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Play an Anthropomorphic Animal on the Fantasy World of Dárdünah
The game takes place on Dárdünah, a unique, crystalline planet orbited by three moons and two suns. Albeit some ancient force cracked the planet at its very core and thus separated entire continents by deep, insurmountable chasms, the world appears to be largely stable. Dárdünah is also called The World of the False Dawn. This is because due to the configuration of the planet's suns, the real dawn of the amber sun Lokáynü is preceded by the gloomy, blue dawn of the holy sun Edü.

Metal deposits are mostly absent from this world, existing only in trace quantities and thus most objects are being fashioned out of wood, chitin, a special tree sap called Amber and of course, the ever-present crystals. These crystals however sometimes possess wondrous qualities. They can be treated with chemistry, magic or other techniques to suit many needs such as to form blades as hard, if not harder than conventional metals.

There are no humans on Dárdünah. Instead, the world is inhabited by a plethora of anthropomorphic races (more than ~90 types so far, 90 more being delivered with the next book Magic & Martial Arts) including Vajrah (mammals), Paksin (avians), and Sarpah (reptiles) with many different animal abilities such as Natural Weaponry, Flight, Venom, Thermal Sensing or Nightvision.
The setting substitutes many ordinary animals with exotic insectoid counterparts, called Suthra and many other alien creatures. There is also many examples of strange and dangerous plant life.

Rather then try to explain it myself,I copy and pasted this explanation from the website,but you play a character in this half Arabian Knights/Half Dark Crystal Setting you can play either a Bird (Paksin) A Reptile or Amphibian (Sarpah) Or Mammal (Vajrah) The only exception to this rule is you can't play aWhale or Dolphin as those don't exist in this world But any modern Mammal, Bird or Reptile you can play
My Character
Name: Amber
Sex: Female
Species: Box Turtle
Occupation: Disciple About to become a Priestess
Personality: Hard working, dedicated to her studies also something of a Know-It-All
Bio-Amber's name comes from the fact her Mother, whom she takes after was the daughter of an Amber Artisan while her Father who is an Common Snapping Turtle works as a Tabbocoist maker of fine cigarettes and cigars, Amber hates the smell of Tobacco and eagerly became a Disciple of the Holy Order just to get away from the smoke, As a Priestess in Training, Amber is very knowledgeable about the Lore of this world and will gladly show off her knowledge of it, as a Disciple, not a full fledged Priestess she is still considered a Member of the Trade Caste (Which is the same as the Middle Class or Gentry)
My Character

Name: William

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Occupation: Warrior-Mercenary-Bodyguard

Personality: Loyal. Friendly with friends, and paid women. Ruthless towards enemies. Business-like when dealing with clients.

Bio- William is a warrior trained in various weapons, and unarmed techniques, varying from simple and mundane, to difficult and complicated. The reason for this is simple - "If all you have is a stick, you'd better know how to shove it down your foe's throat, so that you can distract him long enough to steal his knife, and stab him in the guts," as his instructor taught him. He favors a sword and knife combination, with some hand-to-hand techniques as needed. He dislikes using ranged weapons, as he believes them to be unsporting, but this does not stop him from using them, and he's very good with them, though he prefers that his foe be given a running head start, before slaying them, one way or another. As for the weapons he can use, it's easier to figure out what he can't use. Funny thing is, that would be regular sticks less than a foot in length - he prefers to sharpen them, or add a weight on the end, to make them more effective. Anything else, he picks up real quick. As for being a mercenary, and a bodyguard, there's money in killing people trying to kill those who have hired you to protect them, and it pays to keep the one paying you alive.
My Character

Name: Groin

Sex: Male

Species: Lion

Occupation: mercenary, wanderer, adventurer, opportunist

Personality: Grumpy, bitter, arrogant, but sometimes mellow

Bio: Groin was once a great warrior in the forces of a distant king. He rose to the rank of general. But he and his army were eventually defeated and the kingdom was lost. After nine years in an enemy prison, Groin escaped, no longer the man he once was. Old now, but still with a fiery spirit, he sells his services wherever he can, wandering from kingdom to kingdom, his name still remembered by some, but fewer as the years go by.

