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Lapis Lazuli was thinking of trying some earth food and gets herself fat (maybe with a gem
[Introduction] It was morning in Beach City where some where some people are already up and opening their stores and some people are still asleep since they decided to sleep in. But today, we're going to follow someone that is not that far away from Beach City. We go to a nearby barn that seem to have some strange decorations. Inside the barn, we see our main character for this campfire Lapis Lazuli who is currently resting in a hammock. Now Gems like her don't need to sleep but she does like the feeling of when she does it.

While Lapis rests, a flyer for Beach city managed to get itself to the barn by the wind. The flyer then goes through the open door and managed itself to land on Lapis's face. The feeling of the flyer on her face woke up Lapis and used her hands to get it off her. However as much as she could just throw it away, she couldn't help but wanting to look at what it says.

"Come and enjoy the Beach city Boardwalk where we have great games at the arcade, wonderful rides at Fun Land and have some of our delicious food" the flyer that was definitely meant for tourists says.

Lapis wasn't really into doing most of those things in the flyer. But what really made her think was when she was seeing the part on food. Lapis didn't need to eat as much as humans do so she hasn't really ate any food at all. But now that she's living on Earth and hearing from Amethyst on how good the earth food would be, Lapis was thinking about actually trying some earth food herself. She then got herself out of the hammock and walking out of the barn.

But as she got out, Peridot noticed her and said "Oh hey Lapis, had a nice nap?"

"Yeah I did. It was as good as the last one I had," Lapis replied

Lapis was then getting herself away from the barn but then Peridot said "Are you planning to go somewhere Lapis?"

"Yeah but it's nothing it's just..." Lapis said "Have you always wondered how good earth food would be?"

"Hm, now that you think of it, I do sometimes think of that sometimes even though gems don't need to eat." Peridot said "Why you ask?"

"I was thinking of heading towards Beach City to actually try some Earth food myself since I'm going to live here and all." Lapis answered

"Huh, I see." Peridot said while she was thinking a bit herself on the thing Lapis said "Oh, if you're trying to get some earth food there, they need something called "money" in return. I suggest going to Steven for that."

"Hm, I didn't really think of that. Thanks Peridot. I'll be back soon." Lapis said. She then conjured up her water wings and was about to fly.
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Peridot waited on Lapis for only half an hour before she came back carrying multitudes of bags with her. Each one carrying hundreds of unique foods to Planet Earth.
"Woah!" Peridot gasped, "That's a lot of... Food?"
"Yeah. That's what it's called." Lapis nodded, placing all the bags down. She sat down on top of the pile, looking around. The pile towered above Peridot, who was at the bottom, it was nearly half the size of the barn itself!
"Are you sure you can consume so much at once, Lapis?" Peridot asked, a bit worried.
"I'll eat what I can. Why don't you join me, huh? Might be fun." Lapis said, digging into a bag of food, dragging up a box with a cake inside. She starts pulling pieces apart, eating it and enjoying it's taste.
Peridot, warily, grabbed a piece of food from a bag near the bottom. It was an apple. She bit into it, and it's juiciness overwhelmed her immediately. This new sensation of taste was something she needed more of. So, like a food magnet, she started eating all she could.
Lapis was also doing the same, grabbing bits and piece of food as quickly as she could. The two gems continued growing fatter with each foodstuff they consumed, their blubber piling on leaves in fall piling on the grass.

An hour passed, and the two finished every single bag of food. They were both huge, both near at 500 pounds each.
"Aaaah... So good..." Lapis smiled, rubbing her belly.
"Yeah.. And all this extra padding is so soft and jiggly. Why don't humans do this all the time?" Peridot wondered.
"I dunno, but I could honestly go for so much more!" Lapis stated, her wings extending, "Let's go find more food!"
"Alright! I'm with ya, sister!" Peridot agreed, as she hopped on Lapis' flabby back, and despite the combined 1,000 pounds each, she managed to fly off the ground seamlessly.

