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The city of Robloxia got a tron upgrade and open travel to other worlds
Welcome here are the rules

1. All robloxians have the same height so no need for that also robloxians are weak so they rely heavily on weapons
2. No sexually because robloxians cannot feel lust or love
3.when or if the story steers to a traveling to a world you may use any media any franchise but the robloxian will have to be there to troll
4.to get to another world use an outpost which the robloxian walks through a hallway or a TPS (teleporting position satellite) which sends and could accidentally kill somebody
5.other than that have fun you are encouraged to create crossovers
6. since this is a "Beta" this is not complete also this is my first campfire so dont be so harsh on comments
7. this is placed after tixs was removed so you will have to use robuxs to buy stuff
8. email me if you want to join!
9. input this info
type;r,5,or 15(look it up in roblox wiki)
age;(has to be in "days" say n0n if you dont play or want to be a noob)
gender(if you dont know chose on at random0
rank:(noob,revenge noob,experienced noob,average,builders club "any",pro and more) (noobs get second chances,guest can be hidden and has immunity to interrogations, and pros have knowledge, builders clubs are ether rich people who are noobs,jerks or builders)
starter pack(can only have three of any of these tools(copy,delete,resize,rocket launcher,floating ninja stars,gravity hammer,superjump,sub-space trip mine,gravity coil,speed coil,or the heal,coil.
made game?:(have you made a game in roblox?)
10. you dont have to play roblox to be in this campfire if you dont play roblox make up a bio (one per person(the owner is an exception))
11. almost forgot no one line stuff it has to be at least two or three lines
12. and the game will not start until there are five bios in here(so email some suggestion accounts)

He is my revenge account dont mess with him or he will troll until you never come back!

threats aside

hair: orange
age:just over ten days
Rank:revenge noob
starter pack: gravity coil, delete tool,gravity hammer
made game?: no
Bankickman: i need some friends
Bankickman looks at his favorites :I dont like survival beginnings they still haven't unbanned me after i said i never exsploited or hacked at all
Bankickman: i really need some friends

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