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A giant girl rampage campfire of aliens turning young girls into giant monsters.
[Introduction] Ever watch those giant monster movies about Godzilla and what not destroying cities to terrorize the people? Well in this story, what if we made giant young girls ages 5-17 into giant monsters and we use those giant monsters to terrorize the world? That would surely make for a fun campfire creative. Here in this story, aliens were seen around the world, abducting young girls and then mutating them into giant girl monsters known as a Girlzilla, and then unleashing them on the planet Earth, causing destruction and massive deaths around the world. In this campfire, we will be focusing on several girls who become monsters to destroy the planet. Maybe we go into dystopian future at some point, or maybe the origin of those girls monsters, well we will find out.

Now here is the character bio form.

Kaiju Name:
Height: (will be relative to the age of the character so I decided that 5-8 will be around 120-150ft tall, 9 to 12 around 150-180, 13-17 around 180 to 200ft give or take.)
Appearance: (Can use a photo if the link is provided, if not explain the character’s appearance)
Bio story on how they became a monster:
Other Info:

And now for rules

No Male Giants
No Scat
No Tiolet Stuff
No unbirth
No explict sexual stuff, as some of these characters are kids for crying out loud
Vore is fine as this story suits it
You can make more than one giantess monster
Do have fun
One big rule, furries will be fine here, but the girl has to be at least human first before the transformation, and must be a human giantess for some time, at least a few post. If anyone has questions, notify me.
(This will be a bit of the plot synopsis to get us involved in the plot lol, so enjoy)

The world is 2025, and you think we would be in the future by now, with all sorts of big robots and hover cars and what not. But no, it is not that at all, in fact. It is totally different than the world you can ever imagine. It is still mainly the same world as it is in right now, only with tons of chaos and destruction, and while they were surely some technical advancements (for the purposes of story here they will be some), it surely won’t be enough to stop them.

Around 2018, reports of aliens in spaceships were flying over cities, and strange beams of light were emit from those ships, and they ended up abducting various girls across the planet. They were then return many days later in the form of meteors, but what would happen to them would be shocking.

They would end up growing to colossal size, like tall as buildings. They would almost end up wearing nothing but any swimsuits that was specially made for them in addition as well. Most importantly, they would end up gaining some sort of super power exclusive to that giantess, and thus was the birth of the Girlzilla.

The Girlzillas would then end up using their powers for evil as programmed by the aliens, to bring death and destruction across the planet. The first Girlzilla that invaded was a young Japanese-American girl name Koyuki Fataoki, or as the media now calls her. Koyukizilla!


Name: Koyuki Fataoki
Kaiju Name: Koyukizilla
Age: 7
Height: 140ft
Appearance: Short medium length black hair, pale skin, green eyes, and wearing a two piece pink bra and panties
Personality: Likes to act like a giant monster all the time, so she is seen roaring and stomping all around, and terrorizes the people any chance she can. Even toying with them at times.
Powers: Atomic breath like Godzilla (note that all Girlzillas can breathe underwater and roar like monsters) to blow up buildings
Bio story on how she became a monster: She was the very first girl that the aliens abducted and she was actually a famous actress in Japan known for her monster movies. Her towering over cities and her causing destruction on those miniature sets any chance she can. She proved popular with the crowd, and soon they got more what they bargain for when she ended up becoming an actual monster one day. She was on her way to a photoshoot when suddenly a strange light was emitted and she was captured and experimented on. She then was sent in a meteor in the ocean and awaken in the ocean’s floor. She then swim her way to Japan and started destroying the city. The incident was known as the Girlzilla incident.


Koyukizilla ravaged Tokyo, Japan and not even the military was able to stop her at all, then soon more of those Girlzillas begun showing up across the planet, ravaging cities across the globe. It got to the point to where nations across the globe was trying to find ways to save themselves from those attacks. Some just build forcefield generators to shield their cities from them, while others attempt to worship them as goddesses, and speaking of goddesses. A critical thing to note about the giantesses that even though they do age up, their bodies do not. Koyuki this year is 14 years old, yet continues to have the body of a 7 year old girl, not that it matters as her personality is that of a giant monster purely.


Our story takes place in a special city call New Angeles, which was formed after various Girlzilla attacks Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco multiple times. They protect their city using a forcefield that covers many miles, and they have rebuilt into a huge city, and this is where our story begins.
Name: Sui Chilung
Kaiju Name: SuiZilla
Age: 8
Height: 145 ft tall
Appearance: Brown short hair. Blue eyes. Dark brown skin and wears yellow bra and panties with different colored flowers patterned on them.
Personality: She likes to enjoy being a monster. But, she has a terrible temper if pushed too far. So, if I were you, I’d be careful when looking at her face of rage.
Powers: Atomic beams from her eyes that can slice even the toughest of buildings like a birthday cake. A roar the can cause humongous earthquakes a few miles out.
Bio: She was the second person after Koyuki to be abducted by the aliens. She was once a monster designer in China. Creating numerous monsters and other beings that comes into her imagination. She was going to put her designs on a magazine. But, that’s when the aliens come in to take her as well. After being experimented on, she was shot back to China and her personality and size changed for the worse for the normal people below her 145 ft tall figure.

SuiZilla took half of China by a hellacious storm thanks to the assistance of her fellow GirlZillas. She often to play with the tiny people as toys and even shares them with her big friends. However, there was a time when a boy said things so bad, her anger exploded and she roared so much that the road miles away was craked big. She then grabbed the boy and she ate him alive. Her anger still went loose as she launches beams from her eyes that slices buildings that are in the beams way. That goes to show you that you should never piss this female beast off. EVER!!
Name: Cami Owens
Kaiju Name: Camizmu
Age: 12
Height: 170 feet
Appearance: Cami is a rather tall, thin girl, who has a round face, with baby blue eyes and freckles across her face. Her thin lips are usually curled into a small smile. She takes great pride in her long, silky brown hair, which stretches down to her waist.
Personality: (Used to be) rather quiet and timid, but her transformation into a Girlzilla was a real confidence boost for her.
Powers: She has a siren-like quality to her voice, which allows her to seduce humans and stop them from running. It also makes her hair glow, which is neat. She has rather weak telekinesis, able to only lift things that are up to as heavy as a lorry.
Clothes: She wears a completely black swimsuit, since the abundance of Girlzillas had put the fabric supplies of the aliens in a bad spot, those clothes didn't come cheap after all.
Bio story on how they became a monster: Cami had been living with the reality of the Girlzillas for a while after their arrival, and she'd been rather afraid of a potential attack from one, so she'd begged her parents to move the family to New Angeles, but just as they reached the forcefield, she was taken by the aliens. A few days later, the all too familiar sight of a meteor fell from the sky, crashing down just outside the shielded city.
Other Info: Cami was quite a gentle girl before she was taken, and occasionally, that will shine through her 'programming', giving her pause in her attacks. Also, humans have become her favorite snacks after her curiosity implored her to try one after an attack on a village.


Cami wandered around, the rain pattering down on her hair. Her eyes were on the ground, as if she was searching for people. The giantess sighed, the shielded border of the city rarely gave her strange new mind any fun. Previously, she'd have been content to take a stroll through the woods or sit and look at the clouds go by, but none of those things seemed to give her any satisfaction. After a little resistance, she began to look around for anything that her new instincts would allow her to enjoy.

But there was nothing around the weird bubble, the thing that kept her from what looked to be a very fun place. She had memories, hazy ones, about coming here, as one of those little things, the kind that her brain craved the killing of, but she couldn't remember much of it.

