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by Twiga
Rated: ASR · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2133189
In Celebration of WDC's Birthday a Wild and Crazy Campfire that can go in any direction
[Introduction] OK This Campfire will last until I don't see balloons and party hats when I log in...Furthermore I'm gonna try some things I never tried before

Firstly having a Minimum and Maximum to additions minimum is 3 Characters the Maximum is 1'000 Characters I'm gonna try to be fair
The other thing is this will be a family friendly campfire so at most it can be PG Rated

Other then that let's pretend this is Elementary School and the teacher is asking us to make a story one piece at a time
Once in upon a time at the other side of the Rainbow was a Happy Kingdom of Talking Animals called Critter Land, in was a Beautiful Land a land of Waterfalls and Grassy Meadows and Lush Forests. The Capital City of this Happy Kingdom was called Sanz Deego Zu and Ancient name from back before the Critter People were walking Bipedal and speaking
Then again, there was a lot more than just Talking Animals in this kingdom. It was hard to list all of the creatures.
Professor Hoots the owl just finished classes at Dolittle Community College and about to head home when he noticed a Bear cub just sulking on a bench "Cubby," the Professor says, "Is there something bothering you?" Cubby looked up "Huh? Oh hi professor, just bored. I wish something exciting could happen."
"Life is exciting, Cubby," said Professor Hoots. "It's exciting to be alive and able to go places and do things and eat good food and talk to your friends and play games and sleep."

"More exciting than that," said Cubby. "I read stories about dragons. I want to have an adventure and see a dragon."

"Well, try to wait until Summer Vaction is here, Cubby. Let's get through the school year first."
Neither of them knew something exciting WAS about to happen.In the mean time we'll focus our attention upon the Rustic Farming Community of Gardenia where many of Critter Land's Crops are grown. Here in the charming and rustic Farming Village something quite interesting is taking place.

In one of the charming cottages the denizens of Gardenia love so much. One of the Younger Critters, a Young Earthworm named Nick was mucking about with his special 'Experimental Mud' Nick was always looking for a new innovation to farming.

"Nick!" His Mom barged in "Why are you still awake! It's nine o'clock and a school night you need to get some sleep young Worm!"
"But mom, I'm on the verge of something important," said Nick.
Nick's mother says "What importance is that?" Nick says "This mud could be a breakthrough in farming, if I'm right, it'll grow more crops then you can imagine and no one will go hungry."
"That's wonderful," said Nick's Mom, "but it will never happen if you die from not getting enough sleep."

"Oh, Mom, nobody ever died from not getting enough sleep!"
Mom shook her head "Ncik." She said sternly "We Worms need more sleep then most other creatures...When you don't sleep at night you fall asleep in class..."

Just then! A bright red glow came from Nick's 'Experimental Mud' out of the mud came something...A bright red stone!

"Well, that's different," said Nick's mom.
As the stone glowed, Tomato plants in pots started to grow until the vegetable itself grew to the size of basketballs.
"Look,Mom!" Nick yelled. "Do you see that?"

"Of course I see it and frankly, it scares me."

"No need to be scared. This means the mud is working even better than I expected."
The Stone stopped glowing and slowly floated down to the floor.

Neither Worm could know it, but deep underground, beneath Critter Land something ancient awoke, two things actually two Dragons King Flame the Red and his Mate Queen Emerald the Green

Nick's mom looked at the tomatoes. "Okay. I think I'm going to ask a friend of mine to come and take a look at these. These are supposed to be the smaller Cherry Tomatoes, not the larger Beefsteaks!"
The next day, Professor Hoots got a phone call, "Hello?....What's that Nick? You say your project resulted in huge tomatoes? No don't bring it in, tomatoes that size could be very fragile, I'll come over and look at them. This is extraordinary."
When Nick checked on his tomatoes, he was surprised to see they had changed. They were no longer red and juicy looking. Now they were a dull brown and when you touched them they felt like paper. Nick picked one up. It was light in weight and rattled when he shook it.

He held it up to the light and thought he could see something inside it moving around. With a pair of scissors Nick cut a small hole in the papery husk of the "tomato" so that he could look inside.
Inside were some bright red seeds
"Now, that is strange," said Nick's mom. "Let's wait until the professor gets here."
As the professor arrived, Nick explained what happened to the tomatoes and showed him the red seeds and showed him the tomatoes. "Hmm, this is strange. I never saw tomatoes like these before and what's more stranger is that these seeds aren't tomato seeds." Nick asked "What kind of seeds are they?" Professor Hoot says, "I'm not sure, I need to research that. Mind if I take these to study them?"
"Take some of them," said Nick, "and leave me the rest."

As the professor walked out of Nick's house with the seeds, Nick heard the tomato husks left behind rattling, as if the seeds inside were agitated.
"Night Nick." Said His Mom as she blew out the lantern and as Nick slept he dreamed the strangest Dream.

In his Dream Nick intially found himself traveling the same Worm Tunnel he always traveled on his way to school but then something unusaul happened...He saw something come oozing down the path, some pitch black liquid that looked to Nick like tar.

That was when he heard something as well, a deep rumbling sound that wasn't like any Animal Sound Nick had ever heard before it seemed to be more like the rumbling of a thunderstorm...Or an earthquake!

