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What would you like to be if you were someone else.
Unlike my other campfires, this one has no combined plotline, this is a story that you can make up if you were someone else, go wild, be what you want. Doesn't matter if it's from Manga, books. video games, movies or TV. From the thieving antics of Arsène Lupin III to the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes it's all up to you.
Name: Robert Columbus

Occupation: Adventurer, Treasure Hunter

Gender: Male

Bio: Claimed to be the descendant of Christopher Columbus, Robert is a type that most museums hire to obtain artifacts for the exhibits. He along with two others, A Black Hat hacker named, Leon Branigan and pilot, Jerry Richmond travel the world for such artifacts sometimes outsmarting criminals who kill to get their trophies.

Personality: He stays cool under pressure, but sometimes he can be strict like keeping Leon out of trouble.

Somewhere in Brooklyn, an underground auction is being held at a warehouse, a kind of auction for stolen objects, Crime Lord Mack Kelloran is checking his guest list and noticed something a bit off, "Richard Columbus? Your not on the guest list." Robert says "Normally, I wouldn't come to these auctions, but when I heard one of your items is the cross of Tomás de Torquemada, I had to come. It supposed to be in a museum, not someone's private collection." Mack says "We'll just see about that." The Actioneer says "The next item to bid is the Cross of Torquemada. This is the very cross, the grand inquisitor wore around his neck when he personally tortured Jewish prisoners and tried to convert them to Christianity. Do I hear 50,000.00?" A man in white hold up his hand "55,000.00" Robert says "75,000.00" Mack says "Don't press your luck." In a an earpiece Robert is wearing, Leon says "I hacked into the lighting system, get ready." The Man says "100,000.00." Robert just shrugged and the Auctioneer held up his gavel "100,000 going once, 100,000 going twice." Before the Auctioneer banged his gavel, the lights went out, the Auctioneer said "Please stay calm everyone, it's just a blackout, the emergency lighting will kick in shortly and we'll continue, but as the light went on the cross is gone, and Robert is gone too. Mack noticed the door closing "Robert stole the cross! After him!"
Name: Bran Flake

Occupation: Opportunist

Bio: His past is hidden in shadow. Almost certainly he changed his name. His accent is hard to place. Did he learn English as a second language? He seems to have abilities no one should have, but it's hard to prove that.

Personality: Mostly calm occasionally interrupted by spasms of emotionality. He is friendly but not intimate. Almost always he is doing something productive. He doesn't like to "waste time".


Bran tapped his chin with his finger. He was unaware that he did that when he was thinking. Suddenly he snapped his fingers and pointed up. "I've got it!" he said.

"What have you got?" asked his companion Marla.

"Good looks and intelligence-"

"But no money," she interrupted him.

"But I will get some! I just had a great idea that might quite possibly make us rich!"

Marla rolled her eyes. "I'm listening."
(Author's Note What I would like to be? My friends deep down I wish I was a cartoon character preferably a Non-Human one at that)

Name: Kali

Gender: Female

Species: Anthropomorphic Dragon

Bio: From the same dimension as Drako from the 2k3 TMNT Cartoon, Kali is not nearly as nasty as Drako (Who was her next door neighbor before his untimely death) She's still not someone you want to mess with as Dragons of Planet Draconia are all Warriors at heart and all are willing to kill should they feel it necessary however what 'Necessary' means differs from Dragon to Dragons,Kali IS pretty chill most of the time, she basically a Nerd among Dragons, very introverted and quiet has not sought out a mate yet

Appearance: Very similar to Drako's although they're not related she is dark red with gold undersides,slightly smaller as Female Dragons are generally smaller then Males, has black eyes with yellow sclera

Personality: As mentioned above, Nerdy and Introverted, likes puttering around her house,reading and gardening sometimes goes for a stroll and has a casual chat with her other neighbors
Kali was in her attic where she kept all her books, reading a tome of Ancient Dragon Lore, it was her favorite time to get cozy in her attic with her books, a dark and stormy night.

Then,she herd down below, a her door opening and someone calling her name "KALI!"

Kali wasn't sure idea who was calling her, she closed her book and headed downstairs
The Dragoness standing in her Parlor, soaking wet, she recognized her as the Younger Sister to her next door neighbor Drako, whose guts she hated, such an annoying asshole

"Kali!" Said the Spry Dragoness "Have you heard? Drako has just been murdered!"

Kali cocked her head "Really?" She said
Name: Sam Ricardo

Gender: Male

Species: Anthropomorphic Wolf

Occupation: Writer

Bio: Exactly what Sam is, is unknown - regular wolf exposed to some sort of mutagen as a pup, escaped government experiment, alien experiment, or even an alien - but it is known that when Sam was just a young pup, he was adopted by sheepherders, or rather by the daughter of some sheepherders. Strangely enough, he didn't act like a wolf, or even a dog, but more like a human, and learned human ways and mannerisms, and speech, fairly quickly. He soon discovered he had a insatiable appetite for reading, and read every book in the house. As he became older, his adoptive parents got him a tutor, who was surprised by his student, in more ways than one. Sam eventually became a writer of Fantasy and Science-Fiction, using the pseudonym BBW, though for public events, his adoptive sister, Sandy Ricardo, tends to fill in for him.

Sam was busy writing another book, or rather jotting down ideas. "Werewolf cowboy? Werewolf soldier? Werewolf teacher? Werewolf bounty hunter?"

Sandy took a look at the list. "How about something different?"

"Like what sis?" Sam asked.

"Try something involving a cat," Sandy suggested.

"That would be different," said Sam.
Outside the Warehouse, Jerry and Leon is waiting by a Hacker-Craft Sterling Runabout motorboat just on the dock, Jerry's two-way comes alive as Robert says "Better fire up the engine, I'm on my way out with the cross, and I got almost half of Kelloran's men after me wanting it back." Jerry says "Sure thing Robert." Robert rushes out the door and flying bullets flew past him as the gunmen shoots him. Leon unties the boat from the dock and gets on board at the same time Robert did "Jerry, get us out of here." Jerry pushes the throttle and soon the boat speeds down the East River with two of the gunman desperately shooting it as it end up out of range. "Mack's not going to be happy about this." one of the gunmen said,
Bran and Marla were sitting in the dining area of a small house trailer. They each had a plate of pancakes and syrup before them and a cup of hot coffee.

"So let's hear this new scheme of yours," Marla said.

Bran tasted his coffee and made a face. "Alright, but can you freshen my coffee first? It's too cold."

"I don't see how you can drink it so hot."

"I've got leather lips. Don't you notice when we kiss?"

Marla made a crooked smile. "I try to send my mind to a happy place when we touch. It's like I'm not here."

"Well, that doesn't make me feel like a very good lover."

"There is no reason why you should feel like a very good lover. You're not."
The young Dragoness who stood before Kali was bright blue in color, she had very well developed wings on her shoulder blades She must have been just beginning Dragon Puberty as she must have been only five feet, three inches tall.

"My Name is Ember..." The Young Dragoness declared "...And I need your help avenging my brother."
Sam got out his laptop, and began writing an outline for his new story. "Let's see, let's make the cat a secret agent."
Robert and his friends docked at a harbor near the South Street Seaport, "We made it." Robert says, "Mack won't bother us here, it's too crowded." Jerry says "Are you sure?" Robert says "One thing I know about Mack Kelloran, he wouldn't risk his men shooting at us in plain sight without risking arrest." Leon says "I'm surprised they even shot at us at that warehouse, and besides when do we meet with our contact to give that cross?" Robert says "In front of the museum here." Jerry says "Let's just hope he's trustworthy, I find it uncomfortable giving the cross of the Grand Inquisitor. Can you imagine how relentless he was trying to convert the Jewish to Christianity?"
"Isn't there anything else on TV?" Bran asked.

He and Marla had finished breakfast and moved into the very small living room of the house trailer. The TV didn't have a remote so Marla had to stand beside it and change the channels.

"How about this cartoon show about a dragon?" she asked.

"No," Bran said. "Keep going."

"Secret Agent Cat? It's a new show. This is the first episode."

"Maybe, but let's see what else is on. Wait, what's that one?"

"Something about stealing a cross from an auction and a fast motorboat ride with gunfire..."

"Leave it there for a moment. Do we have any Pringles?"

"Why do you need my help?" Kali asked "I barely knew your brother!"

"Because..." Ember sighed irritably "...You're smarter then me..."

Kali folded her arms "Fine I'll help." She said "But only to make sure you won't suffer the same fate as your Brother."

As Kali led Ember towards the Attic she turned to the Younger Dragoness

"Your Brother was in the Battle Nexus Tournament was he not?"

"It was someone who was in the Battle Nexus Tournament who killed him!" Said Ember

"I...See..." Kali said slowly as they reached the Attic, Kali ignited some candles with her fiery breath and started scanning her bookshelves.

"What are you doing?" Ember asked

"Looking for a book that can help us."Said Kali

Ember folded her arms "By the Gods, you're such a Nerd!" The Younger Dragoness said irritably

Kali turned sharply "Do you want my help or not?" She asked Ember

"Fine." Ember huffed a puff of smoke.

Climbing a ladder to the upper most levels of her expansive book collection "Ah!" Exclaimed Kali "Here it is!"

"What?" Asked Ember "What did you find?"

"The Battle Nexus: A Reference Guide." Said Kali "This should give us everything we need to know about the Battle Nexus."
Sam soon started researching some of the more common agencies, like the FBI, to get some info on his topic.
In front of the South Street museum, the trio wait patiently for their contact, Leon says "Do you know what out contact looks like?" Robert says "I have no idea, but I was on the phone with him the other day, all I know that he has a Spanish accent." Jerry says "Oh great, that leave almost 1/3rd of Manhattan's population." A voice behind them says "Señor Columbus?" Robert turned around and saw an Hispanic man with a black moptop hairdo, a yellow polo shirt and brown trousers, and a pair of white Adidas on his feet. "Yes, and you are?" The man says "Name's Torrez, Carlos Torrez. Do you have the Cross of Torquemada?" Robert pulls out the cross out of his pouch, "Right here." He gives it to Carlos. "You have no idea what I went through to obtain it." Carlos says "Ahh Excelente, you'll be well paid for your trouble." Leon says "Excuse me Mr. Torrez, why do you need the cross of the most heartless man in Spanish history?" Carlos says "Good question Amigo, Tomás de Torquemada happens to be my ancestor, I know he no saint but I want the cross for sentimental reasons."
Bran looked at Marla. "You ever heard of Tomás de Torquemada?"

"No. I heard of Sancho Panza and Don Juan."

Bran looked back at the TV. "So what do you think of my latest idea?"

"I think it's stupid," Marla said and ran her fingers through her long honey-colored hair. "I've got to go to work soon. Do you want to make whoopee?"

Bran grinned. "You're insatiable. Yeah, let's make some whoopee."

So they did and three hours later Bran was alone in the trailer wondering what to do with himself. Marla was right about his latest get-rich scheme. It was stupid. It would never work, but at least he was thinking. He just needed to think on a higher level. Maybe a cold beer would help with that.
After a hour of research on the Battle Nexus Kali closed the book

"All right." She said "Let's do this!"

The means to form a portal to the Battle Nexus was water, and fortunately because it had just rained there was water everywhere.

