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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2143098
Inspired by the Anime Kemono Friends, Men get Sandstar to turn Animals into Girls
[Introduction] https://japari-library.com/wiki/Main_Page
This Wiki is your guide to the Kemono Friends Franchise
Kemono Friends is an Anime/Game where all kinds of Animals into Girls

Some Notes:

When Sandstar turns Animals into Friends it will always turn them Female even if the original animal is Male this is How you can get Lion Friends can have manes Moose and Deer Friends have Antlers and all kind of Bird Friends with Male Plumage

Each Author plays a different Man who receives Sandstar and is free to utilize it to create a friend for themselves but they can only have one friend, Apparently two friends Bonded to one Human will lead to the Two Friends fighting each other to the death
Name: Davis Whittier
Age: 18
Bonded Kemono Friend: Red Eared Slider

Davis had finally gotten the Sandstar he had been waiting for just in time for Summer!

He read the note

'One Sandstar will create 1 Kemono Friend
you will only get one, as we have discovered when more then one Friend is bonded to one Humans the Friends will fight to the death

Much Love Nexon Inc.'

Davis had a plan, he would take this Sandstar to his local zoo and Mutate that awesome Bengal Tiger...However the Zoos were beginning to get wise to the Sandstar, so Davis took his jar of Sandstar and placed it in a candy box and he placed the candy box in his backpack, his plan was foolproof.

However as he reached the park he saw that at the entrance of the zoo were some guards with Sandstar scanners Davis hesitated and took his Sandstar out to check it

But then two skateboarding kids nearly collided into him! The Sandstar Jar flew from his hands! releasing the Sparkling Sandstar...Landing towards...A Red Eared Slider lying by the Park's Pond Shore
Name: Jeremy Johnson

Age: 23

Bonded Kemono Friend: Domestic Cat

Jeremy looked at the note he got. He'd been going a lot of research into this, and doing a lot of reading. He had to laugh. Why were people going to such lengths to get a cool-looking friend, when it was much easier to use a dog, or better still, a cat? Turning a pet should be easier than turning a creature from the zoo, or the wild, and safer as well.

He looked at a black cat laying curled up on the couch. "I hope this works."
Davis looked in horror...His precious Sandstar...With which he would get himself a Tiger Friend...Had spilled from his hands because of two skateboarding kids...And he saw a Tiny Turtle transforming into a Girl with green eyes, green hair with red marks where her ears were and strange clothes that looked like a Turtles' plastron and she held in her hands a shield that looked like a Turtles' shell.

"Human-San?" Said the Turtle Girl (A lot of friends speak with a Japanese Accent, through some Guys from the Kemono Friends Forum said they got a Friend that spoke with American Accents)
Jeremy carefully poured the Sandstar on the cat. He then stood back, to watch what happened.
Davis fumed a sound came from his mouth that sounded a lot like air escaping from a tire he had wanted a Tiger, not a Turtle!
Jeremy looked at the young woman that was now looking at him.

"I was enjoying my nap," the young woman said. "Why did you have to ruin it?"

"I wanted a friend," said Jeremy.

The woman rolled her eyes. "You could have gone to one of those places humans like to go to." She then laid back down on the couch. "Now you've gone and ruined my nap, and my sleeping place."

Not quite what I was expecting, thought Jeremy. Of course, it wasn't like he tried it with a zoo animal, which lead to a lot more problems. Also, he was smart enough to buy some clothes for the young woman, which he decided to bring out, for when she got up. The clothes should fit at any rate, otherwise he could return them for those that did fit.
Davis returned to his home with his Red Eared Slider dutifully following behind him

"Human-San!" Said the Turtle-Girl "I'm hungry!"

Davis sighed, reached into his backpack and pulled out a bag of Cheez-Its and tossed it to the Turtle Girl

The Turtle-Girl began gnawing the bag and Davis sighed took the bag from her and opened it.

"Eat what's in the bag not the bag itself." He said
Jeremy looked at the sleeping cat-woman. He decided it was best to let her sleep, for they could talk later.

He then went onto his computer, where he saw a Youtube video. Someone had got into a zoo with the stuff, but instead of getting one of the more exotic zoo animals affected, he had fallen, and the stuff had gotten onto just a regular animal, specifically, a turtle of some sort, and he'd ran out of the place, the turtle-girl following him. The title was "Sandstar Fail - Turtle Style".

