a month. They were nice to us compare to what they could have done.", said Anna's head.

"Fuck it, I want a body.", said Chloe's head.

"If we are purchased separately, we wait til we regroup or one of us purchase the other. Got it.", said Riley.

"Some-body is here. Get ready.", said Gus's head.

Apparently a descent looking female body passes by to find a head. Riley tries a seductive approach, Gus acts normal, Chloe acts cute, and Anna continues to have her confused emotionless expression.

The body tries to feel any head that might suit her, but doesn't work. Luckily Riley seems to be a good for her since the head has the best hair.

"I'll see you guys soon. Chao!", cried Riley's head as she was being purchased.

Then suddenly a body of a young looking mother and her daughter approached to them. Since there aren't any kid heads here, Chloe has a chance. Gus didn't want a female body and hopes for Anna to be chosen.

"Aw hell ya. This is my day. A body fit for me.", said Chloe's head.

"At this rate, I might have to be your mother.", said Anna's head.

"Just because your older than me, doesn't me you get to tell me what to do?", said Chloe's head.

However, Chloe ended up getting the mother's head while Gus gets the daughter's head. They were held by the bodies and not attached. Both of them were surprised to see this unfortunate event.

"What? No! Goodbye manhood.", said Gus.

"At least the body is good looking. I can go to bars and finally try some beer.", said Chloe.

Anna's head remains as she sat there disappointed.

"Good luck everyone.", said Anna's head.

The Asian head then spotted a body that does want her. The only problem is that its a different skin color as its black.

"Better to have that than no body.", said Anna's head as she was taken away.


Somewhere outside the city, Riley is carried by her new owner. The head looked up to the body and asked.

"Mind if I sit on your neck.", said Riley's head.

The body obey her head and Riley felt something that she hasn't felt for a while. Having arms, legs, and a body. She touched her new body for a bit and then suddenly receives the memories of the body on where she lives. She then spotted Gus, Chloe and Anna who caught up attached to their new bodies.

"That was quick.", said Riley.

"Hey Riley, check it out. I'm hot now.", said Chloe.

"I'm so disappointed.", said Gus.

"I look strange, but the feeling a hands make me happy.", said Anna.

"Great. Now our free trial will end in six hours so let's head to this body's house and try to find a way to make a living. Also enjoy having a body while it lasts.", said Riley.

"No fighting yet.", said Chloe.

"Not yet. Remember the plan. We need to be able to be financially secured and be good citizens so the cops won't get us. Now let's go.", said Riley.

So the group headed to where the original bodies lives and the house looked descent. They walked into the door and made themselves home. They then detached their heads to save up the remaining five and a half hours of being attached.

The group then placed their heads onto the living room table as they sat their new bodies in the couch.

"Now that's settled, let's find us some jobs. Except for Gus for his case.", said Riley.

"Shut up.", said Gus.

"We could use our sexual appeal to earn money.", said Chloe.

"That's the last resort.", said Riley.

"I might be able to work as an accountant because I graduated college in two years and maybe my 20 year old appeal might convince the manager.", said Anna.

"That's excellent.", said Riley.

"I heard there's a maid cafe you two can work at. Its all over the ads from what I can see at the window.", said Gus.

"It settled then. Let's set up for our job interview and good luck being a kid Gus.", said Riley.
The four friends told their bodies to take their heads to their respective rooms. The bodies laid in bed while holding onto their heads. They all fell asleep.

The next morning, Riley and her body woke up and started making breakfast for her group. Eventually, the others smelled Riley’s cooking and commanded their bodies to take them to the kitchen. As they ate, the food somehow went into their new bodies, despite their heads still not being attached.

After eating, Riley, Chloe, and Anna looked at the job openings section of the newspaper. There were indeed openings for accountant and two maid café waitresses.

“Yes!” Anna said. “I’m definitely going to get the job!”

“What an exquisite job that is!” Chloe said.

“Yep, and Chloe and I will do our best to tolerate working at the maid café,” Riley said.

“I wish I had a job,” Gus said, sighing. “I have to go to school. Again.”

“Don’t worry, Gus,” Riley said. “After we make enough money, we can get new bodies.”

Suddenly a school bus drove in front of the house. “There it is,” Gus said.

“Why don’t I walk you?” Chloe offered.

“Why you?”

“Because I’m your ‘mommy’, 'little girl'.”

“Don’t push it, kid,” Gus said, annoyed.

Chloe’s and Gus’s new bodies put on their respective heads and headed to the bus. When Chloe came back from dropping off Gus, Riley handed her a suggestive outfit.

“Here, put this on!” Riley said.

Chloe reluctantly put the maid outfit on. “Sheesh, Gus should be glad that he isn’t wearing an outfit that demeans the female gender,” she said.

“Chloe, you’re too young to be a feminist,” Riley said, annoyed by Chloe’s mature words.

“Blame my mother for that.”

So Riley, Chloe and Anna were eventually dressed in their work clothes. “OK girls,” Riley said. “Let’s seize the day!”

“Let’s!” Anna and Chloe said in unison.

“Remember to remove your heads every now and then.”

The three got into the car that is conveniently parked in the driveway. Anna got behind the wheel and drove her friends to a maid café. She dropped them off and headed to where the accounting job was.
At the accounting job, Anna and her potential boss has their heads off while having the interview on the job. The interviewer seems pretty interested since they needed more professional people in the job and how beautiful Anna looks.

He also noted that Anna has a body that has a different skin color, but that doesn't bothered him much.

"Your resume seems promising, despite your prison record.", said her potential boss.

"Even so, I know I am eligible for the job.", said Anna's head.

"Well, you could do me a favor. Then I may think about it.", said the manager.

"Might as well.", said Anna's head as she commands her body to slowly take off her clothes and gets ready to do the guy a favor.

"Oh boy, today Bobby's gonna have some fun.", said the manager.

"Yes Mr. Robert Allison"


Meanwhile Gus is too busy being made fun of by the other disembodied heads of students in his class during recess. The bodies gesture doesn't help much. He held his head tight to avoid the teasing. Suddenly he heard the principal call for his name. The adult headed child carried his head and went to the office to meet with the principal face to face.

Apparently this principal is only a beautiful female head with a uniform like look and red hair. Her body had the usual business like look most principals would have. Though the body looked older than the head as if its around 60 years old while the head is around her 20s.

"Hello Gus. I am aware that you not only had an education, but don't really belong here.", said the principal.

"You think.", said Gus.

"Well I am just helping someone was purchased by the body they don't prefer. I would want a more younger body, but this is all I have.", said the principal's head.

"I know how that feels.", said Gus.

"I was thinking maybe I could help you have a job here as a janitor. We actually need one after our previous one lost his head and the body quit. No one else would so what do you say?", said the Principal.

"I would be honored miss.", said Gus.

"Call me Nancy. And don't let the body judge you.", said Nancy.


At a maid cafe, Riley and Chloe came in and got ready for their interview. They were somewhat nervous until suddenly Chloe's head fell off.

"Chloe! How long did you keep you head on?", said Riley.

"A little last night. I thought it could do no harm.", said Chloe's head.

"Every minute of being attached counts. Just pick up your head.", said Riley.

Chloe does so and then encounters their manager who also wore the same uniform as them and has a brown pony tail hair. Her head is tucked under her arm and looked pretty happy.

"Hello. I am Mandy, manager of the Maid's Paradise Cafe. You must be the new girls who want the job. I'm so glad that we finally had some extra arms. Working while carrying our heads is difficult.", said the manager.

"Of course.", said Riley.

"Yeah. What a bummer?", said Chloe's head.

"No need to waste your minutes, just take your head off and you can start work.", said the manager.

Riley does so and held her head belly level. The three went to the back and saw that the workers are mostly woman. Some just carried their heads while others don't have one. From the maids to chiefs to the janitors.

"You see, ever since we have this head problem, we have to make this working environment due to some perverted incidents.", said Mandy.

"I see. So we work here now.", said Riley.

"Of course. Just place your heads on these trays, take orders, serve food, and clean up tables. Any questions.", said Mandy.

"What's our salary?", asked Chloe.

"It depends how much we earn today which is usually a lot.", said Mandy, "Good luck."

So Chloe and Riley got to work as maids. Nobody even recognize Chloe as a child since her body said otherwise. Riley has this seductive attitude despite being only a head on a tray. It seems to be working.

After a hard day of work, the two girls got their payment and waited for Anna to picked them up. Luckily the Asian girl came with her head in her hands and with Chloe and Riley noticing something is off.

"You look like a train wreck.", said Chloe.

"I sort of took desperate measure to get the job. It worked.", said Anna.

"You fucked the guy didn't you.", said Chloe.

"Chloe, language.", said Riley.

"I didn't say that when you said it.", said Chloe.

"Your just a kid.", said Riley.

"I'm an grown adult now.", said Chloe.

"Who spent all of her minutes?", said Riley, "Seriously and people say I'm the immature one. I still got 3 hours left."

"I still have about 4 hours left.", said Anna.

"Stop mocking me.", said Chloe.

So the three girls went home and expect Gus to be home too which did happen. Everyone met up together and place their heads on the living room table again.

"Me and Chloe got the job and some cash.", said Riley.

"I manage to successfully get my job and the salary is pretty high.", said Anna.

"I got a job too as a janitor despite my body.", said Gus.

"That's great news. With the money we have now and possibly with the bank accounts of these original bodies, we will reach our goals. But we need to lay low for a while.", said Riley.

"That's great and all. Can we at least find me a male body?", said Gus.

"We still need to adjust with our current lifestyle and pay for Chloe's bill. Her head expire on attaching to anything anymore.", said Riley.

"I never had a body for months. Is that so bad that I'm the only one in this group that never felt hands the longest.", said Chloe.

"I know its sad, but we need to stay strong.", said Anna.

"Alright. I can live as a head for a little longer.", said Chloe.


Somewhere in the lab of the young genius Dr. Wendy Mitchell was only a head on a contraption that is trying to make her float. The young doctor looked around 16 years old and has long beautiful pale blond hair. A guard who is carrying his head appears to give her some news.

"Just like you asked, you will receive a notification that those rebels were purchased.", said the guard.

"I hope they learned their lesson. Though, you know why I made it temporary to be attached to the body.", asked Dr. Mitchell.

