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by Twiga
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Writing · #2167753
In Honor of WDC Birthday an Anything Goes Story. Now 18+!
[Introduction] So...In honor of the WDC Birthday. for long as I see the Balloons and Party Hats we shall have this 'Anything Goes' campfire which will now be 18 + So we can take it in 'darker directions' than the last one as such this will be a completely different story from the last one no returning characters no references to the previous story

One Rule is Additions must be between 3 and 1000 Characters long

Let's see what we can make!
Deep Under the Frozen Arctic Snow, an Experiment was taking place.

Many Different Kinds of Animal were being experimented on in order to create Mutated Hunters of Wanted Criminals.

One such thing that had been done was a female Grey Wolf had given birth to a single female Cubs. The Cub had been spliced with Dire Wolf DNA to ake her larger and stronger, this also left her with Cobalt Blue fur.

One scientist picked up the Cub and saw "This one looks fine, we shall proceed further into the Anthropomorphism Mutation
In another lab, a scientist is experimenting on a lone male bangle tiger, it seems playful, the scientist says "When I'm done with you little guy, you'll be a real killing machine, splicing you with saber tooth tiger DNA should do it and let's make those eyes blood red instead of green." He puts the tiger cub on the examination table and shackles it down to work on it. "When I'm done, I shall go on with Anthropomorphism Mutation."
"I'd strongly advise against it," said a black-clothed figure up in an office. "Creating mutated animals to hunt down humans is just not right."

"You were hired to train them," said another.

"I've trained with a lot of people, and trained plenty more," the black one said. "Law enforcement officers, soldiers, guards, bounty hunters, and others that have to deal with other armed humans. Most don't kill their targets, unless they have to. These, how would they react if they were dropped into say, a mall in the middle of the city? What if they were confronted by a simple mall cop, to say nothing about a S.W.A.T. team, not to mention Animal Control? Most people I've worked with know when not to do anything violent."
"Our society is in Great Danger." Said the Head Scientist "Criminals are planning to take over the whole planet! We must do something if we are to save Humanity!"

Soon the Genetic Therapy Process was begun, the Wolf Cub's first experience was someone injecting Human DNA into her than placing her in a room with a strange kind of light to ensure a the Human Genes integrated smoothly into her established genes
Soon the tiger, got his human DNA mixture and to make up for his error, he's been given DNAs of famous lawmen that bought down criminals in the past. Soon the tiger went up to his creator, "Father, I want to learn to hunt down and help lock up criminals that plague this world."
The Head Scientist looked at the eventual Trainer. "See. He has law enforcement in his blood."

The Trainer looked at him. "I've known of plenty of criminals who had police officers in their ancestry, not to mention the other way around. You could give him the D.N.A. of Wyatt Earp, but that won't make him a good gunslinger."

"Conversely," said the Head Scientist. "If I was to use your own words about ancestry, giving him the D.N.A. of Al Capone won't turn him into a mobster."

"It's still going to be a lot of trouble," said the Trainer. "The least of which is the fact that I'm sure that we're breaking a few laws here; maybe they aren't written ones, but there's always a Judge in the end that one has to answer to, one way or another."
In another room, a male whitetail deer was getting injected with the DNA samples of the best police detectives.
The She-Wolf who was currently labeled Wolf Number 1, as she was still just a Cub was in the Nursery Chamber looking at some wooden blocks. After chewing on a block for a few moments decided it was not worth eating.

One of the Female Scientists Dr. Martha Brown was feeling particularly bad for the Wolf-Cub

"This isn't right." She said to the Head Scientist "The Creature is as intelligent as a Human Baby and we're raising her to be a Monster!"
The tiger cub now named Hunter, views video snippets from Wild West outlaws, Jessie James and Billy the Kid, early 20th, century criminals, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone and John Dillinger, even serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson. Hunter winces at the handywork for Manson, "This is what most criminals resort to? Killing other humans?"
The Trainer came into the room and turned the footage to something else. "Usually it's the sadistic and uncaring ones that commit murder, especially like what that guy did. That being said, most criminals avoid killing people, unless they have to, or feel that they have to. Commit a murder during the commission of any other crime, such as robbery, they might be lucky to get a life sentence if caught, and end up dead if they decide to shoot it out with the police!"

"So, what do most criminals do?" Hunter asked.

"Various forms of theft, fraud, selling illegal drugs, and getting into fights, or other lesser offences," the Trainer said.

"What about rape?" Hunter asked.

"I look at that as a special kind of theft," the Trainer said. "Theft of dignity."

Hunter looked at the show that was playing. It was about a cat chasing a mouse, who'd grab a frying pan, or something else, to hit the cat with, resulting in what looked to be humorous injuries. "And this?"

