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Shard RPG, this time more closer resembling the game it is based upon
[Introduction] Okeydoke Artichokes...This Shard Campfire WILL be more faithful to the RPG it is derived from so I'll try to lay our the basics hopefully as clearly as I can

Here is the Shard Website

I recommend checking out the forum, of which I am Teenage Mutant Sarpah

1. No Western Style Names, I know, first time I wasn't sure of myself and just said 'Name yourself however you wish' Well To more firmly establish what kind of culture Dardunah is (Eastern Fantasy Setting not Western, Think, Samurai, Ninja and Arabian Night Style clothing, instead of European Knights_ The Two Humans who brought the Animals to Dardunah who would only be remembered as 'Great Mother and Father' were of Chinese and Hindu origin respectively so when they became Gods the genetic memories of Eastern Cultures imprinted themselves into the Zoics' minds so...If you can't think of a sutible Asian Name you can give your character as-long-as-it sounds-foreign gibberish name like Si'Ni or Na'Ha and names are structured like this
"I am 'Given Name' of House 'House Name' of Line 'Line Name' Once again I recommend checking the forum to se examples of this
2. While Two Humans brought the Animals to Dardunah Initially the Zoics have no knowledge of what Humans are such knowledge belongs to the opaque fog of history (This may or may not change in this campfire ^_^)
3. Caste System Like India Dardunah has a Caste System with barely any class mobility. What Caste you have affects what occupation you can have and how you live they are
Outcastes: Not even really in the Caste System, Outcastes include Beggars, Criminals of many kinds, and Zoics who do the dirty jobs no one else will do like Clothes Washer, Mucker, Corpse Handler Outcastes who aren't Criminals get paid for such services either with food or the small crystal Dalam (Small Sapphire like Crystals) Outcastes may need to cover faces with brown rags during special occasions
Low or Peasant Caste: Sometimes where Green Caste Braids for special occasions. Low Caste are Common Folk, different species are Peasant Caste in different places. (Mammals are low caste in Bird Nations like Rakibar while Reptiles and Birds are low caste in the Feline Ruled Empire of Suustrum) Low Caste Professions include things like Farmer, Miner, Fisher, Laborer and things like Brick Maker, Basket Maker, Charcoal Maker , Seamstress. Peasants who have Magic are known as Wise Ones must keep those Magical Talents a secret as the Upper Crusts are often suspicious of Peasant Magic
Trade or Merchant Caste: Where all shades of Blue for Caste Braids they make of the Mercantile Backbone of Society, Lower Caste Zoics refer them as 'Sir' or Madame' Professions are many and varied including all forms of Artists from Painting to Sculpting to even Playwrights. Performers are similar including Dancers, Singers, Puppeteers, Storytellers and Jugglers Artisans of Fine Things including Amber Artisans, Wheelwrights, Tailors, Perfume Makers Sail Makers, Rope Makers, Bakers, Brewers, Confectioners. Other Jobs include Mechanics, Masseurs, Gardeners, Groomers (Like Barbers or Stylists) Courtesans...You get the picture...
High Caste: Also Known as Sunborn because they are believed to be blessed at birth by the light of both suns. Sunborn are the Nobility some are either rulers of the Empires or Kingdoms or lesser nobles, some work for the nobility these Occupations can include Assassin, Weapons, Master, Dancer Master, Chamberlain, Master Torturer, Concubine (Upper Crust Courtesan) Sunborn are the only caste who can freely carry firearms (Which even Holy Caste need special permits to carry) And Suthra Weapons (Suthra are the Native Animals of Dardunah, almost all of them are insect like or fish like, Suthra Weapons are kinds of Suthra which can be utilized as living weapons) Sunborn Wear Red of all Shades for Caste Braids
Holy Caste: Where Saffron Gold for Caste Braids These are more then the Clergy of Dardunah, these are Lawyers, Judges, Doctors (Sunborn can at most be Physicians and normally will defer to Holy Caste Doctors) and Scholars of Dardunah