"Why ma'am?"

"Because people should let go of the burdens of the body and just live as a head. As of now, I am trying to make something that will let heads be independent and not longer be slaves to bodies.", said the young doctor.

"Why would you want to get rid of bodies who helped us since the beginning?", asked the guard.

"Because being a head is an amazing feeling. The disease was a blessing to me. I feel that everyone should learn this love.", said the teenage doctor.

"I shall leave ma'am.", said the guard.

The guard then left while Dr. Mitchell tries to activate her machine again hoping she will float.


Riley wakes up in the morning in her basket which is a bed for heads. Her body wouldn't wake up so she called for Anna. Luckily, Anna came with her body ready for work.

"How do you do it?", asked Riley.

"I woke up early. Your sort of overslept.", said Anna.

Riley looked at the clock and it appears to be nine o'clock. Her job starts at 10:30.

"Well don't just stand there, wake my body up.", said Riley.

So Anna did so and went to Chloe's room who is also still sleeping. Gus left to school already so Chloe is the only one left. Anna and Riley decided to take Chloe's sleepy head and place it into a bucket of water.

The body woke up as a result while Chloe's head is in the bucket gurgling. Heads can still breath underwater and talk.

"What was that for? Get me out of this fucking bucket.", said Chloe's head.

"Not until you say please.", said Riley.


"That's more like it."

Chloe had her head taken out of the bucket and dried off before breakfast by her adult body. So later, they got breakfast and then...
After breakfast, Anna and her body drove Riley and Chloe to Maid’s Paradise Café. After dropping them off, she drove to her accounting job. “Good morning, Mr. Allison,” she greeted her boss.

“Good morning, Anna,” Robert said. “Your body was great yesterday.”

“Um, thanks?”

“Don’t worry, that was the only time I would allow that. Now go take your place.”

“Aye-yi, sir.” Anna sat her body down at her new cubicle.

Meanwhile, at the Maid’s Paradise, Riley and Chloe were delivering a lot of good eats for the customers. Some of them thanked their hard work… by slapping their butts. While Riley was aroused, Chloe was not, for she punched the perverts in the face.

“Chloe!” Riley said, shocked. “You shouldn’t do that!”

“Hey, blame those bastards, Riley,” Chloe said.

“Language, Chloe! Language!”

Luckily their boss Mandy did not fire the two after that, since she understood the immaturity of the café’s customers. But she did tell them that hitting them back would scare them away, thus lowering the place’s profits. Riley and Chloe understood and went back to work.

Meanwhile, at the school, Gus was cleaning the boys’ bathroom. He was busy unclogging a toilet in one of the stalls while his head was on top of the tank cover. But while he was cleaning it with his little feminine hands, his head almost fell into the toilet, but luckily he caught it before touching the water. He let out a “Whew!” After cleaning that stall, he checked out the next one, which contained vomit on the floor. Gus just sighed heavily, knowing that he would get paid for his troubles.
Meanwhile at the cafe, Chloe and Riley are taking their break. They put their heads on a counter while their bodies are sitting on chairs. Their boss Mandy, or just her head sat by them while her body is at work.

"Second day is often the hardest. Other than the first day.", said Mandy's head.

"Especially with the perverts around here.", said Chloe's head.

"Just think of it as stealing from them. These jerks can do all they want with us, but we get to do whatever we want with the price. These guys don't care how much they pay us.", said Mandy's head.

"Even so, doesn't it seem degrading?", asked Chloe's head.

"Not really. This place earn its profits from those guys. If you don't like it then just avoid them.", said Mandy's head.

"We'll keep that in mind.", said Riley's head.


Gus finished the job and wiped off the sweat. He carried his head and went off to call it a day. Suddenly he met up with Nancy who was just walking by carrying her head.

"Gus, I didn't see you there. I thought you were a student for a moment.", said Nancy's head.

"Oh ha ha.", said Gus's head.

"Um listen. I was thinking about having dinner. When would be a good time?", asked Nancy.

"Huh?", asked Gus's head.

"Its just that um... just to hang out is all. I mean we both have bodies that are a totally different age from out heads.", said Nancy who is blushing.

"You got a thing for me.", asked Gus's head.

"Well I'll tell you more on our date, I mean meeting, okay.", said Nancy's head.

"Maybe next week.", said Gus.

"That would be great.", said Nancy.


Anna was working hard as an accountant as her head is on the table either making phone calls or working on paper work with her mouth. She is good at writing with her mouth. Her body started organizing everything and analyzed a bunch of stuff.

Suddenly her boss Mr. Allison appears to her for a talk.

"Say Anna. You did an amazing job. Better than any employee here. I was asking if you want to have some fun like your interview.", asked Mr. Allison.

"Um no thanks Mr. Allison. I sort of feel uncomfortable doing you that favor.", said Anna's head.

"No worries. Great job though.", said the manager.


Soon the four got home and have their meeting in the living room. As usually they put their heads on the table as their bodies sit on the couch.

"So Gus, how your holding up?", asked Riley's head.

"I got a date.", said Gus's head.

"I don't get it with these dates and all. I had sex with my boss to get the job and he seems to like it when I feel so disgusted. How does anyone like it?", asked Anna's head.

"You had sex. I wish I was you. You grown ups get all the good stuff.", said Chloe's head.

"Not until your 18 Chloe.", said Riley's head.

"We can't age.", said Chloe's head.

"Not until your technically 18.", said Riley's head.

"You all always treat me like a kid even after having a body of an adult.", said Chloe's head.

"That because you are one.", said Gus's head.

"Chloe. You might act mature, but you still lack the experience. Being mature isn't just cursing and sex. Its about being able to make choices, responsibility, and some character.", said Anna's head.

"Wow, that was pretty deep.", said Riley's head.

"Whatever.", said Chloe's head.

"I manage to earn enough money so that Chloe can have her minutes back. Just remember to save it.", said Anna's head.

Chloe puts her head on and it attaches. She move her limbs a bit before becoming a head again.

"Thanks Anna.", said Chloe's head.

"Its too early to go to bed so what you all want to do?", asked Riley's head.

“Why don’t we watch a movie?” Anna suggests. “I’m sure that these bodies have good hits.”

Riley skims through the DVDs for a good flick. “You guys wanna watch an ironic film?” she asks her friends.

“No, thank you,” Anna says.

“Nope,” Chloe says.

“Hell no!” Gus says.

“Well, that leaves out The Voices,” Riley says, sighing. “And I love both Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick, too. How about you help me pick?”

Anna’s buddies join her on her film search. They eventually agree on one film that was released back when heads were attached to bodies with no time limit.

“Oh, how times have changed,” Anna says.

“It’s hard to believe that bodies were once free,” Gus says.

“Yeah, who could’ve expected a worldwide disease that affects everyone’s heads?” Chloe asks.

“Well, we still have each other,” Riley says. Her friends agree.

After watching the film, the gang gets ready for bed, dreaming of what will happen next for them in the future…

One week passes. The four friends have gotten used to their bodies and jobs, and they are being extra careful with not attaching to their bodies for long. Riley and Chloe have tolerated the immaturity of their customers at the maid café, Anna is climbing to the top of the accounting establishment quickly, and Gus has been given respect by the children at the school.

And speaking of Gus, that afternoon, he is getting ready for his date, er, meeting with the school’s principal Nancy. He dresses in his body’s most formal clothes – a dress.

“Hey Anna,” Gus asks his friend, “could you drive me to Nancy’s?”

“Sure, Gus,” Anna says. “I’ll take you to your ‘date’.”

“It’s just dinner.”

“I know, I’m just messing with you, since Riley is still at the café, working overtime.”

Anna drives Gus to Nancy’s place, then drops him off. “I’ll call you when I’m ready,” Gus says.

“Have fun!” Anna drives off.

Gus then rings Nancy’s doorbell, and she comes to the door just seconds later. Her body is also wearing a lovely dress… that looks frightfully similar to Gus’s.

“Well, looks like one of us has to change,” Nancy says, giggling. “Come on in.”

During Nancy’s lovely dinner that she made herself, she and Gus share some small talk. They both talk about their lives, friends, and how the disease has affected their statuses.

“I think your body looks cute,” Nancy says.

“Um… thanks?” Gus says.

“What do you think about mine?”

“Considering its age, it looks pretty good. In fact, I almost mistook it for a 30-year-old body.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet, Gus. Say, want to trade?”

“What?” Gus questions.

“You can take my older body, and I’ll take your child-sized body. Deal?”

Gus thinks about it. On one hand, he did previously want an older body, but on the other hand, he has gotten used to this tiny petite little girl body for over a week.

“It’s a deal,” Gus says.
So Gus's petite body hands Gus's head to Nancy and Nancy's body does the same with her head. Now Gus has the body of an old woman while Nancy has the body of a child.

They attached themselves to it to see how it feels and to control it. Suddenly the two felt some discomfort.

"Oh god. How do you live with this aching body?", asked Gus.

"This would take some time getting used to.", said Nancy as she has trouble with her size.

"Well, at least this body is older.", said Gus.

"I should be thanking you since this body is so cute, but its so small.", said Nancy.

"Tell me about it.", said Gus.

"We might as well be grateful for some changes. If we both don't like it then we can always switch back.", said Nancy.

"Sure thing. Though wouldn't the students and staff tease you.", asked Gus.

"Don't worry about it. I once had a body of a guy. I sort of replaced it with that body you got there.", said Nancy.

"I think we should stop wasting our minutes.", said Gus.

The both of them detached their heads and placed them on the table. Their new bodies then fed them Nancy's dinner.


Anna just got home and saw Riley and Chloe's heads on the living room table watching a movie. Their bodies are somewhere in the house for the record.

"That movie. Really?", asked Anna.

"What can I say? I seen the rest of these movies back in my day.", said Riley's head, "It was the days when I did have my own body. Good times."

"Quit complaining.", said Chloe's head.

The phone rang and only Anna went to pick it up since heads can't move. The call was from Gus and Anna immediately went to pick up Gus. When the woman reached to Nancy's house, she was surprised to see Gus's new body.

"Did you visited a retirement home? You look so.", said Anna carrying her head for the record.

"Don't say another word. I just lend the body to Nancy because she needs something more youthful.", said Gus.

"That's so sweet. You two would make a good couple.", said Anna.

