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by Twiga
Rated: ASR · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2130130
An Animal to Anthro Campfire meant to be a Homage to 80s/90s Cartoons
[Introduction] So...This is another RP Campfire and Another Animal to Anthro Campfire

This time the one thing about this campfire is


Or at least PG Rated, this is meant to be just like a Saturday Morning Cartoon with more focus with otherworldly adventure then sex or gore, we can have romance and at the very least we can acknowledge death like Bambi or The Lion King but for this Campfire we keep it clean
So once again we start with Character Bio-Sheet

Name: Arianna
Sex: Female
Species: Archaeopteryx
Age: 16
Personality: Adventurous, Hyper and Boisterous
Unique Powers: Can control the wind and has Super Speed.
History: Arianna was collected from the Jurassic Period by Aliens searching all places and times, for Animals for Experiments
Name: Rocky
Sex: Male
Species: Raccoon
Age: 17
Personality: Dexterous, Quick and Sneaky
Unique Powers: Temporary invisibility and Quickdraw
History: (Author's Edit: You have to change this Hertz, in this story the Heroes weren't born Anthros they started as normal Animals then Mutated by Aliens and given Superpowers, Rocky can become a Gunslinger but he wasn't born a Person)
Once Arianna had been a Normal Dinosaur fleeting through the Jurassic Forest until a green beam of energy took her into a spaceship

"Sal." Said one of the Aliens "Are you sure about this?"

"If we can time travel to harvest species why not?" Asked the Leader as a Green Mutagen poured down upon Arianna
Name: Lobo
Sex: Male
Species: Wolf
Age: 18
Personality: Social, intelligent, physical
Unique Powers: Can easily understand electronics and mechanical items. Is also exceptionally strong.
As the container Arianna was in filled with the green mutagen Arianna fell asleep
Name: Jerry
Sex: Male
Species: Gecko
Age: 33
Personality: Curiosity, humor, and adventure are his goals.
Unique Powers:(Author's Edit: This is an Animal to Anthro story, Jerry starts out as a normal Gecko before being Mutated by Aliens,)
The wolf was sniffing the air. Something wasn't right. He signaled to his pack, telling them to stay put, while he carefully stepped forward. That was when everything became wrong.
After many hours in the containment the Aliens felt Arianna was done Mutating
Jerry was walking through the desert when a flying saucer flew over. He barely noticed it, but then he began to change...

Two hours later he was no longer an ordinary lizard. He had gained the power of thought and speech and had a moderately large vocabulary.

"Oh my!" he said. "I have a feeling my life is going to be quite different from here on out."
In a neighborhood of Jacksonville Florida, Rocky is scavenging for food in one of the trashcans up until the house owner strikes him with a broom, unfazed but he didn't realize he was being watched from above, suddenly he felt himself being lifted into the air by some force, then he found himself strapped to a metal table with two green being staring at him, "Sal," said one, "What are you going to do with this one?" "I'm calling this one, Rocky Raccoon." "Isn't that the name of a song from an old Earth transmission?" "Yes, now help me with the experiment." Green slime was poured on Rocky, Rocky chittered in pain then he fainted. "I'll remove his restraints, then we'll check on the others."
When the wolf started to recall what was happening to him, he found that things had changed. He found that he was thinking about things other than basic survival needs. He felt that he had to escape, but, at the same time, he was curious.
Arianna opened her eyes and saw several Aliens staring at her
Jerry wondered if any other animals had been transformed. He met a tarantula walking the other way and he called out, "Hey! Can you speak now?" but the tarantula just hissed at him.

"I guess not," Jerry said. "Suddenly the desert is very boring to me. I'm going to find a human city. Maybe I can get a job in a museum of wonders or in a carnival. I will be Jerry the Talking Lizard"
Rocky woke up in which he almost slept a day, strange part is he got up not on all fours but on his hind paws, his forepaws is like hands and he's slightly bigger, about 4 foot 7. "Oh, what happened to me?" He says, "Wait a minute, why am I talking like a human?" Rocky is confused.
The wolf looked around. That was when he saw something. "Lobo." It was being reflected off of something. He took a look, and saw the door. It was a way out.
Name: David
Sex: Male
Species: Pronghorn Antelope
Personality: Easygoing, playful
Unique Powers: Super Speed (a cheetah would have been too obvious, so I went with the SECOND fastest land animal)
History: He lived and grazed in the Great Plains before being abducted and transformed.
Arianna stared at the Strange Creatures surrounding her she had never seen anything like them before (Except for possibly the Gecko..Maybe) She suddenly realized she herself was different, she was larger with a more erect back
Suddenly Jerry found himself surrounded by other talking animals like himself. "It's like a dream," he murmured. "What happened to the desert?"