3. The Devah the Devah of the Gods of Dardunah the First Children of Great Mother and Father legend says in the beginning the Devah could shape shift but after a time settled with the Devah Forms they found most pleasing Dardunah has thousands of Devah, but the most important in the pantheon are Kramah the Lion God of War, Kilarah the Fox Goddess of Love the Moons and Prophecy, Hropa the Walrus God of the Seas, his mate Sidanae Water Snake Goddess of Rivers Kirah Falcon God of the Sky and Mujibh Monkey God of Luck

Okeydoke I think that covers the most important parts of living in Dardunah,let's see if we can make this one better than the first
Name: Madhu of House Asrrym of the Line of Assryira
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Species: Alaskan Malamute
Caste: Sunborn Wife of a Great Ayah or Lord Paramjit a Grey Wolf of the Kingdom of Kutta
Personality: Friendly, cheery and generous.
Likes: Expensive Silks, Expensive Teas, Socializing,Her Husband Paramjit.
Dislikes: Getting her Fur Wet, Rude People

Name: Burah of House Muhammi of the Line of Mu'ham
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Species: Tiger
Caste: Sunborn, not married
Personality: calm, cool, collected, but capable of rage
Likes: sitting on a hilltop at dawn listening to the world come awake as the sun rises
Dislikes: the rigmarole of daily life for the High Caste
Madhu was getting the palace ready for the visiting Lord Burah from the Feline Empire of Suustrum.

And by 'Getting the Palace Ready' She was telling the Servants what was needed to be done

"Oh...Oh My..." Madhu clutched her temples as she began to feel a splitting headache "Na Ha." She said to her Rhino Servant "Could you run to the Apothecary and buy me some headache medicine?"
Name: Mori of House Mumom of the Line Tozoon
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Species: Wolf
Caste: Sunborn, not married, but frequently involved with Courtesans and Concubines.
Personality: Protective of those he cares about, highly intelligent, fairly friendly.
Likes: Weapons, a good female, and good food.
Dislikes: Someone selling him a bad weapon, those who cheat him or his friends or those he cares about, formality.
ord Burah's coach bounced along the rough road. Ahead were guards on Chinti and behind was the wagon carrying luggage and then more mounted guardsmen.

In the coach with Lord Burah was his friend, Quang, whom he wished to introduce to the court of Madhu.

"Could the road get any rougher?" said Burah.

"I've been on worse roads," said Quang. "They say the bandits in this section make road repairs difficult. The workers are afraid of them."

"Bah! Frightened workers. I would threaten them something they would fear more than the bandits."

Na Ha returned with the Pills Madhu took one but quickly fainted soon after

"By the Devah!" Exclaimed Na' Ha "Mistress has fainted!"

As she was blacked out Madhu was subject to the most horrific dream

A Dark Shape Surrounded by swirling clouds like a Sky Boat but without sails, Seeing within the strange shape were laughing and dancing skeletons holding Janah (People) Of all kinds captive in cages, shackled in chains, the Skeletons were cutting the People open and pouring liquids which melted the flesh
Lord Mori was on the grounds of his castle. In his hands was a crossbow. He looked it over, and then he looked at the craftsperson who had made it. "You offer this to me, as a gift, and yet, there's no frills on it, no gold, no intricate carvings, no anything extra. Why is this? The other crafters offer me works of art." He indicated a table filled with ornate crossbows, laminated with gold and jewels, and intricate carvings.

"Yes, my lord," the crafter said. "But in the heat of battle, those ones will fall apart under use. This one will function, and will kill your foes. And while it lacks the artwork of the others, it is made of the finest wood and metal that I could afford. Those ones you hang over the fireplace. This one, you take to war."

Mori grinned. "Let's test your theory out." He turned to one of his warriors. "A practice dummy, set at two hundred paces."

A while later, there was a log standing before the crowd.

