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Love in space that can't be broken
[Introduction] Trent was flying through space, on his way to Earth to deliver some rare minerals when his ship was attacked. The AI, EDI was attempting to get help.

" To anyone that can hear this, our ship is under attacked by pirates! My master is being taken by them and we need immediate assistance "
I have arrived at the site of a distress call and upon seeing the place was taken over by pirates.
"I'm going in E.D"I say to my AI
"Of course Miss how long should I expect you to be?"E.D said
"Give me 15 minutes to take these nobody's out I say getting into a more fitted space suit for combat.

I dock the ship and enter the invaded ship and went to find the ship's AI main port to see what info he could give me.

I enter the room with the AI's main port and ask it "what info do you have on the amount of pirates and what weaponry they're carrying?"
EDI activates and responds. http://www.writeups.org/wp-content/uploads/EDI-Enhanced-Defense-Intelligence-Eed...

"Hello, I'm EDI. There about 7 pirates left behind from the strike team to scavenge the ship before it's torn apart." She answers. "The weapons that they are armed with are unknown to my database......but I can tell you that they are non-lethal."
"EDI can you pull up the blueprints of the ship along with thermal vision on the enemies location?"I said to EDI in a impatient tone
"I can hear the impatience in your voice.....here you are." http://paratime.ca/images/scifi/aeschylus-upperdeck.jpg

"The hostiles are only on the top deck. There's three in the cargo hold, 2 in the commons area, one in the First Mate's Cabin and the last one in the Captain's Cabin" EDI gives the lowdown. "There's hostages in the Commons area, First Mate's Cabin, and the Captain was taken off the ship."
"Good I can work off of this"I say heading to the cargo hold first.

I sneak up on two of them and knocking them out from behind after that I tie them up with rope I keep on my suit.

Next I take they're weapons to knocked out the remaining thug in the cargo hold and then heading into the captain's cabin to find a thug napping there.

I wake him up with one punch before knocking him out with another.

Next I head into the first mate's cabin and fire a laser blast into his shoulder and knick him clean out with a uppercut.

I went over and untied one of the hostages and then sneaked into the common room where I was took out the last of the thugs tied them up and untied the hostages.

"EDI do you have any idea at all where your master could be?"I asked EDI panicked as I realized the captain wasn't present.

"I have two possibilities at the moment. Antarctica,Earth and a space station on the Moon." EDI replies. "Permission to change to my robotic body and assist you?"
"Permission granted but try to stay in non lethal weaponry unless lethal weaponry is needed in a life or death situation"I instruct EDI before we bored my ship.

"E.D set course for the moon EDI you can upload the specific space station via that terminal over there"I say painting to a upload terminal in the corner of my ship.

"E.D,"I say
"Yes miss"E.D replies
"Prepare my non lethal
weaponry and suit please also be prepared for a swift get away E.D"I say asi change out of my current suit into one more fitted for the moon's atmosphere.

We arrive on the moon and find 3 armed squads of 5 men each so I decide to simply sneak past then by sending EDI in as a distraction.

"EDI can you control your current body and another one at the same time if one was to simply run straight and fire?"I ask EDI after forming a plan
https://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/11/112562/2519517-mass_effect_edi_... //This is EDI in her robotic body.

"If it's another robotic body......then yes.....but I'm afraid I detect no other forms on this base. I can however, hack into the stations power and cut it off."
"Hmm I keep another form deactived in my ship you may use it to create the distraction"I propose to EDI
"I scanned the base before we landed, the Captain is being held in interrogation. That is on the other side of the base. Be ready to fight your way through if necessary."

The other robotic form walks out of the ship, stun rifle in hand.
"Good choice you rush the base now and I'll try to sneak in through one of those open loading bays over there"I say pulling out a slick, small stun pistol and giving EDI a hand motion to signify for her to move in and create the distraction.
EDI nods and draws her own stun pistol. She breaches in and starts firing at the pirates.
I sneak in fellowed by EDI through a now unarmed Loading bay and we manage to avoid contact nearly the entire until we encountered a small group of thugs which we knocked out and take their uniforms and Id cards.

After we both put on their outfits we walk into were they we're holding Trent.

"Hey Trent we're here to get you out just say still"I say before using a knife to cut his binds.
I groan as I look at you and EDI. "EDI? Where the hell am I?"