Her eyes widened as she spotted what looked to be the shape of little buildings in the distance, away from the frustrating bubble. Leaving her with no time to think, Cami was led towards it, towards fun.
Name: Haruka Kauniza
Kaiju Name: Harukagon (often said as Harukgon)
Age: 9
Height: 150ft
Appearance: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/sarugetchu/images/5/51/Helga.png/revision/la... (There will be a liberty taken with this image, she will be wearing a gold two piece bikini outfit that fits her frame well)
Personality: She is one of the more dangerous Girlzillas to be around. In addition to her toying around and acting like a monster, she also takes great pride in being a Girlzilla and is often being a goddess to the various people that she terrorizes. Basically, you better serve her in order to save your life.
Powers: She is a very dangerous monster as stated, as she has some sort of Ghidorah like powers, like dragon wings that were created by the aliens from her bikini that allows her to fly, and how she can manipulate with her body (mainly eyes, hands, and mouth) electricity and uses it to cause destruction.
Bio: She was a simple minded girl in Hong Kong, living with her parents and going to school there. She is a Chinese-Japanese-American girl who likes having fun in one way or another. That makes it all the more true when the aliens took her and gave her fun liking personality a massive upgrade, a thing that would surely be bad for the people in Hong Kong underneath her golden frame of her bikini.
Other info: She is also really smart for her age, knowing when to strike a city to weaken it, and how to take down their defenses. She is also a worthy follower of Leumya, the Queen of the Girlzillas.


Name: Leumya
Kaiju Name: The Queen of the Girlzillas
Age: 17 at this time
Height: 200ft
Appearance: http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/Verios/media/cGF0aDovc3dpbW1pbnp1c2EuanBn/?r... (I know its really big, but trust me its a great image)
Personality: She is obviously the most monstrous of all of the Girlzillas, and just about any type of personality you can think of a monster is in this one. Pure goddess, pure evil, pure destructive, etc.... basically there is a reason why she is the Queen. Way before the first Girlzilla attack from Koyuki, Leumya was a girl that was actually taken by the aliens at a young age, and was sent across the universe to be experimented on because of her DNA coding. Over the years she became the first true Girlzilla and has conquered many planets over the years, with Earth being set to be her next target.
Powers: Because of the way that she was programmed, she has the ability of every single Girlzilla out there, (I know that might make her sound like a Mary Sue, but I got to give a real villain here.) She can also control the various Girlzillas and direct them using her mind powers.
Bio: Not much is known about her other than the fact she was taken when she was extremely young and has conquered many planets. One big detail we can all note about her is that she is the ruler of the Girlzillas and is the one using her ship to capture them and then turn those girls into monsters so she can rule the planet and create a race of Girlzillas, as she wants to have some friends that she can rule and have fun with.
Other info: Not much known.


Right now, in a New Angeles house in the suburbs, we see a young girl in her bed just starting to get up for the weekend to start. The young girl’s name is Teal, she is currently waking up, and getting ready to start her weekend.

(The girl’s image is like this: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/54/6f/e2/546fe225c8aa6177c4fdb55592d516e2--dragon-z-pu...)

Teal is a 12 year old girl who has been living in New Angeles ever since a Girlzilla has killed her parents in New York City when she was only 5 years old. For the last 7 years, she lived in New Angeles with her foster mother who wanted to keep her safe from those attacks as she felt bad for what happened. As she was getting ready for the day, her mom was coming in to the room, smiling.

“Hey, heading out to town right now?” Her mother said to her, smiling. “Yeah, I am. Going to head out and see some friends.” Teal replied back. “Alright, just don’t be out too late at night, okay? At least we are safe around this forcefield form those monsters.”

“We are.” Teal said, and after she got dressed, she then started heading out into town, to see her friends.
Teal makes it to her personal spot in the park where she sees her friends. One girl named Julia with long black hair, blue eyes and white skin. Another girl named Alia that is like Scottish with her short red hair and her white skin with freckles on her face. Also, there’s a boy named Keith that’s like skinny looking with brown hair and brown eyes. Finally, there’s her crush. A strong looking boy named Chris. He looks muscular a little along with his black hair, blue eyes and dark brown skin.

“Hey guys! Are you ready to play?” Teal asked nicely.

“Yeah. Let’s get going!” Alia said.

They all go to the open field in the park to play baseball. Like Teal, her friends also lost their parents in the attacks. Julia’s and Alia’s parents were eaten by one of those Girlzillas and that struck them in the heart hard. They met each other after they moved to New Angeles and they became great friends afterwards. Keith’s parents were taken by the Girlzillas to be experimented on. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the results and they died according to what the military told them. Chris’s folks were also taken. But, in this case, they were taken to be slaves to their leader. He hopes that their still alive and wants to think of a way to save them. Teal met Chris and Keith when they were running playfully. Chris accidentally bumps into Teal and she would soon fall in love with him. Even though that their parents are gone, they still feel like smiling to be happy because it’s what they would want them to be. Teal hear Chris smacking a home run and the ball was out.

“Oh man! That was our only ball!” Keith complained.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get it.” Teal said before fetching the ball.

“Hey. Wait up!” Julia said before she and the others ran after her.

Teal looks for the ball and she found it in the pond in the forest that was next to the park. When she picked it up, she widened her eyes in horror of what she saw next.

“Guys. I found the ball and something else!” Teal said.

The others came and they were scared to as they see a Girlzilla laying in the pond. She doesn’t appeared to be moving though. They just hoped that it means that she’s like dead.

“That’s a Girlzilla!” Aria said being scared.

“But the forcefield is up. How did it get in here?” Keith asked.

“Maybe she was here before it was put up.” Julia said.

“Well, is she dead?” Chris wondered.

“Maybe.” Julia said with fear in her voice.
((Just a note, I might have Cami be able to at least try and restrain from murdering people at will, so we can maybe have a limited amount of interaction between a Girlzilla and a human, but her brainwashing takes over if someone yells at her or tries to attack her or something, if that isn't fine, just let me know))


Still near the forcefield, the human kids would be able to see a definitely living Girlzilla outside, though she was walking away from the bubble, her immense form getting gradually smaller and smaller as she drew away. It was Camilla, a girl that might've tried to introduce herself into the group, had she not been kidnapped and turned into a murderous beast.

Cami had begun to twitch ever so slightly as she headed towards the little town, the anticipation of it getting to her. She'd been trying her old hobbies non stop since she was put back on Earth, and her unanswered call to shed blood had begun to drive her crazy. Reaching the cluster of buildings, a small smile curled over her lips, the girlzilla wasting no time before stomping a building.

The relief was instantaneous, with the boom of her stomp, it was as if a hundred voices in her head that were previously commanding her to do things had all been silenced. But it didn't seem good enough, ever so slowly, that nagging began to come back, starting as whispers, like they had when she'd finally given up on cloud-watching. Letting out a low grumble of disdain, Cami opened her mouth, unnaturally beautiful song flowing out as if she'd been practicing all her life. Her hair began to go a bright golden colour as she sung, the incredible song filling the nearby area. If there were any humans nearby, she knew from testing that they'd come to her, then it was as simple as killing one or two and keeping a few more for whenever she needed to relieve herself of the voices again.

The kids in New Angeles would be able to hear her, but they were way too far away to be pulled in by her lure.
(I am totally cool with that as we are building the world and how a Girlzilla works, so I am totally fine with that.)

Teal, noticing the huge kaiju girl before her, begin to call her mother on the phone to inform her of their find. Everyone else was seem to be just taking a look of the giant bikini clad girl before them in wonder of who could it be. Keith, Chris, and Julia were all just talking about to one another just as Teal’s mom was talking to her, who was pretty shocked to hear about that detail that Teal told her.

“Teal, this is big news, and bad for everyone. If that girl could be alive, we need to report this and y’all need to get out of there, there is no telling if that girl could be alive. Can you get me an image of who the girl is?”

Teal then took a picture of the giant girl’s face on the phone and then sent it to her mom. Her mom then continued her talk with Teal on the phone and then replied. “That is Harukagon! She is one of the most dangerous Girlzillas on the planet, and there is no clue how she got it. I am going to report it to the military right now, y’all need to get out of there.”