The two gluttonous gems, desperate to get more fat, began flying towards Beach City, excited to try even more food...
Lapis and Peridot soon got themselves to Beach City and their excess weight somehow didn't slow down the flight speed. They both landed themselves near the boardwalk with their fat bodies jiggle as they land.
"So Lapis, you still got some of that "money" with you?" Peridot questioned
"Actually I do Peridot." Lapis answered "I had some left over since all the food I bought with this money I used was so much, I had to keep some Steven gave me.
"Well what are we waiting for? I got to give me some more of this food." Peridot said pretty excited to eat more
"Me too Peri." Lapis said

So the Gems waddled themselves as quick as they can to get as much food as they can. However though, the amount of money Lapis has now was a lot smaller than what she had before. So with their lack of money for food, the gems ended up buying only a few bags of food. The two then sat by a nearby table and started eating their food but not as happily as before.
"Are you kidding me! This is all we can get now?" Peridot said in a angry tone"
"Yeah, guess this is all we can get with our current money we had." Lapis said disapointed while still eating
"And now we can't get any more food." Peridot said in a depressed tone and took a bite of pizza "Ugh, the only thing that'll drown our sorrows is this food. And we don't even have enough of that."

The two gems kept eating as slow as they can to enjoy the flavor as much as they can while only getting slighty fatter due to their food pile being smaller than before.

"Couldn't you ask Steven for more money Lapis?" Peridot asked
"No, After he gave me that money he told me that this will be all the money that he'll give me since he's trying to save for himself to buy food for himself and he actually needs it." Lapis said disappointed
"Well, it was worth a shot Lapis." said Peridot finishing her pie "How are we supposed to get more food now?"

Just then, a nearby delivery truck stopped by and the driver got out to ask the man running the supermarket.

"So are you the one who ordered all these containers of food?" the driver said
"Yes I am. And thanks goodness it's here now. I just recently met with a strange blue lady who almost took half of my store." the store owner said
"Well, at least I got here at the right time." The driver said a bit confused on what he just said "Anyways, just sign here and I'll get this in the back."

Both Lapis and Peridot overheard the whole conversation they had and soon Peridot hatched an idea.
"(Gasp), Lapis I just figured out how we can get the massive load of food we want." Peridot said pretty excited
But in a little bit after Peridot said it, Lapis can guess what her plan was. "No, we're not going to steal from them." she said
"But why not? This is our chance to get all the food we ever wanted." Peridot said "I mean really, all that food we can ever eat and enjoy is going to come from those containment packages. Lapis, please tell me you feel the same way about eating all those yummy, delicious, taste rejuvenating.."
"You're right!" Lapis said as she just realized her food cravings "I do want to eat all that food and be even bigger as much as you do. But what should we do? We can't just walk in and just eat the food and then walk away."
"Don't worry Lapis" Peridot says with a smug look "I think I might have a plan on how we can get them."
As much as they want all that food now, Peridot's plan has to involve them going to the supermarket at night. It was quite the hassle for them to wait for so long while thinking of nothing but to get and get fatter, but the two huge gems somehow went through with it.

At around midnight, the two gluttonous gems got themselves to the back entrance of the market, thanks to Lapis's flying. They also got a lot of bags for all the food they'll be getting. Lapis and Peridot walk right up to the huge loading door and see that's been locked up by a simple padlock that need a key to open it.
"Alright, here we are." Lapis announced "But are you sure that it doesn't have any surveillance systems in that room?"
"Lapis, this is a place where they sell not so expensive delicacies in a town that doesn't have a high criminal activity. I think we'll be fine." Peridot said, trying to calm Lapis.
"Alright, I hope your assumption is right, Peri." Lapis said with a heavy sigh of sort-of relief. "At least it'll still be worth it to get all that deliciousness."

Peridot then walked up to the lock to get it open. One way they always do it is use a paper clip or some kind of lock-picking tool. But for Peridot, she tries a hand at her metal powers to twiddle the inner workings of the lock to unlocking it. It was kind of hard for her cause of her lack of sight inside, but she somehow managed to get it out. After the unlocking, the two gems open up the loading door to see all the food in the stockroom and still in boxes.

With such glee looking at all the delicious food, the two of them swiftly grab all the food they can carry and put them in their bags. They kept grabbing every single piece of food they see (while also sneaking in a bite or two) and store them all until there was about nothing in the room.

After their raid, they quickly got out with their bags of food and close up the door and lock just to be safe. Finally, they had a ton more food then what they had before, and the two hungry gems were very gleeful for that. Lapis then began to spread her water wings, carrying the just as pudgy Peridot and their huge food load, and they flew off straight to the barn for their massive victory feast.

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