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Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep
in loving memory
Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

                         Mary Elizabeth Frye

White dove left                    White dove right

Sooner or later, each of us will experience that dagger in the heart called grief. Dealing with grief is a challenge like no other. How can you pick up the pieces, heal the wounds, and move on without feeling like you're betraying the memory of your loved one? Everyone is doing it different but only writers are doing it the same. Writers...write. This is a poetry collection of friends of mine who had been dealing or they are still dealing with loss of dearest people. Whether it is your parents that you lost, your grandparents, your child or best friend it doesn't matter. If it pains you enough to produce words feel free to add it to this campfire.

Simply write your poem whenever is your turn to do so. I will be accepting the old poems from your portfolio also as long as they follow main rules from bellow. I will not be accepting fictional poetry because I want to make this place as real as possible. Here you share your real grief every time you feel that pressure in your chest and when you want to release words that stuck in your head about someone who is not with us anymore.


*Rain* You can write poems in any form, any length and any rhyme scheme

*Rain* Please keep the content rating no higher than 13+

*Rain* You can use different fonts, colors and other WritingML tools to write your poetry

*Rain* If you are submitting a poem that is previously written please DO NOT submit it as bitem link, just copy/paste it

*Rain* WdC campfire system will notify you when is your turn. I won't be pushing you to write but keep in mind the other members

*Rain* You don't need to write right away when you get email notification and you can keep your turn for a longer period of time even a whole month or two. I don't want the other members feel pressure to write and keep skipping when it's their turn. Since I am a leader of the campfire, if I think you're keeping the turn for a really long time I can change that in my settings. Please don't push anyone to write or keep skipping turn if they are not ready

*Rain* I am not planning to ever close this campfire but I am aware that you can't write these kind of poems all the time and I'm fine with it. Just write when it feels right.

*Rain* Since I am a leader I'm able to remove you if you wish to, I can edit your poems if you spot mistakes after submission

*Rain* I will award you with MBes from time to time, depend on your contribution to the campfire itself.

*Rain* Please take time to read poems of the other members who participate in this campfire with you.

Note*- If you wish to be part of this campfire feel free to email me. The only thing I will require from you is that you need to be a person who lost someone in her life. As I said above, I won't be accepting fictional poetry. Thank you for understanding.

List of the members who participate

Special thanks goes to ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy for beautiful awardIcon that graces this page
Best campfire honorable mention in "The Quill Awards-2016.
There are times when
through the fog I can see you. Though, fading away
like a rose at cold winter, carrying with you
the last breath that I breathe.
Despite you I'm intoxicated, crying out
saint blood of my suffering. Desire to keep
you closer, admire your beauty.
How long does it takes
to breathe again another being?
Forever? Never? Time will heal?
I wish you're here, it's almost May
but you were just too pure for here to stay.


Friend, Neighbor, Mother, Wife
Too quickly you did go,
Leaving behind those who needed you,
Questions left unanswered.

May you find peace wherever
You now travel,
May the hurts fade with time.
You never gave a reason

For leaving us so soon.
Without warning, that was seen
Until it was too late.
I pray that the Angels comfort you

As you found no comfort here.
I come to my place of solace
But I find no comfort here
For the wind can’t blow away my heartache
And the waves can’t dry my tears

I struggle through life, but it’s all for naught
For the one that I’ve lost is all I want
Just to see her beautiful smile again
And hear her softly call my name

This amazing soul that was given to me
Is now from my life forever gone
She filled my heart with things beyond belief
And now I am left alone

My heart is now crushed, my life is a blur
The beauty I’ve seen has grown cold
But I would not trade a single moment with her
For anything else in this world

When she left me, my soul was torn away
Leaving me an empty shell
My body now longs for it’s dying day
When it finally leaves this hell

For that’s what each moment has come to be
Away from the one I love most
I constantly I long for, and can’t wait to see
My love in the heavenly host
You weren't supposed to happen
But then you were there,
No place to go, but you
Began to grow.
Under my heart,
But not where you're supposed to be;
Nothing could be done.
And then you were gone,
Just like that
As if you never existed.
But in such a short time,
I loved you anyway,
And even gave you a name.
Perhaps one day we shall meet,
And then I can hug you for eternity.
His absence in all photos of us four
while seventy years have passed
and left a space of sorrow
in our hearts for he never lived
even a year back in forty-two,
so long ago. He led the way
for father, mother, sister, brother
and waits with them over there
for me and little brother to share.

My mind wonders what difference
his would have made in our lives
if he had trailed behind in family,
living, learning, finding success
in this world we could not share
on playgrounds, at home, all days
celebrating family love and joy
along with grief and sadness known
if death had stayed away all along.

