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The 3 words used to inspire my story are publicity, parish and mermaid. Yes, it's random
[Introduction] publicity parish mermaid

It was chaos at the church. Sure there was news of a mermaid sighting, but so what? It was my birthday last week, and no one seemed as excited about that. Posters and flyers decorated the parish hall, making the place of worship look more like your average Tesco. Our parish was one of the lasts surviving ones in the area. Most churches nowadays were unused, with more and more people turning towards modernism, and 'science' for answers. Slowly, over the years, bit by bit, these churches began to crumble away like dust scattered around tired, idle cars.

I sighed. Obviously people in this town were getting stupider by the minute. Amidst all the excitement and clatter over the new 'sighting' last week, people seem to have forgotten that it was also Hallowe'en last week, So of course there was a mermaid. There was a witch too, not that anyone is turning over tables for that.

I looked around for my mother, eager to get out of this decrepit old building. More than likely she was going around trying to spread the word and inform others of her knowledgeable opinion over this 'sighting'.

I stood up and began to pack my things, slowly putting everything in my backpack until I was sure had nothing else left behind.

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