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This campfire is about TV Shows and movies . Carol and I will be doing this campfire.
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Welcome to the TV Shows and Movies Campfire. My friend ♄HOOves♄ and myself are the only ones doing the Campfire at this time. Carol and I have been friends for years and I have been part of her Campfire activities. She is a member of my Jane Austen Group, Prince Group and we have been supportive of each other's writing. Carol is one of the first friends I had here. We do music campfires together and we both love movies and TV Shows so we thought why not? We are doing this Campfire. I hope you will read this and enjoy the shows and movies we write about. Do you remember Dark Shadows, the original series, Batman, Green Acres, Bewitched? These shows were priceless and entertaining.

I am retired and I have a lot of time to watch TV Shows and movies. My friend Carol and I want to share what we love about TV and movies. We are excited to do this. We hope you will email us your comments on this. Grab some Pop Corn and join us! Turn the TV on and let the show begin!

Read the poem below refresh your mind about 60's shows. These are some of the shows I will be writing about. Thank you for stopping by.

TV Shows of The 60's  (E)
A poem about TV shows of the 60's.
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Who doesn't love Barnabas?

Photograph of Audrey when she was in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I love TV Shows but my favorite show of all time is the original "Dark Shadows." It was in a Maine and the Collins Family lived in a big, gothic mansion complete with ghosts. I loved Barnabas the vampire and I didn't know what vampires and werewolves were until I watched "Dark Shadows." The witch Angelique was beautiful and I just loved her. She was bad and I found her and Barnabas entertaining. The first episodes were in black and white and then they were in color.

This show was spooky and sex wasn't part of the show. It focused on the supernatural. I wanted to live I Maine in a mansion and I wanted to be rich and be mysterious. Junior High Math Class and Gym Class were rough but I knew I got to see "Dark Shadows" when I got home. This is how I got through Junior High. Johnny Depp said he did, too and guess what? He played Barnabas in the "Dark Shadows" Movie in 2012. I like this movie and Dark Shadows Resurrected" but I love the original series best. It is hard to choose who was the better vampire, Johnathan Frid or Johnny Depp? I love Barnabas. It is hard to choose.

Carolyn Stoddard was unhappy being a spoiled rich girl and couldn't find the right boyfriend. Victoria Winters appeared at the door in the first episode and was hired as a governess and this started the show. They went back to the past. I was intrigued with that and they had paraell time, the Mistress Elizabeth Stoddard who hadn't left the mansion in 18 years. A handsome ghost named Quentin who was in later episodes as a werewolf and finally a human. I enjoyed watching the supernatural and all the characters. There was Widows Hill where women jumped to their death. They showed the ocean and did I forget to say that they had Frankenstein's monster? He was handsome. This show had good music and who can forget Quentin's Theme?

I have 2 scrapbooks of Dark Shadows, personal autographed pictures to me from Lara Parker . I wrote to her and she sent them to me. I got e-mails from Denise Nickerson {she played Amy} from the show. I have good memories from the show and I have all the episodes on DVD. I watched all of them in 2 years and hope to watch them again. These are my memories of this great show.

I guess I could go on and on but I think you got why I love "Dark Shadows! "
That was a great show. I used to watch it some in the afternoon at a friend's house when I was a kid. I think it came on at 4 in the afternoon. Jonathan Frid was very scary, but appealing too.

If I had to say my favorite show ever, it is a hard choice. On different days, I might say a different show.

But right now I would say it is Gilmore Girls, which is a comedy.

This is the story of Lorelai Gilmore who had a baby when she was 16. Her parents were rich and very disapproving so she went and raised her daughter on her own. She moved to a town called Stars Hollow in Connecticut. The show starts when her daughter, Rory, is 16. Rory is very smart and wants to go to Harvard.

The town is full of funny characters. One of them is Luke, who runs a diner. He is the soulmate for Lorelai, but it takes her a long time to get to that realization. Luke is very very attractive and funny.

Lorelai's rich parents are back in the picture as she asks them to pay for private school for Rory so she can eventually go to Harvard. The rich parents are played by Edward Herrmann and Kelly Bishop. They are hilarious. They end up tricking Rory into going to Yale, but she is okay with that. In return for paying for school Rory's grandparents demand that Lorelai and Rory come to Friday Night Dinner.

The show was on from 2000 to 2007. Then, it was so popular with Netflix viewers that they did some more shows in 2016 on Netflix. Most of the cast returned, except of Edward Herrmann, who had passed away. The cast had a lot of people known and who became famous later like Melissa McCarthy, Sally Struthers, Liz Torres, Milo Vetimigilia, Jared Padelecki and Alexis Bledel as Rory.

Whenever I want to watch something and say Mr. HOOves is asleep, I put on Gilmore and it puts me in a good mood.

I have other favorites, but that is the one I watch when I want to feel good and laugh.

I watched a few episodes of "Gilmore Girls" but I didn't know what it was all about. Thanks for sharing.

I love "Green Acres." A lawyer trying to be a farmer and his elite, beautiful wife trying to be a farmer's wife. All that fancy furniture in a dumpy, dysfunctional house? Eb, the hired hand. These characters were so backwards. I loved Fred and Doris Ziffel and their pet pig Arnold. I live in a small farm town and my husband and I own a farm but we have someone else farm it. I am like Lisa. Some people in this town remind me of the show's characters. I worked at a County Home called The Shady Rest. We have a nice house. I couldn't live like Lisa and I do know how to cook. I love clothes like she does. Oliver reminds me of my husband. A great guy but a little crabby at times. Guess I am, too. Lisa loves the city but I like the city long enough to shop. We used to have a Drug Store up town. I do enjoy living in the country. I am like Lisa wanting to protect the animals. Mr. Haney always trying to sell junk. We had a friend like that but he gave me stuff instead of conning us into buying it. Our Farm is called "Green Acres." This is why I relate!

"Petticoat Junction" was a spin off show of "Green Acres." I liked Bobbie Jo the most. The mother Kate who ran Shady Rest was nice and Uncle Joe reminded me of one of my uncles. The gossip trouble maker Thelma Plot, well we have trouble makers in this town where I lived. These two comedy shows were down to earth and silly but they weren't nasty. They made me think of where I live and I smile though I wished I lived in another state at times but I am home at Green Acres!
I loved Green Acres! My Dad and I used to watch it. My favorite was, of course, Arnold. Remember when Arnold used to be stretched out in the Douglas's living room watching TV and how Oliver couldn't watch it because Arnold had his favorite show? *Laugh* My mother, who grew up on a farm, never wanted to watch anything remotely connected to farming.

I loved the way that they all would talk so seriously to Arnold, especially Lisa in her Gabor accent. Oliver never brought into Arnold's world, really, did he? Eb was hilarious as he would try and give Oliver a clue.

I had forgotten they were a spin off. Did either or both show have anything to do with The Beverly Hillbillies? For some reason, I thought that Petticoat Junction was connected to that one because it seems like they visited one time. It is all fuzzy to me.

Those shows were so funny and there were lots of game shows on then. When I was sick and home from school I would watch reruns and all the game shows. I loved The Match Game because celebrities would always come on.

Of course, I watched Young and Restless, and a bunch of other soaps like General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and All My Children and One Life to Live.

My favorite soap story was Luke and Laura on General Hospital and Marlena and Roman on Days.

I was trying to think of my favorite show at night - sitcom. That Girl, Patty Duke Show and Gidget were all favorites of mine, but I can't remember if I watched them at night or reruns in the day. We had no VCRs until the 80s, I don't think.

Marlo Thomas in That Girl and her boyfriend Donald. I didn't like the guy who played her Dad, but that was a great show.


Oliver was mean to Arnold. I was amazed at how they got the pig to do the things he did and act human. "The Beverly Hillbillies" were first then "Petticoat Junction" and "Green Acres." My father thought Elly was pretty and Granny reminded me of my Great Grandma. Jethro was cute but not too bright and Mr. Drysdale was a pain.

I liked Patty Duke. She was pretty and I liked her father. Same was Gidget. I wanted her father for my Dad. Her sister was a pain.

I enjoyed watching "Batman." He had no powers and he was human but he had all kind of neat gadgets to fight crime with. The villians all had costumes and names like The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, King Tut, Book Worm and they all tried to kill Batman and Robin at the end of every episode. I didn't get it. Batman and Robin always got out of tight situations. I loved their car and wish I had one to drive. Catwoman and the Joker were my favorites. Catwoman loved Batman and he loved her but he couldn't set her free. I kept hoping she would change and they would get married. I liked the theme song. I liked Batgirl but she was only in it the last year. Like no one could figure how that Batman and Robin were really Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson? It was a fun show and Batman is still a favorite hero with me.

I get to see the old shows on Antenna TV and Me TV. I do love the old shows. I will probably say it a million times.
Batman was awesome. I loved The Penguin and The Riddler. The Joker - wasn't that Caesar Romero? He sort of scared me more than the others. I am not sure why that was. I liked it when they had Lesley Gore as Catwoman's Hench-kittie. I remember hearing that Julie Newmar was 6 ft tall. Well, Adam West was really tall too so that worked.

I used to watch reruns of a show that my brother loved. It was Dobie Gillis and it had Bob Denver (who later played Gilligan) as Maynard G. Krebs. Warren Beatty and Tuesday Weld were on that show before they were big stars. Maynard was my favorite. I thought that show was hilarious all the way through, but I saw it way after it originally aired in reruns. I think it was called The Loves of Dobie Gillis or The Adventures of Dobie Gillis. He was this rock and roll high school guy who had a beatnik for a best friend. He lived with his grouchy father who never understood rock and roll or his son. Warren Beatty was the rich guy who always got the girl. Dobie was more of a nerd, thinker. It was a strange show, but I enjoyed it.

We might get that Me Too, but Mr. HOOves does not share my love of really old shows. I have DVDs of some of them, but not Dobie Gillis so I haven't seen that one in a long time.

I remember Dobie Gillis. I loved Bob Denver but I really liked him in "Gilligan's Island." Gilligan was kind hearted but always messed things up every time the castaways almost got off the island. I can't believe that all the visitors to the island didn't tell someone and come and rescue them. Surely, people weren't that mean. The Professor was so smart that I would want him with me if I was stuck on a deserted island. The Howells seem to adjust being stranded and Ginger was a flirt. Mary Ann was so sweet. The Skipper was so neat. In real life, he rescued me when my mother took me to Tucson, Arizona to see Peter Brown and some other stars and I wandered away from my mother and the skipper {Alan Hale, JR} picked me up and too me back to my mother. He was a hero to me but I don't remember this. I was only 4 years old.

I like the episode where Gilligan thought he was going into a vampire. The one with the mad scientist trying to convert human personalities with animals. There was one with a jungle boy on the island and another with a lion. Another one with a robot and one where a meteror landed on the island. I loved the one with The Mosquitos Rock Band and the women were the Honey Bees. That was a good episode. Remember when Gilligan and the Skipper went bald? The one that had a Beauty Pageant and Gilligan chose Gladys the ape to win. The one with a giant spider and another about prehistoric times. The one where Gilligan's tooth was turned into a radio due to a blow to the jaw. These episodes were entertaining. I have all of Gilligan on tape and still enjoy watching them.

You mentioned watching soaps. I love "The Young and the Restless." Victor Newman will never change and his family and everyone should tread lightly around him and so should Jack. They still duke it out but how many times has Jack saved Victor was someone was trying to kill him? Now, Victoria's ex-husband tried to strangle her, they make him and he asked her to marry him. No way! Nikki is having an affair with a contractor? When Victor finds out, look out. I have watched this show for years and I liked Jill and Katherine and the Brooks Family. I love all the things that happen on this show. I always loved soap operas. I enjoyed Peyton Place and I was just learning about life and relationships. Every town is a Peyton Place and has secrets. That is life! Y&R is 45 years old and the show has changed and so has my life over the years. We all change with the times.
I am so glad that Alan Hale, Jr. helped you. He looked just like his father. His father was a character actor and he was in a whole lot of classic films. I will write more about classic movies I love later. He seemed like a good humored sort and it is good to know that his son was so kind. He and Bob Denver really acted well together. I have not seen that one in a long time.

I started watching Y & R because someone else I hung around with watched it so not from the beginning. I remember the first Jack, though. I never really liked the newer Jack because he was on All My Children First and I didn't like him there. I read a book that Jeanne Cooper wrote about the show. Did you know that the current Jack and the actor who plays Victor had a physical fight on the set? I didn't know that until I read her book. She seemed to like the first Jack better, although she didn't come out and say so. He was played by an actor named Terry something.

If I had to say favorites on that show I think mine were Esther, the maid, and Mrs. C.

Victor. I never could get the attraction there. He and Nicky. Well, I got him and Ashley more than him and Nicky.

Well, classic TV Shows.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Andy Griffith show. I live not too far (as the crow flies) from Mr. Airy, North Carolina, which is where Mr. Griffith grew up. The town in the show is based on Mt. Airy. So, Mt. Airy is Mayberry. They have Mayberry Days and Mayberry Festivals every Fall. There is an Andy Griffith playhouse and people walk around town dressed as the characters. There is a guy who immitates Barney Fife. They used to have free music at the Mt. Airy Downtown Cinema Theatre every weekend. That Barney Fife guy was there and people were all over the place playing music, banjo and otherwise. Old people dance with fancy dress on the floor of the theatre during the music, I had never seen anything like it.

I LOVED it the way it was. But things changed and someone bought the theatre and started charging admission. All things change and people get greedy, I guess.

There is the Snappy Lunch place where you could get a Pork Chop Sandwich. I usually got breakfast and I'm talking a big breakfast for about 3$ there.

Some of it has changed, but some has not. My favorite character from the show was Ernest T. Bass. So, I got an Ernest T. Bass shirt. Ernest T. was a troublemaker who liked to throw bricks through windows. I absolutely LOVE him.

My car has "Mr. Airy" on the front license plate. This place is magical. It takes about an hour and a half to get there. We haven't been in years, since Mr. HOOves was recovering from his surgeries.

That is a whole town dedicated to keeping the memory of a TV show alive. If you enjoy the show, you would LOVE the town. They have a sheriffs car just like the one in the show and hundreds of thousands of people go there a year.

We know someone who knows all the dialogue from every Andy Griffith show by heart. Andy Griffith passed away, but he never forgot about his home town. The last surviving ones like Thelma Lou come back there periodically for Mayberry Days.

Well, it's magic. *Heart*

I liked Andy Griffith when he played in "Matlock." He was a lawyer in this show. I liked when Stephen Nichols played a biker and rode his motorcycle into the court room.

I probably know all the dialogue from "Gilligan's Island" and "Newhart." I love Newhart. Larry, Darrell, Darrell were so funny and lived off the land and were country folks. They were nice to everyone. I liked Stephanie and her father. I liked that comedy was in Vermont and took place at an Inn. They had a ghost story episode, alien episode and I loved George the handyman and Dick and Joanna who owned the inn. This show was entertaining and makes me feel good when I am down. Stephanie was sick in one episode and Larry and the Darrells did a puppet show to cheer her up. I could hang out with Larry and his brothers. I liked Stephanie's stuffed animals and dolls she had at her father's house. I have a collection like that. I am spoiled like Stephanie but I am nicer to people then she is. I would like to live at the Stratford Inn. I could work for Dick and Joanne and go fishing with George. Stephanie's boyfriend Michael. She need a better boyfriend! He was too silly, whimpy and a jerk at times. The music at the beginning and scenery at the beginning is beautiful.

I get up and watch "Heartland" everyday on DVD. I love this show. This show is about a young girl Amy who is a horse whisperer and trainer. She lives with her grandfather Jack Bartlett and sister Lou. Her father Tim comes visit and he and Jack don't get along and sometimes they fight. A young man named Ty is Amy's boyfriend who came from a broken home and Jack took him in. He loves animals and he beat up a guy for abusing horses. He loves Amy and became a Vet and he married Amy. A young girl named Georgie was adopted by Lou and her husband Peter and Georgie loves horses and she is a Trick Rider and works at an animal resort. Jack holds the family together. There are animal stories and horse stories and Amy always rescues horses with the help of Ty and her grandfather. I love the horses and animals on the show. I enjoy the music and story lines. This show is in Canada and the mountains, lakes and woods are beautiful. I want to live there and work with horses. I have learned a lot about horses. This show is just great and a good family show.

I guess I have wrote enough. Thank goodness for DVDS.
Heartland is on Netflix. I will definitely check it out. I think Mr. HOOves has watched it on and off and some of the time I watched it with him.

The main things we are watching now are the Jesse Stone mysteries on DVD and The Mentalist, also on DVD. We get them free at the library. The library is very close, like maybe a mile and a half away or something like that.

I love this other show called Brokenwood Mysteries that comes from New Zealand. They have made 4 seasons - the 4th one comes out on Tuesday next week on DVD. I just love the characters in that show.

Looking back on shows, I loved both the Newhart ones and never missed them when they were on. Same with Mary Tyler Moore and All in the Family.

Around 2004, there was this live special on Lifetime Channel. They selected a family from the military to represent women serving in the military. My niece Tracy was who they selected as she was stationed in Crete or Kyrghastan then. So, they had her daughter read a letter she wrote to Tracy on the special and had Tracy on via satellite live. The hostess was Naomi Judd, but Mary Tyler Moore was on there too when they introduced Tracy and her daughter and her husband (at that time). So, my niece talked a little to Mary Tyler Moore and Mary Tyler Moore thanked her for her service. It was something my mom got to see as she was still alive. I taped it and then put it on DVD later. Well, later, Tracy passed away in 2011. I have not been able to look at it, but I still have it on the DVD. Some day I will look at it, but so far I know to see her alive would be hard.

Well, back to shows.

I enjoy I Love Lucy, too, that I know through reruns. Seinfeld was a big favorite.

MASH was too.