“Alright mother.” She said. Teal then got off her phone and then suddenly she went to her friends and told them the news. “This girl is none other than Harukagon. She is the one from Hong Kong, and somehow ended up here. I have no clue how she got over the forcefield, but I know that she is one of the smart ones for sure. We need to get out of here...”

“Yes, that is true.” Julia then replied back, agreeing with Teal, but as they were about to go, suddenly Keith and Chris disappeared. Teal and Julia gasped, as they see them heading in a different direction, towards the forcefield. Teal then call her mother again.

“Get here now mother, I think something is up outside the forcefield generator.”

“Its on, it’s fine sweetie, they can’t get to us, well other than the one that just did...”

“No, I think something else is up.” Teal said. “I will go get them.”

“Okay, be careful, and try to get to them before they leave the forcefield.”
Julia and Teal ran as fast as they can to get to Chris and Keith. They catch up to them and they looked to see what is going on.

“What do you two think you’re doing? We’ve got to get out of here!” Teal said.

“Look! The generator is cracked.” Chris said.

“Ooohhhhh! That’s not good.” Julia said seeing the sparks on the generator.

“How did that Harukagon managed to crack the field systems without anyone knowing?” Keith wondered.

“I don’t know. But, she’s a smart one. She must’ve planned this somehow.” Teal said.

“Or she could had help.” Keith said.

“Either way, I’m calling the military.” Teal said as she gets her phone out.

“No need kid.” Someone said.

The kids gasped. But, they were relieved that it was a military commander named Colonel Braxton. He’s was one of the few men in charge of this whole operation when the attacks first started. He was wondering what these kids are doing here.

“Would you all tell me what it is that you’re doing here?” Braxton asked.

“There was this Girlzilla we saw and she somehow crashed the systems.” Julia explained.

“That’s not good. Okay, all of you go home. We’ll take care of it here.” Braxton said.

The kids starts heading home and Teal wondered that there’s more to this than she originally thought
In a way, it was lucky that the only issue was the generator, as if they got anywhere closer, they would've been swept away by the song, led to their deaths by the hands of Camilla, who had gone so long without killing a human that the renewing voices were becoming loud to the point of it being like she was in the middle of a bustling city, all the time, with no way to block the noise out.

The Girlzilla was constantly scanning the ground as she kept her singing up, hoping to see just one person, that she could use to relieve this horror she was going through. Her blue eyes would visibly brighten as she saw a singular man wandering towards her, entranced by the song. She stopped singing, her hair fading to it's usual brown as she lifted him to her hand with telekinesis.

Now the charm of her siren like song had worn off, the man was terrified, squirming about in her grip as she peered down at him with pain-filled eyes.
She murmured a quiet, "Sorry," One she couldn't even hear herself over the cacophony in her mind, before popping him in her mouth. She still heard the voices, until she bit down, killing him instantly. There was an immediate relief of the chorus, a smile curling across her lips as she swallowed him.

"Finally," She muttered, almost immediately forgetting that she'd killed an innocent person to get this relief through her. The now happy Girlzilla began to head back to the forcefield, she usually slept around it, the soft hum it made was rather relaxing to her gigantic ears.
(Going to go off on the story a bit while still keeping in in the lore a bit, everyone should also focus on giving their characters a story as well, like SuiZilla, and others)


Currently in a ravaged Tokyo, Japan, we see a city who’s many buildings have been destroyed and have not have rebuilt since the attack. It was tons of debris and old dead skeletons on the ground from the many lives that were lost in the first ever Girlzilla incident. The ground rumbles as a truly monstrous roar was then emitted in the distance. Suddenly there was people in the empty standing buildings as they tried to hide from the monsters that search for them every day, but what they will be seeing isn’t no monster at all.. it is a god.

Arising from the ocean from afar was the girl known as Leumya, a.k.a. The Queen of the Kaiju Girls. The girl with blue hair and wearing a white bikini with big breasts, 17 years old age, and sexy as well, standing in at 200ft tall as well. She rose up the ocean’s floor and stomped right onto the ground just as another monster was then appearing. The other monster was none other than Koyukizilla, the child turn kaiju who was happily roaring and stomping all around, heading to Leumya,

“Hey Leumya, what brings you here?” Koyukizilla said just as she eats a poor innoncent human in her hands.

“I just figure I come and check on the GIrlzillas across the world, see how everything is coming along. Man those humans are just now stalling with their goddess worshipping (which we wnat) and forcefield generators.” Leumya said just as she walks towards her with a smile on her face.

“Well everything is fine around here, basically been just ruling over the tinies around here, and finding the ones who are trying to escape.”

“Like the ones hiding in the buildings before you, that you left standing.” Leumya then pointed out a random building.

“Thank you.” Koyukizilla said just as she stomped right over to the building, and then roared right at it before she starts destroying it, along with any sad soul unlucky enough to be in there.

“And soon after the last several cities fall, we will have control of the entire universe, and perhaps we can go and have some monster like fun across the universe, with no one to stop us.... all we need to do is destroy the last few cities that are just defending, and if I am so mistaken, I heard that Harukagon somehow managed to get into the forcefield in New Angeles.”

“How?” Koyukizilla said in surprised.

“She is the smart one, why not you ask her?”

“I will... I will head over there right now.”

“I wouldn’t bother her for now, besides... we got to start preparing the planet for our colonization, our full colonization.” Leumya replied to her back. “She will take care of New Angeles just fine, besides.... if I know her, she is just waiting for her chance to strike as we speak.”


Back at New Angeles, the kids were getting into their parent’s car and was all starting to head home. Teal’s mother was in total shock and surprise about the news that Teal just found, and was worried for her.

“You okay?” mom asked.

“Yes, I am fine, but I am just in disbelief on how she got through, but I have heard the military is looking into this case as we speak...” Teal said before she then suddenly noticed a huge feet right before her on the road. “Look out!” Teal gasped just as a foot started to stomp and then suddenly the ground rumble and her mother ends up rolling the car over around to where it crashes onto the side of the road. Then a loud roar was then erupted and then suddenly Teal got out of the car, and so did her mother, to see that Harukagon is now standing before them, and looking down at them. Teal was frozen in terror, and so was her mother.
Camilla cocked her head to the side as she reached the forcefield, there was someone in there, a Girlzilla. She had no idea how she had gotten in there, and was curious to no end. The look in her eyes displayed that. She placed a hand onto the surface of the forcefield, her blue eyes following the girl on the inside as she moved about.

Her eyes trailed down to the ground as she heard noise, immediately widening as she saw humans, holding what looked like pointy sticks, trying to get her to back off. Cami bit her lip, backing away from them and looking away. She went as far back as she usually would, sitting down and lying back, knees up in the air like towers.

She began to quietly hum, this didn't work like her singing did, but it was indeed a rather beautiful tune she hummed. a smile forming on her lips. Her eyes followed the clouds as they went by, her imagination beginning to pick out shapes, it was much more relaxing to do this now the voices in her head had been silenced, for now at least.

The girl moved a hand, subconsciously lifting a wrecked car up and making it spin around in her hand. Her mind drifted off as she gazed up into the clouds, foggy memories of her life as a human floating around her head. She couldn't piece much of it together, only remembering her approach to New Angeles, and the way she'd sit in the park at her old town, reading books upon books, immersing herself in many different stories.

Her favorite kind were fantasy novels, providing deep worlds to think about, imagining how life would be for people who'd lead unimaginably different lives to her. If she were still a human, she'd probably be thinking about how Girlzillas lived right now. With a sigh, she turned her head towards the bubble, her eyes drooping a little as she let out a small yawn.
“Ah.... what do we have here?” Harukagon smiled evilly, looking down at both the terrified Teal and her mother with a sadistic glee just as she emits a light monster like roar to get them off guard. Harukagon places her hands on her hips just as she raises her foot after Teal tries to move with her mother and stomps it right on the ground a few feet from them, causing both Teal and her mother to lose their footing and fall right on the ground. Harukagon then stomped on the ground again by them, and then do it consistantly, keeping them from getting up. Teal was in total horror and terror as her life could end by the massive monster known as Harukagon. “I always enjoy doing that to scare my prey, now... what should I do to you? I could keep you maybe as a pet, or two with your mother? Maybe just have you be my slave? Or...”