Lord Mori grinned. "The crafters will each use the weapon that they built, and will be given one bolt. Weapons that break will be disqualified from the competition."

Some of the crafters felt nervous about this, while others felt confident, although one felt sure that his would pass any test without any issues. Soon enough, the crafters tested their weapons. Some were too awkward, or heavy to be used. Others broke under pressure. However, a fair number held up, and fired their shots - some didn't go far, some went a fair distance, while one, from the plain crossbow, hit the target.

Mori called the crafter over, and looked at the crossbow again. He looked at the crafter. "I see you know how to use this weapon."

"If I do not know how to use it, how will I know it works the way it should?" the crafter asked, in a rhetorical manner.

Mori grinned. "Good point. Now, to see about some more tests."
Lord Burah's coach was met on the road by a contingent of guards from Lady Madhu's household.

"We will take you to the palace," said their captain.

"The way is smoother now," said Burah's friend, Quang.

Burah said nothing, just listened to the sounds of their travel, the rustling of the chitin plates of the Chinti, the clink of metal on the guards' armor, the slap of leather, the occasional squeak of a Chinti. Lady Madhu's guards said little, but when they did, Burah noticed it was in a language he did not understand. He wondered if she had hired mercenaries.
(What species is Quang?)

Madhu woke up from her dream screaming!

"By the Devah!" Said Burah "She sounds like she's dying!"

Madhu ran for her door and into Burah's muscular pectorals.

"Oh Burah!" She exclaimed "I was beset by this most horrible of visions!

"Visions?" The last time Burah checked Madhu had no talent for sorcery so she wasn't a Seer Sir'Hibas or Mage.

"I saw a Horrid Dark Shape!" Madhu said as she slowly sank to the floor "Like a log or flying boat with no sails...Inside this Dark Thing among the swirling clouds were strange skeletal demons who had captured Janah and imprisoned them and killed them..."
Mori soon judged the surviving crossbows. He picked up the plain-looking one. "This one is the best I've seen," he said. "Anything that could be added to it would be necessary. This one wins the competition."

The crafter smiled at this. "Thank you, my Lord."

"I'll see to it you have more business from me," said Lord Mori. "There is a large number of bandits around, and I like to make sure that my people are safe from harm. Tell me, how soon can you make me a hundred of these?"

"If I had the coin and the materials, four weeks."

Mori looked to his Captain, and nodded. The Captain handed a good-sized pouch, filled with coin. "Can you make it two weeks?"

The crafter looked at the coin, and looked at Mori. "No, but now that I can get the material, and hire additional workers, I can make seventy-five within the next two weeks, with an additional seventy-five two weeks afterwards."

Mori grinned. "Splendid. I suggest that you get started."

"Yes, my Lord."

The crafters left, and Mori was standing with his Captain.

"You wonder why I picked the plain one," he said.

"I was wondering something like that, but given how many of the others failed to shot the bolt, it can be seen that the quality was superior to the rest," the Captain asked.

"Take a look at it for yourself." Mori handed the crossbow to his Captain.

The veteran warrior looked at it. He then looked at Mori. "It's lighter than your standard crossbow."

"Yes, and if you were to hit it with an ax, it wouldn't break too easily," said Mori. "Even new recruits could use it with ease."

"That they could," the Captain said. "Still, the other crafters might get jealous, what with him being a lowly reptile and all."

"Yes, and that would be a problem if that jealousy lead to violence," said Mori. "See to it he has three guards, one stationed at his house, one stationed at his workshop, and one to walk with him in Public."

"That would send a message to the others," said the Captain. "You've also been favoring some of the other races as well, not to mention some of the lesser castes, and Outcastes as well."

"You've been in battle before; would you prefer to have at your back a pompous novice, who was your lord's son, or an experienced mercenary from another nation?"

"I would prefer someone who knows what they were doing," said the Captain.