A strange dinosaur bird approached. "My name is Arianna. Welcome to the spaceship."

"Spaceship?" Jerry said. "Now I know it is a dream."
As Rocky pondered his predicament, the door to his room opened, he saw flashing lights began flashing on the walls as if he was being guided to somewhere, so he followed them to a large room with other talking animals, where he saw a dinosaur/bird hybrid says "Another one decided to join us, my name is Arianna, Welcome to the spaceship." Rocky says "I'm called Rocky, and I like to know what's going on around here?"
Lobo opened the door - actually, tore it off its hinges. "Okay! That is Not my fault!"
In the Great Plains, David was munching on some grass. Suddenly, a shadow was cast over him and a green beam of light carried him upward. He looked up to see some kind of floating metal object.

Once David was inside, one of the aliens said, "I thought we might as well get something with hooves" as the Green Mutagen was poured on the confused Proghorn.
Arianna looked around at all the Animals who were gathered here
Arianna said, "Since I am the youngest, I guess that makes me our unofficial leader."

"What?" Jerry protested. "That doesn't make any sense. I am the oldest, so that makes ME our unofficial leader."

David stamped his feet. "Why do we need a leader? We're prisoners, not a Scout Troop."

"Anyway," Lobo said, "since I am the strongest, if we did have a leader, it would be me."

Rocky looked around. "Am I in some kind of weird lunatic asylum where all the inmates think they are animals?"

"No," Jerry said. "You are on a spaceship. We're all animals, but we were captured by aliens and given intelligence and speech."

"Why?" Rocky said.

"Darned if I know. I guess they will explain it."
Suddenly one of the aliens appeared, "Alllow me to explain why you are all here. First of all, my name is Sal and each one of you are chosen for an experiment of mine.

Lobo asks "What sort of experiment?"

Sal says "If an Earth animal can be a super hero. Each of you may have noticed that you now walk differently and got smart enough for human speech. That's not all, each of you now possess unique gifts."
Lobo looked back at the door to the room he'd been in. "Like extra strength?"
"Or extra speed", Sal said.

As if on cue, the newly mutated David ran in. The other animals were surprised since he wasn't there a second ago. The Pronghorn was still in fascination over his new anthropomorphic body. His forehooves were now hands with two fingers and one thumb.

"Hi, guys! Nice to meet you all!", David said to his fellow anthros with a smile.
"Why should we believe your intentions for us are good?" Asked Lobo

"Would a Bad Person give you such powers?" Asked Sal

"I don't know maybe?" Said Lobo

"I promise to treat you good." Said Sal "Have some thing to eat."

Three Beautiful Green Skinning Alien Maidens came in bearing trays of Beverage Goblets, Small Sugar Things and Small Pieces of Meat for the Carnivores.
Jerry tried one of the pieces of meat. "Not bad," he said. "A little too salty maybe and I don't particularly care for that added smoke flavor. Seems phony to me. Ten to one this so-called meat came from an alien food synthesizer."

"Very perceptive," Sal said. "We don't eat the flesh of other beings ourselves, but we respect those who do. They are lower on the evolutionary chain than us, so it's alright for them. We have machines to make artificial meat to feed them."
Rocky eats a salmon, "Oh, this is better then eating out of a trash can, I wonder what gift I have?" As he pondered, he began to fade from view. Lobo says "Err Rocky? I believe you have the gift of invisibility."
"There's still something off about all this," said Lobo. "Just because you claim to be good doesn't mean a thing. The only thing that ever mattered to me was the survival of my pack. Good, Evil, Just concepts about how to live, and I never gave much thought to either."
David ate some sugar cubes. He asked Sal, "So, when do we fight bad guys? Do we have to train first?"

(Also, I take it we are still naked)
Yes, Yes We are

"All in good time."Sal said with a smile "First it's a better for you to eat first because the amount of change your physical forms went through takes a lot of energy."

After eating Sal gave them some cozy sleeping quarters.

"Do you think we can trust Sal?" Asked Arianna

"I've still got this...Niggle." Lobo said "Something about him still seems slimy."