"I'm glad I'm not dumb enough to do that sort of thing in Public," Jeremy said. He looked over at the cat-woman. If nothing else, her transformation had been at home, someplace that was familiar to her. He got up, got a light blanket, and gently covered her with it. Being in a place that was familiar was supposed to make things easier for the transformed being.
As the Turtle-Girl demolished the bag of Cheez-Its Davis got into the Kemono Friends Forum to complain of his situation and the Forum responded by showing him the YouTube Video of his Sandstar Fail
Jeremy had also gotten onto the forum to talk about his situation, saying he'd used his pet cat, and that she'd complained about having her nap disturbed.

The responses ranged from "Using a pet is lame!" to "Safe, and Smart." More than a few had to laugh about her complaining about her nap being disturbed.

Some wanted to see some photos, but he replied "I'll wait until after she wakes up and is properly dressed."

The responses ranged from "Oh come on!" to, once again, "Safe and Smart."

He looked over at the sleeping cat-woman. There would be time for photos later.
"Human-San..." The Turtle Girl came over to Davis

"Look Turtle-Girl..." Said Davis

"My name is Red-Eared Slider." Said the Friend

"That's...Kind of a mouthful." Said Davis "I need to think of something else to call you..." He remembered his Saturday Mornings watching the Ninja Turtles he thought about the Turtles' nicknames

"Mikey..." He mused quietly to himself

"Mikki?" The Turtle-Girl said in her Japanese Accent

"Sure why not, I'll call you Mikki." Davis said
Some time after Jeremy got off of the computer, he was cooking supper, when he heard a voice.

"That smells good."

Jeremy looked, and saw the cat-woman was sitting up. "You might want to get dressed."

The cat-woman scoffed as she looked at the clothes. "Never bothered with those things before."

"Things are different now," said Jeremy. "You need to wear clothes now."

"Whatever," she said. "What's for supper?"

"Got some chicken if you're interested."

"Sounds better than that canned stuff," she said. "We need to change my name."

"What do you mean?" Jeremy asked.

"I never liked being called Blackie," said the cat-woman. "It would be as if I called you Brownie, just because of your brown hair."

"I was never one for those fancy names people like to give their cats," said Jeremy. "I mean, Marry-Annette of Tours is just too stupid in my opinion. I mean, it sounds like a Royal name, and it's not like we're royal."

The woman chuckled. "How about Susan? Do you have an issue with that?"

"Would you like that to be your name?" Jeremy asked.

"Oh, yes," the woman said. "It would be nice."

"Alright, Susan," said Jeremy. "I just need to get your name officially changed at the register, and things will be all set."

"Good," Susan said, as she laid back down. "Let me know when supper is ready, and thanks for the blanket."
As night fell Mikki fell asleep in Davis' bed as Davis prepared some Ramen for himself. It seemed like a Turtle Mikki had a tendency to become lethargic especially when the sun went down.

Davis decided to watch some TV while he cooked 'Breaking News!' Said the Anchor a strange amorphous creature has been seen traveling the countryside of Japan! This amateur footage was caught at the base of Mt. Fuji...'

Davis gasped that looked awful lot like a black cerulean that main antagonist of the Kemono Friends Anime
As Jeremy and Susan ate, Jeremy noticed Susan watching him.

"Is something on your mind?" he asked.

"I'm curious about why you picked me to sprinkle that stuff on," said Susan. "I'd like to know why you picked me."

"Well, there's a few things," said Jeremy. "I figured I'd have less issues keeping you, for one. After all, it wouldn't be like I stole you from a zoo, or an animal sanctuary, or some other place, and thus got a lawsuit on my hands. I don't need that kind of trouble. Also, you more or less know me."

Susan nodded. "I suppose. The only thing I find strange is that I now have a different body. This is the only place I have any real memories of, save the pet store where you bought me from as a kitten. I also know you - you snore through your left nostril a lot."

"Okay," said Jeremy.

"Also, your bed is nice and warm when you're in it," said Susan. "Is that going to change now?"

"Something tells me it might be better if I took the couch for a while," said Jeremy.
Mikki came in and looked at the News Report "Ki-Ya!" She exclaimed

"Do you know what that is?" Davis asked

"It's...It's...A Cerulean!" Exclaimed Mikki

"How do you know that?" Asked Davis

"I...Don't know how I know." Said Mikki

Davis was beginning to suspect Nexon Inc was distributing Sandstar for other reasons than Guys can have an Animal Girlfriend.
Jeremy was on the forum a little while later, when he saw the footage. "Strange."