In memory of Donald Gene,
dead at seven months.

White dove left                    White dove right

Deceased Member

As each day passes, I start to grieve
Oh Daddy, why did you have to leave?

I feel so alone without you here
I am so lost in sadness and fear

I wanted to say goodbye to you
Yet you left the way you wanted to

Did not want me to see you in pain
Another angel heaven did gain

You are always with me in my heart
We will never be truly apart

Fly high Daddy, and watch over me
By my side is where you'll always be

I’ll never forget that shattering day
when the doctors called you to them and said
they made a mistake.
You were so brave,
whilst I fell to pieces,
you smiled and joked
right up to the end, when
you asked me to look after Mum
(Always your priority)
And I watched
whilst you slowly disappeared;
sense by sense,
you became frail,
from being so strong.
Your legs that once
taught others how to dance
were unable to perform the simple task of
holding you.
In the end, Dad,
I held your hand
as you slipped
from this life to another.
It tore my heart
into thousands of
tiny pieces,
each filled with a different
ache for you.
But I am putting me back together,
I feel honoured to have loved you;
You weren’t perfect,
but you were my Dad
and I miss you

Heaven's choir is singing today
for a soul that has entered in.
The angel choir begins to play;
Heaven's guest rewards with a grin.

The first notes from a beautiful flute
fills the air with a sweet melody.
Soon it is joined by a lovely lute,
who's harmony is heard readily.

Final notes come from the angel's harp,
the centerpiece of heaven's sweet song.
Can you hear as they welcome with arms
open wide, where our friend now belongs.
White dove left                    White dove right

Deceased Member

Losing you has been so hard
each day spent replaying
the memories locked in my mind

Knowing you are gone is painful
my heart breaks more everyday
longing for one more day with you

I know you are no longer suffering
and for that I am so glad
yet the tears won't stop flowing

I know that life will carry on without you
with an empty place in my heart
wishing you were still here Dad

A wonderful grand lady,
Opinionated, yet loving;
Feisty, yet kind,
She loved her soap-operas
and her armchair naps.
I'll never forget you,
What you taught,
And the example
You set for my sisters
and me.
Could you ever feel the last hug? Or the last grip?
Or see the last sparkles in the eyes of love
before you let it slip?

Have you ever wrote the last poem? Or sang a song
about someone who touched your heart,
been there forever yet not so long?

Did you ever imagine pain so deep inside
and never had a words, not a single one
to help you to describe?

Do you remember the windy season
when without any reason
you've been caught up on cold wind
that didn't keep you flying even your body was thinned?

Do you remember soothing thoughts
when seemed appropriate to dream shots;
sparkling scars on bare skin
satisfied face lost in grin?

My rhymes are crooked, I can't write a poem
nor sing a song
about someone who is not here for so long.

But, there's a place of beauty and worth;
the same place that push me forth.


> In Loving Memory Of Lonnie S. Brannon
> Son, Brother, Husband, Uncle, Father, Grandfather and Friend
> Now you lay me down to rest,
> I pray to the Lord for my soul he so blessed.
> For I have died and he holds me tight,
> The Angels watched over me all through the night,
> I awake with them in the mornings light.
> My Spirit will grow with every rain and snow,
> As long as life continues, I know.
> My Life was filled with Love and Friendships,
> And many happy days of good fishing trips.
> I will always be here to comfort your needs,
> Until we meet again when you've finished your deeds.
> I may not have said I Love You enough before I got here.
> But I want you to know my silence was dear.
> Have no worries and no sorrows,
> Just happy memories of all your tomorrows.
> By: DW His daughter 3 / 9/ 2015
She stood five-foot all,
Stretched on tiptoes tall;
Diminutive was our Mom.

Brown curls on her crown,
Oft wearing a frown;
Worried always was our Mom.

Her checked impatience
Might spell trouble hence;
Frustrated then was our Mom.

In stormy weather,
For love together,
Caring with Dad was our Mom.

Her kitchen, our home;
Recipes – a tome!
Inventive cook was our Mom.

Her wiles and her wit,
Stories - all a hit;
Inspired writer was our Mom.

Her speckled eyes smiled;
Strong faith was her style;
Loving and kind was our Mom.

Deep in heaven’s depths,
From slumber she wrests
To instigate – oh dear - MOM!
My Sweet Grams

It's been almost a year
since my sweet grams passed away.
And though I've cried many tears,
she'd tell me to dry my eyes.

Early on, I mimicked her,
and picked flowers and berries with her.
Once as a baby, I was badly burned.
She pulled a pan from the stove
she didn't know
I stood behind her.
And after the spill, she fell
to the floor and cried.
But I was alright soon enough.

