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Strange Things are happening in Las Vagas
[Introduction] This is an RPG that takes place in Las Vegas for BBWolf's Birthday and for Steve's Contest
Name: Calcifer
Age: 100
Species: Vampire
Sex: Male
Personality: Sleepy, Narcoleptic, Mostly uninterested in the world around him would like to spend his days just eating and sleeping
Looks: Looks like Bela Lugosi's Scrawny Teenage Brother, has slick black hair, a pale complexion, and black eyes
Bio: Calcifer's Family has come to America to escape persecution, the Sunny Dessert is painful for them to live in but hey at least no one would think to look for Vampires there!
Favorite Food: O-Positve
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Name: Mister Brain

Age: 60

Species: Mixed blood - human/alien

Sex: Male

Personality: Arrogant, aggressive, domineering, controlling

Looks: The big shiny bald head is the first thing to catch your eyes. Be careful! Sunlight reflecting off of Mister Brain's cranium can blind you!

Bio: He came out of nowhere, started small, and now is one of the most powerful tycoons in the world.

Favorite Food: Roast beef with potatoes and carrots
Name: Tony Sandiego

Age: 31

Species: Human

Personality: aggressive, calculating, controlling, hostile

Looks: Black hair, not too fat or too thin, always wears a white suit but sometime he dresses casual.

Bio: Started off as a Cuban refugee, but when he was hired by a Miami crime boss, he worked his way up the ranks, and now he's in charge of his own gang. Due to his fowl temper he's known as the Cuban Dynamite.

Favorite Food: Bistec de palomilla
Calcifer was asleep in his coffin one day as he always was, it was blistering hot that day in Las Vegas
Mister Brain was in his gigantic, ultramodern office talking to his assistant, Morly.

"You're getting to be a slob, Morly. Can you cut back on the cheeseburgers?"

Morly tucked his shirt back into the waistband of the huge pair of trousers that covered his giant thighs. "But I loves my cheeseburgers, Mister Brain! What good is it to be alive if you can't have the things that bring you pleasure?"

"Good point, Morly. You know what would give me pleasure? A real live vampire for my Believe-It-Or-Not museum. Rumor has it there might be a whole family of them living in Las Vegas."

"Really, Mister B? That would really be something."

"Yes, it would. I want you to call Tony Sandiego and see if he's interested in doing a job for me. Ask him if he feels up to a little vampire hunting. The pay will be excellent."
Tony is in his penthouse apartment along with his wife Maria, "Maria, when I first came into the United States I had nothing but the shirt on my back. Now look at this, I feel like I'm on top of the world." Maria says "What ever happened to your old boss? Who was it? Rodriguz?" That's when the phone rang, Maria answered it, "Hello, Sandiego residents. Oh, he's right here." She gives Tony the receiver, "It's Monty, Mister Brains' aid." Tony grabbed the receiver and "Yes Monty? What vampires in Vegas? Oh sure I'll help him. Which Hotel shall we met you at?"
Name: Dealer

Age: 27

Species: Human

Personality: Friendly, Charming, Cunning, slightly Manipulative.

Occupation: Blackjack Dealer.

Dealer, legally known as Thomas Wayne, is a man who is very gifted with the cards. Often uses card tricks to impress ladies, in an effort to convince ladies to get their husbands to come to his table to play. Of course, once he's done with his tricks, and has a few people at his table willing to play, he deals the cards out fairly. He despises crooked dealers, and is quick to go against them.
As the sun began to set, Calcifer yawned and stretched, his stomach rumbled he would have to eat which meant he had to get out of his coffin and actually go hunting...He wished that Blood could be delivered like Human Pizza
Monty and Morly were standing in front of Mister Brain's huge desk in his gigantic ultramodern office.

"It's the slob twins!" said Mister Brain. "Got something for me?"

"Yes," Monty said. "Tony Sandiego will be in Vegas tomorrow. I booked him a suite at the Bellagio."

