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My friend Carol and I will be writing from quotes by our favorite authors.
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Welcome to the Campfire of ♥HOOves♥ and Princess Megan Rose We will be writing from authors and poets that we love. Which authors will we choose? Here are a few: Jane Austen, The Bronte Sisters, Ernest Hemingway, Danielle Steel, Elizabeth Gaskell, just to name a few. We will write from quotes from authors. What we will write? Personal events in our life, friendship, authors books and what ever comes to mind. We enjoy writing campfires and we have done 5 or 6 together with just us. We did Jane Austen last, Movies and TV one and Carol had a couple of music campfires we did together and two about words {just writing from one word}. We are doing this new campfire and we hope you will enjoy reading this. Carol and I have been friends for years here and enjoy the same authors and of course we love to write.

"Ah there is nothing like staying home for real comfort." Emma

Come on in and see what we are writing about from quotes by authors.

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"I am no bird and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will." Charlotte Bronte

She has the right idea. I am no bird but I would want to be free and flying around and not have a net ensnare me. She is right. We have the right to be free. I think she was probably referring to marriage and didn't want to feel like she was being captured. Maybe she meant her writing. She didn't want men just to be the ones who were known for their writing.

Out of all her sisters, I like Emily the best. Wuthering Heights is a great book and movie. It is neat that all three sisters of this family were writers. She was a free bird, free spirit and that's what women wanted back then. I like being free to do what I want since I don't have a job and have to put up with people. As a writer, I can relate to other writers and I really like this quote by Charlotte Bronte. I hope she and her sisters were happy. I think of Free Bird By Leonard Skynner when I saw this quote. I think Charlotte would have liked that song. This free bird has some work to do today and is meeting a friend for lunch.

Carol, you can write about this quote or choose another author and his or her quote. Thanks.
Thanks for having me in the campfire! That is a great quote to begin with as we fly free with our thoughts! *Bird*

In those days of Charlotte Bronte, I think that feeling free like that was a luxury. Everyone would strive for freedom, but some were born into lives they couldn't escape very easily. I feel free in a sense, but you still have to be careful. That is what you learn as you go and grow, though. With freedom comes responsibility.

The quote I will start with comes from F. Scott Fitzgerald:

"To be kind is more important than to be right."

That is something that I forget sometimes. I think it means more to try and be kind. When you have a temper like I do, anger can make you lose sight of this at times. Forgiveness can come at a hard price. When I get angry, I get stubborn and that gets in the way of being kind.
All I can do is hope to do better going forward.

I guess you can use the Fitzgerald quote or your own and go from there. *Heartv*
To be kind is more important then being right. If the situation to be right is important, like at my job, with patients medications, I would be as kind as I could. I didn't want the patients to get the wrong meds and harm them, so forget kindness when arguing with other employees. It was more kind to be right and do the right thing. I get mad at things but I will be kind until I really get mad. I will have to walk away. I will go back later and address the matter. Things work out better.

"Ah, there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." Emma

I agree. You can do anything you want at home. Eat anytime, watch TV, using your own bathroom is comforting. Sing and dance, act goofy, read and havr no manners. Walk around in your nightgown. People at WalMart wear pajamas! I wore my nightgown to WalMart once but I had a coat over it. My house had just burned down and I just got up. I had worked midnights and Ray came home at 3:30. He put gas in the tractor and the tractor caught on fire. We got out and went to his father's house. We stayed there two weeks and my kitty Tigger stayed in the back bedroom. We moved into our old principal's house who had went to Florida for the winter. I just loved him and his wife and we made friends with each other even though he was our principal. I cleaned the house and we made it home for 3 months but I was glad to get back into a new house. Yes, I know what it means to say there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Back to being Walmart in my nightgown, Ray and I had to buy a few things like clothes! I like being at home and having things my own way.

You can write from this quote or choose another. I look forward to finding quotes from different authors and writing about them. It was supposed to rain all day. Mom and I cancelled our beach trip. Now, the sun is shining! I want to go to see the weatherman and tell him off! He needs to be right so I can be kind! Have a good day, my Dear!
I love the quote about staying home. My house is a sanctuary and the place I love to come home to. We don't travel much anymore because of Boo and that is fine with me. It is hard to board her because she hates it and now she is almost 12. We will probably have to do it again, but I don't want to. I would rather stay here all cozy.

It is not a big place, but it's big for two people and a basset hound.

This is the quote I found:

"But how could you live and have no story to tell?”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, White Nights

I see things that make me want to shake my head at the story that gets told. It is an old story that gets repeated until it is memorized in my brain. But then I remember it is humans at work and I know why. Playing games with people is the story that is told again and again. Some never learn from former mistakes or departures. I guess we/I can either buy into that nonsense of dismiss it for what it is.

We have fun and have a good time writing. That is a pretty good story to tell on a writing site whether any of our contributions are valued or not. They are valued by us, the real ones who matter.


Ray and I don't travel much. We have Bella and I only leave her for a day or two. I know what you mean about not wanting to leave Boo alone. Our pets miss us.

Everyone does have a story to tell. I wouldn't care to share all my bad stories. There are some you want to forget. Some people here tell stories about themselves and I am like the cartoon donkey on Hee-Haw who rolls his eyes. "I don't think I would have told that." I love sharing stories but some are just too painful and embarrassing. I get what you mean.

"But the cloud never comes in that quarter of the horizon from which we watch for it." Elizabeth Gaskel

We watch for the rain but it don't always come from the direction or clouds we hoped it would. Same with life. We hope and wait but it never happens. Meadows was my maiden last name. Like once, The Meadows Family was supposed to inherit millions of dollars from a gas industry founded by The Meadows Family. They promised to send us letters, checks and wanted our bank account numbers. Think again. They said they wouldn't ask for the numbers until they were ready to deposit the checks. They would send a letter telling us the money was going to be deposited into our accounts. We never saw a penny of the so called inheritance and they never asked for our bank account numbers or sent the letter. I was going to set up a dummy account with just ten dollars in it and give them that number if they sent the letter asking for my bank account number. Waiting for the mail for 3 years, well, we gave up and no matter what cloud we were looking at it, it wasn't going to happen. Donald Trump and Victor Newman have all the money. I adore our President and Victor isn't real but millions of dollars is something I will never see. I will never have millions of dollars but now that I am retired, I have what I want and need. Not Downton Abbey or Pemberly but what would I do with them? I would have to travel to England. To bad I just can't walk there.

This is my speech for the day. I value our campfire entries. Not everyone has to love what we write. I am content with that. We write for fun. Writing is fun.
That is like a watched pot never boils sort of. That is a good quote. I think that is very true. As soon as I don't care about something anymore things start happening with it. This has happened time and time again.

I am making progress in not watching stuff. Yesterday I saw something I didn't like much. At first I was angry, but then I started to see how funny it was, so I described it to Mr. HOOves, who thought it was hilarious. When people deliberately do mean things anywhere, usually they make hyenas out of themselves because they don't quite have whatever it takes in the brains department to carry it off convincingly.

My quote today is the last line from Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises."

It is: "Isn't it pretty to think so?"

I think that I tell myself things are good and one way, but then something happens that forces me to see the truth. Sometimes, it can take a long time to see the truth about what is going on, but once you have seen it, it is hard to go back in time.

It is pretty to think so for a while, but then the monsters come out of the shadows and you can't turn away.


The Sun Also Rises. "Isn't it pretty to think so?" A sunrise is a beautiful sight as well as a sunset so I do agree. I haven't seen a sunrise in awhile and I miss seeing one.

We want to see the good in things but bad things still happen and we pray and go on. God does make things better in time. I do agree with this with all my heart.

"I think if advice is good, it's the best comfort." Elizabeth Gaskel

Good advice is comforting and we feel better about ourselves and life. If advice is hurtful and mean, we feel unwanted, incomplete and worthless. Tell the truth but people should use tact and understanding. A kind word can be medicine to the soul. No one likes to feel hurt, sad or unworthy unless he or she is a cruel person. I appreciate good advice and friendship.

I hate when monsters come out of the shadows and makes life miserable. Why do people want to be like this? I am hoping for a good day. I pray for everyone.
Good advice, given from a generous heart is always comforting. I had to really stop and listen to the advice I was getting. Someone was telling me why did I even care that certain parties weren't doing the right thing because they rarely do the right thing. It's obvious and everyone who has any sense already knows that. I should quit trying to get whoever to come over to my way of thinking because it is never going to happen. So, like any bad thing, you have to accept it and move along, HOOves.

I was pressuring myself to do this and do that. Well, I will try not to do that anymore and just do what I enjoy.

"Convinced myself, I seek not to convince." Edgar Allan Poe

I take this to mean that as long as I know what is right, it doesn't matter what others may believe or think. I add to that the instruction to myself to "be kind." They will see the truth about things or they won't and it won't make a bit of difference to how we live our lives. And, it is good to get prepared for the worst in some circumstances.

Hope your day is a fine one! It's fine and cool here! *Hearty**Hearto*

I am always trying to convince myself about something. Like I shouldn't diagnose myself. That's the doctor's job. I always worry about things and I need to convince myself God's got this and things will be okay.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Maya Angelou WE all have a story we want to share but some stories will hurt the people you love and you don't want to do that. Some stories stay secret. Being a writer, you can write a fictional story about yourself or someone and let others think it is fictional. This will help the agony. Tell a trusted friend that will never tell anyone and you will ease your mind about things. Write it in your journal where no one will see it. Go ahead to the woods and tell your story and you know the birds and woods animals can't talk or say anything, so your secret is safe.

I agree with you. As long as you know what is right, you are doing the right thing. This is what's on my mind today.
We all have our stories to tell and if we keep them inside it is bound to cause trouble, so that is a great quote from Maya Angelou. This site helps us to share our stories. That cannot help but be a good thing going forward. We share them with each other and that we can control. What we cannot control is the social aspect of the internet and bad behaviors, but even that can be dealt with if it gets to be too cliquey and playing favorites and besties and homies goes on too much.

"I gave up caring about anything and all the problems disappeared." Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I think that is a true quote. You can't quit caring about everything, but you can quit caring about things that are nonsensical and out of your control. It sometimes takes a long time to get to the point of not caring, but it can be done. I felt pushed and pushed and finally I said enough. I have to because my blood pressure will take care of ending it (and me) if I don't.

Then I decided that as far as I am concerned certain things do not exist for me. I don't buy into the nonsense and false promises that way. It is not easy to get to that point, but it is necessary to have a good experience. Something I might have thought would have been nice becomes something to be avoided. So, your perspectives change over time as you see how things are done. Behavior patterns tell the tale. If I see a way to do something and avoid nonsense I will do it.

I wanted something to happen. Days turned into weeks. It was ridiculous. It made more work for me, this delay. But I found a way to work around it. You always do if you try hard enough and then when the anticipated thing happens, who cares anymore.

That is the secret. You might want something until you don't. Then you can't go back.

Surviving is more important in the end. *Heartg*
Surviving is more important then anything. The internet and media won't leave anyone alone. I don't want to be a celebrity and have my name and faults in those rags. Sad really. The Royals are in the papers everyday. Why can't they just give us the highlights once in awhile and leave them alone and stop making up stories about them?

You might want something until you don't and can't get it back. I couldn't agree more. Some things don't seem important anymore as you get older. You will always care about some things in life. We have to, like you said in order to survive.

"Poetry cannot be explained. It must be lived." Anne Herbert

Poetry and romance, we experience. We enjoy nature and enjoy dark poems from Edgar Alan Poe which is entertaining. Religious views, love, events in life can be all explained in poetry and we live every day. Poetry is relaxing, tells a story in stanzas and everyone can relate to things rather they admit it or not. Poetry is food for the soul. We explain life in poems and we live it as well. I found this quote comforting and reflected on why I like poetry. I am going to have a good day with this thought in mind.
I agree that poetry is lived. The first week that I met Mr. HOOves, he gave me a book of poetry to keep in touch with me. I was only working there with him for a short time, so he gave me the book so I would need to give it back to him. It was a book of very romantic poems by Rod McKuen.

Then later, I gave him a book of poems for a gift.

My quote is from that book:

"I love your glances meeting mine across forever or the room." Rod McKuen

It took about a month for us to end up going out and the rest is history. On our first "date", Mr. HOOves mentioned something about Ernest Hemingway.

So, the most important days of my life had books and poetry in them. I cherish those books, but most of all the memories.
Ray never liked poetry but we had our own romantic concepts and expressed them. Books do give us memories and thank goodness we can hold on to them.

"You see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future." Danielle Steel I believe this. After having bad romances and then meeting Ray, remembering fairy tales, I started to believe in them again. I get where Danielle is coming from on this. You can face the future and still believe in the magic of fairy tales. We have to get through life. This quote makes me smile.

On this Sunday, I am getting ready for Church and hope for a good day. I try to live each day as it comes and I still have hopes and plans for the future. Everyone does but we can't forget to live in today.

That's all I have for today.
“It's very important to lose gracefully. You know, no bitterness, no anger, no remorse - can't display that.” Senator John McCain

I think that this is some great advice. It is interesting to me how that the press is singing a different tune about Senator McCain now that he has passed.

He always was classy about losing. But he did some amazing things like surviving being a P.O.W. in Vietnam. The press tried to downplay that in 2008 a lot, but now they finally tell some of the truth about the man.

Nobody likes to lose. Eventually, if you do it with class, someone will notice, but probably not the press until they can use it to their own advantage. I say rest in peace to a man who served his country well and was never given the Medal of Honor (from any of those politicians who were president) that he deserved. He was more than a politician - he was a war hero. That's much more noble in the end.

I wanted John McCain to be President but he lost. I did admire him for surviving being a POW and being tortured. That would be rough. I am sorry to hear of his passing. Poor guy. America will remember him and our almost President. He was a War Hero.

"Some things in life are waiting for." Danielle Steel I agree. A raise {I never got many of those}, a yearly bonus check, getting married to the right man, being in love, getting books published, something special you ordered. These things are worth waiting for. Christmas, seeing family, having lunch with friends, reading good books and looking forward to the ending. These things are worth waiting for.

Danielle Steel has some good quotes and I love reading her books and her views on life. Waiting can be hard but a great outcome is worth it.
There are things that are definitely worth waiting for and then there are those that you wait for and anticipate and they end up not living up to the hype ahead of time. That is all what life is about.

But, sometimes you are guided to where the time is right. Besides hamsters, we never had a pet until we got Boo. That could be a mistake or it could be that I wasn't ready for that and I needed to be ready when it was Boo who needed a home. So, destiny brought us together at just the right time. It was almost a year after my Mom passed away that we got Boo.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive." —Gilda Radner

I think this is true about any beloved animal family members, not just dogs. Boo is always glad to see us come down the stairs or come through the door. It makes my heart glad to see that wagging tail every time. Some days I came home here alone while Mr. Hooves was sick in the hospital and Boo always lifted my spirits a lot. She turns 12 later on this week, but it doesn't seem like it's been that long. 12 years of being loved by a basset hound is pretty awesome.

I love my kitty and I enjoy all friends pets. I pray all animals, dogs and cats are rescued and get a good home. They deserve to be loved. That's what cats and dogs are for. I want an iguana, tiger, wolf, a snow leopard, well my own zoo but I don't that is not possible. Husband says these animals want to be free even iguanas. I would love an iguana. I petted a bearded dragon and he was so neat. I am an animal lover and I taught my son to be the same way. I am glad he loves animals. He rescued an abused dog from his wife's cousin. He had enough of him and his friends abusing her. I met him once and I just wanted to slap him. Tie him to a fence and do what he did to the dog. Anyway, I wish all people loved animals like I do. You get why you love Boo. I love Bella. Happy Birthday, Boo!

"When you can bring yourself to write about it one day, you will find it all less painful. Don't do it until you are ready." Danielle Steel

There are some things I don't want to talk about, let alone write about. I write about these things in my journal I don't want to write about but telling the world is another thing. Maybe someday, I will want to write about something painful and hopefully people would understand but I will when
I am ready. I think happy things and write fictional stories and do Blog entries but just share what I am willing to share. Once in awhile, I show a side of me when I am upset about something but I keep it friendly. Works for me for now anyway.

Went on a shopping spree yesterday. I bought a lavender Vera Wang purse, lavender necklace, nice rhinestone ring that looks real, found a gold cat pin at an antique shop. A Kate Middleton Paper Doll Book. Mom bought Shirley Temple and Gone With The Wind Paper Doll Books. I bought some Kate Spade towels in lavender and a towel with elephants. I hope to go to a Kate Spade Store later this week. Can't afford her purses, as I already have one but I got it free as a gift from my job. At least my job did one thing nice for me. Anyway, I hope to get some nice jewelry from the Kate Spade store that is reasonable.

Have a good week.
I think that we write about things when the time is right to deal with them. Some things maybe the time will never be right.

That sounds like a fun shopping trip. There is a Vera Bradley Outlet here about an hour's drive away. I had just found out about it recently. Every week I debate. The problem is that I never go in that direction since Mr. HOOves had his disaster in the V.A. Hospital. So, for 7 years I don't go East of a certain point. But there is Vera Bradley there luring me. I still get an upset tummy feeling when I think of going that way so I will stay put for a while. I know I do not need any more Vera Bradley stuff.

My quote for today:

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." Dorothy Parker

My Dad was a very curious sort of person. He was always learning, but did not live long enough to explore the Internet. After military (Army and then Air Force) and working for the government, he went back to school and got his degree in History at the age of 61 from the University of Maryland. When he was learning, he never had time to worry about stuff. He was a happy guy who always liked to smile and laugh. When he traveled, he always brought me back cows because my whole family knew how much I liked cows. I wish he had lived to meet Boo because he would have loved her and thought she was a great pup. That is what he said about my nephew's dog, Barkley (a boxer). Barkley was a great pup. *Heartv*
Mom and I are going to Lake Michigan for a picnic and out shopping at the Lighthouse Mall. They have a Vera Bradley Store and a Kate Spade store. I will be shopping there I hope. I have 10.00 coupon for Kohls I can spend next week. I do love to shop. As for Barnes and Nobles, I need to catch up on my reading. I am so far behind.

A cure for boredom is curiosity. Sorry, your father missed out on meeting Boo. Mom loves Bella. Curious. I am always curious. I like to being informed and know what is going on. Not world news but everything else I life. I surf the internet for a lot of things.

"A good novel tells us the truth about it's hero but a bad novel tells the truth about it's author." G. K. Chesterton

I love novels about romance, heroes and a good book makes me content. A bad book, you do think what a lousy author. I never read that person's books again. We all want heroes. WE need to be saved and protected and this is where heroes come in to rescue us. Romantic heroes are the best. I like watch movies about superheroes like Hercules, Xena, Supergirl, Batman and reading about people who are heroic that I never met. Like those who rescue animals as well as people. I like reading about these situations in books. We do need heroes.

Barkley sounds like a nice pet. Bella is running around having a party and likes to play fetch. I think she is part dog. Have a good day.
I agree with that quote about an author. If it is supposed to be fiction, the reader should get wrapped up in the story, not the author. I have had some authors I liked (like Patricia Cornwell for instance) where she did something bad with her lovable character. I used to buy all her books and totally quit reading them then. It is like the TV Show, Game of Thrones. They went too far and I didn't care anymore. Same with Dexter. They had some really bad episodes and ruined a great show. This happens with books, too and recurring characters.

This is my quote for today:

"Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness." Euripides

This is really very true. Anyone can pat you on the back when you do good. It's when we mess up and make mistakes that we find out who wants to run in and give us a good kick in the you know where. I don't like going through the tough times, but they can definitely be enlightening.

Enjoy your shopping fun and give Bella big kiss and gentle hug from Boo and us. *Heartg*

Friends are great in time of trouble. Where would we be without them? Good call on this.

Went to Lake Michigan. It was so pretty. Blue, green and teal. Makes me forget I live in Indiana when I see the lake. A seagull was riding the waves and looked so cute. Michigan is so pretty with hills and so green. I get to go back to Michigan in November. I am so ready. I love it.

I went to the Kate Hudson Store. I bought a nice gold, leopard bracelet, colored stone necklace and a pearl necklace. I love pearls. I have never had designer pearls before. I am so happy. I got out for a hundred dollars but it was a big sale. I saved 200.00. I love Kate Spade items.

"I've got the key to my castle in the air but when I can unlock the door remains be seen." Louisa May Alcott

I like this quote. I have Pemberly and Downton Abbey but when I can unlock the door, think again. I think these things exist in our minds and dreams. A castle in the air? Would it be safe? This defies the law of gravity. I like this quote. We always have hopes and dreams. Like Hotel California. You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave. My luck, I get a key to the castle, someone would change the locks. Like my husband says about me looking at other men, I can look at the menu all I want. I just can't order anything! I just have my house keys and car key. That's enough keys. I had 20 keys at work I carried all the time. Doors to all the rooms, Med Cart, Narc Box, front office, utility rooms, kitchen and laundry. Not one key to a mansion. Darn. Bella would probably get lost in a mansion. This is my quote and answer for the day.
I think we all hope for something different (maybe better, maybe not) beyond. Maybe if we get those keys, we won't want to use them. You never know. Your outing sounds like lot of fun. You have to spend to save.

This is my quote for today:

"Failure really is just success in progress. If you’d rather not fail, you will probably never succeed. " Albert Einstein

I think that we have to find ways to keep trying even when things seem dim and hopeless. You wake up with an idea and you try a different way. When you lose hope in people, never lose hope in your dreams. People can be very unfair and arbitrary, but your own dreams and the will to see them through will always win out eventually. When something or people are unfair, it usually comes to light for all to see.

Shine the light by doing good work and standing by it. That is a good goal to have and ignore those who would rain on the parade of others.

I hate when someone rains on my parade or takes away my joy. I write, shop read and count my blessings. I always stand by the good things that I believe in. A good goal and way to live.

Reading is my favorite occupation when I have leisure for it and books to read." Anne Bronte

I agree with Anne but they didn't have internet or TV back then. There wasn't a lot to do so books were a great hobby. Writing like Anne did, had to be a good hobby, too. I am not sure what libraries had to offer or how hard it was to get books, so you enjoyed them when you could get them. People still read but some read ebooks more then paper books. Reading a newspaper or anything is better then nothing. Thank goodness for books and the internet to read a variety of things.

WDC Birthday is tomorrow. This is always nice. Here's to a good Labor Day Weekend and Happy Birthday WDC Week!
I love to read and it is something that I can do when all else fails. I can escape in a book and feel better about things. I tried to click on those achievement badges and it says they are sent, but nothing happens. I bet it is a bug that will have to be fixed. Maybe I broke it having too many of them coming or something. I hope not.

My quote today is:

"All things truly wicked start from an innocence."

Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

The first time I came here, I wrote in an interactive story. I thought I broke it, but someone was kind back then and fixed it. I was pretty naive about a lot of things and had very little experience with The Internet. That was September 9, 2000. What a long time ago that seems. I left for a short time and came back in 2001 and stayed. I don't go on Facebook or anywhere else, except for shopping on Amazon. Anywhere else on the Internet makes me too nervous.

Boo is not feeling too well this morning. Please keep a good thought for her. *Heartp*
The Achievement Badges aren't even in my shop page. I don't know what gives.

"She looks for advantage around every corner." Kate Spade

I adored Kate Spade and she had it all but killed herself. I don't get it. I look for advantages but not to hurt anyone. I just want things in life to be better and always hope for the best. That's all we can do. After being at the Kate Spade store, I feel like part of a fashion show or something. Guess I just like fashion. I always hope everyone gets what they want out of life. I worked for years and I am glad I can enjoy life now retired. I hope everyone gets the advantages they want and have a good life.

WDC Birthday Week. I will work on the Unicorn Story. I do love unicorns. I hope Boo feels better. Lets have a good WDC Birthday Week and Labor Day.
I hope that all goes well and you have fun writing the Unicorn story. Let me know when I need to go and like it in the forum and send a review.

My quote for today is:

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you."

Walt Whitman

Things don't always go our way and days are cloudy. But today was a better day for Boo. I hold on to that as medical stuff keeps looming. A really sunny day doesn't involve Doctors or Vets. It involves doing what we love, being kind and if that gives an advantage so be it. It is good to be retired and able to do our things.

We seem to have a lot of cloudy days. I feel pretty good today. All those nice Merit Badges for all our achievements. I feel so appreciated here. Beautiful.

"She let her imagination run away with her." Kate Spade

Mom and I drove by the prison and I said: "What if a escaped convict gets into the car and takes us hostage?" Mom said: "Your imagination is over active. Why do you come up with these things?" I am a writer. I always think the worst and hope for then best. I always think of what if and everything bad but I try to think happy endings, too. My imagination always runs away with me. I wouldn't be me if it didn't. I write.

Hope Boo is well. Bella jumped on my dresser last night and we had to shut the bedroom door. I am slowly starting my day. Have a good Labor Day.
You have a good Labor Day, also. Things are better here with Boo. I am not feeling the greatest, but can't do anything about it until tomorrow. My blood pressure medicine was increased and it's making me feel not so good in a lot of areas.

It is good to have imagination, but sometimes it can lead to anxiety in anticipating things that don't materialize.

Those achievement badges are a nice gesture for long time dedication Very nice.

My quote for today is:

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.

Henry David Thoreau

As I get older, I look back a lot. I miss a lot of people and some people now are very ill that I know. The losses pile up. I always wonder if we go back to the beginning and start over when this life is done. Or if it is on to something different. Well, we have faith that it will all be okay I guess. I am not sure that going back wouldn't be a good thing. I miss my Mom and Dad especially.

We always look back and wish to be young again. I know I do. I try to remember to go forward to where my life is now. Like you, I miss people who have died and left us.

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person. Always do what you are afraid to do. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am afraid to be in a room full of snakes and spiders, so these things I wouldn't do. I wish I would tried parachuting years ago. Maybe I should have walked into the woods at night. That might have been fun. As for writing, I would be afraid to write crime or horror. Guess I will do what I have to do. Like go to the Doctor when tests are ordered and surgeries. These fears I will just have to face. God is with me.