"Shut up. Its bad enough Riley always teases me. I don't need you too.", said Gus.

"I'm still working on being casual. Sorry. I just lived a professional life for too long.", said Anna.

So Anna then drives Gus home and the man expects Riley and Chloe to tease him for his new body. They did.

"Really Gus. I didn't know you were this stupid.", said Chloe's head.

"I'm doing this as a favor for Nancy.", said Gus.

"Gus and Nancy sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.", sang Riley's head.

"That's it.", said Gus.

He puts his head on the body and went to grab Chloe and Riley's heads and put them in the trash bin.

"Your gonna regret this Gus!", cried Chloe's head.

"You know what. I'm sorry, but until you apologize, you are staying in there.", said Gus.

"No fair.", cried Riley.

"We're sorry. Now get us out of here.", cried Chloe.

Gus does so and placed the heads on a counter. Gus then leaves the two heads alone in the dark while the heads wait for their bodies.

"I think we sort of deserve this after teasing him so much.", said Riley.

"Whatever. Let's hope our bodies come back for us.", said Chloe.

The bodies took a long time coming back until they did. By this time, Chloe and Riley's heads were asleep. In the end, the bodies went to their rooms for bed with their heads.

In the morning...
The next morning, Chloe and Riley woke up. Their bodies brought them to the kitchen table, where Anna and her body was. “Good morning, Anna,” Riley said, groggy.

“Morning, Anna,” Chloe also said. She was also barely awake.

“Good morning, you tw- whoa, you both smell,” Anna said, holding her nose.

“Gee, thanks,” Riley said sarcastically.

“We made fun of Gus’s new body,” Chloe explained.

“And he threw us in the trash can.”

“I figured as much,” Anna said.

“It took our bodies hours to find out heads,” Riley continued. “They eventually did – after Chloe and I fell asleep.”

“That’s why neither Riley nor I took showers,” Chloe said.

Eventually Gus came into the kitchen with his old woman body. “Morning,” he said.

“Morning,” Riley said.

“Morning,” Anna said.

“Morning,” Chloe said, then she muttered quietly, “you bony bitch.”

“Hey!” Gus called, hearing that. “Seriously, Chloe, did your parents ever call you out on your obscene language?”

“Beats me. It’s been a long time since I saw my parents.”

“Been a long time since I saw my mother and father as well,” Anna said. “After all, they did help me get into a great college.”

“I miss my parents too,” Riley said. “Gus, remember when your parents and my parents would take us on trips together?”

“Yeah, those were some good times, Riley, my friend,” Gus said, placing his wrinkly hand on the shoulder of Riley’s body.

Eventually the four friends got ready for the day. Anna drove Gus to the school, then she drove Riley and Chloe to the maid café, before driving off to her place of employment. But some of these friends still missed their parents…
"Say Chloe, when was the last time you saw your parents?", asked Riley as she was carrying her head.

"The day we all lost our heads. They were the last thing I saw before my head rolled down the streets and I ended up alone without a body.", said Chloe carrying her head.

"I remember that time. When I finally got my first body to adopt me after that infamous day, I manage to find you and kept you as my cute pet head.", said Riley.

"Ha ha, pretty funny. It was until that rebellion scheme that we ended up in jail and losing the bodies.", said Chloe.

"At least we have these bodies taking care of us. Right body?", asked Riley.

The body gave a thumbs up. Chloe doesn't looked amused.

"Well I haven't seen my parents for a year since they were on that big business trip so I had to stay with Gus. His parents left for a bit and eventually our heads fell on that day. I was unfortunate to have my head fall into the street.", said Riley.


"Gus's parents is rumored to have died since they were driving and their heads fall off resulting into a fatal car crash."

"Now I really feel bad for the retard. I hate feeling bad for people."

"Its fine Chloe. Your still young and this whole thing is just too much for even the adults."

"For once I admit that your right about me."


Meanwhile, Anna is so much of a good employee that she runs the place now. Everyone voted her to do so because of how she is more responsible than Mr. Allison. Even the guy admits defeat.

"Congratulation Anna, your the new head honcho, literally.", said Mr. Allison.

What he means is that Anna is left as a head on the manager's desk while her body is sitting behind it. Because Anna's body has a different skin color than the head, its as if Anna is only a head with a different body for an assistant Anna just looks at him with her typical blank confused face and said.

"Thank you. I will do my best for the company.", said Anna's head.

"Your head looks really gorgeous on that table.", said a man.

"Thank you too.", said Anna's head.


While Gus was walking through the halls to continue his job as janitor and carrying his head. He then sees Nancy skipping to her office while carrying her head. Nancy notices Gus and came up to for a talk.

"Hey Gus, I want to say thank you for swapping bodies with me. I feel so young again.", said Nancy.

"Well too young.", said Gus.

"At least I look adorable carrying my head around.", said Nancy.

"I think so too."

"Oh, your so lovable."

The principal went to her office while Gus just continues his day.


After all of that, the group went home and Riley has a crazy suggestion on what to do next.

"Why don't we mess around with our heads? Its sucks not having a body so let's make it fun.", said Riley.

"Um no thank you.", said Gus.

"I'll have to go with the nerd.", said Chloe.

"That's seem interesting.", said Anna.

"I'm not taking no for an answer.", said Riley as she grabbed their heads and tosses them and her own in the air.

The bodies ran after the heads, but they did not end up with the respective heads. Chloe has Gus's old lady body, Riley has Anna's tan skin body, Gus has Riley's body while Anna has Chloe's seductive body.

They are not attached, but the bodies are holding the heads.

"What's the big idea? I want to be older, but not this old.", cried Chloe.

"You know what? I this is sort of an upgrade compare to the other body.", said Gus.

"My chest feels heavy.", said Anna.

"Let's do it again.", cried Riley.

"NO!", cried Gus and Chloe.

Anna just remains calm as Riley grabs Anna, Chloe and Gus's heads for more bodiless activities.
Much to her friends’ chagrin, Riley juggled her and their heads again. Gus ended up with Chloe’s motherly body, Chloe ended up with Riley’s body, and Riley ended up with Gus’s female senior citizen body, while Anna had her African-American body back.

“Obviously this body had children,” Gus said, feeling up his new body.

“This body is more normal and kind of boring,” Chloe said.

“Aw, man!” Riley said. “Now I have the old body.”

“That’s what you get for your mischief!” Anna called as her black body rubbed her head.

“Switch again?” Riley suggested.

“NO!” Gus said.

“That’s enough!” Anna said.

Chloe just flipped Riley off.

“No obscene hand gestures either!” Riley said.

Riley’s friends took their bodies away from her. She then looked at her elderly body.

“Well, I could’ve had a worse body,” she said to herself. Suddenly the body fell to the ground. “Great, it fell down and it can’t get up.”


The next morning, everyone got up… well, except Riley, who slept on the floor, due to the age of her body.

Both Gus and Chloe looked at Riley silently cursing to herself regarding her body.

“Looks like someone woke on the wrong side of the body, huh Chloe?” Gus joked, then he and Chloe high-fived.

“Not funny,” Riley said.

“Hey, you made the same jokes to me,” Gus said.

“Just shut up and take my head to the kitchen. I need food to fuel this skeleton with skin.”

Chloe picked up Riley’s head and took her to the kitchen, where Anna was rubbing lotion on her legs.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Anna asked.

“The lights at the school keep flickering on and off,” Gus said. “I just bought new fluorescent lightbulbs to fix that issue.”

“The customers at the maid café seem to respect me and Riley more,” Chloe said. “So now we are offering them deals.”

“Well, I am now top of the accounting food chain,” Anna said. “Yes, my friends. I am literally the head of the company.”

“Good for you,” Gus said. “Now you can make us more money to live.”

“What about you, Riley?” Anna asked.

Riley muttered, “I am planning to get rid of that old lady body right there.”

Her three friends gasped. “Why?” Anna asked.

“It’s pulling me down.”

“Hey, the school’s principal happened to give me that body,” Gus said.

“Yeah, I get it. You have a thing for her,” Riley teased.

Gus blushed and said, “…yeah, I do.”

“Well, I won’t make fun of that, considering that I am now just a head without a 100% workable body.”

“Please, Riley,” Gus said. “I had no problems using that body, and I’m a guy.”

“Whatever. That body just does not fit me.”

“Want to switch back with me?” Chloe offered.

Riley said, “No. I really don’t want a body at all.”
"Huh!", cried everyone.

"Even though we need bodies for our rebellion for the freedom of attachment, I don't want a body anymore. Gus's old lady body suck so hard that I would rather stay a head than have it or any body again.", said Riley's head.

"You learn how to hate bodies from my body.", said Gus.

"Exactly.", said Riley's head.

"How will you work then? And what will we do about that body? I can't just get rid of it.", said Gus.

"Didn't your girlfriend gave it to you just to get rid of it?", asked Riley's head.

"Shut up.", said Gus.

"For now, we can use Riley's head as a cute ornament or paint her gray and let her be used as a bust.", said Chloe.

"Love the ornament idea, not the bust one.", said Riley.

"We can't just leave you like this. Everyone in the house must contribute somehow and we can't afford, fyi, you.", said Anna.

"We can figure something out.", said Riley.

"I hope so.", said Chloe.

So as of now, Chloe has to carry her own head and Riley around work. Riley gets a really easy job as she just takes orders and annoy Chloe.

No one lets Riley borrow any of their bodies much to her surprise. The old lady body was sent to a retirement home with Nancy's approval. Riley has to deal with being useless, but she doesn't mind.

"Hey, can someone give me some water?", asked Riley's head.

"Here you go.", said Anna.

"Would you stop spoiling her?", asked Chloe.

"Its not like she's asking for a car. Even heads need to stay hydrated.", said Anna.

"Despite not having a neck.", said Chloe.

"Also, there seems to be a job opportunity for you Riley that your going to like.", said Anna.

"Really?", asked Riley's head.

"You did say you wanted to be a super model so I found this thing where you can be a bodiless model.They are in a serious need for them.", said Anna.

"Really? Oh thank you Anna.", said Riley's head.

"That's what friends for.", said Anna.

"Oh please.", said Chloe.

So the next day, Anna drove Riley's head to the studio where they take photos for bodiless models.

"Here we are.", said Anna.