"Excellent! Meet him at the airport with a car, Monty. It will be your job to keep him happy. I have a feeling it won't be long before we have a vampire in my museum."

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The next day, Tony and Maria got off the flight and headed down concourse D at McCarren airport, "Here we are in Las Vegas." Tony says, Maria says "Who are we supposed to meet?" Tony says "Monty and his brother Morly supposed to meet is a big black Cadillac in front of the airport. They've booked us a Suite at the Bellagio." Maria says "When do we start hunting vampires?" Tony says, "Tonight I imagine, you know they are nocturnal." Maria says "Good, gives me a little time to try my luck at Black Jack." Tony says "Whatever you say dear, now let's hurry up. The next train to the baggage claim just pulled in."
Dealer was busy playing some tricks with his cards. They were mostly eye-catching types, designed to show off how good he was. He knew all the tricks of the trade, including the ones he had to watch for. He was skilled at reading the cards, and reading people. The man to his right, novice, probably his first game, and would give away everything. Man to the left, experienced, good at lying with his emotions, but Dealer could read him. The man in the middle, well, he was an interesting one, little to no emotion, and Dealer was having some difficulty reading him.
Calcifer slowly got out of his coffin and slowly made his way to the window
Monty and Morly shook hands with Tony and Maria. "Welcome to Vegas!" they said.

The suite at the Bellagio was magnificent.

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"I hope you will be comfortable," Monty said. "Here is a folder with everything we know about the Las Vegas vampires. It's not much, but it will give you something to start with. And remember, Mister Brain wants a live vampire, not a dead one."

Tony made a thumbs up. "Tell him with any luck he'll have one soon."
Tony studied the paperwork, "Interesting," Tony says, "Vampires in Las Vegas goes after victims that are drunk. So be careful how much you drink here." Maria says "I've seen a lot of vampire movies to know, most female victims becomes the vampire's bride." Tony hands Maria a cross necklace. "If this vampire is like any other, I'd stick with the old tried and true method of protection. Now that we are all settled in, let's go down to the casino and try our luck at Black Jack."
Dealer watched the three players. Novice seemed to think he was in the lead. He had 15 points at the moment

"Hit me."

Dealer laid out a card.

Novice now had 18. "Alright."

Mysterious looked at his cards.

Dealer wasn't sure what he had.

"I'm good."

Expert looked at his cards. "Hit me."

Dealer laid down a card.

"Ah, shit," said Expert, as he laid his cards down. He had 22 points, which kicked him out.

"Hit me," said Novice.

"Are you sure?" Dealer asked.

"Yeah, hit me."

Dealer frowned. "If you say so." He laid down a card. It was a 5.


"Told you." Dealer looked at Mysterious. "What do you have?"

Mysterious looked at him, and laid down his cards, two kings. "20."

Dealer flipped his two cards. He had 10 points. "Next three cards determine if you win or bust, or lose." He pulled out a two. "12." Then a 7. "19." Then, he pulled a 2. "21, Dealer wins. Would you like to play another round?"
Calcifer transformed into his Bat Form and started to fly, his Folks had warned him that the City was getting to dangerous to hunt for a meal so he better head outside the city to find prey there
In his bat shape Calcifer circled over a family campground outside of Las Vegas. He could smell the warm flesh down below. Now to find one of those fleshies alone and without protection...

Mister Brain strolled through one of his casinos, a bodyguard on either side of him and one behind him. He liked to see how things were going from an up-close perspective. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The place was well-filled with gamblers, mostly vacationers who would spend more than they meant to.