"Good thing we don't have any Frog or Fish people here..." Said Jerry
"What's your gift?" Arianna asked.

"I don't know," Jerry said. "They didn't tell me."

"Don't you feel you can do anything different?"

"I can talk. That's different."
When Rocky wash showed to his quarters, it was like a bedroom but on his bed are two guns, looked like something out of Buck Rogers. "What do they expect me to do with these?"
Lobo took a quick look. "Human hunters use things like these to kill their prey."
"Well, wake me up when the time is right", David said. He fell asleep as soon as he laid down in bed.
When they woke up to the sound of an Alarm Clock Sal came in and said "Time to begin your morning work out!"
"First thing we will do," Sal said. "is check out your new bodies to make sure they function correctly. I have a simple series of exercises for you to do. First is to stretch your arms over your head. Everybody stretch now."

Jerry stretched. It seemed simple enough, but from somewhere came a groan as someone found it harder than they expected.
Lobo wondered what the sound was.
It came from David. "Oh, sorry everyone. Just had to figure out how to do it without my horns getting in the way. I got it now."
As they entered the Gym Sal showed Arianna several targets

"You have the power the wind." Said Sal "Try flapping your wings at those targets."

Arianna obliged she flapped her wings at a target and her wings formed a powerful whirlwind which completely destroyed the target
Sal said, "Send in the hippo."

A hippopotamus wandered in, "Is this room 237?"

"You're in the right place," Sal said. "Jerry, you have the power of confusion. I want you to talk to this hippo and confuse her."

"What?" Jerry said. "I don't understand."

"Just talk to the hippo, Jerry, and remember, you want to confuse her."

"I'll try. Attention, hippo. My name is Jerry and I am a Gecko. I am going to confuse you. I don't know exactly how, but I will try. Did you come here of your own free will or were you abducted by the aliens?"

"Huh?" said the hippo. "How could I come here of my own free will? I can't fly through space."

"That's true," Jerry said, "but I didn't know that. It might have been one of your powers."

"Powers? What powers? I don't have any powers. You're confusing me."

"Very good, Jerry!" Sal said. "With a little practice you will get better at it."
Lobo rolled his eyes. "Anyone could do that."
"David, I want test your speed." Sal checked up on how fast he could run and how quickly he could react to saving people.
This continued for many, many days all the while the Mutants couldn't help but ask, what was Sal training them for?

Then one day they were woken not by Sal but by his assistant Wanna B

"Here!" Said the Short Alien tossing the Males some Tuxedos and a Fancy Dress for Arianna "Today Sal is getting married!"

"Married?" Arianna asked

"It's like mating." Said Wanna B

"Who is he getting mated to?" Asked Lobo

"I don't know." Said Wanna B

They stood and waited, when the 'Bride' came in along with 'her' assistant Lobo and the other Males instantly knew something was off.

"The Bride is no female." Lobo said as his nose twitched "The Bride is very clearly a male."

"You think Sal is simply one of those males who are...Into other males?" Asked Jerry

"No." Lobo said quietly "I can clearly see Sal is into Females, and he thinks this strange Bird creature is female."

"Should we inform him..." Arianna began to ask

"No." Said Lobo "I had a niggle something was slimy about Sal, I want to see how far the 'Bride' can pull this ruse."

This is a retelling of a classic Norse Myth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73y4oUG_YgA
"So, what should we do?" Jerry asked.

"Let's just sit back and watch," said Lobo. "Have some food."
"This tuxedo is uncomfortable," Jerry said. "But maybe eating some food will take my mind off it. Hmmm, Sesame Chicken sounds good and Jalepeno Poppers. Oooo, cheese tray. And got to have some punch."
Sal being an Intergalactic Media Mogul was having his 'Engagement Celebration' televised live.

As Sal his 'Bride' and the Bride's Assistant sat down at the table, the Bride seemed to have an appetite that rivaled Lobo's downing an entire cooked shark and a few steins worth of beer.

"The Princess has been so anxious about her wedding she hasn't had anything to eat or drink for seven days." The Assistant Chuckled Nervously

Arianna stole a sideways glace at Lobo "Princess eh?"

The Assistant also claimed her deeper squawks whenever Sal looked at her was because of 'acute laryngitis' and the rock hard biceps (Relatively large for these skinny Bird Creatures) Was because of a 'Aerobics routine' finally Sal was like "Hey Princess, want to see the Space Sword?"