Anna walked in carrying Riley's head and met up with the manager. She appears as a girl carrying her head with blue hair in braids that resembles a pony tail a bit and in stylish blue clothes.

"You must be Riley, right?", asked the girl's head tucked under her arm.

"Uh huh.", said Riley's head.

"I'm Stella. I will be your your guide in being a bodiless model. Having girls carrying their head is getting old, so is just bodies. Now only heads a new thing and you my friend would play a big role in it since the other girls refused to do this for some reason. Except for me and its getting really popular", said Stella's head.

The young manager showed them pictures of her head making cute faces and poses along with some other female heads who are willing to be part of this. Anna and Riley seems impressed with Stella's charm in her photo shoots.

"Your so young and cute, unlike someone I know.", said Riley's head.

Anna giggled because she knows its true.

"Thanks. Its not my real body though, but I still take good care of it.", said Stella's head as the body pet her, "I'm actually should be high school but I'm those types of people who look so childish."

"I'll be glad to work with you.", said Riley's head.

Anna gave Riley's head to Stella who only held Riley in the other arm. Anna left for work and Riley begins her modeling career as of now.
For the next several weeks, Riley was a successful head model. She was in both commercials and print advertisements. She advertised items like hair conditioner, contacts, and lipstick. Believe it or not, she even co-starred with famous celebrities. And the result of all this is that she made a lot of money. However, despite that, she was not completely content.

“What’s the matter?” Stella asked Riley. “You’re doing a great job as a head model.”

“That is true,” Riley said. “I should not be complaining that I’m getting huge sums of cash for doing next to nothing. But being just a head is so boring.”

“Nobody said work was supposed to be fun, dear,” Stella said.

“I know. I just wonder if there is a way for heads to move without requiring bodies.”


Meanwhile, in a laboratory not far from the modeling agency…

“I’ve done it!” cried Wendy Mitchell, who just levitated her head across her room.

Her guard walked in, saying, “It’s almost lunchtime, Wendy. What do you…” He stopped as he saw the teenaged genius’s head on the other side of the room. “OK, who moved you?”

“Yours truly. Thomas, I have finally perfected this contraption.”

“That’s amazing, Dr. Mitchell.”

“Want to try it out?”

“Of course,” Thomas said before laying his head on the device as well.


Anna drove Riley’s head back home. “So how was work today?” Anna asked her.

“Okay,” Riley said.

“That is the same answer you’ve given me for the past few weeks. Any excitement in your job?”

“Well, I have met famous people, but let’s face it: they are still normal people just like you and me… well, relatively normal.”

Anna sighed. “How about I make you your favorite food when we get home?”

“That would make me feel momentarily better.”

“Well, momentarily better is still better.”

Back at home, Gus and Chloe were playing a first-person shooter video game.

“Come on, come on!” Gus said.

Just then Chloe’s character shot Gus’s character in the head. As a result, Gus lost the game.

“BOOM! HEADSHOT!” Chloe boasted.

“Getting bested at a Mature-rated game by a 9-year-old girl,” Gus said. “Thank God Anna and Riley aren’t here to see this.”

“We’re back!” Anna called.

“And we definitely saw that!” Riley said.

Chloe grinned, while Gus said, “Damn it!”
"Life is going great thanks to Riley's thick head. Now when are we going to start our plans for rebellion.", said Chloe's head on a table.

"First let's see the news on what's up with Dr. Mitchell.", said Riley's head.

Everyone placed their heads on the table in front of the television. The channel was set to the news and we see Dr. Mitchell's head floating on a contraption while her body sat away from her.

"Are you sure that this would eliminate the use of bodies?", asked the reporter.

"Of course! Its so small that it won't look funny on you, it helps you pick up stuff, let's you float around, and so many features. But not only that, it gives us heads some pride. We may not have hands or legs, but these things will replace all of that while our bodies will be the thing of the past.", said Dr. Mitchell.

"Is there any price on these things in terms of battery life or the item itself?", asked the reporter.

"Well the equipment for it is not cheap, but I would have to triple the cost of attachment to regular bodies. Also these things will be expensive. I'm sorry, but somethings can't be free. I wish all of us heads will enjoy this tool to be happy of our bodiless shape and to outlaw being attached to bodies.", said Dr. Mitchell.

"So what will happen to our bodies once everyone has this new "Floaters"?", asked the reporter.

"They can leave this city and start anew independently. I was able to make this with only my head and some gadgets so why should we depend on bodies? They have feelings too and can't be used as slaves."

"Very valid point. I mean my body sure needs a break at times. Maybe it deserves true freedom."

"Exactly. Heads are superior because they can think while bodies nowadays can drag you behind if the head doesn't use their gift of thought. Heads always think that they can't move or do anything without a body, but I proved them all wrong. Being bodiless is the most wonderful thing ever."

"Wow, you must be the most spectacular head there is. Though most may no agree with you on your last statement."

"Thank you, but I think that it takes time for people to share my views. I hope your saving that money because Floaters are the future for head pride.", said the young doctor.

Anna's body turned off the T.V. and the heads looked at each other. They seemed nervous about what to do next.

"I really want those Floaters. It makes being a head more convenient.", said Riley.

"Sadly I manage to do some research and it seems that Dr. Mitchell is trying to eliminate the bodies by sending them to an isolated place where they cannot return. That head seems to have something against bodies.", said Anna's head.

"I heard in gossip that her body is so unattractive that she considers her head falling off as a blessing. Her head is good looking, but not her frail body.", said Chloe's head.

"It was actually confirmed to be true and she was opened to it.", said Gus's head.

"Well our job is to promote freedom of attachment. Heads should have the right and choice to be attach to their bodies and not have taxes prevent them for doing so. If that Mitchell likes being a head, then don't drag others into her path.", said Riley's head.

"Says the girl who wants to stay a head.", said Chloe's head.

"I said that heads have a choice. I can be a head if I want to.", said Riley's head.

"Fine.", said Chloe's head, "But for now, we need to finance ourselves for a rebellion."

"And for a Floater. I bet Stella would get one too.", said Riley's head.

"You want the Floater do you?", asked Gus's head.

"If I want my life as a head to be worth it, I gotta have one.", said Riley's head.

"Fine. We'll get you one. Its only because we know that you won't want a body after our victory.", said Gus's head.

"Plus, we could afford it after a few more pay checks.", said Anna's head.


The next day, Gus was at work while he sees Nancy walking by. Even in a child's body, she was sexy to Gus's eyes. They both were carrying their heads and gazed at each other.

"Oh Gus, how's work?", asked Nancy's head.

"I got most of it done.", said Gus's head.

"Listen, I got something private to tell you. Can I talk to you in the Janitor's room?"


Gus leads Nancy to the Janitor's room or his office and closed and locked the door. Nancy's head blushed as she places her head on a stand facing Gus.

"After working with you, I sort of have um... feelings for you.", said Nancy's head.

"Huh.", asked Gus's head.

"I love you Gus. Your just so charming and kind from the day we met. You gave me a younger body and every time we talked, you listen compared to others."

"Well, I don't know what to say."

Nancy then has her body carry her and thrust her head slowly towards Gus's face. The principal ends up kissing Gus in the lips which made the man blush since its his first kiss. The two heads kept at it to the point where the bodies dropped them and they are still kissing.

When they stopped, they looked bright red. Their bodies struggled to pick up their heads since the room is small. The heads decide to use this time to talk.

"That was wonderful.", said Nancy's head.

"It sure was.", said Gus's head, "Does this mean that we're a couple?".

"Just keep it a secret, okay sugar plum.", said Nancy's head as she was carried by her body.

The same goes for Gus and the two of them exited the room. They were never look each other they same way again. Maybe the girls at home were right about Gus. Nancy is his girlfriend.


At the cafe, Chloe was cleaning up tables with her head sitting on one of them while she commands her body. Mandy shows up since its was almost closing time.

"Hey Chloe. Just want to ask what's up with Riley?", asked Mandy's head.

"Busy being a super star I suppose.", said Chloe's head.

"I recently saw her in a magazine and she looks great.", said Mandy's head.

"Yeah. Though we all know how she really acts like."

"I know, but there is something else I wonder. Are you one of those heads of children that ended up on an adults body?"

"Wait. Hold on. I'm old enough for this body."

"As expected. Only a kid would reply like that."

"You caught me. So what if I am younger than I should be."

"I just want to tell you that growing up is hard and you should appreciate being young. I miss my old days being your age."

"You at least had a body and a happy memory while I'm living my childhood like this."

"Your not in trouble, I just want to talk."


Riley's head is at a photo shoot with her hair all braided to match the theme of stars. Stella's body was taking photos while her head sat somewhere complimenting Riley's performance.

"Excellent Riley. Show us that your ready for a space adventure. Now feel as peaceful as space. You are the top head model.", said Stella's head, "Now we can stop."

"Thanks Stella.", said Riley's head.

Stella's body carried both Riley and her own head and carried them to a table to review on what happened.

"Amazing as always, but remember to try to be more happy when you need to. Being seductive isn't always the way to go. You have to be filled with many emotions.", said Stella's head.

"I got it", said Riley's head, "So I heard that Dr. Mitchell want to abolish bodies. Would that help promote the style of head modeling?"

"No way. I want my girls choose their style of showing themselves. If they want bodies then they will have it. I personally love my body. She cared for me when I lost my old one. Together manage to be one of the greatest models ever.", said Stella's head.

"I see."

"Me and my body stick together always. Its as if she was my twin sister. You should understand my point of view."

"Despite being younger than me, you are as wise my grandmother."

"Well your shift is done while its my turn being a head model."

"Anna won't be here for a while so may I watch."


So Stella's body picked up Riley's head and place her on a chair in front of the studio where they take the photos. Then the body went to dress up her head. While Riley waits for her boss, she saw a television set filled with recordings of stuff about her, Stella and previous models in the place.

"Oh I remember that commercial. Stella and I were like a duo.", said Riley's head.

The commercial was like this.

Stella and Riley's heads sat at a table with their heads looking shiny and beautiful with a bottle of the shampoo they are advertising.

"Try the new Swan's shining shampoo.", said Stella's head.

"It would make heads like us have head model quality hair.", said Riley's head.

"You know you want it.", said Stella's head.

"And you know you want to try it.", said Riley's head.