I could never keep much distance
between us. I watched
everything she did, and I learned
how to be a lady
how to follow the Lord,
and how to be kind to others.

Grandma could play marbles
and bake goodies at the same time.
And when she and grandpa traveled,
why, I was with them on several rides.
Those were the good years,
before we moved away.
But that didn't keep my grandma at bay.
She and grandpa would come and stay
awhile at our new home in the south.
And we would visit them too,
but it just wasn't the same.

In one final confession, I'm sad to say,
I let life and turmoil get in the way of
calling and writing her as I should have.
But she forgave me, and in those last years,
I stayed with them as much as I could.
I was there when she passed.
I wrote her eulogy.
I gave it in front of family and friends,
and tried not cry, but I had died
a little inside. Until I sang
about her longing for her heavenly home,
and the tears... they were for me.

But my sweet Grams... I miss her so.

A Walk by Michaelk2

My love is in prison, she cannot get out
I visit her, morn, noon, and night
“This is injustice!” I just want to shout
She’s done no crime, but is sentenced to life

Trapped in a body, that’s sickly and frail
Her soul is so strong and kind
She never complains about her fleshly jail
She’ll smile and say “I don’t mind”

I catch glimpses of the pain with which she deals
And it crushes my heart to see
I know that some freedom she just wants to feel
But her body won’t let her be free

To go for a walk, is all she desires
A simple request, to most
But the pain, against her body, conspires
And I beg of her “Please don’t go”

I strive to protect her, to keep her from harm
But I don’t want to hurt her pride
She smiles at me, takes my arm
And gently leads me outside

We take it slowly, one step at a time
And we talk as soul mates do
I worry about her, she says she’s fine
But I know that those words aren’t true

She smiles at me, I smile back
And my pain and fear subside
Then I open my eyes, and my pillow stares back
And I cry and cry and cry
White dove left                    White dove right

Deceased Member

I can still hear your voice
it echos in my mind
Your laugh I hear
through memories
I can feel your hugs
deep in my soul
Your love lives always
within my heart
I can't stop missing you
every single day
I know your still here
I feel your presence
Beside me forever
is where you stay
Watching over me
each step I take
I love you Daddy
rest in peace

Letting Go

I sit next to the
sterile hospital bed and
wonder how she got this ill,
how I never noticed,
I was supposed to look after her.
I watch as the angry mask
furiously forces air into her lungs,
her body slamming into the bed
with every blast.
I hold her lifeless hand
and trace the misshapen
fingers and thumbs;
memories cascade before my eyes,
I am a grown-up child again,
five years old, taking care of my mum,
my precious responsibility,
but I was selfish,
all I wanted was a mum
who could play, run with me, lift me, hold me.
None of that matters now,
I just want a mum who can hear me, speak to me
but I know I’ll never have that again,
so I turn to the doctor and
and the mask is removed,
the machines switched off.
I’m terrified as I watch her breaths,
almost imperceptible,
gradually fade to nothing;
she is still,
pain free,
and I am broken.
I look to her face,
in her very last breath
she has smiled,
and I know she has seen my dad,
the love of her life,
they are reunited in death,
and this comforts my shattered
Eternal rest, shall it be found
From night's awful gloom?
I cannot help but hear the sound;
Fear and death do loom.

I want to say there is cause
To put away the tears;
That sadness shall surely pause,
And cast away my fears.

Shall I trust in Thee dear Lord;
To put away my grief?
Jordan's River, shall I ford,
And stain of death be brief?

Saying yes, as I pray,
To Thee and Thee alone;
My heart shall no longer stray,
Quiet seeds of peace now sown.
Last night I almost passed away. Again.
I've been pulled back to Earth life,
and I heard whispers in the moonlight
that said I'm not ready for eternity.

I don't know which one was worse-
cognition that I'm at the beginning again
or nothingness on the other side.
I'm dead either way.

Tears are still salty and warm,
road is paved with thorns and ashes
and grief, like a missing piece of puzzle,
adjust itself into every gap.


Dying in sleep is the most peaceful ways to die. No pain, no torture. An angels come and pick you up, carrying you over and sometimes they stumble on stars and drop a body. That's when you wake up, feeling like you're falling down the stairs.
Grief is not sudden, overwhelming sadness. It is not something that you can move on from. It's the element of you. Grief is you and you are grief.

Within the quiet of this morn
Hums an oxygen tank forlorn;
Deafening is the silence which
Envelops me in timeless bliss.

Resting here in my brother’s chair,
Nestled in a deep brown lair;
I listen for his footfalls now;
But only hear a cat’s meow.