“GO TO HELL!!!!!!” Teal said with horror but also some bravery in her sound just as she gets up.

“Oh.... a fiesty girl, and from the look of it.... kinda attractive to... perhaps we could make you into one of us...” Harukagon said just as she prepares to grab Teal and her mother with her big hands. Before Harukagon can grab the now even more terrified Teal, suddenly a rocket was fired from the distance right at Harukagon’s face. She was hit around the eyes, and then Harukagon then turn to see that a soldier fired a rocket with his rocket launcher at her face. It was revealed to be Braxton, the Colonel himself.

“RUN!!!!!!” Braxton shouted at Teal and her mother just as the two then starts to run from the scene just as Harukagon then turns her attention at the person who shout at her. Harukagon then smiled just as she then prepares to roar at that him when suddenly he shouted. “Hey Harukagon, nice to see you again, I can tell you somehow got smart and tried to get into the forcefield.... but I assure you, we will make sure you get kicked right back out!”

“Oh I don’t think so!” Harukagon roared just before her body begins to emit electricity that reached her eyes, and then suddenly she fires some electricity from her eyes, and it blasted the area where Braxton was standing, sending him flying back and with several big burns on his body. Braxton was then screaming in pain just as the towering child in a gold bikini stood before him. “Now you see why you don’t want to mess with me... because now.... you will be just nothing but a foot pop for my pleasure.” She said just as she raises her foot right at the colonel, and then suddenly she puts her foot down on the guy, crushing him for good. The crushing she did on the guy gave her satisfaction on her face, and then she then turned to the generator that was somehow damaged by some means. She figured that if she noticed a generator having some difficulties every so often, she could wait till the right time to pass through, even if it was for a moment, and then lie dead for awhile, and wait for her chance to strike at the generator, when she got to the generator, she then fires another lightning bolt from her mouth, to blow up the generator to the forcefield, just as she destroys the generator, a part of the forcefield came down, giving any Girlzilla in the area and opening.

Harukagon then noticed another Girlzilla in the distance, and then she smiled and said. “Hey Camizmu, waiting to cause some real carnage... now it is your chance.” She smiled, and then Harukagon then started stomping down the roar, trying to find Teal and her mother. “Now, about that girl...”
Teal and her mother ran as fast as they can. Thanks to the assist of Braxton, they managed to get away from Harukagon and get safety. They ran and ran until they reached to an out of business restaurant. They reached in there and hide themselves underneath a table.

“That was close. Are you okay, Sweetie?” Teal’s mother asked.

“I’m fine, Mom. Do you think that Braxton Colonial made it out?” Teal wondered.

“To be honest, I don’t think so.”

“These girlzillas are not as stupid as we thought. What do we do, Mom?”

“I wished there’s a way.”

They stopped talking when they heard large booming noises. Their worst fears are true because it so happens to be Harukagon. They kept themselves quite in hopes that she doesn’t hear them for she’s looking for her.

“Hey, Girl. Come out come out wherever you are. You don’t have to be afraid of me. I just want to play. Or I can make you a slave of mine or....well, you get the point. So, just come on out and I’ll cooperate nicely.” Harukagon said as she searches for Teal.

Harukagon looked into the restaurant and she can’t seemed to find Teal and her mother underneath the table. Harukagon was gonna give up when the radio turned on.

“In other news, the Girlzilla Invasion continues on. Our military are fighting back with everything they’ve got. But, we feared that these beasts are getting more intelligent than normal. We still do not what the invaders want, but we just hoped that it’ll mean the end of this disaster.” The news stopped as the radio stopped working.

“You’ll know soon enough. Trust me.” Harukagon said before leaving the area.

Teal and her mother sighed in relief that she’s gone. But, they won’t know when she’ll be back.

“She’s gone.” Teal said.

“Thank goodness.” Her mother said.

“Do you have any ideas on what we should do yet?” Teal wondered.

“Yes. I just realized that there’s another forcefield area up north from here. If we get there in time, we’ll be safe. But, we don’t have car. It got smashed.” Her mother.

“I’ve got an idea.” Teal said.
Cami stood up, letting the car fall to the ground, as her name was called. But it wasn't her normal name, it was one that humans had seemed to call her when she grew. Seeing the other girlzilla in there, destroying things, she didn't quite know what to think. She could almost imagine how long the torturous voiced would leave her be if she did that, but also, she couldn't seem to bring herself to go into the city, it was a twinge of a feeling, that she vaguely remembered as guilt.

Though she could remember approaching the forcefield as a tiny person, and the curiosity of what was in there was beginning to enter her mind. With a shrug, she murmured to herself, "They'd be fine if I didn't hurt anyone, right?"

She saw the bit of the forcefield that was brought down, the girl lumbering over to it. She had definite curiosity in her eyes, and would be doing her best to keep herself from ruining things. As she reached the hole in the shield, she looked down, trying to see anyone she could ask to let her in. Camilla was wholly aware that she could just walk in now, but she figured that they'd be put on high alert, that another 'monster' had come in and was about to destroy things.

"Is there, umm, anyone I can talk to here?" She asked, "I just want to look around, I've never been to a big city before," The girl cocked her head to the side, still trying to watch for a human that'd approach. Be it with a response or with weapons. She began to hum to herself, as she usually did to pass the time when waiting, though her concentration on the ground didn't falter, not one bit.
Teal then called one of her friends on her phone to tell their parents to come up and pick them up from the restaurant in the area. She told them of what happened and soon we see Julia’s mother and Julia herself drive right up to the restaurant and then picked them up. When Julia got there, she ends up running up to Teal and hugging her, glad that she was alright.

“Teal... you are alright, that is great to hear!” Julia said just as she hugs her best friend Teal hard, and also very emotionally as well.

“Did the other 2 made it out?”

“Keith and Chris... yes, I believe so.... but we have got to get out of here... last I saw Harukagon heading toward the heart of the city.” Julia then tells the two, and then her mother then says. “Come on, we need to get out of here, and find somewhere safe to hide until the attack stops...”

“Yes... we need to.” Teal’s mom said. Teal and her mom then got into the back seat of the car that Julia brought and then they all start heading towards north to where there is another strong forcefield in the area, hopefully they can dodge Harukagon enough until they get there.


(Time for another kaiju who has been spotted in China, along with SuiZilla)

Name: Soya Artieka
Kaiju Name: GigaSoya (strange name, but there is a reason)
Age: 8
Height: 150ft
Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a6/5a/34/a65a341e3fec7a52077708f118e01ce1.jpg (though she will wear a two-piece green bikini outfit with a flower motif on it, and it fits nicely on her frame)
Personality: She is all about carnage and destruction, and will do anything to destroy anything and anyone that is in her way, and even takes great pride in being a Girlzilla. She truly enjoys being a monster so much, that she will simply roar most of the time, and not really talk, just to feel like a monster all the time. Simple put, she is one of the most destructive monsters to be around, so if you see GigaSoya appear in your city, get out of there immediately. She is also likes her new appearance a lot, so she takes in using her cute body to destroy stuff as well.
Powers: She has blades like Gigan that comes out of her wrist that she can use to slash buildings down to size, and she even has laser beam eyes as well to blow up buildings with.
Bio on how she became a monster: Now this is a very interesting case, she actually grew up during the reality of the Girlzilla attacks, but lost her parents recently... during the attack by SuiZilla. While she is saddened by her parents death, she ends up liking all the carnage and death at the Girlzilla was unleashing at the time, and seeing that her parents were Girlzilla worshippers trying to save their own lives, she decided to save her own life as well, but coming to SuiZilla. SuiZilla then roared at the girl, and then she said... “I want to be a Girlzilla like y’all.” SuiZilla was so impressed that she captured the girl, and took her to a location that the aliens then took her, and then transform her into GigaSoya, and now China is about to be hit with 2 Girlzillas now.
Other Info: She just recently became a Girlzilla, so she is learning all the things about being a Girlzilla, so have her learn the ways of carnage. The first purely evil character in our story so far.


