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by Hamsa
Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Essay · Romance/Love · #2152924
Human beings go through experiences that affects their hearts.
[Introduction] I have always wondered about how much I do love the sea, a world within a world. When I was a teenager, I have always had a flaming desire to be a mermaid.

That girl that goes through all those depths, so I can feel those blue waves hitting my body, and see those sunk ships, and wonder how they were like when their woods were bright have that paint smell, and look super shiny browny.

But then as I am growing older, I could find myself staring at something different..

"Sea shells" on the beach..

You know those little creatures on the beach. Some of them is colourful but empty, Some of them is so closed off, and you'll never know what it contains.

I stare at them, Because I know that us, Human beings, are like Sea Shells too. Some of us, Have those bright colours, but when you get closer,grab it and look inside, thinking you'll find a pearl. You'd be so disappointed of how fake attractivity these colours reflect.

Some of us has contained that pearl, A long time ago, but it was taken, and lost forever and its ability to make another pearl was destroyed forever.

I could find myself in that shell, That is so afraid to open up even for a second, for I know how long would it take me, to make a pearl, to be stolen. I could find myself in that shell that is so afraid to be grabbed for a bright colour, and only for a bright colour.

People are like shells, Their hearts are like pearls in that shell, Some are empty, all they want is attention for their bright colours. Some were so destroyed that they'll never carry any pearls, They are dead inside.

And some are shut down, Trying to keep their heart away, That they could never know if they can ever love anyone, They don't trust anyone to give them their heart, Their pearl. For that they know how painful it feels when someone takes all of their feelings, That pearl, and play with it, Maybe lose it, or dosen't give a damn about it despite how precious it could be.

Which sea shell are you?

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/2152924-The-sea-shell