The Suns was just beginning to rise it was a lovely Spring Day in the Town of Dragons...But Ember cared naught for that, she only cared about one thing...Revenge!

Kali took some white chalk and drew some strange markings on the side of her house

Kali put her hands together and recited the incantation she read in the book, soon the water on the ground levitated to form a portal of which Kali and Ember were sucked in.

When they reached the Battle Nexus Dimension." Kali turned firmly to Ember and said "It would be better if you let me do all the talking, as his Sister people might not wish to divulge the whole truth, as his mere neighbor I appear more impartial."

She approached some of the People who lived in the Battle Nexus Dimension, helping maintain until the next Tournament, She asked them about the Death of Drako...The People told her a tale of last Battle Nexus Drako had partnered with the Damiyo's Treacherous Son and had attempted to steal the Damiyo's War Staff, they failed and fell into the Dimensional Abyss but somehow they survived and fused together forming Ultimate Drako...During their travels they came across a Time Scepter with it, they attempted once again to steal the War Staff but they were foiled by some brave heroes and were destroyed, The Damiyo's Son was allowed to be reborn...But Drako was not.

Kali put her hand to her mouth, with all she heard it really did seem like Drako had it coming...She looked over to Ember standing a few feet behind her, she was fuming, Ember also heard everything that was said and Kali could see that Ember perceived it only as malicious slander against her brother.

"Tell me." Said Kali "Who were these Brave Heroes."

One of the Folks gathered some water in their hand and in the water formed the image of Four Young Turtle Men and a Rat Man."

"These are the brave heroes." They said "They originate from Third Earth
Meanwhile, Sam started to write.
The trio got paid 50,000.00 for the cross, Carlos says "It's a pleasure doing business with you Señor Columbus." as he left with the cross. Jerry says "Wow, this is enough for my own Air flight shipping service." Robert says "Careful what you ship, I don't want to read about you in the paper that your in a Mexican jail for smuggling drugs." Jerry says "I promise that it won't come to that." Leon says, "With my cut, I could get a high end computer, and in case you ask Robert. I'm not going to hack the Pentagon computers. How about you Robert?" Jerry asks "Yeah, what are you going to do with your share of the money?" Robert says "Ellen wants to go to Nantucket and go lobster fishing. Knowing her, the rest of the money will go into a bank account."
The first beer didn't do much for Bran's thinking but the second and third beers definitely got his wheels turning. Ideas flickered through his mind, sparkling like cheap fireworks, the kind you think are going to throw flame and fire everywhere but instead just shoot out a weak stream of sparks and then fizzle out.

But then an idea came along that had class, an idea that wore a tuxedo and carried a cane. "Good evening, sir!" said the idea. "Are you surprised you thought of me?"

"I sure am!" said Bran, "You are a great idea!"

He could hardly wait to tell Marla about the idea, but then he thought: Maybe I shouldn't tell her? Somehow my ideas never seem quite as good after I tell them to her. I'll keep this one secret. I'll work on it and surprise her.
Kali knew she had to teleport herself and Ember to Third Earth, but she also knew she couldn't let Ember hurt to heroes, She chanted a different incantation to teleport themselves to Third Earth.

They found themselves in the Sky, fortunately since both of them had wings they could fly

"This is Third Earth..." Said Ember they were hovering above the water looking at New York City

"Before we start searching for the ones who killed your brother..." Kali said "...I need you to get something for me..." Kali had to think this part up quickly

"I need you to find me a white fire rock."

White Fire Rock is what Dragons call Limestone, Dragons eat Limestone and the calcium of the limestone mixes with their stomach acids forming hydrogen which gives Dragons their fiery breath...Too long without any limestone and the Dragons would cease to be able to breathe fire until they can find some limestone."

"What?!" Exclaimed Ember "White Fire Rock?!"

"I need a piece of White Fire Rock three feet high and three feet wide." Said Kali, knew this errand would keep Ember distracted for a while. "Without that, we can not defeat them."

"Fine..." Said Ember and with that she flew off to find a stone quarry

With Ember out of the way, Kali could find the Heroes on her own and warn them of the Murderous Dragon coming for them.
Meanwhile, Sam got to work on his story about the cat secret agent.
Robert then went to Queens to his girlfriend's apartment and rang the doorbell, but no answer. Then he checked his phone knowing full well if Ellen is unable to make it, she'll leave him a voice message but there is none. "Hmm. Maybe she's asleep." He says "Ellen?" Then tried to knock, but when he did, the door swung open. "Wha?" As he went inside "Ellen? Are you awake?" He noticed the living room was a mess as if there was a struggle there. He then noticed an envelope on the coffee table marked, R. Columbus. He opened the envelope and read it aloud. "Robert, if you want to see your girlfriend again, meet me tonight on the observation deck of the Empire State Building tonight at 9 or you won't see her ever alive. Mack." He crumbled the note and says in rage, "Kelloran! You have gone too far this time!"
When Marla got home from work, Bran had a hard time restraining himself from telling her about his newest idea.

"What's wrong with you?" she said. "You look like the cat that swallowed the canary."

"Nothing wrong here," Bran said. "I've got nothing new to tell you."

She looked hard at him. "OK, what is it you are not telling me? What happened?"


"No, you are acting funny. You screwed up somehow today. What did you do?"

"Nothing, I tell you! Can't I have one little secret? Do I have to tell you everything?"
Once Ember was a far away enough,Kali flew down to the city, She had to locate those heroes.

She knew a spell, it was called 'Key's Locator Spell' Simply state what it is you wish to locate and you will be guided like a compass to that thing.
"Let's see," Sam said, as he looked at the outline for his character. "Let's have him rescue the President's daughter."
Robert got out of the cab and stood in front of the Empire State Building with 5th Ave. just behind him he looked up and he thought he saw a dragon flying passed the towering structure, but dismisses it as a figment of his imagination. He then went inside and got on the elevator to the observation deck, as he got off he heard Ellen says "Help me Robert, get these goons off of me!" Robert then saw Mack Kelloran, with a couple of goons holding his girlfriend, one with a gun to her head." Robert says "Let her go, it's me you want not her." Mack says "Oh I will, as soon as you return the cross you stolen from me." Robert says "I don't have it and besides, last I checked, the cross of Torquemada was a stolen item. I simply returned it back to it's owner." Mack just laughed "You mean you returned the cross to Tomás de Torquemada?" Robert says "Nope, only his descendant." Mack says "That was a big mistake. Men! Grab him!" Two more men grabs Robert. one of the men says "What are we going to do with him boss?" Mack says "We're going to give him and his girlfriend a one way trip to the street, no elevator and no parachute."
"Keep your secret then," Marla said. "I'll find it out when you are sleeping."

"What do you mean?" Bran said.

"Oh? You didn't know that you talk in your sleep?"

"No I don't do that... do I?"

Marla just smiled, then said, "Did you hear about the dragon downtown?"


"Yes. Several people are claiming they saw a dragon flying over the city."

"That's ridiculous! There are no dragons!"
Kali was being led towards Central Park, fortunately no one was in Central Park because word had got out that NAZIs had taken over the Empire State Building so the citizens were told stay inside until officials give the word. She was guided underground towards the water pumping station
"Let's see," Sam said, as he typed. "Let's make our cat agent 24, and let's make our first daughter 18, to have room for a possible romantic interest between the two. Let's have the first daughter be kidnapped."
When Robert and Ellen was pushed over the edge of the building, they both thought they were gonners when they plummeted towards the ground only to land in some netting set up on a 51st. floor window. Jerry opened the window saying, "Hey Leon, looks like we picked the right window." They heard Leon says "Lucky thing, Robert, Ellen, get inside quickly. That netting won't hold you both for long." Ellen climbed in first followed by Robert. Jerry says "Good thing you called us first." Ellen says "What this I'm hearing about Torquemada and a cross? And why is that criminal Mack Kelloran involved? Leon says "We were hired to proclaim Torquemada's cross by his descendant, a man named Carlos Torrez." Eleen says "I don't understand, if he supposed to be the descendant of the Grand Inquisitor, why is named Torrez and not Torquemada?"
All just shrugged and Robert only guessed "Maybe he or one the others within the family named changed it due for what brutal actions Torquemada did." Jerry says "Still, Carlos could be in danger of Mack Kelloran got his way. when we saw him I saw a ticket marked Barcelona, which means we need to get to JFK airport before Kelloran does."
Bran and Marla were watching television again. Marla stood beside the TV changing the channels while Bran told her when to stop. "Stop! It's a show about The Making of Secret Agent Cat."

"But I thought they haven't even aired the first episode yet?" Marla said.

"That's true," Bran said. "Some kind of problems with the writers, I think. Say, this making of show seems to be total smack down against the writers."


"Yeah, this one writer they are profiling writes so slow he doesn't even have names for the major characters yet."

"That first episode will never air," Marla said.

"You're probably right. Change the channel. Stop! People falling off a skyscraper. Never get tired of seeing that."

Marla turned off the TV.

"Hey!" Bran said.

Marla looked hard at him. "Do you ever get tired of looking for a job? Because you haven't found one yet."

Meanwhile, the TMNT were prowling the sewers, they had seen the News about the NAZI terrorists, and Mikey insisted they should do something

"Mikey." Don said "Did you actually SEE the footage of those guys? They are complete and total idiots who happen to have some mildly dangerous toys, I'm sure the situation will be back to normal in a couple of hours..."

"Guys!" Leo said quickly "Over there..."He gestured to a far off tunnel, where from their perspective they saw a Dragon who looked a lot like Drako prowling through the sewers."

"Drako!" Don gasped "It can't be! I thought he was..."

"Well..."Raph said taking out his sais "Looks like it's time to get this settled once and for all!"

Kali totally didn't expect getting tackled from the side from Raph she was too distracted by the wretched stench of the sewers,however when she saw she had been tackled by one of the four heroes she was trying to save and the Turtle said "You're dead Drako!" Kali knew immediately what was happening,she curled in fetal position, this is the way Dragons show they have no intention of fighting

"Hold on Raph!" Donny said as his brothers quickly got up with their brother "This Dragon isn't Drako...Can't you see he isn't fighting back?"

"Actually..."Kali said "I'm a Female."

"Holy Shell!" Mikey exclaimed "A Girl Dragon!"
Sandy came to Sam. "We have people down there trying to record the making of our show."

"Funny, I haven't even published the first book," said Sam. "Perhaps we could distract them with some of the other things I have, like the one about the werewolf cowboy."

"Good idea," said Sandy. "I'll keep them busy."
While Robert, Ellen, Jerry and Leon speed towards JFK airport, Kelleran is already at the airport and managed to halt Spaniard air, Flight 2135 before it took off, a flight attendant says "You can't hold us like this, we have a full flight." Mack says "I'm Mack Kelleran, and I can do what I want. Right now, I want the passenger named Carlos Torrez." Carlos is in the first class, seated in Row 4, seat B. "Over here Señor Kelleran, now what do you want with me?" Mack says, "You have something of mine, and I want it back." Carlos says, "You mean the cross? My family heirloom?"
"I haven't found a job," Bran said, "because jobs are hard to find. It's the economy."

"I've got a job," Marla said. "You could get one if you really wanted to."

"I'll try harder. I promise."