I am not feeling my best today. Sinuses are better. I have my over active bladder act up. Like seriously. Get well. I will be thinking of you and your B/P.
I hope all goes well for you there with your blood tests. I will face my fears and move along. Some days are better than others, aren't they?

Well, that is the nature of the thing when it is about aging.

This is my quote today:

"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart." Jane Austen

I made up my mind to not get upset because I felt like it was feeling bad that was making me go there. So, I will try to have a more tender heart and attitude.

Hey, I just realized that those new achievement badges were given out as if they were given on the day they were earned. I kept thinking where were they. But they are there in date order. For those of us who have been here a long time, they are very well hidden, but they are there. I think sometimes that I am slow to understand things, even more so when I don't feel well.

When I looked at a much less active long time member (who took a 10 year break from the site) I could see it clearly.


"Charm, Tenderness Of Heart

I love the Jane Austen Quote. A tender heart does charm a person when a man is charming towards a woman. I want to have a more tender heart and attitude. I agree. Some days are better then ever.

Style is to forget all styles. Jules Renara

I was thinking we all have our way of writing and style is to forget all style and just write what you feel and what kind of stories you like. Like dress styles. Dress the way you want and what makes you happy. The same with writing. I do. Style is different with each person. Rather it is decorating your house, make up, flowers in your yard, celebrating holidays, just use your own style and taste. Not everyone will do things the same as you.

I went to Barnes and Nobles and bought the movie The Book Club and I know I will love this movie. Candice Bergman is in it and I am so happy Murphy Brown is coming back after 30 years. I bought the latest copy of Pioneer Woman Magazine. I feel a connection to her.

I am loving Birthday Week and I almost cried over the achievement merit badges I got. Wow. Quite a milestone for you and me Carol. We have arrived and love this site. Have a good day.
So, we do what comes naturally and follow our own drummers.

"Give thanks for what you are today and go on fighting for what you're going to be tomorrow."

William Shakespeare

I am thankful for everything that is good and positive. For a while now, I have been on a radar system. Almost two years. If I make a mistake it gets pointed out to me right away. I am trying to turn that into a positive by learning from the mistake and thanking for the guidance.

What if I am wrong and it is all innocent. I should do what Shakespeare said. Fight to be better and forget about why people do things that seem a bit targeted.

I am way far away from perfect in everything. But I am trying and my heart is in the right place doing it.


I always want to fight to be better. I agree with you and Shakespeare. Your heart is in the right place and a lot of members love you like I do.

Never regret if it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. Victoria Holt

We all have bad experiences and we go forward. Guess we just have to. If it's good and wonderful, there is no reason to regret it. Life can't always be good. We do wish it could be though. I sometimes think experience is the best teacher and we just have to go forward. We try hard never to make the same mistake again.

Have a good day. I hope Boo is doing well.

Experience is a great teacher and it is good to never give up trying. Boo is recovering from visiting the Vet yesterday for her nails and other things. It takes the Vet, two techs and Mr. HOOves to keep Boo from kicking the Vet while the nail clipping goes on. The Vet said yesterday to the 2 Techs that Boo is not like most Basset hounds as she kicks like a bucking bronco bull.

Her next Big check-up and nail trim extravaganza will be on Halloween. All things considered she is doing well, just a little tired today from all the excitement yesterday.

This is my quote:

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” - Johnny Depp

I think they love in a way that doesn't want anything in return. But infants change. Some dogs keep that quality or bounce back pretty quickly from being angry about nail clipping trips to the Vets. Some cats keep that quality, too, like I am sure Bella does.

When I make a mistake I get embarrassed and sometimes maybe jump to wrong conclusions. I seem to make a lot more mistakes and am more forgetful lately, which is a lot more fun for those watching for my missteps, I guess.


Thank you so much for the Johnny Depp quote. I love dogs and all animals. Johnny has two dogs I know of. Sorry Boo hates having her nails done. My other cat Tigger hated the Vet and it was a struggle to get her there. We managed.

There are no regrets, just lessons. Jennifer Aniston

I was thinking she may be right. We learn from our mistakes and we have regrets but everything we do in life, they are lessons. We learn from them and move on. It is embarrassing to make mistakes but everyone does. I used to think lessons just applied to school and I learned that there are lessons in life. We need text books about life but we learn from experience, trial and errors. Life does go on.

Rained last night and may rain today. Hope you have been enjoying Birthday Week. I love it. Give Boo hugs.
I like Jennifer Aniston a lot. She doesn't seem to harbor a lot of bitterness like Angelina Jolie does. It is more like she loves enough to let go and doesn't have to name-call and try to get things out of and get even with her exes.

When she and Brad Pitt split up, they took a walk on the beach and that was pretty much her telling him to go on and do whatever. I bet he still regrets his stupidity, though. So, he may have regrets, but she (Jennifer Aniston) always acted with class. Now, he looks like a total fool, stuck supporting a bunch of kids who have been indoctrinated against him. Not fun.

This is my quote:

"[i}Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.{/i}"

Albert Camus

I love this time of year the most. I love it even though things have not always been good in autumn. On the good side, I met Mr. HOOves this time of year and that changed my life more than anything else.

Sometimes, I brood too much and autumn can be a time that lends itself to that. But the beauty of it always amazes me in a way the other seasons do not.

I have enjoyed the birthday week and maybe taken a step or two toward forgiveness in some quarters. So, that's a good thing overall.

I, too have enjoyed the Birthday Week at WDC. Today is the last day but it has been fun. A little dreary here today.

I didn't always like Jennifer Aniston that much but she did get a raw deal from Brad Pitt. Jennifer bounced back and I do like her a lot now. I loved her character on Friends.

Bitterness feels like warmth when you're afraid of trusting people. Pastor Sarah Jane Roberts

I guess this means you forgive people because God wants you to but you will never trust them again. You can be friendly with them and care about what happens to them. Trusting people is hard but get to know them. Be their friend but don't trust them with all your secrets. At your job, you need to trust them to do a good job so you can do your best. If they do something and break the bond, the boss will fire them and you need to do your part. It is better to feel warmth towards people then bitterness but sometimes, bitterness steps in. Just try to be nice and always protect yourself and ones you love and trust.

Autumn is a second spring. I love autumn. It feels like autumn today. An early fall? I hope not. Soon, we will have orange leaves, more rain and a feeling of serenity until winter sets in. I will enjoy what's left of summer.

Trust is a difficult thing. I think forgiveness can happen, but trust is earned. To forgive is divine. It is better not to dwell on the things that cause lost of trust. Once lost, I do not think it can come around again. But you never know. Never say never, I guess.

This year is a hard year. It is hard for me and for my brother. Some years are tougher than others. I do not know why really. Well, maybe with the fall, it will get easier. I hear it in my brother's voice, the sadness this year. I feel it but we don't really go there talking about his eldest daughter being gone. He is going up to visit her grave and was going to come here, but changed it. So, he's going to Syracuse.

This is my quote:

" Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny."

I hope when the quote says extraordinary that it means a happy destiny. Happiness is there, it's in the leaves falling and the children on Halloween. Boo is happy most of the time (I hope). She wags her tail and I feel happier. It's the little things, I guess.

So sorry to hear your brother doesn't want to talk you about his oldest daughter being gone. Sorry to hear it is a hard year for you. I have some health issues acting up and hopefully, they will pass.

You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to come to them sometimes. A.A. Milne

A. A. wrote Winnie The Pooh and he is right. You have to make then effort to see the person if you want or need something or feel that they do. Like people needing a job. They have to apply for it. Buying groceries. You can order an have them delivered but not where I live. You do your own shopping. A story isn't going to write itself. It needs an author. Dinner won't cook itself. Maybe someone will cook it for you and bring it over. You have to help yourself. Go see friends, go places and have a good day. Sometimes, you have to leave your corner of the forest to get things done. It would be nice to live in Hundred Acre woods and visit Pooh and his friends. I have stuffed Eeyores, so I can go see him.

Going to rain. Bella is being restless. I do hope Boo is having a good day.
I hope you get to feeling all better.

It is all good to make an effort to reach out. Today was my father's birthday. He was always interested in things and the world around him. That made for a good life. He was a happy, positive guy all the way through.

This is my quote for today, my Dad's birthday, September 10:

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

We have to know what is true inside of us. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure it all out. My father would have called me a knucklehead over some of the stuff I get anxious about. The best thing is looking forward to the future and learning things and getting excited about learning. I look forward to your Newsletter every month because I learn a lot so thank you for that, my friend! *Heartg*
I get anxious over a lot of things and sounds like your father needed to talk to me and tell me not to worry. Good advice.

"I am sure of this: that no one can write a book which children will like until he writes it for himself." A. A . Milne

True. If we write a book for children or adults and we don't like it, our audience won't either. Like I write something on here. If I don't like it, how can I expect anyone else to like it? Good call on this. More then once, I started to write something, didn't like where it was headed and scratched the idea and didn't write it. I think all writers do that. You replace it with a better idea. That is what writers do.

I look forward to the future and always hope for a better tomorrow. I hope you will be safe from the hurricane. All sunny here today. Thank you for all you do here.
I guess at times we all write for the child that still lives inside us. Children are great judges of what makes sense and what is good. We lose that purity as we grow up.

This is my quote today:

"Just because there's a hurricane going on around you doesn't mean you have to open the window and look at it." Taylor Swift

So, we are in the path of this awful hurricane. Our hysterical local weather forecasters are getting us all scared to death.

I just spoke with my brother who lives 25 miles from the coast in Virginia. He is evacuating west 400 miles to Kentucky for the foreseeable future, then maybe on to Iowa. I urged him to get on the road today before the mob hits, but he's leaving in the middle of the night.

We will stay here mostly because of Boo. Our big danger is rain and flooding and power outages. I must stock up on dog chow some more today and food, too. We got water and batteries over the weekend. If this is the monster storm they say it will be, who knows when things will get back to normal. *Heart* Scary times, but we'll get through them to the other side.

I hope your day is good and goes well.

I am praying for you and this hurricane. Taylor's quote, well, sometimes we have to look out the window and face it. I do hope this hurricane will calm down and not give you a lot of rain. I am with you. I will be praying for you.

My blood test results were good at the Doctor's office. I am trying a new sinus medication. Allergies are really bad in farm country.

"We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us." A. P. Kalam

With problems, we have to fight back and pray. This is my motto. I hate having problems but the world is full of them. We hang tough and fight. Easier said then done. Wish we had more control of our problems. I am thinking of you. You will get through this storm. Glad you are prepared for the storm. All my best.
That is an excellent quote. We face them and do not give up even when (especially when) times are hard.

I am so glad your blood tests came back fine. That is a big relief because the blood tells most of the story of what is going on. I hope you find a good sinus medicine that really helps things. *Heart*

The weather predictions here are so extreme - some say it could be less than 5 inches and some say 20 inches of rain - that we do not know what to believe. There are shortages of Gasoline, Water, and propane. I got a lot of things yesterday and today will mail some things that need to go out and get some more supplies. People in the grocery store and in the parking lot were hysterical because the stores do not have enough groceries or water. I had to circle and circle to park and then the lines were out the door. It is people panicking I think.

I have a friend in Wilmington and she left it too late. She's not up to evacuating with her dog, but I hope she goes to a shelter. You can't really find gas to get very far now here.

This is my quote for today:

"Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats."

It is good to keep positive and to try and have a sense of humor about it all. Either we will make it through or we won't and we can't control the weather so we do our best to be prepared and then we pray that all will be spared. I remember with that hurricane in Hawaii they said it was the end of the world and it fizzled out at the end. Maybe Florence will fizzle. I hope so! *Umbrellar*
So sorry to hear about the shortage of gas and everything that is going on with the hurricane. I offer prayers and friendship. I am thinking of you.

Life is a shipwreck. That is so true. We do need to sing in our life boats. Good call with the hurricanes happening. We need to sing through bad times and make lemonade when life hands us lemons.

"Education can become a self fulfilling, activity and liberations in oneself." Abraham Maslow

I wish I had more education. I would know how to deal with my medical issues better and made more money as I went through life. I wish I had a cure for everything and could have been a teacher. I guess we can't be everything in life. We have to have a job and try to master it. I bet men wish they had more education to prevent hurricanes and tornadoes. God gives us talents and I think these are the ones hew wants us to act on it. I guess I won't whine. Education is always a good thing.

I am thinking of you, my Dear Friend. Boo, too and your husband.
Thank you!!!
Education is a great thing we can do all of our lives with reading and especially with all the blessings of the internet.

We will take it day by day going forward as the hurricane comes ashore tonight into tomorrow.

This is my quote:

"You never fail until you stop trying."

Albert Einstein

I think that we keep trying to learn and do new things.

We are stocked up as much as we can be and today the weather isn't bad. It was cloudy, but not the sun came out a little bit. Taking it day by day.

People are very very upset here about not being able to get bottled water. A young woman was crying in the grocery store and I told her the storm won't be so bad. I hope I'm right. We got some water at Costco on the weekend and hopefully it will last. The gas situation is still hit and miss. Tom could not find it yesterday morning, but last night we went looking and found it with lines and crowds, but we found it.

So, keep trying can apply to surviving a hurricane too. *Heart*
It makes sense that we never fail until we stop trying. I have been seeing pictures of the hurricane on TV and it is so scary. Everyone is in my prayers. Taking it day by day is always a good idea.

"The human heart has hidden treasures. In secret kept, in silence sealed. The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures whose charms were broken is revealed." Charlotte Bronte

The human heart has secrets, fears, hopes, dreams and we can hide a lot in our hearts and love should always be a key factor. Silence can be sealed in our hearts but if we have tell, others will know and the silence is broken. Some things give our hearts pleasures and other things install fear like illnesses, hurricanes, a fear of losing someone we love, someone hating us and there are other fears as well. Joy, love, hope and dreams can live in our hearts as well as promises of better things to happen. A writer will seal all these things in a journal and a painter can make these things come to life on canvas. I really love this quote. Our heart is our own and can be a chest of secrets or what ever we choose.

Have a good day and hope the hurricane passes soon. My heart cares and prays.

You never know what secrets are inside others. That is the mystery of life that keeps us wondering.

So far here, it is just some wind. Over the weekend will be the rain I guess or later today. It is dark and the trees are blowing, but no rain so far here. The power staying on is the big risk. I hope it does and I hope we don't get too much rain and wind, but it will be what it will be at this point.

This is my quote:

"Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got."
Janis Joplin

I think this is true a lot of the time. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just gone along to get along and pretend that things didn't bother me. When I spoke out I got called some names, but still years later here, I think I was totally right. Well, you never know.

We all try and do what we think is best. Sometimes we have to compromise to remain doing something. That is when it gets tricky. I have a friend who lives in Wilmington. I think she went to a shelter, or I hope she did. She has a dog. The dog is her family. It makes it tricky. *Heartp*
I liked Janis Joplin. I think she was unhappy. When ever I watch The Rose starring Bette Midler, this movie was based on Janis' life. She od on drugs. Sad really. Sometimes, we do compromise ourselves. People hurt us and I have bee hurt by some here but I go forward. I like keeping the peace and being able to write here. I have some great friends here I love and am thankful for.

"Happiness, quite unshared can be hardly called happiness. It has no taste." Charlotte Bronte

I think if we are happy, that what counts. We will look it and we don't tell everyone why we are happy. Happy can be a private thing like sadness and problems. I think Charlotte was unhappy. Some of her quotes and writing seem to show that quality. Where Jane Austen had problems but she was happy and she had uplifting quotes and stories she wrote. We can choose to share our happiness or not. One nurse at work was a snob, had a lot of money and was rude to the patients. She was saying how happy she was and laughing. One patient said she is happy because she can make us miserable! Maybe happiness shouldn't always be shared. I just found this quote interesting.

Hope you are doing okay. I pray for everyone and hopefully Florence is leaving. Have a good, safe weekend.
Happiness inside is a good thing. I think that the people who get there have it, but it sometimes does not last. Probably the most happy are those who keep it inside though. It is good to share positive stuff but not to the point that it makes other people feel bad. It is nice to be able to call and share positive things with family or friends. I miss sharing things with all who have gone now. First and foremost would be my parents.

This is my quote today:

"The time is always right to do the right thing."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I think when we do the right thing we know it inside us. So, we feel content with it. Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing, but in the long run it will be for the best.

Lots of wind and rain, but the power stayed on so far. I hope the trees stay up. It is supposed to start getting better by Monday evening and clear out on Tuesday. Between now and then a lot of rain. Now they say we may get tornadoes. Always something unexpected.

We know in our hearts what the right thing to do is. We know right from wrong. We ask God for help if we aren't sure. We will feel content when we do the right thing. I miss my grandparents and friends who have passed on.

"There is pleasure in the pathless woods, There is rapture in the lonely shore, There is society where none intrudes, By the deep sea and music in it's roar; I LOVE NOT MAN THE LESS BUT NATURE MORE. Lord Byron

I love the deep sea and music. If I lived where hurricanes are, I wouldn't love the ocean right now. I have Lake Michigan. I do enjoy nature even though I don't get a chance to go walk in the woods. Since my extensive surgery, I am limited to what I can do. I enjoy what I can of nature. It is peaceful by Lake Michigan and the ocean. Being in the country by cornfields, some woods and green land, lavender-pink flower bushes, it is peaceful. We see deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, Possums, birds, pheasants, squirrels and it is nice. I love animals more then people. I relate better to animals. We haven't had rain. I wish we could get some rain. Florence dumped rain on so many. Doesn't seem fair. I pray things go back to normal for everyone. It is quiet here. I listen to my Momma Mia, Here We Go Soundtrack a lot. This has been my music lately.

I do hope you are safe from tornadoes and the rain and winds let up for you.
I love animals and all that nature has to offer when it acts nice towards everyone. Things will calm down eventually, for us they say one more day. As long as the trees stay up, it will be okay. It is out of human hands at this point. We are thankful for our many blessings and hope for better days ahead. We count our blessings and hope for the best.

This is my quote today:

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

Theodore Roosevelt

I guess this means to be sensible even when dreaming of things. When we can see those stars at night it will be a better day. There are communities that will deal with the flooding from this awful storm for years. It is only the beginning for them. I hope that all in the path of it now stay safe.

And people effected on the coast do not end up looting and ruining their lives by doing that.

I do hope things are calmer for you. Hope Florence has left you in peace. I have been praying for everyone.

"The more I study, the more insatiable do I feel my genius for it is to be." Ada Lovelace

I don't feel like a genius but I am smart at some things and I am thankful for that. I don't want to be Einstein. I just want to be smarter in the topics I love and study them more. Some say the more education a person has, the dumber they are. I am not sure about this but some people can have be like a genius and don't think anything about life or seem to know anything about life. This is how I see things. Maybe it is just me. I will be content with the education I do have.

I am not feeling my best today. Unable to sleep and have some medical issues but I pray things get better for everyone.
I hope you get to feeling better. We thought we were ok yesterday, then Mr. HOOves did a little clearing sticks and branches out of the yard. He messed with a wasp nest and got stung by ten or more, eyes, ears hands arms back, legs, etc.. So off to the doctor we went for some Prednisone. He was pretty miserable yesterday, but is better this morning.

I think we can always enjoy learning as that is a good thing. Every day that we are open to it we can learn about the world. It has nothing to do with how much formal education a person has.

Here is my quote today:

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

J. M. Barrie

I think this is true and something not to be forgotten. Trying to be kind is sometimes a big effort, but when one calms down and sees things from other perspectives it can be a good and illuminating thing.

You know things happen that are not right, but sometimes it is better to ignore and move along.


Sorry to hear about Mr. Hooves. Glad he is feeling better. Glad your area didn't do bad with the hurricane. You and everyone have been in my prayers.

It is nice when others bring sunshine into our lives and we can pass it on to others. We can never have too much sunshine.

"The question is not what you look at but what you see." Henry David Thoreau

You may see a person doing bad things but you have to ask why are they bad. Looking at flood waters. How bad is it and things have to get back to normal. You see a beautiful dress and you buy it but will others see the dress as you do. I saw something in the field that looked like a walking corn stalk but it was a wild turkey! You see a rusted out car but if it runs good, it is good transportation for somebody. You read a poem or story or write on, will others see it the same way you do or like it? All we can do is look for the good things in life and see good in everything. Like boring cornfields. It, too has beauty. Look deeper into things to get answers and you will see things in a better light.

Glad to hear things are good your way. We have mint trucks and farmers making noise but I can live with it. Have a good day.
I think we all see what our reality trains us to see. We look at the world as individuals, so each has a different perspective. I think that the media (news media) tries to manipulate people to their way of thinking. So, if I have a view and someone else has a different view, we might see the same thing very differently.

That is going to be a huge problem going forward for doing anything as a unified front. Well, you never know what the future will bring to us. Every day is a surprise.

This is my quote today:

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think that a day can be bad and start out bad. It is a big challenge to turn it around once it goes that way. Yesterday was a horrible day and the day before was worse. Today started out bad, but I found out something that opened my eyes. So, I am determined that I will force today to be better going forward.

Well, you never know from one moment to the next, but I am determined to find the good in today. Right now is just a hard time for a bunch of reasons. I guess we all go through waves of difficulties at times, but things always get better at some point. Maybe today is the day it all goes better. Tomorrow it's to the doctor for me.

Have a good one there and give Bella a hug! *Heartp*

The media makes things so much worse. We do take things for granted. I just got back from the Dentist. I had to get an emergency filling. My one tooth was causing me so much problems. THIS part wasn't sinus. Hopefully, I will be alright now. Life stinks. I know you know that.

We want and every day to be better and I pray it will be. I like Ralph Waldo Emerson's views. You are going through hard times. I get that. I pray things will be better for you and everyone. I hope there won't be any more Florence Hurricanes!

"It is as if I lost a part of myself." Letter to Fanny Knight From Cassandra Austen

I felt like this after my hysterectomy, extensive bowel surgery, lost six days of my life from being on a breathing tube, my house fire and my friends who have died. Having a job and your boss' attitude at times, you feel like you lost a part of yourself. Losing a beloved pet, not getting unemployment when your job closes down. You worked for the same Jack Ass people 30 years and you don't qualify unless you have 10 kids, aren't married and get unemployment every two years. I get SS now and I am so glad I don't work anymore. If I can just get my health problems taken care of. I will be me. Reading, writing, shopping, praying and being there for my friends trying to make someone feel better.

My little speech for today. Bella is doing good. Camps out by the refrigerator. Like I never feed her! Give Boo hugs. *HeartP*
I know what you mean in that lost part of yourself quote. Right now is tough. I hope you feel better from the dentist helping and that things get back to feeling a LOT better for you.

I feel like I spent a lot of years trying to fit in and I never will fit in. After this many years if I don't accept it, it will just be more banging my head against an imaginary wall. I am trying my best to get over it once and for all and then just to enjoy whatever.

But it is a struggle this coping with the acceptance and this is not just on this site. It is an overall feeling that something must change.

Here is my quote:

"If you haven't the strength to impose your own terms upon life, then you must accept the terms it offers you."

T. S. Eliot

I am just in the process of figuring it all out and how to cope without having sky-high blood pressure. Because if I don't reign in some of this stuff and the demands made, the blood pressure will do it for me.

Boo is always barking for more treats too. Hug yourself and hug Bella. *Heartp* Boo sends kisses and barks at you to give her treats! *Laugh*

I have accepted so many things in my life that I don't want. I always hope for good and better things. I know God's got this but life is never easy. My tooth is better. Thank goodness. I know others need prayer and I pray for them. I am so glad you got through Florence alright.

"I like good strong words that mean something." Louisa May Alcott

This applies to writing poems and stories. Giving advice to people, offering comfort, being sincere{boy that does apply to politics!}, being in love and every aspect of our lives. Louisa wrote good stories and I think a lot of authors are sincere in their writing and I could name some who aren't. We should always say and write things that mean something. This applies to life.

You my Dear, fit in. You are one of the best members and friends here. I am here doing reviews and I stopped by your one forum and left a funny phrase. Sunny this weekend and it will rain next week. Have a good weekend. Bella has been back here visiting. Hugs to Boo. I saw some dogs and puppies were recued in North Carolina and this warms my heart. Hugs.
Yes, words can be a very powerful thing. They can heal and soothe and they can wound if used by the wrong hands.

Thank you for all your kindness to me today on my 17th account anniversary as 4 Provinces. It is a big milestone for me and I'm not exactly sure why as it is an odd number. The first time I joined was September 9, 2000, so it is close to 18 years that I've been here, but I self deleted back then and came back on September 25 so that's the date we count from.

The site was just Interactive Stories when I first joined and it was called "Stories.Com". Some of us nagged SM for ways to put our writing in folders back then. We were pests as he was working hard with many things in store, far beyond what we imagined.

On September 25, 2011, I was here 10 years. I logged in and everything was so nice that day. Then later on that evening I found out my niece was missing and you know the rest. It didn't end happy, but there was happiness that week even then.

Two days later her sister, my other niece, Sandy gave birth to a baby boy. His name is Nate. He will be 7 years old in two days. I sent him a lego set for his birthday. Life goes on and we have a lot of reasons to be happy. When my brother went to NY during hurricane Florence, he visited his daughter's grave in Syracuse. Lots of people had left flowers, coins and things remembering her. That is nice after seven years. So she is not forgotten by a lot of people. I am just one of her aunts left living on.

Today is a nice day of remembering and wondering how so many years have gone through. The sun is shining.

Here is my quote:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain."
Vivian Greene

Isn't that true? I think it is very true. Thank you, my friend, for all the wonderful and encouraging things you do for others, especially me! *Hearto* Thank you for showing me how to dance in the rain on rainy days! *Umbrellao*
Your niece is in Heaven watching over you. It is so sad to lose people we love. I love your quote about life not being about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. Good take on this. I always pray for things to get better. We do get through a crisis and are able to sing and dance again. It hurts so much in the mean time.