Skills: He once wore heavy armor and double swords while carrying a spear, but he can no longer carry such a heavy load. Now his armor is minimal, just some leather padding, and he carries only one sword and a dagger. He also has a few tricks in his backpack along with a well-worn copy of "Strategies For Successful Combat" by the great warrior Tennebac.
My Character

Name: Hector

Sex: Male

Species: Rabbit

Occupation: Medic

Personality: Helpful and selfless.

Bio: His family background is quite complicated. His father's a carrot farmer while his mother is a registered nurse at a local clinic. At his father's vision, the males in the family should help in the gardens while the females should pursue the art of medicine. When Hector chose to be a doctor, his father wasn't too happy about it and pleaded him to change his mind. So his mother and father talked about it and in the end, his mother got him into a university with a degree in the healing arts and after 4 years 'and a disappointed father' he graduated.

Skills: He studied every known injuries and diseases along with their ailments, he is a brilliant surgeon and he can prescribe his patients with suitable medicine from the common cold to diabetes.
In the Northern Sarpah lands where the Scaled Folk roam, Amber was in her room studying when one of the Priests, a Magnificent Black Cobra entered.

"Brother Slannesh!" Exclaimed Amber "What can I do for you Holy One?"

"I have been granted a vision." Said Brother Slannesh, "A vision unlike anything I have seen before...We are going to be invaded Diseple Amber,by being totally unlike ourselves."
William stood by his employer, a white peacock named Shinzo. Shinzo was listening to a farmer, who was trying to explain why he didn't have the money needed to pay his taxes.

William's facial expression on the outside remained impassive, unchanging, and unyielding. On the inside, he frowned, and nodded in agreement. It had been a bad growing season, for several years actually. Some farmers were lucky to get just what they needed to last the rest of the year. However, Shinzo wasn't the type who bought this as a justifiable reason to not pay taxes.

The peacock looked at his wing feathers. "Kill him, burn his home, and banish his family."

William moved towards the farmer, who was a pig.

The farmer started blubbering. "Please, don't! My mother is sick, and my wife is pregnant, and my father is unable to-"

However, William hit him on the head, knocking him out. He then grabbed the farmer by the shirt collar, and began to drag him.

"Taking him out to the field?" Shinzo asked.

"Yes, I know how you hate for there to be a mess on your carpet," said William, as he grabbed a shovel.

"Good," said Shinzo. "I expect to see his grave, his house burned down, and his family is to be gone by morning."

"Yes," said William.

A while later, the farmer awoke to hear a terrifying sound; a shovel moving earth. He turned his head, and saw the Lord's Hired Executioner digging a hole. "Please, don't kill me!" he begged.

William stopped, and looked at the pig. "Why do you think I'm going to kill you?"

The farmer blinked. "You're not going to kill me?"

"Not unless you decide to fight me," said William, as he resumed digging.

"But, why are you digging a hole?"

Lord Shinzo expects to see a grave," said William. "I did not tell him that you would be in it. He expects your house to be burned, but I did not tell him I'd give you time to pack what you need. He expects your family to be gone, I did not tell him that I'd give you money and tell you to go to the Traveler's Temple, or the Blue Horse Inn over in Sherloin."

"Why are you doing this; defying Lord Shinzo?" the farmer asked.

"I was hired to protect him from assassins, not kill defenseless farmers who can't pay their taxes," said William. "Now, get going. I'll be by your hut in an hour. Do try your best to be gone when I get there to burn the place to the ground; I hate to explain why I dug your grave here, but roasted you in your home instead."

"But, won't he wonder if I'm buried in that hole?" the farmer asked.

William grinned. "He's never doubted me before." He pointed at a row of nameless markers, easily a dozen, or more. "He hates to get his hands dirty."

The farmer looked at him. "You never killed any of them?"

"You'd be surprised at how grateful people can be when you spare their lives, and give them some money," said William as he tossed a small pouch at the pig. "Now get going."