"That was a fun day. We manage to get that done quickly.", said Riley's head.

"I'm done!", cried Stella's head.

Riley's manager came out with her blue hair kept long with some braids on some ends with some star like accessory and a touch of glitter around her.

"What do you think?", asked Stella's head.

"You look better than me from today.", said Riley's head.

So Stella's head got her photo taken from her body and she was amazing at posing her head and making many types of expressions. Riley was amazed on how skilled Stella was as a head model.

Riley spends the rest of the time waiting for Anna while watching her boss in action as a head model.
Eventually Anna arrived at the studio to pick Riley up.

“Well, there’s my ride, Stella,” Riley said. “See ya tomorrow.”

“Good night,” Stella greeted back as Anna took Riley’s head back to her car.

“So how was work today?” Anna asked her friend.

“Great,” Riley said. “Stella and I make a great tag team.”

“Well, I have a surprise for you.”

Riley understood what Anna meant. “You didn’t.”

Anna smiled as she opened the backseat door.

“You got me a Floater?!” Riley said, ecstatic.


“But how? Dr. Mitchell said that those are really expensive!”

“When you’re the literal head of a company like I am, you are given a lot of gifts. My boss got me this in addition to my raise.”

“Sweet! I can’t wait to try it on when we get home!”


Meanwhile, back at the household…

“You want to what?” Gus said to Chloe.

“I want your friend Nancy’s child body!” Chloe said.

“Well, this is ironic.”

“What, the fact that I called Nancy your ‘friend’?”

“Well, yes, that. Also, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret only if you promise not to tell.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“Nancy and I are officially a couple,” Gus whispered.

“Aww, really? That is so adorable.”

“Thank you. Now, back to the subject: You always wanted to grow up, Chloe, and you made fun of that body when I was attached to it.”

Chloe sighed. “You are right, Gus. Everyone is right. I am just a child, and no amount of profanity will ever change that. I really want that body. Nancy can keep this one.”

“Okay, I’ll drive you to Nancy’s when Anna comes back with the car.”

“Thanks, Gus. Anyways, why don’t you tell me about your and Nancy’s puppy love,” Chloe said, raising her eyebrows.

“Not until you’re older.”

“Fair enough,” Chloe said without complaining.

Eventually, Anna and Riley make it back home. “We’re back!” Anna said.

“What’s that you’re holding?” Chloe asked.

“It’s my Floater!” Riley exclaimed.

“How’d you get it?” Gus asked.

“It was my boss’s gift for my hard work,” Anna said.

“Hurry up and put it on me!” Riley said.

Anna studied the directions and connected Riley’s head to the Floater. Riley then flew around the room, levitating objects.

“This is so cool!” she said. “You guys should try it out!”

Riley’s friends politely declined. “No thanks,” Gus said.

“We prefer actual bodies,” Anna said.

“We’re just happy that you’re happy,” Chloe said.

“Okay, suit yourselves,” Riley said.

“Speaking of which, Anna, I’m gonna drive Chloe somewhere,” Gus said.

“To your GIRLfriend’s house, right?” Riley teased.

“Nancy is his FRIEND, Riley!” Chloe said, defending Gus.

“I know, I’m just kidding.”

Anna tossed the keys to Gus. “Have fun,” she said.

As Gus and Chloe walked to the car, Gus said, “Thanks for sticking up for me, kid.”

“No problem, Mr. Gus,” Chloe said.

“Mr. Gus? I like the sound of that.”

“And I like being called ‘kid’.”

Gus pat Chloe’s head. “You really are being more mature,” he said.
Riley's floating head bumps into a wall and Anna ran after her only to trip and have her head on the ground.

"Riley, you should be more careful.", said Anna's head.

"I know, but its just so much fun. You're the best-est friend in the world.", said Riley's head.

"Well you did help me during that day."

"Oh yeah, I remember. You were trying to learn how to walk while carrying your head before you tripped."

"And you came to rescue me. We became friends afterwards and you taught me on how to live my life as a disembodied head."

"Well I just improvised the whole thing."

Anna's has her body tucking her head under her arm and the body pats her head. Riley's head got herself up with her Floater and looked at Anna.

"You know, you always do so many stuff for me. I sometimes feel like I need to do something for you.", said Riley's head.

"Your happiness and effort to contribute in the house is enough for me.", said Anna's head.

"That's not enough. I swear that I will do something for you. Somehow.", said Riley's head.



"You want what?", asked Nancy attached to the child's body.

"Chloe here wants to trade bodies.", said Gus.

"I felt that this body doesn't fit my age so I want a younger body.", said Chloe.

"But I love this body. It makes me feel bubbly all the time.", said Nancy.

"Well I'll leave you two to decide while I stay here and hope nothing bad happens.", said Gus.

The two girls looked at each other to see who gets the childish body. Gus starts to sweat to hope that the two won't get into a fight. Suddenly, Nancy's head fell off the body since her minutes are up.

"Damn it! I forgot to pay the bill.", said Nancy's head.

"That body is useless now.", said Chloe, "Then again, I still want it and I am willing to pay the fee."

"Even if the body is useless, I like it to carry me around too.", said Nancy's head as the body picks her up.

"I know how you feel. I want your body as much as you want that body.", said Chloe.

"Me too.", said Nancy's head.

The two girls looked at each other for a while and decided to...
“Um, Nancy,” Gus interrupted. “Can you and I talk for a while?”

“Sure, Gus,” Nancy said. Gus grabbed her head and took her to another room, leaving Chloe with Nancy’s sentient child body.

“So you wanna play a game?” Chloe suggested.

Nancy’s body gave her a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, in Nancy’s room, she and Gus were talking. “You and I are dating, right?” Gus asked.

“Right,” Nancy said.

“Well, if our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship ends up turning into something personal, and you keep that little body, what will everyone say when we’re in public?”

“They will think I’m a child?” Nancy guessed.

“Exactly. If we kissed in public, I would be arrested for being a pedophile. And you know how aggressive police officers can get.”

“Alright, Gus. I understand. I will swap with your little friend so that you and I will both look like adults.”

“Good.” Gus then kissed Nancy on the lips, then he brought her head back to the living room, where Chloe’s and Nancy’s bodies were playing patty cake.

“Yes, you can take my body,” Nancy said. “And I’ll take yours.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Chloe said, hugging Nancy’s head. She then had her body put on Nancy’s head, thus giving the pretty public principal control.

“Wow, this body actually fits me better,” Nancy said before removing her head to save time on the body. “Take good care of mine, Chloe.”

Nancy’s child body picked up Chloe’s head and petted it. “This body’s hands are so soft,” she said.

“Come on, Chloe,” Gus said. “Let’s go to an ATM to pay for control of the body. Later, Nancy.”

Thus, Gus and Chloe left Nancy’s house to head to an ATM to withdraw money.


Back at the house, Riley was texting a picture of her Floater to her boss Stella. She was currently expecting a text back. Just then, Anna walked into the living room, and her African-American body was in a cute bikini.

Riley whistled at this sexy sight. “You look great, Anna!” she said.

“Oh, thanks, Riley,” Anna said, blushing.

“So what’s with the huge exposure of skin?”

“Well, I thought it would be nice if we could go to the beach to relax.”

“That’s a great idea. This will help us calm down from all this anti-body nonsense.”

Eventually Gus and Chloe came back to the house, and Chloe was now in control of her new child body. After talking about their experiences today, Gus and Chloe went to their rooms to change into beach wear. After that, the four friends all drove to the beach, enjoying the sun and surf…
At the beach, Gus and Anna are the only ones with an attractive female body while Chloe is her age and Riley is only her head. Apparently the guys in the beach doesn't seemed fond of Gus or Anna since it became apparent that there are male heads with female bodies. You know how some people feel.

In Anna's case, its because of her hair being short that a guy can assume her as a guy despite having many female features. Anna doesn't seemed to care at all since she is always like that. When it comes to something that seems trivial, she is either naive or doesn't care about it, like parties.

Riley sat her head on the ground to look like those heads in the sand, only she is literally one. Chloe spread out a sheet and sat next to the head carrying her own.

"You forgot to put on sun block again.", said Chloe.

"Who put you in charge?", replied Riley's head.

"Honestly. Despite acknowledging that I'm a kid, you're the most immature out of us.", said Chloe.

"Fine. I can apply it myself.", said Riley's head.

Riley used the levitating function of her Floater as the she applied sunblock on herself. Its as if she has hands again. Chloe doesn't looked amused.

"Jealous sweetie.", said Riley's head.

"I prefer to have a real body. I thought you represent freedom of attachment.", said Chloe.

"I know that. It makes me sick to my non-existing stomach that Dr. Mitchell would make it hard for people to have bodies. People should be able to have the right to be attach. Its their choice if they want to be disembodied. I choose to be in this state, but you can too.", said Riley.

"I like you when you are political. You make good points.", said Chloe.

"Don't worry kid. You can be attach or not if you want. I'm not going to be there to make the choices for you."

"Well, I'm heading to the water. Wanna come?"

"No thanks, the sun feels so nice today."

So Chloe left to go to the water with Gus and Anna. To prevent anyone's heads from being lost to the ocean, there are these invisible nets that prevents heads from going too far. The only exception is on boats or any aquatic vehicle.

Though there is also a section only for heads in a day care like style to prevent really clumsy bodies who would forget their heads in the head and body section. Though most people find this area more relaxing than the other since it makes them being cautious of being whole.

Chloe dropped her head into the pool like area and her head floated onto the surface. She moved a little to meet up with Gus and Anna's heads. At least her body went to the area where the bodies hang out to wait for their heads.

"Sup guys.", said Chloe's head.

"Finally you showed up.", said Gus's head.

"Where's Riley?", asked Anna's head.

"She's sitting in the sun.", said Chloe's head.

"Typical.", said Gus, "She always do that whenever we went to the beach."

"At least she's having fun.", said Anna's head.

"Man, the water feels nice. No wonder heads prefer this more than that other spot.", said Chloe's head.


Meanwhile Riley's head continues to sit in the sun and then...
Suddenly Riley spotted one of the female bodies that she and her friends previously used dressed in a bikini, and that body was holding a certain familiar face…

“Nancy?” Riley guessed.

Nancy noticed Riley and walked up to her. “How did you know my name?” she said.

“My friend Gus talks about you all the time.”