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful , we must carry it with us or we find it not." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I won't get to travel the world but I see beauty on TV, magazines and can write about those places. Artists paint them and we can see beauty in our home town. Like the green fields and woods near me. Michigan is so green and hilly and I am content to go there. Florida is beautiful but I would never want to see the ocean during a hurricane. Lake Michigan will never do that so I am content to just see it.

I read Jane Austen and see the beauty of Pemberly and England. We can find beauty in our back yard and home. I do. I am content.

Enjoy your special day. I let others know on Newsfeed because you are beautiful and have made a big difference. Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for all your kindness to me on my 17th anniversary. That is a long time, isn't it? I've been married 34 years so when I joined I was married about 16 years at that time. It's just a lot of years gone by.

I have traveled a lot and there is no place like home, as Dorothy said. I doubt if I will be well enough to have the stress of travel much more in the future. I never regretted traveling even though I am afraid to fly. I made myself do it and was glad afterwards. We went to Ireland five times and those are some of my favorite memories.

I love to read about places and dream of them. I haven't looked at much of England besides being in Heathrow Airport. I don't believe that most countries like Americans so there is the not feeling welcome feeling. I always felt welcome in Ireland, though. It was like going home to a different home.

America is my favorite of all the countries, even with things not being perfect. I've never found a better place or heard of one. I love this country.

I have a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson also:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

We are what we have done and what we dream to be. We all make mistakes and have to find a way to pick up the pieces and carry on. That is the challenge of life to try and not make the same mistakes over and over again.
America is a great country if only people would be more cooperative and try to be more helpful to others. I have never been out of the United States except to Mexico. Like Dorothy says: "There's no place like home." I agree with that.

We do need to learn from our mistakes and go forward. It isn't easy but we have to go on.

"The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller

I think she is thinking of love, peace and kindness just to name a few. Helen was blind but had other senses and she could feel things with her heart and mind. I admire her for that. She learned to talk, went to school and lead a normal life as best as she could. Love is a beautiful thing. The feel of warmth, friendship, peace, happiness just to name a few.

I am happy so many members wished you a Happy 17TH WDC Anniversary. I am so glad you stayed all these years. Hope Boo is doing well.
Thank you! It is so nice of you!

Somehow something has changed in the way I feel here, and I cannot quite understand what it is. But it was all nice, thanks so much to you! *Heartp*

We feel things inside of us and sometimes they can be explained and sometimes we have to figure it all out.

I watched all those hearings yesterday. Then this morning I hear reports on it and it is like the reporters and I watched two different events. I will probably not believe much of what I hear reported anymore because of this. But I know they have an agenda and have known that for a while.

I hope that people can recover from the hurt caused by unthinking and unfeeling politicians and news media types. Both sides. I grew up in that area that it happened (or didn't happen with him) so I know the logistics of some of it. Lots of lying going on, in my opinion.

This is my quote for the day:

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

Oscar Wilde

Last night I went out with a big group and everyone was upset. My opinion is that any president should be able to appoint who they want to the Supreme Court. That is why we have elections. I believe it for both sides. The people appointed rise to the job or else are exposed by history.

Oh well. The media likes to demonize and the internet helps with that, along with people selling their souls for a moment's fame.

Not a shining moment in history, but an illuminating one was yesterday.

Have a good one today and hug Bella for us! *Cat2**Heartv*

I haven't been watching the hearings much. I just don't get all these women who were molested by officials and Hollywood Stars. Trump should be able to choose who ever he wants for Supreme Court. Guess that's why I would rather watch TV Shows or movies then news of the world. The news is never good it seems.

We do take life seriously. Seems we have to. I just pray for good news.

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

I like a little excitement in my life. I don't want tons of problems. It would be nice to go on trips and have an adventure. My life is quiet. Escaped prisoners sometimes come to our town from a big town 45 minutes away from us. I always keep my doors locked. This hasn't happened in years. I won't get a chance to go the jungles but I wouldn't want to. I try to be content with my life and just go to Michigan twice a year. I like to shop when I get a chance. Works for me. I like to write about adventures. That is enough for me.

Bella *Cat2* is in the room edition. Her adventure is running through the house meowing at her stuffed raccoon beanie baby. She is so cute. Have a good day.

Life is full of surprises. That makes it all a great adventure.

This is my quote for today. I have jury duty on Monday and I will say it then if I have to.

"Everyone deserves due process (as delineated in the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution) and deserves not to be smeared in the media. This doesn't just apply to one side. To work, it has to apply to everyone, whether anyone agrees with them or not. Everyone should try to be fair if they can."


I think any movement that has "me" in the title of it, is self centered and selfish to begin with. It is also one-sided to just see things from one point of view.

I call this latest fad the "ME ME ME" movement. They don't want to hear the other side of the story. There are always at least (usually more) two sides. Boys have families and mothers and grandmothers who are very hurt in this throwing about of unsubstantiated allegations. There is a requirement of specificity when you bring charges - who, what, where, when so that the other side has a chance to say they were not in the area if they weren't. If they did it, I say prove it or don't use the process to smear and defame.

It has nothing to do with a power balance because either side has shown that they have the propensity and inclination to abuse any power that they get. To deny anyone the rights hurts all of us.

I feel like there is a movement to destroy our rights going on. A lot of people I know think the way I do. The left lost the election so they should quit with the tantrum about it and vote the way they want going forward. This two year whine-a-thon is tiring to me.

Sorry to get political, but this week has me a bit agitated. Should take my BP meds and walk some today after I scope out where the jury duty is on Monday. Luckily, I live close to downtown and the courthouse.


Politics are a racket in itself. This is why I write. I can write about the world the way I want to see it. They don't need to put all that political crap on TV during the day. They have tons of news channels. I just pray for a better world. I live in the country where life is quiet. I hope it will always be that way.

"Women like men should try to do the impossible and when they fail, their failures should be a challenge to others." Amelia Earhart

Like Dolly Patron sang: "My mistakes are no worst then yours just because I'm a woman." Women and men both make mistakes. Look at politics! Says it all. When we fail, it should be a challenge for everyone to do better. Look at all of Hilary's mistakes. THANK GOD SHE ISN'T PRESIDENT! I would like to see America have a woman President and one who did a good job. We learn from our mistakes and anyone can make mistakes. Women do men's jobs and I have met some good male nurses and worked with them. Men can be good nurses, too. Women can do things a man can do. We have come a long way since Jane Austen's time and the Dark Ages. Men and women should work together peaceably. It can be done. The world could be great if we all work together.

This is my speech for today. Thank you, Amelia. You did a loot for aviation.
I think there are good and bad women, just like with men. Women did not get the chances that men got for too long. So, now mediocre women (like Hillary and Susan Rice, etc) can marry someone who ends up being rich and powerful and propel themselves up through who they know. It's just as unfair as when men did it, but they get a pass because everything went too long without women getting even a chance to be as corrupt as the men.

Well, tomorrow I have jury duty and who knows how long that will last. So my quote is from Robert Frost:

"Jury Duty is deciding who has the better lawyer"

I went yesterday and scoped things out. The parking is a long ways away and then you have to walk up about 250 steps to the front to the ugly "plaza". There is no handicapped ramp. So, I will have to use my cane as I have had back surgery and hip replacement. I can do stairs, but it ain't easy and I only use my cane to go up and down stairs at home now. Mr. HOOves will drop me off and pick me up because I think if I walked all that way and do 250 stairs I wouldn't be able to do much else.

I want to do my civic thing. They also let people pan handle around the courthouse where I live so there is that fun to look forward to. I guess I can use my cane to defend myself. We will see how it goes.

I bet this will be a tale to tell once it's over with. Have a good Sunday and Monday!! Hug Bella!!! *Heartv*
I wouldn't be able to walk up 250 steps. No way. I have a walker but haven't used it in 5 years. My husband had a cane but we don't need it for now. I do hope jury duty goes well for you. I did jury duty 25 years ago and I hopethey never choose me again. I don't like doing jury duty. I feel they should let law students do jury duty.

"One man's style must not be the rule of another." Jane Austen

We have all scruples and ways of doing things and we can't expect everyone to do the same way except when it involves evil acts against people and animals. That should never be. Some people who go to church never watch TV. That is their choice. TV is my entertainment. I am religious and don't feel I am doing anything wrong. Other people spend money on things they enjoy. If you just spend money on what you need, working is less enjoyable and misery. I always felt better when I bought a little something for myself or someone else. If we all did things the same way, life would be boring. As long as we don't hurt anyone, we can have any style we want. Clothing, eating, decorating, religion, entertainment, reading, writing and the list goes on. Like the lady said when she kissed the cow:" To each his own!" This is for you, my Dear. I love cows, too.

Hope jury duty goes well. Have a great day and week. Hugs to Boo. *Dog1* *HeartV*
I like what Jane Austen said. We each have our own styles.

Yesterday was bizarre. Way too much walking and steps, but I managed that, thanks to Mr. HOOves dropping me off and picking me up. 80 people were called for jury service. We had to sit there from 8:15 in the morning until 4. No one got picked or even questioned for a jury. We would sit there for hours and then the lady would tell us we were on a break. I read my Maisie Dobbs book and read more than 150 pages in it.

There was no place to eat in the building except vending machines with chips, water and such in the basement. To go out to lunch, we would have to walk more than a mile (part of that up stairs) I got some chips.

At the end, when I was waiting for Mr. HOOves I asked a woman who laughed when I said "Free at last" to Mr. HOOves on the phone. She said she worked there when I asked her. She also said the case was criminal and they had a complicated motion at the end and the judge had to rule on it before picking the jury.

So whoever went for jury service today probably got on that jury. There were way too many of us kept there, though for one jury. They should have let 50 people go when they knew it would be only one trial. That is what they used to do, just pick 30 per trial. But it's over and I am thankful. There were some unsavory characters in the hallway when I did my walks and even some in the jury room. Just gross.

Here is my quote today:

"Coincidence is a messenger of truth"

Jacqueline Winspear

I don't think there really are coincidences. We all find out the truth about things when we are meant to do so.

Hug Bella for us! *Heartv*

Glad you got through yesterday alright. I hope I never get called for jury duty again. If you don't show up, they threaten to put you in jail. THIS IS AMERICA? I didn't commit a crime. I felt like jury duty was a punishment. Enough said. Glad you didn't have to stay.

"Think only of the past as it's remembrance gives you pleasure." Jane Austen

This does apply to good memories and I agree with this. As for bad memories, well I got through the bad times and the good outweigh the bad. I do find pleasure in good memories. Thank goodness for the good ones. Jane always had a positive attitude. I love her spirit. I think Jane focused on the good things and I do that as well.

Coincidence is a mystery in itself. I always find the pattern in coincidences. I like your quote.

I am having minor breast surgery tomorrow. Think of me. Hope Boo is well. Bella is quite the charmer. *HeartV*
I hope that everything goes well for you. I will be keeping a good thought and with positive prayers will wait for you to tell me all is well. *Heartv*

On Jane Austen's wise words, there are many things about the past that I remember fondly. A whole lot has changed. I hope that when I leave this life I get to see my parents again and my niece and beloved aunts. Some days I feel lonely that they aren't here anymore, but I was certainly blessed to have them while they were here.

This is my quote for today:

"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love."

Ernest Hemingway (writing about a road trip he took with F. Scott Fitzgerald in France in the 1920s.)

I learned his advice was true the hard way.

Take it easy and rest up after your surgery. *Heartp*

Surgery went well. I have a big bandage and a drainage tube. I won't be driving or doing anything for a week. Hopefully, I won't need anything else done. Thank you for the prayers. I did come home and clean my kitchen. I will be spending my time here and watching movies.

I agree about not going on trips with someone you don't love. Sometimes, people you do love, you want to leave them by the roadside. Ha! Ha!

"The beginning is always today." Mary Wollenstonecraft

This is true. Like for me today. I need to heal and hopefully, I will be alright now. Everyday is a new beginning like after a hurricane, house fire, illness, bad day of any kind. Starting a new job, getting a new pet, making new friends, trying to get over a dispute with someone, writing a new story of some kind, a couple just married, joining a new church, group, autumn, getting ready for winter and the list goes on. I also think of no time like the present.

Have a good day. Always glad to read your newest Campfire entry. *HeartP*
I am glad the procedure went well. Be sure and get lots of rest and take it easy does it. *Hearto* Take naps, those help you to heal. And eat apples, those too help healing.

Each day is a new beginning of sorts. We find our way. Several years ago we got rid of cable TV/Direct TV and went to just the free local stuff. I thought I would miss it, but with Netflix and Amazon Prime, I haven't really. We have saved close to $1,000 a year by not having something I don't miss so that is good.

I don't trust any of the cable news. I did like Bill O'Reillys show, but the democrats went after him and he's not on tv anymore, but I can listen to him on the radio on Friday mornings. So, I will hear what he thinks later on today.

This is my quote about writing:

"The story was about coming back from the war, but there was no mention of the war in it."

Ernest Hemingway

I have used this technique that Hemingway said to do in poetry and short stories. I write about something and I say what that something is in the poem or story. Then I go back and take out the part that says what it is about. That way the reader can figure it out as to what it means for them, not me. Most of the time the poem is better when I don't say what it is about. Sometimes I get responses where someone points out something that I didn't see when I was writing. It was there, but I was too close to it to see it. It is sort of amazing when that happens.

Like I could say I am mad because so and so called me a name. Or, I can write about what the sky looked like on the day that bully had at me. I can paint a picture of what I see with the words if I am lucky.

Hemingway wrote a long introductory thing at the beginning of his 1st major novel, The Sun Also Rises. F. Scott Fitzgerald (his friend) read it and told Ernest to take out the stuff, so he did. It is considered a masterpiece of fiction the way it ended up.

Well, it is something to think about that leaving things out can be just as important as what is included in the story or poem.

Take care, gentle hugs to you and Bella! *Heartv*
Sounds like good Hemingway advice on writing poetry. I have my own style and way of writing poems. I chose a subject and just write from the heart.

Success is reaching for another Birthday and finding you're exactly the same. Audrey Hepburn

Just like each year passes and I find I am getting older. I feel every year of sometimes. I don't think we change on our Birthday date. We change due to events and ailments. We have a nice Birthday, get presents but we are still ourselves. I didn't become Kate Winslet or some fashion model on my Birthday. I am still me. I am okay with this. Just wish I was minus the health issues that come up. Audrey Hepburn was happy and that's what I try to do.

I am healing and don't have much pain. Bella wanted to bat at the drainage bag and told her that is off limits. She went on about her business. I am hoping for a good weekend. Enjoy your Netflix.
Just get lots and lots of rest and relaxation. Having no pain is a good sign that healing is going on. Bella is good to listen to her mama. *Heartv*

I think success is getting to each birthday and finding lasting peace within. So, I am happy with what I have done and I let it go at that. Audrey Hepburn was right. For her, a celebrity, she knew it didn't change her. You can tell that by the work. She was always who she was.

Who cares what the world thinks because no one else knows what we know about ourselves and our world.

I regret sometimes not doing more, but I never regret doing something and trying. I never wish I had done less, I guess.

Here is my quote:

"People were always the limiters of happiness, except the very few that were as good as spring itself."

Ernest Hemingway

I know the people on this site who have tried to be mean to me and be limiters of my happiness here. I never responded with name calling even when I was called "evil." for not agreeing with some nonsense. I just block/ignored. No one ever has anything where I called them a name for not agreeing with me. So, in that sense I rise above.

They tried to "limit" my happiness here, but all it did was get them less points and work on my part on their behalf. In the long run, being nice works better than name-calling. I see that there are activities where all the points go to these mean people, who would limit my happiness here if they had another chance and I say don't go near it, HOOves.


Some members like to hurt others here. I don't know why. I enjoy being here and I won't let them spoil it for me. I am glad you are here and we do enjoy our Campfires. No one can spoil our happiness. We won't let them.

In nature, nothing is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways and they're still beautiful. Alice Walker

This is true. People aren't perfect but they can be beautiful no matter what. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Since my surgery, I am not feeling so beautiful but I am still healing. I will bounce back. I keep up with my chores. Trees can look weird but makes them stand out and get noticed. If they have flowers, that makes them beautiful. If they are plain and fallen, you can sit on them and look around the beautiful woods. Trees have their own stories to tell. You cherish them and appreciate them. Look how beautiful fir trees become with ornaments and they had their own beauty to start out with.

Rained today and is clearing up. Hope Boo is doing well. Bella is asleep somewhere. Have a good weekend.
I think that is a very good quote about trees. We are like them in that we get blown around, but then we stay sturdy and strong to carry on and have fun. You are beautiful and have a beautiful, loving heart. That comes through in everything you do. *Heart*

We are supposed to get rain this week. Boo has her allergies, but when it rains she does better. She gets Benadryl and eye drops (plus regular ear cleanings) to help with that. She sleeps a lot, too, now, but she is 12 years old so that is normal I guess. She will go for her yearly checkup at the end of the month.

Here is my quote for this entry:

"You expected to be sad in the fall."

Ernest Hemingway

I think it is a time of year when sadness comes in waves. It is because of the leaves falling and things changing. I also love it as my favorite season, but it has held some hard times. It is still pretty to watch it all change before the winter sets in.

Good things that happened were that I met Mr. HOOves in fall, We adopted Boo in the fall. I met some life-long friends in fall. Hope your weekend is going good. *Hearto*
I can feel for Boo and her allergies. I hope my Puri Mist machine starts working. I just pray things will be better all way round. Autumn is a time of sadness. Summer has left and cold and snow are ahead. I will enjoy autumn while it lasts. There is beauty in autumn. Winter is a sad season.

In search of my mother's garden, I found my own. Alice Walker

Mom has a flower garden by the trees with a cast iron bench where you can sit and admire the flowers. She has flowers planted by the house. I put my flowers in flower pot holders by the house and this is my garden. I have animal ornaments around my flower pots. This is my flower garden. Mom and Dad have a vegetable garden but I never planted one. That has never been my thing. I just like flowers but I didn't plant them this year. I didn't have the ambition. I enjoy getting fresh flowers from the store but I hide them from Bella. I just have artificial flowers in the house. They make me happy.

Rainy weekend and misty today. Haven't done much. Watched Gilligan's Island. Have a good week.

I hope you are feeling better and getting along okay.

My mother had beautiful flowers planted. My Dad helped her with it. She liked Scarlett Sage flowers and I have those in a circle out front of my house. They do well in hot weather and last until the first hard frost. Mine are in full bloom right now. I think of my mother when I look at them.

Here is my quote:

"All truly wicket things start from an innocence."

Ernest Hemingway - A Moveable Feast

I think, looking back on things, you can see where things started. As they are happening, in the moment, it is not easy to see what is going on.

Have a good day and take it easy! *Heart*
Guess wicket things do start from an innocence. Scarlet Sage flowers sound pretty. I take it they must be red.

Sometimes what you're already looking for is already there. Aretha Franklin

This applies to me and the guys I used to go out with. Trying to find the right guy. The right guy was in my graduating class and I didn't know until years later until after we met again. He wanted to go out with me, we dated and married a few years after high school. Everything else in my life I learned from mistakes and always wanted to write. Thought I was never meant to be a writer. After a house fire and a friend of mine thought I learned a lot about Journalism in college. I didn't have enough classes at a small college but something clicked. I took 2 on line writing classes and took up writing. I can do this. I don't make money at it but that is no longer important. I can and do write. I love it and have 2 published books and three other items and everyone can read my writing here. Works for me. I agree with Aretha.

Husband had a procedure and my drainage tube had problems so back to the ER. Is it Thursday, yet? The tube comes out. I will be so happy.

Hope Boo is well. Bella is confused about us both being laid up but not for long. Hope your week is going well.
I hope you and hubby are both feeling better. Today is the day that you get it taken out and hopefully all will go smoothly and you will be feeling better. I hope Bella is being a good kitty nurse for you!! *Hearto*

I should have wrote "wicked" when I wrote "wicket" there.

What you are looking for can be right there. I think so. Well, we have Hurricane Michael today with lots of wind and rain. It will be over by tonight they tell us, but schools are all closed and we are told to stay off the roads if we can.

Here is my quote:

"Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure only death can stop it."

Ernest Hemingway

I think this is true. I will always write until I can't. I write poetry and other things even when I am not here. I write wherever I am, whether it is for jury duty or the doctor's office. I take paper and pen with me and I write about things. It is soothing for me, I guess.

Have a good day and get on the road to feeling much much better - both you and Hubby! *Hearto**Heart*
The tube is out but I am wearing bandages and I don't feel my best. Lack of sleep. Hopefully, I will be getting better.

Words once they are printed have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

So many times the media hurts people. Book are printed and rather we like them or not, they are in print. Words and the ink pen or should I say computer are really mighty. People take the media at their word. Sad, really. I hate reading bad things about people. The word is out and people may forget in time but the words are still there. Words do have a life of their own.

I will write until I can't. I am glad we have writing. We keep the world informed. Hope the hurricane waters don't bother you. The world is a mess.
I hope you are getting lots of rest so you feel better! Big congrats on the Unicorn story doing so well!! *Heartv*

Well, they didn't predict it but Hurricane Michael was much worse for us than Florence was. The city I live in was torn up. Schools were closed and power is still out in a lot of areas and trees are down all over. I heard a lot of trees come down, but thankfully, so far, not in my yard or on my house. I have never seen it rain that hard. It was very frightening. We got about 6 inches in about 3 hours there. There was a stream running through between our house and the neighbors and the water in our street was so high you could not see the street. Never happened before. It was a violent storm with more rain than I have ever seen. All that said, we are fortunate and thankful to be here. They did not predict what this was for us, the crappy media and the forecasters are so lame. My next door neighbor went to a doctor's appointment five miles away and it took her two hours to get home because so many streets were flooded out and so many trees were down. But what we got does not compare to those poor people in Florida and Georgia. I just cannot imagine.

Words do live on. It is good to think about them before writing them, I reckon.

This is my quote:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston Churchill

Keep trying I guess even when things seem lost. That is the key. I am not sure that it always works.

I am so sorry that Hurricane Michael has invaded you. I enjoyed the poem you wrote about this monster storm. I am glad you are alright. I pray for everyone. I pray all the storms are done.

I was real happy about the unicorn story winning second place. I didn't expect that.

I love to write. I have always loved writing. That was my first love. Carol Burnett

I loved to write when I was in school. I wanted to write and be a journalist but with all the sad news now, I have changed my mind. I like to write here for fun and topics I love. I write fictional stories and give them a happy ending. I would rather write. I don't scrapbook, rubber stamp or do stress relief coloring but I write and I have for 18 years now. I don't plan on quitting writing. It is my first love. Thank goodness for writing. I am glad I can and do write.

Have a good weekend. I am cleaning house and getting better. Give Boo hugs.
Take it easy and get a lot of rest so you get better. *Heartv*

I have always written. I got jobs doing other things and they always turned into writing jobs once they found out I had the ability to organize and write.

I love writing and do not know why it took so long to get to do it here creatively. I guess the time was right. My Dad never got to read my creative stuff, but a lot of his humor is in it.

A lot of people around here still do not have power, but thankfully we do. I tried to run errands yesterday but every other light was out, so it made it tough to go anywhere. The grocery store did not have power - it's on a generator, but I could get what I needed there. The post office had no power and neither did the library. Whole shopping centers (the one with the post office in it) were closed. We didn't get mail, but Saturday mail is iffy here anyway. One street away there is a big tree and power pole down. They had 4 power trucks there yesterday and the street is closed. The way it is blocked does not effect us and it is on the other side of a busy street. I think it is why the grocery store (very close to the house) does not have power, but we do. With every other light working, it was hard to go very far. The police were there, but not directing traffic. They were more like observers, which is kind of weird. In my county (which has the most outages in the state with this particular storm) there are still 40,000 homes and businesses without power.

Here is my quote:

"There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tire."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have been very tired lately, unusually so. I go for a checkup this week. I sort of think it relates to the change in my blood pressure medicine.

Have a great Monday and week ahead! *Heartp* Boo sends Bella a hug and kiss. *Kiss*

Sorry to hear buildings around you don't have power. I hope the hurricanes are all done. Things are quiet here. Farmers are getting their crops in for the winter.

We don't need to share the same opinion as others but we need to respect them. Taylor Swift

This is true in most instances but people who have mean opinions about animals and are mean, I can't respect them. As for politics, it's a free for al and so much immaturity. I just don't read opinions that upset me or if I am somewhere where people are giving out bad opinions, I can walk away. When people be respectful, I will do the same. As for atheists, I know there is a God and Jesus and I can't respect someone who says there isn't. Grandma always said by not answering someone who is being rude to you or others, says a lot more. Opinions do vary. We can't all be right. Different people makes the world go round.

I will see my surgeon Thursday. I pray that goes well. Bella sends hugs to Boo. Have a good week. Hope the remnants of Michael leave.
I hope that everything goes good for you this week.

We all have different opinions and our own unique view of the world. Taylor Swift is right. I don't respect how the Nazis looked at the world and some others, but whatever. As long as it is reasonable and peaceful I respect it.

I had someone ask for a permission to use a review. Now, it is turning into they want this and that from me. I looked at the group they are part of. No surprise there.

Here is my quote:

"It is better to fail in originality than succeed in limitation."

Herman Melville

I don't know what that means.exactly. I guess it means to be brave and try new things. That is about all I can figure out.

Have a good day and get plenty of rest, leading up until Thursday. *Heartp*
I had no respect for Nazis and I can't believe that whole Nazi camp thing happened. How awful. Amazing how much people go through in a life time.

Ray has his appointment next week. Like seriously? One nurse told us one thing and the Urologist's nurse another. I hope things get better for us health wise and we are still trying to sell the farm. I will be glad when life gets normal for us again.

I love the scent of winter. For me, it's all about the feeling you get when you get when you smell spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger bread and spruce. Taylor Swift

I like the smell of pumpkin this time of year and Bath and Body autumn soap scents. I like the smell of candles burning with autumn scents. I do enjoy the smell of pine and I like using candle melt scents. Baking chocolate cakes, ginger bread anything is always a welcome smell. Winter scents like snow hand soap, well, I love this. Good, fresh smells are always welcome. They make me smile.