Then there is Frasier. I love that show because of the romance between Niles and Daphne. When I watch that show on Netflix I always laugh. I like to watch shows now that make me laugh like Gilmore Girls. So, we can watch these intense mysteries, but at the end of the day I like Gilmore to make me laugh so I don't have nightmares.

I like Frasier and Mary Tyler Moore. That is nice your niece got to meet her. I hope you will be able to watch the video of her again.

I loved watching "Downton Abbey." I want that mansion. I would like Carter for a butler and I hope I wouldn't be as snotty as Mary. She was my favorite. This show is like something Jane Austen might have wrote. I think of Jane when I watch this. I was sad when Matthew was killed. I didn't like the race car driver Mary married. I am glad Edith got her little girl back and married a nice man. I loved this show. It is how the other half live. Maggie Smith reminded me of my grandmother. My mother liked Cora best.

I enjoy watching "I Love Lucy." Who else would hide cheese in instruments? Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel took a trip and drove to California and stopped at that restaurant/hotel. They stayed in that room and every time the train went by, their beds moved past each other? This was funny. Lucy thought she was going to be in an Italian movie and was stumping grapes and got in a fight with the Italian woman pushing each other down. The one where Lucy kept pulling the emergency rope and food spilled on Ethel and Fred. I liked that one, too. I liked when Lucy and Ricky got a house in Conneticut but it didn't last long after that. Lucy was one of the best comedy shows.

This is my TV memories for the day. Have a good weekend.
Downton Abbey is a favorite. We have watched the first three seasons many times. When we started to use the subtitles option, we enjoyed it even more because then we could understand the dialogue better.

I love all the characters. I felt like the 2nd season was pretty much the best. Once Matthew was gone, it changed. I think they should have given the actor what ever he wanted to stay. Killing off Matthew like that didn't make sense, it was too hard. It was too much like real life, actually. Sybil was my favorite of the upstairs women and Mrs. Patmore of the downstairs crew.

So, I would have ended it after the third season, but ended it with George being born so there was an heir.

I didn't like what they did with Anna and that Mr. Green guy. Bates, who was the character that interested me so much the first time I watched the show, suffered too much. How did he ever marry that awful Vera?

Otherwise, I felt that Mary and Henry had no chemistry. They were more like brother and sister - she had much more chemistry with Charles Blake. And I absolutely loved the idea of Evelyn Napier and Rose, but no one ever went there. Atticus was too quickly resolved.

Still, in the end, looking back my favorite character had to be Matthew. Moseley is my favorite of the servants. I was glad that things turned around for him in the end. I loved Moseley and Mr. Mason, Williams father. The actor who played Moseley plays a lot of villains in murder mysteries that are British and he was in the latest season of Doc Martin, doing comedy. There is something about that guy that makes me laugh and then feel guilty about it.

Matthew was my favorite as well. I didn't like Henry. I agree. I wish they would have consulted me about writing this. Yeah right. I enjoyed the show. I was upset when they had the dog died. The name Isis was a problem? Get real. The show went off the air the following year. I hope if they have a "Downton Abbey" reunion movie, it will be a good one.

I liked "The Partridge Family". I didn't like Danny but I adored Keith and was so sorry when he died recently. He {David Cassidy} was a teen idol and I had a crush on him in high school. I always enjoyed the singing. Laurie was nice to all the guys and didn't turn anyone down for a date. I always wanted to be like her. Being in high school at the time of this show, helped me get through high school. Shirley was a great mother figure. It was a cute, nice show and the kids were well behaved. Not like in today's comedy shows. They are always misbehaving. Life was different back then. No school shootings. I hope school will be safe again.

I am not feeling my best so I will be home all day trying to do chores.

I hope that you get some rest and feel better!

Another show that I loved was Happy Days. I think it was Ron Howard that I liked the best because he was also Opie on Andy Griffith. There were some good spinoff shows like Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley. I always enjoyed those shows that were produced by Garry Marshall. He was in Never Been Kissed, which is the movie that got me to write Fan Fiction.

I like a lot of movies, too. Especially really old comedies from the 30s and 40s.

Lately, I am reading a book about 1939 that goes through the movies produced day by day. I am trying to see all the ones this book says are good. So far they have been right about what they say. 1939 was right before WW II so a lot was going on. The book goes through what was happening with Hitler invading places that year, too and what was going on in the World while all the great movies were being filmed in Hollywood.

My favorite actress ever was Jean Harlow. She died in the mid 1930s and didn't live to see the war happen. She was only 26 or 27 when she died. My favorite movie of hers was Dinner at Eight. She's hilarious in that movie.

Get some nice rest and don't try to do too much when you don't feel well! *Heartp*
I have been watching "Laverne and Shirley" all weekend. They are having a Marathon. I liked "Happy Days." Ritchie Cunningham was a guy I could go for. Laverne and Shirley were so funny.

I enjoy watching "Sabrina, The Teen-Aged Witch". I liked her boyfriend Harvey and I didn't like the later episodes of her in college. I loved the black cat Salem. There was one episode where she, Harvey and Valerie sang Blondie's song: "One Way Or Another."" I am gonna get you one way or another." The Back Street Boys were in this episode and they were so neat. Sabrina almost married this other guy but Harvey came back on his motorcycle and she really wanted him instead and ran off with him. I liked Robbie Benson playing her father. The aunts were funny and I liked when visitors from the other Realm came through the linen closet and the magic Sabrina did. This was a fun show and cute.

Mom liked Jean Harlow. I watched "An Affair To Remember" with Cary Grant and Debra Paget. The woman promised to meet him at the empire state building in 6 months and she was hit by a car. The man didn't know why she stood him up and he finds out she is in a wheel chair and is paralyzed at the end of the movie. I love this movie. Talk about a tear jerker.

I made it through the day. Have a good week.
Take it easy. *Heartp*

I had a scare this morning with my eyes. Now, it seems to be a bit better.

Lately we have been watching Doc Martin on Netflix streaming for the first 6 seasons and Netflix Disk for the last two seasons. I love that show. Watching it with subtitles on really helps me to understand what they are saying. Love the scenery and the grouchy doctor.

The movies from 1939 include Gone With The Wind, Wizard of Oz and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. There were a lot more great movies that came out that year, also, like Wuthering Heights and on and on.

I think if I had to pick my favorite movie ever I would have a hard time. It's really one not many people have heard of - Simon Burch is the name of it.

But then as far as classic films go you have The Godfather. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Sound of Music. Casablanca.

If I had to say my favorite Romance films, they would be While You Were Sleeping and also You've Got Mail.

I never get tired of watching those movies. What are some of your favorites?

I have so many favorite movies. I love the "Twilight" Saga. I have collected so much items from these movies. I have a autographed cast poster that came with the "Twilight" Saga book. I love "Titanic." I have watched it 110 times. I always wished that I could have ben alive back then to help those people.

I love: "The Wizard Of Oz", "Gone With The Wind", "Breakfast At Tiffany's", "Pretty IN Pink", "The Uptown Girls", "Breakfast At Tiffany's", "My Fair Lady", "Pirates Of The Caribbean", "Alice In Wonderland", "Star Wars" Saga, "Steel Magnolias", "Chocolat", "Bonnie and Clyde", "Road House', "Dirty Dancing", "The Way We Were", "Funny Girl", "Night Of Dark Shadows", "Dark Shadows" movie 2012, "Passengers", "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2", "Jupiter Ascending", "Bennie and June", "Bringing Up Baby", "Northwest Passage", "Topper Returns", "The Great and Powerful Oz", "The Son-in_Law," "Austenland", "Lost In Austen" and "Being Jane". These movies I can watch over and over. There are other movies but these are the ones I watch a lot.

I enjoy "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family". The Munsters looked supernatural and had the spooky gothic mansion and The Addams Family had a fancy house but they were strange but both families were loveable. They didn't know they were strange. Why didn't Herman, Lily and Grandpa realize that they didn't look normal and Marilyn looked like a normal human person? Lurch was so serious but nice. These shows were classic.

I am better today. Hope your eyes are alright. Have a good day.
I did love The Addams Family and, of course, The Munsters. I used to know someone who looked exactly like the grandpa of the Munsters. Their theme music was so cool. Yvonee DeCarlo was an old time film star. She was in a movie with Clark Gable, a western. I can't remember the name of it.

I think with The Addams Family, I ended up being partial to the movies because they expanded Thing's role. Thing is the part I was born to play so I was happy to be Thing in the site Masquerade event.

I loved Raul Julia as Gomez in the movie, although John Astin was good, too. in the TV Show. When I saw Carolyn Jones in an Elvis movie, it sort of ruined my impression of her so I prefer Anjelica Huston as Morticia.

Uncle Fester from the TV show was wicket, wasn't he? I liked him better than the movie guy.

Did you know that Lurch also played Thing?

I loved both those shows so much and my Dad would tell me I was weird but I still loved them.


I know Lurch's hand was thing. I love "The Addams Family" Movies but I like the original the best. Yvonne Decarlo was beautiful. My mother didn't like "The Munsters" or "The Addams Family" but I loved them. Reminded me of "Dark Shadows" a lot but no one got hurt.

I like to watch "That 70's Show". Reminds me of when I was younger and I dated guys like Eric, Kelso, Hyde and Fez. In some ways. I was like Jackie. My father was like Red Foreman. Kitty was a great mom.

I like the movie "Pretty Woman" with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. It is a good romance story. All women love Richard Gere. I like "Officer and a Gentleman" better. Maybe it's because Dad was I the military. I used to live I Washington State and that's where this movie is filmed. I enjoy the romance. You know how I like romance.

These are my TV and movie memories for the day.
Richard Gere. I like him now. At first I didn't, but Pretty Woman changed that because to me Julia Roberts humanized him.

I liked the movie, An Officer and a Gentleman, but I had a hard time believing that Richard Gere's character could love anything but what he saw in the mirror.

I had the same problem with Brad Pitt, until I saw Meet Joe Black. Then, I knew that he had greatness in there, but he needed to get over being in love with himself. I've seen hints of great performances from both Pitt and Gere over the years. I like Gere when he plays a flawed older character now.

Did you ever see Never Been Kissed? I loved Michael Vartan in that because I could totally believe his character fell in love with Drew Barrymore's character. For me the guy needs to be more than just good looking. I have to believe that he can love someone else.

I have the same problem to a lesser extent with George Clooney.

I loved Bill Pullman in While You Were Sleeping and Tom Hanks in just about everything because I can be leave those guys have romance in them.


I agree Bill Pullman and Tom Hanks aren't romantic. George Clooney doesn't do it for me. Johnny Depp is my crush. I never saw Never Been Kissed. I don't like Brad Pitt. I used to love Leo DiCaprio but he just loves himself and I no longer watch his movies except "Titanic" and "Man In The Iron Mask." These are his best movies before he got so full of himself. Sad. Just give me Johnny Depp. I will be happy.

Did you ever see "Lucas" with Corey Haim? He was cute and this was a good movie. Lucas was a nerd but sweet kid. He got hurt playing football and all the kids loved him in the end. Heart touching movie.

I like While You Were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle. These are cute movies. I also liked "Forrest Gump." I haven't seen these movies in awhile.

This is my speech.
I never saw Lucas. I will keep and eye out for it. Have you ever seen the movie called Simon Burch? It is a movie based on John Irving's book, A Prayer for Owen Meany. I love what it says about people who care for others. Oliver Platt plays my favorite character in it. It has Ashley Judd and some kid actors who are very good. Very heartwarming film.

It is my favorite movie that I ever saw.

In that book I am reading about 1939 they recommended a movie called "Idiot's Delight". I got it used and watched it yesterday. It was made the same year as Gone With the Wind and stars Clark Gable. He is great in it, but there is an actress named Norma Shearer and she was a big star because she was married to Irving Thalberg who was very powerful. Well, they threw awards at Norma Shearer because of who she was married to because she isn't a great actress as far as I can tell. She was awful in this movie. However, Clark Gable dances and sings in it, to a song called "Puttin' on the Ritz". That is the only reason to watch it.

It was an antiwar film against going to war against Hitler. The play this is based on won the Pulitzer Prize because it was politically correct in those days with Hollywood not wanting to upset Hitler and his money men. Very corrupt system. Well, the movie isn't that great and it is a dumb story that proved to be idiotic once all Hitler's evil came to light later on. Hollywood was wrong in their thinking.

But who knew Clark Gable could dance like that? I was amazed and so was Mr. HOOves. Mr. Gable was quite the hoofer.


I never saw Clark Gable dance in a movie. That would be cool. I never saw "Simon Burch." If I get a chance, I will.

I always liked "The Big Valley." I liked that they had women leads and I liked the men and the western scene. I always wanted to be like Linda Evans. I liked "The Rebel" with Nick Adams. He was handsome. I enjoyed "The Young Riders" and I liked Ty Miller, Josh Brolin and Barry Rainwater who was a Native American. I like the story lines. I used to like "The Virginian" and I wrote to James Drury and he sent me an autographed picture of himself. I also loved "The High Chaparral" and I wrote to Linda Cristal and she sent me an autographed postcard of herself and an autographed picture of all the characters. I love collecting this stuff. As you guessed, I liked westerns from years ago. I can't stand those crime shows. Too close to real life.

That's all my TV memories for today.
The Big Valley was a fine show with Barbara Stanwyck and Linda Evans. I think Lee Majors was in it, too. Westerns like Bonanza and Wagon Train were good shows. I would watch Gunsmoke with my Dad sometimes.

High Chaparrel had that character named Manolito. I liked him a lot, but do not remember the actor's name there

Then there were dramas like The Mod Squad and Ironside. My Dad and I watched those shows, too. I also liked Perry Mason reruns and then that show The Bold Ones that was different things every week. I haven't thought about that in years.

Later came All in the Family and Maude.

Great shows, all. Well, I will think about some more shows for later.

I loved "The Mod Squad." There was a great police show. Old police shows I liked. I loved Julie's long hair hippie look. Pete and Linc were cool.

Henry Darrow played Manilito. I had crushes on Lee Majors and Mark Slade. "Bonanaza" didn't have a female lead. That's what I didn't like.

I liked "The Waltons." They were a close family and poor. I didn't have any brothers and sisters and I like watching shows that had a lot of kids. I loved "The Brady Bunch, too.

I liked the original "SWAT". I like Shemar Moore in the one they have now. I adored him on "The Young and the Restless."

These are my TV memories for today. Have a good one.
I didn't watch The Waltons much. However, years later I ended up commuting back and forth from a southern state to Maryland to help my Mom out after my Dad was gone. My brother and I took turns. So I drove through the Blue Ridge Mts of Virginia every other weekend. It was about 700 miles of driving (round trip) through all of Virginia on Rt. 29. Well, you go right past Walton's Mtn. There is a big sign.

When I stopped at an apple stand I learned that John Grisham lives around there and he funds some ball teams. It is really in the middle of nowhere and probably a great place to write - between Charlottesville and Lynchburg, Virginia somewhere in those Mtns.

If I won the lottery, I would get a place up in those hills for the Summer. It's a beautiful drive.

There should be a show about Virginia and that area. Well, there was and it was The Waltons.

There is a movie about the area called The Song Catchers. Lovely film about the origin of Blue Grass Music with Aidan Quinn.

Happy Easter Weekend! *Heartp*
I like the show: "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman". She was a doctor in the old west and adopted 3 children. She had a boyfriend named Sully and women doctors weren't always accepted in that time but she was a good doctor and it made for a good show.

I am going to watch "Jesus Christ Superstar" Sunday. Alice Cooper plays King Herod and I always liked the music, so this should be interesting. I always liked "The Robe", "The King Of Kings", "Benher" and "The Ten Commandments." These are good religious movies.

Maryland and Virginia are beautiful. I lived in Maryland and Washington, DC when I was a kid. Some good memories.

Happy Easter Weekend to you, too.
We have been watching a lot of Law and Order stuff lately. Tom always liked it, but I am getting used to it more.

We also watch this show from New Zealand called Brokenwood Mysteries. They are about an hour and a half each and have funny parts and are well written.

My Jane Austen at Home book came yesterday. It is used, but it doesn't look like it is. Just the very front bottom cover has a little wear on it is all.

I liked the Jesse Stone series with Tom Selleck and we enjoy watching Blue Bloods on Netflix, too.

I hope your Easter is a nice one! *Rabbit* *Eggb*

I think I am going to download the Jane Austen Book on my Nook. I am going to take time to read more.

Brokenwood Mysteries sound good.

I like watching "Murphy Brown." I wanted to be a journalist and I would want to be like her. Express my opinions, track down people for interviews, get the scoop and not back down. Nothing or no one scares her. I enjoy watching her and the things she does. I wish Alden was a friend of mine.

I never watched Jesse Stone. Sounds like it might be good.

Have a good Easter as well.
The Jane Austen Book (I've just read the Introduction, that's all) is from the point of view of someone who loves Jane and her work. I think that this is important that she comes at it with a positive attitude towards her subject. I have read biographies about people written by those who didn't like the author so to me when I love someone's work (like Jane's) it's important that it be from a positive perspective on her life.

Well, I've just read the Introduction.

Murphy Brown was a great show. That was an awesome cast that they had there.

Lucy Worsley is a historian and knows more about Jane then me. Imagine that! I do like and respect Lucy and she is right there in England to study Jane. On that note, I love watching "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth which is obvious. I like: "Becoming Jane", "Lost In Austenland" and "Austenland." If I I have mentioned this before, you know how much I love Jane.

I watched "Justice League" with Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman, Aquaman and I don't know the new character super hero. I love this movie and I adore Wonder Woman and I guess Ben Affleck isn't a bad Batman after all. I am a fan of the "Supergirl" series. I also like "Legends Of Tomorrow." I am waiting on my husband to order "The Last Jedi" for me as I love Luke Skywalker. I am a big fan of "Star Wars."

Raining today. I had no great plans. Later.