Mister Brain's Believe-It-Or-Not museum was a popular attraction in Las Vegas. He already had the plans for the new Vampire Room in his head. It would be dimly lit, enclosed in glass, and there would be a coffin in a stone crypt, a table and chair. There would be weird paintings and statues of gargoyles. His only unknown factor was how vampires responded to living in captivity. As far as he knew, he would be the first one to keep one imprisoned alive and on display.
Tony noticed some action at a Black Jack table, his name badge read Thomas, but that's not important. He was impressed on how skillful he is with playing cards. Tony says "How about this table Maria?" Maria says "I don't know, looks kind of full and plus, that dealer looks hot. I mean we may loose every hand." But a news story caught Tony's eye, one of the TV screens over the bar shows footage of a mother who was bit by a large bat at a campground outside of Vegas. Tony got his cell phone out and made a call, "Hello Morty, tell Mister Brain to tune in to Channel 3 news, I think we found our Vampire."
Dealer glanced up at the news. "Vampire bat attack? Must of gotten lost from a zoo."

"Don't vampires suck people's blood?" a woman player asked.

"More like they give their victim a small cut and lap the blood up," said Dealer. "I'm guessing she had a little too much to drink, fell, hit her head, and the bat probably thought that he could have a little snack. She'll probably be fine in a few days."
Calcifer had eaten his fill from Mrs. Morgan In a few days she would become a vampire herself

As he flew along a lonely road he saw a car a some men arguing one of them said 'We can't stop here! This is Bat Country!"

(Author's Note: This is the only reason I made my character a Vampire to make this Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Reference)
Mister Brain switched off the channel 3 news. "Looks like a possibility, Monty," he said. "Is Tony going to check it out?"

"He's already on his way to talk to Mrs. Morgan."

"Do something for me. I've been monitoring the security cams and tracking Tony's movements. He stopped at Thomas Dealer's blackjack table for a while. See if you can find any connection between the two of them, okay?"

"Got it, boss."
Tony drove a rental car to Red Rock Recreational Campground. He knew the first place was to look for Mrs. Morgan is at the Ranger station. As he approached her, a park ranger says "May I help you sir?"
Dealer was on his break, eating some lunch. Employees got a discount. Still, he kept his eyes out, one never knew if some cheat would try to pull one on the House, either a greedy employee, or an alleged customer. Then, there was those other people to keep an eye on, the guys in very fancy suits who seemed like they controlled everything, or tried to make the impression that they did.
Calcifer flew along, his flying somewhat slower due to how stuffed he was
Tony thought fast. "Hello, Ranger. I'm a reporter. I just want to talk with Mrs. Morgan for a moment."

Mrs. Morgan said, "It's okay, Ranger. I'll talk with him." She had a big bandage around her neck and a strange look in her eyes.

"Tell me all about it," Tony said.

"There's nothing much to tell. I was just walking along, minding my own business, when this huge bat swoops down out of the sky and starts biting my neck."

"You couldn't push it away?"

"No. As soon as it bit me I felt paralyzed and unable to move."

"How long was he biting you?" Tony asked.

"It seemed like a long time," she said and blushed.

"Is there more that you aren't telling me?"

"Yes, if you promise not to put it in your story?"

"I promise."

"While he was biting me I had an orgasm."
Tony looks at Mrs. Morgan puzzlingly, "Excuse me? Orgasm?"

"I know it sounds strange, but in a way it's almost erotic."

"In my line of work, I've been bitten by dogs, I find that more painful then pleasurable."

"Tell me sir," She then looks at Tony with glowing red eyes that makes him uncomfortable "Are you blood type O?"

Dealer got back to his table, and started attracting another crowd of customers.

"Heard about that one bat attack," said a woman.

Dealer shuffled the cards.

"What about it?" a man in a business suit asked.

"Made me wonder about those stories about vampires," the woman said.

"Showing up in capes and attracting beautiful women?" the man asked.

"Something like that," the woman said. She looked at Dealer. "What do you think about vampires?"

"Depends on the situation," said Dealer. "If they play fair, I'll let them play. If they try to cheat, they'll get escorted out."

"You don't care?" the woman asked.

"Depends on the situation," said Dealer. "If they don't bother me, I won't bother them."
Calcifer heard a gunshot and it came from somewhere nearby...He perched Yucca Tree as he tried to figure out what was going on
"Missed him, Dad!" said Johnny Smith.