Trying new things can be nice but I like to make sure I know what I am doing. Guess I am not as brave as I would like to be. Hope your week is going well.
Medical stuff is all about confusion. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. The best thing is hopefully to get better so you don't have to interact with them. I am sorry you and hubby are going through tough times with the medical unprofessionals.

Bath and Body is awesome. I like their apple and pear fragrance mists, too. I have some pumpkin apple scent on today. It makes me want a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks.

Good luck with selling what you want to sell. You mean the farm and keep the house I guess. Well, that is good so hopefully you won't have to move. I'm not sure I could move, but I probably will as we have stairs here.

Doctor wellness visit tomorrow for me. Bleh. I like him, but bleh. His nurse is a pain up my you know where. She's always pushing pills on me.

My quote is this:

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

Oscar Wilde

It is good to laugh sometimes. If a day goes by and I don't have a reason to laugh it is gloomy. But medical stuff is always so stupid that I can laugh in telling about it. But then the joke's on me dealing with it, I guess. I am sure tomorrow will be quite humorous at times. I don't expect much when I go to the doctor, except they make sure they have a picture of the insurance card that doesn't change very often. God forgive they miss a chance to make some moola off my aches and pains.

I get so tired of doctors. I pray someday I will just need to get my blood tests twice a year and have no more ailments. It would be nice not to have doctor visits. They do love making money.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was one of the first fashion designers and I love designer purses and cologne. I love Kate Spade jewelry. I like fashion. My mother raised me to like clothes and the pretty girl things. Guess that will never change. My mother's parents were farmers and she never got a new dress very often. She married my father who was in the Air Force and he flew planes so she ended up with plenty of clothes and made sure I had new clothes all through school. I will never change.

Getting cold. Got my hair redyed red today. I feel fashionable. Not really. I am still sore from surgery. Hope things are going well for you. Boo, too. Bella has no worries. I am glad she is healthy. Have a good day.
I hope you are feeling better now and are healing. I am feeling better and hope to feel better going forward. It was a big thing to log in here today. This is the first stretch of time where I have been so ill I could not even think about being here. But it's on the mend.

Coco Channel was very glamorous. My mother wore her perfume and I like her makeup and perfume, too.

I haven't felt very peppy and still feel like after a few minutes here, I need a nap. I slept for about 11 hours last night. So we'll see how it goes.

This is my quote:

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced."

Vincent Van Gogh

I thought I couldn't do things, but then little by little I try and I am able to get more done than I thought. I try to write even though the voice tells me to forget about it. So, we all have those voices.

Take care of yourself and hug Ms. Bella! *Heart*
So glad you are back. I have missed you doing this Campfire with me. We have been doing Campfires with each other for a year and a half. I am doing better and able to do housework again.

Wanting to paint and do what we always do is never easy when we don't feel good or had surgery. Van Gogh never had surgery. He could paint away.

"No one who knew Diana will ever forget her. Millions of others who never met her but felt they knew her, will remember her." Queen Elizabeth II

With Harry and Meghan traveling in Europe, this came to mind today. I think of Princess Diana when I go into my Doll Room and see my dolls of her. No one will forget Princess Diana. I still haven't gotten my Megan Markel Wedding Doll but she will be here in November or December. I bought a Tshirt of Queen Elizabeth with a black silhouette of her wearing her crown. I bought a burgundy jacketto wear over it. Guess I am in a royalty mood.
I think Kate and Meghan are great Princesses just like Diana. Meghan is pregnant. The royal line lives on. Princes Eugenie just got married. I am in a royal mood today.

Get better soon. I just changed Bella's box and fed her. Have a good day. I see my Doctor today. Oh joy.

I hope you continue to feel better. I am not as good today as I was yesterday, but I guess that's the way it is. I will rest after this. I hope you are steadily improving. Hope the doctor visit went okay.

I think that Diana's boys have dragged the monarchy into the present times. A lot of people questioned what her brother said at the funeral, but I think it needed to be said. She was more royal than any of that family that went before her. Harry and William seem to have a lot of spirit and goodness in them. I can't say the same for Charles, but hopefully, he won't ever be King and will live out his years with the "girl" of his dreams, Horseface.

I hope Diana's kids and her grandkids can have happy lives, better than the one she had, thanks to you-know-who.

Here is my quote today and then it's off to rest up:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

I think that is true, especially in writing. Someone can know all the rules and techniques but if they don't have an imagination that's an essential thing missing. I agree with Albert.

Have a good day and hug Bella. Boo barks hello! *Hearto*

Imagination can work for our good or the bad. I think of everything that can go wrong and my imagination always thinks the worst. I hope for the best.

"It's all to do with training. You can do a lot if you're properly trained." Queen Elizabeth II

I agree with this. We had new employees that didn't know how to do the job no matter how many times they were trained. One time the nursing Supervisor's son's girlfriend worked there and she couldn't do anything. She was dumb! It was okay. She was the boss's son's girlfriend. We weren't allowed to say anything. I don't miss working. Not really. If people aren't trained right, they won't do a good job. Some don't care.

I wonder if Queen Elizabeth was referring to housekeepers and groomsmen. I agreed with her on this. I bet the Queen is fussy.

Hope you get to feel better. I have sinus issues off and on. I see a specialist next week. Hugs to Boo.
Queen Elizabeth has a lot of good sense when she talks. She is a trained automotive mechanic.

I thought I would do a Halloween quote since it's coming this week.

"Tis now the very witching time of night."


Halloween is my favorite holiday of all. Behind that is St. Patrick's Day. Both holidays originated in Ireland.

We got Boo right before Halloween so we named her, "Boo." I like to get towels and things with her name on them. They have a lot of decorations that say, "Boo." This year we cleaned out the garage and I got rid of a lot of stuff. I had a lot of Halloween things. I still have some stashed somewhere else.

I hope that you are feeling much better. Some days are better than others here, that's for sure. *Hearto*

Happy Halloween Week! HOpe it's SpOOky in a good way!!! *Hearto**Heartbl*
Halloween can be a fun holiday and we don't need blood and gore. Black cats, orange and white pumpkins, cute decorations and costumes, Halloween movies. Halloween should be fun. My son Jason and wife came for a visit from Minnesota and I was so happy to see them. They are going to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida to spend Halloween. They are young, yet and enjoy Halloween.

I have watched Ghost and Momma Mia Here We Go Again this weekend. I am slowly getting better. Hope things will be good and fun for everyone and I pray no one hurts black cats this Halloween.

If we take care of the moment, the years will take care themselves. Maria Edgeworth

By this, I guess this means, don't waste the moment. Do chores, have fun, don't dwell on the bad things and years will go by and we should always remember to do the best we can. Be loving, kind, honest, pray and make the best of every moment. See someone in trouble, help them. Help an animal who is being abused. Keep trying to make the world a better place. We need to do just that. These are my goals. As years roll by, we know that we did our best. That is important.

Hope Boo has a god weekend and a nice Halloween. Always glad to see you here.
I think this is a good quote. My mother worried about a lot of things that never came to be. I have done the same because I worry like she did. It is good to concentrate on making the moments good and trying to push the worries away. We can't change things by worrying about them, I guess.

I found out this week that my youngest nephew is expecting a baby girl in May. So, my Mom will have another great grand-daughter then. So her oldest great grandchild is 30 and getting married next year, and the youngest is to be born in 2019. Very cool.

I bet that Disneyworld will be awesome for Halloween. It is lovely when kids come to visit and are excited about going places.

This is my quote to start for Halloween week:

"Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch.
He flies through the air and brings toys to all the children of the world."

– Linus in “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” by Charles Schultz

Well, it's candy and not toys, but I make treat bags for the kids across the street and since 2011, we turn out the lights. I used to decorate big time, but no more, but I enjoy seeing it all. I peek out at the costumes. I don't like that they bring in kids from other neighborhoods in car pools here. I like it when it's neighborhoods like it used to be.

I have a Vermont Teddy Bear Witch Bear and one that is a Cheerleader that says Carol on it.

And I have some pumpkin ice cream in the freezer. All set.


The Vermont Teddy Bear and Cheerleader Bear sound cute. I don't get many Trick-er-Treaters in the country. I will have candy on hand just in case.

I wish a great pumpkin could bring us treats and luck. The world needs that.

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me. C. S. Lewis

I don't care for tea but sometimes I read a book and wish it was longer. Some books drag on. Sometimes the ending is like what? Like a book series. You never want them to end. It is easy to get lost in a book and sometimes you like the movie better then the book. I do at times. I give any book a chance and sometimes the book ends the way you hoped.

Quiet weekend. Rained today. Hoping for a good week. Have a good one.
I am not much of a tea drinker or coffee drinker either. I like it if books are long if they are good. But if they aren't good or have weird endings I don't like it that they stretch it out.

I hope your week is going good. I am still a bit ill, but whatever.

Here is my quote:

"I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it."

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Letting go can be a process. I love this book as it has some very comforting passages. It has a unique point of view. Being sick forces one to look at things in a new light sometimes.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween Week! Hug Ms. Bella! *Hearto**Heartbl*
I get to see the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for my sinuses today. I hope I get done seeing doctors soon. I am going to go to Barnes and Nobles too. The new Victoria Magazine is out. I got coupons.

Letting go can be a process. The book The Lovely Bones sounds interesting. Sounds like helps you relax. I could use a book like that. I try to let things go.

Feeling gratitude isn't born in us. It's something we are taught and in turn we teach our children. Joyce Brothers

I always liked Dr. Joyce Brothers. I wished she would have worked at the mental health facility I worked at. I was always taught to say Thank You and have gratitude. I raised my son to be the same way. I am thankful for things in my life and I thank God all the time. The people I took care of wouldn't always say Thank You. They acted like we were slaves. Guess gratitude wasn't taught to them. We learn to appreciate things and when you work for them, you appreciate it all the more. It is like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's song: Teach The Children Well. As for parents, we do our best. We want the world to be a better place and raise our children the same way to hell make a difference. Dr. Joyce Brothers gave good advice and my son is a Doctor Of Psychology so I feel I did right.

Hope Boo is doing well. Bella tries to boot me out of my computer chair. She has been a brat lately. Must be the fall weather. Have a good day. Get well soon.
I think that more and more people take things for granted. Saying thank you is always a good thing. When people don't do it, they might create an impression that they don't intend to create. A lot of it is thoughtlessness. I notice when people don't thank because my father taught me very well to thank for everything. He wouldn't put up with it if I didn't do that. My brother does not always thank - I learned the lesson better than he did. If a person doesn't thank it creates an impression that they might think they are entitled to whatever. Sometimes it is just thoughtlessness I believe.

I hope I always remember to thank because I don't want to be a big do do head.

Here is my quote:

"Books are a uniquely portable magic."

Stephen King

Isn't that the truth? There are books that you just get lost in. When I read a book like that, it is hard to put it down. A book can transform a person's life. That is a magical thing to think of.

We took Boo for her annual checkup yesterday plus the nail trim yesterday afternoon. Boy, did she howl at the nails being trimmed. It took the usual two techs, the Vet and Mr. HOOves to hold her still. The Vet told me I looked faint after it was over.

The good news is that the Vet said that in appearance and health Boo is more like an 8 year old instead of her age, which is 12. The blood tests they did all came back great. She has a little bit of cataracts but that is normal for a 12 year old. I am glad that she did so well. I have to brush her teeth more often. Boo visited with Franklin the kitty cat at the Vet's. It was sweet on Halloween with all the costumes. *Hearto**Heartbl* Hug Bella for us!! *Hug**Cat2*
Sorry Boo hates the Vet. Glad she is doing well otherwise. Halloween came and went. No Trick Er Treaters. I saw the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. I am on different Meds.

Books can be a portal to another world. I agree with that. You can leave home without physically leaving when you read a book. Good concept.

How success changes the opinion of man. Maria Edgeworth

So true. People who didn't have much get success and riches and their friends are no longer important. They should help their friends who stuck with them and share their wealth with them or stay friends with them but it doesn't always happen this way. Success can go to a person's head and their personality changes completely. So sad. I have known people like this. Like in high school, someone got to be a cheerleader and popular, their friends who weren't popular were no longer important. I always try to be the same person no matter how little or how much I had. I always care about others but get hurt when they aren't nice to me. I just quit talking to them when they don't treat me like a friend anymore. Too bad we can't always stay the same no matter what.

Have a good day. Breezy here. Just a quiet, nice day to be at home.
I think that success does go to heads. I see people who bend over backwards trying to exclude others from things. They have a big success and then have to make lists of and brag about who they include and by implication exclude. I saw that this morning in a forum. I don't think that will ever change. It's disappointing when it happens every time and I was surprised the first time I saw it on here. I'm not surprised by it anymore, just a bit sad. I even felt a bit of pity and forgiveness instead of anger there.

I hope that your new medicines work well.

I emailed, but I had a bad test and now I have more tests to go through, one I was avoiding for a long time, but whatever. It is what it is I guess. Don't you hate it waiting for doctors and then they want us to hurry it along when it's time for us to do stuff. But then we wait and wait.

Here is my quote:

"Life is short; love is longer" Kamand Kojouri

I think love lasts beyond life. I hope that is true. It seems like it would be or what is the point. I don't know where medical nonsense fits in to the big picture. But who does, really until it's all behind us I guess.


I hate waiting on test results. I hate taking meds that gives you side effects. I am trying to get rid of symptoms not add more! Like really. I hope your tests will all be alright. You are in my prayers. I miss you when you aren't here.

I agree. Love lasts beyond life. Thank goodness for love. God knew what he was doing when he added love to the world. Love has great power in itself. With that in mind, my quote for today is below.

The human heart at what ever age opens the heart that opens in return. Maria Edgeworth

We learn about love at an early age like when we are little. We love our family, friends and animals. We read fairy tales and learn about love, have crushes, dates, boyfriends and then heartache. We find love get married, love Jesus, God, animals, friends and all types of things in life. Love can fill a heart but there is always room for love. Thank goodness! The heart grows and opens to more love as we grow. If only the heart stayed healthy. Love can't cure illness but love is always in a heart of a caring person.

Have a good weekend. Give Boo hugs. Bella is being good today.
Yes, love can work wonders and miracles. It is more powerful than any medicine.

Life throws us some problems at times and then we have to deal with the medical stuff to move forward. The love in our life gives us strength to face what comes.

This is my quote:

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot."

Stephen King

He wrote a good book called "On Writing" about how he recovered from a bad accident and about what he thinks about writing. He reads a lot and used to do book reviews in Entertainment Weekly. That was pretty much the only reason I subscribed. When he quit doing that, it became just another dumb gossip magazine. I don't buy any of those anymore because I think it's a bunch of made-up stuff.

I didn't agree with everything Stephen King said about books in that magazine, but he definitely had a well reasoned point of view. He certainly writes in a lot of genres over the years and tries a lot of new things.

Boo barks hi to Bella. All is well that I know of with Boo. Hope Bella is feeling fine! *Hearto*
I have Stephen King's book about writing and for a man that writes horrors, what he says can fit in other genres. He does have good views and I guess he does write more then horror but I haven't read his other ones. I just make it a point to read all Danielle Steel's books.

I hate when life throws us problems. Ray and I have had our share lately.

I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it. Audrey Hepburn

I love Audrey and I have no problem showing affection for others but I like to be treated with love and respect. I don't like rude people and I have met my share of them. I feel we all need hugs and need to hug other people when they are sad. Saying Hello to an old friend with a hug is always nice as well. Audrey seems like a loving, giving person. I admired her. A hug can say more then words.
I like that.

Still trying to get over my sinuses issues. The Doctor said give it 2 weeks. Sometimes, I think the treatment is worst then the illness itself. Have a good week. Hope Boo is doing well.
I hope that everything gets better for you and Ray. Also, I hope you get to feeling better. The doctor told me that sinus stuff is hard to get rid of. It's miserable and I wish that you could feel better now.

Affection is always a good thing. Boo gives us a lot of affection and we give it to her and each other. Other people are nice too, although it is hard sometimes because we keep a lot inside.

This is my quote:

"I write because one day I will be gone, but what I believed and felt will live on.”
― Shannon L. Alder

You never know because I bet Jane Austen didn't realize her work would be so revered and appreciated so long after she was here. If she hadn't wrote it then we wouldn't have it. Well, you never know but if you put it out there in writing things that might entertain or inspire others it has to be a good thing.

Life is short and it is good to cherish the days when it is possible and we feel good enough to write some and do the things we enjoy. *Hearto*
I agree. What we write we leave behind. I hope someone will reading what I wrote. Like Jane Austen. I hope she somehow knows how much we all adore her. Life is short.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey is right. We need to hold on to those we love. People we don't like. I try to and pray to God about them. I just want everyone to be happy. I hold on to memories and all my friends. We need people. Some we don't need but it takes a variety of people to make a world. Always hold on to each other.

Electric was out today. Winter is coming. I hope you are doing well and I hope to feel better. Have to live each day as it comes.
I think that holding on to each other is a great idea. I hope everyone is happy, too. Some people have been mean to me over time, but I forgive all of them. We go through life and there are those who would try to exclude us or be mean to us. We hold on to the good ones, that's for sure. The stuff that seemed really important, at the time, now fades in my memory.

I hope your power stays on.

Here is my quote today:

"Books are the movies of the mind."

Sue Grafton

I think this is very true. I can imagine movies made when I read a great book. Someone used their imagination to make Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. They had the movie in their mind after reading a great book by Jane Austen. You picture people in the parts of the characters when you read, or at least I do.

My Fair Lady was a great movie that came from a play that came for a book. Audrey Hepburn really made Eliza Dolittle come alive.

I hope everything gets better for you and you have a wonderful Wednesday! *Heartv*
It is amazing how movies come from stories and novels. Where would the world be without writers? Jane Austen's stories are all movies and Sanditions, her last novel finished by someone else is being made into a movie. Sue Grafton is so right about books being movies of the mind.

It is better to be looked over then overlooked. Mae West

I always liked Mae West. It is better to be looked over then overlooked. As we go through life, I am sure we all feel overlooked at some point. This is a sad lonely feeling. Like someone promised to invite you to their wedding and guess what? You are overlooked. This happened to me. I was good enough to be invited to the shower but not the wedding. I entered a writing contest for Guideposts and never heard a word. Other times, I submitted things and was overlooked. Being looked at. I will take that. I wear the latest fashions and sweats and Tshirts aren't for me. Mae West was right. I always loved how she dressed and she was bold for her time. She was quite a beauty. I admire her She reminds me of Belle Wattling in Gone With The Wind.

I am feeling a little better. It takes me forever to get over a sinus issue. I am praying about it. Hope Boo is doing well and Bella went to take a nap. Have a great day.
I hope that you feel much better very soon. Hugs to Bella.

Mae West was a wise woman. Getting overlooked is like being taken for granted. It usually ultimately impacts the one doing that more than the one who is on the receiving end of things. When I don't feel too well it drags everything down and I don't really bother with much. However, I do know and remember who is mean or thoughtless or even uncaring during the times when things are tough. Or who doesn't feel inclined to even be pleasant. It is hard to forget that sort of thing.

It is funny how that things that seem important otherwise get diminished when health deteriorates.

Hugs to Bella from us and Boo, who is snoring in her crate bed (she has three beds to choose from).

Here is my quote today:

"An author ought to write for the youth of his/her generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmaster of ever afterwards."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

He was appreciated by the youth, but not so much the snobs of his time. Yet, Gatsby is considered by those schoolmasters now as one of the greatest American novels ever. It is one of the few books I never get tired of reading and they've never made a good movie out of it.

Like Jane Austen, Fitzgerald died in his early 40s and didn't live to see his work honored as it should have been. He had a lot of smart things to say while he lived.

It is hard to decide what to write sometimes. I just write what I like and put my best foot forward. Seems like there have always been and will always be snobs.

"One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things." Henry Miller

We all see things different. Washington DC is beautiful but the leaders don't make it beautiful. It is the scenery and memories of Presidents past. We travel to great places but what if we get there and don't like it. This has happened to me. We try to see the good in things and not the bad. I always hope there is a silver lining behind every cloud. We can find a new way of looking at things and be happy. This is what I strive for. Always look at the bright side.

I am feeling better. They tell me my husband needs a urine specimen and he is already on an antibiotic. Do doctors know anything? Hope your day is going well. Hugs to Boo. I turned on The Price Is Right and Bella left. Maybe she is watching it. Later.
I hope that all starts to get really better for you and your hubby. Doctors do not care because it is not them going through it. If it were them going through it, they would demand special treatment. I watched the Price is Right the other day. My mother used to love it when it was Bob Barker. My brother looks like Drew Carey, so I think my mom would like him.

A new way of looking at things can be good. I suddenly saw the site here in a different light and it has changed a lot of my approach to things here. I am trying to hold it in perspective for a change.

This is my quote:

"In a multitude of acquaintances is less security than in one faithful friend."
Herman Melville

I think you are my faithful friend and I am so thankful and grateful for that and for all the blessings that have come my way thanks to this awesome and wonderful site. Twenty years ago, I would have bet money that I would never have visited the Internet and look at me now, an 18 year veteran. *Heart*
You are right. Doctors don't care because they aren't the ones going through it. Everything is give it 2 weeks. Take this pill or use this spray. I just pray things get better. My husband had to go in for a urine test. It took forever to register him and then do the test. 40 minutes! They weren't busy. We went out to eat at Bob Evans. That took forever to get served. 31 Degrees last night. Guess everyone was moving slow.

"Keep a diary and someday it'll keep you." Mae West

I have been neglecting my personal journal lately. I keep up with my Daily Planner Book. Guess I feel no one will read my personal journal and right now, I wouldn't want certain people to read it. I like looking back and see what happened last years and further back. Things I have forgotten show up. Journaling about my job got me through the job. I am calmer when I do journal now. I hate the word Blog! we use it here but I prefer journal. I guess it does keep me sane.

You are my one faithful friend here. You don't forget my Birthday, Anniversary and we have things in common like Jane Austen, Audrey Hepburn and we like to do our campfires and always read each other's stories. I never knew I would like using the internet and I am glad I found the internet. Have a good weekend.
I hope that you and hubby feel better and better so no more doctoring for a while. Yay. Bob Evans sounds so nice - I remember they have the best breakfasts. They had one real close to us in Maryland. We don't have them here, but they have one in Chapel Hill which is about an hour away. We like to go to Steak and Shake sometimes. Today is Veteran's Day. Mr. HOOves will go to Great Clips to get a coupon for a free haircut and then we will go to Texas Roadhouse where he gets a free meal. Pretty nice deal.

I have a journal of sorts offline. I got tired of it because it was me moaning about the same thing over and over. I go to read it and I see where I don't move on like I should. Well, whatever. Now if I am in a mood I read it over so I don't make the same mistakes again. Literally, there is some stuff dated in 2014 that I could write the same thing today so that tells me I'm the one not doing as I should.

Here is my quote for today:

"It's not whether you got knocked down; it's whether you get back up."

Vince Lombardi

So, we have our times when we don't know how we had the strength to make it, looking back on it. But somehow we did. Then we move forward and be grateful for our friendship and all else that is good. *Hearto*

we debated about going to Steak and Shake. I like Bob Evans better. Went to WalMart yesterday. They are running out of things like food items we like. We have to go to Krogers to finish up.

I like your quote. I have been knocked down so many times. I get back up and like Glen Campbell said in a song: "I am going to get back in the race." We survive and keep going. Like Pat Benatar :Hit me with your best shot. Fire away." I have had that, too and gave my best shot back. My husband reminded me that we pray for strength and I do that all the time.

"The holidays are only holy if we make them so." Marianne Williamson

I have been thinking about Christmas. I have been playing Christmas music and watched Christmas Vacation and Prancer. Prancer was filmed by a town in Michigan a hour away from me in Three Oaks and I have never see the town. I hope to someday. I agree that we need to make the holidays holy and make them special. I always do. I love Christmas. Thanksgiving is special. In spite of my problems, I am thankful my problems aren't worse and my husband is getting his pole barn he has always wanted. Life can be good.

Have a good day. I have a busy week but I will be here. I live here.
I have been thinking about Christmas, also. There is much to cherish about it all this season. It seems like there is a lot to get done, but I do a little here and there. At least I got some good sleep last night so that helps a lot because I have a list I need to get done today before we get heavy rainfall here. I have little traditional things that I do like I make peanut brittle from scratch. This seems like a huge thing to get done this year, but I will definitely try and do it. It is worth the effort to try.

My brother has the same test I have to have in December. His is today. I am praying for him and thinking about him that all will be well. I love my big brother.

"I'm not afraid of storms as I am learning how to sail my ship"

Louisa May Alcott

I guess if we tell ourselves we are learning something it helps the fear. I am afraid of storms, though and afraid of a lot of things. But it is good to try and be brave. I don't think I really am though, especially as years go forward.

I am afraid of a lot of things in addition to doctors.

I am always afraid of storms of all kinds. We never know what we will face. Louisa has a good quote and I agree with her. I try to live each day as it comes and pray for the best. All my best to your brother.

"I've been searching for want to heal myself and I've found kindness in the best way." Lady Gaga

I wish I could heal my sinuses but they take time. We do find kind people as we go through life and who care. That means a lot. I couldn't reach pop bottles off the rack the other day and a man helped me. I have always tried to return kindness and help others. It feels good to offer kind words and not argue with people. We have things that have scarred us but we heal, like when my house burned down and people were so caring. This lifted my spirits. Being kind is something we all need.

Have a good week. It is going to snow tomorrow. I am not ready. Glad you are here writing this with me.
Kindness and lots of rest lead to healing. Kindness in thoughts and feelings along with kindness directed our way when we are hurting. I think a lot of rest helps too. If I can get the sleep I need it helps a lot. I hope you will feel better each day. My brother has to have tests done and come back, but he seemed to be okay when I talked to him yesterday. I will check with him today. My brother looks a lot like Drew Carey, but with a mustache.

Drink something hot and rest yourself as much as you can. Hot drinks like coffee, which I am not crazy about, but whatever, sometimes help clear out sinus things, too. Tea or Hot chocolate should be good, as well.