I am reading the Lucy Worsley book about one chapter a day if I can keep up with that. I am enjoying it because they are so far shot chapters. The thing about Lucy Worsley is that she really likes and admires Jane Austen. I bought a big Hemingway biography last summer where the author (Mary Dearborn) obviously disliked Hemingway to start out with. So, I ended up not liking that book but so far I love the Worsley one because you have opened my eyes about Jane Austen and I am no so interest in her life. You taught me a lot of her and her times she lived in. *Heartp* I have seen some of those great movies, too.

Plus, her work produced the Bridget Jones movies as that is a modern adaptation. I love Colin Firth when he plays Mark Darcy, also.

Super Hero Movies and TV. I loved Christopher Reeve as Superman. Michael Keaton was great as Batman. I loved the TV Batman and Robin so I have a hard time with the others, but I will give them a chance.

Ben Affleck. I don't really like him as an actor, but I do think he is a great Director. Argo was a great film. There is another movie he made about a missing child where he directed his brother. I didn't like him as the husband in Gone Girl.

I want to see that movie called 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. And maybe the movie about water that won the Oscar. Other than that new movies don't really thrill me.

I down loaded the Jane Austen Book "Jane Austen At Home" on my Nook. I will be reading it.

I like watching "I Love Lucy." I got a chance to watch her yesterday. I like watching "Mr. Belvedere". I wouldn't mind an English butler. He could clean my house for me today.

I love Christopher Reeves as Superman. He was handsome and perfect for the role.

I liked Bridget Jones Diary and I got to see Colin Firth again. I want to see him in "Mama Mia, Here We Go Again". I need to rearrange my Jane Austen/novel movies and out them in my DVD cabinet.

I am always thinking of you.
I Love Lucy is a classic. I love the ones where they went to Hollywood.

We watch the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. That is fun.

And, of course, I watch Gilmore Girls whenever I have the chance.

I wish I could get someone to magically clean my house. I started a little yesterday but today I lost my momentum. Well, little by little it will be cleaned before the The Book Sale at the end of the month when my company is coming.

I like English Shows. I like: "Keeping Up Appearances" and "Are You Being Served? " The English have a great sense of humor. I liked "Upstairs, Downstairs", both versions. I love "Poldark" which is like Jane Austen type show. I enjoy English TV Shows and movies.

You have company coming. That will be nice. I am trying to catch up on my reading.

I am going to watch "Gimme Me A Break." I liked Nell Carter. She was so funny. I also like to watch "Webster." He was so cute that I could have adopted him.

It is raining. Hope your day is going well.
My Dad loved Are You Being Served and something called something like "She Who Must Be Obeyed. I am thinking of getting Acorn through Amazon because that is a lot of British shows there. But then a lot are on Amazon already and Netflix. I am sort of on the fence about it so far.

We are watching Blue Bloods again. I love Tom Selleck in that and Donnie Wahlberg, too. The whole cast is great and the show has quite a bit of humor. We enjoy it and The Mentalist.

Boo had to go to the Vet yesterday. Her allergies made her very lethargic. The good news was that the Vet says that she is strong in her legs. She was acting like it was hard to walk, but the Vet thinks its itchiness making her lick her paws and then fatigue and having sore paws from the licking. She has a strong heart still and clear lungs.

So, we are giving her prednisone which worked when she was a pup. Prednisone and Benedryl for now. Already she seems perkier this morning. The next Vet step would be an x-ray of her belly, but she seems to be eating fine.

We are going to get a ramp for her to use to get into the car as it was hard for her yesterday and the Vet said it's a good idea at Boo's age (11 1/2)
Today we go and search for a nice ramp that is (hopefully) easy to use.

Yesterday was a hard day, but today is already better because Boo is back almost to herself in being perky and interested in things.

Hope Boo gets better. Predisone is a good med for humans and will do well for pets. My parents cat cut his leg and needed stitches and a cast on his leg. He got his stitches out and is doing good.

I watched "Butterfield Eight" with Elizabeth Taylor and I like this movie. So tragic that the main character Gloria was speeding trying to get away from her boyfriend and crashed her car down an embankment. I love her movie "Elephant Walk" where the elephants took back their route to the watering hole and destroyed the house and Liz's character was on the stairs and an elephant pushed the stairs with his trunk. A lot of action in this movie. I love elephants and I don't blame them. The house was built in the path of their watering hole trail. I always liked Liz in "Cleopatra." This was how I learned about Cleopatra was by watching this movie. She did a great job as the cold Queen.

It snowed yesterday and may rain and snow tonight and it is April. Like seriously.

Have a great day.
I need to watch Butterfield 8. I loved Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Giant. I also loved National Velvet. Giant is her with James Dean. That is an awesome movie about Texas, which is Mr. HOOves home state. I need to see Elephant Walk, also. I usually enjoy her movies.

Boo seems a lot better on the prednisone so that is a good thing.

I am still debating on whether to get ACORN through Amazon. Boo's ramp arrived and it weighs a lot. I hope I can manage it. We didn't get much, if any snow. It came overnight and melted if we got any.

Well, we will see what develops today as I need to go to Costco. House is pretty clean and I go to the Doctor tomorrow. Bleh for that, although Blood Pressure seems to be better now.

So far, no more nasty reviews when I logged in. Just that one that I got for the site contest is all. I am pretty much over it. I don't think I will allow ratings for my writing anymore after that last thing.


Glad to see you here and that Boo is doing better. I am taking a day and going shopping this week.

I like watching "Soap." It is a comedy show that makes fun of soap operas but it is funny. I love soap operas and I do enjoy this twist on soaps. All the men fall in love with Jessica and her husband cheats on her. Bob and Chuck. Bob carries his ventriloquist dummy around and talks through him . This show had aliens, a possessed baby {reminded of "Dark Shadows" and "Passions"}, a grandfather who thinks it is still World War2, kidnappings, affairs, devil's occult and rich people. Just like a soap opera but this is funny and entertaining. I enjoy this show.

I still watch "The Young and the Opera" and Victor is still in a coma and on a breathing tube and his ex-son-in-law turned it off. He is the one who pushed him down the stairs. Victor won't die. Jack is in jail for it and the truth will come out but it will be awhile. I watch this show every day. I just can't cope without my soap.

No snow but just a little chilly. No big plans today. I am going to church. Have a good day, Carol.
I remember Soap! It's been a long time since I saw it, but wasn't Billy Crystal on that show? That's what came to me, but I could be wrong.
Billy Crystal was the best host ever for the Oscars.

Yes, Victor is the ultimate survivor. He'll make it or he'll haunt them every day from the netherworld.

It is good to take breaks. I figure I will be here about every other day.

I will be here to write and whatever. I will continue this I Write in 2018 and do the entry for your contest for it while I write offline for a day or so.

Shopping sounds like a good activity. Barnes and Noble is doing a book club so they gave out an extra coupon for May shopping, but it is only 15% off.

Have a wonderful Sunday and Monday! *Heart*
Billy Crystal was on "Soap." He played a gay guy and back in 1978. He was so cute. They were bold for approaching this story line. Richard Mulligan was on this show and later played on "Empty Nest." He was a Doctor on the show and had a neurotic daughter and his nurse didn't back down to anyone. I wanted to be this kind of nurse. This was a good comedy show.

I got my Barnes and Nobles coupon and I want to buy the book about Jackie Kennedy and her sisters. Her one sister had an affair with Onassis. I have read some of the book at Barnes and Nobles and want to read the rest.

Victor will make it. He makes the show. Have a great week.
I am back. Had to have a bunch of medical tests yesterday because I had a scare on Sunday when I felt lightheaded.

The Doctor thinks it might be my Graves Disease flaring up again, but if it happens again I go to the Cardiologist. I had a bunch of blood tests yesterday that I'm waiting for to see if they show anything.

I was thinking about the British show, Doc Martin. He seems to know right away what things are. That show is funny because he's so rude to his patients. My Doctor is nice and he listens to me.

On Netflix we are watching Father Brown Mysteries where the priest solves the mysteries in the 1950s. He rides around on a bicycle. It's a cute show.

I think I have that book you mentioned if it is by Randy Taraborrelli. I haven't read it yet though, just thumbed through it.

I just ordered the latest Star Wars movie and I told Mom how sad I am that Luke died in the last one. Mom reminded me that Luke Skywalker isn't real. He is to me. Victor's machine was turned back on and he can't speak now. I want to tell that the police that JT pushed Victor down the stairs and unplugged his machine. I want to slap him. I never liked him.

Ray and I want to watch our "Married With Children" episodes. THEY aren't a normal family but I do love them. I also enjoy "Wings." Would I want to fly on their airlines? I don't know. I do like Brian, Joe, Helen, Fay and Lowe. It is a good show. I watch "Becker". He is a grouchy Doctor and I am mad at my Doctor right now. I have a UA and he sent me back to my Urologist for a urine sample which I did today. I hope I get on an antibiotic soon. I would rather see Dr. Cullen, the vampire doctor on "Twilight" who treats humans. Too bad he isn't a real Doctor!

I do hope you feel better. I get so mad at Doctors but we need them.

I went shopping today. I bought some new capris, a dress, make up, a amethyst and diamond ring. I also bought the book about Jackie and her sisters. I bought a Harry and Meghan coloring book.

I wish we had a magic pill to make us well. My friend watches "Father Murphy." I should watch that. Have a good week.
We are back watching The Mentalist. I love Simon Baker in that show. I cannot detect any of his Australian accent in his performance.

We watched a good movie called 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. It was very violent, but had good performances. Two in it won Oscars - Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell. Woody Harrelson (from Cheers) was in it and he was great too.

It is long between good movies that come out now. I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast with Dan Stevenson, but besides that I cannot remember the last one I saw that I enjoyed of the newer ones. It was good to see an original story that wasn't predictable in the Ebbing Missouri one.

I spend the money instead on gift points here where I used to go out to see a film a couple of times a month or more.

That magic pill sounds good. I hope get the right anitibiotic so you feel better very soon!

I liked "The Mentalist". I watched "Pretty Woman" and I adore this movie. This made Julia Roberts a star. I watched "The Nanny" last night. I like Mr. Sheffield. Charles Shannassy originally played in "Day Of Our Lives". I wanted Niles for a butler. The Nanny was always getting herself in a pickle.

I love "Beauty and the Beast".

I am waiting to hear from my Doctor. I hope it is soon. I hope you are doing alright.
Pretty Woman is a wonderful movie. I loved every minute of it and the music, too.

I hope that your Doctor gets off his you know what and calls. Sometimes when mine doesn't call I go over to the office and stare at the staff. That usually gets them to do something if I stand over them. Or demand to see the person in charge of Admin. Of course, I do not know how far away yours are. Mine are conveniently on the way to other things so at times if I'm up to it, I give them some face time with HOOves.

Waiting for medical stuff is horrible, I'm in solidarity with you and hope things will get a moove on soon!

I love the movie, The Godfather, too. It's been too long since I've seen that one.

I saw an old movie of Marlon Brando's called, On The Waterfront and have developed a new appreciation for him.

I liked "The Godfather". That was a rough movie. That was I the 70's and now anything goes.

I like "Back Street." This is an old movie back in the 60os. A fashion designer has an affair with a rich, married man and he has a wife who drinks all the time and they have two children. The little boy found out about the affair and hates the woman. When the man asks his wife for a divorce, they are in a car and she is driving and they are fighting and they hit a tree. The wife dies and the man is in bad shape in the hospital. He asks his son to dial the phone and he tells his girlfriend he loves her and dies. At the end, the Nanny brings the children to see her and asks if they can visit her from time to time and she hugs them. This is the part where I cry. You know she adopts the kids in the end. It starred Susan Hayward and Vera Miles. Also John Gavin, I think his name is.

I am going to call my Doctor if I don't hear anything. Just think of me.
By the time you see this, I hope that you have heard something positive that will help!

I saw a thing on the Newsfeed - a prompt for picking our own all time Oscars.

I thought it would be fun.

For Best Picture I would pick "Simon Birch"

Best Actress - Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight

Best Actor - Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

Best Supporting Actor - Oliver Platt in Simon Birch

Best Supporting Actress - Rosalind Russell in The Women

Best Director - Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade)

Oscars. I always have other choices for Oscars. I will throw in some of mine. I have several people in mind.

Best Picture: Titanic I would also say "Star Wars" and "Twilight"

Old Best Picture: Breakfast At Tiffanys

Best Actress: Audrey Hepburn

Best Actor: Cary Grant

Best Supporting Actor: Johnny Depp {all his movies}

Best Supporting Actress: Kate Winslet

Best Director: Tim Burton or James Cameron

These are my choices. Thanks for sharing yours.

Yours is an excellent list! I hope that Doctor finally called and more importantly, helped. *Heartv*

This week winds down with us still watching The Mentalist and Law and Order Season 19. The good thing about Law and Order is they are stand alone episodes that don't have to be watched in order to make sense.

I would like to rewatch the Mentalist in order from start to finish.

This time of year is so changeable with this weather. Predicting bad storms for tomorrow here so I need to get stuff done today.

I still want to watch Season 4 of Brokenwood Mysteries, but I can't decide whether to join ACORN on Amazon or buy the season streaming outright.

I'm going to try and go to a different library soon and see what they have. Our big book sale will be in two weeks. My niece is coming and so is my brother and his girlfriend. So, I have to move my dust around to get ready.

The Doctor's office called and said my UA is perfect. I am on a pill that could take up to 8 weeks to work. Hopefully, I will get better.

We are supposed to have storms here, too.

I like the movie "Bringing Up Baby" with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. There is a spotted leopard in this movie. Cary said he wanted that spotted leopard behind glass. It was a tame one in real life and I wouldn't have been afraid of it. Katherine actually played a good part and as a rule, I don't care for her. I do enjoy this movie.

Saturday morning. I usually watch "The Greatest American Hero" and "Swamp Thing". I like watching these shows. I would never live by a swamp. No thanks!

Have a good day.
I hope the pill helps! Doggone Doctors!

I love Bringing Up Baby! Cary Grant with glasses is too cute!

I love when they sing "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" to calm the leopard(s). I like them (him and this Hepburn) together in Philadelphia Story, too. She's a bit over the top sometimes with her acting, but I like her doing comedy, not so much drama. I never buy her caring much for anything but herself. I think she was overrated like Meryl Streep is.

Cary Grant was underrated and underappreciated by Hollywood. What a screen presence he had!

Saturday morning. Am going to the used book place and B & N and also grocery shopping.

I have a coupon they emailed and a couple of books of coupons they (Barnes and Noble) sent me when I complained. *Heartp*
I forgot about the song they sang to the leopard when they were feeding it. Katherine Hepburn carried on with Spencer Tracey for years I read. Cary Grant was one of the best.

I like "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise. THAT was when Tom was cute and not so full of himself. I don't care for the romance in this movie but I do love all the action and planes. Dad flew gunships in Viet Nam in the Air Force and I have always loved military planes. This is one movie I don't watch for the romance. I enjoy all the music. "Danger Zone" song plays at the beginning and I enjoy watching the planes land and take off on the aircraft carrier. When Goose gets killed, it is so sad. I do love this movie.

Waiting for rain. Ha. Ha. Not I am going to play in it. I need to clean house. Have a good one.
I loved the movie, Top Gun. We went to San Diego and went to the bar there where they filmed some of it. Tom Cruise was good in that and in Rain Man. I think he is a very fine actor, but he's one I wouldn't want to be around.

My grandson went to NY to see the Harry Potter play. They go for 2 1/2 hours in the morning to see part one and then again that night to see part 2. He just loved it. He's 11 years old now.

Well, we had a tornado here yesterday around 5. They didn't predict it. One person was killed and it was on the national news. Everything is torn up. I guess from that you know where I am. We were about 1 mile and a half from where it went up the highway (Route 29) and it never sounded like anything but wind and heavy rain here.

Lots of lights out today, schools closed, etc. We live in a disaster area. *Heart*
I am so glad you are alright. I live in Indiana and I hate tornado season. You are in my prayers. We have had a tornado sneak in that was minor and I was so scared and it looked so bad outside. It did touch down but it was minor. This has been at least 10 years ago. I understand how it can happen. It may rain here today.

I know your grandson will love the Harry Potter play.

I loved "Dallas." I wanted to be like those rich people and live on a cattle ranch and be in the oil business. I liked Bobby Ewing and JR was so mean. I was like Lucy. I was raised by my grandparents more then I was my parents. This show is like a soap but I loved it anyway. JR and his schemes, the Texas scenery and some great story lines. "Dallas" started cliff hangers and I am happy they did.

Have a good day and I do hope things will be normal for you.
Ben did love that play so much. My grandson is a very talented actor and he is writing a play with his friends based on the musical, Hamilton. He was in the play Seusical and Annie at a local production where he lives. Ben and his brother both have red hair. *Heartb**Heartg*

Dallas was a great show. I met Mr. HOOves when that was on and my Father used to call him "Tommy" instead of "Tom" (to me) because of that show. He would say "Tommy is on the phone!". LoL I would moan, "DAaaaD!!!"

One of my nieces asked me if Tom was like JR because of that show at that time.

I liked JR, but I really liked Bobby and the half brother, whose name I can't remember at the moment. The brother who was always around barn?


Larry Hagman was so different in that from how he was in I Dream of Jeannie. I loved that show, too. Barbara Eden was so beautiful in that. I didn't like any of the women much in Dallas. They all looked mean to me.


Lucy was the nice one. Ray was the half brother. Larry Hagman was so mean in "Dallas." Not nice like Tony Nelson. I liked "I Dream Of Jeannie" but I was a huge fan of "Bewitched". I loved Samantha, Uncle Author, Endora, Aunt Clara, Tabatha and I liked the first Darrin the best. I would have turned that nosey neighbor Mrs. Kravitz into a toad. This show lasted almost 10 years.