"Exactly," said Mori. "Now, tell the rest of the guards to work on their exercises; there's some rather lovely females in my chambers I've been neglecting."
"Skeletal demons?" Burah said. "That sounds like something from the Hills of Death where no one goes. They say that skeletal demons roam the hills and kill anyone who enters there."

"What does my dream mean?" asked Lady Madhu.

"Such dreams can be premonitions of danger. I am not a dream master. We can ask Quang. He knows more than I about such things."

"Your friend is a strange one. I do not recognize his species."

"He is a Tierboskat. I suspect he is the only one within many kilometers. I have never seen another one and he has never said there were any others. I have known him for three years now."
Quang nodded and said "I have some knowledge of Dreams..."

"By the way Lady Madhu..." Burah said "Where is your husband?"

"Paramjit is attending a diplomatic meeting in the Kingdom of Bakari." Said Madhu "He is currently with the Bison Lord Rishindi."

"Lady Madhu..." Said Quang "...Lay yourself down."

Madhu did so and Quang begin chanting and swayed his hands over Madhu...As he chanted the scent of blood coming from seemingly nowhere Alarmed Burah and the Servants.

Meanwhile, Mori was enjoying the company of some fairly exotic concubines, well, exotic in that they weren't mammals. He could easily find a wolf concubine, but a bluebird concubine, or a blue-tailed skink concubine required one to travel to the other kingdoms, and offer very good wages. He was surprised that others didn't try looking for them.

He was interrupted from his pleasure by his head servant.

"My Lord, Lord Burah is at the castle of Lord Paramjit, visiting Lady Madhu."

"I see," said Lord Mori. "Now would be a good time to talk to him."
Quang's chant was a strange one in an ancient language...

(Sorry Steve something happened I couldn't post your edits)
Madhu's Dream began to change to one of something different she saw a vision of a rainbow streaking between the suns
Lord Mori rode with a squad of some of his best warriors. There was also three others he was training in the ways of nobility that rode with him - one was a hawk, the second was a chameleon, and the third was a dog, but even the dog was unusual. The hawk and chameleon were sons of lords in their native lands, and Mori had arranged for a nephew and a younger cousin to go to the lands of the foreigners as part of their own training in becoming nobility, but the dog had been a common warrior, well, if one considered being the previous Captain of the Guards a common warrior - whose own younger brother now held that rank - but he'd proven himself beyond his status, hence the promotion. That and having an experienced warrior to keep an eye on the younger ones made things easier. Then again, Mori did have his reputation to consider - in that other Lords believed him to be an odd one, but he got things done.

Mori kept a lookout - there was always to occasional bandit to watch for.
Quang's chant was a strange one in an ancient language...

Te'hi Saal ni va da menni imjit
Ba ni ja'hal tammu da semnit

Roughly translated it meant...

Please God of Dreams open the door to this one's dreamhouse
Allow me to enter and roam at will
Madhu strolled the path of dreams wit Quang, they saw the Rainbow between the two suns of Dardunah the Amber Sun Lokaynu and the Smaller Blue Sun Edu
Mori and his guards soon came to the walls of Lady Madhu's home.

"Who goes there?" called out a guard.

"Lord Mori of House Mumom of the Line Tozoon," Mori called out.
Quang wondered what had become of the skeletal demons. Perhaps they had no dream meaning at all. Lady Madhu's dreamhouse seemed peaceful and calm.
Then they were awoken by the Rhino Na'ha coming in "Lady Madhu." He said "Lord Mori is at the gate."

Lady Madhu rubbed her temples "He may come in..." She said
Lord Mori and his warriors entered. "Hello, Lady Madu."
"Hello, Lord Mori," said Lady Madhu. "I am sorry my husband is not also here to help me entertain you."

Lord Mori winked. "I'm sure you will do a splendid job of entertaining me without his presence. And who is this?"