“So you must be Anna.”

“Riley. Well, I can see why Gus gets annoyed when my girlfriends and I poke fun at his relationship with you. You are very pretty.”

“Aw, thanks,” Nancy said, blushing. “So are you.”

“I’m a famous head model now.”

“Interesting. So I hear you got rid of that nice elderly body that I used to have.”

“No sweat, it’s at a nice nursing home now.”

“Yeah, I sure hope that it’s doing fine,” Nancy said, sitting down next to Riley. “So how’s the modeling business?”

“Great. I’m making oodles of moolah just by being cute. How’s the teaching business?”

“Great. I’m making money just by doing what you do.”

Anna and Nancy shared a chuckle, before continuing to collect tans for the next couple of minutes.

“So where’s Gus?” Nancy said, breaking the silence.

“In the ocean with Anna and Chloe,” Riley said. “Guys are giving him strange looks for having a female body linked to him.”

“I expected as much,” Nancy said as she patted Riley’s head. “I better go talk to him about that.” She then walked into the ocean, again leaving Riley alone.

Ten minutes later, Riley decided to join her acquaintances in the ocean. She levitated to the group of four (Anna, Chloe, Gus, and Nancy) talking while their bodies circled them.

When Riley arrived, she was in the middle of Gus’s and Nancy’s conversation, specifically the part when Gus said, “Yeah, I should swap this body for a male one.”

“Or maybe I could swap mine for a male body,” Nancy suggested. This caused the eyes of everyone else in the group to go big…
"Uh.", said Gus.

"Well if we are going to have a legit relationship. One of us has to be male to make this work. Otherwise we can do it in that way.", said Nancy.

"Your talking about sex and woman and woman sex.", said Chloe.

"Chloe!", cried Gus.

"Just so happen to be in the neighborhood.", said Chloe.

"I never thought that you two will take it this far.", said Riley.

"Not you too.", said Gus.

"Come on Gus. We're childhood friends. You can tell me anything.", said Riley.

"Is Anna going to be involve in this too?", asked Nancy.

"I didn't really hear anything.", said Anna.

"At least she has manners.", said Gus.

"Well why don't Gus and I talk privately while you three enjoy yourselves?", said Nancy.

The woman carried Gus's head leaving the girls. Riley's then levitated and jumped right into the water with Chloe and Anna's heads. Chloe looked surprised about this.

"That thing is water proof.", asked Chloe.

"My Floater is water proof.", said Riley.

"I'm starting to hate that thing more than ever.", said Chloe.

"Your just jealous.", said Riley.

"Am not.", cried Chloe.

"How about we just enjoy our time in the water? Its not like everyday we go to the beach.", said Anna.

So the three female heads enjoy their time in the pool. Resting with the warm of the sun and the chill of the water.
Eventually Anna’s and Chloe’s bodies retrieved their heads and headed to the car, while Riley followed with her Floater. They saw that Gus and his body were already in the car. “Have fun, ladies?” he asked.

“Why, yes,” Anna said, “it was invigorating.”

“Nice day for beach time,” Chloe said.

“I floated,” Riley said.

Anna drove everyone back to their house. Strange as it is, during the trip everyone was silent, which surprised Gus.

Just as Anna parked into the driveway, Gus broke the silence. “So did the cat catch all of your tongues?” he said. “Because you’re not poking fun at me, let alone talking.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Anna said.

“Nothing at all,” Chloe said.

“We’re just happy for your relationship with Nancy,” Riley said.

“Why, thank you,” Gus said.

After getting into the house, Riley asked, “So whose body did you and Nancy decide should swap for a male one?”

“Oh, she told me not to worry about that until we get really serious in our relationship. After all, I’m only 19, and Nancy is only 21.”

“So you’re dating an older chick?” Riley teased. “Oh, mercy!”

Gus pointed at Riley. “There’s that teasing that I missed!”

“She’s two years older than you?” Anna asked. “Huh, she looked 17 or 18 to me.”

“Okay, enough, enough,” Gus said.

“So when will you and Nancy officially tie the knot?” Chloe asked.

“Dunno. Perhaps a decade from now. That will give me and her enough time to get a male body.”

Chloe then turned to Anna and Riley. “What about you two?” she asked. “Do either of you plan on looking for love?”

Anna shrugged. “Not immediately,” she said. “Perhaps with a nice man who will respect me as a woman.”

“Well, if I were going to have a relationship – and that’s a huge if – then maybe with another woman,” Riley said. “I sort of find men immature.” She then turned to Gus. “No offense, Gus.”

“None taken,” Gus said. “Say, didn’t you once boast about how attractive your boss is?”

Riley blushed. “Um, no?”

“Come on, Riley. I’ve heard you talking about how [begins talking like Riley] smart and pretty and nice Stella is!”

“Hey, you’re teasing me!”

“How does that feel?” Gus said, grinning.

“OK, you got me!” Riley said. “I sorta, kinda, maybe have some medium feelings for Stella. She just inspires me so much.”

“Riley, there’s no shame in being attracted to my boss. I’m attracted to mine, and now we’re dating.”

“I know, Gus. I just don’t know if she is interested in me as well as I am interested in her. Heck, I don’t even know what gender she prefers. I’m afraid if I tell her, she’ll fire me.”

“I understand. It was sort of reverse for me, for she asked me out first.”

“Well, we’ll talk more about this after dinner!” Anna said. “I’ve found this great recipe online that you guys have got to try out!”

“Wait, no one asked me what relationship I’d like to be in,” Chloe said.

“Well, then, where do you see yourself in a relationship?” Riley asked.

“Does it even matter? I’m only 9,” Chloe said.

“You’ve always wanted to say that, didn’t you?” Gus asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Chloe said.

The four then went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.
"For the record, my boss is 16 years old.", said Riley.

"She is?", asked Gus.

"I did tell you that she was younger than me before.", said Riley.

"Is she one of those fashion models that does it when they were young?", asked Gus.

"Pretty much.", said Riley.

"And to think she's a veteran to you.", said Chloe.

"Let's just eat.", said Riley.


Chloe is at work, carrying her head while serving the customers. She got her ass touched again and she decides to give a different response.

"I'm actually 9 years old you pedophiles.", said Chloe to the guy who touched her butt.

The guy was then berated by his friends for touching a child's butt. Chloe thinks that she should tell the others about this since it may end the harassment once and or all. Chloe went to the kitchen and reported this to the boss.

"You mean to tell me that if we tell them that our heads are around your age, they will feel bad.", asked Mandy's head on a table.

Mandy's body is cooking stuff and Chloe is just holding her head. The girl tried to nod, but it was difficult since she is just a head.

"Yeah. We might make it a rumor that every girl here is a kid on an adult body.", said Chloe.

"It might just work.", said Mandy.

So Maid's Paradise Cafe became infamous for having children workers, but it was kept open since some people knows its a lie.


Now continuing with Riley at work with her boss Stella. I'm serious, Stella is around 16 years old so a relationship between the two might work since They are teenagers, but it depends on you on what you think.
After another day’s worth of head modeling, Riley laid down in the studio’s lounge room. All she could think about was Stella. Despite being only 16, Stella was really mature for her age. However, she was a minor, and Riley, being 19, felt awkward being attracted to a minor. If only she was a couple years older, Riley thought.

“Hey Riley!” Riley heard Stella greet.

Riley got up in shock. “Stella!” she said. “You startled me!”

“I apologize. I just wanted to congratulate you on being such a hard worker.” Stella smiled.

“Uh, yeah, thanks,” Riley said.

“What’s wrong, my employee?”

“Nothing, nothing. Um, where do you see yourself in the future?”

“The future? I’ve never really thought hard about that.” Stella scratched her head. “My guess is that I would still be doing this job.”

“Not that,” Riley said. “I mean, do you see yourself in a serious romantic relationship?”

“Never thought of that either. Work usually keeps me too busy to even consider that option.”

“Sorry for asking,” Riley said.

“Don’t be.” Stella patted Riley’s head. “Your questions are really helping me contemplate my life. Thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome.”
“Say, want to visit my house after work?” Stella offered.

“Sure,” Riley said, her heart (which was apparently in her head, since she lacked a body) beeping. “But I need to call my friend Anna first, and I don’t have a cell phone with me.”

“Not to worry,” Stella said as she pulled out her cell phone. “Tell me her cell phone number.”

Riley told her the number, and Stella immediately typed it in. Anna immediately called. “Hello?”

“Hello, Anna,” Stella called. “This is Riley’s boss. She wants to talk to you.” Stella then handed the cell to Riley’s head.

“Hey, Anna,” Riley called.

“Hey, Riley. I was just about to pick you up,” Anna called.

“No need to. I’m going to have dinner at Stella’s.”

“Oh, so you two are going on a date, I see,” Anna teased. Riley had a face of shock. Stella did not hear Anna’s comment since the phone was not on speaker.

“NO,” Riley said coldly. “We are just having dinner.” Riley looked back at Stella, who smiled and was oblivious of the fact that Riley had a crush on her.

“Sorry,” Anna called. “Anyway, I hope you two have a great time.”


“I guess that just leaves me and Chloe in the house.”

“You and Chloe? What about Gus?”

“Gus also called, and said that he and Nancy were having dinner as well.”

“Wow, what a coin…” Riley then realized that Anna was saying the words “having dinner” in a different tone. “Oh.”
Meanwhile, at Nancy’s house, she and Gus were in her room, making out head-to-head, while their female bodies were getting more “hands-on”…
"For a head, you sure can make a head like me happy.", said Nancy's head.

"I can do much more.", said Gus's head.

The two heads went even further while their bodies got series despite being the same gender. Nancy moan with joy on how Gus can pleasure her head and body.

"Oh you sick bastard. I never felt so good in years.", said Nancy's head.

So the two kept at it all night as they keep pleasuring themselves with their "thing".


Anna came home carrying her head and saw Chloe's head on the couch while her body is in the restroom based on what Anna heard.

"Hi Chloe, how is your day today?", asked Anna's head.

"I manage to tail off those sick perverts though we may risk losing customers.", said Chloe's head.

"Its best to keep your dignity over something as degrading as that.", said Anna's head.

"I suppose so.", said Chloe's head.

"Is Dr. Mitchell at it again?"