I watched "Overboard" the other night with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Goldie played a rich, snotty woman who was mean to a widowed repair man played by Kurt. She falls over board off her yacht and gets rescued and has amnesia. Kurt's character said she was his wife and took her home to a run down house and his five bratty kids. He wanted to get even with her. He falls in love with her and she falls in love with him. Her real husband shows up and she leaves but realizes she doesn't love him and he was just after her money. The repair man and his kids set out to get her on a coast guard boat. She goes back home with "Kurt" and the kids. This movie is cute and funny.

Still waiting for spring. Hope you are having a good day.

I loved Dr. Bombay. Was Uncle Arthur played by Paul Lynde? I loved Paul Lynde in everything he did and I remember him guest starring in Bewitched. That show was awesome. The first Darrin was much better. I don't even know why they changed. The second one looked like a skinnier version of the first one.

That movie sounds wonderful! Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are always good - they pick good scripts.

You have a good day too! *Heartv*
I forgot about Dr. Bombay. His humor reminded me of the surgeon I had. My surgeon was smarter then Dr. Bombay. Thank goodness. I loved the first Darrin Better. Paul Lynde played Uncle Author. I liked him.

I am looking forward to Prince Harry and Megan's Wedding. I had to time William and Kate's at 4:00 AM. I am a fan of the Royals. I care more about them then I do our own leaders. I love the idea of royalty and I have always been interested in England.

Ray will be watching his crime shows tonight and I will watch a DVD movie. Maybe a Jane Austen one. Later.
I am looking forward to the royal wedding also. I wish all the best to Princess Diana's sons and their families. I hope that the press does not hound Meghan Markle the way they did Diana, but they are worse now than they were even back when she was alive.

Harry has a lot to say and I hope that someday he writes a book about what he feels about things in general..

We watched a lot of the TV show, Suits, on Amazon Prime. Meghan Markle is in that and was really good in that show.

With all great royals, they have their villains. Charles and Camillia who wears the ugliest things I've ever seen. When I see Camilla I think of Cruellella Deville. They really did a number on young Diana with their carrying-on.

And Charles. What a horse's rear. Well, I hope he is never King because if he is they will no doubt abolish the monarchy. Queen Elizabeth has been queen all my life. I do not remember another monarch there. She has earned my respect. I hope she lives into her 100s and Charles, not so much.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth is an expert car mechanic? She learned her trade during WWII when her father was King. Up until when she was in her 70s she could fix anything mechanical and did that with cars and trucks in their home in Balmoral. She fixed cars for fun. Plus, I love her corgis. I saw an interview where her first thought when she heard about Diana's "accident" was that someone "fixed" the brakes.

I think she was right and that British Intelligence had a hand in that, besides the press who hunted Diana down that night. They didn't want Diana carrying on with a man who was Arab. She was in love with a doctor, not the guy she was with when she died. The doctor was Muslim, also and she was using that Dodi guy to try and make the doctor jealous.

There is a movie about her and that doctor. I think it is called "Diana" and it was on Netflix. May still be.


I don't love Prince Charles. I wish William would be King after Queen Elizabeth passes. I feel for England and scared when Prince Charles takes over and we live in America. I still care what goes on there. Megan seems so sweet and I wish the press would leave them alone. I loved Princess Diana. She was the peoples' Princess. I was so sad when she got killed. Camilla is an ugly dog! Lord forgive me but I can't like Charles and her.

I have Princess Diana books and dolls of her and William and Kate's Wedding. I have watched everything about Princess Diana but I never saw the movie with Helen Mirrow.

Queen Elizabeth a mechanic? Really? I have a female friend who is a mechanic. She is happy.

I can't wait until the Royal Wedding. I loved the hats the ladies wore and I started wearing headbands and hats after the Wedding. I wonder what styles I will be wearing after this Wedding?

I watched "Lost In Austen" last night and this is how I fell in love with Jane Austen. I am only part English but I wish I was full blooded English.

Have a good day.
Last night Mr. HOOves went to play cards. I watched a very old movie from the 1930's called My Man Godfrey. It was free on Amazon Prime. I love this movie - it's about a man who is homeless in NY during the depression. He came from a rich family and fell on a hard times. These sisters are doing a scavanger hunt and one of the things they need to bring back to a party is a "Forgotten Man" from the wrong side of the tracks. Both sisters (one is nice and one is mean) approach Godfrey, but he goes with the nice one, Irene, played by Carole Lombard. He becomes the family butler and ends up saving the family from the Depression. I love this story and William Powell (who was married to Lombard, then engaged to Jean Harlow) as Godfrey. It's a madcap screwball type of comedy. The family is totally nuts.

Besides that we found a House Hunters thing from New Zealand that is free on Amazon Prime.

I also went to the library yesterday and got another season of Law and Order and the last season of George Gently, another British Show. George Gently takes place in the 1960's so they have a lot of 60s music in those shows and the one actor Lee something or other looks like John Lennon with a Beatles haircut and all.

Love that show! *Heart*

Hope your day is going good! *Heartb*

I have never heard of the movie "A Man Named Godfrey". Sounds like a good one.

I like to watch "The Waltons". They had seven kids and I was an only child and was always curious about families who had more then one kid. I enjoyed the story lines. The Waltons reminded me of the neighbors by my grandparents and they had nine kids and I loved to visit them. The one guy in the family was my boyfriend for awhile.

I liked watching "Little House On The Prairie". Nellie was so snotty and I had a friend like her I hung out with. The Ingles were such a close family. Laura was always so sweet and the show was entertaining. I watch it every chance I get.

I am going to start my day. Have a good one.
We had been watching (for years) a show called "George Gently"

It's a murder mystery show, but more than that it was the story of a man/detective whose wife was murdered in London in the early 1960's. He couldn't bear to be there anymore so he went to work in the countryside. He meets this young, ambitious detective,John Baccus, who is very weird. He decides to make him his project. They solve cases and struggle through a sort of father/son relationship.

The show takes place in the 1960's, from about 1963 - 1970 when it ends.

I really liked the show and the actors in it - Martin Shaw and Lee Inglesby.

So, I got the 8th and final season as a disk at the library earlier this week and watched it last night.

Well, in the end of the show the lead character (George Gently) gets murdered by the same guy who killed his wife and that's how they left it.


I still love the show, (It features a lot of 60s music and the young guy looks a lot like John Lennon, my favorite Beatle) but I wonder did they have to end it like that with the bad guy being in Government Intelligence, killing people.

It's still a great series, but I'm a bit sad about Mr. Gently, The Guv.

Well, sometimes TV series have dumb or bad endings. I do not know why this is. Gilmore had a great ending but then they made another series of it 9 years later with a weird ending. They could have let it lay the way it was.

Some series where I liked the endings of the shows. The Mentalist had a great ending. Loved that one!

The ending of Downton Abbey was good, but I thought they should have paid Matthew anything he wanted to get him to stay.

What do you think of the way they end TV series sometimes, Princess Megan Rose ? *Heartp*

I don't always like the way they end a TV series like "Dallas", the original series. A "angel" showing JR what his life would have been like if he hadn't been born. This "angel" tried to get JR to shoot himself. I guess "Downton Abbey" ended okay but Matthew was better for Mary. "Vampire Diaries" had a happy ending. Damon found his brother Stefano again when Damon thought Stefano had died. They were both vampires. They were so mean the last two years of the show. "Dark Shadows" ended with the cast being back in the past but they told us what happened to the characters. The Nanny ended with her and Mr. Sheffield having a baby and moving. Fran thought of the memories she had of what all happened. This ending was beautiful. The soap "Capitol" ended with did they or did they not shoot Sloane? She was in front of a firing squad in a foreign country. The shots didn't ring out but they left us hanging." Passions" ended happily. Ethan and Theresa finally getting married. The witch was in church and vowed to change her ways. Most shows have a happy ending but sometimes they don't. Thought I would share these shows endings.

This weekend I am going to watch "21 Jumpstreet "on Decades TV. This was when Johnny Depp was a kid and so handsome and still is. I liked this show about young kids posing as cops and the story lines get emotional. I enjoy watching Johnny Depp in this.

This is my views on TV endings.

Last night we watched two movies, Darkest Hour and The Accountant.

I liked Darkest Hour and Rose/Lily James from Downton had a big part in it. She has brown hair and looked very cute. It is the story of when Churchill became Prime Minister in WW II when it looked like the war was lost to Hitler. There were a few other familiar faces in the cast. I enjoyed it a lot. Someone had told me to watch that one before I watch Dunkirk.

Darkest Hour   (Rated: 13+)
ASIN: B078952HSB
ID #113581
Product Type: DVD
Reviewer: ♄HOOves♄
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 9.26

The Accountant had Ben Affleck who I usually do not like. The movie was kind of cute and different with lots of action that Mr. HOOves liked. I wasn't thrilled by it but I managed to stay awake.

The Accountant (DVD)   (Rated: 13+)
ID #113580
Product Type: DVD
Reviewer: ♄HOOves♄
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 4.19

These movies weren't bad. Usually, I do not like the new movies but these actually told interesting stories, which is always a plus in my books.

Besides those, we watched Law and Order episodes and Blue Bloods on Netflix streaming.

Have a wonderful Saturday! I hope to go to B & N later!


These are nice reviews about these movies. I like the movie "Annie" with Carol Burnett, Aileen Quinn, Raoul Julian and Bernadette Peters. I felt sorry for these little girls but Annie got adopted by Daddy Warbucks. Poor Annie running from Raoul Julian's character. The dog was so sweet. I love the songs: "Tomorrow" and "It's A Hard Knock Life." I think of this song when ever I do house work. My son loved this movie when he was little. Aileen Quinn was on an episode of " The Young and the Restless" and sang Christmas Carols and was dressed up in a Victorian clothes.

Speaking of "The Young and the Restless", Victor is out of his coma and back home. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Did you ever see "Charades" with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant? I like it because of Audrey and Cary. He said the kissing scenes bothered him. He was so much older then Audrey and she was like a younger sister. This movie is good.

Have a good day. I hope to see the movies you reviewed.
I saw Charade and loved it, but it's been a long time. I remember Cary Grant getting into an old fashioned elevator in it. But I do not remember much. That is a great pairing of Hepburn and Grant (that Hepburn, Audrey, I mean)

We saw a good movie that had Tom Hanks in it. It was called Bridge of Spies and was based on a true story. Steven Spielberg directed it. It was a lot better than I anticipated.

I am watching a Hallmark movie on Netflix called Christmas Inheritance. It's a lovely movie.

Today has not been a good day here or elsewhere for HOOves.

But things will get better. *Heartv*
Hope Mr. Hooves feels better. I liked Tom Hanks in "Forest Gump." It covered the 60's and 70's. I am not into war movies but I like "Platoon." Dad was in the Viet Nam War and this war has a special meaning for me. This was Charlie Sheen's first appearance. At least, the first time I ever saw him. Tom Berringer was in "One Life To Live" and I always liked him. I adored William Defoe. This is the only movie about Viet Nam I like.

"Christmas Inheritance" sounds like a good movie. I like Hallmark movies. They are so close to real life.

Have a good day.
I will finish Christmas Inheritance maybe later on today. It is a good romance movie.

We watched some Law and Order and Blue Bloods. Plus watched Season 4 of Brokenwood Mysteries last week.

I hope to go the library today, but it is supposed to be heavy rain so we will see.

This will be a busy week with company coming on the weekend, but the weather is supposed to straighten out by then.

We are having rain today and it may rain all week. I have lunch plans later this week. I need to read and do things around the house.

Princess Kate had a baby boy. You know the last two times, Kate had her babies, I was in the hospital. I was afraid I would be in the hospital this time but I am not. Thank goodness! I wish her all the best. At least, she will be able to attend Prince Harry and Meghan's Wedding. I really do love the Royals.

I liked watching "Desperate Housewives". Susan, Bree, Lynette and I forget the character played by Nicholette Sheridan. This was like a soap opera but you know I enjoy soaps. Bree accidently her lover the pharmacist, Bree and her husband got divorced. Susan wrote children's books and her ex-husband Carl come over to harass her and his girlfriend wrote novels. He told Susie she wasn't a real author and he was a pain. The was narrated by Alice, their friend who had shot herself and we didn't find out until a few years later. Alice and her husband had killed a woman who was a drug addict and cut her up and buried her bones in a trunk. They adopted her nutty, creep boy who was Mike's son. Mike was Susan's second husband. Alice's husband killed the neighbor lady Martha because she knew their secret. Alice's husband went to jail. I admired these housewives. I could never do what they did.

Hope you have a good day. Glad you are doing this CampFire with me.
I am glad too, thank you for having me! *Heartv*

So, a boy, that's nice. Did they come up with a name yet?

I hope the name isn't Charles. *Martian*

I would like to see them name him something bold like Spencer for Diana's family, but that's just me dreaming. *Cloud*

I got this email that they have Friday Night Lights now on Amazon Prime. I never watched Desperate Housewives or that one. *Tv*

Well, it is off to the library later today.

I entered a contest and I thought I had a chance. Well, I didn't even get HM, even though I worked for hours and hours to write something for it. So, I was really upset again over that. Now, I don't know. I want to finish that I Write thing and write every week. But now I have to get over being upset to do it. Well, I have a busy week ahead so maybe then I'll know better what I need to do.

I get upset entering contests and I give up. I write things I like to write lately. Like my Prince Writing Challenge Contest, another person is working on an entry. I don't host contests very often. The one person had a writing contest and I entered. He hasn't been here in 4 months and I wrote a part one of a unicorn story and I would like to finish it. I may finish it. I probably wouldn't have won anyway.

I hope they don't name the baby Charles,either. They follow so may traditions. Give the baby his own name for crying out loud. Spencer would be a nice name.

I used to like watch ER. I like to watch Code Black. This is a medical show. We watched 911 this year. I never liked "House". Dr, Housewas an irrogrant, hateful doctor. "Becker" is a grouchy doctor but he is funny and a good doctor. This is a comedy show. I watch medical shows and think I have every disease there is but I don't. I watched in the medical field and I enjoyed learning about medical issues, even though I worry about having everything. I enjoy watching medical shows. I like to be informed of medical issues.

I am getting a few things done. Have fun at the library. I will be reading today, I hope.
if you have Netflix streaming, check out Doc Martin. It's a funny medical show about a grumpy, but very good doctor. He doesn't like most of his patients and calls them morons to their faces.

It is funny and there is a romance in it. It takes place in Port Wenn, which is in Corwall, England, on the coast in a place like Bath (or how I picture Bath being)

I was actually hoping that they (William and Kate) would have had a girl and named her Diana. But boys are nice, too.

As long as it is a healthy boy who takes after his grandma.


Yes, contests where people leave and don't finish them are frustrating. I think I know who you are referring to. Hope he is alright. One minute active and the next minute gone with the wind.

Then there are those you enter and don't hear anything, but you know they are around. No one reads it. Crickets.
I don't get people like that and then they do big fundraisers.

I have the funds, but they ain't goin' to people anymore who don't read what's entered in their own contests. *Alieng*
I'm with you. I hope the person is alright that we are talking about who no one has heard from. I do like this person. I have funds, too but people who have contests, should read every entry. I give funds to active members.

I have seen Doc Martin advertised on PBS and I think I will start watching him. With summer coming on and the shows starting reruns, I can watch him. I love English shows. Ray keeps wondering when we can watch Poldark again. I love this show. I also am waiting for "Heartland" Season 11.

I like the "Alice In Wonderland" movies with Johnny Depp. These aren't exactly kids movies but the storylines and acting is good. I am still a kid at heart. Great Grandma bought me a book of Alice In Wonderland and this book is special to me.

I may do some Blog entries. Later.
Poldark is a great show. I love the young man who plays Ross. He looks a lot like my nephew, Charley. They have a lot of the same mannerisms. I saw some behind the scenes interviews where he was being goofy just like my nephew.

Johnny Depp did that great movie, Benny & Joon and he also was in another one with Leonardo De Caprio when he was young. I can't remember the name of the other one right now. He and DeCaprio were brothers and their mother (who was very obese) died in it.

We dug out old DVDs of Law and Order from the 1990s last night and watched them. I got the regular CSI from the library (the one with Ted Danson) but that was kind of grisly for me.

I won't be around much from Thursday to Sunday because of the book sale and because some of my family will be visiting.


The movie was "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Leonardo played the part of a retarded boy. I read he loved playing this part. I like this movie.

I watched "Letters To Juliet." Women write letters about their boyfriends and leave them on the wall and these women answer these letters. Sophia {Amanda Seyfried" found a letter that was written to a boyfriend 50 years ago. She writes the woman back and the woman's grandson Charlie shows up and was unhappy about Sophia interfering. Sophia and Charlie fall in love . The grandmother gets to meet her old boyfriend and they were both widowed and got back together and get married in the end. Sophia breaks off her engagement to a chef. Sophia and Charlie are kissing at the end after he falls off some hanging vines when Sophia was on the balcony like Juliet was. The song "Love Story" By: Taylor Swift is playing. This movie is so cute. I adore it.

I look forward to Poldark coming back. Enjoy your time with your family.
Yes, it is What's Eating Gilbert Grape? That was a fabulous movie with great performances!

I saw Letters to Juliet and enjoyed it a lot.

Another movie that I enjoyed was Midnight in Paris. I has Owen Wilson going back in time and meeting all those famous writers of the 1920s and interacting with them.

I want to see it again because I've forgotten a lot about it.

Our big book sale starts tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I have to go shopping to prepare with the groceries.

You remember that merit badge I told you about? The movie one? I sent in the form 6 weeks ago today. But I haven't heard anything. I hope that comes to fruition soon. *Heartv*
I look forward to your new Merit Badge. Seems like we never get enough of Merit Badges.