"You are on a space station at the Earth's moon Captain."

"Okay......" I look over at you. "Now you, how the hell do you know my name?"
"Well I'll tell you that when we're not at risk of dying how's that sound to you?"I asked Trent sarcastically.
I glare at you but nod. "Agreed. EDI.....my gun please."

EDI hands me my handmade stun revolver. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/02/93/b9/0293b9d9247626836d2b1f84d32e723f--rhinos-pist...
"Oh she's a beaut"I say admiring the gun before pulling out a stun rifle I picked up off of one of the few thugs we had to knock out.

We all head to the exit, along the way giving Trent a thug's outfit and ID card.

Once we reach the ship and have enter hyper space and arrived at a random empty planet we sit down and relax.

"Ok so I guess you have some questions for me then Trent?"I asked casually.
"Yes I do." I clear my throat. "Who are you, how do you know my name, why is EDI here, and is my crew alive?"
"First my name is Lilly second, I checked your log entries and finally yes your crew is safe all pirates that were on board were taken out,"I say giving Trent a quick rundown of everything that's happened in the past 12 hours.

I put the weapon away and look at EDI. "Why did you come?" I ask again.

EDI answers quickly. "E.D.I. stands for Enhanced Defence Intelligence. I was designed to protect you."
"She's not half bad at it either,"I said
"Now let's talk bout reward for your resuce"I said slyly
I look at you. "Of course. I always pay for my dues. I have some rare minerals on my ship. They are worth quite a few credits. I'll give you half of the minerals."
"Sounds like a deal Trent" I said happy to get paid for once
"Hmm seems like you get into trouble a lot so maybe you should consider hiring me as your bodyguard and if I can tag along illegal even to it for free" I proposed wanting more action in my life
"Every passing day makes Outer Space more and more dangerous. EDI, what do you think of Lilly's offer?" I ask.

EDI looks at me. "In my opinion, I would love to have Lilly to join our crew. She is a good fighter and has amazing planning skills."

I stick my hand out. "Welcome to the Aeschylus Lilly. It's an honor to welcome you to the crew."
"It's a honor to be here but first I got to grab some stuff from my ship mind swinging by Jupiter?" I ask realizing that all my weapons and specialists suits were back on my ship
"Oh did I say ship I meant base sorry but it really has been a long time since I've gotten such a buzz from fighting," In say nervously my palms sweating for some reason that I don't know but still I've been around this man I've been all over the place and yet I can't seem to stop thinking about him and his cute and yet charming face and personality.
"Of course we can stop there." I nod. "EDI. Make sure the crew knows I'm alright and to set course for Jupiter."

EDI nods and starts to send out messages.
I retreat to my room confused by what thoughts are going through my head about Trent
"Oh Trent super cute and nice and sweet and..."I cut my thoughts off for as long as I can but Trent walks into the room and I can hear them again and I start sweating and blushes for no reason I even begin to twirl my brownish chestnut colored hair.

"Hhey ttTrent" I shutter nervously
"I forgot to tell you that we have a cat on-board my ship, did you see her?" I ask you.
"Kitty?,"I confused muttered to myself
"I mean no ii hhaven't seen any ccats around" I say still shuttering without noticing
"Damn....I hope she's fine......I got her last month."
"Rreally I love kitties I mean cats,"I say correcting myself
"I love them too. I got one with black fur named Petunia."
"Really tthat's really ccute,"I said still not able to stop shuttering
"You okay Lilly?"
"Wwhat do yyou mean tttTrent,"I ask trying to stop myself from shuttering but only causing myself to blush a bright pink instead
"Know what....never mind. I'm going to get some rest."
"Ggood niight tttTrent,"I shutter out before throwing my head into my pillow and screaming but still not being able to stop thinking bout Trent and blushing bright pink the entire time I eventually fell asleep to thoughts of Trent.

In my dreams I saw me dressed in a beautiful pink dress with Trent, wearing a dashing tuxedo, slow dancing with me before leaning me forewords and kissing me.

I woke up in a cold sweat and realized we had reached Jupiter so I went to my base and started transporting things onto my new temp home after getting set up I hard breakfast with E.D before transfer his data onto my personal terminal on board the Aeschylus and felt my face grow hot as Trent walked by me.