The farmer opened the pouch, and his eyes widened. "But, this is-"

"Enough to get you to a new place, and buy you a new farm," said William. "Get going."

The farmer smiled, and nodded. "Bless you." He then began moving as fast as he could.

William sighed, as he kept digging. One day, he'd slip up, and an assassin would kill Shinzo. Until then however, he would bide his time, and save who he could. He looked at the upper window, beyond which was Shinzo's bedroom. He'd love to be the one to stick the dagger between Shinzo's ribs, but folks wouldn't hire a mercenary-bodyguard who killed the one he was hired to protect. Of course, once the peacock was dead, he'd have no issues shifting his loyalty to a new employer. If only there was someone good enough to get past him, and do the deed.

"If only," he muttered. "If only."
Near the little makeshift graveyard where William was digging a new grave, there was a thick clump of shrubbery. Inside the shrubbery, Groin the lion sat in stealth mode listening to every word. It was always his practice when entering new territory to enter quietly and learn as much as he could before announcing himself. From what he heard he liked the heart of this wolf named William.

When William finished with the fake grave he was digging he lay down the shovel and wiped his hands. "Well," he said, "Are you going to remain hiding in the bushes forever?"

Groin stepped out, grinning. "I underestimated your powers of perception."

William laughed. "It's my good nose. You stink as only someone who has traveled many miles without bathing can stink."

"Very perceptive," Groin said. "Now you know not only that I am a traveler but that I can not afford to stay overnight in nice places taking perfumed baths and sipping tea. I spend my nights on the ground."

"It must be wearying for an old man like you to live like that," William said.

"No, sir, it is invigorating. It's the life I choose. I couldn't help but hear you mutter how you wish an assassin was good enough to take Master Shinzo's life."

"Quiet!" said William, and looked around. "Did I say that out loud? Do me the favor of never repeating it."

"Nevertheless," said Groin. "Give me the name of an enemy of Shinzo and I will offer him my services. Who knows? You might get your wish." Groin smiled in a way that showed his fangs to advantage.

Hector was working at the clinic, helping Ernie Elephant with a burn on his trunk, "Ernie, how many times must I tell you not to touch a stove while it's hot." He says as he applies aloe on his trunk. "I was trying to grab the pot on one of the back burners, I guess I forgot to turn off that front burner." Hector says "Still, that's dangerous. Let me wrap this bandage on it and in a least an hour, the burn should be gone." Hector takes out a roll of bandages and begins wrapping it around the burn area around the trunk, snips the end with a pair of scissors and tapes it. "There you go. Now in the future, be careful around the stove." As Ernie left, the telephone rang. "Hello, Hector speaking."
Slannesh gave Amber a Collection of Scrolls

"I need you to deliver these to the Holy Castes of the Vajrah and Paksin Nations," Said the Cobra

"Why me?!" Asked Amber "I am a mere disciple."

Slannesh sighed

"Ever since the Twilight Wars, the Vajrah and Paksin still look on us Sarpah with suspicion, Snakes in particular are suspect, as a Black Cobra I resemble Nagamissa whom the Feathered Paksin and the Furred Vajrah have renamed 'The Mother of Demons'

The One Exception are the Turtles, Harmless and Herbivorous, of all the Sarpah Turtles are the most tolerated,dare I Say liked among the Paksin and Vajrah, normally I would not entrust such a task onto a mere disciple but you Amber are the most honorable and trustworthy Turtle I have ever met."
William looked at Groin. "Go to the inn in town, and order something to eat and drink, plus a bath, and place it on my tab; claim you're my trainer, you're old enough to have been him. Then ask for a lizard named Sally, because you've been informed by your former student that she's a good whore who knows how to treat a male right. After that, she'll take you to a room with a bed, but do not take the bed, at least at first. Tell her you're looking to join, but do not say what it is you plan to join. She'll get on the bed then. Have your way with her, and she'll pass on instructions about where to go next. Once you get there, if anyone asks you who you are, you tell them that you're a friend of the Lord's Chief Servant. If the person is just an ordinary person, they'll leave you be, but if it's who you're looking for, they'll ask you to follow them."