I like the movie "Madam X" with Lana Turner. Lana's character gets married to this man and they have a little boy. Her husband has to leave and she and her son stay with her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law doesn't like her and introduces her to a man and she has an affair with and she kills him by accident. Her mother-in-law convinces her to leave her son with her and she starts a new life. She gets arrested and goes to court and her lawyer turns out to be her son all grown up. Her husband realizes what his mother did and the son is sad as well. The woman dies and this movie is so sad. I do like this movie. I think the husband was played by John Fortsythe who played Blake Carrington in the original "Dynasty." I love the original "Dynasty." The modern day one, the characters are way too young. I wish they would leave the original shows a lone. They were the best!

"Midnight In Paris" sounds like a good movie. I like Owen Wilson.

Have a good day. Give Boo hugs.

Hugs to Bella, too.

Boo is snoring as she had a busy couple of days with the relatives here, It wore her out completely.

I want to re-watch the TV show Dexter. My niece says she copes with difficult people by channeling Dexter. She has a lot of fun with that. I really liked the first 4 seasons of that show. But then I didn't like what I saw of the next season so I quit watching.

Well, I will try it again - it's been a long time since I saw it.

No word on the merit badge yet. Probably, they are busy with spring things.

Our Netflix mailing is all messed up. I do not know if it is the post office or Netflix itself.
I like watching "The Simpsons" and "Bob's Burgers". "The Simpsons is the longest TV series every. They aren't always nice but I do enjoy watching them.

Glad things went well with your company. Glad Boo is doing well.

I watched an old movie "Some Like It Hot" with Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. Tony and Jack's characters dressed like women and were running from the Mafia. I love this crazy old movie.

Hope you get your NetFlix Account straightened out. Thanks for all you do here.
Some Like it Hot is a great movie. I would put it in the top 20 movies ever made. I love the humor in that and it was filmed around 1960, so was way ahead of its time. It was filmed at the Hotel Coronado south of San Diego, even though in the movie they say it is Florida. If you go to that hotel on the island of Coronado, you will see photos of the filming as they are very proud of it being made there. At least that was the case when I went there in the late 1980's.

I love the ending of that movie when Joe. E Louis tells Jack Lemmon that Nobody is perfect, when Lemmon rips off his disguise and says he's a man.

I think maybe Billy Wilder directed that movie. It's hilarious when Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis dress up as women and befriend Marilyn Monroe.

I would say this is Marilyn Monroe's best comedy, along with The Seven Year Itch and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She was really good at comedy. Have you ever seen The Misfits? It was her last film. It had Clark Gable in his last role, too. What I have read is the stress of working with her (she was not on time much) killed him. She was good in it and so was he, though.

On Netflix, we are cutting back to one disk at a time because between the post office and the Netflix sending, having two at a time was too confusing. 2 Disks arrived late on Friday and 4 disks arrived on Saturday. Very confusing to have all those disks and 4 were the wrong ones.

Off to the post office today to mail them back.

I love the ending of "Some Like It Hot". Gay marriage and those things weren't talked about in those days. Gay marriage was never even an option back then. This movie was funny and I love it. I agree. It was ahead of it's time.

I saw "The Misfits" years ago. I like it. I read Clark Gable didn't like kissing Marilyn Monroe. Vivian Leigh didn't like kissing Clark Gable. Clark Gable was handsome. I always liked him.

I watched "Austenland" last night. The main character didn't know she had found her Darcy until he came to America to see her. At first, I liked the dark headed guy but I realized the red headed guy was right for her. I love this movie.

I watched a new series "Private Eyes". It is a crime show and I don't like crime shows but I like Jason Priestly who played in "Beverly Hills 90210". This show is good. "Beverly Hills 90210" was a teen-age show but I loved it. I liked Dylan and Brandon. Luke Perry was sexy. Brandon, too.

Hope you get to see the show you like on Netflix. Have a good day.

Last night we watched a disk of a movie that I got from the library yesterday.

It was called Still Life. Well, the title was apt as it was very slowwwww moooving. Joanne Froggat (Anna from Downton Abbey) was in it. On the front of the DVD they listed her first and showed her picture.

The movie was the story of this guy in England who works for the local Council. He makes sure that anyone who dies, who has no family, has a nice service and burial that he attends. He tries to find the families. It was a cute idea if the movie wasn't so slow. Well, then Joanne Froggat was only in the whole movie for about five or ten minutes. We kept waiting and waiting for her.

The movie had a sad ending for the guy and for us, waiting all that time for Anna.

We also watched Law and Order Season 20. Law and Order is definitely growing on me. I like it and Blue Bloods now, a lot.

Sounds like a good sad movie. I watched "As Time Goes By" the English show with Judy Dench. She played X in the last few James Bond movies.

I like watching "Superior Donuts". The guy sells donuts and a nice, black guy working for him and the same ole customers. A girl sells food off a truck outside and goes in to but drinks and complains he gets more customers then her. Some, uncouth, not above the law people come into the donut shop. This is a good comedy show. I wish I had all the donuts the guy sells.

I don't like "CNSI" but I like Abbey, the goth girl on it and she is leaving the show so I will probably watch the last 2 episodes of her in this. I like her. I also like Garcia on Criminal Minds. She wears all those neat head bands and neat glasses. I wear headbands a lot. I have been told I look like Garcia.I used to be blonde like her.

With summer coming on, I will get to watch more of the old TV Shows at night. I still watch "The Young and the Restless." I can't believe "Days Of Our Lives" got 4 Daytime Emmys! Boo! It was good a long time ago but isn't now.

My husband has a Doctor's Appointment and he is taking me to Barnes and Nobles. This always makes me happy. I will be back later on and tomorrow.
I heard about Abbie leaving NCIS and I watched Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Mr. HOOves loves NCIS and I liked it a lot when it had DiNozzo on it (Michael Weatherly) . But without DiNozzo and Abbie, I don't think that it will last much longer. I could be wrong. I like Mark Harmon, but he's getting on now (as am I). I liked the first female lead they had, who went on to Rizzoli and Isles (Kate).

Garcia is cool. She' so smart and internet savvy and I enjoyed her flirting with that guy she worked with. Can't recall his name now, but he left that show a while back. I watched Criminal Minds on Netflix some.

Last night we watched a movie called "13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" on DVD. It is the story of what happened when Hillary and Obama didn't send help to our soldiers when they were attacked. It was a real good movie, lots of sadness for the Americans who were not helped, though.

The show was better when Michael Weatherly was in it. Garcia used to flirt with Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds. He use to be on "The Young and the Restless." He is on S.W.A.T now. It is a remake of an old series. I like the original better.

I like the movie "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were in it and Bette's character Jane was crazy and kept her crippled sister locked up. She would slap her and serve her a dead rat to eat. The father had favored Jane when he was alive. It is a weird movie but good.

I went to see the movie "The Avengers". All the super heroes died except one. They all turned to dust and the bad guy lived. What does this say about heroes? I am unhappy with it to say the least.

Code Black is back on and I really enjoy this medical show.

Have a good day.
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford had some great roles. I saw that movie, but I don't really remember much except that they were both scary to me - both ladies. It seems like I saw a commercial for it and their eye makeup was ghastly.

I have not been to a movie since 2012 or so. This is because there hasn't been anything released that I wanted to pay 20$ plus for tickets and popcorn to see. Plus, you have the germs and uncomfortable seats to contend with. Not worth it.

Hollywood has lost the art of great storytelling. Plus, the movie stars now are too ordinary. None of them look like they should be in films much to me. They all look like they belong on the small screen. So, that's where I see them.

I would make one exception and that is if Colin Firth made a great film. But the dullards in movie town are probably too dense to cast him because he's over 50 now.

I liked that 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Mo. movie, but I wouldn't have paid that to see it in the theatre because there was no pressing need to do so.

I wait for the DVDs and then for the DVDs to come to Netflix and then for Netflix to get around to sending. 3 Billboards was rather quick there - I saw it quickly after the Oscars and it was free. I want to see Dunkirk. I saw Darkest Hour and loved it and someone told me to see that one first and then Dunkirk to understand it better.


Colin Firth is going to be in "Momma Mia, Here We Go Again". I do want to see that one. We go see a movie every 3 or 4 months. I like watching TV at home. You can do what you want at home.

"The Partridge Family" has a marathon of their shows Mother's Day and I want to see those. I always liked this show.

I watched a movie with Elijah Wood about two kids who made a plane out a red wagon. It is called "Radio Flyer". The one kid was being abused by his stepfather and he and his brother built a plane using a red wagon, fan, engine and looked liked a plane when it got done. It was narrated by Tom Hanks. The kid left in the radio flyer in the end. It was a cute movie.

Hoping you have a good day. I have heard of "Dunkirk" but never seen it. Maybe I would like it if I saw it.
I enjoy Colin Firth in every thing that he does. I will look forward to watching the new Mama Mia film on video.

Well, last night we watched a movie I got for free at the library. It is called "The Whole Truth". It's a legal thriller with Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellweger. It is a great argument against face lifts. Renee Zellweger is unrecognizable. She used to have a look to her that was different from other actresses, it set her apart in a good way.

If it didn't say so in the credits, I would never have known it was her. She looks much older than she is.

Reeves just looks like his face is made of plastic. He, too, has aged tremendously and not in a good way.

It was a legal thriller - murder mystery and it had Jim Belushi in it, too, as the victim. I thought it was predictable and I fell asleep watching it.

I did a product review of it here:

The Whole Truth [DVD]   (Rated: 18+)
ID #113589
Product Type: DVD
Reviewer: ♄HOOves♄
Review Rated: 18+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 9.97

Hope the link works.

I hope everything goes well for you today - will be keeping fingers and hooves crossed!

I loved Keeanau Reeves in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I liked him in Parenthood, The Matrix , Point Break and Perfect Record. He has changed like so many other actors.

Do you remember "The Harper Valley PTA" movie with Barbara Eden? That was a good movie. I was in Junior High at the time and wondered if the song and movie applied to my teachers there and the principal. We had two teachers Mr. and Mrs. Harper. If Mr. Harper wasn't at school, we asked Mrs. Harper if he was at the bar. She said "No." She would tell that we would get a F if we asked her again. So, we ever asked again. I loved that song and the movie.

I like "That Girl." It ended and she and Donald didn't get their big wedding and I was hoping they would.

Got my tests done. Just got to get through the biopsy next week. Thanks for thinking of me.
I loved That Girl. For some reason my Dad didn't like Marlo Thomas. I don't remember why but we used to argue about that and he didn't like the show for that reason.

Another Keanu Reeves movie called John Wick is late coming from Netflix.

So, we continue watching Law and Order and CSI on disks from the library. And Blue Bloods. We love Blue Bloods.

Not much new to report.

We went to our favorite (and the only good) Chinese place for dinner last night and they had closed. *Sad* Another place with fusion nonsense and sushi is supposedly coming.

In the last week two of our Thursday dinner rotation places have shut down. Time to find new places, I reckon.

I hope that Barnes and Noble stays open because a lot of stuff on either side of it is gone now. Macaroni Grill is gone, too.

For a while things were booming and now this all of a sudden. Is stuff going well in your area?

I watched "Dirty Dancing" last night. I loved Patrick Swayze. I loved "Road House", "Ghost", "Next Of Kin" and the "North and the South" series. This is what put Patrick Swayze in the acting world. I need to watch all these episodes again. I was so sorry when Patrick died. He was my favorite next to Johnny Depp.

I liked Tom Selleck in "Magnum, P.I." He was handsome and sexy. He played in "The Young And The Restless" back in then 1970's when it first came on.

Have to go to Walmart today. I am going to enjoy my weekend. You have a good one, too.
Dirty Dancing is a classic. I don't get the plastic surgery that Jennifer Grey had after that film. It was her looks and her nose that made her stand out. When she was on Dancing With The Stars she did good, but she looked like everyone else pretty much. Both she and Renee Zellweger went nuts with the face jobs.

Patrick Swayze was so good in that film. I liked him in Ghost, too.

I don't have a favorite living male star much really. Kevin Spacey, but he's kind of a turnoff now because of his off-screen behaviors. I usually like Denzel Washington in everything he does, but I can wait for the videos. I like some of Brad Pitt's work, but not all of it. I feel that he sort of fell in love with himself at one point and that makes him unbelievable to me in most romantic parts.

I used to really like Michael Vartan from Never Been Kissed and Alias, but he hasn't done much compared to his costars in Alias (Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper)

On TV side I like Michael Weatherly, Scott Patterson (from Gilmore Girls) and Tom Selleck.

Old time, Cary Grant.

Jean Harlow and Drew Barrymore for the ladies.

I have been watching "Barnaby Jones" this weekend. I liked him as Jeb Clampett in "The Beverly Hillbillies". He seemed like a nice guy. He was cast in the Tin Man in "The Wizard Of Oz" but the grey make up paint gave him an allergy so he had to quit the role. I adored him in "Breakfast At Tiffanys". He was a favorite with me.

I sometimes like actors as the characters they play and not them as people in real life. Same with singers. Like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison. I love them better as Bella and Edward on "Twilight" then as real life people. I am not a big fan of Bradley Cooper but I love him as Rocket, the Raccoon in "The Guardians Of The Galaxy" and "Avengers". He was the only survivor in the movie but I hope another movie of "Avengers" brings them back. I read it is an illusion. I hate when movies and TV Shows do that.

Going to rain today. A good day to read today and maybe watch some more Barnaby Jones. I hope you will have a good day as well.
The Tin Man is a favorite of mine. I would have loved to have seen Buddy Ebsen play that part, although the guy who did was really good. That was just one of the films (Wizard of OZ) from 1939. It is in that book I am reading a little in each day. They haven't got to the part where Wizard of Oz was released. For my Christmas Tree I have ornaments of Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and Dorothy. I have had them for more than 30 years since about the time we were first married. But, Tin Man is my favorite of all with that squeaky oil can of his. *Heart*

I once asked my Dad who he liked best of the female movie stars when he was growing up and he said Judy Garland. My mother looked more like Ingrid Bergman than Judy Garland (when she was young) so I was expecting him to say Ingrid, but no dice.

I would never have expected Bradley Cooper to be a big star when he was in Alias. He has made some great choices when it comes to the films he picks. He played a reporter and Jennifer Garner's best friend in Alias. Michael Vartan was the hunky romantic lead. Bradley Cooper made a film that I really like, but I'll be darned if I can think of what it was now.

I also like Matthew McConahey (sp?) mostly because he's a nut. Humor gets me every time. That is why I love that Johnny Depp scene from the first pirate movie where he says, "Yo ho ho." One of the greatest moments in film.


Matthew McConahey is really sexy and a good actor. I was at Macys and his picture was used for cologne named after him. I stood there and admired him. The cashier said he is handsome, isn't he? I told her I could look at him all day. She said that is one reason she loved working at Macys. I am old enough to be his mother but who cares? I am happily married but I notice good looking men.

Johnny Depp is entertaining. I love all his pirate movies and everything he does. We have candy place where they sell and make candy and you can watch candy being made. I think of Johnny as Willie Wonka in "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory". I love this movie. I didn't like the Willie Wonka one that much but I like Denise Nickerson who played the blueberry girl in it and she played in "Dark Shadows." I emailed her one time and we used to email each other for awhile. I saved all those.

I just remember Judy Garland from "The Wizard Of Oz". I have two movie books about the OZ movie and a book about the original books that were written about OZ. I have Snow Babies of Judy Garland, Toto, Oz Christmas ornaments and a Toyo glass ceramic planter. I have a book about Toto. Clark Gable found him and he was like an abandoned, misbehaved dog and Clark loved him and Toto turned into an actor. He played in "Bright Eyes" with Shirley Temple. I am a big fan of Shirley Temple movies.

Did you ever see "The Great and Powerful Oz?" James Franco is good in this movie. I have dolls of the characters from this movie.

I better go start my day. Have a good one.
I will write about what I started to watch last night. It is this DVD of something called, "John Wick" starring Keanu Reeves. Bridget Moynahan (from Blue Bloods) was in it, too.

At the beginning there was this cute puppy. It was a beagle, but it looked like Boo when she was little. I wasn't sure at first if it was a Basset Hound, but later I checked online and it was a beagle. So, I am loving the puppy interacting with Keanu Reeves. Just adorable and so cute.

Well, then these Russian mob guys came after Keanu Reeves. The puppy barked to warn him, but he didn't get the message. Well, then they did something unspeakable to the puppy.

I made Mr. HOOves quit watching.

So, today I checked online and it said that the puppy and Keanu Reeves loved each other. In this film/series the puppy's death is the reason that Keanu (John Wick) goes for revenge against these guys. It said that the guy who killed the puppy would hug and cuddle with her between takes.

Well, now Mr. HOOves wants to watch and see. I cannot bear to watch them hurt that puppy again.

Here is the link I read about Keanu Reeves and the puppy, whose real name is Andy, but in the movie its name is Daisy.

I get upset over animals being killed in movies and real life. I will not say what I would do to animal abusers but it would be unpleasant and they will suffer. To me, animal abuse and cruelty is the worst thing in the world. I would go off on an animal abuser. I am happy that the puppy is alive in real life. The picture of Keanau and the puppy is so heart warming. I won't even watch PBS films about animals because they meet a sad end.

I like to watch "Family Affair". A bachelor raising nine year of twins and a teen-ager and a butler Mr. French living in a pent house. I like these kids and Brain Keith is handsome and a great father and uncle. This is a good family show.

I am to go with my husband to get his truck at the shop. This interrupts my day. Have a good one. I love the picture of the beagle and Keanu.
So, yesterday after I checked online about the puppy and showed Mr. HOOves the article, he wanted to watch the rest of the movie. So, I got the netflix thing and we opened it up again and he watched it. The whole plot was pretty much Keanu Reeves getting revenge for the puppy's death.

Guess who killed the puppy? The same guy who played Theon Grayjoy in Game of Thrones. His character suffers a lot of torture in Game of Thrones so now I'm more at peace with that.

At the end of the show, Keanu breaks into an animal shelter and takes a pit bull puppy. home to be his new friend.