Right now at a random huge china city, we see water ripples as two gigantic objects were heading towards shore, what is about to invade.... we all know what it is.
In China, two girlzillas emerged from the waters and looked to take pleasure annihilating this whole city to the ground. One is SuiZilla. She was once known as Sui Chilung. One of the most famous monster designers in China. She had created a bunch of monsters for movies, comics, etc. and really wondered what it’s like to be one of them. That’s when the aliens came and they took her. The redesigned her and made her up to about 150ft tall along with powers. It frightens her at first. But, she actually grew to like it and starts terrorizing the people of her home with an ounce of pleasure.

That’s when she spotted a woman named Soya Artieka. She was heard that her parents were taken to be worshippers to the monsters before they died and Soya was devastated. However, she actually starts liking the carnage that they’re unleashing on the world. So, she came to SuiZilla and asks her to make her a Girlzilla too. SuiZilla was impressed at her captive’s desire and she took her to the locations of the aliens that took her. After remaking her, Soya became GigaSora. Meaning that China is in double trouble. They become friends and has done much destruction together.

“Are you enjoying yourself over there?” SuiZilla asked.

GigaSora nodded as she uses her wrist blades to slice a few buildings into pieces. SuiZilla uses her laser beams from her eyes to blast a small area nearby and it was so exciting to them. That’s when the military brings it’s fighter jets over to fight back. They think that this will be interesting as they fight against the fighter jets. One jet came in and blasts a missile in GigaSora’s eyes that made her cry in pain. SuiZilla saw it and she’s now furious.

“HOW DARE YOU?!?!” SuiZilla yelled.

In a fit of rage, she roared so much that she not only caused a massive earthquake, but she blew the jets away as well. After they’re gone, SuiZilla still roared loud because of her anger. The aliens gave her this power after taking her. But, she can only use this roar when she gets really angry. GigaSora ran up to calm SuiZilla down and she did.

“Are you okay?” SuiZilla asked as she sees that GigaSora’s eye is fine now. “Good. So, what now?” SuiZilla wondered.

“Toys?” GigaSora actually said.

“Sure.” SuiZilla said as they looked for humans to play with.
Right now, somewhere in a remote location in New Angeles that is not seen to anyone, we see a military base which consist of various military vehicles and soldiers as they are all scramming to get out in the action as Harukagon is about to start attacking New Angeles. The main man for the army, General Havoc, who looks like a gruff old man like Wolverine is right now in his military suit just as he looks over the various reports that the news has brought up.

“Harukagon somehow managed to crack the forcefield in New Angeles, and this wasn’t even reported till just recently. Damn that girl must have played us well... and how she is heading towards the city. We need to get to the city quickly and start evacuating the civilians, and hold off Harukagon as long as possible.” The general pointed out orders to his other soldiers as they all scramble to get to the city.

“Sure, a report have just came in... that another Girlzilla was spotted in the distance, but has not seem to attack yet, but we have spotted it. Her name is Camizmu.” Said by another soldier who ran up to give the report to Havoc.

“Thank you, but she hasn’t been any sort of a threat as of lately, our main priority is Harukagon, as she is heading for one of the cities in New Angeles.”


The military then started getting into jets, helicopters, tanks, and various other vehicles as they start heading their way towards New Angeles, was was seen form a distance by some of them, and they see Harukagon almost toward the city.

“Damnit, we are too late!”


In a remote spaceship in space, we see Leumya (in her commander seat which is like normal size to her) watching over the action from a screen just as she smiles. “Oh, let the carnage and destruction begin....” but then she also changes the screen to Camizmu. “Oh, you will get your action soon my friend, trust me, you will... but what’s this...” Leumya said just as she goes to a screen with Teal, heading towards north. “Thinking about you now from what I saw, you somehow managing to dodge Harukagon, perhaps you can be great under my control.... Alright, time to send another Girlzilla after Teal... but who should I send... Harukagon will be rampaging, and I don’t want to send the others from their fun in China and what not... well... why not this one?”

(If anyone wants to make a kaiju for Teal’s capture, I am open.)
Kari Kayakaza
Kaiju Name: Kariraptor
Age: 8
Height: 135ft
Appearance: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/digimon/images/1/11/Kari_Kamiya_t.gif/revisi... (will be wearing a two piece pure yellow bikini)
Personality: She is easily one of the more hyperactive monsters given her nature, and also one of the more destructive ones as a result. She enjoys really being a monster thanks to her powers, and will really cause mayhem to capture her target or destroy the city respectively.
Powers: She can make multiple clones of herself, and her clones each wear a different color bikini. They all just roar and growl like giant monsters, and can be ordered by Kari herself. She can make up to 5 clones at a time.
Bio: She is one of the first girls captured after Koyukizilla’s invasion of Tokyo, Japan, and before hand she was a huge fan of Koyuki’s monster movies. When she meet Koyukizilla, she wasn’t scared at all, and in fact was such a big fan of her, that she ended up wanting to become one. The aliens then grant her wish, and made her into Kariraptor.
Other info: She mostly doesn’t speak, instead roaring and growling like a giant monster most of the time. She is also really fast as well given her name.


“Yes, Kariraptor will be perfect for this, and luckily she is heading for that area, it is time for me to help my little child monster have some real fun, searching for a girl who I think will be useful.” Leumya smiled just as she then uses her mind powers to contact Kariraptor in the ground, who has somehow just enter through the ocean onto a small empty town, and was recently seen destroying it like a giant beast.

“Kariraptor, I got a special job for you.” Leumya said in her mind.

“There is a girl heading for the north forcefield town, now Harukagon has somehow got into the forcefield through an opening, and is going to head for the other generator, so just start heading north, and also destroy anything you come across.”

In a random town, the giant 8 year old girl made several clones and was trashing the town, and then she got the message from Leumya herself. “Will be done.” She said, and then she started stomping towards the north, getting ready to capture a girl.


Over the mountain in New Angeles, we see Harukagon climbing up the mountain, and was emitting a monster like roar, getting ready to start her rampage in the city in the Los Angeles part of the city.
Name: Alice
Kaiju Name: None
Age: 17
Height: 200ft
Appearance: long black hair that goes past her butt.
Personality: Cold and the "Quiet type" Alice prefers to be left alone with her thoughts although the right person may be able to crack open the ice around her heart (So to speak)

Powers: Alice is able to control a varity of natures elements. Fire, Water, Wind and Earth

Clothes: A golden yellow flower Kimono, white tabi socks and black platforms (Making her seem to be 204ft tall) under the kimono however her "Bra" and "Panties" are made of rock. Which has replaced the skin in those areas.

Bio story on how they became a monster: Alice retains her human appearance other than the rock part of her this is due to a "Hybridization" from the alien's experiment. She has become one with not just the planet but with existance itself.

Other Info: Alice is NOT omnipotent despite sounding it.


Alice lay at the bottom of the sea looking up. "Suffering..." She whispered as she raised her hand towards the surface. "Balance and virtue is lacking...These...girlzilla's...are they abominations? Or are they evolution? It feels...wrong...do I write this wrong? Or do I continue to watch, wait, rest?" Alice thought to herself as she shut her eyes once more. She could see and hear almost everything but only when in quiet places such as DEEP underwater like this. Or FAR up in the mountains. "Perhaps I shall see. After all they are like me too." Shooting up Alice emerged and landed right in the middle of New Angelis despite it's force field she had easily split herself into billions of water molecules and reformed herself.. All in a single instant. She saw this Kariraptor, no more than a young girl who had cloned herself. Sure she knew of the current events but she didn't know names. Nature did not provide information like that. She appered in front of the main version of this 'Girlzilla' "Might we speak a while?" She asked tilting her head.
“Sorry fella, actually very busy for the moment as I am here wrecking this town empty town up, and while I am at it, I am searching for a girl for our queen.” Kariraptor said to her just before she starts running towards another random building, bringing it down all to the ground in one simple run. She then proceeded to roar in the process. “Besides, why are you here?”