"Where will they take me?" Groin asked.

William grinned. "The less I know, the less Shinzo can get out of me, in case I'm found out."

Groin nodded. "Useful to know."

"Just one thing, I'll be in the inn in an hour or so, after a good fire that is," said William. "After you take a bath, go to the counter to get your meal and drink. Once I come in, we'll talk about old times, I'll lead, you follow. I'll introduce you to Sally, and then I'll go upstairs; I have business with her, you understand. After that, you meet up with her. Any questions?"

"So, basically, go to the inn, meet up with a whore, meet up with Shinzo's enemies, I think I've got it," said Groin.

"Good," said William. "See you later."

Groin nodded, and slipped away.

A while later, William walked around the inside of a recently abandoned hut. Clothes had been taken, food, some blankets, family heirlooms; anything important. He looked at the bed; shame really, it was nicely made, with intricate carvings of pigs in daily life. Still, which was important, a bed, or one's life? William walked outside, grabbed a burning torch, set fire to the hut's thatch roof, and tossed it inside, where it landed on the bed. He then walked away, as the fire started to blaze away merrily.

He then walked into the inn, where the chattering quieted. He walked up to the counter.

The bartender gulped. "The usual?"

William nodded. He then turned his head, and saw Sally. The lizard was serving some farmers their food and drinks. She then looked at him. He grinned. She gave a slight nod, and started walking toward him, him, when an arm grabbed her's.

"When you gonna serve me, wench?" the owner, a crocodile wearing the uniform of Shinzo's Guards, growled.

"You will be served when your order is ready," Sally said, calmly. "Please let go."

"I wager you're a better whore than you are a server," the guard said. "How about we go up to a room, and we see just how good you are?"

"If you value your life, you'll let go," said Sally.

"Oh, threatening one of Shinzo's Guards," the crocodile said, as he drew a knife. "Perhaps I should skin you alive. Might look better then."

It was then that the crocodile felt something prick the back of his head. "No one touches my whore without my permission."

The guard gulped. "I did not know she was yours, Captain William. I mean, she's been with farmers all day."

"Farmers don't count," William said, with ice in his voice. "They are nothing but dirt, just like you'll be if you touch my whore again without asking me. Look just above the fireplace."

The crocodile, carefully, looked above the fireplace, and saw three heads, staring back at him, with the expressions of the dead.

"That's what happened when three so-called guards tried to touch her at the same time," said William, as he moved his knife, until it was right beside the guard's eye. "Three touches, and they were dead before they knew it. You only touched her once, so I'm going to let you off with a warning."

He then dug the knife in, and sliced a path down to the crocodile's jaw, as the guard screamed, and yelled in pain.

William removed the knife, and cleaned it on the guard's uniform. He then looked at the other guards, who looked at him nervously. "Take him out of here, and clean him up; he's making a mess."

The other guards grabbed their comrade, who had passed out from the pain, and left the inn, heading for the Healer's place.

William looked at the counter, saw Groin there, and nodded. He then grabbed the lizard's arm. "Upstairs, now."

"Yes, Captain."

Once the pair got upstairs, and into the room, William let go of Sally. "Are you alright?"

Sally looked at her arm, and sighed. "I am. Thanks."

"Sorry about the mess downstairs," said William. "I'll pay you extra."

"Reminds me of how we first met," said Sally.

"They called you a thief, and I proved them wrong," said William. "Then they called me a dead wolf, and I proved them wrong."

"And Shinzo gave you the jobs of Captain, Executioner, and Bodyguard, since you killed all three of them," said Sally.

William grinned. "If they were deserving of those jobs, they should of been better at them."

"And you've been our chief informant since then as well," said Sally.

"The lion downstairs is interested in the job of killing Shinzo," said William. "You know who to send him to."

Sally nodded. "I know."

"Good." William gave her a slip of paper. "These are the families currently unable to pay their taxes. See to it that they get out of town within two days, before Shinzo summon's them. Two deaths at a time I might be able to fake, but a dozen, at once, very hard to pull off."