Apparently they got a lot of blowback over what they did to the beagle. And well they should.

There is a part 2 and Mr. HOOves wants to watch it because he liked everything except the puppy stuff. The movie is called John Wick. Well, I will get it for him, but I probably won't watch it because I do not trust the writers with the new puppy. A pit bull sounds like it will have a better chance with the Russians coming after Keanu's character.

I would much rather watch Gilmore Girls over and over again.


I can't handle movies where animals get killed. Write a story BUT DON'T KILL ANIMALS! I am on my soap box. I would rather be with animals then people.

I watch reruns of "Newhart" and "The Best Of The Ed Sullivan Show". I like Ed's musical guests. I watch "Laugh In". Dick Martin was naughty at times so they could have cut out some of his lines. I like to watch "Petticoat Junction". It was cute and Uncle Joe reminds me of one of my uncles. I don't know if I could have done all my shopping at Sam Drucker's Store. Not a big variety. I never liked the mansion on "The Beverly Hillbillies". Mr. Drysdale and his wife were a pain. Since when does a banker pick out one millionaire and hang out at his house al the time? I do love "Green Acres" and "Petticoat Junction". I think my husband and I act like Oliver and Lisa. We are country folks with a farm but we have someone else farm it. The farm did alright last year. We don't have Eb. Ha. Ha.

I hope John Wick 2 leaves the dog alone. Have a good day.
{size:5]My Aunt who passed away recently in April lived on a farm until the last six months of her life. First her son farmed, but recently she had someone else farm it.

Her house was more than 100 years old. They used to have airdale dogs when I was a kid. They had one named Bo, who was really sweet. I didn't think about that when we named Boo - her name was more for Halloween.

They had pigs, horses, cows and cats, too. They have had a farm forever and my grandparents had a farm. I think some of them farmed for my grandparents, too. Farms are the backbone of the country.

I loved Arnold on Green Acres. Eb was funny too, but, to me that pig was the star.

We have been watching a lot of early Law and Order. I asked for season 5 at the library and they got it in pretty quick, but we have to finish the one we are on in order to take out another because you are only allowed a multidisk thing if you just take one out. It's free though so I'm not complaining, just reporting.

I used to love to watch Aly McBeal. That show had a lot of great people on it. This one guy left Law and Order (Jesse Smith I think) to be on Aly McBeal. Michael Vartan was even on it. They had a lot of quirky plots and humor. Well, I guess she went on to marry Harrison Ford who I loved in his early movies like Witness and Working Girl. *Heartp*
I liked Aly McBeal. She is married to Hans Solo, one of the heroes of "Star Wars which is Harrison Ford. She also played on a show with Sally Field called "Brothers And Sisters." This show was heart touching and really good. Matthew Rhys was on this show and played in the movie "Death Comes To Pemberly". Wickham was accused of murder and Darcy helped him. This is a good movie.

I watched NCIS. It was Abby's last night. I will miss her. She had a coffin in her house and skeleton heads and was Goth. I loved her. She was the best part of this show.

I like watching "Survivor". I like Jeff Probst. Those games and surviving on rice and fish. I love fish but not rice. The way they back stab each other and vote each other off. Fighting for the million dollars. I like the scenery and the ocean. The bats are brown and black and are cute. I don't like bats but I make an exception with these guys. I would be the first one voted off the island if I was a contestant.

Enjoy "Law And Order." Ray likes this show. Later.
I saw Death Comes to Pemberly. I liked it, but I did not like the woman who plays Elizabeth. I felt she was totally wrong for the part. I just couldn't accept her after seeing Jennifer Ehle in that part.

Matthew Rhys. I saw him the first time in the TV show called The Americans with Keri Russell. They play a couple of Russian spies who are working in the U.S. in the 1980's. They have a fake marriage and two kids and pretend to be normal while they do spy stuff for their work. It is a pretty good show with a lot of action packed stuff.

Well, my point about Matthew Rhys is that I had no idea he was British because he has a totally American accent in The Americans. When I saw him in Death Comes to Pemberly the accent (his real voice) seemed odd to me. I like him thought. He's a great actor.

I got tired of The Americans show, but I loved Keri Russell in Felicity. That is a great show. I wish it was on Netflix. It used to be, but they took it off. I have the disks.

We forgot to watch Abbie's Final Show. I hope she didn't die. Well, we will see it when it comes on Netflix. They have the whole series there. We always forget to watch stuff on regular TV. Knuckleheads (us)

Survivor was good. I liked the season where they had that guy, Rupert Bonham on. Pearl Islands I think. He loved animals. I have not liked any of the "survivor" people as well as Rupert.

I think we will always watch Law and Order when we have nothing else to watch. It's like our go-to show.


Abbey lived. She moved to England. I told Ray she was the best part of this show.

Matthew Rhys is English but you wouldn't know it. He was a good Darcy but we will always love Colin Firth best. The Elizabeth in "Death Comes To Pemberly" is so plain. She was all wrong to be Elizabeth.

My fall back show is "Newhart".

I have been watching "I Love Lucy" every morning. "Our "Miss Brooks" is on after that. I don't care for this show. I can't take Gale Mooney. I like Eve Arden. I liked her and Kay Ballard in "The Mother-in-Laws." They always made me laugh. They were like Lucy and Ethel.

Nine more days and Prince Harry and Meghan Markel will be getting married. I know you and I are looking forward to watching the Wedding. Counting down the days.
I saw something on the news this morning. It is that Dunkin Donuts made a special donut for the royal wedding. It is a heart shaped donut. It seems like all the companies are cashing in on this.

Most of the women I know are going to watch the festivities. For a lot of us, Diana's wedding was the biggest happy event ever on TV. I remember being up so early to watch her and that was before I traveled much over there. I was in England briefly in 1978, but I hurt my back and could not look around much.

I also saw wax figures this morning that they made of Harry and Meghan.

I do hope that Camilla de Ville and her dumb husband behave through it all. I am sure she will wear a hideous hat for it.

I do not have cable, but I will turn on the TV as soon as I get up next week. Of course now we can watch it on Youtube pretty quickly.

Get lots of rest so you feel better to enjoy it!

Harry and Meghan have their own donut? Sweet. I am looking forward to the Royal Wedding. I see they made dolls of Harry and Meghan. I watched "The Middle" and Frankie was lying on the couch watching the Royal Wedding and had a Harry and Meghan throw over he lying on the couch, a plate of them and a coffee mug. I have a little plate of William and Kate.

I like watching "The Middle". The woman Frankie and her husband Mike have 3 kids. The oldest son Axel was on the basketball team and went to college on a scholarship and he has a bad attitude. The daughter Sue is sweet and a nerd and no one knows who she is at school. That's sad. Her brother Axel is so popular. The youngest Brick reads all the time and whispers his last sentence he says. I like this comedy show. One time, Frankie needed a new dryer and a tornado happened and a dryer landed in her yard! This is a good comedy show. This is the last year for this show.

It will soon be time for "Lucy'". Mom says she will try to get up next weekend to watch the wedding. One more week. Later. Give Boo hugs.

Yesterday I looked on Amazon and typed in "Royal Wedding". They had tea towels and mugs and all sorts of plates, like you say. I was tempted with the coins, but they looked kind of dodgy.

When Diana married stupid, I had not even met Mr. HOOves. I met him the following year. I remember how I felt watching the wedding in summer right after my birthday. I felt like I would never meet Mr. Right. Then, when I was least expecting to, I did. I didn't like her dress, but I loved that she rode up in the carriage and the way her dad looked walking her down the aisle was so sweet.

I think that William and Kate's wedding is more of a blur to me because that is the year that Mr. HOOves almost died. I didn't really register it as a huge event because I was so worried that year.

I have watched Meghan Markle act a lot and I like her. Harry has had a hard life. They both deserve for the press to leave them alone and let them be happy once the huge pageant of the wedding is over. I like Harry because he has done some wild and stupid things, but he bounces back. He seems more normal and intelligent than most.

I Love Lucy is a classic. My favorite show is the one in Hollywood with Harpo Marx. Ethel and Fred cracked me up, too. Lucy grew up in NY near where my grandpa grew up. One of my trustworthy aunts said that my grandpa knew Lucy and her family, and she was nice. My grandpa never said anything about it, but he had ten kids so he was kind of busy.

Give Bella hugs, too.

I bet Lucy was nice. I love watching her.

I watched "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" last night. I love Johnny as Willie Wonka. I like Tim Burton. He is strange but a good producer. When I was under the anesthetic, I dreamed about Willie Wonka, Johnny Depp. The nurses laughed and I told them I dreamed about Willie Wonka . They thought it was cute. I do like this movie.

The press won't leave the stars alone especially Harry and Meghan right now. I found a replica of Meghan's engagement ring and Ray said I could have it. I think he feels sorry for me because of my surgery. The ring is diamond but not as expensive as Meghan's of course. It is beautiful. I can't wait to get it.

I remember when Diana married Stupid. I agree with that. He is still stupid I died laughing when I read what you wrote . I am just glad that William and Kate are happy and hope Harry and Meghan will be, too.

I watched "Petticoat Junction" yesterday. It is a favorite with me. I may watch my English comedy shows tonight.

My bandage comes off today. I am glad. I am doing okay. Have a good weekend.
I hope that ring is nice. It sounds like it will be. Take care of yourself so you feel better.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

I got a bunch of flowers on Friday. Very pretty, mostly purple, pink and yellow tulips and a flower similar to the tulip. *Heartv* Very nice and heartwarming. *Heartv*

In my 1939 book it tells about a movie called, "Only Angels Have Wings" with Cary Grant. I want to see it because it says it is a great performance and he plays a dark character in it. I have never seen it before. They have it on Netflix Disk. The mailing service has been very bad lately, but before I think about canceling I want to see Only Angels Have Wings.

Did not get much sleep last night. But am okay. Take care and have a great rest of the weekend! Take it easy! *Heartp*
The flowers sound pretty. My husband bought me a magazine of Prince Harry and Meghan and all the Royal Weddings. I will be looking it over.

I was amazed that "Sanford and Son", ""All In The Family" "Three's Company" and "The Office" were remakes of comedy shows from England. I liked "All In The Family" and "Three's Company". Suzanne Summers had her own jewelry line and I bought her tennis bracelet.

Today they have a "Partridge Family" Marathon which I am watching. I loved David Cassidy.

I want to watch "True Grit" with Glen Campbell. This is a good western movie. I liked Glen's movie "Norwood". I enjoyed all the songs he sang in this movie.

I hope you are feeling well. I hope I will be better, too. I did alright yesterday but not today. Happy Mothers Day!
Take care of yourself so that you get to feeling better. Tests can take a lot out of a person. I hope you are resting! *Heartp*

I watched this series called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. I am almost done with the first season. It's written by the creator of Gilmore Girls. I understand that Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls (and Parenthood) will be in it during the 2nd season. I really like her a lot so I'm looking forward to that.

However, Amazon Prime is raising its yearly fee from 99$ to $119. I think for this they should offer more than they do. They have cut back a lot on what you can get for free there.

It's a nice supplement to Netflix, but not worth 20$ a year more unless they step it up. Orginally I think it was $79 a year so it's gone up a lot fast. With tax, Netflix is like $8.53 a month so considerably less than $119. Plus with Amazon we pay in advance.

Netflix has better original programming, but Amazon is getting there.

On to my Godfather Merit Badge. A bunch were released yesterday and I was disappointed , but I will survive. It was not a good day or date for that to have happened or for me to be messed around with. I almost over-reacted and did something dopey.

Your Merit Badge should be in the next round, I noticed the StoryMistress has a pattern on how she does Merit Badges. Be patient. Like I am a patient person!

I watched "Peyton Place" when I was 13. I was learning about couples, life, romance and I watched the soap and learned more then I should of. I enjoyed watching Ed Nelson, Ryan O'Neal, Christopher Connelly and Joyce Jillson. People joke this town is a Peyton Place but I think every town is. I like the movie, too. I wish I could watch these episodes again. Joyce Jillson got into Astrology and does horoscopes now.

Everyone is raising their prices and giving us less service. THAT is not fair.

I am slowly feeling better. I will see my Doctor tomorrow.

I used to like watching "Touch By An Angel". This show always inspired me and had heart touching story lines and made me feel better about what was going in my life. Monica was so sweet and I know all angels are like her.

Have a good day. Rained yesterday and seems better today.
The pattern is to see HOOves name in the old inbox and say Hooves spends a lot of time, effort and moolah here, do that one last! *Laugh*

I am glad you are feeling better.

I saw something on TV yesterday. It was the CBS morning news harpies and they were being snotty about Melania Trumps Kidney procedure. Very disrespectful and mean, considering she has a young son who might be watching.

I hope the First Lady is okay and is getting good care. You never know with doctors in the D.C. area what you will get. Hopefully it is good treatment and she will make a full and nice recovery.

I am really sick and tired of the news media anymore.

I am not a conservative or liberal. I'm an independent thinker. But I think that the stupid news media should suck it up and be respectful when reporting things and be responsible. I know they all lie and distort. I read a book by Sharryl Atkisson and I want to read the other one she wrote about how they make up things called, Smear. I keep looking for it at my used book store. One of these days I'll get it used or at the library.

Last night we watched Law and Order Criminal Intent with Chris Noth and Vincent D'Onofrio. Good drama. Then, of course finished off with Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods. *Heartb*

The press isn't being nice to Melania. Like she asked for her kidney problem. I think not. It is a personal matter and her doctors are treating her and I hope she will be alright.

I watched "Little House On The Prairie" yesterday and Laura thought Mr. Olson cut off his wife's head. She was so scared. She told Nellie and Mrs. Olson was out of town visiting her mother. Nellie had Willie tell to tell Laura and her little male friend to come over to the cellar because their father had been digging up something. Laura and her friend went over there to the cellar and Nellie had a sheet over herself being a ghost! Laura and her friend left and saw a mannequin head that looked like Mrs. Olson and she came home. Laura threw the mannequin head into the basement and scare Nellie and Willie. This was funny. A headless horseman appeared in the end and he was a ghost! I had never se this episode. It was funny. I had a friend like Nellie. She changed over the years.

I will be seeing my Doctor today. I hope and pray things go well.
I think that the press are pretty much over. I see them report something now and I question everything that they say. They have lost the trust of most thinking people.

I remember when I was young I always believed Walter Cronkite when he said something. I totally trusted him. Maybe I shouldn't have. There is no one I really trust in news now.

Mostly we just watch entertainment shows, old and new. That's all news is anymore, anyway. Just entertainment.

The royal wedding should be a good display of them making up stuff to fill air time. I really am looking forward to seeing her dress. I bet it will be stunning. I wonder if her castmates from Suits will be there. I was thinking if there is a celebrity I'd really like to see who might be there. I can't really think of any. Maybe Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. I wonder if they are invited or would go if they were.


Too bad Colin Firth isn't invited to the Royal Wedding. Just two more days. I can't wait to watch it. I am thinking of "The Princess Diaries". I am also thinking of "Cinderella". I bet Meghan feels like Cinderella. This wedding costs 45 million dollars! Like seriously!

I watched "Father Knows Best" this morning. This was a good family show. This day and age, comedy shows can be so naughty and the kids are so disrespectful. I like Robert Young. I also liked him in "Marcus Welby".

I don't always trust the media and newsmen. I wish I was a journalist right now. I could be covering the Royal Wedding. America is looking forward to this event as much as England. It would be neat to ride in a horse and carriage, guess I should say coach. I have been singing Britannia lately. I am part English so close enough.

Have a good day.
Well, it is behind us now in the rear view mirror.

Her dress was lovely and perfect. I woke up in the night at 4 am, but went back to sleep. When I woke up again at 6 something it was in the last hour with a time clock on it. I watched her arrive and everything after that.

When those two boys (William and Harry) walked in I was crying I was so happy for Harry.

I hope they will have some happiness and the press will leave them be. We saw all her Suits cast members so even if some of her half/step or whatever brothers and sisters are mean and jealous, all the people she worked with on Suits came to the wedding for her.

I have to say that one preacher went on too long (grabbing his 15 minutes of fame I guess) but Stand By Me was an excellent follow up to him. I thought the Queen looked quite alarmed by him. Kate sat next to Camilla, but they appeared not to talk at all. Gee, I wonder why.

I loved every minute of it. It definitely had an American flare to it with some of the music and that one long-winded reverend.

God Bless them all.

For some reason I remember Diana's as being in black and white. That can't be true, but it's how I remember it so long ago.


I finally watched all the Royal Wedding. I wouldn't have talked to Camilla, either if I was Kate. They did smile at each other. Meghan had a lovely dress but I liked Kate and William's Wedding better. Meghan played in General Hospital and I remember Luke and Laura's Wedding. There were other soap Weddings I liked. John and Marlena's Wedding on "Days Of Lives" and Nikki and Victor's Wedding on "The Young and the Restless".

I cried over the Royal Wedding, too. Meghan's mother sat all by herself and Charles went over to her after the Wedding and had her sit by them. Then minister sure gave a sermon. I enjoy sermons but this was a Wedding.

The Queen wears the same old styles and hats. I hope she is happy for Harry.

I enjoyed the clips of Princess Diana, her Wedding, William and Kate's Wedding. I don't see the need for all those little girls at a Wedding! I was glad to see Pippa, Elton John, George Clooney and Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsey were there. Oprah was also there. I was surprised. I bet Lucy Worsley would have liked to have been there. I loved all the hats and one guest had a Jane Austen type dress on. Very pretty.

It was a beautiful Wedding. America loved this Wedding as much as England. I have never seen anything that Meghan played in but I will at a later date. It was a fairy tale day.
I saw that they showed Oprah when that minister was going on and on. The big focus on her then was odd as if it was her fault he was going on or something. Oprah has Graves Disease like I do. I didn't think she looked all that healthy so I was a little concerned there. I hope they are giving her the right medicine.