"Yep. She's trying to make her "utopia of heads" come true, but the government is having problems with it since most of them like having bodies."

"I see. We been through so much that we forgot our purpose. To stop Dr. Mitchell."

"I at least keep my body fit."

"I'm glad you did. Soon we will get her and everyone can have bodies again for free."

"I would like that. I can live as a normal kid again."


At Stella's house, Riley's head sat at a table with Stella's head while her body went to cook some dinner.

"I hope you like vegan meals because I got a special treat tonight. Its going to be huge and such a perfect time to share with someone.", said Stella's head.

"Thanks for inviting me over.", said Riley's head.

"Your welcome.", said Stella's head.

"About earlier, you mention doing the same thing.", asked Riley's head.

"Well I'm still going to be a model and act as a mentor to future models everywhere. I'm more than your boss Riley, but a teacher of sorts."


"Even so, I also want to be with this body from now and the future. Its not mine, but I treat it as mine. Dr. Mitchell's increase taxes on attachment may sever this bond. I can't live as only a head, I want to be with Ella here."


"Its a nickname I gave to my body."

"I know how that feels. I hope that you and Ella will stay inseparable.", said Riley's head, "Even though I want to stay a head, I hope for you and your body eternal happiness."

"Thank you so much Riley. What you said was beautiful.", said Stella's head.

"Your welcome Stella. You looked after me and I do the same for you.", said Riley's head.

Stella's body came with the food and the body spoon fed the heads with the vegan meal. Riley really likes it despite being a fan of meat. And so....
At Nancy’s house, her and Gus’s bodies had just finished having sex. Their heads are laying on Nancy’s bed, satisfied by their experience.

“If this is how great love is with two bodies of the same gender,” Nancy said, “then I can’t wait when one of us exchanges ours for a male body.”

“I say you take the male body,” Gus suggested. “After all, you are the more mature one in this relationship.”

“No, no, I insist you take the male body. It definitely fits you more. After all, didn’t you want one in the first place?”

“Dear, no matter who trades their body, both of us will be happy.”

“Indeed, Gus.”

Gus checked the time on his watch. “Well, it’s time for me to head back home.”

“I’ll drive you,” Nancy said, grabbing the keys to her car.

So, Nancy drove Gus back to his house. She offered to stay for a while; Gus said yes. Thus, the four (Nancy, Gus, Anna, and Chloe) spent a couple hours collectively watching a movie. During the film, Gus rested his head on the lap of Nancy’s body, while Nancy rested her head on the lap of Gus’s body. It was all peaceful, until a truck filled with the bodies of guards carrying their own heads parked into their driveway, preparing to knock their door down.


Meanwhile, back at Stella’s house, Riley thanked her boss for the great dinner.

“It is my pleasure,” Stella said. “After all, you are my favorite employee.”

“Stella, tell me if this question is too personal, but where are your parents?”

“You’re asking me this because my head is under 18, right?”

“I apologize if I hurt your feelings.”

“No, no, Riley. You didn’t. Let me just tell you about Ella and I first. Ella is actually 20 years old.”

“Huh,” Riley said. “So what happened to her head?”

“Well, her head was not as kind as her body. Coincidentally, my body was not as kind as I am. Both Ella’s body and I were treated unfairly by our spare parts. When we met in the park, Ella’s body and I bonded, and so did her head and my original body. So, we decided to swap. When I came back home, my parents were shocked by my body change, but they slowly accepted it, since they knew that no body would make me a different person than I am now. Shortly after accepting my new form, my parents’ bodies rebelled against their heads and left only me and Ella in the household. I don’t know if their bodies still have their heads or not, but that was the last time I saw my parents again. Luckily, Ella cared for me quite well. She loves me, and I love her. She is like a parent or older sister to me.”

Riley used her Floater to wipe her tears. “That is so sad,” she said.

“Yeah, I wish I had a person who loves me as much as Ella does,” Stella said as Ella patted her head.

“Well, you never know. The person you’re looking for might have been around you a lot.”

“Yeah,” Stella said. She then paused. “Wait, do you mean who I think you mean?”

Riley chuckled nervously. “Like I said, you never know.”

“You’re right, Riley,” Stella said. Riley was not sure if Stella knew and she was just playing her, or if she did not know.

Riley then checked the clock on a wall. “It’s time for me to return to my house. Will Ella drive me back?”

“Of course,” Stella said, smiling.

Ella drove Riley home. On the way, Riley said, “Was I being too vague about what I said?”

“No, I completely understood what you meant, Riley,” Stella said. “I’m just waiting for you to actually say it.”

“Well, are you okay with what I meant?”

“I’ll tell you after you tell me what you meant.”

Riley took a deep breath before telling Stella what she was thinking about. “Stella, I…” But before she could finish, they both spotted Riley’s house surrounded by yellow tape. “Oh, my God.”

“This does not look good,” Stella said. Ella hugged Stella very hard, as the body was afraid too.

“Gus! Anna! Chloe!” Riley immediately levitated to the entrance. Behind the tape she saw four headless female bodies with their hands and feet in cuffs. “I guess Nancy was here as well.”

“Who’s Nancy?”

“Gus’s girlfriend.”

“Who would have kidnapped your friends?” Stella said, worried.

Riley answered, “I think I have a good idea. Someone who dislikes bodies, that’s who.”

Stella immediately got it. “You mean, that someone is…”

“Dr. Wendy Mitchell?!” Riley’s four friends said in unison. Their heads were in jars carried by guards, and they were in front of the 16-year-old genius’s floating head.

“The one and only!” Wendy said, smiling.
"How did you find us?", asked Anna's head.

"We didn't do anything illegal.", said Chloe's head.

"Well I'm just being careful and making sure no one gets in the way of my plans. When I'm done, you'll be free and enjoy a blissful live of being bodiless.", said Wendy's floating head.

"Some of us prefer to have bodies.", said Gus's head.

"Nonsense. All my body did for me is weigh me down. I mean, you heard the rumors right. It just won't stay healthy and I was dying, but thankfully the blessing came and I was free from death.", said Wendy.

"So being a head kept you alive.", said Anna's head.

"Exactly.", said Wendy.

"You never really got to experience a live with a body.", asked Gus.

"Didn't you listen. I was bedridden my whole life.", said Wendy, "Now I can free people this pain."

"Your wack, you know that.", said Chloe.

"Am not. I'm the good guy here!", cried Wendy.

"Are not", replied Chloe.

"Are too.", replied Wendy.

"Are not times 100!"

"Whatever. Now from your records, there is only your leader left. We'll find her and then both bodies and heads can be free from each other.", said Wendy.

"Why am I here?", asked Nancy's head.

"You capture an innocent head.", asked Wendy, "I know she is there, but she doesn't deserve it. Whatever. Put them away for now."

The guard carried the prisoner heads while Gus explains to Nancy about everything. His criminal records and his group as a whole to Nancy.

"Gus, I don't know what to say. Part of me thinks your a terrorist while another says your a hero.", said Nancy.

"Its my fault and Riley is our only hope.", said Gus.


Meanwhile at Riley's house, Riley told Stella the same thing that Gus mentioned to Nancy. Stella seems to be interested.

"You fight for freedom of attachment. I will support you as much as I can.", said Stella's head.

"Well Chloe's delivery of an tank like body called the Headinator should be here by now. She was going to use it for the rebellion, but looks like its my turn.", said Riley.

"I thought you never wanted a body again." said Stella.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. I must rescue my friends and defeat Wendy Mitchell once and for all."

Suddenly a box appear in the front yard and Ella, Stella's body opened it with a giant tank like robot body. Riley got on it and removed her Floater. The head place the Floater next to her and attach herself to the robot body.

"This is why Chloe wants this so badly, its such an OP body!", said Riley.

"Let me come too!", cried Stella's head.

"You sure?", asked Riley.

"I want Ella and I to live happily, even if it means to defeat some evil girl."


Stella looks at Ella for one last time.

"Ella dear, I promise to be back. Sure it would be nice to have a body in this mission, but we can't fight. But I really want to help.", said Stella's head.

Ella patted her and Stella smiled. Ella then threw her head and Stella's head landed next to Riley's.

"Your going as only your head?", asked Riley.

"I don't think my body can help since I'm not much of a fighter, but two heads are better than one.", said Stella.

"You got that right."

Riley than made her new robot body, the Headinator, fly into the sky after Dr. Mitchell's headquarters. Stella's head cuddle with Riley's head so pretty much they are a two human head attach to a tank robot.
As Riley and Stella flew through the sky, they spotted huge groups of guards breaking into people’s houses and committing headnappings. If they had time, they would have stopped them from doing so. But they decided that their main priority is rescuing Riley’s friends and putting an end to Wendy’s plan. In the long term, this will save everyone from this apocalyptic time.

Riley and Stella followed one of the trucks to the building where the heads are being stored. They activated their Headinator’s “stealth mode” to turn invisible so that no one will see them. They knocked out two of the guards, one male and one female, and hid their heads in an alley near the building. Riley took the male body while Stella took the female. They then pressed a button on the Headinator, which caused it to compress into a tiny box, which Riley put in one of the guard’s pockets.

“Wow, it feels so weird to pilot a body again,” Riley whispered to Stella, “much less a male one. Now I know how Gus feels.”

“I wonder how Ella is doing,” Stella whispered back as the two sneaked into the building with the other guards.


Back at the rebels’ house, Ella just freed the four headless bodies. They were then silently talking to themselves about how they could aid their heads. Apparently bodies could “speak” via telepathy. They eventually decided to make an army of headless bodies to start rebelling against Wendy’s totalitarian practices. They went door-to-door to enlist bodies who just had their heads stolen, and they all agreed that Wendy must be stopped. Believe it or not, even some of Wendy’s guards disliked the decisions of their “leader”. Thus, an army was born.
"Hey!", said a voice of a guard.

"Oh shit, we've been caught.", said Riley.

"Hold up. We are here to help you.", said the guard.

A bunch of guards that carried their heads are aiding Riley. The girl with a male's body was surprised to see this and decides to take advantage of this. They then head to where Dr. Mitchell might be at.

When they did open the door, they found the doctor who seems to have her head attach to some device. From the looks of it, the device let's her be the room or have total control over it.

The doors closed behind Riley, Stella and the guards who want to help them and they looked in fear of a vacuum that is sucking away the heads of the guards. Riley held Stella's hand and hid by a table until the vacuum stops.