"Is Victor safe?" Sally asked.

William nodded. "On his way to Sherloin."

"Good," said Sally.

"Alright," William said, as he walked up to her. "Now that business is concluded, let's make sure that anyone looking for me gets a good show."

Sally chuckled. "Right."
Groin followed William's instructions exactly. After he had a pleasant hour with Sally, he left the inn and proceeded to the where she had told him. It was a large villa of the type favored by the wealthy. He entered the gate. There were several workers tending the lawns and gardens.

"Hello!" he said to an old manatee pushing a wheelbarrow. "I am a friend of the Lord's Chief Servant."

"Are you now?" said the old manatee. "Follow me then."

(Author's Note: There are no Humans in this world as stated in the intro, the term for the Creatures is Zoics or Jenu)

It was his employer, George Tigre, a tiger "Hector, I have an assignment for you." Hector says "What's the assignment?"
Amber was placed in a Strutha drawn carriage it was going to be a long trip from the Northern Sarpah Lands to the First Stop in the Holy Lands of the Vajrah so Slannesh suggested Amber get some sleep when the sun set.
As Amber slept inside her shell as the carrage moved into the Vajrah lands of the Southeast, some forest bandits mostly made up of Peasents who had been displaced by Shinzo and as they were all Mammals and Birds had no love for Sarpah

"Look." Said one Bandit who was Wild Boar "A Carriage Driven by a Gecko!"

Before Amber knew it, her Carriage came to a screeching halt and there were several Pakisin and Vajrah Bandits wielding torches
Meanwhile, William had reentered Lord Shinzo's palace, where he found the peacock, looking out a window, enjoying a glass of wine.

"Nothing like a fire to warm ones' heart," said Shinzo. "It will encourage the farmers to pay their taxes from now on, lest their own house burns down."

William's face remained impassive. "Yes, sir."

"I saw Grun's face," said Shinzo. "Was it necessary to cut him from the side of his eye down to his jaw?"

"He's lucky he didn't challenge me," said William. "I would have cut his head off."

"All over a whore in the inn?"

"You had me kill a farmer because he couldn't pay his taxes."

"Yes," said Shinzo. "Funny, it was the same whore that cost me my previous Captain, Executioner, and Bodyguard, whose jobs you have."

"They were foolish enough to challenge me," said William. "They should of been better."

"They'd grown soft," said Shinzo. "Dealing with peasant farmers will do that. They rarely fight back after all. You dealt with them very easily - stabbed Wun Shi through the heart with your sword, beheaded Coa Ren with his own axe, and as for Son Tu, you shoved an eating fork down his throat, causing him to choke to death - a bear, a crocodile, and a stork, Captain, Executioner, and Bodyguard, all dead."

"I know," said William. "They should of backed down when they had the chance."

"But they didn't, and you killed them," said Shinzo. He looked at William. "I should of killed you then; no beggar should be able to kill one of my guards, let alone three of them." He walked towards William. "Still, when the others dragged you before me, many of them injured, I saw something that impressed me, especially as I heard how you did the deed. You killed them over a whore you'd never met before. Made me wonder. If a wanderer could do that, what could a real enemy do to my men? Motivated me to hire you, give you the positions, and whatever else you wanted. All you asked was that none of the other guards was to touch that whore without your permission."

"It was a fair deal," said William.

"She sees farmers all day," said Shinzo.

"They don't count," said William.

"Tell me, would you kill her if I ordered you to do so?"

William didn't blink. "Yes, if that is what you want."

Shinzo relaxed at this. "I was getting a little worried, give how often you see her."

"Why's that?" William asked.

"I've heard reports that she might be dealing with my enemies," said Shinzo.

"It's possible she sleeps with some of their servants," said William. "If you'd like, I could advise her against doing so."

"Actually, let her sleep with them," said Shinzo. "Have her learn what my enemies are up to, and have her tell you what they are up to."

"Yes sir."