Susan took a look. "That creature seems familiar."

Jeremy looked at her, and saw that she seemed worried. "I wouldn't worry too much. Japan is known for its monster movies. I mean, they made Godzilla."
Davis lay in his bed and Mikki lay down...At his feet "You're so warm..." She sighed as she fell asleep
Davis dreamed of strange blob like creatures
Jeremy was also having trouble sleeping. However, his issue had more to do with the fact that, while he'd initially tried to take the couch, Susan didn't want to sleep alone, and had gotten onto the couch with him. It wasn't built for two.

So, they got into his bed. It just barely fit them both.

"Going to need to get a bigger bed," he muttered, as he carefully pulled the blankets over them.
Davis dreamed of a black blob like creature slowly marching toward's Tokyo like some cheap Kaiju Knock-off...

"Human-San! Human-San!" He heard the Voice of Mikki calling out to him.

Davis finally opened his eyes and saw Mikki's face

"You had a bad dream." Mikki said "I felt your feet kicking me as I slept."

Davis got out of bed and found the remote control

The News was still talking about the strange Black Creature and it was slowly approaching Tokyo.

Davis got back to the forum and asked the members what if they had seen the News lately several said they had and Davis then asked if the Kemono Friends had response to the Creature.

Several said the Kemono Friends had reacted with fear to the Creature, and some said the Friend wanted to fight to the Creature!
Meanwhile, Jeremy was looking at the forum.

"They're all talking about it," said Susan. "I want to help."

"Too bad I don't have a hacker buddy to figure things out," said Jeremy.
Davis typed "I can't shake the feeling that Nexon Inc, gave us Sandstar not so we could just have our own Animal Girlfriend...But to fight the Cerulean."
Jeremy typed, "Doesn't Japan have a military? To say nothing about the U.S. forces stationed there?"
Davis typed "Have you seen the Kemono Friends Anime and Games? Seems Friends have unique properties to combat the Ceruleans come to think of it...Maybe that's why they released the Anime and Games to get us ready for the Friends appearance in RL."
Jeremy typed. "Can't say I have. The stuff had just showed up at my local pet store when I was getting cat food."
Davis frowned and typed "I had to contact Nexon Inc and jump through a bunch of hoops before I got my Sandstar."
"In that case, I hope you aren't that guy in the one video involving the turtle girl," Jeremy typed. "I picked my pet cat - easier than trying to get a tiger or some such thing."
Davis didn't respond he just logged out
"Must be touchy," Jeremy said as he also logged off. He looked at Susan. The cat woman was looking at him. "You want to go, right?"

Susan nodded. "Something is telling me to go there."

"Alright." Jeremy looked up his bank account. He then looked at airplane flights. "I think I can get us one for tomorrow night. As it is, I still have to get you registered."
Later that night as Davis and Mikki sat in silence, they noticed something bright shining outside...Then the brightness came in!

A tiny Helicopter Drone with a speaker "Are you Davis Whittier?" Said a Voice

"I-I Am." Stammered Davis

"We're calling all those who have Kemono Friends." Said the Drone
Susan looked out the window at Jeremy's place. "I think we can save the money, and go earlier."
"Why didn't you explain to us sooner that actual Monsters were attacking Japan?" Asked Davis

"We didn't want to ensue mass panic." Said the Voice
Jeremy was listening to the same speech. "Why didn't you tell the military this? They have trained soldiers, to say nothing about those K-9 units, and other military animals. What you have are a bunch of people who just wanted a companion, and know nothing of fighting, save what they've seen in video games, movies, television, and books, and other things."
"We have been studying these Monster we discovered attacking them with inorganic matter, bullets, missiles and such is absorbed them them and causes them to become larger
"They still have their own animals," said Jeremy.
"We've discovered the Monsters and Kemono Friends come from the same source." Said the Voice "Sandstar."
"Well, that's nice to know," said Jeremy. "Did you release the stuff knowing this?"
"We didn't actually create Sandstar." Said The Voice "Sandstar started erupting from Mt. Fuji one year ago, when Sandstar touches organic matter it turns into a Friend when it touches inorganic matter it turns into a Monster."
"That's nice to know," said Jeremy. "Doesn't excuse you from not telling the military though. They have at least ten thousand dogs, plus other animals."
"We do." Said the Voice "However an Old Man came down from the Mountain and said to us...'You will not defeat the Monstrosities with Military Dogs....Take the Sandstar and spread it across the planet...When you have 500 Friends of various species bring them to Japan and from them I will pick the chosen ones.'
Jeremy groaned. "Why do people like you do things like this to people like us?"
"Because I guess the Gods themselves want Japan to remember they depend upon the rest of the planet like everyone else...Remind us not to become isolationist again."
Jeremy looked at Susan. "There's always a catch."
"These Monsters have the potential to destroy all of Earth's Life." Said the Voice "We don't have much time."