Here is my quote today:

"A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.
I say it just begins
to live that day."

– Emily Dickinson

I thought about something that I would like to see. So, I decided to write a prompt to hopefully get there. Well, it may not grow into anything, but then again it might. I lost the will to do a lot of reading here. I hope I find it again. One day I sent a whole lot of reviews and not one said a word about it. But I do love to read and will get back with it. I lost the feeling that I should do it and then I am so tired now when I log in. I am trying to drink coffee to keep alert.

I love to give prompts that inspire people to write. I have given a lot of them and some go better than others. That is one thing I do enjoy about writing is giving a prompt that gets others imaginations working. *Hearto*
I am doing better and will see my ENT again next week. I am hoping for answers. Thanks for the suggestions about drinking hot drinks. Hot chocolate does sound good.

I love Emily's poetry. She was one of the best poets ever. I don't read as much as I used to but I do enjoy reading. I do reviews here. There are always good items here to read.

"If you were to ask me what I wanted to do-I don't want to be a celebrity, I want to make a difference." Lady Gaga

I want to make a difference in the world. Like put an end to animal abuse and make the world a better place. I wish we didn't have pollution, murders and all the bad things. I try to be a good friend to others and help others. Making a difference like saving a life makes you a hero and that is what I would want to be. A human Supergirl. Being a celebrity would be nice but I think being recognized as a hero says more. Lady Gaga had a good quote here.

Have a good day. Bella says Hi to Boo. We have snow. Just an inch.
I think that you do make a tremendous difference here in being always positive and encouraging and sharing your wonderful talent and writing. That is a gift to all of us that you give every day. I hope you continue to feel much much better.

Here is my quote today:

“Without music and dance, life is a journey through a desert.”
― Pat Conroy

Music has helped me in lots of times when I was sad. I have gone through phases with the music. Soundtrackers Group kept me writing when I had nothing else to write about. That was pretty special I was sad when the leader of that left. I guess they are going to try and revive it. I hope it will work out well for them. The key element though was that the leader was interested in everyone, at least for a while. I think without that interest and encouragement it will be problematic. But it should be interesting and different and about music. It came just at the right time for me here.

I think a lot of things that happen on this site are about timing. If it is just right then things work out. If not, then it's a question mark and folks drift away.

Sometimes you catch someone in a bad mood and they snap your head off. That has happened to me with a few who would try and boss me, use my work and then push me around. When one caught me at the bad time, I snapped back and told her to get lost (and meant it). I don't regret that, but if she had snapped my head off at the right time (like she had done before) I would just have ignored it. Wrong time, though and it changed a lot of the way I do things here. She has a lot of power that one to ruin other people's day in a few ways. I work around it now. Time has proved how right I was about snapping there.

I sort of feel sorry for her now. Time has led to that and keeping one's distance seems very smart. *Heartv*

Thank you for your encouragement and you influenced me. I found you and knew I had found a friend. I am thankful for this.

I went to Barnes and Nobles. They are rearranging the store and it doesn't like look the store I love. I wish they would have left it alone. I did find a Star Trek Book for Ray for Christmas. I did go to other stores and got Bella new cat dish at The Home Good Store. I will be ready to shop more it gets closer to Christmas.

I remember SoundTrackers Group. I did some writing for it. It was fun. Music is always fun to write about. I see that it is coming back.

"Legend remains victorious in spite of history." Sara Bernhardt

History is important and I love knowing and learning about the past. Legends. The ones we don't know if are true or not intrigue me. Legends keep us curious and mystified. We all love a mystery. History is important is important as we all need to know where we came from. How did it happen, why and be glad it did. It made us who we are today. Keep me informed of history and throw in a legend. I am a writer and I can bring a story to life. Works for me.

Have a good day. Hope things are going well.
That quote about Legend remaining victorious is very true. I think most of what I retain about history is really legend. The details sort of fade. History is a good thing to learn so we don't repeat bad mistakes. I have studied the 1930s and 40s a lot. I wish I would have had the sense to ask my Dad about fighting in WW II. He was in the Battle of the Bulge, but never talked about it much to me. I didn't really get interested in it all until a long time after he was gone.

They have reorganized my Barnes and Noble, too. I can't find anything. It upsets me. I went to get gift cards there earlier in the week. They have a promotion if you buy 75$ of gift cards you get a 10$ gift card for right after Christmas. I couldn't find "Birthday" gift cards. I got perturbed and had to leave. Then I figure I would get the gift cards I need further at Kohls, but then Kohl's was messed up.

Also, in my city there are two Kohl's. For some dumb reason they are downsizing both. They should just have one big one. The really big one is 45 minutes away in another city I don't like to go to. It makes no sense.

Another thing happened yesterday. I went to Whole Foods. I always get my raw peanuts there to make Peanut Brittle. They have to be raw and shelled. They used to sell them in bulk by the pound. Now, you have to buy a 3 lb bag. This is thanks to the geniuses at Amazon who purchased Whole Foods. I said what Bozo came up with this and the guy laughed. I guess it is that Jeff Bezos knucklehead who runs Amazon. His name is almost like Bozo.

Here is my quote for today:

"A light heart lives long."

William Shakespeare

I try to have a light heart and see the humor even in aggravating things. Like this morning my back hurt. But it does that when it's rainy and cold. I have physical therapy things I can do. Well, trying to have a light heart with a dark Irish nature is sometimes a challenge but I try.

Boo sends a big bark and tail way to you and Bella. *Heartg*
I was so disappointed in Barnes and Nobles. I will have to accept how they changed it. It snowed today. I hope Kohls never close. I depend on that store a lot.

The world is full of Bozos. I know what you mean. I thought your statement about the guy being a bozo was cute. Like my uncle complained about Mickey Mouse crap that he was getting from people. I sometimes feel like life is Mickey Mouse crap.

"The way I see it if you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain." Dolly Patron

True. We want a paycheck, we have to put up with people we work for or with. We get to buy nice things and have the best life we can. We work for and with bozos. Christmas is a lot of work but it is worth it when you are done and remember how much you love Christmas and Jesus being the season. Getting to see family and friends. We have to put in a lot of work to make something beautiful and then we stand back and admire our masterpieces. Those are our rainbows. So, it is worth it. I will put up with the rain. A good quote and it makes us appreciate life more and all the good things we get is worth the trouble.

Have a good day. Trying to stay warm. Give Boo hugs.
Life is a combination of that rain and rainbows. We brace ourselves for what is to come and do the best we can, I guess. Dolly Parton has a lot of sense.

I went out with a group last night to Cracker Barrel. It was kind of funny because we ordered baked potatoes and then they said they were out of them and out of small plates so everyone ate their bread on napkins. I just had steamed broccoli in the end and a couple of rolls and Mr. HOOves had a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

The Cracker Barrel is close to a grocery store so all they needed to do was walk across the road to get the potatoes, but no.

One of the people we went out with sent a gift to a grandchild. The grandchild apparently never got the gift and the daughter-in-law/mother is selling it on Facebook still in the wrapped box. So, now the Grandma/Mom has the daughter-in-law's number thanks to Facebook and dumb moves. Too funny, but there is a generation of morons that do this sort of thing and think they can get away with it now.

Here is my quote:

"With our thoughts we make the world."


We learn things as we go in life. It is good to be positive, but sometimes things can be overwhelming on a bad day. Today the sun shines and so far it seems much brighter in a lot of ways. Still, there are problems and worries but things seem easier when one isn't battling the weather. It is much easier to get Boo to go out and do her thing.

I hope this is a warmer than usual Winter. Hugs to Bella! *Heartp*
I hate when restaurants run out of food when you order a specific item. McDonalds always ran out of shake and smoothie ingredients. Why would a daughter-in-law not give a present to the daughter from her grandmother? This world is something else.

It seems like there are always problems. You get rid of a health symptom and one or two more take it's place. Always something. Winter makes your pains worse. I pray and try to be positive but life gets me down. With that in mind, here is today's quote:

"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails." Dolly Parton

We have to adjust with problems life throws at us. Like go to the Doctor for health issues. Plan according for events because of snow and rain. Change a wedding date or reception date. Something happens to a friend and you change your plans to help them. Take off a day from work for an emergency. Cancel something you were looking forward to because of problems. We do have to adjust sails as we go through life. Life will never be perfect. That much we do know. We adjust and go forward.

We are having a cold winter. Have a good weekend. My best to Boo. Bella is hiding behind the curtain. Maybe she is The Wizard Of Oz.
We do have to make adjustments as we go.

God likes to throw things at us and see how we do, I reckon. I have never been a fan of big weddings and all the planning that goes into that. I had a small wedding and I am happy with the memory of that the fact that (knock on wood) had has lasted a good while - 34 years and counting. Also, I did not bankrupt my parents as I paid for a lot of it myself. My whole wedding was just a couple of hundred dollars.

Too many people use weddings as ways to hurt others when it is a big pageant. It can be nice, though if the spirit is about love. If it is about putting on a big show and saying gimme gimme to the world - then I think it all starts out on the wrong hoof. Registering for presents is sort of repulsive to me.

Then my niece planned a big wedding for her second wedding. It gave me the heebie jeebies at the time because I thought she was focusing on the wrong thing. Then, she ended up doing what she did (suicide) the day after. So, when I hear a big wedding is going to happen it gives me the chills. To me now wedding and funeral are tied together. But I never was a fan of big weddings, even before all this.

I think it is for royalty who can easily afford it - like in a fairy tale.

Here is my quote:

"Old is like an enemy you have to make peace with before you get there.”


I am trying to make peace with aging as I go. But it is not an easy thing to do. I want to be young and know what I know now, but it doesn't work out that way.

I bet Bella has some wizard in her, just like Boo does. They just know things, don't they! *Heartp*
I had a big wedding and it was my father's idea. All I wanted was a nice wedding and the reception I didn't really want one, we had to invite a lot of people. Dad was trying to be impressive. I just wanted a wedding and everyone could have going home afterwards. It is over and done and everyone enjoyed themselves. I am still married to the same man. It all worked out. I am happy. I think as long as you are in love, the wedding shouldn't matter. As long as you are marrying the right person. Royalty can afford the luxury of having a Cinderella Wedding but I felt like Cinderella when I got married.

I hate aging. I have leg pain now and my sinuses are better and I wish I felt well 24-7. We all have medical issues. We just go forward. I wish I could be Cher but we don't know all her problems, either.

"Being a star just means that you just find your own special place and that you shine where you are. To me, that's what being a star means." Dolly Parton

I agree with Dolly. I am too old to be a star. I have 2 published books, get to do what I want now I am retired. I am happy with my life. Just the medical issues that are a pain. My special place is being married, having my cat, doing what makes me happy, living in the country and having on to memories of years ago. Works for me. I like to go out and shop and people don't know me. I wouldn't want to be followed by fans. I am a private person. I am a quiet, star I the star who shines in my own way. I will take it.

Have a good day. It is definitely winter. Going to be a long one. Boo and Bella could have fun together. I really love your poem, Behind The Curtain.

Sometimes I lose sight of the important things, which is it is all about love and what the two people need to have in their lives. So, whatever works for anyone works for me. I do regret that I didn't have a fancy dress, but it didn't go with the small wedding. I remember I paid the most I had ever paid for a dress until then and I got it on sale at Lord and Taylor. My mom thought my veil looked weird because I have a big head or something. My mother was beautiful (movie star beautiful) like I never was. She looked like Ingrid Bergman.

My mother had a small wedding also and no veil back in the day. I felt like a star for one day, though and it was a very happy time. *Heart*

Dolly was right about finding a place that's all our own to shine in. We look for that throughout our lives and find it a few times if we are lucky. We used a song that had that in it at the wedding - a lady from the church sang Bridge Over Troubled Water with that line - "Sail on silver girl, sail on by, your time has come to shine and all your dreams are on their way."

Here is my quote that I got from the book I have about 1939:

"Posterity is as likely to be wrong as anybody else."

Heywood Broun

Sometimes in hindsight things look obvious, but they weren't that way at the time. But you cannot tell anyone else what to do ahead of time.

A big wedding can be very nice if it is all about love. *Heart*
We don't need a fancy wedding to be happy. Love is the key word. As long as we have love, that makes for a happy marriage. You have to work at it.

"Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow." A. B. J Abdul Kalam

Poetry can be written from happiness or sorrow. I like writing and reading upbeat, happy poems. Poems about sorrow bring me down but some people express themselves this way. Poetry is best when it is about love. I feel this way about poetry anyway. I am glad we have poems and stories both.

Telling others what to do. We can offer advice and past experiences. This is what I do. Sometimes, experience is the best way to learn and know about things. I am sure you agree.

Have a good day. Always thinking of you.
Poetry comes to us when we live our lives. Then we express it. Others might like it or not like it. It doesn't matter really because a lot of Shakespeare's contemporaries said his poetry and plays weren't good. How dopey do they look now? But he stuck with it and gave the world a lot of writing. I am sure that in her time Jane Austen had her critics like the jealous guy, Mark Twain. A lot of Poe's contemporaries said mean things about him and he could not make a living from writing other than the reviews he wrote for magazines. Well, time tells the tale, doesn't it?

This is my quote today:

“You're never lonely with a book.”
― Marlene Dietrich

I think this is very true. A book can be a wonderful companion. I read that Marlene Dietrich took a part in a movie in 1939 - Destry Rides Again because she knew that playing a singing American cowgirl would upset the Nazis. She was told by Hitler and company not to do it so she said she wasn't going to do it originally, but it was too tempting to upset her Nazi fans, who she hated. A lot of Hollywood elites actually kissed up to Hitler during the 30's.

That movie is considered one of the best of 1939, the year that also saw The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I saw Destry Rides again and it is a great comedy/western. I enjoyed it a lot and it is a classic with some very funny and entertaining scenes.

I think that Marlene Dietrich was a very smart lady and I admire her courage in being nasty to those Nazis while other people were afraid of them.

I agree. A book can keep you company. I enjoy a good book. I have 2 bookcases and a tote full of books. I have plenty of company. I am off to buy Danielle Steel's newest book Beachamp Hall.

I never liked Mark Twain. He didn't like Jane Austen because she was a woman. Sad. You won't find Mark Twain in my book case. There is no room for him here at my INN!

"Memory is the matter of wisdom." Aeschulus

I wasn't sure about this one. I am not sure about how much wisdom I have. We talk about wisdom at Bible Study and I apply it to my religious beliefs and try to do better. Memory and wisdom. I have memories, most are good ones. I hope I have always applied wisdom to everything I have done and will do. Wisdom has been passed down since man first came on earth and all through the years. I try to reflect and build my wisdom everyday. We need it to survive in life.

Have a good day. Hope Boo is doing well. I had a friend come over and the gas tank man and Bella was all over them. Always has to know what is going on. Later, my Dear Friend.
I am not sure what it means. I think it could mean that we need to remember things in order to learn from them, thus gaining wisdom. I have some offline journals where I write the same things over and over. So, now before I write something there I read what I wrote in 2016. I think about did I learn something. My memory isn't what it used to be so I need reminders of mistakes of the past.

I made a big mistake yesterday in the I Write Activity and embarrassed myself. So, I considered just not doing it, but I am almost finished for the year. So, I will finish it and take my lesson I guess. It was my mistake in not understanding the rules properly that were new. It was all on me so I felt stupid. Well, I logged in today so I didn't do what I considered which is not coming here for a few days until I am judging again in W. Cramp on Monday and then Tuesday.

So, I logged in and had a nice note from someone who was inspired by a prompt I gave. This lifted up my spirits and I would not have seen it until Monday if I had stayed offline and sulked a while.

Well, that's a lot of me whining for today.

Here is my quote:

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill took office and right away there was a crisis that faced him (Dunkirk) which would have surely meant the defeat of Britain in WW II, if things had gone another way. The hand of God was at work in that event. Hundreds of thousands of lives (of expeditionary forces trapped on the French Coast) were on the line and Churchill weighed his options and did the right thing. They didn't know it at the time, but this turned the tide of the war because it was a huge blunder on Hitler's part when he had an advantage and didn't press it.

Winston Churchill knew how to speak, but he knew how to listen and this was more important at times in saving the world. The U.S. helped later with that, but for a long while Britain and France were on their own against the monster Nazi evil.

Well, I am studying about WWII so some of my quotes come from that.

I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving! I am making a turkey from scratch, which I am told, is a dying art. My mama taught me how. Did you know that my Mom passed away on Thanksgiving morning in 2005? It fell on November 24 that year, so it is not the anniversary this year of her death. I am so thankful for my Mom and all that she taught me. I miss her and my Dad (who died the day before New Years) every Day. My brother joked that they book-ended the holidays for us, their kids. My brother has that Irish humor that is kind of dark. I have it too.

I will make my pie today and my stuffing, then today the big enchilada, the turkey from Shady Brook Farms via Food Lion.

I hope you and your hubby and Bella have an awesome Thanksgiving! *Heart*

I know I don't always get the rules right with contests so I don't enter many contests. I get hurt my members here but like Elsa of Frozen "I Let It Go." Your writing is perfect and speaks for itself. I am glad you are here.

WWII. Mom is interested in anything relating to this war. The Viet Nam War is always in the back of my mind. Dad was there three times and this war will always be part of me as I grew up in this era. I would never want that war again for anyone.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the world." Aristotle

I don't think the world will ever be perfect but we do go on and do the best job we can. It does help to love your job and you can do a job better. I did my best. I don't know how I worked all those years. Sometimes, I had good moments at my job and having good, nice bosses help. My last boss. She wasn't so nice in the end. Pleasure is a plus when it comes to jobs.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband. Ray helps with the turkey. Bella will want some turkey I am sure. I always give thanks. We are going to Kohls for the early Black Friday Sale.
Happy Thanksgiving! My turkey is in the oven and has been basted and now we wait.

People who love their work, never really work a day is something that comes to mind. I have had nice bosses and bad ones. The bad ones were mostly women, strangely enough. But Mr. HOOves was my boss for a short time, so I cannot really complain there. *Laugh*

Here is my quote for turkey day:

"One must feel gratitude for what has been, rather than distress for what is lost."


I am thankful for my mother, who taught me how to cook and who I miss every day. I hope she knows that in heaven where she is now. I got that Danielle Steel book yesterday - my mom loved reading her books. I also got a book of quotes to help me. *Heart*

Have a great day - Boo had her ears cleaned and teeth brushed early and is now snoring on one of her three beds. *Laugh**Heart*
My mother is a great cook and I just get by when it comes to cooking. We had our turkey dinner, watched Macys Parade and The Dog Show. We went to Kohls for Black Friday. We went an hour after the doors opened and it was crowded, no shopping carts and we were in line for an hour. I did buy 2 pair of jeans and 2 sweaters. It was worth it. Tomorrow, Mom and I are going to The Kitchen Store. I hope to buy some good stuff. Hope your Thanksgiving was good.

"My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope on earth." Abraham Lincoln

I wish Trump could make America great again. We need to be the last best hope on earth. I share Lincoln's dream. America needs to be respected and be awed by other nations. Thanksgiving made me think of being patriotic and everything our ancestors have been through over the years. Here's to America. I still love my country, no matter what.

Have a good day. Give Boo hugs. Bella says Hello.
America is still great and will be even greater again. The young generation has too many people with their noses in those cell phones. That does not engender confidence or make them look too smart or sensible. But eventually they will get it together.

Sounds like you had a great outing for Black Friday. I do not go near the stores much. I might go to the grocery store, but probably will just run out to the library.

This is my quote:

"Private faces in public places are wiser and nicer
than public faces in private places."

W. H. Auden (American Poet)

People do not have the ability to hide things forever. I had this clique that is a group that operates like a cartel come after me a while back. At one time there were about eight or nine of them at the forefront. One after the other they did things. One, that is long gone, sent me a bunch of mean emails about my prompts in Writer's Cramp not being to her liking. Then she called me an obscene name in a forum that she said she was "shutting down" because I asked her to "pay it forward." Two in the clique did nothing overt (until now), but six others let down their masks. One just did that in a weird way on Thanksgiving. I think this one thinks (in her own mind) that she's a genius and has put a big one over on HOOves. I think they are mean and I wonder why they continue to do this sort of stuff at their advanced ages as I think they are all older than me. Must be bored or something. They put on a good show sometimes.

I hope I always have the option of blocking/ignoring them.

Will take a "wait and see" attitude for now. *Heartp*
I don't know why people hurt others here. America is great. You are right and hopefully will be greater again. I hope the younger generations do get it together.

Went to WalMart. Mom and I are going to the Kitchen Store tomorrow. They have tea, pots, pans, knives and anything kitchen related as well as decorative items. 10 percent off sale but the owner always has a lot of customers.

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental awareness." Abraham Maslow

I worked in mental health and most of those people didn't live in the moment. That is sad. We need to be with the program and be aware of what is going on. This is how to make America greater. We are in the present and things have changed. Being in the present where we are so advanced and can text and email makes a difference. Paying attention is another component of mental awareness. Being in the know, vote and do all you can to help others and always be aware of your surroundings. Don't text and drive or climb mountains while being on your phone. Be alert, be in the present moment and be smart. This is my speech for the day.

Have a good day. I understand what you mean about others here. I am sad two of my friendships with members ended here but if they want to talk, they can email me. I listen and forgive. Later.
I think being in the moment is good. It is not good to dwell in the past. If there are only two like that then you are doing good. Always to move forward is a good thing.

I figure it is a long time here with ups and downs over the years. Then I was going to write about it again, but I am starting to tire myself out with thinking about it. I don't want to become mean and bitter like the people who are that way to me. There is a lot I do not understand so I try not to get mad about it. I chalk it up with not being able to communicate. Maybe there is mental or otherwise illness going on that I don't know about.

I like this quote that Mr. Bennett said to Mary about her singing in Pride and Prejudice:

"You have delighted us long enough."

Jane Austen

It is a nice way of saying something. Mr. Bennett has a good turn of a phrase sometimes. I sort of think that sometimes when I see things that are weird. Jane Austen gives the Dad there the good lines. He has them and so do Darcy (eventually) and Elizabeth.

I did not go anywhere but the library, bank and McDonald's yesterday. I shopped mostly on Amazon.com and here. that was fun. Going out was weird. The library was closed so I used the drop slot. We watch a lot of videos on DVD from the library. Some of the Amazon Prime stuff is on sale (the seasons of shows we like that we don't get anymore, not having cable) I got the latest season of Pawn Stars and also a recent season of American Pickers to enjoy. The bank was odd at the ATM sucked my card in and would not let me enter my pin for too long. Then I pressed cancel and it took forever to get that card back. So, I left there and went to the closed library. McDonalds was good as I had a coupon for buy one and get one free so two breakfast biscuits, yum yum.

I ordered a nintendo game and another domino game for the grandkids. They will get that an a amazon gift card. I discovered that my local grocery store gives double points toward gasoline on gift cards. Hope to save some MOOla there. Today it is raining so I doubt if I will venture out until that stops. *Rain*

You have delighted us long enough. I agree with this. Mrs. Bennet is right. I know several people I feel this way about. This made me smile. Like at Kohls at Thanksgiving Day. Seriously, people, you are in the way. Jane Austen had some good quotes and good dialogue for her characters. Good call on this.

The Kitchen Store didn't have anything new. Coffee mugs, a nice deer platter that is over priced that she hasn't been able to sell in 3 years. Tea Sets. I have a billion of them. There was a nice, ceramic Gingerbread Cookie Jar but way too expensive for me. 139,000. I didn't buy anything there.

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." Amelia Earhart

Amelia loved to fly everywhere and it was an adventure for her. Being back in the 1920's, well it was quite an achievement for a woman. My adventures take place in my stories and just going shopping. We had ghosts where I worked at and they made noises and a couple of times, I saw one. That was a adventure. We can make an adventure by walking in the woods or going on a road trip and getting lost. I hope to have more adventures in my life, even boring ones. Guess we will never know about Amelia's last adventure and what happened to her.

Have a good weekend. Hope Boo is doing well. Bella decided she likes skin off the turkey better then turkey. Later.

I think Travel has been the worthwhile adventure for me. I hated to fly, but I never regretted going places. Mr. HOOves used to get sent on trips (group trips) for his work so I would go. We always had fun and went to places we never would have gone otherwise, like Portugal and Monte Carlo and San Remo, Italy and cruising the Caribbean. We used one of these trips (Portugal) to add on Ireland the first time we went there back in 1990. Then, we went four more times.

I wouldn't want to go out of the country now, except I would go to Ireland. We cannot leave Boo for that length of time so it's a moot point now.

Here is my quote:

"I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself."

James Baldwin

I didn't know what this meant until I went to Ireland after my mother died. I found myself (the one that I had lost that year) on a road in Adare Ireland where I met up with a herd of cows. It was a magical time. Maybe it would have happened at home, but I don't think so. I was walking around by myself while Mr. HOOves played golf that morning. I felt safe - it was a village type place.

It was as close to magic as I can ever remember being. And it was a foggy socked in sort of day.


Ray and I don't travel much. He is still working. I don't get around as good as I like. Flying is such a pain. I wish we could go to Minnesota to see my son. I want to see Paisley Park. Maybe someday. We can't leave Bella for too long. It doesn't seem safe to leave the country but I would like to go to England and Ireland still.

Meeting up with cows would be a treat for me. I love cows. I enjoy meeting people when they are nice. I like to be around a few people at a time so I can get talk to them and get to know them.

"Man is an animal that makes bargains. No other animal does this-no dog exchanges bones with another." Adam Smith

True. Animals will fight but they don't exchange money or goods. They catch their own food and may argue with other animals and they walk away when they have had their fill. Man kind try to out do each other and want power, more money and dog eat dog. Some days, I wish I was a wolf. I love wolves and respect them. They take care of their own. You have to admire them.

Snowed today. Just an inch. Still have sinus issues but I don't think there is a permanent cure. Have a good day. Enjoy Cyber Day!
I think that life is about making all sorts of bargains, some of those are with God. I say please do this and I will do what I should. Sometimes it works out, but mostly I go back to bad habits.