"But, if she plays me false, kill her."
The old manatee led Groin to a gazebo where the Lord Chief Tza sat sipping tea and admiring his pool of floating lilies. Tza was a proud bird with light indigo plumage, well-groomed and smelling of lavender.

Groin stood quietly. He knew well the ways of the aristocracy. Don't speak until you are spoken to.

After a long moment, Tza looked at Groin and said, "I have heard of you. It's unfortunate what happened to your master and his kingdom."

"I will bear the shame forever," Groin said. "I was unable to protect him."

Tza set down his tea cup. "I also know that you fought valiantly despite being greatly outnumbered and that you survived 9 years in one of the worst dungeons on the planet. I want you to kill someone for me."

"Your wish is my command, Lord Chief."

Tza smiled slightly. "You do not inquire about remuneration? Does the assassin have no interest in his reward?"

"I trust to the generosity of the Lord Chief. I have no expectation of reward unless I am successful."

"Be successful then!" Tza said. "The one to die is Shinzo. He must not suffer. It must be quick and clean. And there must be absolutely nothing to connect it with me. Is everything understood?"

Groin bowed. "Yes, Lord Chief."

"Do not return here for your reward. I will make sure you get it. We must never meet again. I wish you success and a long life."
George holds up a picture of a Peacock "Here's your assignment."
Hector asks "Lord Shinzo? Why him?"
George says "He is in need a personal physician, but be careful. He could be a target for assassins."
Hector says "Okay, but I'm not qualified as a bodyguard."
George smiles and says "Don't worry, he already has one."
Amber quickly grabbed the scrolls as the Gecko Carriage Driver distracted the bandits, Being a Turtle she was of course...Slow as quick as she could she hobbled into the forest, however she didn't have the best night vision, she slipped and slided down a slope when she finished skidding on her shell she found herself at the gazebo where Groin and Tza were talking.

Amber smiled weakly "Um...Greetings..." She said "My carriage was attacked by bandits."
Some hours later, William was back at the inn, where he grabbed Sally by the arm, and dragged her up the stairs, into the room, where he shoved her towards the bed.

"What's the-"

"Don't you dare open your mouth unless I tell you to," William growled.

Sally looked at his eyes, and saw the fear in them. Something must be up. She nodded.

"Lord Shinzo has reports about you sleeping with the enemy," said William. "He's given me orders; to either get you to tell me what you know, or kill you."

Sally looked at him. There was only one reason he was saying this out loud. "Yes, I'll tell you what I know."

"Good." William walked up to her, and ripped her clothes. As he did so, he lifted up a small sheet of paper to her eyes. "You're being watched."

Sally nodded.

William tossed the paper, and some of Sally's outfit, into the fireplace. He then shoved her onto the bed. "You're mine, whore."
"What's this?" Groin said, and drew his sword as a turtle came sliding down the hill on its shell and tumbled to a stop near the gazebo.

"Um... greetings," said the turtle. "My carriage was attacked by bandits. Please don't kill me."

"You look harmless enough," Groin said and resheathed his sword.

"My name is Amber. I am on a pilgrimage and carry important scrolls. Can you help me?"

"It's possible," said Lord Chief Tza. "Groin, please delay your departure for a moment while we discuss this turtle's problem."

As Hector arrived at the palace, he got a not so friendly greeting from the royal guards "Who are you and state your business." said one of the guards drawing his sword, Hector says "I'm Hector, and I'm assigned here as physician for Lord Shinzo." At that time, Lord Shinzo voice is heard "About time, let him in. I'm expecting him." The guard put his sword away and lead Hector to Lord Shinzo. "Ahh Hector, you were highly recommended. Let me cut to the chase, the reason why your here is that time is not my friend these days and I think I need a personal doctor to keep me in health." Hector says "I also heard you have an assassin problem." Lord Shinzo says "I have many enemies."
"I am on an important mission..." Said Amber "To bring important information to the Holy Lands of the Furred Vajrah and the Feathered Paksin."
Back at the in, William was enjoying his whore, or so it would seem to anyone watching or listening. Then again, most avoided looking at the Lord's Chief Servant, or listening to his business, lest their own head ended up over the fireplace, and their house burned down.