"I am Lord Burah and this is my friend Quang. I have heard tales of your great exploits. Are they true?"
((Time to kick start the story a bit...This will get strange)

Meanwhile in 'The Space Between Dimensions' Eyes hungry and unfathomable were watching these three Sunborn, they had already captured many, many Animal People of all castes and countries, for some reason the 'Leader' (Actually the one who spoke for the Leader) Was very particular about who we would capture

"Master, the as these the three you wish for?" Asked a Young Female

'Master' nodded

Madhu, Burah and Mori barely felt anything when it happened, for a moment they felt like they were falling in slow motion, then everything went black.

Quang and the Servant Na' Ha would later describe the Three Suborn was caught in a pale green glow that came seemingly from nowhere, then all three of them vanished...'Evaporated like steam'

When the three of them finally came to,,,They quickly realized...They had been captured...By who they had no idea...They heard the voices of other Janah screaming and weeping.

They found themselves in a prison made of metal, Metal is very rare in Dardunah, so rare it isn't ever utilized in crafting...Anything. Things in Dardunah are made of either crystal, amber, wood, leather, or Suthra Exoskeletons or Chintin. So when the three saw the bars of steel they barley understood what the material was.

They peered through the bars and saw two creatures, A Portly Pink Pig dressed in Purple and had strange Golden...'Head fur' and the other was a Rat, furless as they day is long, but that wasn't the worst part...The worst part was it was clear some parts of the Rat's body had been replaced with machines! His right eye had been replaced with a red glowing mechanical substitute and...Everything the waste down had been replaced by machines...His tale was a strange tube (They didn't know what plastic was) With a sharp metal needle at the end.

The Pig and Rat were speaking to each other in a language no Janah could understand for these two creatures were speaking...English.

"Here you are Trotter..." Said The Rat "I cage of Mages for your consumption."

The Pig's Mouth watered "They do look delicious."

"We couldn't have reached this dimension without your Sorcerer's Sight." Said the Cyborg "All the Non-Mages we bring back to our dimension for research."

Trotter was already tying a bib around his neck....

"I get it you're hungry..." Sighed the Cyborg "I'll return to the bridge so you may have your lunch without me vomiting mine..."

The Pig bent the bars through sheer strengh, the Mages or 'Sir'Hibas' had been weakened by hunger and thirst does were unable to defend themselves..
That was when something unexpected, for Trotter, happened. He felt a rather sharp pain in his side, just next to his spine. Hollering in pain, he backed away from the mages, and focused on that which had brought him discomfort, pulling out a strange knife.

He looked over at the three new captives, and saw that the wolf had a matching knife in his hand. The wolf said something, which he didn't understand, but the meaning was clear.

Trotter painfully walked over to the new captives, waving the knife. "You think you're so tough. You don't know-"

Mori grabbed the pig's arm, and pulled him right up to the bars, stabbing him in the heart with the other knife. He looked the pig in the eyes, as he lifted the keys off of him. "I am Lord Mori of House Mumom of the Line Tozoon. Abducting me and the others was a big mistake." He then shoved the body away, and opened the door.

"You killed him," said Lady Madhu.

"He was going to kill them," Lord Mori said, pointing at the mages. "Probably kill us afterwards." He picked up his knives. "Let's free the others, and see if we can get back home."

"I see some of the stories are true," said Lord Burah. "You always have a weapon."

"Yep," said Mori, as he tapped his head. "But this is the most important one." He looked at the pig. "Too bad he didn't use his; never approach an armed prisoner, disable him first, then disarm him."
Burah gestured at the walls surrounding them. "Somehow I don't think getting back home will be as easy as just walking out of here. Where is here, anyway?"

"I don't know," Mori said, "but let's get moving. We won't get anywhere by standing still."

"You have a way with words. Lady Madhu, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about me," she said, "but I am very angry these creatures that kidnapped us ruined my party. This place must be what my dreams were trying to tell me about."

"I don't see any skeletal demons," said Burah.
Of course when Mori stabbed Trotter, the Cyborg Rat got an alert from one of his built in sensors.