To me, animals are much more understandable than people. Wolves are very smart and they have their own code of conduct and space amongst themselves. They don't get emotionally hung up on stuff because they are too interested in survival. Humans could learn something there. A long time ago I cared if people liked me more. Now, I just hope they don't mess with me and respect the space of others.

I hope you get over your sinus stuff. My ear/sinus stuff keeps coming back. I am ready for it to be gone. Outta here. We went and learned how to get the grocery credits for the gas last night with Mr. HOOves's car. Today I will take mine now that I've done the trial run with him.

I have learned not to count on much around the holidays. Everything gets knocked out of whack for a time.

Here is my quote today:

"History is a vast early warning system."

Norman Cousins

I think that history does this, but people ignore it and don't learn much from it. I am continually surprised at how many young news reporters are totally ignorant of history. They say wrong things all the time. How do I know? Because I lived through it is how. It's made up stuff that they add to make their stories more dramatic. Now I understand about how my Dad used to get ticked off when they said wrong things about WW II. He was there so he knew better.

I am reading a book about 1939 and the history of that year and the movies that were made also. The whole world seemed to buy into Hitler's crazy deal until he started invading countries that England and France cared about. Suddenly, then it was whoa buddy. Invasions of any country from outside are no joke.

I wonder what all this invasion stuff is doing to Mexico's tourism. I can't imagine a more dangerous, filthy place right now. I've been to Tijuana many years ago and it was no model of clean back then (1989 or so).

I agree. I relate to animals more then I do people. If we are could be more like animals. It would be a better world. Wolves do have their own code of conduct.

WWII was a bad war. I can't believe Hitler was honored and he was evil. His ideas were crazy. Where did it get him? Thank goodness he didn't win the war. We didn't need that. Mom and my grandparents remember all these events that too place doing this vast war. It was a sad war. No war is ever good.

With that in mind, here is my quote:

"Think of all the beauty left around you and still be happy." Anne Frank

Anne and her family hid from Hitler and Anne kept a diary and she knew what was going on around here and she still saw beauty around her. There is beauty in the land. Too bad people don't act more like beauty. It would be a better world. Anne looked happy in her pictures and it was sad to be Jewish for her. It is nice she wrote a diary and we knew who she was and how she felt about things. I admire her for that. We can still find beauty around us. I do try.

Hope you get better, too. Have a good day. Boo, too. Thinking of you.
Anne Frank is a hero to me. Thank you for such a beautiful quote from her. People will remember her in a positive way for all time. She just thought she was keeping a diary there, but she was writing for six million plus souls. I have many friends and family of the Jewish faith and I cannot imagine a world without them. It is faith and tradition and that works for me. My family on my Dad's side is half Episcopalian and half Catholic because one Grandparent was Irish Catholic raised and the other wasn't. So half the kids went one way (there were ten total) and half the other on Sunday. Work it out, people. I can't believe God didn't intend for people to be generous and tolerant of the different beliefs.

That guy Hitler. What a monster killing all those people. Anne Frank's death in a concentration camp from typhoid disease is on his head. So, when I read her inspired writing, I know who her killer was, but she rises above him. Her writing makes her a survivor for all time. So, that is what is great about writing. People may not survive things in life, but the words have a way of lasting and enduring. Her Dad made sure her words weren't forgotten. Imagine the courage of her Dad. He lost his whole family, but somehow had the strength and faith to make sure that her diary was published and shared with the world. Pretty awesome.

This is my quote today:

"Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier."

Kathleen Norris

It is hard to find really great books, but when we find them we treasure them. I have four books I read over again. When I want something really good to read and can't find it among the modern stuff, I put these on my Kindle so I can go to them:

1. A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway (I've read it more than 50 times so far, never gets old)

2. A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

3. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

For different reasons each one of these means a lot to me. I read good books and in college I read a bunch, but these are the ones I turn to when I want great reading. That's because I know what I get there.

I had a discussion with a friend about Danielle Steel. She feels weird for liking her, but I told her I don't feel weird because Danielle Steel knows how to get readers to care about her characters in a way that most authors don't. I started to read a book that won the Pulitzer Prize. It was called The Sympathizer. After 25 pages, I didn't care. With Danielle Steel, I care after 5 pages. I couldn't force myself to read The Sympathizer and I can't wait to read Danielle Steel. I might put one of her books on that list of mine eventually, (like Answered Prayers) but she is so prolific that I never run out. She has made a lot of money doing what she loves to do and I am not reluctant to say I buy her books pretty regularly.


I was out Christmas Shopping all day. I bought some sheep PJS for me, a FAO Schwartz Teddy Bear and Michael Korr Cologne. Cold day here but no snow.

Hitler was a monster and poor Anne Frank was too young to die. She left a great book behind. Her diary. It is on my Nook and so is Pride and Prejudice of course. I haven't read Danielle Steel's new book, yet but I will. We will probably put up the tree this weekend and I will decorate for Christmas. I do love this time of year.

"Our visions begin with our desires." Audre Lorde

We have to have hopes and dreams. We have visions and desires so this quote just fits. We have a desire, dream and work to make it a reality. When we succeed, how sweet it is. It all started with a dream and then we visualize it and go forward. I may not make my desires come true but I will be happy with what I get.

Have a good day. I need to clean house and read Danielle Steel's new book. I think I will love this one because it will remind me of Downton Abbey. Can't wait for the movie. My dream and desire. Downton Abbey. Dream on. I will!
This sounds like a fun shopping trip. Very successful.

I went to Costco and renewed my membership and spent a lot. I got a couple of gifts and also wrapped a few things. I am frustrated with Amazon because they are delaying sending one grandson's toy and that's going to mess me up. I don't know if we will put up our trees this weekend. I have a big medical test on Tuesday that they put me out for. I will be glad when that is over because the preparation for it isn't pleasant.

I will probably end up mailing the grandkids stuff on Monday or later. But after Tuesday, I do not know what I am facing so I want to get that done and behind me. Monday I cannot have anything but liquids so I will be in a weakened state. We may end up going north also if everything turns out fine and on short notice so everything is up in the air. I like planning and knowing things ahead of time.

Right now my vision and desire are to get past this test and never get in a position to be forced into another test like this. I am still considering not doing it because of the risks involved with just the test.

Here is my quote:

"There is no such thing as conversation. It is an illusion. There are intersecting monologues. That is all."

Rebecca West

I think this is true, especially with doctors. They give me their standard monologue. I ask questions and they give me their pat answers and when things go haywire they say, it's my fault. LoL And it's not their holidays that's ruined, is it ever?

Have a wonderful day - I got that book also. I love Danielle Steele!


Sounds like you are going through a lot. Me, too. I may need cortisone shots in my leg down the road but I hope not. My one sinus med gave me side effects. I will see my Doctor tomorrow. I am going to stay with Claratin and Pur Mist. I will be praying for you. I understand what you are going through.

I ordered: A Nun's Story with Audrey Hepburn, Mermaids with Cher and Funny Girl with Barbara Streisand. My husband wanted me to order these as part of my Christmas. I can't wait to watch them.

"Share your smile with the world. It's a symbol of friendship and peace." Christie Brinkley

I agree with this. Smiles and kind words go further then angry words and threats. That's what wrong with the world. I have to use my cane sometimes and with this snow and ice. A nice, good looking young man helped me get on the curb and held my hand. It was like God sent me an angel. I was glad. He helped Mom get over the curb, too. Mom has fallen twice in two months and I worry about her. I don't like to go out when it snows but I still have doctor visits coming up. I will live each days as it comes and appreciate the smiles I get and kindness. I will give smiles and friendship back in return.

Hope your test goes well. You are always in my thoughts. Bella runs Amok and knocked the phone down and tears up the rugs. Wish I had her ambition. Have a good day. Boo, too.
You and your mom are in my prayers that all will get better and go smoothly. Falling is one of my greatest fears so I know that is a worry as winter closes in. *Heart* I use a cane for stairs in my house and sometimes otherwise, also because of having an artificial hip and a bunch of hardware in my back.

Sharing a smile can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes it is hard to think of things, but I have a solution of sorts. I carry pictures to take out and look at if I cannot find another reason to smile, especially at doctor type things. I am glad that God sent an angel to help you. That is so cool to hear that a young person did that and didn't have their nose stuck in a smart phone.

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue to control my temper. Maybe I should just smile, but I'm afraid I would look crazy like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, if I did that. *Laugh*

We went out with our dinner group last night and one of the ladies hugged me and wished me well for my test on Tuesday. That warmed my heart and made me smile.

Bella has a lot of kitty in her and Boo has a lot of puppy. We have hardwood floors and Boo has gotten past the tear-up stage although when she gets frustrated she scratches on the side of the couch like a cat. That side of the couch looks pretty weird as she also drools on it while she scratches. *Laugh*

Here is my quote for today:

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."

Helen Keller

She found a lot to be happy about even though she couldn't see or hear. Maybe she found more.

Those movies you got sound like good watching. I put my name on the list for "Roman Holiday" at the library. I have never seen that one, but I have seen Funny Girl, which I have here and maybe Mermaids - can't remember for sure. Cher is always good and I think Funny Girl and Hello Dolly are Streisand's best musicals, although the critics of the time hated Hello Dolly. I LOVE it. I wish they would film the stage version with Bette Midler and David Hyde Pierce from Broadway last year. I'd buy that in an instant.

Have a lovely day! I have to go to the post office today!

Bleh! *Heartg*

I always admired Helen Keller. She had a rough start but she overcome her handicaps. I agree with you that sometimes it is hard to keep from saying something when you get mad. I just leave the room when I get upset about something.

Glad you have a dinner group. My friends are busy working but I have one friend I have lunch with a lot.

"All nature is but art unknown to thee." Alexander Pope

There is art all around. The beauty of mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, animals, skies and houses. Mount Rushmore, Washington D.C. Beauty is there. Flowers really enhance beauty. Nature is beautiful as long as man doesn't cut down many trees and pollute rivers and lakes. I find the ocean and seagulls quite beautiful. Lighthouses. I have always loved lighthouses. We can see beauty all around us.

I am starting my day. I need to see my Doctor today. I am so tired of seeing doctors. I am thinking about you and your upcoming test. Give Boo hugs. Have a good weekend as well.
I hope that it went okay with the doctor. I am very sick of them. Once I get this week over with, I am done with dopey tests if I make it through this one.

Nature is lovely art. Animals are part of nature and they add to the beauty of enjoying it. I remember seeing herds of cows and sheep in the roads in Ireland - it looked like paintings.

We may be heading up North soon to Maryland if all goes well with the test.

This is my quote today:

"Truth always lags last, limping along on the arm of Time"

Baltasar Gracian

We ordered a gift from Amazon, but it was very late. Well, the carrier marked it "delivered" on Thursday when it wasn't delivered until Friday. We stood in the street on Friday and made the carrier dig through the jeep to find it. It wasn't true that whoever said it was delivered here on Thursday. That was a lie, but we cannot say that because of course, as we all know, it's not politically correct. But to me that is one step away from thievery to mark something "delivered" when it is still sitting in a pile in the mail person's jeep.

I complained to Amazon and they were sorry and gave me a credit. Now, I am writing my long complaint (we have other issues like some days we have the flag up and the carrier just skips us completely) to the US Postal service. Delivery has really taken a nose dive in the past several years.

Always something isn't it? But the truth comes out eventually and maybe, if we are lucky, the packages get delivered.

Feel better and have a lovely weekend - hug Miss Bella for us!

Sounds like Amazon is behind on things. I have three movies coming from Barnes and Nobles. I wonder how long they will take to get here. This day and age, we can track orders and know when they are due and have arrived. Carriers need to do a better job.

"To error is human, forgive divine." Alexander Pope

I agree but making the same mistake over and over is not divine. We don't live in a perfect world but if everybody does their part, things could be better. I always try not to make the same error twice. I forgive people when they did me wrong and I am glad when others forgive me, too. I always liked the word divine. It has a peaceful quality to it.

Hope your test goes well. My doctor tells me I have a side effect from a med I have taking forever. I am not buying it. It is the new nasal spray they put me on. It's my story and I am sticking to it. I think a person has to live with sinus issues.

Have a good day. I am thinking of you.
Forgiveness is something when it truly happens. I think it can be divine. For a long time I couldn't forgive someone I loved and then I did. That was my niece who later killed herself. I am grateful that I could get past the thing that happened - it took my Dad dying to get me there. After that we had 15 years reconciled. For all I know she was angry with me too at the end, but I don't know that for sure. I hope not. She sent me flowers as one of the last things that she did, but she was a complicated lass.

Side effects. Mr. HOOves took a medicine for 11 years and suddenly his tongue, throat and cheek swelled. They immediately took him off the medicine (Lisinopril) because the doctor knew right away. I assume that Mr. HOOves is not the only one this has happened to by the way the doctor knew right off. He had never had that before and suddenly had it. I think there is a lot about medicine that they do not really know, long term. In Jane Austen's day people didn't live as long because they didn't have meds to help with things like blood pressure, etc. Now, people can live to 80s and 90s and be pretty active.

Here is my quote for today:

"God heals, and the doctor takes the fees."

Benjamin Franklin

Ain't it the truth. I am feeling okay now, but I go for this test that will probably make me feel yucky. I can only have liquids today and this horrible thing they want me to drink. *Sick*

But by noon tomorrow after I wake from the anesthesia, I should have answers. Hugs to you, my friend and to Bella.

Boo sends a tail wag and a kiss! *Heartg*
We always want to forgive people and hope they forgive us. I am sure your niece forgave you. I always pray about things and forgiveness is one of them.

"Fear rushes in where angels dare to tread." Alexander Pope

We all have fear. I worry about driving in the snow and worry about illnesses. I tell myself God's got this and angels will help guide my way. Thank goodness for angels. I think they have helped drive my car more then once in the snow. I do believe in angels. Fears? I have them but I need to trust God to take them away. we have fear and angels come in to help. God sends them our way. I have heard this is true of men who were in combat and flying planes in the war. I believe.

I am decorating my tree. I have most of my Christmas decorations up. I will pray for you and your procedure. I am thinking of you. God does heal. Doctors do get quite a good fee. There are some doctors I trust and we do need them. Have a good day. Hope Boo is having a good day. Bella has been following me all over.
I think I jump from one fear to the next. The test went better than I expected, given the test before it. I have to wait for lab results, but the doctor said it all seems okay, pending the test results. I felt icky from the anesthesia all day yesterday, but am better now - just really tired.

I will email you about the travel plans coming up a we want to go and see the eldest grandson in a play.

That will be fun, but they are predicting a big snow storm for us so there is my fear now. Boo will have to board and hopefully won't get snowed in for too long.

Here is my quote:

"There is nothing like staying home for real comfort."

Jane Austen

I used to travel every other weekend or so, driving 600 miles round trip to help my mom. Now I am older, I like to be home with the pup, but it is good to hit the road sometimes to go and visit. I miss people, also. The test made me see that each day is a gift and it is good to do our best to live it to the fullest because our time here is relatively short. I hope Boo will be okay as we travel on our way.

Give a hug to Bella and thank you for your prayers and support through my medical traumas.

I am changing my B/P Meds around like the Doctor suggested. Side effects suck. I hate when Doctors play with my Meds. I have had so many tests and I get tired of those, too. I admit I am a hypochondriac but I worry. I pray things will be alright. Glad your test went well. I am praying for you.

Mom and I went shopping yesterday. I went to Kate Spade Store and Mom bought me a lavender suede wallet and pearl and rhinestone ring. I bought a pearl and rhinestone bracelet. I want the purse that matches the wallet and Ray may buy it for me. It would be nice. I did buy my father a gift at Kohls.

"Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is more important then the outcome." Arthur Ashe

Success takes some doing and we do it one step at a time. Getting there, being honest and rather we succeed or not, at least we know we tried. You do your best and try to make a good life. All of us can't have mansions and tons of money. Being a good person and trying are the keys. We never know what life will throw at us. I succeed at some things and sometimes I fail. I remind myself God 's got this. I will never be Danielle Steel but my writing is out there. I am content.

Have a safe trip. Boo will be alright at the boarding place. They will take care of her. Thinking of you.
Thank you for your kindness and reassuring words to me. The journey is on my mind. I think that it will help me that I am on the move even though there are things to worry about. I hope that your medication gets straightened out right and that you feel better and better. I do feel better when I stay away from medical settings.
More and more I see that we need things to look forward to and goals as we move through time.

I saw some of the funeral yesterday and I was thinking that President George W. Bush had his Dad in his life unti her is well into his 70's. Same with his mom. But I know my parents are with me during hard times even though my Dad has been gone a long time.

Here is my quote:

"The journey is the reward." Tao saying

All of life is a journey. I have noticed and seen some things lately that I wish I could unsee and unhear, but you never know where learning things will lead.

Some times I am amazed, though, still amazed at some of the kindness and thoughtfulness on this website. It comes from unexpected people at times. Stay cool and wave at Bella for Boo and for me. Blow her a *Kiss*.

I like that the journey is the reward. Good call. I hope to get better and stop seeing Doctors. I hope you get great news about your test. My surgeon said he can help me with any medical issue. I am glad I have him in my corner.

I am waiting on my movies to come in. They gave me three different dates and I am not very happy with Barnes and Nobles right now. I had better get my packages.

"You're imperfect and you're wired for struggle but you are worthy of love and belonging." Brene Brown

I feel imperfect and like nothing will ever be right and I do struggle. I feel I am a good person and worthy of love. I do my best and want to love everyone. I don't know as much as I would like to know but I do read and am willing to learn. I try to he helpful and I am fun loving. Life is a struggle but I pray, go to Church and always do my best. I feel like I am a friend to everyone who wants my friendship. I will struggle to be that person. A best friend to all.

I hope your trip goes well. My best to Boo. Bella has been helping with the tree. Ha. Ha. Until we write again.
Well, we ended up cancelling the trip. Why? They are predicting 17 inches of snow here. This area shuts down when it gets 2 inches. We might be a week or more getting back. Our street melts before it gets touched, not to mention the driveway. I called the Vet's to cancel Boo's reservation and they said that everyone else who was staying had cancelled so she would have been there alone besides staff who might have managed to get there.

I feel sad about the decision in not being able to visit up north, but we will go at a better time for all. God intervened this time with the weather and to tell you the truth, I am not feeling 100% yet after that dumb test I had.

Mr. HOOves a.k.a. Tom talked to a friend of his yesterday - That guy was planning a huge holiday party for Sunday and no refunds. This snow is supposed to be like we haven't seen here. Especially this early in December so we will see.

I am not perfect either, but I try to have my heart in the right place. I see a lot of things and I make mistakes in living, but I hope if my intentions are right and I do what I think is best it will all work out. If someone gets mad about the weather than they can kiss it because Boo is a member of the family, too.

This is my quote today:

"The only one who can change his or her mind is the person who's got one.

Edward Noyes Westcott

We never know what curve ball life will throw at us. Maybe this snowmageddon will materialize and maybe it won't. Boo being alone at a kennel with 17 inches of snow does not sound like a recipe for good times and getting fed and watched like she should be

I thought I would be on the road today, but I have to buy things for hunkering down for the big storm. So, here we go into the weekend.


Sorry to hear you will be getting a lot of snow and had to cancel your trip. At least Boo will be okay at home with the ones she loves to take care of her. We never know what will happen as we go through life.

"The crisp path through the field in this December snow, in the deep dark, where we trod the buried grass like ghosts on dry toast." Dylan Thomas, Quite Early One Morning: Stories

"Crisp Path, December Snow, Ghosts

I borrowed this from Blog City and I wrote my entry. Ghosts on dry toast, now, that is a new one. Al Capone used to bury people he had killed in the red brush which is considered a spooky, undesirable area. Al Capone hid out in Indiana when he wasn't in Chicago. So did John Dillinger. My former Doctor lived there and said he saw mist that looked like ghosts. With the December snow, I wonder what mysteries lurk there. I am always curious about spooky things and Indiana has their share of stories. Dylan Thomas' Quote makes me think. I stay away from the woods at night. This is something to think about and wonder about.

Have a good weekend and hope the weekend won't be so bad. It is cold here but no snow. Thinking of you.

That is a spooky scene there with gangsters hiding things. I think that December is usually pretty quiet here, so this is unusual. We have never had a White Christmas that I can remember. It is usually in the 40s during the day and then we might get a dusting sometimes at night, but rarely. To have a major snowfall this early in December is pretty unheard of.

Up in Maryland they would get it and sometimes even snow in November, but the heavy stuff usually waited for January-February-March times. I remember picking up my Mom and Dad at BWI airport in the snow in November one year.

I learned to love Gettysburg, PA during the short time we moved back home when my Mom wasn't doing so well from 2002 - 2005. From where we lived then it took about 45 minutes to get to Gettysburg. They had a Boyd's Bear store there that was all Teddy Bears. That is where Mr. HOOves and I met Writeing/Richard from here and his sons in 2004. Fun times going to Gettysburg. It doesn't seem like 14 years ago that we did that, but it is.

Here is my quote:

"I liked that. Books were safer than people anyway."

Neil Gaiman

Books can be your friends and they do not give bad surprises like some people tend to do. A book stays steady and reliable to pick up and enjoy. For me that is A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, primarily. You never know when someone will spring something unpleasant on you. Well, it is good to be prepared and brace onself for surprises. I think we learn that the hard way over time.

But it is good to find the good about the season and enjoy it as much as we can. I watched the movie "Dumplin" on Netflix last night. It was pretty cute with Jennifer Aniston. The rest of the cast was cute too. They get a lot of new stuff on Netflix now so that's nice. To me, it's better than Amazon Prime. I enjoy it more and it seems to work better so far.

Have a good weekend and hug Bella! *Heartg* Our snow is supposed to start later today so this time tomorrow we will see. It's supposed to snow until Monday night so if I don't come here it probably means power isn't working.


I liked Gettysburg. I stuck my head to look inside the cannon. I was six years old. I heard Custer's Last Stand Battle, you can hear the battle taking place. Spooky.

Books can be our best friends. I like your quote today. They are safer. I need to start reading my Danielle Steel book this weekend. I will watch Breakfast At Tiffanys first. I am still waiting on the movies I ordered to come in. Why is the mail so slow? Holiday season.

"I don't know where I am going from here but I promise it won't be boring." David Bowie

Some days, I don't know where I am going from here but some people would think I am boring. I read, write, watch movies, shop and don't do anything exciting but I stay out of trouble. I try to keep my house clean and enjoy life. My job was an adventure I would never want to repeat. Boring? I can live with that.

Hope the snow doesn't get too bad for you. Ray is taking me to Kate spade to buy my Christmas gifts. I look forward to that. Give Boo hugs. Thinking of you.
I like boring times because it is when I am not worried. It is when I am home and taking care of Boo with no plans that day. Mr. HOOves and I are watching our Netflix on that kind of day. Sometimes boring times are the best times.

So, we woke up with it snowing. It is about five inches out there so far and still going. I am thankful we did not leave Boo because who knows how long it would take for someone to get in there to feed her and take her out. Plus she would have been the only one there. She loves the snow, even at 12 years old she scampers out, jumps around and puts her nose in it.

Driving in snow like this in Maryland coming home from work, I had a hard time. Mostly, my Dad would come and get me and I would have left the car somewhere pulled over because of rear wheel drive and no traction. I worked in DC, but mostly lived in Maryland. Mr. HOOves once was driving in a snow storm on the Beltway and everyone was abandoning their vehicles in the middle of the big highway. I don't know how he made it home, but he did - it took hours and that was before cell phones in the 80s when we were first married.

Here is my quote on a snowy Sunday:

"Now is the winter of our discontent."

William Shakespeare

Snow is pretty when it first falls. I used to want a White Christmas. Now, when I see a lot of it I think about falling. I never used to consider that when I was young. It is coming down heavy now.

Hopefully, we won't have to go anywhere because we can't really do it even if we needed to.


Snow is pretty but not to drive in. It has been so cold. I have a hard time functioning in winter weather. Hope your area isn't too bad with the snow. I am thinking of you.

"The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure." Christopher McCandless

We all have a passion for adventure. We are curious and want to know what else is out there. Men have traveled since the beginning of time looking for adventures and what is in the rest of the world. If man didn't have a passion for adventure, there would be so many unexplored, uninhibited areas. People get bored and want adventure. So, they go to different places, climb mountains, go to the jingles, take road trips and look for something exciting and fun. We can find adventures in our own back yards I we have woods, mountains and a spooky abandoned house. Maybe I will have an adventure myself someday.

I do hope you Tom and Boo are doing well. Have a good week and hopefully, the snow will end for you. I am off to start my day.
I only like adventure after it is over and things are safe. I do not enjoy it while it is happening very much because I am a worrier.

Our outcome is that we got 13 inches of snow at our house. That was before it was snowing again this morning, so around 13-14 inches I think so far. A whole group of men came to the front door and said they would shovel stuff so we let them because our neighbor did. They worked hard and were fast, but that made me a little nervous because there were 5 men and a boy.

But now we are shoveled, but cannot go anywhere because the roads are a mess. They say to stay home here at least through tomorrow afternoon.

On the news it said that normally during one whole winter, we get 7.7 inches total snow. So yesterday and today we got about double that in one go.

I hope that you are doing well and Bella is having a nice day. Boo is snoozing in her crate, not much else to do except eat and go out to do business and look at the snow. She seems to like to come and snooze in whatever room I go in to today. My little sweetie pie.

This is my quote:

"In Ireland, a writer is looked upon as a failed conversationalist."


Mr. HOOves can tell a good story when he talks. I am shy so I keep it to the writing of things. I think that quote is pretty accurate when it comes to hearing stories in Ireland, too.

Sounds like you are really getting snow. It is quiet here but that won't last. I am sure snow will be coming. I am up ready to start my day. Bella has been over to visit. I am hoping for a good day.