“Well, curious to know what is going on, that is all I really want to know right now. So any answers?” Alice then asked, crossing her arms a bit as she got a bit impatient. “Well sure, let me give you the info of everything as we head there.” She smiled just as she and Alice started to head north towards the area, chasing after a certain girl.


In the city of New Angeles however, people were screaming and running for their lives as Harukagon appeared suddenly in their streets and started grinning massively as she was prepared to bring this entire city down to ruins. “Who knew terrorizing so many people with my size and powers can be so much fun, just my sheer presence alone sends them fleeing.” She said just as she places her hands on her hips by her bikini, just looking at all the horror the people are admitting. She then proceeded to casually start walking onto the streets, crushing everything like ketchup packets with her bare feet, cars, people, you name it. She then even punched a nearby building her size down, and even did a roundhouse kick on several others. Suddenly she then started firing electricity from her hands at random spots on the ground, destroying anything that is caught in its path, all while roaring like a kaiju.

That’s right peons, flee from your new goddess, that will just make it all the more fun when I destroy you all.” She said evilly just as she fires another bolt of electricity at some military vehicles.


Back up north, just as Teal and her friends continue to head up north with their respective mothers, a news broadcast was then heard. “Harukagon as just been spotted in the main heart of the city, terminating everything in its path, and it seems to be heading for the generators keeping the forcefield active, no one knows how she got past it, but it seems like these Girlzillas are getting better and better at their attacks, all civilians need to evacuate any major cities immediately in New Angeles and get out of the country if possible, as there is a rumor now that several other Girlzillas were spotted just seconds ago, heading north.” The news man said.

“That isn’t good, they are coming up north.” TEal’s mom said.

“True, we just gotta keep... OH MY GOD!!!!!!” Teal said screaming just as she spots something big ahead.
Alice looked down at the human's. "I've no interest in you...you have nothing to fear from me. But do be good to the planet." She gave a slight smile. "I'll be watching." She then sighed and rolled her eyes at these "Girlzillas" Sure they were just kids but they were more like annoying brats, still Alice was patent. MASSIVE stone slabs shot up around Harukagon and would trap her inside all but her head. "You're very loud, and obnoxious, did your mother not teach you to behave better and respect the life around you? I suppose I may have to take that place then...lets play a game shall we? Alice began to circle Haruka as she grabbed her skull her grip was firm, powerful, yet not enough to actually hurt Haruka.

"I've no interest in killing you, nor harming you, but if I need to I will. However I also have no interest in these...human's either, so the game is simple, call it "Endless questions" I shall ask, you shall answer, simple as that. With another finger snap strong winds would pick up Teal and the rest. "You'll be staying with me for now...I was not lying when I said I had no interest in you, however that has changed. Still...I shall not hurt you." She held them in her hand before putting them in the pocket inside her sash. It was rather soft inside, while it might be a bit bouncy for them it wouldn't be too bad.

"My first question...why go around destroying everything?" Alice already had an idea, but she also had the feeling the little ones were more important than just normal humans. She'd keep them...for now anyways. How quickly things changed. "If you answer my questions...I promise to let you go." Alice said patting Haruka's head.
"Look, I been sent down here my Leumya to take out the generators so I can let the other Girlzillas into the city to conquer it, I am doing my job for the Queen, Queen Leumya in case you ask. You know her, right?" Haruka then replied to her, annoyed that her rampage was stopped in its track. "And also, there was a girl that both me, and Kari are looking for as we speak. Some brown hair, looks old like 12, stuff like that. Queen wants her for some reason." Haruka then replied to her question, hoping that she will be let out soon. Kariraptor was then seen in the area not too long after, causing chaos with her clones in the city, just as the real one in the yellow bikini comes up to see Alice.

"Say, impressed with everything going on here, this is our job silly, and also, why Haruka locked up?" Kari then asked, before suddenly Alice then locks up Kari with the same powers as well, with Kari just as annoyed as well. "Hey what gives?"

"Say, so it seems like you been looking for this child as well, I assume your queen had good reasons for sending y'all down here, but what if I told you that you can all do better with y'all lives, I assume you had a past before you were grabbed and turned into monsters. Can y'all try to remember?" She asked.


In Space

"Oh great, that Alice is greatly intervening with my plans. I need to do something about this." the Queen said just as she looks for options that she can do. Maybe send some more Girlzillas as she has seen the defenses majorly damaged, maybe intervene herself. "Or... I could maybe do some mind games, and maybe see if Teal will find out something, and perhaps I could use that to my advantage."


Back in the city

"Haruka, Kari... I didn't expect Alice to be here to intervene, but I have an idea." the queen said inside their heads. "Just play along with Alice for now and get yourselves free quickly, as we will worry about Teal later, I know you didn't want to fail me here, but I have a better idea that will work. I will explain later."

Inside Alice’s pocket, Teal, her mother, Julia, and her mother as well were all safe and sound, but they were just dumbfounded and in absolute shock of what just happened. "Okay, I didn't expect that at all." Teal admitted. "That Girlzilla just.... saved us. I don't know why." Teal said, with her mother coming to comfort her. "I am surprised to, but I guess we just gotta to trust her."
Alice sighed. Could it be the one she just picked up? Who were these girls, they were so young yet...monsters. "I see...Well best of luck finding them." Alice released the rock prison on both girls. "Thank you for your cooperation." She said walking off. As she did trees and other plants grew from the ruins of the city. Nature would always win. Far. FAR away from the group Alice created a bubble of air so that the little one's could breath inside her pocket. She went back into the water deep DEEP down. As she went into a cave. Laying down at the literal bottom of the ocean she brought the bubble out.

"Well then it seems you're peaked the ire of some "Queen" now...I could easily pop this bubble, the pressure down here would smash you before you even had a chance. We're also about 12.000ft under water so in short, you're at my mercy. However...I do not have any intention of harming you in the slightest. In fact I plan to return you somewhere safe IF and only IF you answer my questions. I promise you." Alice put her hand on her heart. "I WILL return you somewhere safe, but I do need you to cooperate. I highly doubt those girls were there by coincidence and YOU-" She pointed to Teal "Look EXACTLY like the girl they described...tell me truthfully, do you know why they want you?"

Alice had a feeling there was much more to this then just some girls rampaging. And true to her word she had no intention of harming the humans...if they cooperated that was. Human's didn't mean anything to Alice. Only nature did. Sure she wouldn't actively kill them...unless she felt them "Guilty" of destroying the planet. However these humans had done nothing wrong. Although she wouldn't be too happy if this "Queen" had plans for destroying HER planet. Or harming it.
"I have no clue why they would want me at all, I assume I did something to really anger them or what not. But I have had heard stories of some willing young girls that surrendered themselves to the Girlzillas, and then they suddenly become Girlzillas as well, but that is from what I heard." Teal then answered Alice the very best that she can, just so that she and her mother, along with their friends can get to safety before anything else happens to them. Being trapped in a cave underwater and with a pop of the bubble, the pressure would kill them instantly. "But the very big question I want to know, is why did you save me and my friends?" Teal then asked.

"Exactly, that is what we are wondering to. You saved all of us, which we are grateful, but still why?" Teal's mom then asked as well. "My very guess to Teal's question is that they are going to possibly turn her into one them, but like I said, we don't have an exact answer."

"Well, I wouldn't want to become one myself, but if I were, I would fight to defend my friends and family, and this entire world. I truly don't know what answer I truly have here, but my guess is as good as hers."

"Just don't do anything bad to us." Julia then begged suddenly, seeing a Girlzilla before them.