"Hhhey tttTrent,"I shuttered worst then pasty night
"Hey Lilly. Ready for your first day?"
"Yyyyyeahhh iiii am,"I said shuttering terribly
"I'll ask again, are you okay?"
"Wwhat dddo you mean tttttTrent?"I ask trying to brush Trent aside again
"Your stuttering a lot."
"Nno ii'm nnot,"I shutter while blushing a even brighter shade of pink
"Forget it..."

EDI approaches me. "Captain, there is a dance going on back on Earth. You and the crew are invited."
"Dddance!?"I said jolting from my chair after remembering my dream last night
"Answer the RSVP and say I'll be there."
"Hhhey wait a minute tttTrent!"I said surprised by this sudden turn of events
"What if it's from the pirates?"I asked finally managing to stop my shuttering
"I'll carry a weapon."
"I'm sure you had a weapon last time and look what happened!"I said suddenly concerned for Trent's safety
"I'll have my security team." I assure you
"Fine but we're leaving if I see one thug got it?"I demeaned
"Fine"I storm off to my room to get ready I put on a pink ballroom dress, curl my hair, put on make up to make me look younger and cuter and finally I put on 3 inch pink sparkling high heels.

"Hhow do I look?"I asked Trent as I exited my room.
I was already in my tuxedo. I look over at you and smile. "You look beautiful Lilly."
"Tttttthanks tttTrent,"I said nervously shuttering and twirling my hair again
"How about me?"
"Yyyyour handsome I mean you look pretty alright,"I said catching myself once again
I smile and blush softly. "EDI, set course for Earth."

"Yes Captain."
I retreat back to my room for a short nap and find E.D activated
"Miss you seem flustered my data is telling me this type of behavior is commonly found is people who had fallen in love for the first time"E.D said with certainty in his voice.

"No stop being crazy E.D"I said but with no confidence left in my voice when suddenly Trent walks in
"We're five minutes out Lilly."
"Uummmm..!!!! Rrrreally!"I asked confused and suddenly feeling weak I collapse into Trent's arms.
I quickly catch you. "Lilly!!?!" I look at you and check for a pulse.
"Miss is still alive do not fret" E.D said after scanning my body for a pluses and victuals
"What happened?" I ask E.D.
"Cause unknown"E.D said
"Possible cause, lack of sleep, weak untraceable poison, complete infatuation with you and over use of her body in the last fight"E.D listed off quickly
"ETA on recovery?" I ask
"Possible times are 5 minutes,22 minutes or 5 days"E.D said
"I hope it's 5-22 minutes.....I wanted to actually dance with her...."
"I would say it to be at least an hour sir"E.D said
"Keep me updated on her status." I reply as I set you on the bed.
"will do sir"E.D said while checking for a fever and other possible causes
I walk out of the room and go to my cabin.
I begin to wake after an hour with a high fever and a terrible headache
I was writing a message to the party host that I would not be attending due to a crew member being possibly ill.
I fall back to sleep and have a fever dream and start screaming Trent's name out loud
EDI runs into my cabin. "Captain! Lilly is distressed and needs you!"

I nod and run to your room. "Lilly!"
I start blushing brightly in both real life and my dream as i see you my dream becomes happier
I bring a chair over and sit close to you. "I'll be here for you.....always."
I hear Trent say "i'll be here for you....always." in my dreams and real life causing me to blush brighter
I see the blush and chuckle.
My fever worsens
"Oh my it seems as though Misses fever has worsened,"E.D said
"Get Medical down here now!"
"I would not recommend doing so as it appears that she has contracted some type of virus that affects nearly all mortals you seem to have some natural immunity to it though,"E.D explained
"How do we cure this?!" I demand.
"We need a lavurite essence, created from crushing a lavurite flower which is found on a red crystal planet,"E.D said
"Set course for a planet like that immediately!"
"Your ship could not survival a landing on such a planet sir,"E.D
"What other option do we have!?!"
"Contact Ashley, Lilly's sister she has a ship that could land there and she also has a suit made to allow a person to withstand the intense gravity on a red crystal plant
"Hail Ashley immediately."
"Yes of course sir,"E.D said contacting Ashley
I pray that she picks up
"Yes this is Ashley. What do you want?"Ashley asked
"I need your help. Your sister is sick with a virus and we need to be able to land on a red crystal planet to synthesize a cure." I say quickly.
"Alright come to Pluto I'll meet you there as it's the closest to such a planet"Ash said before cutting off the call
"EDI. Set a course for Pluto!"

