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Rated: GC · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2135166
This takes place in the world of Appeasing the Gods. Play an adventurer, and survive!
[Introduction] This takes place before the events of Appeasing the Gods. In this world, adventurers are far and wide. Some resort to playing barbarians, some act as rouge, some act as bounty hunters, and others are trying to gather enough gold to survive. When you enter the world, will you be able to survive? Or are you gonna be the victim of criminals, hungry creeps, or worse, the Children of Venom?

The rules for this campfire are the same as the rules for Appeasing the Gods. You are free to select a character. Just specify their name, species, age, weaponry, where in the world they start off, their affiliation (bounty hunter, bandit, wanderer, Child of Venom, etc.), the god they're aligned with, and what they are seeking. As you adventure, you may encounter treacherous villains seeking something you may have. Similarly, you may earn fantastic weaponry and magical items during your travels. What is your fate?
Welcome to the Gods' world. The residents have come to call it Unity, the unification of the gods' efforts. In this world, the gods of life, fire, water, earth, and wind battled the goddess of venom, and trapped her in an alternate dimension. This was believed to end her spread of venom and sin, but that's proven to be false, for evil is still spreading through the world. Barbarians, bandits, traffickers, and many worse. Worst of all are the Children of Venom, members dedicated to the venomous goddess and seek to deconstruct the foundation of the townships dedicated to the five gods. In this world full of venom, will you be able to survive?

First, tell us a little about yourself, where you're located, what you do, and what your ultimate goal is.
Alex is an 18-year-old, effeminate, male arctic fox who has just recently come of age. He is a follower of Dra-Gaea, and his goal is to purify the world in the name of his goddess. However, should he be defeated hy another follower of Dra-Gaea, he will allow them to drain him without resistance. He wields a whip in combat as well as his own potent stench, which is concentrated in his gas and paws. He is well versed in the Succubus Arts, and will not hesitate to use them. He begins his journey in a small town devoted to the Goddess of life.
The town in question resided south of the grand temple, though it was on the surface of the planet rather than in the clouds. Alex was dressed up in his usual gear, a standard for anyone attempting to purify the lands. A good source of finding those in need of purification is the bounty board, where the city offers gold for the defeat of whatever criminals are written on it. The local tavern may provide rumors of certain foul beings, going as far as to say where they may be.
Alex decided that for now, the bounty board would be a good place to find out about criminals or other bothersome types in the area. As he strolled through the town, his paws started to work up a sweat in his leather boots, something that would surely come in handy later. He eventually found where the bounty boar was, and took a moment to look over all of the posted problems.
Right now, you can see three people listed on the board.

First is Marigold - a Pegasus with cloud white fur. She's been acting as a rogue and frequently robs travelers. Survivors have stated that she uses charmed lipstick and succubus magic. She's also stated to be quite powerful. She's frequently seen in Dra-Gaea's territory.

Second is Natasha - a gazelle known for her infamous assassin career. She wears only stuff that'd show off her assets, and wields two blades. One blade wields a life-stealing charm, and the other wields the powers f the wind. She's also stated t use Earth magic. She's frequently seen in Lag-Ter's territory.

Third is Mr Beef - a bull known for his career as a barbarian. He wields fire magic, and uses that to increase his own musk. He'll use his magic and giant muscles to beat anyone he wants into submission. He's frequently seen in Taur-Fa's territory.
Alex was on the fence between Marigold and Natasha. On one hand, Natasha seemed to be the biggest threat out of the three bandits shown. On the other hand, Marigold was relatively close by, and Alex could probably take her down, and come back to resupply within a day. After a bit of careful consideration, he snagged Marigold's bounty off the board and tucked it in his pack. The femboy fox checked his provisions one last time before hitting the trail.
The path to Marigold led to a mountain southwards, close to the city of Unity, the town holding the Gods' idols. Word has it Marigold is hanging out in a mountain crawling with rogues originating from the floating city. She usually hangs out within it at night, and it is currently day time.
In that case, Alex figured that she'd be wandering the roads, robbing whoever came along. He decided to stay on his path and keep his eyes peeled for any armed people on the road. If he could find her, great! If he found some other group of btigands, he could always take them out anyways while he waited for nightfall. The fox kept a hand on his whip as he strolled on the path. Things were strangely quiet save for the sounds of various chirping birds.
During Alex's travel on the path, he began to hear noises. They sounded like someone sulking through the tall grass on the sides of the path. They didn't sound horse-like, so it couldn't be Marigold. Alex could only identify one set of steps, so he assumed that there was only one person sulking through the grass. What does he do?
Alex wasn't about to just walk away from a potential criminal, or a potential person who may be hiding from something dangerous. He took his whip from his belt and unfurled it with a crack! "Show yourself! I don't appreciate people trying to sneak up on me! Don't make me take my boots off and wither the plants you're hiding in!"
The noise within the grass seemed to stop. Then, just as soon as it stopped, the owner of the steps seemed to woosh by with the sound of a violent windstorm. The wind seemed to whip to behind Alex.
Alex was nearly knocked off his feet by the sudden dash of the still unseen individual. "Gah! What's the meaning of this!? I said show yourself, fiend! I don't know who you are, but I won't tolerate these sorts of games! Reveal yourself before I make you!" He growled as he scanned the brush, trying to locate whoever was doing this.
Suddenly, from the bush came a cougar, who seemed to be glowing with a yellow light. She must've been channeling the magic of the god of wind! She was about to ram an elbow into your abdomen!
Alex was nowhere near quick enough to dodge someone channelling the power of wind! Her elbow slammed right into his gut, making the fox double over in pain. His whip clattered to the ground, and he merely stood there, gasping for breath. He was completely vulnerable to attack!
After that initial attack, the cougar turned around, pointing her butt towards Alex. With a quick push, she struck Alex with a powerful fart, boosted by her wind magic.
Alex's eyes went wide as the stench of the cougar's rotten fart blasted his nose! His hands quickly grabbed his sensetive sniffer, and he fell back on his butt. All his life he'd thought his gas and paws stunk...but he had absolutely no idea how bad things could smell. "Guh! You reek!"
While he was down, the cougar straddled Alex, and held a blade up to his neck.