The next day Bran's luck changed.
"My name is Kali." The Dragoness said to the Turtles "I've come to warn you that Drako's Sister is coming to kill you."

"Whoa!"Mikey exclaimed "Drako has a sister?!"

"To be fair..."Said Donny "...We had no way of knowing he didn't, in fact we don't really know anything of Drako's life outside the Battle Nexus."

"Drako's Sister is named Ember." Kali said "She's about as tall as you guys,bright blue in color and has wings like I do...She came to me for help on her quest for revenge, I agreed if only to keep her out of trouble,but after learning of Drako's misdeeds and how you guys stopped him...Well I realized what I had to do...I sent Ember on an errand that will hopefully take her a long while...So I could have plenty of time to warn you guys."

"We appreciate your help Kali." Leo said as he offered a hand to help her up "I'm Leonardo by the way."

"I'm Raphael."


"You can call me Mikey."
Sam soon settled on names for his characters; Calico for the secret agent, and Susan for the First Daughter.
Robert and the rest made it to JFK Airport and saw Mack's Limo. Jerry says "He's already here," Leon says "I hacked into the security cameras, there's activity at gate 21." Robert says, "That's got to be him. Let's go. Ellen wait here."
The next day Bran's job hunting luck changed. He saw a small ad on the internet and clicked on it.

Man wanted. Must be flexible and sincere, open to new ways of doing things, able to travel, trustworthy and loyal, but doesn't have to be particularly kind.

That afternoon he had a face to face interview over Skype with Joel Reebok.

JOEL: Thank you for your interest, Mr. Flake. May I call you Bran?"

BRAN: Yes.

JOEL: Have you ever done any work in the past as a secret agent, a double agent, an agent provocateur, a spy, a infiltrator, a watchdog, a whistleblower, or a sneak?

BRAN: I think it's fair to say I have experience in several of those occupations.

JOEL: Have you read our job description and are you okay with the compensation being offered?

BRAN: Yes.

JOEL: Then congratulations! You're hired. Report for work at 8am in the morning.

BRAN: Thank you.

Later, when Bran was telling Marla about the interview, she expressed skepticism. "It sounds very odd to me. Maybe you should check with the Better Business Bureau first."
he Turtles led Kali to they're lair
Sam worked on his story.

Calico Cat listened to the President. Susan, the First Daughter, had been kidnapped while on a camping retreat by domestic terrorists. Someone had to rescue her.
Robert, Jerry and Leon made it past security. they found a squadron of airport security guards blocking the hallway marked, To gates 20-35, as they approached, one of the guards hold up his hands "Sorry sir, due to terrorism activity. This area is closed off." He points to the Departure board, "Most of the flights have been diverted to other gates until we get this resolved."
Jerry whispers to Robert, "How do we get past them?"
At 8am the next morning, Bran went to the address that Joel Reebok had given him. It was a small delicatessen with only one employee who said, "Are you Bran Flake?" and when Bran said he was, handed him a folded note. The note read:

Go to Woodrow Park. Sit on the third bench on the right. Wait to be contacted.

Bran sighed. It seemed this job would be filled with subterfuge and intrigue.
During the Next Morning, Kali was given some hot tea from Master Splinter

"We appreciate you coming to warn us about Drako's sister." Said Master Splinter "We should prepare ourselves for she attacks."

Kali took a sip of tea "Or..." Kali said "...We could evade her..."

"Are you sayin..." Raph asked "...Run like cowards?"

"I was saying..." Kali said "...We should find some secluded place to plan so we don't have a violent and messy confrontation."

"I like the idea." Don said "But where to you suggest we hide?"

"During my studies I have learned of many worlds." Said Kali "And I have learned the ways to get to those worlds..."
Sam wrote more of his story.

Calico went to Susan's last known location. He followed the trail that had been left, carefully looking for her.
The trio ducked to the hallway marking "To Gates 1-19-". They ducked to an exit door, "Here, we'll sneak in to Gate 20 from here." He points to an air vent, "You got to be kidding me." Leon says, Robert responds, "Do you have another suggestion?"
At Woodrow Park Bran sat on the third bench on the right. It wasn't long before a jogger came by and stopped and sat next to him.

"Whew!" the jogger said. "It's going to be a hot day."

"Looks like it," Bran said.

Without looking at Bran, the jogger said, "You can cool off in the wading pool. Have a good morning." Then the jogger returned to his jogging.

Was that his contact? Bran waited another 15 minutes and decided it had to be.

When he got to the wading pool he was the only adult male there. Two women were letting their little kids play in the shallow water.
With her, Kali had a satchel, she pulled out a book labeled 'Fantastic Worlds and How to Get to Them'

"In this book." Said Kali "Are descriptions of thousands of different universes."

"Really?" Don asked "Could I have read that book?"

"I'd...Rather you didn't." Said Kali

She scanned through the pages till she found a world she liked the sound of..." She quickly chanted the incantation on how to get to that universe, and she and and the Turtles and Splinter were all teleported to that universe.

The TMNT, Splinter and Kali found themselves standing in a Natural Cave,of course Kali planned for them to end up here.

"Whoa!" Mikey exclaimed "Where are we?"
Sam wrote more.

Calico eventually came to a cabin, where he picked up Susan's scent, which was fairly fresh.
The trio got out of the air vent at Gate 20 and Robert spotted Gate 21 just across the way and quickly hid behind the flight desk as he spotted to of Kelleran's gunmen guarding the gate." Leon whishpers "Okay, how do we get past them?" Jerry says "I have an idea that just might work."
Bran stood there near the wading pool, watching the kids play, wondering what came next, when one of the two women spoke to him.

"You are being followed by the enemy. Return home and wait for the next message."

"The enemy?" Bran said. "Who is the enemy?"

"I can't answer your questions," the woman said. "My part was just to tell you what I told you."

When Bran got back to the trailer, Marla was already home from work.

"How was your first day at work?" she asked.

"Perplexing," he said. "Puzzling. Disturbing."
Ember meanwhile had had to fly far away to fine a suitable stone quarry when she found a piece of limestone the exact same size Kali requested, she had a devil of a time flying and holding the rock at the same time,then at some point the rock slipped from her grasp and crashed into a Human House. She heard two Humans screaming

She flew down to recover her rock only to find it had shattered into a million pieces and two Humans,a male and female stood there,holding each other, trembling when they saw a real live dragon had flown into their house

"Marla!" Screamed the Man "What is that?!"

"It looks like a Dragon Bran..." Said the Woman "A Real Life Dragon!"

That's when it clicked in Ember's mind

"Kali tricked me!" She roared "She sent me on a pointless errand so she could betray me!"

The Humans didn't respond but of course she wasn't talking to them anyway."

Ember ate several shattered pieces of limestone to enlarge her flame she then flew off, back to the city.

Sam continued his writing:

Calico crept around the outskirts of the cabin, where Susan's scent was. He located the outside cellar door. He sniffed again. Susan was down in there.
Leon says "How about we give them the bull?" As he points to a fiberglass bull statue just hanging above the two goons by cable. Robert says "One problem. You'll might attract them if you shoot one of the cables." Jerry says "Leave that to me, my pistol has a silencer."
A loud crash, the trailer rocking, air filled with dust. Marla screamed. It took Bran a moment to realize that a huge rock had fallen from the sky right through the roof of their trailer and shattered into pieces. "Are you alright?" he said

Marla was shaking. "I think so."

They heard the flapping of leathery wings and a large dragon hovered overhead, reaching down its head on a long snakelike neck and nibbling at the rock pieces.

"What is that?" Bran said.

"It looks like a dragon, Bran, a real life dragon!"

The dragon glanced at them, then beat its wings harder and lifted away high into the sky.

They stared at the sky through the hole in the roof of their trailer and watched the dragon disappear into the distance.

Meanwhile after exploring the caves for a few minutes,Don found a note written in English.

'If you've found this note it means we have decided to migrate this Winter to the Southern Lands, therefore our caves are open to any weary travelers seeking shelter this winter,please feel free to help yourself to our food stores, we know they won't keep forever and we'll return from our migration with plenty of exotic foods!'

Mikey was reading the note over Don's shoulder "Migrate?" Mikey raised and eye ridge "Does this cave belong to some weird bird people?"

Master Splinter sniffed the note "All I can tell from the scent is that this note was written by some strange creature I have never encountered before...A strange musky scent with a strange perfume like under scent..."

Sam's writing continued.

Calico managed to open the cellar door, and spotted Susan tied up in a chair. Creeping up behind her, he placed a paw over her mouth, to muffle any sounds she might accidentally make.

"I'm a friend," he whispered. "I'm here to save you. Nod if you understand."

Susan nodded.

"Good, I'm going to take my paw off of you, but keep quiet." Sam removed his paw.

Susan kept quiet.

"Now, do they check up on you?"

Susan nodded her head.


She shook her head.

"Did they recently check on you?"

She nodded her head. "We just had lunch," Susan whispered. "Pork and Beans. I hate Pork and Beans. They make me gassy."

Sam chuckled quietly. "Well, at least you'll be free in a moment. Hold still." He got out a knife, and cut the rope holding Susan to the chair. "Now, follow me, and keep quiet."
Jerry shot both cables and the bull then dropped on top of the two gunmen, knocking them out. "They'll be out for quite a while," Jerry says, "Now let's get on board and take care of Mack and the rest of his gang." Robert says "We must be careful, there is no telling on what Kelleran is capable of." Leon says "Knowing him, he may have a bomb set up to blow, a guy like him always gets what he wants."
Marla and Bran looked up at the hole in the roof of their trailer.

"We need to fix that," Marla said. "What if it rains?"

"I'll get right on it," Bran said. "I'm pretty sure there is a tarp around here somewhere. I'll stretch that over the hole. Then we can make arrangements for more permanent repairs."

"It's a good thing you got that job when you did. We'll have new bills to pay."
Sam's story continued:

Calico and Susan got out of the cabin, but there was a problem; one of the terrorists spotted them.
Robert and his team decided to play it smart, instead of going gung ho onto the aircraft, they disguised themselves as airline attendants, hoping that they won't be recognized. As they went onto the Jet bridge. halfway through Jerry spotted something in the sky, "Robert, tell me that I'm imagining things." Robert says "Depends on what you see."
Bran and Marla were watching TV, something about an airplane, when the phone rang. "Yes?" said Bran. "I see... OK... Yes. Thank you."

"Who was that?" Marla said.

"I've been given new instructions," Bran said.

"When are you going to get paid?"

"I haven't really done anything yet."

Marla sighed. "I still think it's a scam. People don't hire secret agents using the internet."

"I don't know why not. Makes sense to me.

After thoroughly scanning each cave, the TMNT and Splinter still had no idea whose nest they were occupying.

Then Kali came in with several wooden steins "Who wants lager?" She asked cheerfully

"Kali..." Leo said "Could I possibly speak with you...In private?"

Sam's writing continued:

Calico and Susan began running. Calico was looking for a place to hide, when he saw it.

"In there," he said, grabbing Susan, pulling her after him.

"But, it's dark," said Susan.

"Caves generally are, with plenty of hiding places," said Calico. "Now move."
Robert looked out the window and he only saw clouds in the sky. "I don't see anything out there." Jerry says "I swore I saw a dragon flying overhead." Leon says "Must be a cloud formation, now let's get on board before Keloran decides to do something desperately wrong."
There was a knock at the trailer door, but when Bran opened it no one was there. Then he saw the basket of cookies at his feet.