"Calm down my friend, she isn't hostile unless she make her that, there is nothing to be afraid of." Teal then told Julia to comfort her, her mom also did so to.

Alice then thought about it, maybe Teal has a point. She doesn't have an exact answer, so she came up with a possible one that is implied, girls being captured or abducted then turned into Girlzillas, and that Teal admitted that she doesn't want to be one, but if so, defend this world. She then said.... "I think..."
"I think...you're lying!" Alice popped the bubble but oddly enough the four could breath, the pressure wasn't hurting them either. "Hahahahaha." Alice broke out laughing. "I'm sorry...I couldn't help it, the looks on your faces!!" She laughed some more then calmed down. "Ah, allow me to explain, you're within my aura, you are able to breath because I allow it, the pressure will not harm you, because I'm keeping it from doing so. My aura expands a good Two hundred meters from me, although as dark as it is I do not suggest sight-seeing, also don't worry, nothing will harm you, I won't allow it, however you won't be able to speak here so don't try it, and your clothing will be wet but you'll be fine." Alice smiled. "To answer your question of why I saved you...because I was interested, you see the girlzilla's above are...annoying to put it lightly, they roar and destroy and I get it they're children but SOMEONE needs to give them some discipline, I actually planned on killing that moth girl...whatever...well there's another reason too but, I'm not about to tell you that one." She shrugged. "Come..well, not like you have a choice."

She shot through the water her aura carrying the other's with her. Despite the high speeds they four humans would have no issue seeing what was around them. Alice took them to see various ocean life their reactions were...interesting to say the least. "Precious..." She whispered softly in a slightly saddened tone. An hour later she got them out of the water and to land where a gust of warm air dried them off. "There you go...now I do admit, I am NOT here to protect you, nor will I likely be coming to save you again unless I find it to be fitting for me." She sighed. "I want to meet this 'Queen' of there's." Alice had many other motives but she wasn't about to speak them aloud. She kept to herself, just as she always had...save for the seven that she didn't.
“Well if you want to leave us, feel free. But thanks for your help, but I will say this... it was amazing what you show us and what you can do.” Teal said, star struck of what Alice did with the plant life and everything in the water, and even when she and her friends panicked from Alice saying they lied, she was only joking with them and didn’t truly intend to harm them at all. It was a crazy few hours, but everything was fine with them. “There was one thing I want to ask if you don’t mind. But, what created you as a giantess? Or a Girlzilla, as you don’t seem to be one of them. That is what they call all those giantesses out there, and I hope I didn’t offended you.”

“I hope so do.” Teal’s mom asked as well. “I mean, you have way more truly special powers than this ever monsters out there, and I am sure there is a few giantesses that are teens and adults also causing destruction as well as I saw a news reports of an older giantess attacking in Russia, almost your age,”

“Is it possible that not all of them are bad?” Julia asked.

“Well, That is true. I am not at all bad, I am just one with nature itself. As for my origins... well.... that is hard to say. But you would be shocked if you know the truth. Are you prepared to know?” Alice then asked.

“Yes.” Teal responded.

“Well... I was like you, once...

(Alice is created from the alien experiment so maybe she knows something?)
Stopping Alice sighed loudly. "Well..." She sighed again. "So to begin this 'Girlzilla' thing is not what I'd call myself. Yet I'm not divinity so I'm not a goddess...I guess giantess is as good as it gets..." She shook her head. "I was like you long ago, so these "Girlzilla's" as you call them are actually just kids who got taken abducted by Alien's then well turned into what you see now. Dunno why the kids, don't care either, they die just as easy." Alice had a cold look in her eyes which the other's noticed. ""What?" She asked despite not getting an answer she understood why. "Yeah so what if they're kids, they kill hundreds of thousands, if it was an adult woman would it be any different? She glared at the human's below. "ANYWAYS they follow 'The Queen' Leumya, I think is her name. Don't know really, anyways they follow her as for why? I mean if you suddenly grew massive you think people would welcome you with open arms? It's not impossible but it's not likely either.

I don't know if it's mind control or not, maybe The Queen actually cares for them and is like a mother, or maybe these kids were neglected and trying to please this woman...a child naturally wants to please her parent..." Alice sighed at that last part again.

"Or maybe...just maybe the Queen herself longs to have something she never had. Who knows. Point is she has the same powers she gives these girls...but she didn't give me anything....sorry got off topic there."

"So uh...right so when I was human like you I grew up alone. Not saying I didn't have parents, more than I just didn't feel connected to them. I was adopted at an early age, don't remember my birth parents but I kept people at arms length, I still do. Point being I taught myself how to take care of myself, how to intimidate, how to charm, how to dance, and most importantly how to fight. Let me tell you those alien's aren't too good at that last one. I'm not a genius but I know how to listen and how to watch people do things, I was...part of the whole girlzilla crap.

But I broke out. No powers, nothing but without that queen around a little JKD a few aliens killed and there I was escaping. I'll leave the experiment details to your imaginations. But something did happen when I got back to Earth here the ground...began fusing with me plates of rock have fused with my breasts, my *Ahem* personal area and my legs too, but I quickly learned to control this, learned to feel the planet itself, vibrations, as if it were speaking to me, I grew and grew and soon here I was controlling the planet itself...or..." She held out her as a massive ball of heat came into it. "This is literally power from the sun..." She sighed as it became nothing more than hot air vanishing into steam which she blew away.

"You two, mothers...take good care of your kids ok don't uh...don't fuck up like I did ok?." Alice sighed and went towards the city.
“Thanks for your help again, I guess they find girls for whatever reason, and then they suddenly do something to them and then they return as monsters. I once heard something of a star named Koyuki being a sweet angel, and then when she grew, she became a full on kaiju. So maybe there is some good left in them if they were once good. And I did heard something about a transmission of their Queen saying that our planet is the last of many to be conquered.” Teal said just as she reveals some surprising info to Alice to give her more details just before she goes. When she hears that, Alice then turns around.

“So you know at least one of them to some extend, I guess you have a point there. If they were originally a good person, maybe it possible to get them back to normal.” Alice said, and then she notices some trees behind them being shifted as some roars and ground rumbles happen. (They are on land near a forest as its a safe area to some extend.)

“Great, that is great!” Teal said in fear just as she notices the ground rumble before them. They then started running for their lives and towards Alice when suddenly a Girlzilla suddenly comes out of the trees. The girl in question was a much older girl, about the same age as Alice, age 17, but with black hair, red eyes, and was wearing a silver bikini. She was roaring excessively just as she fired some fire from her mouth at Alice, who dodged it.

“Kneel before me, and you traitor, what is your business here?” The older giantess said to both Teal and Alice, and everyone who was there.

“Great, that is just perfect, trapped.”
Alice just tilted her head to dodge it. "So do you want me to bow or to answer your question first?" Despite the serious tone in Alice's voice this was her snark coming out. It was rare for Alice to have any moods other than serious, dead serious, and annoyed. Laughing, sympathizing openly, she hadn't done this in a long time. "Then again...it's hard to take a girl in a bikini seriously, I've always wondered what is it with girlzilla's and bikini's? Is it like a standard uniform, or are you just perverted aliens? Maybe you don't have any fashion sense? Hell...maybe you're just too stupid to understand clothing." Alice smiled.

"But you call *ME* a traitor? I suggest you learn the meaning of the word before you use it." Alice's face turned to anger, a rarely shown emotion but with all that had happened to her she had finally snapped. "How many lives do you need to ruin before you're done! How much do you need?! I don't give a shit what happens to these humans! But trust me I can easily destroy you...in fact it's tempting to humiliate you here and now, make you beg me to stop as I show you true fear and end your life, erasing you from existence as easy-" Alice stepped forwards. "As" another step till she was in this woman's face looking her dead in the eyes. "Breathing" Alice's breath could be felt on this woman's neck. "Let me make something clear...your alien shit, your experiments, this whatever the fuck you call yourselves, I. Hate. All. Of. You!" With that Alice shoved her causing her to step back then got back in her face. "Traitor? Oh that's rich, tell me, did you ever have a child?...I did." Alice said before she could answer.