"Yes sir....."
~45 minutes later~

E.D.I walks into Lilly's room. "ED......we're here."

Trent walks in behind EDI. "We also arrived at Pluto."
"So you actually came" Ashley said over the radio
I reply. "Of course I came.......I care about Lilly."
"So I see she's got a new toy to play with" Ashley said as if she's heard that line a million times before
I sigh to myself. "Can you help us or not?"
"Sure I can what do you need from a planet like that though?" Ashley asked
"ED says that he needs some lavurite essence from a flower on the planet and create a cure for your sister's virus."
"Hmm I could do that but I need more info" Ashley said
"She has a high fever, she's been unconscious for almost an hour, and for some reason nobody can get close except for me."
"Man she's gotten herself into big trouble this time and you gotta take my ship to save her as your the one she's on love with" Ashley told Trent
I blush and shake my head. "I'll save her.....but she's not in love with me." I walk out of the room to get a shuttle.
"You idiot virus only allows her true love to get close to her" Ashley mumbled
I didn't hear her.

EDI speaks up. "Would you like me to repeat that to him?"
"Yes please E.D" Ashley said
EDI goes after me. "Sir! Message from Ashley before you go!"

She plays the recording. "You idiot virus only allows her true love to get close to her"

I blush darkly.
I take the shuttle and fly to Ashley's ship.
~15 minutes later~

EDI scans the shuttle approaching the ship. "The Captain is returning."
"So he made it back alive huh?" Ashley said
"Yes. He did."

I run into the room with the flower in a protective case. "I got it!"
"Well luckily you got the right one" Ashley said smugly
EDI nods.

I sigh. "Can we please just make the cure?"
"Cure 75% complete," E.D said giving a spark of life in the captain's eyes. "Error:660665: Not enough ingredients to complete cure...ingredients required, Silk mushroom and Eion crystals,"
"EDI, cargo hold!" Trent says quickly

EDI runs to the cargo hold to get both.

Trent looks at Lilly. "Lilly.......if we get through this I will admit everything I feel...."
"So lover boy what are you going to do when she awakens?" Ashley asked cautious as to how a captain and a mercenary fell in love. She sits next to her sister and looked at Trent's tired eyes.
"You go take rest...you look a complete mess. Lilly would never love you looking like—that!" Ashley said pointing at Trent in his tired messy state.
He was about to object, but he just yawns and nods. "Fine, fine.................but I'd like to be awaken when she wakes." Trent requests
Many hours later

"Captain, Lilly is stirring from her dream state," E.D said putting that audio on loop through the speakers next to Trent's bed
After that loop played about 3 times before Trent finally woke. "I'm up! I'm up!"
"Took you long enough Cap," Ashley said leaning against the wall in front of his bed.

"She's just about to wake up so you have, maybe 5 minutes, to get down there," Ashley said with E.D giving an affirmative beep to what Ashley said.
Trent ignores the fact that she was just waiting there and runs for Lilly's room
"w-where am...I?" Lilly asked E.D her voice weak and harsh.

"You have been in a state of limbo for roughly 122 hours, Lilly," E.D responded in his usual way
Trent ran into the room, gasping for breath
"Who are you? where am I? and what is E.D talking about?" Lilly asked confused as to what has happened.
"Lilly......I am Captain Trent of the Aeschylus. Roughly 150 hours ago, you saved my life from pirates. After accepting the role of Chief of Security on my ship, I got an invite to a dance on Earth. Soon after you were ready to go, you collapsed into my arms."
"You must be mistaken Trea-Trent...I would never accept to go to a dance,"
"Even ask ED. You were in your pink dress and everything."
"I'm sorry but you must be thinking of someone else. I never wear dresses, especially not a pink one. besides, I would never go out with someone like you,"
Trent looked heart-broken. "O-of course.........." He walks out
"E.D, who was that?"
"Why ma'am.......that was Captain Trent.......don't you remember anything?"
"No, last thing I remember we got a distress call and we went to get it and...that's it,"
"Do you wish for me to restore your memory? There's more than you think."
"Restore my memory? You do realize how far we'll have to go to get to a memory bank, right?"
"Ma'am......there is one on this ship."
"What...so we must be on a...!"
"We are on a Class B Battleship"

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