"Never go to a Doctor whose office plants have died." Erma Bombeck

I agree with this one. If a Doctor can't keep his plants alive, his patients don't stand a chance. I once went to a Doctor who had embroidered duck pillows, duck pictures on the wall and it looked living a living room decorated with duck items. My mother said he must he be a quack. He helped me but that was strange. I see my Doctor today. I just hope things go well with this visit. He has a big plant in his office and it looks like something has been chewing on it. What kind of bugs does he have in his office besides a germ or two?

Ray can tell stories but they are all true stories except for alien stories he reads about. I enjoy fictional stories. I love telling them as well as writing them. Failed conversationalist? I had never heard that one.

Hope the snow isn't too bad. I should get busy. Wish me luck today.
I hope that everything goes good at the doctor's for you. Fingers and hooves and paws crossed and all good thoughts. *Heart*

I wonder what is eating on those plants. Most of my doctors seem to have fake plants, if they have any. I never thought about it, but not being able to take care of their plants doesn't seem like a good sign, does it? The quack thing your mom said is funny.

Maybe take a journal and write in it while you are waiting. When I used to take my mother and we had to wait, I wrote stuff, thoughts and even poems sometimes. It helped with the anxiety. Now, I take a book and try to read, but I usually get too nervous to concentrate and I end up having to reread.

I will be thinking of you.

We have a lot of snow, but the sun is shining. Our governor still says stay off the roads. I with he'd stay off the TV and focus on getting the roads cleared while the sun shines. But he loves his face time.

Here is my quote:

"In memory, everything seems to happen to music."

Give Bella a hug from me and from Boo. *Heartg**Shamrock**Heart*

Tennessee Williams

Do you ever notice that? Maybe it is because of movies having soundtracks. When I think of things in the past there is music there.

The Doctor changed my B/P Meds back and wants me to take Sudafed. Hopefully, I will get better. Winter is making things worse but I am still here and can't let life get me down.

I heard a song from years ago I loved and all those old memories come back. Music and memories go hand in hand. I can relate to years and memories with songs. I wish a song could transpire me back to times when life was easier with no health issues. Just bad boyfriends and snooty girls each other and me. I just wanted good things in life. The music was always great. I love movie soundtracks and our lives could be soundtracks. Now, to choose my music.

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." Erma Bombeck

I told everyone I wanted to write and go into Journalism, they would say you will never make it. I got some items published and I am not famous but I gave it a shot. I write here so I did something right. You are afraid to tell others what you want sometimes because they aren't always supportive. Sad really. Friends should stand by each other and share their dreams and be supportive of each other.

Hope things are going well. We didn't get a snow/rain mix and that is okay with me. I am always thinking of you. I went to Barnes and Nobles yesterday and found a sticker book for Mom, Bob's Burgers Sticker Book for me, an autographed book about the witch and Rapunzel and I got the neatest blue tote bag with books and lights on it. I was able to find some stuff I liked.

Have a good day. Does Boo love the snow?
I hope that the sudafed helps you to feel better. It is hard to balance medicines with each other and get them all to do their thing.

Boo absolutely loves the snow. She frolics in it. It was so deep, but she jumped on it. Sometimes it was frozen and held her, sometimes she sank down. Teddy, the Corgi next door is much lighter than Boo (and much younger) so he walks on it, she sees that and wants to do it. It doesn't always work out.

Did your Barnes and Noble books arrive? I am considering going there today myself. It is supposed to be hard rain later on, but I'm thinking of going this morning. They do not know where to put all the snow when they do the streets so it's in 6 foot tall piles all over. It is hard to see around corners. I think this rain we are supposed to get today and tomorrow will melt a lot of this snow.

I got a lighted Snoopy to put at the front door and we are getting a lot of compliments on it. It's a simple thing, just plug it in and there's snoopy at our front door. It's an homage to hound dogs like Boo.

Yesterday, I had to take care of something I dreaded, but it went okay. Then last night we had our dinner group and went to Cracker Barrel. We didn't have good luck with them last time a few weeks ago, but decided to give them another chance. We all (pretty much) had pancakes. I was happy because their syrup is yummy.

I like your quote very much. I keep a lot of my dreams hidden so they don't get made fun of that way. It is brave to share them. I still have dreams, but am more realistic now - I guess life has a way of doing that to a person.

Here is my quote today:

"Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures."

Jessamyn West

I think this is true. You can say something through a fictional character about a situation or about behavior that you may not be able to say directly. I can show a bully's behavior, which is more effective than sending an email to someone saying what they are doing is bullying. They may not get it ever, but someone else might. People have a hard time seeing what they are doing. I had someone who kept insisting they "did nothing wrong." It was all me, HOOves who was in the wrong. Some people have a hard time looking at their own behavior objectively at the time they do it. Mr. HOOves says anyone who tells me that they did nothing wrong is doing all kinds of things wrong by saying that to begin with. Well, you never know where things lead. That is why sometimes I put stuff in the blog on private because I know that there are those who read and report back to people who want a reason to be mad. I don't want to give them their excuse of the day that way anymore.

Boo is snoring here and all is well. *Heart*

My movies finally came in. I got: A Nun's Story, Mermaids and Funny Girl. I need to have a movie Marathon. I still haven't read Danielle Steel's new book but I will.

We have rain and fog. No snow for us for awhile. That is a good thing. Sorry they have no room for the snow you got. It gets like that around here. We will have big piles of snow until the rain or sun melts it away.

The Snoopy sounds cute. I have always liked Snoopy. I bought a Christmas Snoopy awhile back that rings bells and plays "Christmas Time." Bella doesn't like him. Doesn't care for the dancing an singing. Same with my stuffed Christmas moose.

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." Eleanor Roosevelt

Every day, I have some ailments. I take my Meds and pray to God. I have new thoughts everyday sometimes not always good. Some days, a problem will be solved but new ones spring up. I look forward to every day and always hope and pray things will be better for everyone. I have lived this long and the world will have always have problems. I pray for strength. A new day always means new hopes and a possibility for this day to be better then the others.

Have a good day. You are always in my thoughts. Hope Boo can keep up with the corgi and the snow. Bella hangs out in the room edition by the Christmas tree. I am off to do a few things.

A new day brings all sorts of things that can be good and changes. I am glad you got your DVDs from Barnes and Nobles. I had a weird thing at B&N yesterday.

I bought one of those 50% off books. They wouldn't let me use my 20% off coupon, which is okay, but when I got home I realized I didn't get any 10% discount for being a B&N member who pays 25$ a year to get a discount on everything. When I called the store I was told that this doesn't apply to 50% off books so everyone is treated the same for them so it's meaningless that I pay that 25$ a year. This made me a bit sad (after I got over being annoyed).

I hope that B&N stays in business, but doing stuff like this I don't think they will have many people willing to pay $25 a year for no discount on some things. The person on the phone acted like I was greedy for wanting my discount on top of the 50%. LoL Well, yes I do it's why I paid the $25. I hate it when they all of a sudden change a policy to be cheaper with customers.

Well, I plead guilty to wanting something for paying $25 a year.

*Hangs head*

This is my quote for today:

"I am not young enough to know everything."

Oscar Wilde

Wisdom comes with knowing that we don't know everything. When I was young, I thought I had a lot of answers that I have since learned were either wrong or uninformed.

Hope Bella enjoys her day. Boo's snow is melting fast in the rain. Still there is some out there, but not enough to jump in anymore.


Guess I didn't know 50% off meant no 10% discount. Sometimes, their sales aren't fair. We pay $25.00 a year for this service. You are right. It is sad.

We had fog so bad last night that we skipped WalMart. we are going to today. We have other shopping to do. Today is sunny. May rain Monday and Tuesday. Sorry, Boo's snow is gone. Snow leaves a lot of rain when it melts but hopefully, the sun will dry everything up. We had rain for a day and a half. It is 30 some degrees.

I am not young enough or old enough to know anything. Ha. Ha. I try.

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." Eleanor Roosevelt

She was a great lady. She should have been President. I am always wishing and hoping. It takes energy to think of things and wish for life to be better. Planning. It does take energy and timing. I think of stories I want to write and things I want to do. I used to plan scrapbook things and it took energy as well as doing the actual project. I need to scrapbook some more items. I always need more energy to do things. I used up all mine when I was younger. I still have some left I hope.

Have a good weekend. I am hoping Sudafed helps. This winter is rough on sinuses. Thanks for all you do here.
I hope the sudafed helps and you feel much better very soon. And I hope that your blood pressure stays good.

The sun is coming out here. It was miserable for a few days. Everything seems nicer when the sun shines. It seems warmer, too. So, they have stories now on our local news about the lack of mail delivery. One man is waiting for his medications all week with no mail. The postmaster said everything is fine. I look for him to be gone soon.

Once it hits the news media, I think that some heads will roll, but we will see. Probably nothing will change if we keep the same guy as postmaster.

Here is my quote:

"People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty."

Richard J. Needham

I had someone tell me that I had "changed" for the worse on this site because I dared to disagree with something bad that she did. She thought (in her mind) that she was being honest by saying I changed. She said that in forums about me, too, that I changed after I got rid of HOOves separate port. She thought she was being brutally honest, when I think it was mean. She said it about me before she decided to pick a fight with me.

Well, you never know.

Hug Bella for me and Boo! *Heart*
I hate when a new member gives you a review and it is bad. They are here 5 years and never write anything just criticize. I ignore them. I have been writing 18 years and will continue to do so. You are not mean. You are one of my sweetest, best friends and one of my first friends. We grew up together here, so to speak. We will be here and keep writing.

It was sunny today. Ray and I went to a grocery store Kroger. WalMart never has all the food you need. We have food in case we get snowed in. Bella does, too.

Some people like brutality more then honesty. I think the press does. I love happy news and happy ending.

"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men and women are created equal." Elizabeth Cady Stanton

I agree. In Jane Austen's time, women were to marry have kids, do charities if they were of the ton. They couldn't vote or be part of the men's world. I am glad that changed. Women are equal and I am glad I can do what men do if I want to. We are equal. We are humans and share the same world and problems. I like this quote and feel important. Men need us in more ways then one. They know it.

Have a good week. Boo, too.
I hope your week is starting good and goes good for you and you feel better and better. Hug Bella!

That whole Me-Too thing has swung back too far the other way. There won't be anyone left in Hollywood if they are held to standards of good behavior and what's proper. Now they are going after Michael Weatherly with some nonsense.

Here at home, there was a transgender guy in the shoe store yesterday. He was being weirdly aggressive like trying to get someone to pick a fight with him. Everyone ignored him.

Very strange behavior. No one cares, each do their own thing only don't act like that in the store.

I don't know why people get so weirdly aggressive this time of year, but it seems to happen.

Here is my quote:

"No one in this world needs a mink coat but a mink."


I think that is a good quote. Well, I guess they keep people warm but still the minks need them more. We even have stores here that still sell them so that's weird. The transgender guy should go to the mink store and cause trouble instead of the shoe store.

Some of the know it all reviews that I get are pretty weird, too. They can't help themselves sometimes. Sometimes I see one and I think well the cat's out of the bag on her now. I might think someone is nice for a long time and then they go for it with the snottiness and suddenly it's like that curtain being pulled back on the Wizard of Oz. Once you see that, it is hard to "unsee" it.


Women don't need mink coats. Wear a fake one, man made one. I am totally against hunting animals. Like those snow leopards. I want a pet snow leopard. I want to save them. I see them at the zoo. They are beautiful and other animals as well. I am an animal lover and I enjoy looking at them.

I read about Michael Weatherly. Believe it or not, his ex wife plays on The Young and The Restless and she doesn't bad mouth him. They had children together. Men will be afraid to say Hello to a woman pretty soon. Johnny Depp's ex wife said he beat her up. Maybe she deserved it. I am glad I am not famous. I am just a country girl, well woman and a writer, did a lot of activities in high school, former Beauty Queen Contestant but I am happy being me. I just want the world to be a better place.

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else which makes you unique." Walt Disney

What I said about says it all. I am unique. I was an only child and had friends but I entertained myself. I like living in another world. So, I write. Works for me. I don't hurt anyone. I enjoy collecting things and believe in fairy tales, love, Big Foot, Nessie and want to the world to be a fun place. I want to be different. Not strange but I love Jane Austen and get hung up on her time era. I love fantasy. Unique. I'll take it.

I love The Wizard Of Oz. Thanks for mentioning it. Give Boo hugs. Hope I didn't ramble too much. I love your views on things.
It is good to be oneself. You are unique and special - you have your own view of the world. *Heartp* I have my view too. Johnny Depp's ex wife had a huge pay-day. I think he regrets meeting her. I saw her on something, can't remember what it was, but she came across as a snotty you know what.

I see some of these women who make millions out of their so-called traumatic experiences. I think men will be afraid to joke about anything around some of these super-sensitive types.

I really liked Kevin Spacey as an actor. Well, they decimated him and maybe he was someone who was inappropriate at times with young boys. I think most great actors tend to be a little inappropriate. That show of his House of Cards is nothing without him. It lacks star power. Who watches it now? Not me.

Now the Today show. It stinks now. Matt Lauer was interesting to watch. I knew he was up to things by the way he acted with women on the air. But he was interesting. I don't really care about any of their personal lives that much. Katie Couric handled him just right. I don't like either one of them, but they were a lot more interesting to watch than the ones on their now. It's like who cares what they think - they aren't going to tell me much.

Then the whole Brad Pitt/big mouth Jolie thing. I saw that coming a mile away. I knew she would turn around and use all those kids to stick it to him when she was done with him. Three of them aren't even his, but he's attached to them so she can use them to hurt him. I think it's how she hooked him in the beginning getting him lured in and attached to that eldest kid. In the end, I bet she will try and say Brad Pitt "abused" her, too, just so she can jump on the Me Too bandwagon. But I don't think that people who know Brad Pitt will buy it. He's not very bright when it comes to some of his choices, but I don't think he's mean like that Jolie person is.

Some of these women are very mean. I know women can be. On this site, it is all women who have been mean over these 18 years. Some of them hide it to get where they want to go. But the mean reviews, the really stinky mean ones come from disturbed women, not men. The meanest things that have been said to me are by women. What's wrong with them? I don't know, but once I see the mean, I steer clear.

Here's my quote:

"Courage is fear holding on a minute longer."

George S. Patton

I have had some fears in coming here, at times, but I sucked it up and did my thing and kept my commitments. Having been called some nasty names over the years makes me a bit wary at times. But it is good to do one's thing and let people just think about their mean remarks. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember the mean things they do for a minute, much less a long while. Short memories seem to reign in some quarters. Well, it's okay. I keep my head down and keep trying.

I love your views too. We are still here and a lot of the women who have been meanest to me aren't here anymore, don't come here or if they do are pretty irrelevant to my enjoyment. So, in the end, it works out.

I can't believe all the sexual harassment complaints against men and the world is always at chaos. I try not to watch more news. The media makes things worse. News about actors is one big gossip mill. Sad, really. You don't know what to believe.

I wrote a sci fi story for a group I am with and this isn't my best genre. The reviews have been nice but critical. I am done writing sci fi. I am more suited to Jane Austen type items, unicorns, poems and fairy tales.

"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are real after all." Laura Ingles Wilder

I agree with Laura. All the bad things in life makes us bitter. Sweet, simple things like a dog's kisses or a cat rubbing your legs makes you smile. A kind word, caring nurse at the Doctor's office, watching a movie we love or eating our favorite food. A Christmas card, a text from a friend or a smile. These things are sweet and real. News on TV. It's real but it is bad. We need more simple, sweet things in life. A kind word and deed goes a long way. Bad words lead to violence and chaos. I will take sweet and simple, real things.

Having a bad sinus day. I am looking forward to my family Christmas Party this Friday night. Hope Boo is doing well.

I hope your sinuses are doing better today with the sudafed kicking in. Your party sounds like it will be a lot of fun and it's happening on your Birthday, isn't it? *Heartv*

It is good to get back to the sweet simple things. We pet Boo and talk to her. We know she loves us. She wags her tail when I whisper to her. Queen of the House

So sweet it makes me happy. You know Bella loves you and it makes you smile. That is a good thing in life.

We went into the post office yesterday. The supervisor for our route was very nasty and acted like an *Alieng*. We said what was happening and her response is that it's not happening and there are no problems. We only got mail 3 of the last 12 days now.

Right as we were leaving a much angrier woman (we were angry but we hide it with smiling) was screaming for the post master so I know we aren't the only ones.


Here is my quote:

"Never eat more than you can lift."

Miss Piggy from The Muppets.

I think this is good advice that Miss Piggy shares here, especially during the holiday season. We are figuring out things. I may end up getting a P.O. Box (not at the bad post office at a nicer one) and quitting Amazon Prime and Netflix Disk so I don't have to deal with the Post Office as much since they are so dishonest and such *Alieng*'s


I haven't had any issues with the Post Office. We are getting our mail. I am happy about that. We wasn't getting our mail until 3:00 PM last moth and we always get it by 9:00 AM but our Post Office is a small town and they are short of carriers at times. I get that.

"Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it is realistic or not." Deepok Chopra

I would like to go with my passions and I don't always like reality so I agree with this. I think of all kind of fantasy things. I write and I like fiction better then reality. I daydream. Never hurts. I have got to meet famous people and that wouldn't seem realistic to some people but it happened. I was nominated for Who's Who. If I feel passionate about something, I will pursue it. It may not happen but I know I tried. I always have that satisfaction at least.

"Never eat more then you can lift." Miss Piggy. I love her. I agree.

Good call. I am doing better today. Hope all is well your way. Have a good day.
I hope today is going good for you, too. Tomorrow is your birthday and your big party celebration! I hope that will be great.

I think we have to dream big and not be "realistic" because that is sort of in the eye of the beholder. We see a vision for ourselves. The Harry Potter lady had a vision. A whole bunch of editors told her that her stuff was no good and would never sell. I bet that right now, coming up, a Danielle Steel type young writer would have a hard time.

We forge our own path and write what we are moved to write. Then, we might find our audience. You said before about trying a different genre. There are people on this site who are negative all day long. I tried Steam Punk and "won" some reviews. Someone wrote me a nastygram (that I won in an auction) for a review. She said I had no idea what steampunk was supposed to be. She had a very closed minded idea of it, very narrow and she was totally ignorant about the personal life of Ernest Hemingway. I don't think she'd even heard of him.

I write what I want to write and I know when people are wrong in reviews. It's where they reveal a lot about their character in how they tell me they think I am the one wrong. I get mad and block ignore them - I've had to do that a few times with the site contest or I would have totally lost my temper and written something on my part that I regretted. Well, you never want to say bad things in emails because they live forever. I pretty much always bite my tongue and say agree to disagree. Some people read that and go off on me, but I don't reply because I know if I do someone will use it later.

I put all the nasty stuff I get in an email folder called "Nuts".

Here is my quote:

"Imagination is the eye of the soul."

Joseph Joubert

We are only limited by what we set for ourselves. Our imaginations can lead us to try new things. Maybe it will be our best work, or maybe it will lead to something else good. We never know.

Danielle Steel tries different settings and genres and then she tries again and again. I don't think she ever gives up and the writing seems to get better and better.

I made my peanut brittle (from scratch - it takes 3 hours to do it) this morning. I am glad I got that done.

Happy day before your birthday! Hope you and Bella are having a good Thursday!


We do have to find our own audience when we write. I like to write what makes me comfortable and happy. I won't be writing sci fi anymore and I am okay with that.

I am getting the house clean for my family party. It is raining but I am okay with that. When I get done, I will watch Christopher Robin.

"The digital camera is a great invention because it allows you to remininesce instantly." Demetri Martin

I know I didn't spell that last word right but it means remember. Pictures say it all. They bring back memories and you can see them on your camera right away and text them to others to share. I like that. You can see if you like the picture and want to retake or save it. I have hundreds of pictures on my smart phone and have scrapbooks of pictures. I really do enjoy the memories. A picture says a thousand words. They can bring you smiles and tears. My son sends me pictures from his phone all the time. This means a lot. Thank goodness for the smart phone/camera. Keeps me in touch with the world.

Thank you for the Awardicons and Merit Badges for my Birthday today. I am glad I can have my family party on my Birthday. Have a good day. Give Boo hugs. Hope your mail is reaching you on time.
Happy Birthday!!! *Heart*

I do not know what I would do without photographs, I agree. Especially with regard to my parents and my niece. I have tons of photos to remember things with. They bring smiles and happy thoughts of good times in the past, that's for sure.

Here is my quote:

"If you scratch a great photograph, you find two things: a painting and a photograph."

Janet Malcolm

I thought about that quote a lot. The old stuff my parents had is like that. Some of it is black and white and some in color. The color stuff from the 1940s looks like paintings.

Here is one of my parents that looks like a painting of them:

Shortly After They Were Married

I have one, also of the two of them riding bikes where they look so young. It was way before I was born when they were in their 20s.

Great pictures can paint a mood for us after time passes and bring back wonderful thoughts and memories. This is true especially at holiday time.

Enjoy your wonderful birthday and holiday party! Wishing you the best of everything, always!
My parents wedding picture was in black and white. Dad wore his Air Force uniform. I am glad I have a copy of it. Pictures are very important. They capture our memories.

My party went well last night. I got all the episodes of Are You Being Served? I love this English comedy show. I got money, a Macys Gift Card and with my new Kate Spade wallet and purse, I am ready to go shopping.

"Home is the nicest word there is." Laura Ingalls Wilder

I agree with this. When work was going bad, I was glad to get home. My boss couldn't get me here. Having a family party last night and getting older, home is always good. After being around people when you are driving and shopping, I couldn't be happier to get home. I can do what ever I want. I agree with Laura. I feel safe at home. It is mine. Life is good.

Have a good weekend. We may get a little snow. Wishing you the best Christmas ever!
I am glad to hear your party went so well and you had a nice Birthday!

Home is the best place of all when it is a happy home. I go out into the world and am glad to get back home. I don't really like to travel much anymore. Problems happen like with the mail and our heating system not working right, but you deal with them. I am grateful that I can deal with them still.

Here is my quote:

"Home is not where you live but where they understand you."

Christian Morgenstern

My parents always understood a lot of things about the people they loved. I wish I would have listened better at the time, but we take things for granted until they aren't there I guess.

Happy Christmas Weekend! *Heart**Heartg*

When I was a kid growing up, my grandmother didn't always understand me. I was raised by her more then I was my parents. Dad was in Viet Nam and when Dad was in the Us, I spent all my summers with my grandparents. I miss my grandparents but I refused to live like I was being raised like it was the 50's like Grandma tried to raise me. Things worked out.

"Suffering passes while love is eternal. That's a gift you have received from God. Don't waste it." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Love is a great gift. Some people are hard to love and God knows this, too. I do my best to like everyone else and love them. Some people are easy to love. You just be nice and friendly and if people don't want your love, just pray for them. I guess that's all we can do. I am thankful for the friends I do have and some family members. Family can be hard to love. If they want my love, they know where I am.

Hope your weekend is going well. Cold here. Have a great day. Give Boo hugs.

Give Bella hugs, too from us and from Boo. *Heart*

Love is something that lasts, when it is true. Family stuff is always tricky at the holidays.

Something in me sort of gave up today. I went into Barnes and Noble with a 25% off coupon and it didn't work. I was sad, instead of mad. I said oh well let's just forget it, but the clerk wouldn't. She got the supervisor and they gave me the discount. I didn't care about it either. I felt resigned to them saying no, but they said yes. It didn't even make me that happy, but I appreciated it. I felt blah either way. I think it is the holiday blahs setting in.

I do hope that Barnes and Noble stays in business going forward because it is nice to have a big book store to browse in. My friend, Joanne, had told me to look for a book and that is what I was trying to buy - a paperback book in the recommended stuff. It is called One Day in December or something like that.

Here is my quote:

"Music is well said to be the speech of angels."

Thomas Carlyle

I think this is true and sometimes music can speak in a way that people cannot. It can soothe someone who is past soothing. It can make us smile or makes us feel sad and melancholy.

Holiday music is lovely to listen to as most of it is cheerful and uplifting. I stay away from most of the sad stuff, except some of the Irish Christmas stuff. That is soothing to me.

Have a great rest of the weekend. I make my turkey tomorrow so today is prep and make the pumpkin pie.


Sometimes, you never know when you will get a break and get a sale. I like when that happens. I enjoy going through Barnes and Nobles sales book shelf.

I love holiday music and I always miss it after Christmas. Takes me awhile to let it sunk in that we start a new year. I get used to it. Things are okay then.

"There is nothing permanent except change." Heraclitus

I don't always agree with this. Something changes and then it changes back. Like work, the world. I hate change but if it is a good one, we all like that. Like when work takes away PTO time, that is not fair. They can give you something. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Let us enjoy life and just give us good changes. That's what I hated about having a job. Changes aren't permanent. Most of the time, this is a good thing.

Have a Merry Christmas Eve! Give Boo hugs. I am thinking of you.
Merry Christmas Eve to you, Bella and the rest of your family, too!!! *Heart*

I have always had a hard time with change and adjusting to it. I am afraid of it most times. When I think it will be a good thing, it isn't and then the opposite is true. When I most dread something it usually turns out better than I expected. My Dad used to say that change was harder for me than anyone else he ever knew.

Things have worked out okay. Then I need to make decisions. Will I do this or that. I have a hard time knowing what is right. A lot of my spending choices will change some in the new year, but we will see how that goes.

I would do a lot more merit badges if I thought that would be welcome here. But I think when I do them it is a burden somehow because the last one took 103 days. That makes me say no, HOoves, do not do this. Then I think I will buy this or that and I stop myself. Well, I have done 12, one a month for a year total, so that is good for now. I have to see a sign that me doing it would be a welcome thing and not a big burden that takes forever because of avoidance of doing it.

I am taking the hint better now I think so maybe I wised up a little. Who knows?

This is my quote:

"As one gets older, one discovers everything is going to be exactly the same with different hats on."

Noel Coward

That is like saying things change, but they also stay the same and sometimes look different on the surface. Sometimes you have to show you care by letting go. I think this is a very hard thing to do, but sometimes it is necessary for self-preservation. Don't step on me, step over me is what I guess I am trying to convey to the powers that be. *Heart**Heartg* They like me sometimes, but not that much. It is okay, it is all a choice, but I need to get that and figure it out better going forward. That means not breaking out the credit card as much unless I see the welcome mat.