"These are good," Marla said as they sat at the table munching on the chocolate chip cookies. "Hey, what's this?" She held up a folded piece of paper.

"Give me that," Bran said. He carefully unfolded it. It was a map.
After he had taken her somewhat private, Leo asked "So...Where did you take us?"

Kali fidgeted "We're under the Frozen North of Another World."

"Well..." Said Leo "That's a start...What is the name of this other world?"
Sam's writing continued:

Calico and Susan carefully walked through the cave system.

"Do you know where we are going?" Susan asked.

"We're going to find a side branch, and hide in it," said Calico.

"But, do you know where we are?" Susan asked.

"No, but I have a good sense of direction, and I can see fairly well," said Calico. "Just keep a hold of my hand."
Robert and his two men made it on board, "Oh, thank god the flight hasn't taken off yet. Can't believe this New York traffic made us so late." He said in his best Spanish accent. This draws Mack's attention "And who pry tell are you three?" Robert says "I'm Raul, and this is Julio and Louis. We're flight attendants assigned to this flight."
Bran looked at the map. In the bottom left corner was his trailer. In the top right corner was a cave. In between were indicated some easily found landmarks. It looked like about a half a mile walk to the cave.

He folded the map and put it in his pocket. "Want to go explore a cave with me?"

Marla frowned. "A cave? You mean, like dark and wet with bats and spiders?"

"It might be like that."

"Then count me out."
"Why are you being so secretive Kali?" Leo asked

"There are some things that are not for you to know." Kali said firmly

"Listen Kali," Leo said "I want to trust you...But I can't tell if you're really on our side or leading us into a trap!"

Kali felt herself starting to become choked, As a Dragon she was not as easily insulted as the rest of her kin but still there were a few things that could get under her scales."

"You can't trust me..." She said

Leo sighed "Kali...We want to know what the heck you're doing..."
Sam continued his writing:

Calico and Susan hid down a side branch.

"We'll wait for them to pass on by, and then we'll get out of here," said Calico.
Robert posing as the 1st. class flight attendant helps serves drinks to the upset passengers but secretly left a message with Carlos, "It's me, Robert. Just hang tight and I'll get you out of this mess, wait for the sign and please don't say anything that might give me away to Mack Kelloran."
Bran stuffed a flashlight and a knife in his pockets. Also his cellphone, though he doubted it would work inside a cave. And also a sandwich to snack on later plus a water bottle that hung from his belt. "Do I look like a spelunker?' he asked Marla.

"If spelunker means crazy dipshit, then yes," Marla said.
Just then Kali and Leo heard Don's voice "Guys get over here!"

Leo and Kali found Don along with Raph, Mikey and Splinter staring at a cave wall

When Leo faced the cave wall he was amazed by the elaborate paintings that were on it! In fact the way it was drawn with clear black lines dividing the different scenes, it seemed someone was trying to draw a comic strip on a cave wall, and whoever they were they succeeded!

The first panel in the most upper right corner featured a Velociraptor wearing a coat of many colors, meditating in the lotus position in a sunny green meadow, surrounded by flowers, in the next panel, a close up of the Dinosaur's face as he opes his Don noted it seems this Velociraptor has long black, human like hair in addition to his usual feathers.

"Whoa..." Mikey said "Does this mean we're in a world of Dinosaurs? Like...The Triceraton World."

Kali said "This is a world of many kind of creatures."
Sam's story continued:

Calico listened, as the terrorists went past him and Susan. He placed a finger on the young woman's lips. She nodded. Then they carefully walked out of the cave.

"Alright," he said, still keeping his voice low. "Let's get moving. I doubt they'll be fooled for long."
Robert overhears Kelleran's goons ask "I don't get it boss, I don't get it boss, why would you want the trinket of the most ruthless figure in Spanish history? That cross isn't worth all that much." "You don't get it. That cross isn't a treasure, it's a key to a vast treasure trove in which I must claim." "Ooh, where do we start?" "We'll start at the old rock quarry just north of here, one of my assocuates supposed to leave a map of it at a trailor located at the cave entrance. Once we have the cross, we'll go straight there." "What if someone else get that map first?" "If they do, they'll going to get a harsh lesson that no one takes from Mack Kelloran."
Bran entered the cave. He heard a strange sound, like a baby crying. A shiver went down his back.
"Kali..." Leo said "...What is the name of this world?"

"I am not allowed to say." Kali said

"Why not?" Leo asked

"The Book..." Kali said "...The Book explicitly says that if you're going to travel to this particular world,you are not to reveal the Name of this world to any other including any traveling companions..." She reached for her satchel

"This Book..." She Said "The only reason my family came in possession of this book..." She then realized her that particular book was no longer in her satchel.

"Uh oh..." Kali said

"What happened?" Leo asked

"The Book...I must have left the Book on a table on your lair..." Kali starting biting her claws "I hope no one finds that book..."

Then they heard a sharp cry...Even though it didn't sound exactly human...Everyone knew on a deep instinctual level that it was the cry of an Infant...

"Shell!" Don said as he quickly headed towards the sound of the Cry

Don ran into an Alcove and what he saw made him gasp!

Inside the Alcove was a Dead Anthropomorphic Velociraptor...Seemed to be a Female...And beside her was an Egg, hatched and a tiny Velociraptor, head thrown back, crying, possibly because the hatchling knew Mama was dead?
Sam wrote more of his story:

Calico eventually got to friendly forces, and returned Susan to her father.

Sam looked at the story. "Needs something. A wolf howling at the moon perhaps."
Name: Mama Mel
Age: 65 earth years; 506 Stullvanian years
Earthly occupation: Owner of Mama Mel's bar and grill in Blackwater, Louisiana where the weather is hot and the food is hotter. (But the black rum drinks are cold.)
Stullvania occupation: Healer to the outlaw ancients, which was illegal on the planet Stull. That was why she was exiled to earth 60 years ago and stole the body of a pretty 40 year old bartender. She aged well in her new body.

" What da' ya want now, bailiff. You don't fool me for a moment sittin' thar in those human things. Come to check on the place?" Mel slid into the booth across from the slit- eyed constable from Stull, touching his scaled hand briefly. "You are too obvious here. Look like a damn 'gator," she snarled quietly. "Kinda stick out, don't cha?"

"Madam," the constable hissed, "intelligence reported that you have illicitly plied your trade on these poor wretched creatures. Have you not healed some of these, uh, bipeds? " Its tongue flicked out to taste the air and withdrew quickly, causing a crease to appear in its scaly head. It's protrusion of a snout flared and then closed.

"Don't smell too good, eh?" Mama drawled as she lazily pushed an ice-cold black rum toward him. "Want to try this, you might enjoy the taste after your long, long travels." She smiled and leaned back against the wooden bench. "So what if I share a little kindness to these purr creatures. Theys don't live long nohow. Fragile they is." A soft laugh rumbled from her chest.

"Ah, spirit-woman, you jest." The bailiff lifted the foreign object a few inches from the table and its narrow tongue splashed into the thick, dark liquid. "This is illegal, you know." Its eyes narrowed to a squint and continued to lap the dark rum into its mouth. The creamy liquid spilled from the glass onto the table top and it licked delicately at the wayward fluid.

"Another?" she asked softly. A new drink appear in front of the creature and again it dipped its snout into the fluid. Another tumbler appeared, then another. The glass seemed to refill itself, almost like magic. Mama watched the bailiff until at last its scaly head dropped onto the table.

Mama rose slowly from the booth and sighed loudly, shaking her head. “Bus boy,” she yelled, “come clean up this trash.” Then, she walked away.

Jerry says "Did you hear that Robert?" A treasure unclaimed for over 600 years. What do you think it is?" Robert says "Don't know, all I know it's important for Mack Kelloran wants it badly that he's willing to kill for it. We need to get Carlos out of here, but how is the question." Leon says "I have an idea, if this works. We'll be out within the hour and it's straight towards that cave system near the quarry. Here's what we're gonna do." They all huddled up.
For a moment Bran considered leaving the cave and returning home, but then he got his courage back. After all, it was just the sound of a baby crying. What if it really were a baby? He would be a hero for saving it.

He stepped through the muck on the cave floor, using his flashlight to find his way. The sound grew louder as he approached.

Suddenly he was snatched off his feet. Tentacles wrapped around his ankles and lifted him high and upside down. He screamed and felt his heart begin to pound. Involuntarily, his bladder and bowels emptied, making a mess in his pants.

Then bright lights came on and a grinning announcer was saying, "Bran Flakes, you have been pranked!"

"Wh-what?" Bran mumbled, trying to adjust his mind to a new view of the situation.

"You have been pranked by Piss In Your Pants, America's favorite prank show. See? There are the cameras."

Bran looked at the cameras trained on him and his wet pants. He wondered if he could sue.

The announcer's assistants helped Bran get back on his feet. The announcer said, "For being such a good sport we want you to have this brand new convertible!"

Part of the cave wall slid aside to reveal a shiny car. Was the entire cave just a stage set?
Donatello knelt by the Dead Velociraptor and examined her "She...She died of Pneumonia." Don said
Sam looked at his story. Then, he had Sandy look at it.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"It needs something more," said Sandy.
Tommi Girl, the "bus boy" slouched out of the kitchen carrying a big tub, looked at the pile of green slime smoking on the table top, and turned aside. "What the heck is this?" she grouched.

"Oh, just some trash left behind. Spray it down with bleach and it will dissolve in a few." Mama tossed over her shoulder as she headed for the main bar.
Ellen then boarded the plain dressed as a nurse followed by two mean dressed as orderlies carrying a Straitjacket. Mack says "What's going on here?" Ellen says "Name's Nurse Ratchet, head nurse at Belleview Hospital's mental health wing." She points to Carlos "This man is an escaped patient and must be returned." Mack says "NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" Ellen says "Sorry, it's my job to keep all the eggs in one basket." Ellen faces Robert, Joey and Leon. "You three, gather his belongings and follow us to the wagon." as she puts the Straitjacket on Carlos. Robert whispered to Carlos "Sorry about the Straitjacket, but it's the only way we came up with to get you away from Kelloran."
Marla was happy that Bran had won a new convertible from the TV prank show, but sad that his "new job" had just been the set up for a TV prank.

"Things are weirder than you think," Bran said. "I was talking to Ed Simmons and he says the TV people are going to buy his hardware store for twice what it's worth and he gets to keep running it but they will pay him a salary of twice what he was making from the store."

"Why would they do that?" Marla said.

"They are buying up the whole town! They are going to turn it into one giant set for staging pranks."
Meanwhile Mikey cradled the tiny Velociraptor Hatchling in his arms

"Aw...Poor Guy..." Mikey said "...Wait...Are you a Guy or a Girl? Donny?"

"I can't tell Mikey!" Donny said "Dinosaurs aren't easily sexed!"

"The Hatchling is male." Said Kali "I can smell that he's male."

Mikey tickled the Hatchling's Belly "I got to think up a name for you..." Mikey said "I already named my Cat Klunk...So your name should be..."

A Great Lump of snow fell at his feet."