So Davis and Mikki left with the drone and they boarded a boat with many Men who had friends and they stopped a few times at South America and Europe to bring in more Men and Friends.

Davis didn't like traveling by boat very much he got nausea
Jeremy listened as he walked around. While a number of people spoke English, there was a lot of languages. Fortunately, he had an app on his phone that let him translate the different languages.
When they finally arrived at Japan they were greeted by the Old Man, he didn't look exactly human he looked a bit like a Yokai of Japanese Fairy Being
"So, what do they expect us to do?" Jeremy asked. "I still say the military should be involved."
"Legends have spoken of this day..." The Old Man said in a creaky voice "...That soon when the bond between Humans and Animals are strong enough,,,They will be able to defeat the Elder Ones."

"Elder Ones?!" Exclaimed Davis "You mean...HP Lovecraft? Cthulhu?!"
"Probably means something even worse," Jeremy muttered.
The Old Man shuffled a bit looking at the Men and various Kemono Friends
"So, just what are we supposed to do?" Jeremy asked.
The Old Man then touched Jeremy with his Cane "You." He said

And then he touched Davis with his Cane "You." He said again

"Then he turned towards a Cabin "Come with me." He said

The Two Men with a Turtle Friend and a Cat Friend followed him into the Cabin

"I have selected you two to be the Leaders of the Fight." Said the Old Man
"I hope you know what you're asking," said Jeremy. "I don't have any experience fighting, and I barely know anyone out there. Those are bad traits in a leader."
"The reason I've chosen you two." Said the Old Man is because both your friends have a Unique Star Mark.

Indeed Susan had the Mark of a Yellow Star upon her left calf and Mikki had the Mark upon her turtle tail
"What does that have to do with anything?" Jeremy asked.
"The Mark of the Star..." Said the Old Man "The prophecy said that the Kemono Friends who have the mark of the Golden Star were the Chosen Ones."

"You seemed to look at the friends very briefly." Said Davis "Maybe more Friends with the Star were at the back of the line."
"Yeah, like maybe someone with combat experience," said Jeremy. "I've heard that more than a few military personnel bought the stuff for their own use. Why don't you try talking to them?"
The Old Man sighed irritably he was getting tired of the orneriness.

"Do any of you remember a television program called Jackie Chan Adventures?"

"I watched it." Said Davis

"And do you remember the Uncle would insist that the actual military men couldn't fight the Demons with mere guns, because 'magic must defeat magic?'
"Seen it," said Jeremy. "Doesn't explain why you can't give the military magic. That being said, how about you just take us there, so then we wouldn't have any excuses about not doing a single thing."
The Old Man sighed again "You seem like the kind of Kid who would argue against God himself. I'm doing exactly as I was decreed to do by the Beings who created all of existence."
"Family has a tendency to resent those who force us into situations," said Jeremy. "Such as being forced to marry a woman that we didn't sleep with, or leaving our homeland."

"I thought that you were an American," said Davis.

"I am," said Jeremy. "But my mother's family came from Ireland, in the 1700's, or at least the man we can trace her side of the family to. Story goes he was a Guard who worked for one of the Lords. Said Lord had a daughter, who claimed that my ancestor was the father of the child she was carrying. My ancestor claimed otherwise. The Lord tried to force him to marry his daughter, or be exiled. My ancestor chose to be exiled."

"Why would your ancestor chose exile over marrying the daughter of a Lord?" Davis asked.

"Let's put it this way, would you marry your sister?" Jeremy asked.

"Wait, are you saying that the Lord was your ancestor's father?" Davis asked.

"Not quite sure on that one, but the Lord had a habit of sleeping with a lot of lower-class women, including my ancestor's mother, and one incident was nine months before he was born, while her husband was away, serving with the English Army somewhere," said Jeremy. "Naturally her husband wasn't happy about that situation."
So much time had been spent arguing with the Old Man that the Black Cerulean came to the camp at ate everyone, all because Jeremy couldn't accept he was in a Heroes Journey Story where the Average Joe is chosen to save all of everything

The End!

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