George Clooney didn't look like a movie star anymore. He looked like an older guy married to a young gal. When the camera was on them they hardly spoke to each other.

We liked Meghan a lot in Suits. That is the only thing I saw her in that I know of. It was cool when the camera showed some of the cast, especially Rick Hoffman. He looked freaked out to be there. Very cute.

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham looked angry every time they showed her. Her husband looked happy. It was odd. I think weddings usually make the men cranky and the wives happy and weepy. So, it was a bit of a reverse on them. I wonder what the back story is.

The Queen didn't look happy when the preacher talked too much. It was a beautiful wedding. Oprah sometimes has her nose in things she shouldn't. I guess she is allowed. My cousin's husband had a fire before he met her and Oprah had a house by his. It was a get away house and she gave my husband's cousin ten thousand dollars. That was so nice of her.

Men don't like weddings but I enjoyed this wedding. George Clooney doesn't look like a movie star anymore. Victoria Beckham. I forget that she was a Spice Girl. I know Harry and Meghan will be happy.

I watched "Murphy Brown" and it was the one where she was pregnant and had a baby shower. Faith Ford, Katie Curic and Joanne Lunden were in this one. I had always wanted to be a journalist but with all the bad news in the world, I am glad I didn't. I enjoyed this episode.

I am watching "Saved By The Bell". I like those teen-ager shows.

Have a good day.
I have had a problem with weddings since my niece, but this one helped me to see what it should be about. Even though it was very expensive and elaborate, there was a lot of love there. And it's not like they bankrupted their families to do it. And I hope and pray the love between them is genuine.

Oprah. Well, I admire her and all she has done for encouraging reading. She used to be a junior anchor in Baltimore, working with a guy who was mean to her every day. I watched her there before she was big. She took a lot of abusive stuff and was always nice. I think she paid her dues and tries to do the right thing. I don't think she gets a fair shake from the press. But I do not think she would be a good president so I hope she doesn't ruin things and her own health by being a politician.

Old shows are the best. Blue Bloods is current and I love that one. Otherwise it's mostly older shows like Gilmore Girls and before..

I watched "I Love Lucy" this morning. This was the one where they traveled to California and stayed at a hotel room in a run down dump. Every time the trains came through, the beds would move across the room. I love this episode.

I watched "Convoy" with Kris Kristenhoffsen { I know I didn't spell that one right!} and the truckers were riding in a convoy and went up across the police. They thought the "Rubber Duck" was dead but he was alive in the end after escaping his semi being blown up and shot at. I liked Ali McGraw in this one.

Ray and I want to see "Solo" next weekend. Another "Star Wars" movie but I am always in a mood for "Star Wars". I still enjoy watching "Newhart" and I hope to watch some Patty Duke episodes. She was a role model for teen-age girls though her boyfriend Richard drove me nuts. I adored her parents and her cousin Kathy. I was like Kathy. I had lived in a few different places. I felt a connection to Kathy. Kathy lived with her uncle and aunt and I lived with my grandparents most of my life. I got this.

Enjoy "Gilmore Girls".
We went to the big library downtown yesterday. It has a lot more DVDs. We live in the city so it only takes about 10 minutes to be in the heart of downtown. Once there, there isn't that much to it. We have a Civil Rights Museum, which is nice where they had the peaceful sit-in at the Woolworths lunch counter 1960. So, a street down town is named after that and called February 1st Plaza. So that is how we always remember February 1, 1960 here. Those 4 guys who sat at that lunch counter were so brave.

Do you remember Woolworth's? My Dad got my first Beatles album at a Woolworths up in Maryland near where my parents bowled.

While at the downtown library we got another Law and Order since that is a show we can watch and not pay attention to every episode to keep up. Same with CSI Cyber which I am kind of enjoying. So is Mr. HOOves.

Watched a bit of Gilmore and fell asleep. I like falling asleep to a happy show.

I Love Lucy is so good. I love Fred and Ethel, too. I feel like that show is part of my childhood. The music from it and everything. Sometimes I would dream about it.

And Patty Duke. I loved her and wanted to be like her. Kathy had the exciting life in that show from Zanzibar to Barkley Square, but Patty was rock and roll. I don't remember Richard on that show so much, but I do remember her annoying little brother, Ross. And the parents. I don't know why I can't remember Richard. Maybe I didn't like him either. I bet that's what it was.


Patty's brother Ross was annoying. Her father owned a newspaper and that was cool. Richard was so annoying.

I watched "The Rebel" the other day. This had Nick Adams and he had been a southern Civil War soldier and he traveled from town to town, helping the good people. I was only six years old and I wasn't sure what handsome was but I knew it applied to him. I just loved him.

I remember Woolworths dime stores. I bought Barbie dolls and Barbie doll clothes. They had a soda fountain place and I used to love bubbles and I got them there. I bought Beatle records at a record store near by. On the Air Force Base, you had a BX, record store, movie theatre, commissary, toy store, library and NCO Clubs where a family could eat out.

We watched the last "Hawaii 5-0" of the year. I am getting bored with this show. I am glad it's almost summer. I will watch all the old shows. "Charlie's Angels" will be on this summer and I like this one. Women police officers in the spot light. I like it.

Have a good day. A little foggy today.

I remember Nick Adams was in Rebel Without a Cause, with James Dean wasn't he? Nick Adams and Sal Mineo and they both died really young. I sort of remember him being on TV too.

I used to roam around Woolworths while my parents went bowling on Friday night. I was by myself even though I was only about 7 or so. Sometimes I was with other kids whose parents went bowling. They never worried about me even though it was Friday night after dark. I guess it was a different time. I remember they always had goldfish and I used to spend a lot of time looking at the goldfish. There was a certain smell to that store that was memorable too. I don't know what made the smell. It was't a bad one, but it sticks in my head.

We watched Hawaii 5-0 the new one on Netflix. I am not wild about it, but it was okay. I was surprised to learn that the dark haired guy is Australian because he had no accent.

I want to go back to watching Midsomer Murders. I find that show (on Netflix) very soothing with the little English villages.


Nick Adams was with friends with Sal Mineo and James Dean. Nick was friends with Elvis Presley.

I watch old Ed Sullivan episodes. He helped made the Rolling Stones and Beatles popular along with other groups. He was the source of entertainment for people breaking into show business. The same with Dick Clark.

I watched "The Munsters" over the weekend. Ray likes "Hogan's Heroes". Not I can't handle. I watch "Carol Burnett." She makes me laugh. Can you believe she played in "All My Children" for a few years? I wonder if Meghan will do any more acting now that she is a Princess. She probably won't have time.

I am anxious to see if they will have ant summer shows that just last for the summer. Guess we will see.

"Survivor" wraps up tonight. I wonder who will win the million dollars. Have a good day.
We have still been watching our usual Law and Order because I found more episodes. We watch the regular show and one called Law and Order Criminal Intent. They are growing on me.

I watched a movie called, Anne Frank, with Ben Kingsley on DVD from the library. Only the DVD froze up about 2/3 of the way through. It was a lovely film, kind of old, but good. Ben Kingsley played her father, the one who preserved her diary. She loved movie stars and writing. It's a beautiful story.

I want to watch the rest of the movie sometime. I'll have to find it at the used book place or on Amazon I reckon.

I watched a movie called In Cold Blood - it was made for TV. Truman Capote (who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's) wrote it. It is so different than Breakfast at Tiffany's - very disturbing film. This version had Eric Roberts and Sam Neill in it. It was old too, but at least it played all the way through on my DVD player. It came from the library also.

I watched Breakfast At Tiffanys last night. I always cry over the ending when they found the kitty cat. I enjoy this movie. Oh! Did you know Meghan, our new English Princess' dress was designed after the dress Audrey wore at one of her Weddings? I saw a picture of it. It looked pretty on Audrey.

I watched The Rose with Bette Midler. This movie is supposedly about Janis Joplin and her life. I do love Bette singing "The Rose". This song always gets to me.

We went to see Sol, the latest Star Wars movie. It's entertaining. I love Chewie and all the action, suspense and great effects. This makes 10 Star Wars movies but I miss Luke.

Have a good holiday weekend. Honor our Vets.
I did not know that about the dress, but it makes sense. Audrey was a classic beauty and so is Meghan. I think that Princess Grace wore a kind of classic dress for her wedding, also.

I didn't know that the Rose was about Janis Joplin. I never saw the movie, but I like the song.

I watched this old movie from 1939 and did a product review

Only Angels Have Wings   (Rated: 13+)
ASIN: B00000JRW5
ID #113618
Product Type: DVD
Reviewer: ♄HOOves♄
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 14.95

Thomas Mitchell is in it and he played Scarlett's Daddy in Gone With the Wind also. He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Gone With the Wind. This movie was recommended highly in that book I am reading about 1939. I didn't think Cary Grant was very good in it. He's good at playing a nasty character, but I didn't like him.

Audrey Hepburn makes everyone she acts with more likable. Thomas Mitchell is a great actor. He makes every film he's in better by him being in it, even Gone With the Wind. I want to see more of his films.

Sometimes, the supporting actors are better than the big stars, although I think Clark Gable should have won Best Actor for GWTW. The guy who was in Goodbye Mr. Chips won. I saw that and it isn't nearly as good as Rhett Butler.

Sometimes things that get Oscars made no sense and sometimes they did. I think they got it right more with Supporting Actor awards than the big ones.

I thought5 Clark Gable won an Oscar for being Rhett in GWTW. GWTW is my mother's favorite movie. Thomas Mitchell was good as Scarlet's dad. I always liked Ashley's character. Later years, Ashley became a girl's name.

I have the movie Penny Serenade with Cary Grant but have never watched it. Mom says it is good but sad. Guess that is why I have never watched it. I like Northwest with Cary Grant in it.

I give up on figuring who should win Oscars. They didn't ask me who should win.

Another Jurassic World movie is coming out. I like these dinosaur movies but I hope we never bring them back to life like they did. They would destroy us.

Have a good day. Thank you for all you do.

I saw Penny Serenade at the library yesterday and thought of this. I wasn't in he mood for a sad film, so I got another season of Law and Order (season 4) and NCIS Los Angeles.

I had no idea about this Rosanne thing. I don't think anyone should go on Twitter when they are medicated or even otherwise. It sounds like a recipe for trouble. I haven't watched her show at all and what she said was nasty and awful.

I wonder if Free Speech only applies, though, to those who are hateful and nasty toward one side. It does not seem to apply equally to both sides when they say mean and nasty stuff. I have read a lot of mean stuff spewed about that was let go.

Well, I don't watch her show, but I know a lot of people who say they watch it and love it. Maybe they will bring it back or her back on Netflix after it all blows over.

She said something horrible and apologized. That only works if you are way far to the left I reckon.

I know that Rosie O'Donnell (who I was confusing with Rosanne for a while) says hateful and mean things all the time, but it's allowed.

Different rules for different sides, I guess.

I don't care for Rosie O'Donnell or Roseanne Barr. Trump is always in trouble for what he says on Twitter. I don't have a Facebook Account or Twitter. My boss was on Facebook and the other girls had to watch they said. Being a celebrity, people watch every move they make. What ever happen to Freedom Of Speech?

I just watch "I Love Lucy" every morning. I should go through my movies and I watch something. I watch "Petticoat Junction" after "The Young And The Restless" lately.

I like to watch "Welcome Back, Kotter" when I get a chance. These kids were bad, just comical but not violent and school shootings like we have now. What is with that?

Today is my Doctor Day. I hope my incision from surgery gets healed. Supposed to rain today. Have a good day.

I hope that your Doctor Day went alright and the healing is going well. *Heart*

Last night we watched NCIS Los Angeles, Season 1, and Law and Order, Season 4. I do not know what we will do when we run out of Law and Orders to watch.

In the early Law and Orders, they had Michael Moriarty. I went to see him in Richard III at the Kennedy Center in D.C., when I was young. He was really good in the play. I like him in Law and Order better than Sam Waterston. I hadn't remembered how often they changed the cast on Law and Order. It really changed a lot over the years.

We watch Midsomer Murders and Downton Abbey periodically and I will need to go to Pemberly soon.

At night when Mr. HOOves gets sleepy, I put it on Gilmore Girls. I am on the second season in my (who knows how many)th time watching. It puts me in a good mood before sleeping.

Today is overcast here, but Mr. HOOves is determined to pressure wash.

Hugs to you and to Ms. Bella! Have a lovely day!


We had rain yesterday and the house looks pretty good. We don't need to power wash, yet.

I watched "The High Chapparral" this morning. I love this old western about a rancher, his wife, son and brother living in Tucson, Arizona trying to keep peace with the Apache Indians. I lived in Arizona when I was little and I am part Apache, Cherokee and 2 more Native American tribes. So, I get this show and I remember parts of Arizona. It is neat watching a show where you once lived where it is filmed.

I like watching "Downton Abbey" when I get a chance. Ray wants to watch "Salvation" next month when it starts again. About a comet headed for earth. I don't care for this stuff. I did watch Stephen King's "Under The Dome" series. I liked that but they took it off and left us a cliff hanger. The one guy had a daughter he didn't know about and she was half alien! Maybe I should write the story.

I still watch "Murphy Brown" at night and have some "Ghost Whisperer" to watch.

Hope all is well there. Have a good one. Enjoy "Gilmore Girls."
We are in a rut here with Law and Order, Blue Bloods and now, NCIS Los Angeles.

Sometimes I try to sneak in an old movie (from the 30s or 40s) or something on Amazon Prime like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I was thinking about my favorite movies to watch at different times. Like, at Christmas time I love to watch Love Actually. Anytime, I love P & P and going to Pemberly. I usually try to do that on my birthday or around the 4th of July.

Also, I love the movie, You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I didn't like that movie when I first saw it, but it grew on me. I also watch While You Were Sleeping and Simon Burch at least once a year.

Simon Burch is my favorite movie. It's based on one of my favorite books, A Prayer for Owen Meaney. I don't think it was very successful, but I love the story.

Gilmore Girls has the town of Stars Hollow, which is where I would like to live. They have a lovely bookshop and great food there. *Heartv*

I liked the movie "Sleepless In Seattle" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Meg isn't in movies anymore. I loved her as Betsy in "As The World Turns". She quit and started doing movies.

I like "Fiddler On The Roof". Poor Jewish people in Russia trying to hold on to traditions. Tevyre finally let his daughters marry for love except one. I like all the music and scenery. They all had to leave their home in the end. Sad.

Every Christmas, I watch "Christmas Vacation" at least 4 times. I have the Moose Mug and some Clark drinking glasses of him plugging the lights in. I love this movie. Every time my husband passes a semi or gets behind one, I tell him don't do a Clark Grizzwold stunt. He just shakes his head.

I watched "Ghost Whisperer" last night. I watched a show and the one woman said: "Ever since she has retired, al she does is watch reruns of old TV comedy shows." Oh no! This is me. I do, do other things.

Have a good day. Hope Boo is doing well.
We are still in our NCIS Los Angeles and Law and Order Season 4, rut here. Oh, and there is Law and Order Criminal Intent in the mail. We cut back to just one disk from Netflix - it seems to work better that way if they aren't failing to send one on time instead of two.

If I could watch a sitcom it would be Frasier or Seinfeld. Mr. HOOves does not like either show, but I do, but Gilmore is my current favorite.

I like NCIS Los Angeles because there is a lot of humor in it. I like it better than I thought I would. Also, Abbie is in it a lot so far in the first season. That has been a nice surprise watching that show. The writing is really good.

They did a little mini Fiddler on the Roof production in Gilmore Girls. It was very touching.

If we finish watching regular Law and Order I can go to the library and pick up Law and Order Criminal Intent. I think there are about 20 years worth of that show. I like it better now than I used to.

I used to love Chris Noth in Sex and the City so I enjoy the very young version of him on Law and Order. He will always be his character with Sarah Jessica Parker to me.

We get to watch Frazier every night. I like all the characters. I do love Eddie. He is so cute. Frazier was so unfriendly to Eddie. Seinfeld I can't handle but my husband liked him.

Home Improvement is coming on next week. This is a favorite of mine. My husband is a tool man so to speak. I always liked Jonathan Taylor {who has a third name but I forget what it is}. I liked when Tim would talk to his neighbor Wilson and you just saw his face behind the fence. I don't know if I could have handled raising those 3 boys but I do enjoy their antics. I can't wait to watch it again. It is good comedy.

I like Sex and the City and I enjoy the movies they made.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy Law and Order.

We finished watching the first season of NCIS Los Angeles. I liked it much better than I thought I would, so now I will hunt at the libraries for Season 2. When I saw it before it was just an episode here and there so I didn't get to know the characters.

I like it as much, if not more than, NCIS regular. I like Chris O'Donnell better than Mark Harmon. But Abbie, Ducky and DeNozzo are my favorite characters from the first one. I love David McCallum from Man From Uncle.

So, yesterday I went and got the last season of Law and Order Criminal Intent. I do not know what will happen when we run out of Law and Order to watch. Probably a big panic will ensue. *Laugh*

We walked Boo already and she met and greeted the new corgi next door with the whole butt sniffing routine. He's very nervous, but did okay with Boo. It was a good meeting. Boo always does a nice job with greeting new dogs and doesn't get overly excited. She's a calming influence at 11 years old now. She will be 12 in September.

We both say hello and *Heart* to Bella.


I have been watching "Here Come The Brides" this weekend on Decades TV. I loved Jason, Joshua, Jeremy and Candy. I was disappointed Jeremy and Candy never got married on the show. The brothers were so adorable and I just loved the show. Hard to believe Seattle was unsettled once and not a city.

I like Duckie, Abbie and Michael Weatherly. Mark Harmon. I liked him better in Flamingo Road with Morgan Fairchild and John Beck. John Beck was cute and a good actor. Chris O'Donnell was considered for Titanic but they hired Leonardo DiCaprio who was beautiful and great but isn't anymore. I like Friend Green Tomatoes. That is a entertaining, heart warming and comedy movie. Chris was in that. He was so cute.