And then...Nick saw a strange black creature it had a perfectly spherical body, no real head but the front of the body had a gaping mouth with sharp, black teeth. it had no eyes but it had two holes above the mouth where the eyes might have once been! Nick shuddered.
"This is just a dream, right?"
Nick woke up, "What a nightmare." As he looked at the clock it was 3:00 AM but something wrong, why is it light outside?
Nick went to the window and looked out. The sky was glowing a strange pink. Not far away stood a red dragon. He was tossing a round black ball to another dragon, a green one. Nick realized the black ball was actually the creature he had just seen in his dreams.

Then the two dragons turned and looked at Nick as if they had just noticed he was watching them. Behind Nick, on his desk, the tomato husks with their seeds inside were rattling furiously.
The two Dragons began to fly toward Nick's Cottage, Nick quickly slithered toward his sleeping Mom woke her and yelled they needed to leave this instant, they left down the escape hatch (Which all worms had in case it was two sunny to escape out the front door) They were slithering down the worm tunnels when the Dragons plucked the tomatoes and harvested the red seeds

"Finally." Said the Red Dragon "We may have some children."
"That's just too weird," said Nick's mom.
Meanwhile, Professor hoots is studying the seeds when a student came in "Can I speak for you a minute?" The professor says "Not now Billy, can't you see I'm busy studying these seeds?" Billy holds up a book to a page "If you want to know what kind of seeds they are, they are not seeds," The professor looked at the page and he let out a look of horror. "Great Scott! This is serious!"
The book was Bartholomew's Guide to the Known Planets and the Races That Inhabit Them.

"According to this," said Professor Hoots, "the seeds are actually aliens called Buckshooters. They travel through space using the energy emitted by hyper growing plants. Nick's tomatoes must have trapped them as they were passing by."

"There's more," Billy said.

"They exist in two forms," Professor Hoots read, "a seedlike encapsulated form hardened to the vacuum of space, and a free flying form that appears when environmental conditions are favorable."

The Professor looked at Billy. "Than that means that... Oh no!" He rushed into the lab to look at the seeds, but as he feared, over half of the Buckshooters were already gone."

"What happened?" Billy asked.

The Professor looked downcast. "They flew away."
Nick and his Mom were slithering towards the school

"I hope nothing bad happens," said Nick.
As Niick and his Mother made it to the school they ran into both Professor and Billy, Nick explained what happened on the farm, Billy, check the book if it explains dragons and some black creature. While I fill Nick on our discovery." The professor explained to Nick about the Buckshooters. Nick says "Well, that explains why my Tomato plants turned into brown husks, but how did these Buckshooters get in my Tomatoes in the first place?"
"You did it with your hyper growth experiment," said Professor Hoots. "The Buckshooters travel through space by extracting the growth energy from fast-growing plants on their home world. When you made your tomatoes grow super fast, you turned them into beacons that attracted the Buckshooters from their path and trapped them on Earth."

"But how could I know that would happen?" said Nick.

"Nobody is blaming you, but I think you can fix it. If you grow another batch of super tomatoes, the Buckshooters can use their growth energy to leave Earth and be on their way."

"What about those dragons?"

"I'm researching that now."
Just then Billy (Author's Note: Since no one established Billy's Species, I'm gonna have Billy be a Goat Came in

"Professor! Nick!" Billy bleated "We have just received summons from...Queen Sparkle!"

Queen Sparkle was a Unicorn and Queen of Critter Land

"The Queen knows of the Dragons and believes you two have the keys to ending the danger!"
"It might help if we had an idea on what to do."
"What else did she say, Billy?"
"She also said..." Billy panted a bit cuz he was short of breath. "She is sending a Flying Carriage over to take you and the Professor to Sanz Deego Zoo...The Carriage should be here in half an hour."

"What about me?" Asked Nick's Mom

"Detective Worm." Said Billy (Nick's Mom was actually a Detective of the Gardenia Police) "The Queen is placing you temporarily in the Witness Protection Program."
Nick's Mom rolled her eyes. "That will be fun."
Soon a Carriage pulled by two griffins arrived "You two, must be Nick and Professor Hoots. Her majesty is expecting you two, quickly get in before the dragons figure what's going on."
Nick, Billy, and Professor Hoots climbed into the carriage.

"Wheeee!" said Billy as the carriage flew over the rooftops. It landed on a balcony of the Palace of Queen Sparkle, who was named that because of the sparkle in her eyes.
Queen Sparkle was a beautiful pure white Unicorn with sky blue eyes, she was wearing a simple white dress when she came to meet them.

"I'm so glad you're finally here." She said "We must talk in The Secret Chamber of War."

As The Four Animals gathered in the Secret Chamber of War they noticed The Queen already had snacks ready for them Sugar Cookies and Lemonade was at the Table of War.

As they sat down Queen Sparkle sighed deeply "I know who these Dragons are." She said.

"You do?" Asked Nick

"I don't know them personally." Said Sparkle "But I know who they are, many Generations ago King Flame the Red and Queen Emerald thee Green were the original rulers of Critter Land, until my Grandma Queen Milky-White cast a spell that sent them underground and in deep hibernation."
"So, what's going to happen?" Nick asked.
Okey Dokey this campfire was meant to be for the WDC Birthday Celebration, and it would end the instant I stopped seeing the balloons and party hats, so this Campfires comes to and end but maybe we can do this again next WDC Birthday, maybe we can do a totally different story every time

The End!

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