Sometimes it is hard to go forward in life. We hang in there and do our best. I know I have to. Sometimes, things do turn out better then we hoped. We never know.

"Big results require big ambitions." Heraclitus

We have to have ambition and try to make it happen. Like Doctors. You have to have ambition and drive and keep going forward. You have to be committed to a project as well as have ambition to see it through. Big ambition, seeing it through will give you big results. It was worth it when it is all said and done. I like to think so. I make the best of it.

Have a Merry Christmas. We are going to my mother's later. Always thinking of you. Boo, too.

I hope you and Bella and everyone are having a very Merry Christmas!! Have a nice time at your Mother's house!

I received a nice gift of a calendar of quotes so I will be using that by my computer for our campfire as we go forward. I made my big turkey dinner yesterday so now Mr. HOOves has his leftovers. We are all set going forward, I think. I was going to try that big blogging thing, but I don't think it will be for me. I don't think I have the energy for that every day.

I will stick to a few things like your campfire, I Write in 2019, and judging Writer's Cramp. Maybe I will try other things, but not right away.

Here is my quote:

"With high hope for the future, no prediction is ventured."

Abraham Lincoln

Sticking with things can be a big challenge. I stuck with some in 2018, but not with others. Mostly, I did what I needed to do. So, that's a good thing to look back on.

Happy St. Stephen's Day tomorrow!! *Santahat**Cow**Heartg**Holly2**Heart*
A nice calendar of quotes sounds nice. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I really enjoy doing these quotes Campfire with you.

I had a good Christmas. I got a crystal angel and nice purple stocking as extra gifts. We always have a good dinner at my mother's. She does a great job of cooking. She had turkey last night and we will have ham for New Years.

"When you give yourself, you receive more then you give." Antoine de Saint-Exapery

I like to give good things and help people along the way. I think I receive good things in return. I care about a lot of things and want to help others. All we can do is keep trying I guess. You give it your best shot and hope for good things in return. I do at least. I think this quote applies to Christmas time and the New Year. A good place to do something new and start something new by giving to others and making the world a better place.

Have a good day. I hope your Christmas went well. Did Boo have a good Christmas?
Ham for New Year's sounds delicious. I am thinking about some Honey baked ham slices with black eyed peas. Maybe sweet cornbread also. Yum Yum

It is good to give and to hope for happiness in others.

Boo had a nice Christmas. She received a new Loofa toy. They are long and skinny and she has me put them up against her back when she lays down to sleep in the living room.

Her ear was bothering her (she kept shaking her head) so we stayed downstairs with her much later than normal. Mr. HOOves cleans her ear with solution, then medicine twice a week and I wipe them out every day. I was a little nervous because she kept shaking her head, but once she went to sleep it seemed better and she isn't doing that today. Must have been just a little irritation or wet or something. She's snoring peacefully in her crate as I write this.

Did Ms. Bella have a nice holiday time? *Cat2*

Here is my quote today:

"A novel is a mirror carried along a main road."


I think that you have to have some familiarity with setting and subject in order to really enjoy reading a novel.

I want to get back to reading more, but I have had this thing where if I start reading I have to take a nap. I am hoping that I get past this and over it eventually. I want to do more reading here, but I log in and then I feel tired. Well, hopefully the energy level will return eventually.

We received some word puzzle books as gifts. Those are a lot of fun. I got really absorbed with that and so did Mr. HOOves when we stayed downstairs with Boo. It was very soothing, somehow. We watched NCIS on Netflix and did our word puzzles.

I got Amazon gift cards as gifts, but none from B&N. However, I did buy B&N gift cards so I got a 10$ reward card that starts today. I don't know if I will have the energy to go there today yet. I always enjoy going there, but lately it's been kind of discouraging how they treat members.

Well, the sales will probably be alright this week everywhere.

Happy St. Stephen's Day Today!!

Glad Boo got a new toy for Christmas. Didn't buy anything for Bella. She is happy with a toy with feathers and a ball that we bought her 4 years ago. She loves her stuffed beanie baby raccoon. She is entertained by chasing straws and pencils and also those milk rings off milk jugs.

I got a salt lamp for Christmas from Mom. It is supposed to take care of irritants that cause asthma and sinus problems plus makes you relax. I tried it 4 hours last night and so far 3 hours today. My one cousin said it helped her sinuses. I hope so. Time will tell.

Amazon Gift cards are nice. I can't wait to spend the one I got from Macys.

"And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been." Rainer Maria Rilke

I hope to get well and stay well. I wish for a healthy year. I wish the Democrats would get along with Trump and everyone would get along. I hope for no more murders, natural disasters and hope everyone can be happy. I hope to read more, write more, do more at WDC, scrapbook and maybe be able to go places this summer. This is what I hope for. No more animal abuse or cruelty. Enough is enough. I pray for all these things. Make the world a better place.

Have a good day. It is raining and will be rainy tonight as well. Give hugs to Boo.
I hope it is a blessed new year for you. We have rain today and it's dreary.

On Wednesday night I had an episode where my vision was messed up - I saw light shapes in the upper right corners of both eyes that didn't leave for long stretches of time. So, yesterday I was off to the eye doctor because I wanted to make sure it wasn't a retina thing. He says it's a kind of migraine he thinks (so brain related) and not a retina thing (which is good that it isn't that) It's very annoying - I've had it (seeing the lights now and then for short periods, Wednesday it happened twice) for the last couple of years with this Graves Disease stuff.

So, I will probably be here every other day for a while so I don't mess up my eyes with the computer staring. The eyes are so important and I love to read so I don't want to lose that with this light business. Always something, but hopefully it will get better.

Boo spotted an old toy and acted like she thought it was new. She threw it all over like a puppy. Very cute.

Here is my quote:

"Former President, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have constructed a ten foot fence around their property in Washington, D.C., paid for by the U.S. taxpayers."


Hey, if it's good enough for them (to keep the normal "folks" away) it's good enough to keep the criminals and drug lords from Mexico and Central America out and away from the rest of us. I have family in Texas who are hurt daily by what has been allowed to occur. Enough is enough.

The media hates President Trump, but one day they will act like they supported him all along. That's what they did with Reagen and President Bush, the elder. I blame the media for most of it. The Democrats and Republicans never do much in Congress anytime, much less holiday time. I haven't noticed any impact with the shutdown, have you? Maybe they should get rid of all the people's jobs that aren't missed much.


Sorry to hear about your vision problems. I went to Urgent Care again. My sinuses are bad off so I am on an antibiotic. Always something. I pray things get better for me and everyone else. The Government Shut Down. Really? This is got to end. I hate to turn on the news.

Bella loves finding old toys. She can be a sweetie. I do love her as you love Boo.

"Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us beautiful and brave." Rainer Maria Rilke

Brave and beautiful. I just want to be well and wish for a better world. Being a Princess sounds nice. I would like that. I am a Princess in my own home. Dragons. I have never thought of dragons as being bad. We need dragons to shake up the Senate and Congress. If I find a dragon, I will send him to Washington, DC. A fantasy world I live in but it can be more fun.

Hope you will feel better. I am always thinking of you. Have a great weekend.
Take good care and get lots of rest so that anitibiotic can do its thing. I hope you are taking it easy this weekend. I am trying to do that and take more breaks from computer and reading things. So far, so good.

I am reading a paperback book called "One Day in December," by Josie Silver. My friend recommended it - it's a romance and has turned out to be really good so far. It doesn't seem to bother my eyes to read real books with no lights so that's good.

Here is my quotation:

"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up."

Robert Frost

I think this is good advice about not jumping to conclusions. Our friends and family live in Texas so we hear about the nightmare stuff going on. I hope that the wall gets built and they figure it out. I don't get why politicians who live in mansions don't get that ordinary people get hurt when criminals scamper across the border. I heard there is no trash pickup in D.C. because of the government shutdown.

The News Media reported that the Coast Guard isn't paid. Well,, guess what. My nephew is a Coast Guard Officer and he says that isn't correct. They are being paid. The press doesn't check their facts much. Well, same old same old for them. The government is shut down. I would miss the museums being open in D.C. if I still lived in that area. That's about the size of it.

Happy New Year!

I felt better the other night. Still have sinus issues. I don't have the bad headaches so that helps. I have been on the antibiotic 3 days. It takes forever for me to get better.

Your quote about fences is a good one. I wish the Senate would bend and go along with Trump and see his reasoning. I just don't get all the controversy. I try not to watch news anymore.

"The new year stands before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." Melody Beattie

This is true. I hope to get over my health problems and get better. Maybe I will edit my two novels and find a publisher. I will do reviews here, start a new Campfire, write some poems, unicorn stories, maybe think of new Jane Austen type stories, continue with Jane Austen Newsletters. I will stick with Anniversary Reviews and maybe enter a contest or two. I will do Blog entries 5 days a week. I won't be writing anymore Sci Fi! Those stories I have no luck with. I live each day as it comes, pray for strength and enjoy the day. I hope and pray for a better year. We do need it.

Have a good day. Hope Boo is doing well. I am always thinking of you. Bella is asleep in the room edition. Happy New Year!
Just get a lot of rest and recuperation. The nurse told me that when I took the last antibiotic that it works beyond when you take it, so if you take it 7 days, it works for 14 days. Sinus infections take a long time to get out of there, like ear stuff does. Rest, rest and more rest is the key. I hope you do start to feel much better, but I know that medicine makes one feel tired also. I still have the cough from the sinus infection I got in October, but most of it has gotten better. Still have that cough, though.

The New Year is a fresh chapter. I am still me, but I think that is a good analogy. I can start over sort of maybe. Health is a big part of it, but I do not know if I will do better with eating and exercise. I am afraid to say I will.

I will try to walk more is about all I can promise myself. Yesterday we lit the Snoopy out front again. It was for my Dad who passed 23 years ago last night. Then, this morning, Mr. HOOves saw a bird on one of my books in the garage. My Dad always called me a "bird". I think it was my Dad or he sent it and that made me smile today. My Dad was a very funny guy and very beloved. Two of his great-grandkids (a boy and a girl) are named after him.

Well, here's my quote today:

"It seems, in fact, as though the second half of one's life is made up of nothing but the habits one has accumulated during the first half."

Fyodor Dostoevsky

That is kind of true. But it is never too late to change if we want to do it. Sometimes, I think take it one small thing a day. Then I fail to do it and I am discouraged. But I will try again this year coming up to take it one small step each day and then see how it goes. I will try not to lose my temper too much so that my blood pressure stays nice and mellow.


People have to want to change. We try to help them but they have to decide. We can't force them. Like people I took care of in mental health. They didn't want help or want to change. The one guy was in prison and he was mean. Enough of that. I tried to make a difference in my job when I worked.

You have a Snoopy Dog object in your yard? Neat. I love Snoopy. I have a little stuffed red baron Snoopy on my dresser along with Eeyore. My son had a little Snoopy with clothes.

"Live your life from your heart. Share your heart and your story will touch and heal people's souls." Melody Beattie

Put your heart out there that you are kind and caring. Share your story and make a difference. Listen to others stories and find happiness in your life. You don't have to share everything but enough to let others know what your life is about and maybe you can help them or they can help you. You can make a new friend in the process. We can never have to many friends. Share your heart. A good resolution for 2019.

I am hoping to feel better. Going to Mom and Dads for New Years Eve. We play board games, have pizza, cinnamon rolls and ring in the New Year. We don't drink. We just be ourselves. Happy New Year! Hope Boo is doing better.
Happy New Year!! It sounds like you had a fun evening planned. We went out to eat early at a favorite Italian place and got home before the drunken drivers hit the streets. It was raining some so that made it even more dicey.

Some of our neighbors like to shoot off fireworks so we were awakened at midnight.

Snoopy is on the front porch. We have stairs going up to the front door so he's up there and we plug him in. He has a stand that he is on. He represents our hound family member in style. I just got him this year from Amazon. So, it's easy just go out the front door and plug him in. Plus, he's light weight so taking him down won't be hard. Just unplug him and find the box he came in and put him in that and try to remember where it is for next year. We used to have Chili Pepper lights, a changing lights type tree out front and a wreath. We got rid of a lot of that stuff when we cleaned out the garage, but then I wanted to have something so I ordered Snoopy. It came to me to do it one day.

"Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong."


I think that Snoopy has a lot to say there. We all have to be ourselves into the New Year and find our ways. It is good to be kind and be reliable. I try to do that and go forward.

I look forward to all of our writing adventures this year that's hear now!


I like Snoopy's quote. He is a cool dog. Who says we are doing it wrong? Good for Snoopy.

Had pizza and cinnamon rolls at Moms. Mom and I played TV Trivia and I won. Mom is good at Silver Screen Classics Movies but we don't have that game. Going to Mom's for a ham dinner tonight.

"Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober, not to make us sorry but wise." H.G. Wells

We learn from mistakes and bad things in life. It does makes you stronger and wiser. No one leads a charmed life, so we do the best we can, go forward and what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and we can live a little longer. Took that quote from Kelly Clarkson. Thank you, Kelly. I am wiser and wish I knew back then what I know now. We have sad moments and have happy ones. We keep going. Thank goodness. I remind myself God is there for me. Here's to being wiser.

Enjoy your day. I am always thinking of you. Give a hug to Boo and Snoopy. Congrats on your winning second place.
Your New Years get together sounds like a lot of fun and good things to eat. That is a combination that is hard to beat.

Thanks on the congrats! I was very surprised and happy that happened.

Hard times do help us to be stronger. I think that is true, but sometimes it seems like it is too hard to make it through. But we do and then we can think about what we learned.

Here is my quotation:

"Take one day at a time. Today, after all, is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."

Billy Graham

I am a big worrier. My mother was too. Most of the time I worry about the wrong things. When something really bad happens, it usually blindsides and surprises me. I don't think I can do what Reverend Graham said though. I wish I could truly take one day at a time. Maybe this year I will do better. That is about all I can hope for, that every day will be a choice that I make that is better than I would have made before. I can live with that.

Hugs to Bella! *Heartp* Boo is pacing and barking at me because it's getting close to her dinner time.
I worry a lot, too. I worry about having diseases and I have had so many xrays in my life. I hope to do better and stay well.

I try to live one day at a time. I agree with Billy Graham on this. They say tomorrow will take care of itself. I really love Dr. David Jeremiah. I trust him and he is all about God. I look forward to the future but I try not to forget about today.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." H. G. Wells

In school, I would think as guy was cute and another girl wouldn't. Same with other girls. My grandmother always said it would be a sad world if every woman wanted the same man. True. Thank goodness if there are plenty of men to go around but more bad then good. Some people don't see animals as beautiful but that there is their loss. Not everyone likes the same things in life.

Hope your day is going well. Some days I feel better then others. I look forward to our Campfires.
I look forward to our campfires, too. *Heartv* I hope today is a good day, where you feel better.

I am trying to accomplish at least one main thing a day, setting a small goal. Like yesterday I set out that I would organize and put away my Christmas cards that we received and the extra ones that I didn't send. I store them and make a box for the year's correspondence. I did that and I also took (with Mr. HOOves help) all the ornaments off the two trees and put them away for the year. Mr. HOOves took down the actual trees. The goal I set with the ornaments was to start on it, but we got it all done.

Beauty is in the eye of whoever is beholding. I totally agree with that. Sometimes I forget that I also believe that happiness is a choice. Some days it is a harder choice than others.

We went out with our dinner group this week to Cracker Barrel. I found that I like their pancake so I went with that. It was yummy. My blood pressure has been okay so far in 2019. I probably jinxed it by mentioning it, but there you are. I was worried about Boo sleeping all day yesterday until I realized what she was doing. As soon as Mr. HOOves went upstairs to get ready to go out, she came scampering out. She was hiding all day (it was a rainy day, one perfect for sleeping anyway) from her Thursday ear cleaning.

Here is my quote for today:

"The important thing is not what the think of me, but what I think of them."

Queen Victoria

My Dad totally had that attitude and never wavered from it. I am working on it. I was part of a group that wrote Fan Fiction when I first started on the Internet. We all had to submit our stories and wait. When I took control of the situation instead of having it control me everything changed.

I am in control more than I realize. I have choices that I can make. Maybe I can't control everything, but I can control enough to suit me I think. I love to read on days I am not here.


I will see my Doctor today. I have concerns. Sinus really kicks your butt. It has me. Some days is better then others. We do like to have control of things in our life.

Queen Victoria seemed like a good hearted Queen. We do need to think good of others and be the best we can be, let our kind actions speak for ourselves. Good quote.

"The past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is and has been but the twilight of the dawn." H. G. Wells

The past passes and we start a new beginning. Every day is a new beginning after dawn after we get up in the morning. I always say today will be better. I am glad I have had new beginnings. I had the wrong friends when I was younger and I learned from my past and appreciate the new beginnings in life. We get older and get a lot of beginnings. I am thankful for them.

I don't read as much as I used to. I do enjoy reading. Have a good day. I will start our new Campfire later today or this weekend. Hope Boo isn't too upset about her ear cleaning.
I hope that the doctor is actually helping so that each tomorrow gets better for you. *Heartv*

Boo gets her ears cleaned twice a week with the solution and the medicine. She gets them checked and rubbed out by me with tissues every day. This is to hopefully prevent ear infections that her breed is prone to. She has had two ear infections in her life, one at the beginning when we didn't know what we were doing and one bad one about four years ago. I wish she didn't hate it like she does, but it's okay. She has to have it because the ear infections can be very bad and lead to surgery

The past helps us learn what to do going forward. We had two bad infections so we don't want them again. Boo, on some level, gets that, but still she doesn't like it. I guess it is like any preventive medicine when you think about it.

Here is my quote today:

"Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

Abraham Lincoln

The only thing that reveals character is time and seeing how people respond to things. I thought one way about some people on the internet for a long time. Then, something happened and I saw something that went against what I believed. I mooed about it and got my head snapped off. So, when that happens I do my best to avoid whoever going forward. Reputation can be excellent for a long time, but it really means nothing. It is only opinions.

Character comes out in how people treat others. It cannot be hidden forever. Lincoln made a lot of sense in his words.

Sounds like Abraham Lincoln had good advice about character. Lincoln made a lot of sense. I always liked him. He was a good president. He had sound advice.

I hope to get better, too. Sorry Boo has ear problems. She knows you love her and are taking care of her. They know when their owners care about them.

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life or in the life of another." Helen Keller

I wish miracles for everyone. My friend is going through a divorce and he got his girlfriend pregnant. He is 61. He and this girl did illegal substances and my friend needs a miracle to get better. People are sick and need miracles. I do believe miracles can happen. We pray for them and God will take care of things. I remind myself to put my faith in him. Helen was blind and deaf but she over came in and was educated and greatly admired. I believe Helen. She has the right concept.

Wishing you a good day. It is in the 40's here. Glad you are here at writing.
we all need miracles at times in our life. I do believe in them and have seen them. It is a miracle that Mr. HOOves is still here. I think with what you went through medically, it is a miracle that you are here too, perhaps. *Heart*

Helen Keller was very admirable. She had a great teacher, too, in Annie Sullivan. When you have someone who believes in you sometimes it can make all the difference. Things turned around for Mr. HOOves when we found doctors who actually wanted to help him. He wouldn't be here, otherwise.

Yesterday was in the 60s and sunny. Today is 40s. It makes a big difference with it being cloudy, too. Went from feeling like Spring (in January) to feeling back in winter. We are supposed to get some wintry mix weather over the weekend coming. Bleh.

Here is my quotation:

"Let your joy be in your journey - not in some distant goal."

Tim Cook

That is the thing about New Years resolutions. I like that I Write thing if I take it one week at a time. If I think too far ahead with stuff, I lose where I am at. It's like a diet. It's day to day. It has to be because that's how I end up going off it. I lose a day then I figure what's the point. Well, one week, one piece of writing and one day at a time and enjoy it as it happens. Maybe I won't get there this year. Who knows.

There has to be joy and enjoyment or it's just a lot of fatigue. I log in some days and I am so tired, but then I get to doing something I enjoy and I forget about being tired.

It doesn't always happen, but it sometimes does and that's good. Have a lovely day and hug Bella! *Heartp*
I know I have had a miracle. I am so thankful. I am glad Mr. Hooves had a miracle as well. A lot of my stuff is anxiety. Doctor gave me more anxiety pills. I hope to get healed over my physical medical issues. Hope your B/P is doing well.

I don't know what I will be writing this year. I hope to get some ideas. I never know when a thought will occur.

Writers Block: When your imagery friends won't talk to you.

I like this quote. My imagination and muse needs to talk to me and I hope it will be soon. I want to start writing some poems and stories. Wish me luck. I may read some of my old stories and write a sequel. Muse, please come home. I miss you.

I am thankful for joy and enjoyment. Hope your day is going well. It is raining here. Better then snow. Give Boo hugs. Bella is hiding. She watched me make chili.
I hope everything starts being better and the medicine helps make each day a little easier.

Writer's Block. I have a bunch of things that I would like to go through and at least edit. I can't do it for some reason. Years have gone by and I cannot look at stuff I wrote in order to update or fix it. I do not really know why, but hopefully when the time is right (if it ever is) I will do it.

I used to get a lot of romance ideas. Then I would write the stories. Well, those ideas stopped a while back. I know when they stopped. But you never know when things will come together again. I like writing funny things and poetry more for now.

Here is my quote for today:

"One recognizes one's course by discovering the paths that stray from it."

Albert Camus

I think this can be true. I do know when I head in the wrong direction. Something always stops me when it's not right. I do not really know what it is, but things happen.

Cats know when the time is right for everything. I am sure Bella knows that now is rest time. Same with Boo. She knows that the time for resting is now and most of the time now. I think humans need more rest than the get and animals have a better sense for when to do it.


I have headed in the wrong direction more then one and I pray for guidance. I hope to take the right path.

"If you're not having a good time, find something else that gives you joy." Penny Marshall

Some things in life like work didn't give me joy but I stuck with it. If I got bored at a party, I would leave. Seems like I went to meetings at work and I didn't have a choice. Sometimes, talking to people who bored you. I didn't want to hurt them, so I listened to them. I was thankful for them. Loan meetings, things we had to do, you just made the best of it. I did.

Bella is taking her nap. I would be lost without her. Have a good day. Boo, too.
It is good to find the joy. I am sure that Bella gives you joy and Boo gives us a lot of joy. We have conversations with Boo. I hear Tom talking to her in the morning from upstairs and I talk to her about what I am doing. In a few minutes she will come to me at the computer because she wants to wrangle me in to give her Rice Chex while I eat some breakfast.

I am not going to watch Good Morning America anymore. This morning they said that President Trump was misleading in his speech last night. I have family all over Texas. I don't think he was misleading at all and I don't want some no-name reporter telling me that the president is misleading when young police officers (like Officer Singh in California) are being murdered by illegals. It is her job to report what President Trump said, not to give her opinion of it. She is not a commentator - she's supposed to be a reporter. I thought he was accurate and the polls this morning show that most of the people in my area want them to build the wall. I wish they would build the type of wall where we could see what's going on on their side and they can't see what we are doing.

And Pelosi and Schumer looked like Morticia and Gomez without the style. Very scary looking there at the podium.

Here is my quote for today:

"Only strength can cooperate - weakness cannot cooperate, it can only beg."

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Both sides have to cooperate for there to be a deal on this wall thing. And now I hear people won't get Food Stamps maybe in March. Well, I see people in the grocery store misusing Food Stamps all the time. I have never used Food Stamps, I just pay for them for other people to misuse along with other tax dollars. I am not overly worried about Food Stamp recipients that I've seen.

But Good Morning America would never tell the truth about that, would they.

Hope your day is good and positive and you find some good reading! *Heartv*

I am so tired of hearing news. Like leave Trump alone and the Democrats BEHAVE LIKE SPOILED BRATS. We need to get along. Like seriously. Finance the wall and end government shut down.

"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wish bone, back bone and a funny bone." Reba McEntire

We do need a wish bone. We need wishes. We can succeed with our plans for life. We need a back bone to stand up for the things we believe in. A funny bone. We all need and could use a good laugh. I know I need a good laugh. I always wish for a better world and good things. I stand up to people when the need be. I try to let things go but sometimes, enough is enough. We have to get through life.

We do need more joy. I agree with that. I am ready to start my day. Have a good one. Boo, too.
We definitely always need that funny bone. That is for sure.

I hope you and Bella are having a good day and your Dad is doing much better now. My nephew is in the Coast Guard and as of today he is not being paid. I hope that the President declares a national emergency and funds the wall with Army Corps of Engineers money for disasters.

Here is my quote to finish:

"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves."

Dalai Lama

I think this is a very true statement. I am searching for peace with things and I am closer to that now than I was before.

I have loved doing this Quotes Campfire and I hope that someday you will have another one. Thank you for having me! I have loved writing with you and writing in this!

Dad is still having problems. Sometimes, I wonder about doctors and question if they know what they are doing. All that education, they should know something. I am praying for Dad.

It is hard to obtain peace with ourselves. We do need inner peace. I couldn't agree more. That was a good quote by Dalia Lama He is so right.

"I'm open to any kind of situation in a song as long as it touches my heart." Reba McEntire

A song can touch our heart especially romance ones and ones that were out when I was going out with a special guy. "God Bless The USA" By Lee Greenwood. That song really touched me when 9-11 happened. It is amazing how songs can cheer us up or make us sad. I do love music and songs do touch our lives. Music can soothe the savage beast. Thank goodness music was invented and songs can help us get through life. Works for me.

Thank you, my friend for doing this Campfire with me. We did over 200 entries. Wow. I am so proud of us. Here's to more Campfires for us.
I hope everyone who has read this enjoyed our Campfires. I am thankful for Carol ♥HOOves♥ She did a beautiful job and I tried to do a good job as well. Thank you for reading. We hope to write more of these. They are a lot of fun. A lot of authors and other people have quotes we can live by. This Campfire has come to an end. Best Wishes to all!

The End!

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