"Snow! I'll call you Snow!" Mikey said "How do you like that name?"

Snow squeaked happily and nuzzled against Mikey's neck

"Aww! I knew you'd like it!" Said Mikey "We should get you something to eat."

"Actually Mikey..." Donny said "I think...Snow...Still has a yolk in his belly so he won't need to eat for a while."
Sam looked at his story. "What do you think it needs?"

"A romance angle perhaps," said Sandy.
Tommi swung around and looked at the table in disgust. Shaking her head, she sprayed the entire booth down with a Clorox solution, as required by the Louisiana State Department of Health and Environment, then stood back and watched as the green slime misted into oblivion. What was left of the remaining cloth shriveled into a mushy pile of chemicals.

The odor of the mist rising from the tabletop, however, was not unpleasant, almost like the sterile smell of a hospital ward. Not unlike that sanitized environment she had escaped from a few short months ago. Well, she thought, not exactly a hospital. An insane asylum. A wretched place where she was locked up because she couldn't remember who she was and swore she came from Zarthrum, a planet far, far away. Or maybe it was the bizarre behavior at the little McDonald's in Cobhill that got her arrested and detained for two days before she was committed.

Tommi wiped up the last of the pile of chemicals, gave the table another good cleaning, and then swept up the pile of dust under the table. She turned back to Mama who was wiping down the bar and narrowed her eyes.
Nearly an hour later, Robert, Jerry, Leon, Emely and Carlos was out of JFK and driving north out of the City. Carlos says "Oh, that was scary. Thanks for getting me out of there." Robert says "No problem." He turns to Ellen, "Nurse Ratchet? We were lucky Kelloran and his men didn't recognize that name, I'm surprise any of them didn't even read the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Ellen says "That's Ratched, I used the name Ratchet, big difference." Joey says "Never mind that, did you see the look on Mack's face when she told him that Carlos was an escaped mental patient?" Leon says "I'll bet he's headed for Belleview to retrieve a belonging of a non-existent patient." Robert says "Joey, how far up is this quarry this map is hidden?"
"Maybe they will buy this trailer for their prank set," Marla said.

"I don't know," Bran said. "We're outside the city limits, way outside. But who knows? They might!"
As night began to fall, The Turtles became a bit silent toward Kali, all four of them were beginning to feel like they couldn't trust her, they and Splinter gathered in a small alcove.

Snow had really imprinted himself on Mikey and the Orange-Banded Turtle asked his brothers "Can we keep him?"

"This isn't our universe Mikey." Donny said "Even if Snow's Mother is dead...He may still have other family we should concentrate on finding them."

"How do we do that?" Leo asked "Kali is doing everything in her power to keep what this world is a secret from us."
Sam looked at his story. "So, how would I work a romance angle in?"

"Could have them talking to each other when the president's daughter got kidnapped, a kiss when he rescues her, something suggestive going on in the cave, and perhaps a big kiss at the end," said Sandy.
Mama moved slowly and methodically down the bar, her plump arms experienced and efficient at the task before her. She felt Tommi's eyes boring down on her and she purposely continued her task, humming softly to herself and smiling. Patience was a virtue; this young one had much to learn.

They pull into the quarry and up to a trailer, "It appears someone lives here." Jerry sees as he looks at a Barchetta, Leon says "Whoever lives in here, needs a new trailer." as he points at the hole in the roof. Robert says "We'll tell them when we ask for the map." He knocks on the door.
"Who could be knocking?" Marla said. "It's not like we have any friends."

Bran shrugged. "Probably some door-to-door salesman who doesn't mind going way off the beaten path."

Marla grabbed his arm. "Don't open it!"

"What? Don't be so paranoid. It might be some of the TV people."

While sitting by herself Kali remembered something, that casting the spell from her Fantastic Worlds had a cost, for every Person that was transported in exchange Random Natives from to World you are teleporting to get transported to the world you are teleporting from,normally they are within 100 miles of the Location you chanted the spell from.

"I transported six people..."Kali said to herself"Myself and he for turtles and Splinter...I shudder what is happening the Six Natives of this world who were forcibly teleported here..."

Meanwhile on Third Earth a Human named Bran,the Human who saw Ember was answering a knock at his door he answered only to be rudly shoved shoved aside by a six-foot anthropomorphic Cockroach and five other Anthro Insects

"Out of the way."Said the Cockroach"We need this place for shelter!"
Sam worked on his story again. "I hope it isn't too crazy."
Mama finished her task, plopped the rag in the bucket of Clorox water and stored it in a cabinet in the back. When she returned to the front bar, Tommi was sitting on a bar stool at the end with her head in her hands. Her thick, purple hair spilled forward covering her face. Sniffles could be heard clear across the room and M leaned her heavy body against the bar across from her and touched the top of her head. Mama said: "Honey, you want a pale beer?"

Tommi looked up, her normally brown eyes swirled in shades of iridescent purple. The black irises of her eyes were stained deep red and moisture glistened at the edges of her eyes. "Mama, you know I'm not old enough." She sighed and ran her finger around in a circle on the bar top. Little traces of light flicked behind her finger tip Mama's thick hand clapped her hand down and leaned closer. "Don't start a fire, Tom, and yes you are old enough. You are almost 150 years old and just because you look twenty doesn't mean you can't handle it."

"Mama, I just wanna go home."
After seeing giant insects jumping into the hole, Robert and friends had no choice but to get into the trailer, Joey shot his pistol at an ants antennae. The Coackroach says "Get out of our new shelter." Robert says "Not so fast la cucaracha, this place isn't yours to begin with. I may warn you my friend is an excellent shot, so you and your friends better shoo out of here or any of you will be without antennnaes."
One of the cockroaches made the mistake of reaching for his weapon. Joey's gun barked twice and the cockroach's severed hand fell to the floor, still clutching his evil-looking little pistol.

"Any other heroes in here?" Joey said. "Hands up, everybody!"

"We don't want to cause any trouble," said a Praying Mantis.

Robert snorted. "Right. Insects who don't want to be pests. That's a new one. Too bad we didn't bring the Orkin Man with us. Anybody got a can of Raid?"

"RAID!" screamed a little flea who didn't understand Robert was being sarcastic.

Joey pointed his gun at the flea. "Don't get excited, little man. It would take a gallon of Raid to deal with you giants. What happened? Did your great grandparents stumble into an atomic bomb test in 1954?
"Um...No." Said the Praying Mantis "We were all born this way, Our Great-Great-Gandpappys were made Humanoid Many Eons ago...The Six of us, were a bunch of Miners in the Great North when we were all transported here."

"Wait what?!" Exclaimed Robert "Insect Miners? Transported?"

Meanwhile Kali was headed to bed, she sleepily walked into the alcove she had claimed as her own, when with a startled jump she saw Ember standing there!
Sam looked at his story. "Alright, let's see how it goes."
"I know. I know. " she said sympathetically patting Tommi's trembling hand. "Take a break. Why not go out back and get rid of that trash and whatever. You might enjoy it."

Tommi slid off the bar stool and gathered up the cleaning bucket and the trash from the back room. Mama Mel returned to her kitchen to scour the grill in preparation for the evening crowd. After a few minutes, the acrid odor of burning floated in through the back door. Mama quietly closed the door without looking out.

Later: 4:00 PM
Robert says "Let me get this straight, you said you were transported from the North Pole?" The cockroach says "Not exactly, first thing we were in our cave mining for minerals, the next thing we know we find ourselves somewhere under a big city. I hope our dinosaur friends are okay without the minerals we mined." Both Robert and Bran exclaimed "Dinosaurs?"
"Yes," said the cockroach. "Dinosaurs. My name is C'rrth, by the way."

"How do you pronounce that?" Bran asked.

"Like I just said," said C'rrth. "Like Sir Ruth."

"What about the dinosaurs.?"

"They needed special minerals to grow their bones properly. At one time there was a plant they ate that extracted the mineral from the soil for them, but the plant became extinct because there were so many dinosaurs that they ate all the plants."

Bran nodded that he understood. "So you guys were brought in to mine the minerals."
Meanwhile Ember was glaring at Kali

"You betrayed me!" Ember said
Sam looked at Sally. "Let's see how people like it."
Mama Mel's Bar and Grill sat back from a little two-lane blacktop highway that meandered along the southern part of Louisiana, only a quarter mile from the oil company's canals in the bayous. The single story building was nestled against a small canal and was surrounded by shade trees that cut the burning Louisiana sun. Behind the low building, a raised deck dotted with patio tables and chairs overlooked the canal. A small sign on the railing warned customers of the 'gators in the canal.

Leon says "It's still hard to believe dinosaurs are still around at this day and age, I thought they went extinct millions of years ago." Carlos says "They currently not on our Earth, but an alternate one. C'rrth and his friends have been transported from there." Robert says "How do you know this and what knowledge do you have on this alternate Earth?" Carlos says "My ancestor, Juanito explained in his journal." Robert says "Juanito? I thought Tomás de Torquemada was your ancestor." Carlos says "He is, Juanito is his son, believe it or not Juanito Torquemada is a crewmember on the Santa Maria." Robert says "Whoa, but what the connection with your ancestor and this Dinosaur Earth?"
"Have you ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle?" said Carlos.

"Of course," Robert said. "It's a place where ships mysteriously disappear."

"It's actually a transdimensional portal. Juanito was lucky enough to get sucked in and then spat back out, but while he was away he was on an alternate earth. Fortunately, his ship survived in both directions along with his journal in which he wrote much about the dinosaurs. I have tried to get scientists interested in it, but they all insist it's a work of fiction."

Robert looked at the giant insects. "I would think that, too, if I wasn't seeing these big bugs right now."

Bran banged a spoon on a pot. "Now that I have your attention... As much as Marla and I enjoy a good party, this one was completely unexpected and we have no refreshments to serve. I suggest we all go down the road a piece to Mama Mel's Bar and Grill and feast on ribs, chicken, and beer."
"Fine." Said the Preying Mantis "But...Uh...Do you know where we can find a toy store?"

"Huh?" Said Bran

"One of our Dinosaur Friends, a Velociraptor named Pooka,she was pregnant when we left her, we want to get some toys for the Hatchling's birthday."

Meanwhile Kali held up her hands "Ember! I can explain!"

"There is nothing to explain." Said Ember and immediately she lunged at Kali locking jaws onto Kali's throat."
Sally got a hold of a publisher she knew. "What do you think?"

"It's interesting," the publisher said. "I just wish that your friend wasn't shy."
The waitresses arrived at 3:00 P. M. sharp to prepare for the supper crowd. At 4:00 P. M. the doors were opened to let out the aroma of deep fried alligator strips and racks of ribs rubbed with cajun spices and then slowly pit smoked. Only Mama Mel knew what went into the rub recipe and how long to smoke the ribs. The dinner special on this particular Friday night was a choice of blackened chicken breasts or deep fried fat back and pork rinds served with crisp 'tater fries sprinkled liberally with spicy Tabasco salt. Tommi had personally roasted the chicken and porkies on her little burning spree earlier in afternoon and Mama Mel was secretly pleased because of the last minute tourists coming in.

Jerry says "I can buy it for you at Toys R Us in Times Square, it's a shame FAO Schwarz closed down. They always had good toys for newborns."
"Thanks," said the Praying Mantis. "I don't know how I can ever repay you."