"Twelve years old, adopted of course, know what happened, the two of us were close, mother and daughter, she was in her 'edgy' years, but each time she'd apologize after. 'I'm sorry mama' she'd say or 'I was just so upset!' and I'd hold her tightly. Then...one day...that ship of yours pulls us both up and turns her into one of those 'things' that girl I had begun to bring up was gone...but that...THING you turned her into had her face...so you know what I did? I used my power to create a bubble of water so mirkey that I wouldn't see it's face, began choking her then beat her fucking head with this very fist." Alice held up her right fist. "And after six strikes I snapped her neck...and since then I have felt so. damn. empty. So I jumped into the sea and let myself sink until I hit the bottom, where I'd sleep for allllll eternity and have her in my dreams, however something came to mind." Alice grabbed the girl's skull and threw her to the ground then pinned her down. "Revenge wouldn't solve anything, sure I could kill you all but...that wouldn't bring back my daughter...nor would cloning her. She's gone now. So if anything..." Alice paused "I'M JUST A GRIEVING MOTHER!!" She slammed her fist into the girl's face and got up. "If you want Teal, go ahead and take her, see if I care." Alice sobbed.
the girl got up shocked she was bleeding. "I *WAS* told to bring you with me after taking Teal but I don't think our Queen will mind if you're a little broken." Alice looked back to see several other 'girlzillas'

"I hope you're joking...for your sake." Alice narrowed her eyes. "You know..." Alice stomped near Teal and the others who cowered in fear and dragged a line in front of them. She then picked up Teal and the rest. "Changed my mind...Pick a side, stay where you are, and I'll pretend you don't exist. Cross that line...and no matter how old you are. Be it you whose likely no more than eight, or you who must be about fourteen, or you..." She pointed to the girl who she had punched. "You're life will end and I promise...it won't be pretty." Alice counted a dozen but only five crossed the line. "The rest of you?" she asked obviously unfazed. They shivered one even fell backwards. "What the- I- I thought she was like us??!!" One cried, another sobbed.

"Those eyes...those aren't the eyes of any girlzilla or human. They're..." Another laughed manically, Alice had broken her just by glaring at her. Fragile minds, this one was so young, poor thing, being dragged into a life not hers.

"Shut up!" Alice snapped and instantly the girl stopped laughing. In fact she curled up into a ball and sobbed. "Others?!" Alice asked again.

"M-maybe this isn't...I mean there's millions ofthers the Queen could take right?" One said the leader glared at her. "Our Queen's orders are absolute and-" Alice raised her hand crateing a tower of diamond and placed Teal and co on it then imprisoned them inside. "You know...I honestly planned to let them take you...but now I'm so pissed off that I need to let off some steam. Alice was over to one of the girls in a flash and slammed her foot on the ground causing roots to entangle her legs. "Kneel for me." She said as the roots pulled her down. She waved her hand blowing two other's into some nearby buildings then with a snap the roots caught fire burning the girl they intangled. She screamed. as another came at Alice from behind. She felt the ground become sand which pulled her in, down, down, down till she was at Alice's shoes. "You look good there." Alice chuckled and kicked her skull. Back to the girl entanged Alice slammed her palm into her throat for a while nothing happened then she noticed the hole in her as the roots let go she fell down dead. "One." She looked to the girl below and pulled her up throwing her into the two who she had previously blown away. The fourth had blasted her with a laser from her eyes. Alice used her hand to stop it as it began burning her. Stones began to rain down on her with a splash of water Alice appeared behind the girl grabbing her and slamming her body on the diamond tower a HUGE bolder came down with enough impact to split the girl in half. "You brought the on yourselves." Alice noticed one trying to run away. The ground began to shake And Alice used the sun's energy to create a beam that swept across the ground burning her to no more than a black mark on the street with smoke coming from it.

The fourth found herself being consumed by lava. as the leader looked in horror as did Teal and the other's. Alice chuckled as she shot a torrent of boiling water burning the girls face off, destroying her eyes. Then three stone blades shot up and began moving across the ground the lava had stopped and had burned off her legs as she tried to crawl back they sliced her apart. "I told you...I'm more than any of you worthless insects." Looking to the leader Alice smirked suddenly she began to grow. To the point that the leader only came up to her shin. She stomped her down then vanished. Looking up into the sky they could see the woman looking down. She could hug the planet itself instead she merely pointed at the leader blasting her with the sun's power.In an instant she came down to 200ft again.

"Would anyone else like to die. I can do this all day and night. I must say it's quite Therapeutic." They all shivered back. "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!! NOW FUCK OFF!!" She grabbed the "Prison" she had put her little ones in and smashed it destroying the diamond and putting them back in her sash. "Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going back to greving in peace!! If your queen needs these she can come see me herself. Just tell her I'm likely going to kill her if she does." Alice dove back into the ocean once again keeping the humans safe in her aura.
Teal, Julia, and both their mothers were all in horror, shock, awe, well anything that you can imagine at the moments of seeing Alice killing all those Girlzillas in horrific ways, and then being placed in a diamond or whatever and being dragged back into the ocean safe in Alice's aura in her sash when the prison was done was just something no child or mother would ever wanted to witness at all. They were just kids being killed by Alice in the most horrific ways imaginable, and Alice just show how much of a monster that she could truly be. It made them all sick to their stomachs, so much so, that Teal was just shattered in fear, and this lead to her mother coming to comfort her. "Teal, its going to be alright, I promise you...." her mom said before Teal then just snapped and yells.

"REALLY!!!!! What I just witness before my eyes are those kids that might still be inside being good or what not being killed by Alice!!!! And now being trapped once again after coming back to land, I mean, what the hell is going on anymore?!"

"Look, I am very sorry for what y'all had to witness, and trust me, I wish y'all didn't had to see me this way, but I assure you, it was the only way." Alice then said, calming down a little bit and shed just a slight tear. "I assure y'all have something to say to me."

"Yes, I am starting to think that you aren't no better than them, and that you are just like a monster just like the others in your own special way. I mean, the way they were screaming when they died, it could have been implied that they were just wanting to live or what not. Yes, brainwashed or not... they could have still lived, because... when you were attacking them, I saw something, I don't know what it was, but I saw something... like some sort of aura coming from them." Teal said, and this shocked everyone. "I can see your aura right now being yellow. They were red... which in this case was evil. Yours I would either assume is neutral or good. Look, I know how it is to lose someone. 7 years ago, I lost my birth parents to those monsters in New York City, and the mother with me here is my foster mother, who has watched me. I didn't know much or my original parents, but at least enough to remember a few memories. I remember watching them get some people out of the rubble as they were both rescue operators, and I remember seeing them get crushed underneath their feet, and I was scared, as that monster was coming towards me, getting ready to do something to me. Then suddenly... I saw an aura from another one, and that was green, and it charged at her, saving me, and got me to safety. When those Girlzillas were dying, their aura was then changing back to green and then they disappeared, looking like they got back some of their memories and what not."

"Interesting... so you can see the auras of a Girlzilla to tell if they are good, bad, or neutral." her mom then told her. "I mean, she told me how she lost her parents as she remembers their death, and well... it kinda matches your story Alice, losing someone they loved."

Alice was a bit moved by this, and she smiled at them. "Well... I feel sorry for you Teal. Like I said, I am not interested in protecting y'all, as my goal to keep the balance of nature going, but... thanks for opening up to me. I guess you and I are somewhat similar. Say, you told me your story, so I guess its fair I give you the full story of mind. I remember the day... that one famous girl doing those monster movies, Koyuki, or Koyukizilla in this case... that kaiju girl took everything from me, and if what you are saying is true... then its possible to get them to realize that there is still good in them. But, let me give you the full story of how her attack changed me forever.

(Use Koyukizilla in the next add)

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