"What are you doing out here, making this much noise?" she asked sternly.
Alex grit his teeth as the sharp dagger was pressed right up close to his vulnerable neck. "Ngh...if you must know, I'm searching for a bandit leader by the name of Marigold. I need to bring her to justice in my quest to purify the land of evil! Now I suggest you release me before I do the same to you, barbarian!
"That's my target!" she shouted. "I've been tracking her down, and I'm certain I was about to peg her location."
Alex eased up a bit when the cougar said that. If she was out hunting Marigold as well, she probably wasn't just a bandit. "So...you're a bounty hunter? Soldier? Either way, why attack me when all I did was demand that you show yourself?" Alex wiggled a bit uncomfortably since the cold steel of the blade was still pressed up against his throat. "And...could you please put your weapon away?"
The cougar sheathed her blade and got off.

"I thought you were one of Marigold's rogues," she said. She offered a hand to you to let you up.
Alex accepted her gesture and pulled himself up with her help. "Well, now that we've established that we aren't enemies, perhaps you and I should work together to bring Marigold down. It'd be much safer than either of us trying to take her on alone."
"Agreed," the cougar said. "You know about her lipstick stuff, right? How she could decommission an opponent with a kiss? Do you have something to make sure we don't get too close to her?"
Alex rummaged around a bit in his pack. "Well, I have my whip, a few lust-venom blowdarts and a blowgun, and a couple of smoke bombs, but other than that, no. And since she's a wielder of the power of Life like myself, and therefore she can likely use succubus arts...making her aroused would probably be a bad idea." He zipped his pouch back up and looked up at the mountain. "We could also wait till night, and attack while she sleeps."
The cougar sighed.

"I think that may be our best course of action, she could be anywhere," she said. "You don't have any enhancing gear?"
Alex nodded, "I think I have a piece, though I haven't actually had reason to use it yet, so I'm not entirely sure what it even does."

He rummaged around in his pack and pulled out a silver bracer with a green gem embedded in it. "Do you think we'll need it against Marigold?"
"That's earth magic," the cougar remarked. "Marigold can fly, so, unless we use it carefully, it may not be too helpful..."
Alex sighed and put the trinket away. "Well in that case, unless you have some form of gear you're willing to part with, I don't have any that would help."

Alex looked up at the mountain and frowned, "it's still a ways away. Shall we get moving, or would you rather keep looking around the area she usually strikes? One way or another, we're bound to find her eventually."
"I think our bet chance is setting a trap over at her base," the cougar said. "We should head up there."
"Works for me. My name is Alex, by the way, pleased to meet you." With that, the two set off towards the mountain that Marigold called home. Not much seemed to get in their way, save for a few traps that dotted the path, but they were easy enough to avoid.

"Well, we're almost there. Hopefully there's only a few guards."
"Beth, by the way, my name's Beth," the cougar said. As the two approached, they could here some movement within. A quick peak into the cave, and sure enough, there were other rogues.
Alex readied his whip as he peered inside at the rogues in the cave. "By my count...there's five of them. They don't seem too well armed, but they do outnumber us. Do you have a plan, Beth?"
"Hmmmm..." Beth wondered. "Maybe we could chase them out... with a little wind magic." With that, the cougar turned her rear towards the cave, and farted, some wind carrying the stench into the cave.
The rogues all started to cough and retch on the awful, rotten stench Beth blew into the cave. Alex smirked and followed suit. He turned around and lifted his tail before letting outbsome of his own rancid farts into the cave! The bandit henchmen start choking even harder on the stink, and scramble out of the place, save for one that passed out cold.

Alex chuckled and stepped inside. The smell forced him to hold his breath, but hey, the coast was clear, AND the rogues even left their equipment behimd!
The cave was completely empty, save for that one passed at rouge. Said rouge was a griffon. Marigold has yet to return, so there was time to plan.
The first step here was obvious, Alex grabbed some rope from the equipment pile and used it to tie the griffon up.

"There, she won't be bothering us, even if she awakens." With that done, he starts to rummage through the gesr, hoping to find some sort of enhancing gear with a pink gem for him, but all these bandits seemed to have were yellow or red gems.
Being a follower of Dra-gaea, Alex wouldn't need a pink gem. He may still be able to do something with the gems available. Now it's a question as to how they were gonna catch Marigold off guard. They could have a few moments, or they could have until night to prepare.
With a shrug, Alex put the four yellow-gem rings and one red gem ring in his pack. He looked around the cave, trying to find a good place to hide until Marigold returned.

"Hm...do you see any place that'd make a good hiding spot?" He asked his companion as he scanned the dark, and now smelly, cave.

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