"I take cash," Jerry said.

Bran watched the humans and the insects start walking down the road to Mama Mel's. It wasn't that far and it was a nice afternoon. He grabbed Marla's arm to hold her back.

"Aren't we going with them?" Marla asked.

"Do you want to?" he said. "I thought I was getting rid of them for you."
"Maybe if we follow them we can finally leave this cruddy trailer forever!" Said Marla

Meanwhile Kali was forced on her back while Ember tried to tear into her throat,fortunately she had very hard scales there but it was only a matter of time...

Leo came running he pulled back the beaded curtain and saw what was happening, he gasped in horror!
"So, what's the news?" Sam asked, when Sally came home.

"He'll publish it," said Sally.
Dock workers, rough necks (oil rig workers ), pipeline workers, and workers from the sugar cane fields and rice fields frequented Mama Mel's after their shift, drifting in groups of five or six men grubby from their labor. Some worked 12 hour shifts; others worked 4 on/3 off on the rigs; others sun up to sun down every day depending on the weather and the crops. Blue color workers most of them, looking for a cool place and a cool brew, somewhere to unwind and tell their tall tales of the swamps in the rhythmic cadence of the deep south.
While Jerry and the Mantis went toy shopping, Robert turns to Bran "I nearly forgot, did you see a map. Bran says "I did find a map, but I thought it was part of a prank." Robert says "Believe me, it's no prank if Mack Kelleran gets his hands on that."
"Why don't I just give it to you?" Bran says to Robert. "Marla! Where is that map I found?"

Marla walks in with the map. Bran takes it and hands it to Robert. "Here. It's your problem now."
Thinking quickly, Leo snapped off several of the beaded curtain strings, and leaped onto Ember he wrapped on string around her neck and pulled tight.

It barely hurt Ember but when she saw who was trying to strangle she roared "YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!"
Sam looked at his book. "So, let's get started on the next one."
Mama served a variety of beers in the afternoons. Pale beers for the light-hearted field hands; the darker beers for those rough necks and dock workers. She saved the special stuff for after 10 P.M: Dark rum coolers for those less inclined to be friendly.
As Robert and friends left the trailer, Robert studied the map. "Hmm, there's writing on this map. Mostly in Spanish when Jerry gets back we'll go to Mama Mel's and study it when during dinner." Leon says "Sounds like a plan."
"Let's go to Mama Mel's later this evening," Bran said. "You know how I love those dark rum coolers."

"Fine with me," said Marla, "but what will we do between now and then?"

Bran wiggled his eyebrows. "You don't have any ideas?"

Marla half closed her eyes. "I can see you have some ideas."
Leonardo tried to tie up Ember's jaws with a beaded string, Ember for her part attempted to burn Leo to ask with her fiery breath.

Leo responded by ducking, and landed a precise kick in Ember's soft underbelly, Ember doubled over in pain.

Leo put his foot on Ember's head
Sam looked out a window. "It would be nice to go someplace without scaring people."
Tommi was busy busing a table after some of her customers left her section of the dining area. She smiled as she pocketed the $20.00 tip one of the dock workers left under his plate. Sometimes it pays to flirt, but she was always evasive when a customer tried to get her telephone number.
As Jerry got back, Robert noticed he was alone, Robert says "Where's C'rrth and the others?" Jerry says "They're going to meet us in Miami. While shopping for toys, I also took them to Macy's for a suitable disguise for each of them and managed to charter us a boat over at Bayside Marina." Carlos says "Now that we're all here, let's go to Mama Mel's for dinner and study both the map and Juanito's Journal."
After Bran and Marla finished with their "afternoon delight" they showered, put on fresh clothes, and walked down the road to Mama Mel's. Bran spotted Robert, Jerry, and Carlos sitting at a table.

"Are you having any luck with that map?" Bran asked.

"Oh yes," Robert said. "It's even more interesting than I suspected. I might have some questions for you later."

"Questions for me? I doubt I know anything. I've lived in this area for years but I've spent most of it in a daze."
"Well..." Leo said panting "What should I do with her?"

"Do not kill her." Said Kali
Sam got on his computer, and looked online. There had to be a way he could go out in public.
Tommi held her pad and pencil ready to take the order from the latest group that arrived. She knew Bran and his girlfriend. They were a cute couple, but Bran was a little strange. The other two, she thought one was called Jerry, were huddled with their heads together over an old map that appeared to be outdated. Their beer glasses were nearly empty.

"Tonight's special is blackened chicken and seasoned fries," Tommi said brightly. "We also have our usual fare and I actually cooked the porkies, so they're extra crispy. Check out the board," She pointed over her shoulder. "You want pale beer to start out with?" she asked Bran. Then she looked at Jerry, "Want a refill or pitcher?"

Jerry grunted and Robert glanced up from the map. "Nah," Robert mumbled, "I want a burger."

Tommi just stared at him. Burgers weren't on the menu tonight.

Robert ordered the Blackened chicken special as Tommi finished with the orders, "I'll be back with your beers." Robert says "Okay, I've managed to translate the writing, it says here that we start on an Island with 200 villages ruled by caciques. Which means we start at Jamaica." Bran says "I know it's not my business but what's a Caciques?" Carlos says "It means chiefs in Spanish, where do we go from there?"
"This chicken is delicious!" Marla said.

Bran nodded agreement as he gobbled up some more seasoned fries. "You can't beat Mama Mel's cooking. Why can't you cook like her?"

"Maybe I could if people were paying me to eat what I cooked. That's a powerful motivator."

"You think about money too much," Bran said. "The best things in life are free."

"This chicken isn't free."
Using more beaded strings to tie Ember up further Leo called for his brothers

"So that's Ember..." Raph said darkly
Sam looked at Sally. "We could work on making a disguise for me," he said. "After all, best-selling authors are supposed to be odd."
Tommi cleared away the dishes at Marla and Bran's table. Jerry and Robert were still huddled over the map, slugging down the last of their beers. As Tommi placed their meal tab on the table, she looked at Marla. "Marla, did you want anything else tonight? Looks like you enjoyed the fries. Maybe you could get Bran to bring you in more often."

Marla laughed lightly and winked at Tommi as she picked up the tab. "Thanks, Tommi, but I'm full. At the rate these guys eat, I'll have to take a second job." She gently elbowed Bran and walked with Tommi up to the cash register where Mama Mel was ringing out the customers. "Truth is, I love that guy, but he's got some strange friends."

Mama Mel looked up at Marla and took the ticket from her, then looked at Tommi and smiled like a big Cheshire Cat. "Don't we all!" Mama crowed.
Robert put the map away as he is about to eat his meal, as he tastes his chicken, "Mama Mel, this chicken is amazingly delicious." Mama Mel says "Thanks, one of my best family recipes, by the way what was that map?" Robert says "It's an old map dated back to the days of my ancestor, Chistopher Columbus." "A treasure hunter eh?" "Except the treasures I seek are donated to Museums."
"You know," said Mama Mel, "my grandmother used to tell stories about a treasure being buried around here somewhere."

"Oh?" said Robert. "That's interesting. Tell me what she said."

When Marla got back to their table, Bran said, "Don't forget to leave a good tip," and headed for the rest room.

Marla looked at his retreating back and muttered under her breath, "Some day I'm going to break it off with that worthless scuzzball and he'll never see it coming."
With Ember tied up. the Turtles picked her up and brought her to Splinter

"What do you think we should do with her Sensai?" Leo asked
Sally chuckled at Sam's suggestion. "I'll get to work on getting some supplies."
Mama Mel smiled a little and pulled up a chair by Robert. Her eyes narrowed as she leaned forward. "You know, Robert, that I haven't repeated this story since I came to... er, opened this bar about 25 years ago. In fact, my Nana gave me many of the recipes I use here, only here, when I serve up Mexican.

"Nana says, when I was jus' a wee little girl, that the Frenchies were on the run after that Seven Years War. You all know it as the French and Indian War, but it was before the U. S. of A. got born. As part of reparations, the Frenchies gave Spain everything wes' of the Mississippi, including New Orleans. Well, some of the French sympathizers in Orleans was on da run 'n buried a chest of gold somewhere down by Live Oak, 'long the Old Man. Said they'd picked the tallest oak down there and buried it." Mama leaned back, "BUT, you know it prob' floated away on down to the Gulf. Seein' that we don't bury nothin' down here 'cause, you know, we are just floatin' on water."

Mama pushed herself from the table, stood up and laughed. "Glad you liked your dinner. You come back, you all welcome here anytime!" She turned to go and said over her shoulder. "Luck is with ya!"
Robert paid the bill and head out, Jerry says "Do you believe what Mama Mel told you about the French and the Spanish?" Robert says "Yes, she's an educated gal. Even I took history in school. Enough of that, we got a flight to Miami to catch."
Bran and Marla were walking back up the road to their trailer in the dimming light of dusk when they saw the UFO. Marla held on to Bran. "Oh my gosh! Is that what I think it is?"

"A flying saucer?" Brad said. "Yes and it looks like it is coming down for a landing near our trailer."

"Oh, Bran! Let's go back to Mama Mel's."

"But we're almost home. We can't be sure it's a flying saucer unless we get a closer look at it."
During her flight to the Stone Quarry, Ember found a canister of High-Octane Mutagen, Mutates Faster then the regular stuff she also discovered a small town zoo and Ember was disgusted as Dragons do not keep other creatures in cages for their own entertainment, so she dropped the High-Octane Mutagen into the Zoo and flew off the get her rock.

And as they were driving back to their trailer Bran and Marla had to stop their car, as the road was blocked by a procession of Mutated Zoo Animals, there were Lions, Tigers, Bears, Crocodiles, Elephants, Hippos, Kangaroos,Seals, Parrots, Camels, Bison, Monkeys, Snakes and Goats, Sheep,Pigs and Chickens from the Petting Zoo and many more

"HOLY $(@U#!" Scream Bran "First Giant Insects and Now this?!"

The Animals heard Bran and they turned their heads eerily their eyes glowing like the children of the corn
Sam soon found a news report. "Something big must of happened. Mutant animals walking around in New York City."

"That's not normal," said Sally.

"I hope I'm not related to any of them," said Sam.
Tommi looked suspiciously at Mama Mel and put her hand on her hip. Her vibrant purple hair hung across one eye, leaving only the narrow slit of the other glaring at her employer. "I can't believe you told those poor smucks that tall tale." She huffed and threw down her pad and pencil on the bar.

Mama looked at Tommi. "You know, dear child, that this body belonged to a very intelligent earth person. She has memories of her Nana that she shares with me and what she told me was true."

Mama turned and rang out the last customer for the night and then turned back to Tommi. "I don't think you realize how lucky you are to share a bi-pedal body. At least the girl was willing and you didn't have to take her by force." She paused. "Mine, on the other hand, was close to dying and was reluctant I gave her a choice and now she is thankful I was there at the right time."

Tommi frowned. "Dying? Really? What happened? You never said how you came to be her"

Mama Mel busied herself for a few minutes with the remaining waitresses as they divided up the nights tips and were paid cash for their wages. As they left through the front door, Mama scurried over and locked the door behind them and then shut out the main lights. Returning to Tommi she touched her arm and said softly. "Melanie was 40 years years old and a real looker. On the night I showed up, she was just closing up and an old boyfriend came in. She told me they argued and he shot her, left her to bleed out. When I walked in, her wraith was just beginning to form over her. So I took her body, saved her life. Been together ever since. I think it's been 60 some years."

