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New stories about the Skarloey Railway from The Railway Series and Thomas and Friends.
[Introduction] The engines on the Skarloey Railway have just been polished. A lot has happened since their last book. Let's talk about their stories.

Story 1
Late Slate

Rusty the little diesel engine was running rather late one day. It all started when his Driver came to the shed. "Come along, Rusty", he said. "We have work to do at the mine." But Rusty couldn't move. So his Driver oiled up his joints, and Rusty started off.

When Rusty arrived, the mine was a mess. Empty and full trucks were everywhere. "Bust my buffers", exclaimed Rusty. The trucks were grumbling. They didn't want to move. "Don't give me any nonsense", Rusty told them. But the trucks just complained. "We won't go", they snorted.

At last, Rusty was finished. But the manager was cross. "You're late", he snapped when Rusty arrived back at the shed. "But it wasn't my fault", Rusty whined. Rusty wasn't sure what the manager would do. But that's another story.

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