"I knew that bird would eventually find out about my meetings," Sally whispered, when William's ears were close to her mouth. "Planned for it, just in case."

"Yeah," William grunted, as he shook the bed with his muscles in his arms and legs, as he lay on top of her.

"In my dresser drawer is a collapsible knife, like the sort used in those plays where someone gets stabbed."

William shook the bed again.

"There's a needle inside of it containing a liquid that causes the person it's used on to fall asleep, as if they were dead," Sally whispered. "Also, the area the blade collapses into is sharp, leaves a large, yet shallow, wound that looks fatal, bleeds a lot, but other than the bleeding, and a chance of a scar, causes no real injury to the victim."

"Good," William grunted.

"Just don't make any slashing wounds," Sally whispered. "The blade itself is sharp enough to cut through most anything."

"Good." William removed his hands from the headstand, and gently placed them on Sally's shoulders, removing his feet from the footstand at the same time. "Now, let's do this for real."
"Where is your next stop, Amber?" said Lord Tza.

"At the Temple of the August Moon," said Amber.

"I know it," said Tza. "It is two day's journey by carriage."

Tza removed a small pouch from his belt and shook out a few coins. He put them in Amber's hand. "Here is enough to pay for a carriage to the temple and some meals. Consider it my donation to the order. Groin, if you would escort Amber to a safe place to catch the next carriage, I would be most appreciative."

Groin bowed. "It will be done."

Then he turned to Amber. "Come along and we shall walk to Gruntlee's Corner. It's not far and a traveling carriage stops there once a day."
As Hector settled into his own chambers which doubles as a clinic, he couldn't help but stare how big it is. The guard says "This is where you'll be able to both live and work. If a guard, servant or the Lord himself has fallen ill. They will be bought right to you."
Amber was taken to her carriage, the driver was an Ox.

"To the Temple of the August Moon." Said Amber

"You got it." Said the Ox
Once he was done, William took the trick knife that Sally told him about. He looked at the lizard. "Remember, you're mine, whore."

Sally nodded, understanding the message hidden in William's seemingly harsh words; Be careful.

"As you say, I'm your whore." Translation: You as well.

William stepped out, and slammed the door.
For the next few days Groin stayed in stealth mode and carefully studied the activities at the Shinzo estate. There was a new servant on the grounds, a rabbit doctor named Hector who had his own little clinic where he lived and worked. Shinzo must have health problems. This offered an opportunity for assassination. The wrong medicine at the wrong time and... mission accomplished. First, he needed to find out what Shinzo's medical problems were and what the rabbit doctor was doing about them.
Meanwhile Hector was busy arranging the prescriptions, because he knows certain medicines maybe fatal if giving to the wrong person and that's something he wants to avoid. He noticed a flash of light in the distance from his window. "Wha? What was that?" He asked himself as he looked out the window.
Amber meanwhile tucked into her shell again ready to hibernate until they reached theTemple
William entered the palace.

"Sir, the new doctor is here," said one of the guards.

William looked at him. "Good. Where is his room?"

The guard gulped. "I'll take you to him, sir."

William soon came to Hector's room, and entered, finding the rabbit busy mixing things.

The rabbit looked at him. "It's considered polite to knock first."

William turned to the guard. "Leave us. There's things I must discuss with the doctor."

The guard hurried off.

William turned to look at Hector, who was looking out the window, in the direction where the remains of last night's fire still burned.

"Tell me doctor, what do you do if you have a patient who has cancer?" the wolf asked.

"Well, in some cases, medicine can be given to shrink it," said Hector. "In others, you have to cut it out."

"Apply that philosophy to this community," said William. "There is a cancer, and it has to be removed from the body for it to be healthy. I am the surgeon who removes this cancer from the body."

Hector noticed the knife that William had on him. "A good surgeon needs a good scalpel. Can I see the blade?"

William, carefully, pulled out his knife, and set it on the desk.