His laughter I no more will hear;
From my eyes drips a silent tear.
Misty vision dulls my sight
And hides from me today’s sunlight.

This loss brings comfort knowing that
His hard journey is over at last.
But for me I fill the void within by
Silently drowning in oxygen.

In silence deep I wrestle with my loss,
As denial rules the day.
My heart refuses to grasp just how
My little brother slipped away.


2015 Quills Nominee [#2083213]
         Silent Memories

         Memories that I have found,
         Like watching silent movies, I am fearing.
         Images, no sound,
         Watching laughter, but not hearing.

         Silent laughter slowly dying.
         Silent eyes seem to find me.
         Silent sadness as if he knows me.
         Silent tears begin to blind me.

*Cross1* Written in memory of my brother Philip, 1976-1978. *Cross1*
It's Mother's Day in the UK on Sunday (26th March) and then on 7th April, it will be five years since Mum died. So she's been on my mind pretty much all the time lately. I still miss her so much. She was the kindest, gentlest, most selfless person I ever knew, and she left my heart shattered when she died. This is a poem I wrote about her last year.

She's Gone

~ and then I remember
she’s gone
and this
train of happiness
speeds away from my station
(that is all live wires
and humming)
my head,
otherwise vacant,
as the
memory of love
right out of the
town of me,
I take down the flags
and pack her

~ and then I remember
and the wash of wasted moments
rushes my void
drowning me in its
softly salted sorrow,
but how do you live
your mother?
how do you dry your
without her lavender
rolled to a point and licked
for good measure?

There’s no
for this
there’s no respite
for this
she’s gone
and taken with her
the flower-scented hugs
that made you
when the world was not,
her touch ~
gentle ~
the sparkles in her eyes;
they are gone

and somehow I am still
although there are times
my breaths almost
when I think of her smile, of
her fingers,
gnarled and painful,
in my mind I hug her
one last time,
I cling to her bones,
savour the warmth of her
on the top of my

~ but then I remember
she’s gone
and the picture of mother and
taking with it her
She’s gone
she’s gone...

until I look in the mirror

I don't know why
but I think of you;
more than I likely should,
especially this month.
May 17th. A whole year.

It isn't like we were really close!
I guess it was the
potential to be close;
cause we had a mutual
admiration club forming, in truth.

And I never want to feign
more than we were,
for there were those
who knew you so well
(and in real life, too).

Maybe it just SUCKS so, so
very much, because...
you weren't even forty!
Since you had kids!
And were soon to be married!

I guess in the end
it doesn't matter WHY
I mourn you-- I just do.
Perhaps we knew one another
from Before? Up 'there'. . . .

for Jen Jen

I remember when I first began to read Jen Jen's poetry, and I was like, I cannot read for the colors, lol! She didn't take offense, nor did she change em *Laugh* I think she was a very strong person, despite her physical issues. And so funny! VERY funny. . .



As I say goodbye for the last time
tears of him come unbidden.
to the one I called daddy
i thought would live forever.
i remember the soft touch
of his rugged hands.
the scent of old spice
clinging in the air
my heart still mourns for him
but happy thoughts they be
when I'm sick or forlorn
he sits and holds my hand
he is singing
"Down in the Valley"
As the years pass by
I still think of him.
watching over
his baker's dozen
in exception of the three
who reside with him
in heaven


"Our Baby's Secret "

I am your little baby
Who didn't quite make it there;
I went straight to be with Jesus,
And I'm waiting for you there.
Don't fret about me, Mommy,
I am now one of God's lambs most blessed;
I wish I could have stayed there with you,
But the Shepherd knows what's best.
Many others are dwelling here where I am,
Waiting years to enter in;
Some struggled through a world of sorrow,
And their lives were marked with sin.
So sweet Mommy, don't you sorrow
Wipe your tears and chase your heart within.
I went straight to be with Jesus
From my lovely Mother's womb, I was in.

Thank you for the life you gave me,
It was brief but, don't complain,
I have all of Heavens Glory
Suffered none of the earth's pain.
Thank you for the name you gave me
I'd have loved to bring it fame;
But if I had lingered in earth's shadows,
I may have instead brought it shame.
Daddy gave me something for you,
It's our secret, Mommy dear.
He kissed me on my forehead
Then he whispered it in my ear.
I'll be waiting for you, Mommy and Daddy;
I'll be with you then forever,
then will we live my secret here.

I'll be waiting...to give you a Big hug.👼
In memory of my firstborn, Jared...
9 ~ 9 ~ 1987

Our Baby's Secret  (E)
A poem from our baby in Heaven... He didn't want us to worry. 👼🏻
#2125661 by Sewcrazy Again 🤗

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