His father lowered his rifle. "I know it. I don't need you to point it out. Wow, that was a really big bat! I didn't know they even got that big."

"Maybe it was a vampire, Dad?"

"Haha! Right. In that case we better get out the garlic necklaces and hang crosses around our necks."

"We don't have any garlic necklaces, Dad, or any crosses."
What Mrs. Morgan just said made Tony a bit queasy, but he has his suspicians, To comfirm it he took a cross from out of his pocket and showed it to Mrs. Morgan and surprisingly she was frightened of it as she backs off. The ranger says "What's happening?" Tony responded "She's been bitten by a vampire and now she just turned into one." The ranger says "This is nonsense, that can't be true, there's no such thing." "There's no such thing? The proof is right in front of us plain as day." Keeping one hand holding up the cross, he took out his cell phone and used the phone's voice command "Call Mister Brain." "Hello Mister Brain, I have a situation, I have a vampire right in front of me and I'm keeping it back with my cross, I need a way to capture it alive."
Dealer kept his ears open. There was a man on a phone doing quite a bit of talking.
Calcifer was still in the Yucca Tree
Mister Brain listened to Tony's cell phone call. "What am I paying you for? You're supposed to know how to trap them."

"I wasn't expecting Mrs. Morgan to be a vampire," Tony said, "but possibly if I can back her into a corner using my cross, then she will pass out or something or maybe turn into a bat."

"Or you might kill her. Maybe you should retreat for the moment and figure out what the hell you are doing."

"Maybe the ranger will loan me his handcuffs."

"No!" Mr. Brain said. "He's not going to let you handcuff a citizen right in front of him! Think, Tony, think!"
Then Mrs. Morgan blurted out "Master Calcifer! I'm coming!" Then she transforms into a bat in front of both Tony and the Ranger and flies out the door. The ranger is shocked on what he saw. While Tony says on the floor, "Mrs. Morgan just flew out the door but she did mention someone named Calcifer, Master Calcifer as she calls him. Can you look that name up? I got a feeling we're dealing with a vampire lord. Call me when you have something." As Tony hung up the ranger says "She just turned into a bat." "Do you believe in vampires now?"
Dealer watched, and observed. There was always something of interest.

That was when a man in a ridiculous cape sat down at the table. Dealer put on a friendly smile. The fella obviously came from one of those Conventions, and hadn't changed out of his costume. Still, his money was good, and that was all that mattered.
Calcifer knew that his Papa would be at the Casino tonight, Vlad had a bit of a Gambling Addiction

He slowly crawled down the Yucca Tree hoping no one would notice
Vlad sat down at the blackjack table of Thomas Dealer. There were only two other players, a man in an expensive suit and his female companion, a curvaceous blonde. What a neck she had! Vlad licked his lips.

The man gave Vlad a hard look and Vlad turned his attention back to the cards, wrapping his cape around himself as if he was hiding inside of it.
Tony got to Mister Brain's office, Mister Brain says "I sent you to get information and you come back empty handed?" Tony says "I wasn't expecting Mrs. Morgan to turn into a vampire in front of me, if I did I would've come here for something to trap a vampire." "Never mind that, what is the deal between you and Thomas?" "Who?" "The Black Jack dealer." "Oh that, nothing. Maria and I was about to try our luck at Black Jack until that news story came up." Monty says "Mister B, something odd is happening at Thomas' table." Mister Brain looks at one of the monitors, "Why is he dealing cards at an empty spot?"
"Could be a psychological tactic to scare off a nervous player," said Monty.
Calcifer was almost back at Vegas when the sun began to rise, he had to find shelter quickly
Just as Vlad was about to leave the Blackjack Table, Dealer pushed a hidden red button, and a cage came down over Vlad

"Mr.B." Dealer said on his headset "I got a Vampire for you!"

"Excellent!" Exclaimed Mr. Brain "I should have hired you from the start instead of that thug from Miami!"

The End!

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