I bet the corgi is cute. Queen Elizabeth owns corgi dogs. Glad Boo got a new friend. Bella was bad. She was in the toilet paper. At 4:00 AM this morning. Real nice. Have a good day.

I did not know that Chris O'Donnell was considered for Titanic. I saw him in a movie about Ernest Hemingway's life as a young man. It was with Sandra Bullock and I think it was called Love and Honor. It was a pretty good movie. So many movies and books have been written about the different times in Ernest Heminway's life. This one is about when he went to be an Ambulance driver in WW I and fell in love with his nurse.

My neighbor used to have two corgis. They were very cute, a boy and a girl. One was younger than Boo and the other older. They have both passed away. Now, she has a new corgi boy, who is about 3 years old. He is a bit skittish so when we go up to him, we let him decide if he wants to come to us. Boo and he greeted fine so she said it was a good learning thing for him.

He is more an inside dog, like Boo, than the other two were. They would chase each other around her yard all day, sort of like a tandem running thing that was very precious. We loved them.

Boo stared over there for them when they went to angel's rest. They died about a year apart. The one younger died first. Boo still goes out and stares at the new one.

That's good Boo has a new friend. Sweet. Bella stares at the birds outside.

Guess I got "Here Come The Brides" out of my system. I am thinking of watching Heartland series again. I watched a sad movie last night about a man who had died in a car accident and came back as a big, brown dog to check on his kid who was locked in a cemetery in a snow storm. The dog came back to stay with his kid by his grave. The mother showed up to rescue her kid and the dog brushed the snow off the grave stone. The woman knew it was her husband and so did the little boy. The little boy got the cutest, beige lab puppy and the father "dog" left and knew his wife and son would be okay. I cried. This movie was on Roma Downey's Light TV channel. She shows some good movies, I don't know the name of the movie.

Have a good day. I need to get busy.
I hope you and Bella are having a good day.

We are watching (big surprise here) Law and Order, the first season. It really changed casts a lot over the years.

Roma Downey is married to that guy who created Survivor, right? Mark Burnett? I am not surprised she has her own channel. She likes positive programming so that's good.

I got a movie called, "Moonlight". It's the one that won the Best Picture Oscar, but they announced another one as the winner last year I think.

We haven't watched it yet and Mr. HOOves made a face when he saw it. *Laugh*

Well, tomorrow night he is playing poker with his friends. I told him to be glad it isn't 7 years ago and enjoy it.

He's quitting smoking so everything makes him make a cute face, but he's doing great with the quitting. Fingers and hooves crossed. I never smoked, but now he's doing great and I'm the one with the cough. *Laugh* Go figure.

Roma Downey is married to Mark Burnette who created Survivor. I like that show.

I am watching Home Improvement again. I have missed that show. Ray and I watch Mike and Molly. He watches Big Bang Theory and that drives me nuts. I like Jeopardy. Sometimes, we watch Mash. A good comedy show but it isn't filmed near Korea at all. Hollywood can make any California location look real.

I did go to Barnes and Nobles. I got a Prince Harry and Kate Dot To Dot Book, Poldark Book, the closest thing to Jane Austen, Danielle Steel's book The Cast, a book about unicorns and Dr. David Jeremiah's religion book. I used up my coupons.

I can't wait until Poldark comes back. Just a few months. Hope all is well. It is taking forever for my incision to heal. I will see my Doctor again next week. I am hanging in there.
I hope your incision gets healed. Sometimes that stuff takes six weeks, doesn't it? Surgery stuff for me takes about six weeks. But my back when they operated on my spine took more like three months before I could drive so I guess it's different times for different things.

Sounds like you had a good trip to Barnes and Noble with lots of treasures to bring home.

Molly from Mike and Molly played Sookie on Gilmore Girls. Melissa McCarthy, right?

My friends who used to be here like the Poldark Books. They also like the Philippa Gregory books.

Last night after Mr. HOOves was snoozing I went on Netflix and watched the very first Midsomer Murders. Did you know that Colin Firth's brother was in that episode? I think his name is Peter. He doesn't look that much like him. Mr. HOOves saw more of a resemblance when he woke up than I did. The episode is from about 20 years ago or so. All of the series is set in these little English villages and people are very polite while doing horrible murders. It's quite funny at times.

Every so often I start at the beginning and watch them through. I feel like I could live in one of those English Villages.


I didn't know Colin Firth had a brother who is an actor. Melissa McCarthy played on Gilmore Girls. I didn't know that. She is doing movies now.

I like Philipa Gregory books Poldark comes back June 9. THAT'S for England I bet. I have to wait until it comes across the pond. I will read my Poldark Book in the mean time.

I have been watching Home Improvement. I am, looking forward to the new Jurassic World movie. I like these dinosaur movies. Ray likes to watch Star Trek. THAT I can't take much of. There are a few episodes I like. I do like the movie The Martian and Jupiter Ascending. I wasn't always a Sci Fi person.

Midsomer Murders. I have never watched that. I like watching Master Piece Theatre. I liked Upstairs, Downstairs both series. I love English shows, comedy and drama. I hope they make a Downton Abbey reunion movie.

Have a good day. Bella was going crazy watching birds this morning. I hope I get better soon. Thanks.

I got the name wrong. Colin Firth's brother's name is Jonathan, the one that is in Midsomer Murders.

I hope you get better and that Bella has fun with her bird watching!

I used to watch a show called Alias Smith and Jones but after watching it again, I ask myself why did I like this show? I like to watch The Virginian. James Drury sent me an autographed picture of himself when I wrote to him. I used to like The Guns Of Will Sonnet. I loved western shows. I love The Young Riders. I always liked Josh Brolin. I watched a movie he was I today called Thrashers. It was about skate board championships and his girlfriend's brother was his biggest rival. It was a good movie.

Jonathan Firth. I will have to goggle his name and see what he has played in.

Have a good evening.
I remember that show Alias Smith and Jones. One of the stars of it died while it was on so then I think they cancelled it. I kind of remember it being the dark haired guy, but I don't recall his name. I used to watch that one because I thought they were cute.

Some of those westerns were really good. Bonanza was one I watched with my Dad.

Last night I watched the rest of the movie, Moonlight. It won the Oscar for best picture, but to me it was a very depressing movie. I didn't like it. There is a guy from House of Cards who won the Oscar who is good, but he's only in it at the beginning of the movie. Once he leaves the movie goes way down hill.

I don't like movies that glamorize drug dealers and this one does that so hooves down for Moonlight.

Otherwise, I switched to Gilmore Girls.

I don't care for movies about drug dealers. I like Blow with Johnny Depp. He played a drug dealer and user who tried to quit but his friends set him up in the end and he went to jail. This was a true story.

I liked ER. I liked Noah Wylie and all the story lines. I could never work in any ER room. This is where George Clooney got his start. It is the first time I had ever seen him. He was in Facts Of Life I found out later on. George's father Nick Clooney used to sing in The Miss Indiana Pageant every year. He would introduce the contestants. I saw him in person twice and got to meet Miss Indiana 1968 and 1969 ones. This was special for the Girl Scouts. It was nice.

I like the movie Perfect Storm. It was so sad. All the men died on the ship due to that big storm. George Clooney was in that. I think he was invited to the Royal Wedding because he knew Meghan or they were friends.

I have been watching Home Improvement. I still watch Lucy.

Have a good day.
Most of the time I like George Clooney. He was good in One Fine Day with Michelle Pffeifer. I even liked that one he got the Oscar for - Syriana or something like that. Perfect Storm was a good film.

I thought he looked like he was a bit out of place at the Royal Wedding, maybe because he wasn't the center of attention or something.

Home Improvement was a great show with Wilson chatting over the fence. I remember my Dad loving that part of the show, too.

We continue to watch NCIS Los Angeles, now with George Clooney's cousin Miguel Ferrer in some of the episodes.

Law and Order continues, also. The first year of it was 1990, which is what we are watching. I am surprised that the episodes still seem so fresh even though they are from 28 years ago.

I got a movie called, Black Dahlia at the library, but have not watched it yet.

Hope your day is a good one!

It is amazing how we get hung up on TV Shows. I like to watch Petticoat Junction during the day but I have to time to clean house. I like Gimme Me A Break and Webster but Ray doesn't like Webster. I watch it when he isn't around.

My mother likes Chicago Fire. I like The Black List but I don't get a chance to watch it. If I could get paid for watching TV, I would be rich! I watch a lot of TV. When I am not watching TV or cleaning house, I am on line or going to the Doctor of out shopping.

George Clooney was out of place at the Royal Wedding. I don't know why Oprah was invited.

I watch Animal Rescue sometimes when it isn't too sad. I like the show where the man trains dogs with behavior problems and finds them homes. I wouldn't be able to give a dog up once he had been with me for awhile. I just couldn't. The same with Clydesdale horses. I would want to keep them.

Have a good day. Suppose to rain.
I hope you didn't get too much rain.

We finished watching Season 1 of Law and Order. It had George Dzundza in it. He was my favorite of the police part of the show, but unfortunately left after the first season.

If we didn't have TV or Internet I would read and lot more and maybe write a lot more. I am not sure about the latter.

Oprah probably befriended Meghan as soon as she knew she was going to hook up with Harry.

I could never give up a dog or kitty. Boo is getting older, but she's still a puppy to me. I don't know what will happen when that dreaded day comes. I hope she out lives me. Now she is the oldest one on our street. It wasn't so long ago that she was the youngest for a long time, but all her early friends are gone to angels rest.

She loves people more than other animals, so she's really a people oriented dog.

It's Saturday. I like watching "The Greatest American Hero", "Swamp Thing", "Xena" and "Hercules." I enjoy Greek Mythology and super heroes. I clean house and watch these shows in between.

It hasn't rained, yet but it is supposed to.

Bella is seven. We got her seven years ago yesterday. It doesn't seem possible. I used to like watching "Lassie" but it gets too sad. Remember "Flipper", the dolphin and "Gentle Ben", the bear? I used to like these shows. "Fury", about a horse and "My Friend Flicka". Animal shows get too emotional.

Give Boo hugs. Have a good day.
Bella is your beloved kitten. Seven is young in cat years and dog years, too.

Animal shows do get emotional, but if it turns out okay then I do alright with them.

Those are all good shows.

I watched a movie called "The Black Dahlia" yesterday, in between laundry stuff. I didn't like it much, but I watched it all the way through, hoping it would improve. It never did. It was kind of predictable and dopey in the end, with mediocre acting. I don't really like Hillary Swank in much of anything and this was no exception to that.

I have to go to Costco, although I do not feel much like it. But we get our Kerry Gold Butter from there and are running out of that and the water in the big bottles from Deer Park. So, after Mr. HOOves finishes what he needs to do, I will go to Costco.

I have some sort of sinus thing that I probably will go to the doctor for this week if I do not improve. We have to get our cars inspected also this week so I can go and get the stickers for the tags. What a ripoff that is.

We had a good seafood meal last night at a new place (new to us). We are going to go there again for Fathers Day next weekend. I tried to mail my son-in-law's card in our mail box with the flag up, but our mail people did not pick up or deliver the mail yesterday. This is becoming more and more common here on Saturday. We should have received a Netflix disk, but no mail, no disk.

I watched Jupiter Ascending last night. I enjoy this Sci Fi movie. In the Universe in outer space, she is a Queen. On earth, she is a housekeeper. She can't tell her family. She and her boyfriend, he is an angel, wolf man had to fight off aliens together. I am really into this movie.

Ray is watching Sunday Morning. I feel bad that Kate Spade killed herself. I have a purse she designed which I got as a gift from my job for being there 15 years. It is a black and white purse I will always love. I got a blue towel with her name on it. I just looked at a book about her in the store and now she committed suicide the same day. Strange.

Today is NASCAR Race day. Ray likes watching the race. I used to. I would rather watch the old rerun shows I watch.

I have heard of Costco. I have bought Bella items from Pet Smart. Wonder if she and Boo would get along.

It rained some. Have a good day. I may read this afternoon.

I am so out of it that I had to look up who Kate Spade is. I am sorry that she did that. It seems to be an epidemic now of people killing themselves with that Bourdain guy also. It seems like they have it all. Maybe their wealth gives them access to too many drugs like Ambien, that make people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do, though.

I think Bella and Boo would be fine.

Today, Boo finally came face to face with the black cat next door. It was under our car when we took Boo for her walk. They just stared at each other, we didn't try to force a meet and greet. Boo kept looking back over her shoulder at Kitty and wouldn't walk up the driveway back into the house until I stood between her and kitty, who was napping, back under the car.

It definitely rocked Boo's world more than kitty's. Boo is taking a nap now, trying to get over it.

We watched NCIS Los Angeles 4th season last night, some of it at least.


Kate Spade had it all. I wished I could have designed fashions. I don't understand why she killed herself.

Ray will be watching Salvation next week. I haven't seen any commercials for any new TV summer shows I want to watch. I will just watch my old 60's and 70's reruns.

I did watch The Bionic Woman the other night. I always liked that show.

I better finish my house cleaning and feed Bella. Give Boo hugs.
Give Bella hugs, too! *Heartv*

We watched some Midsomer Murder last night. Also, Law and Order Criminal Intent, the 8th season.

I don't watch Network TV anymore. We can't stand the commercials. A lot of stuff should come on to Netflix soon and we will watch that. I think one of our Blu Ray DVD players is about to go out. Both are Sony and we haven't had much luck with them lasting. We will try to get another kind this time.

The shows we watch over and over are Gilmore (me), Midsomer Murders, Downton Abbey & P & P (me).

My grandson's 8th birthday is coming. He wanted something with penguins. I saw this Penguinopoly game on Amazon that I hope he will like. Plus he wants a putting thing where the golf ball gets returned to him when he putts. Very cute.

It is rainy and cold here. It doesn't feel like June today, more like March!

Suppose to rain here. Supergirl has one more episode this season. We watch that. I hate all the commercials. I flip to another show when a commercial comes on. You watch a DVD movie, they have all those previews! I hate that. I just want to watch my movie.

I think I will take Mom with me to see Momma Mia, Here We Go Again next month. I haven't told her the good news, yet. I think she will go with me.

Waiting on rain. Going to watch Lucy. Give Boo hugs. Have a good day.
Last night I watched a movie called "Foxcatcher". It was based on a true story. I had no memory of what had happened that it was based on. It was this rich guy, John DuPont who wanted to make his own wrestling team for the U.S. He sort of took advantage of a young, talented wrestler. Then he got him and the "team" to live on his property and train there. He lured the young guy's brother to be the coach of the team, only he wanted to be the coach himself. He couldn't stand having someone question his authority so he killed the brother and then died in prison a while later.

The nice coach brother was played by Mark Ruffalo. I usually LOVE him in anything he does. He was in 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner. I love that movie!

Mark Ruffalo was great in this. Steve Carrell was scary as DuPont. The movie was going on and I didn't know who would die so I was surprised when it was the nicest, most normal character.

Afterwards, I told Mr. HOOves who was watching CSI, which I am not crazy about. He said didn't I remember that about DuPont and I said not really. It was in the 1980s and I remembered something, but not the details.

The movie was very slow, but the end really shocked me as I didn't see that coming. I thought DuPont, himself, would be murdered because he was so weird, controlling and annoying.

Then I wanted to watch Blue Bloods, which is more upbeat and less horror and depressing than CSI so we did watch that for a while. Fell asleep to Blue Bloods.


I just saw Johnny Depp in a cologne commercial for me. He has never looked sexier! Age does agree with him.

I enjoy watching Newhart. I love this show. I could watch this show 24-7.

I like to watch Petticoat Junction when I can. The place I worked at was called Shady Rest. I could live at The Shady Rest Hotel in Petticoat Junction. I still enjoy Green Acres.

I like to watch HSN. I like to see what new jewelry they come out with and scrapbooking stuff. I don't buy. I just watch. I don't need anything really but I buy jewelry at Kohls.

I have never heard of Foxcatcher. Sounds like an interesting show.

Hope you have a good day.
Johnny Depp is one who is aging gracefully. I think he will look great all his life if he takes care of himself.

None of the younger actors are very appealing, anyway. I can't think of any who are even interesting. They all sort of blend together. Same with most of the women. They just hire a certain look and a certain type for every role and I have a hard time telling them apart. It is not like it used to be with glamorous stars.

But, I would say Johnny Depp is glamorous. Who else his age or younger. Well, Colin Firth, but he's a little older now. Still, he's aging well.

Brad Pitt, now that he's sobered up. For a while he looked like a bad smell to me.

All the women 40 and older look like they've had bad face lifts, with lumpy stuff injected into their faces.

I like Amy Adams, but that's about it. She isn't really glamorous, but she looks sort of normal and believable.

This is why I don't go to the movies anymore because I don't want to pay 20$+ to see bad face lifts.

I think of Chris Pratt as then new Johnny Depp. I love him in Passengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic Park movies. Johnny Depp is still No. 1 with me. I still like Kate Winslet but I am disappointed in Kristen Stewart. I do like Mila Tunis. Celebrities change. Sad, really.

I watched "Who's The Boss?" last night and I enjoy Mike and Molly. I watch Green Acres still.

I was hoping to go to Barnes and Nobles but husband had other things to worry about. I will go on my own time.

TV can be addicting. I will do my housework and watch TV Shows at night. Have a good day.

Thank you, Dear Carol ♄HOOves♄ for doing this Campfire with me. I have enjoyed learning about the TV Shows and movies you like. I have gotten some ideas for TV Shows and movies from you that I would enjoy watching. You are a great friend and did some beautiful entries. I am glad you were with me on this. I am glad you read the TV Shows and Movie entries that I like and are hung up. Maybe later, we can do another fun CampFire. Thanks again.

The End!

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