"What happened to the old boyfriend?"
Robert turned off the car radio, "Unbelievable, first giant insects now this." Leon says "I don't get it, why would Agent Bishop blame the mutant animals on renisance artists?" Robert says "I have no idea but expect quite a crowd when we reach LaGuadia."
When the last of the animals had finished crossing the road, Bran and Marla resumed their journey home.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Bran asked.

"I guess I'm in shock," she answered. "Bran? What the hell is happening? A flying saucer? A parade of animals? Am I going crazy?"

"No," Bran said. "If you are, then I am crazy, too, because I also saw all that. Look, the flying saucer is still there."

Sure enough, a shimmering disk of silver was floating just above their trailer. It seemed to be revolving slowly, like a vinyl record player.

"What should we do?" Marla said.

Bran took a deep breath. "Let's go home and go inside and go to sleep. I'm really tired."

"Bran! Don't act like nothing is happening! That scares me."

"I have to, honey. It's the only way I know to cope with this. You might as well do the same, unless you want to stand out here in the road all night worrying about that saucer."

"If you pretend something doesn't exist, it might be YOU who ends up vanishing!" Said a Voice

Bran and Marla turned their heads to see their was one Animal who hadn't crossed the road, it was a Mutant Tortoise, his eyes were glowing and he was smiling a creepy smile.

Meanwhile Ember was still trying to break free of her bonds

Sam looked at the video. "Well, might just be able to walk around as is, without putting on some trench coat or whatever."
Mama Mel flipped off the chiller unit and cranked up the thermostat on the furnace, even though it was still 87 degrees with a 98 percent humidity outside. It was 11:30 PM. She ignored Tommi's question for a moment and then turned to her friend.
As they made it to the airport, they found that it's a mob scene. "Look at this," Robert says, "With a crowd like this, we'll never make the flight." "Relax." Jerry says, "I booked us an exclusive flight." Robert says "A private flight?" Leon says "I hope we don't end up in a cargo plane.".
Marla buried her head in Bran's chest. "Bran! Make it go away!"

Bran looked calmly at the Mutant Tortoise. "You are disturbing my girlfriend."

"Or she was already disturbed," said the Tortoise, "and reacted badly to my presence."

"My girlfriend is not mentally unbalanced, and neither am I!"

"Methinks thou doth protest too much."

"We are quite sane," Bran said. "It's the world that has gone crazy. Why are you here, for example."

"Just sightseeing," said the Tortoise. "No law against that, is there?"
"I came here to tell you exactly what that spaceship is for." Said the Tortoise "It's here to Pick up 12 Mutant Animals...And we don't know who are going to be the lucky ones, even I don't know."

"Why do you want to be abducted by Aliens?" Asked Bran

"The Aliens are are going to take us to a Paradise where we Animals won't be locked in cages or hunted by man..." Said the Tortoise

"Why is it over our trailer?" Asked Marla

The Tortoise shrugged "The Aliens just really like Trailers." Said the Tortoise

Meanwhile Sam heard a knock on his door, he opened it and saw a Mutant Cat who looked eerily like the character he had created

"Hi!" Said the Cat "Can I come in?"

"Who are you?" Sam asked "How did you get here?"

"I teleported." Said the Cat
"So, what are you doing here?" Sam asked.

Sally came in from the kitchen. "Isn't that the character you created for your story?"

The cat looked at Sally. "What's she to you?"

"She's sort of like my sister," said Sam.
Tommi settled herself on a bar stool. The back door opened and a giant orange tabby cat walked in. Tommi gasped.
Robert and the rest made it to Hanger 18, "Are you sure this is the place where you hired that private flight?" Robert asked, Jerry answered, "Yes, this is what I was told to meet our pilot." Inside the hanger they found a Douglas C-54 Skymaster with the name Falcon Airlines on it. Leon asks "A military aircraft?" Robert says "I thought they discontinued making this in 1975. Why is this one still flying?" "Because I take good care of it." said a voice behind them. They saw a Falcon dressed as an aviator complete with a peaked cap. "Kevin Silverwing of Falcon Airlines which one of you is Jerry Richmond?" Jerry says "That will be me." Kevin held out a feathered hand "I charge $200.00 per person for my flights. Robert says "That's a total of $800.00! Can we afford this?" Jerry took out his bankroll, "Relax, I got this covered."

"Why do the aliens like trailers?" Bran asked the Tortoise.

The Tortoise looked at him with big liquid eyes and said, "Why don't you ask them yourself? I believe there is one in your trailer now."

"What?" Marla said. "But I didn't clean today."

"Let's go look," Bran said. "I'm curious about these saucer flying playboys from outer space."

Sure enough, there was an alien sitting at their kitchen table. "I made some coffee," it said. "I hope you don't mind. I love Earth coffee and I didn't know how late you would be coming home."
"Why are you here?" Bran asked

"We're here to take 12 Lucky Animals to an alternate universe." Said the Alien

"Why?" Asked Bran

"Because the Animals of Earth have had a rough time, and the powers that be have decided that they should have a break once in a while."

Meanwhile in the Alternate Universe Raph put his head on Ember's head "So..." Raph asked smugly "...What you got to say for yourself?"
Sam looked at Calico. "So, what's going on here?"
"What? Never saw a Tom cat before?" he asked. "Can't a guy get a drink without getting harassed?" The tabby settled itself on the bar stool next to Tommi and flexed his claws, grabbed a handful of peanuts from the bowl on the bar top and then tossed them into his mouth.

Tommi stared at the mouth of the mutant cat, those long shiny teeth seemed extraordinarily long and menacing. The droopy whiskers looked like a mustache, waxed and curled at the ends in curlicues, and his fur, oh my. His fur was thick and smooth, covering a torso that was muscular and almost attractive. Tommi gulped. The animal, if that's what it was, was six foot long, tall, whatever, and sat erect on the stool. Her eyes drifted downward, but stopped at the waist of the trousers. Soft tan clashed with the orange fur. Tommi quickly turned her eyes back to the drink on the bar. 'What the hell,' she thought. Her cheeks flushed.

As Robert and his friends are flying to Miami, Leon says "Did you use our sales money from Carlos Jerry?" Jerry says "No, just the money I won when we're in Monty Carlo. Remember that Poker tournament I was in?" Carlos says "I can't believe we have a Falcon as our pilot." Robert took out the map, "Well sense this is going to be a long flight, let's study this more."
"Do you own a cat?" asked the alien.

"A cat?" Bran said, his face looking puzzled.

"I had a cat once," said Marla. "I named her Queenie. She ran away. I don't know why."

"Cats are no longer to be owned," said the alien. "That's one of our side quests. We are liberating all the cats of the galaxy."

"Maybe cats like being owned," Bran said. "It guarantees food and love. Sounds like a good life to me."

"That's because you're a humanoid slug," said the alien, "not the glorious, graceful creature that is a cat."

Meanwhile Mikey was keeping the young Velociraptor Snow safe while Ember struggled in her binds and everyone discussed what to do with her.

In the Trailer The Tortoise asked "How will you determine who the 12 Lucky Animals will be?"

Each of the 12 Animals must prove themselves with a Great Deed." Said The Alien
Sam looked at Calico. "What's going on?"

The cat shrugged its shoulders. "I wouldn't know. You created me to be a government agent, not a scientist."
As Tommi continued to stare at her drink, her mind rapidly flicked from one romantic scene to another. 'What is wrong with this human body,' she thought. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, her thick purple locks slapping at her face.

Mama Mel started wiping the bar in front of her and asked if anything was wrong. Tommi didn't hear her comment, but the Tom cat did. He smiled to himself and sniffed the air. Pheromones alright, the little lassie was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. He chuckled to himself at the thought and quickly downed his drink. Mel reached for the glass and the cat nodded for a refill.

It was just past midnight and a steady stream of "people" poured through the back door. The jukebox belted out a jaunty Cajun tune, a mixture of blues/rhythm and blues, in that slightly nasal language that was a combination of French and really bad English and then was peppered with yee-haw yells. In the dim light of the bar, folks were doing the Cajun two-step and the Lake Charles Slide on the dance floor. It was extremely hot in the bar, the furnace doing its job, but no one seemed to notice.
Robert and friends fell asleep, but woken up when the pilot made an announcement, "Attention passengers, excuse the rude wake up call but we are coming to a landing in Miami's Tamiami airport. The local time is 7:30 AM and I hope the flight was wonderful." Robert says "I hope we have a rental car ready."
"I'm not a humanoid slug," Bran said. "I don't like your snobby I'm an alien and so I'm better than earthlings attitude."

"It's true," said the alien. "My civilization was watching reality TV while yours was still struggling to master fire. We are centuries ahead of you. So now you have reality TV but we have stuff a hundred times better than that."

"Oh yeah?" Bran said. "I don't care. You're still an alien. You're still going to get killed by some crazy farmer with a shotgun if you aren't careful. Or maybe... just maybe... you will succumb to some earth disease for which you have no natural immune defense."

The alien shuddered. "Earth diseases! Brrrr! So many of them!"
"How can an Animal Qualify for this Great Deed?" Asked the Tortoise "What's the time limit?"

"You have until the end of this month." Said the Alien "Currently the leading contestant is a Mutant Falcon who is a Pilot."

"Why does a Falcon need an airplane?" Asked Bran "When he aleady has wings."
"To fly others," the alien said.
Mama was busy mixing drinks. No waitresses were on the floor; patrons just came to the bar and ordered directly from Mama Mel. Everyone was patient, knowing this was the only place they could come at night and feel like they had a somewhat normal existence. Empty drink glasses were placed back in the kitchen area; Mama trusted her special customers.

Tommi slid off the bar stool and went to the back to stack drink glasses in the automatic washer. The machine clanked and ran, only ten or fifteen minutes and the giant washer would be finished. Tommi didn't hear the man-cat approach her from behind, but when he touched her shoulder she whirled around in surprise.
Robert, Joey, Leon and Carlos got into the building where they were greeted by one of the airport staff members "Welcome to Miami, anything to declare?" Robert says "No." He then looks confused "Which airlines did you fly on?" Joey says "A privately owned one, Falcon Air I believe." He looks through his paperwork on a clipboard "Uh sir, there is no Falcon Air." Joey says don't you see that Douglas C-54 Skymaster that landed?" They guy says "Sir, that model was decommissioned in 1975 and it's a military aircraft." Robert looked out and saw that the plane was gone.
"That's right," Bran said. "Just like in War of the Worlds".

The alien laughed. "I'm just playing with your head, bro. Do you think out science can't handle a few rinky dink Earth diseases? Ha! I'm immune to diseases you never heard of."

Bran and the alien stayed up until late in the night arguing about whose civilization was superior. When Bran woke up late the next day, the alien was gone.

Also gone was Marla. There was a note from her on the kitchen table.
'I don't know why...' Marla wrote '...But I felt an incredible urge to become an Animal. The Alien said he could turn me into one.'
Sam looked at Sally. "Let's go see what's going on."
"Did I frighten you?" the tall tabby asked. He stepped back a bit. "I'm sorry if I was rude." He purred softly, the rumble deep in its orange chest. The eyes of the tabby were golden, the pupil was dilated in the low light.