"Oh Geez..." Said the Cyborg Rat "...What's happened this time?"

As our three heroes traveled down the very long corridor of cages releasing all the Janah held prisoner. They didn't see the Cyborg Rat teleport back to where they left Trotter. (He was dying but not quite dead yet)

The Cyborg Rat shook his head, adjusted a knob to 'Medicine' instead of 'Toxin' and with his hypodermic needle tail he injected a super healing medicine into Trotter that healed his wounds and was capable of bringing one back from an inch of death.

"Oh man! That stung!" Trotter said "The Wolf...Stabbed me with a knife."

"Memo to self..." Said the Cyborg Rat frisk prisoners for weapons next time."
"Alright," Mori said, as he freed another prisoner. "We need to set priorities; prisoners, weaponry, and figuring out a way home." He looked in the next cell, and saw an eagle. "Lord Fluzan? How are you doing?"

The eagle looked at him, and grinned. "Been better. How long has it been? Five years?"

"Been about that long," Mori said, as he opened the cell door. "How's your younger sister?"

"She's been doing fine," said Fluzan. "She wishes she could go to your place again, but she's married to Lord Flovin, meaning she can't spend more than a visit with you."

"Too bad," said Mori. "I was thinking of hiring her for a year."

"Well, you never know," said Fluzan. "Reminds me of that time with those outlaws."

Mori chuckled. "Only it was the other way around, and you were the one opening my cell. Still have any weapons?"

Fluzan tapped his head. "Most important one. Plus this." He pulled out a knife.

"I remember that knife," said Mori. "You were rather protective of your older sister as I recall, and told me that if my intentions were other than friendly, you'd castrate me."

Fluzan grinned nervously. "Well, she is deaf and blind, as well as mute; it would be easy for someone to take advantage of her."

Mori chuckled. "I wouldn't do that; it would ruin the pleasure she'd have if I did something like that."
Finally the three heroes reached the end of the corridor. Behind them was a crowd of released prisoners. In front of them was a massive iron door. It was locked.

"Uh oh," Burah said. "I don't think I have a key for that door."
Of course the Cyborg Rat was prepared for this situation. The Janah heard the sirens blare, and from the walls sleeping gas poured out, causing everyone the fall asleep again as they had no way of avoiding it.

"This bunch is a clever bunch." The Cyborg Rat said as the Janah were placed back into the cages by a team of space suited Humans, "My Master will be pleased to have them..." He then said to Humans "Frisk them for weapons and every other kind of belonging!"

Trotter meanwhile rubbed his chest although he had been healed he still felt some residual pains.

"How many Mages did you get to eat before you were stabbed?" Asked the Cyborg Rat

"Not a one." Said Trotter "The Wolf got me...Pretty quick."

"I see." Said The Cyborg Rat. He said to One of the Humans "Julio! See the Nice Fat Male Goat wearing Saffron Gold."

"Si Senior Rata." Said Julio

"Strip him of everything and bring him to Trotter's personal chambers so the Pig-Man may consume him in peace."

"Si Senior Rata." Julio said
However, that was when things turned into a disaster again, when the human searching Mori found that the wolf wasn't knocked out, and was stabbed in the chest himself.

Tossing the body at a group of other humans, Mori rushed over, and managed to slit Trotter's throat.

The Cyborg Rat tried to attack the wolf, using Toxin in his tail, but Mori managed to cut the rat's tail off, causing him to scream in fury.

Trotter garbled something, presumably "Kill him!"

The other humans tried to attack, only for another human to be tossed at the group, courtesy of Fluzan.

Mori looked at the eagle, and nodded. "Defend until the others get up." He looked, and saw Burah starting to get up. "On your feet! We have others to protect!"
Of course the Cyborg Rat thinking quickly said "You can't escape! If you were to kill all of us you would die escaping the airlock for you are currently floating in the Dimension of-In-Between!"

What happened next will be continued in a different story.

The End!

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