"Really now. Your in my way!", cried Dr. Mitchell, "I'm talking away every head on Earth and isolate us from our bodies to an utopia that I made."

A picture of a new city that looks beneficial for heads everywhere appear. Riley doesn't looked amused and got up to argue back.

"An utopia. Your being like those cartoon villains.", said Riley, "This is just another excuse to hide your close minded selfishness because you had a terrible disabled body before all of this happened."

"Silence!", said Dr. Mitchell, "You will not speak about that. Especially in from of an innocent civilian."

Stella realize that the doctor was referring to her. The blue haired girl now learned a new fact about that doctor. Riley then saw something that surprised her even more.

The heads that Dr. Mitchell captured are stored in these containers by the side and each head show a face of fear. Even Gus, Chloe, Anna, and Nancy are involved along with her old boss Mandy and Anna's boss.

"Good god! What is this?", asked Riley.

"Just my way of packing heads before departed to my Utopian city. This machine is also powered by these heads, but they won't be harmed.", said Dr. Mitchell.

"You won't get away with this!", said Riley.

As a rebel for Freedom of Attachment, Riley manages to be agile and fast to got after Dr. Mitchell as she fired a bunch of lasers at her. Stella hid, but ended up getting her head taken away and ended up in one of these containers.

Riley was distracted and tripped, but almost got shot She then had to use the Headinator without getting herself killed first as she dodged lasers and activates the tank like robot body.

Riley threw her head onto the machine and is ready for battle. Chloe's head saw this and looked really grumpy that Riley is using her stuff.

"That's mine!", cried Chloe's head in a container from afar.

"Sorry!", said Riley.

Riley then starts her final battle against Dr. Mitchell with her giant robot body.
“Look, doc,” Riley said. “We don’t have to do this.”

“I have made my decision,” Dr. Mitchell said. The entire room then turned into a giant robot which made the Headinator look like a mere ant. Her head popped from the top of the machine.

Riley gulped before starting her attack. But Dr. Mitchell’s giant robot body dodged all of the Headinator’s punches and kicks. And when Riley found a weak spot on the robot, it was immediately blocked by one of the heads used to power it. Riley could not hurt an innocent head just to take Dr. Mitchell down. Thus, she received many attacks from Dr. Mitchell’s giant machine body.

Eventually the Headinator was lying on the ground, with very little power left. “Surrender now,” Dr. Mitchell said, “and you will be in a world of pure bodiless bliss.”

“Never!” Riley yelled back.

“Stubborn, aren’t we? Well, then, I already have more than enough heads to complete my plan. Prepare to be a lone head.” Dr. Mitchell was about to step on the Headinator, which would completely destroy the metallic body and leave Riley with no body, whether human or metal, at all.

But just then, a huge army of headless bodies stopped Dr. Mitchell from doing so. “Ella, is that you?” Riley said, recognizing her boss’s body.

“Ho ho ho!” Dr. Mitchell laughed. “You honestly think that you pathetic carbon-based bodies can stop me? I have the power of almost every head! What can you possibly do?”

All of the bodies actually stood on top of each other, making an incredibly huge body made of smaller bodies. They made Riley their official head. And they stood even bigger than Dr. Wendy Mitchell’s robotic body.

Dr. Mitchell, looking up to the machine made of bodies, blurted out, “Oh, sh-“
"-it", said Dr. Mitchell.

The amount of bodies outweigh the size of Dr. Mitchell's robot and they all landed on her. The weight ended up crushing the machine into a bunch of spare parts. The heads that were captured had their bodies running to them and tucking them under their arms.

Dr. Mitchell's head apparently landed next to Riley's head and they seemed to be the only ones without a body. The Doctor glared at Riley who just gave a smile. Riley then was carried by Gus who had his head on a male body.

"Ooo. You finally got a body that matches your gender.", said Riley's head.

"Well the old body ditched me and this one was nice enough to retrieve me.", said Gus.

Anna and Chloe approached to Riley with their heads on their respective bodies. Not their original, but the ones that they are occupying.

"You owe me a new headinator!", said Chloe.

"I only did that to save you, princess.", said Riley's head.

"She's right.", said Anna, "Since we defeated Dr. Mitchell, I manage to quickly find the machine that helps heads attach to bodies and make it for free and permanent!"

"That's my Anna!", said Riley's head, "That bitch had it coming."

"I can still hear you,", said Dr. Mitchell's head.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about her. Let's see her get arrested!", said Riley's head.

"You don't understand! I'm only trying to help you all.", said the doctor.

"You should really get it in your head that some people prefer to have a choice instead of being forced. How will you like it if I forced you to like bodies?", said Riley's head.

The doctor's head was left speechless. The police came and retrieve the head for head napping people. Her head was stored in a jar and was whisked away in a car to jail.

Meanwhile, Stella's head was resting on the ground and saw Ella, her body. The blue haired girl was happy to see her body again as she was picked up again.

"Ella, honey! I'm so glad to see you.", said Stella's head, "I'm fine daring and I see that your healthy."

The body patted her head and walked to her employee Riley who was chatting with her friends.

"You did it Riley!", said Stella, "Now me and Ella can be together peacefully."

"I'm glad to help.", said Riley.

"What will you do now?", asked Stella.

"Well, just live my life I guess.", said Riley.

The whole mess was cleaned up as everyone can now be attached to their heads for free. Most people would stay attached while others will take off their head for fun.

Chloe is showed often to carry her head around because she's used to it. She is however forced to go back to school since she never finish her education. At least Mandy, her boss, let's her keep her job part time. Also the Maid's Paradise Cafe have the maids with heads on or off.

Gus still works at the school as a janitor, but his relationship with Nancy grew closer. They are still thinking about what to do next afterwards in life. If they do have sex, they would do both body and head sex.

Anna is still the boss, only with her head on. Though she does take it off if she needs a break, on some occasions while working, or sometimes at home. Either way, things are great for her.

As for Riley, she is stuck as a head. Without a Floater, she is practically useless, but continues her career as a head model. Stella, her boss, does help carry her around and doesn't mind at all. Even if bodies offer themselves to them, Riley refuses to have any bodies since that moment in her life that traumatized her.

Everyone is getting used to the fact that they can be attached for free. Other than that, they can now freely attach and detached their heads. This is a world of detaching heads.

And we now continue our story with what happens with the lives of our heroes.

The morning starts off with Anna carrying her head and Riley's head to the table for breakfast. Chloe is up with her head on the table and her body feeding her. Gus is pretty much cooking the meal.

The four friends are eating all the breakfast that Gus made: pancakes, toast, eggs, bacon and sausage. “Wow, Gus,” Riley says, “this food isn’t bad.”

“It’s delicious!” Anna says.

“Thank you,” Gus says. “Nancy has been giving me cooking lessons.”

“What’s the secret, Mr. Gus?” Chloe, now acting her age, asks.


Riley stares at Gus. “You’re just trolling us, aren’t you?” Riley asks.

“Hey, I learned the art of trolling from you girls,” Gus says smugly.


After breakfast, the four enters two cars. Yes, they bought a new car since there was no more cost on body time. Gus and Chloe use the new car, while Anna and Riley uses the old one. Gus drives Chloe to the school, where Gus works at and Chloe attends class at. Meanwhile, Anna drives Riley to the head studio to drop off Riley, before heading to her accounting job.

At the school, Chloe is near the head of her class, despite previously not going to school for years. In addition, she is polite and friendly, earning her the nickname “teacher’s pet”.

After school is out, Chloe is about to tell Gus that she is done, but she spots him making out with principal Nancy. She does not say anything and just lets the two lovebirds have their moment. She returns to the playground to play until the two stop.

Back at Anna’s office, she is enjoying being the head of the company. In fact, she even places her head on a trophy mount on one of the walls, while her body continues working. Whenever people come in and see her, they usually roll their eyes at her pun of being the “head of the company”.

Back at the head studio, Riley is modeling. When she is done, Stella then models her head while Ella is holding onto Riley’s head.

After Stella is done modeling, she asks Riley, “Would you like to be attached to Ella?”

“No, thank you,” Riley says.

“Come on, Riley. Ella doesn’t mind.”

“I’d feel guilty about stealing Ella from you.”

“It isn’t stealing, Riley. Think of it as a gesture.”

“Still, I’d rather not.”

“Weren’t you the leader of a rebellion group before?”

Riley sighs. “Okay, you got me. Ella, put me on.” Ella places Riley’s head onto her.

“So how does it feel, Riley?” Stella asks.

Riley overlooks the body that her head is now attached to. She picks Stella up and tells her, “It feels pretty good.”

“See, Riley? It doesn’t feel too bad having a body.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Riley then does not say anything as she continues looking down.

“You can take your head off if you’re too uncomfortable,” Stella reminds her.

“Oh, right.” Riley pulls her head off and places her next to Stella’s head. Ella then pets both heads.
"You really are not into having a body anymore.", asked Stella's head.

"Yep. That old lady's body really did scar me for life.", said Riley's head.

"Well that's just you then.", said Stella's head.

"If you think about it. Things really have changed. Everyone is living a normal life with a detach head in a mix.", said Riley, "Chloe was able to be a kid again, Anna got a good career, and Gus found himself a girl."

"What do you have?", asked Stella's head.

"I have them.", said Riley's head.

"Aw, that's so cute.", said Stella's head.

"You know I'm also grateful for working with you.", said Riley's head.

"Me too. Most girls I work with usually leave me for bigger projects. I'm glad you stayed longer than them.", said Stella's head.

"I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon because I don't feel like it.", said Riley's head.

"Don't use me as an excuse to stay.", said Stella's head.

"I'm not. I just want to enjoy whatever life has to offer and what I have. If I had to leave, it just depends, but I don't think that I'll be leaving anytime soon.", said Riley's head.

"I see.", said Stella's head.

Anna came to pick up Riley's head, "Riley, I'm here.".

"Well I have to go for now. See ya tomorrow.", said Riley's head.

"You too.", said Stella's head.

Anna picked the head of her friend and went to the car. The two just talked on they way home about the same thing Riley mentioned to Stella. The two finally got to the house in time for dinner. Things has gotten better after all this time.

You could say that they they lived happily ever after.

The End!

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