"Uh, no. Just a little surprised." Tommi said. "I'm sorry if I stared. First time we had a cat here during the late hours." Tommi shifted her weight a little and stepped back. She had to look up at the animal that towered over her.

"Ummmm, can I buy you a drink then?"
After an escapade at the airport, Robert and company is finally on the streets of Miami, Robert managed to rent a Toyota Escapade from Hertz, and travelling northbound on US1, Leon used the GPS app on his smartphone to help navigate. "Leon, how much further to Bayside?" Leon says "According to my phone, about 7 more miles."
Bran put down the note from Marla after reading it three times. His expression was bleak.

"I knew she was going to leave me one day," he muttered, "but this way? It seems so random. It's not like her. That damn alien!"
Meanwhile, Marla, the Alien and the Tortoise were floating high above to Planet Earth...The Alien was preparing the Transformation Formula.

"Do I get to choose what Animal I become?" Marla asked "Can I be a Cat?"

"I'm sad to say you can't choose." Said the Alien as he mixed ingredients in a blender "You see...Every Human has inside their DNA a connection to one Species of Earth Animal...Some people call this their 'Totem' What this potion does is restore you to your place in the Animal Kingdom."

After a moment of blending Marla asked "What will the potion taste like?"

"Everyone who drinks it perceives it differently." Said The Alien

He then poured the bright green mixture into a tall glass and handed it to Marla

"Well...Cheers." Marla said and she gulped down the potion....It tasted sweet to her...Like a Pineapple Slushie...Then she started to transform....The first thing she felt was two arms growing underneath her regular arms, she looked down, all four arms were bright green! And on each hand were only three fingers!

She felt her face elongate, and her vision became blurry then became compound vision

"What...Am...I...Turning into?" She asked as two Antennae Sprouted on her head

"You're becoming an Anthropomorphic Green Grasshopper." Said the Alien "How do you feel?"

Marla responded by testing her Grasshopper Legs, she bumped her head on the Chandelier she landed flat on her rear rubbed her head
Sally got in the driver seat of her car, while Sam and Calico got in the back.

"Let's hope we don't get pulled over," she said.
"I'm sorry, I have to work. I'm the only help Mel keeps for this late crowd." Tommi opened the hood of the giant automatic dishwasher and the steam billowed out. She stepped back and looked at the cat-man. "If you don't mind, I can join you after I get the next load in."

"I'll do one better," the cat laughed. "I'll bring it back here so we can talk. What do you favor?"

"Just an iced tea. I'm parched and I need to stay alert to help Mama Mel. One of those bottled diet peach things would be fine. Thank you." Tommi turned back to the task at hand as the cat-man went to get their drinks.
As the Alien helps Marla control her new body, the Douglas C-54 Skymaster plane appears in the ship's hanger, the Falcon comes out of the plane "I done my good deed and made a little money." Marla asks "Who's that?" The Alien says "Marla, meet Kevin Silverwing, like you he was human. His totem is the falcon." Kevin held Marla's insect hand and gently kissis it with his beak, "Charmed to meet you Marla." The alien says "We don't charge for good deeds." Keven says "True, but good deeds alone doesn't pay the bills." Marla asks "Was he one of those no questions asked cargo pilots?"
"Kevin is very useful to us," said the alien, "as I hope you will be."

"What can a grasshopper do?" Marla asked.

"You might be surprised," said the alien. "In the alternate universe, grasshoppers play a quite different role than they do in this universe."
"Grasshoppers are often given the role of Caretakers of Children." Said the Alien

"Caretakers of Children?!" Marla said "I never had a child!"
As Sally drove, she kept watching. "Strange; no police cars out and about."
After Tommi was finished with the glasses, she found the man-cat sitting in a corner booth with a drink sitting opposite. She slid into the booth and sipped on the iced tea. It was cool and soothing to her parched throat. The man-cat smiled broadly, his canine teeth nipping at his lower lip and the mustache twitched.

"May I ask a personal question?" Tommi asked. The man-cat raised his glass and winked, which startled Tommi into a smile. "Ummm, how did you get to the size you are?"

The man-cat sipped on his drink and then put it down. "I have a name, it is Cassanova, but you can call me Cass, Tommi." He leaned back and his eyes widened. "Actually, I was a normal sized cat. Feral. Had a mate and I was looking for her. I was checking out the garbage tins in the zoo, thinking she might be there. Her favorite place. A big shadow passed over me. I was told later it was a big dragon named Ember dumped some Mutagen all over the place and here I am. Walk upright, talk like a man, look like a cat." His smile reminded Tommi of the Cheshire cat. Well, orange tabby.

Robert and friends finally reached Downtown Miami and ended up at Bayside Marketplace, Jerry asks "We're meeting C'rrth here? In public?" Leon says "I'm sure he and the others are smart enough to disguise themselves."
"It doesn't matter," said the alien. "You will find you now have an instinct for taking care of children."

"You know," said Marla. "I could have stayed on earth, got married, and had a dozen children."

"So why didn't you?"

"Because you talked me into this!"

The alien grinned. "I am very persuasive, aren't I?"
Meanwhile in the caves.the Turtles and Kali left Ember by herself in a chamber, tied up, and they put a large rock in front of the only exit so she couldn't get out
"Not a lot of activity in this area," said Sally, as she looked around.

"We do live out in the middle of a rural area," said Sam.
Tommi stared at her drink, then looked the man-cat in the eyes. Her amber eyes dilated and sparkled, rotated wildly and then coalesced into deep purple. "You know, Cass," she said softly. "there are many oddities here in Blackwater, Louisiana. You might consider settling around here I'm sure your mate will show up here." She paused. "Eventually." She blushed slightly and smiled.

The man-cat's eyes narrowed and he studied her. "Are you sure you can handle my presence?" He reached across and touched her hand that lingered on her drink glass. "I detect a subtle attraction from you."

Tommi gasped and withdrew her hand from his touch.
Robert found C'rrth sipping on a Piña Colada at a table near the stage along with his friends, "It's about time you came, what took you so long?" Jerry says "Sorry, events came up. Thank goodness I hired a pilot to bring us here." The Mantis says "Someone else is here, someone unsavory. A most diabolical human I have ever seen. He and his men were on the same flight as we were." Robert saw him by Hooter's, It's Mack Kelloran, Leon says "I thought we left him behind at JFK airport."
Left alone in the trailer, Bran felt his life begin to change. The piece of plastic sheeting he had stretched over the hole in the roof began to leak, but he lacked the motivation to do anything about it except place a bucket to catch the slow drip of water that would continue for hours after the rain had stopped because of how the water formed a puddle in the plastic.

The perpetual dampness caused mold to grow inside the trailer and the mold caused Bran's nose to drip and his chest to become congested so that he would wake up and have to cough up mucus before he could get back to sleep again.
The Next Morning Kali went to the chamber where Ember was held,moved the rock out of the way, and saw Ember...Asleep in her binds
Soon, Sally stopped at a small diner outside of town. "Stay here guys."

"Like I'm going to come out," said Sam. "It's not like me or Calico could blend in."
Her eyes bore into his yellow orbs. "Look, Cass, I'm not at least interested in you. I'm here on this blessed planet, not by choice, but for the duration until I can get home. Then I can leave this human body behind."

"So, you are going home. Leaving your husk here to rot after you vacate." Cass snarled under his breath. "Do you know you will kill your host? I've seen it happened. You integrated with your host and when you leave, she is done. It's an awful thing to do. How can you live with yourself."
His eyes soften. "Would you rethink that, young one?"

Tommi's mouth went dry and then started to respond when Mama Mel rushed up to their booth. Mama was breathing hard and sweating profusely. "Tommi girl, I need your help now!" she gasped. "Quit flirting with this tom cat and get busy." She briskly turned away and disappeared again.

Tommi gulped. "Excuse me, Cass." and then slid out of the booth and followed in Mel's direction.

Cass shook his head. "No, I don't think we're finished, pretty thing."

Soon Robert spotted a boat called Little Maria, "Jerry? Is that our boat?" Jerry looks at his paperwork "Yes, everyone onboard quickly before Kelloran sees us." Robert, Jerry, Leon, Carlos, C'rrth and his insects made it on board, Jerry quickly unties the moorings and soon the boat took off but not without notice as one of Kelloran's men says, "There! And they'll getting away!" Kelloran says "Quickly! after them!" He and his men steals a tour boat caring less for the guide, tour group and the security of the marina.
Bran grew weaker and weaker until one morning he woke up and his hands were like dead fish on the ends of his arms.

He crawled out of bed only to discover that his feet were in the same lifeless, unusable condition. He flopped around on the floor for awhile, unable to reach his phone or even get a drink of water. The exertion made him tired and he fell asleep. He never woke up again.

Bran's body was discovered several weeks after he died. The conditions inside the hot damp rotting trailer home were so horrible that it was condemned.

Not long after Bran was buried, the trailer was carted off to the dump and the property was bulldozed clean and allowed to return to nature. By the end of the summer it was green with weeds and showed no signs of ever having been inhabited by human beings.
Marla had been sent to where the Turtles were with the Tortoise and Marla was to take care of Snow the Velociraptor hatchling and the Tortoise was to be Ember's therepist
Sally looked around. "Just a typical bar," she muttered.
Tommi busied herself with shuttling drinks to those who were unable to "hold" them. 'Odd characters,' she thought. ' why didn't they take a human host.' She stuffed straws into the glasses after she sat the drinks in front of two flying Asian Silver carp fish-men. She shuttered as the glassy eye of the largest of the two rolled and focused on her chest. Its gills fluttered loudly, but Tommi hurried away before it could speak.

"Darn it, Mama," she groused. "Why do you let those things in here?" She scuffed her shoes vigorously on the floor to remove the watery slime she stepped in.

Mama Mel peered at her with narrowed eyes. "And just where do you think they would go to relax? And, what makes you any different?"
Just then a flying saucer appeared above the two boats, both Robert and his friends and Mack and his men ended up inside the saucer, Mack and his men were shackled with lighted chains. "Mack Kelloran," The Alien blurted out, "You and your men hunted the treasure out of pure greed, so you don't deserve it." Mack says "I have a right to deserve it!" The Alien says "Really, you don't know what the treasure is." Then he turns to Robert "Thank you Mr. Columbus for bringing us the descendant of Juanito Torquemada, the first caretaker." Carlos says "You were expecting me?" The Alien says "Yes." Then he turns to C'rrth "As for you. I have come to take you home." C'rrth says "Finally. Come everyone, there's something I want to show you."
Final fate for our cast,

Robert, Jerry, Leon were taken to the dinosaur universe to view the treasure, the newborn velociraptor baby. A treasure measured not by value but by life.

Carlos was turned into a velociraptor to help care for future babies.

Bran Flakes was resurrected into a Moth.

After Marla's therapy. Kali and Ember became loving sisters.

When C'rrth and his friends were sent back, The Turtles and Splinter are back in their lair.

Sam finished his book and it became a best seller.

As for Mama Mel, She and Tommi was visited by a food critic and received a 5 star rating.

Finally, the Animals, they all got rewarded for their good deeds.

The End!

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