Hector, gently, picked up the knife, and unscrewed part of the handle, removing the needle and syringe. "Where did you get this?"

"The less you know, the better," said William.

"I see," said Hector. "I know what it is, and I can make more. After being injected, the victim will sleep for at least twelve hours." He replaced the needle and syringe. "Be careful."

"I will," William said, as he picked the knife back up.
Groin was lost in thought. Shinzo had seen the new rabbit doctor only once since his arrival. That did not sound like Shinzo had any serious health problems. Surely the doctor would be seeing Shinzo several times a day if he were sick. Possibly he should attack the problem through the kitchen instead of through the clinic. He could poison Shinzo's food. Unless Shinzo has a tasting servant who checked his meals for poison. Many rich men had such a servant. If the servant fell over dead then you knew your food was poisoned.
(Have to edit here Hertz, all Chickens are Anthrpomorphic here so the 'Chicken' is replaced with a fantasy creature called Strutha)
Hector is about to have lunch with Lord Shinzo "Well my medical servant, how do you like your chambers? I spared no expense for the design." Hector says "Impressive, I already unpacked and ready, just in case." Shinzo says "Speaking of which," he faces a finch, "Could you taste my strutha?" He then faces Hector, "You may never know if an assassin poisons my food." Hector says "Wait, I have a better way." Shinzo says "Huh, how?" Hector takes out a small bottle of clear liquid "This solution detects all kinds of poison, just need a small bowl and a sample of your chicken. If it changes color, it's poisoned." He pours the contents in an empty shallow bowl and with a pair of tweezers, takes a small part of the strutha skin and places it in the solution, and it remains clear "No trace of poison, it's safe." Shinzo says "Amazing, who taught you this trick?" Hector says "My mother did."
Amber was still asleep
A little while later, Hector entered his quarters, where he found William waiting for him.

"It's rude to enter a Healer's room without permission," the rabbit said.

"It's also rude for another person to listen to a Healer and their patient talking about medical issues," said William.

"What's the problem?" Hector asked. "I don't see any injury."

"Look out at the field."

Hector took a look, and saw the graves. "What happened?"

"They were farmers who couldn't pay their taxes, all dead by my blade," said William. Then, he lowered his voice. "Or so it seems."


William nodded. "There's a sickness in this community, and I'm the surgeon who cuts it out."

Hector caught on. "But, your issue is that you have brain cancer, and lack the capabilities to remove it."

"That would be a good analogy," whispered William. He then used his normal voice. "Have you much use for whores?"

"I can't say that I do," said Hector.

"Go to the inn, and ask for a lizard named Sally," said William. "Tell her that the Lord's Chief Servant has given you permission to have a good time with her, at my expense." He lowered his voice. "She'll tell you what's going on. Just put on a good show for anyone listening, or watching."

Hector chuckled nervously. "Trust me, I know all about doing that stuff."
On the fifth day of Groin's surveillance of Shinzo's estate, he decided on a course of action. It was Shinzo's custom to sit for a while each day by his lily pool and meditate on the peacefulness of the water flowers. This pool was in a small courtyard just off of Shinzo's quarters. Since it was completely enclosed by the rest of the estate, there was no guard there. It was practically the only part of the day that Shinzo was completely alone. Perhaps that was why he found it so peaceful. But that aloneness suited Groin's purposes perfectly. He could kill Shinzo with a silent knife thrust or a wire neck wrap and count on almost an hour of time before the body was discovered. More than enough time to escape.
(Author's Note: This has been a really good campfire I'm going to end it here because I can't think of anything else we may revisit this scenario in the Future)

Amber reached the Temple of the August Moon the Head Priest was Jackal named Anubis, she gave him a scroll of Slannesh's vision, and the Jackal's eyes widened with horror

"By the Gods..." Anubis said "I must confer with my Monks about this strange vision, you will stay here at this temple until further notice, You need not worry about the other Temples I will send messengers to the Other Temples, this possible invasion from another world...We must ready ourselves for something we have never before conceived of!"

The End!

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