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by Alex
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My opinions on time and its uses.
[Introduction] Time, what a weird thing, one second you could be humming the next second you could singing. Time, what a weird thing, one minute you could be laughing and the next minute you could be crying your eyes out. Time, what a weird thing, on hour you could be standing in the middle of a forest and the next hour you could be wading in a sun glared stream. Time, what a weird thing, one day could go by before you realize what you are doing with your life. Whether it be loving, envying, dancing, reading, or putting all your faith into one dream the size of a seedling, one day has gone by. Don’t waste this peculiar concept for it is the start and end of every life and decision ever made. Don’t sit and stare into a black cat’s eyes wondering if it has a soul, don’t pick at the food you’ve already consumed, and don’t release a crow that can’t fly. Spend your time walking a path that leads to water and filling your heart with sweet memories. For using the clicks of the clock to your advantage leads to a smile on a girl’s face or a faster beat in a joyful heart. Don’t worry how many minutes you have in your hand, but blow them out with a steady breath. Always devote your seconds to being in the presence of brighter tomorrow and a loving hand. Bring in light, push away evil stroken clouds, and have a smile in front of your face. Time travels fast when you do these things. Time, oh time, what a weird thing.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/2080075-Time