The 'Princess' stood with a pumped fist shouting "Oh YEAH!" Before quickly becoming more demure returning to a falsetto "Yes Darling."

Sal brought forth a brilliant sword with a silver handle and the most magnificent blade made of deep purple-black crystal with bits of silver mimicking the stars and galaxies it really looked like the blade was apiece of the night sky.

The 'Bride' yanked the sword from Sal's hands and tore away the veil finally revealing 'She' was a 'He'

"Surprise!" The Bird Alien said "I'm not the Princess! I'm the Prince!"

He further tore away the wedding dress revealing was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts underneath "And I'll teach you to hold my family's heirlooms hostage in exchange for a bride!"
"This is getting good," said Lobo. "Pass the veal."
"Is that veal?" said Jerry. "I thought it was goat. I'll have some too. Try some Fried Beetles in Wasabi Sauce."

Lobo made a face. "That's disgusting Lizard food."

"I don't get it," Jerry said. "Why the big deal over hair looms?"

"Not hair looms, heirlooms."
David was fine with just eating his salad.
The Bird Alien began to strike Sal with his sword strangely Sal didn't bleed it seemed his body was constructed from some play-doh like substance and being struck by the sword was mashing him into a shapeless pulp.

"Ow! Ow! OW!" Said Sal "My Knights! I need assistance!"

Arianna scowled she was inclined to like the Bird Aliens more then Sal
"Might help if we knew what was going on," said Lobo. "So, if you want us to help, I'd advise talking. Until then - someone pass that fish over - it looks good."
"Heirlooms, hair looms, I don't know what either one is," Jerry said. "Are we supposed to be on Sal's side? Maybe the bird alien came to save us from an awful fate."

"What awful fate?" David said. "You don't like being smart and able to speak?"

"I don't think it's going to make me any more popular with the female Geckos. Maybe less!"
David ran and picked up the pulp that was now Sal, leaving the bird alien confused. "Now that I saved you, can you tell what is going on?"
"I can explain." Said the Bird Alien "So...My family has had this Sword, the Space Sword for generations, with which we have smote evil for centuries the Sword has been mine to bear ever since...Dad died...So imagine how upset I was when I awoke one morning looked under my bed and found the Space Sword missing!"
"Anything else?" Lobo asked.
"Yeah," Jerry said. "That doesn't sound like the whole story. What are you not telling us?"
"Keep talking...", David said.
"Some Psychic Friends did some divination..." Said Th Bird Alien "And they saw this Creep had taken the Sword with his power of teleportation and he was planning to send a ransom note the sword in exchange for my sister the Princess."
"And what if your sister actually liked the guy?" Lobo asked.
"Good point," Jerry said. "Maybe the two of them arranged the whole thing."
"So why the disguise?", asked David.
The Bird Alien looked really irritated that these Creatures would believe such a thing

"I'll have you know my sister was shocked and horrified when this!" He pointed at the pulped Sal "The greatest slime ball in the galaxy wanted her as his bride! In trying to find a way of retrieving the Space Sword that didn't involve my Sister risking her tail feathers one of my friends said that Sal wouldn't be able to know the Female of our Species from a Male so I dress all pretty like and pose as the Princess."
"In that case, get the sword and get going," said Lobo. "I see something else I like."
Rocky was in the Holographic training room, he was given two laser blasters to shoot targets along with simulated situations. the aliens in charge of his training is impressed on how he improved. As he pass the robot rampage simulator Rocky came out huffing and puffing "Rocky, that was amazing. I never saw such marksmanship in all my life. I can't wait to report this to Sal." Rocky asks "When will I join the others?"
Jerry wandered around the flying saucer. Now that Sal was dead nobody seemed to be in charge. He came across two robots arguing with each other.

ROBOT 1: I say we made a wrong turn at that last star.

ROBOT 2: Who is the navigator bot? You or me?

ROBOT 1: You are, but you weren't paying attention, I don't think.

ROBOT 2: Just because my eyes are closed doesn't mean all my circuits are shut down.
David dropped the pulp and sped over to the Bird Alien.

"AH!", the Bird Alien screamed, "I am still not used to that!"

"Sorry", David replied.

"What is your species, anyway?", the Bird Alien asked, "I am quite familiar with many alien races but you and your friends are new to me."

David explained their mutated origins.

"That does sound something Sal would have done...", the Bird Alien said.

"Before you go on, do you have a name?"
I can't think of anything more for this campfire so I'm gonna take a break

The End!

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