"Cartoons," said the Trainer. "Don't bother trying to understand the logic behind them; they're more for laughs anyways."
The deer was now gaining human characteristics. Forehooves became hands with two fingers and one thumb. The hind legs became plantigrade but with cloven hooves at the end of the feet instead of clothes. The deer felt the need to learn and observe things.
Martha Brown went in the room with Wolf Number 1. The Wolf Cub was eating her meal of mashed up cooled hamburger out of a bowl. Martha watched her for a while
Hunter is being tested on stopping simulated crimes from Bank robberies, Jewel heists, hostage situations and even a simulated situation with a Apple store heist.
"Alright," the Trainer said. "So, you think that you're good at taking down criminals. Time for the situation to be reversed."

"What do you mean?" Hunter asked.

"Simply put - in this scenario, the criminal knocked out the victim, but when you subdued him, he wasn't wearing a mask, or anything that screamed 'Obvious Bad Guy' and the cops have just arrived on the scene, while you're holding the stolen loot. In short, they think that you're the Bad Guy."

"Seriously?" Hunter asked. "How often does that happen?"

"Often enough that you might want to be ready for the situation," said the Trainer. "There's also a few other similar situations that you'd best be ready for."
The now anthro deer was given the name Aruthur (In honor of Sherlock Holmes’ creator) and he learned all about investigation.
Of course the Tiger and Deer soon learned there was a Third Animal in the large Underground Compound with them, they seatched for this Animal and found she was still a Baby, Wolf Number 1 was being rocked to sleep by Martha Brown
After his exercise, the Trainer says "I know that wasn't easy, but you reacted surprisingly well. You have to be careful though, criminals can get tricky. We're done for today. Now go rest up." Hunter heads over to the break room and finds the deer sitting on the couch reading "Sherlock Holms, The Hound of the Baskervilles. The TV is on and showing the News, A story came up which drawn both their attention "This is just in, a daring heist has just occurred at the Smithsonian Institute, what was stolen is mostly exhibits donated from Hollywood studios from the American History Museum and paintings from the art gallery and the thieves were in and out, before the guards took action, we'll have more on this as it develops."
"We ought to do something about that," said Hunter. "We might be able to help."

"Do you honestly think that you're ready for the field?" the Trainer asked, as he came in. "Catch real criminals?"

"Yes," said Hunter. "I think I'm ready."

The Trainer looked at him. "You'd need permission first, and I'm going to be right beside you for the whole thing. I can at least redirect questions and other such things away from you guys."
Arthur pondered something. "I've been wondering. Are we allowed to be seen?"
Ideally you aren't. Said Martha Brown as she came in holding the Blue Wolf Cub in her arms "What you are meant to be are hunters of some of the most dangerous criminals on Planet Earth... I don't know much because I'm relatively new here but I've been hearing things about stopping an ancient conspiracy to take over the Earth that has existed since the days of ancient Babylon."
Hunter says "These criminals are a part of that ancient conspiracy?"
"Probably not," said the Trainer. "Still, as much as I hate the whole idea of using these guys, some field experience might teach them some things they need to learn - the first being to wear some armor."
Arthur said, “Well, I guess it’s time we suit up and go out into the world.”
Thus began the First Adventure.
Somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, two choppers speed towards an island with a volcano, as they close in to the mouth of the volcano, a hidden hatch reveals itself and opens exposing a hidden base the helicopters land on the pad, where several henchmen unload several cases, a man in a white suit sporting a mullet hairstyle, "Ahh Jeffery, back from Washington, how did it go?" Jeffery says "Like clockwork, we were in and out, before the guards could react." The lieutenant took one of the items out of a case, revealing the Fedora and Leather jacket worn my Harrison Ford. "What price are we going to get out of these Doctor? This is junk." The Doctor says "Murph, you have no vision. I didn't tell Jeffery and his men to steal these for their worth. Think of it as practice what I had in mind. If it makes you feel better, our next heist will be the Louvre."
"Oh, and just to let you know, these two pieces of junk are worth easily a hundred thousand dollars," the Doctor said. "So, think about what you're about to say next time, and do a bit of research."
Martha Brown watched the two adult Mutants leave while she looked at Wolf Number 1 in her arms

"I'm gonna free you." Martha said "No matter what it takes!"
Hunter and Arthur are at the Smithsonian Institute American History Museum looking at 3 smashed and empty display case, first one says 'Fedora and Leather Jacket worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films' second one read 'The dress Audrey Hepburn wore for Breakfast at Tiffany's' the last one read 'Darth Vader costume worn by David Prowse in the Star Wars films.' Arthur looked at each case with a magnifying glass. Hunter asks "Find any clues on who stole them?"
The Trainer took a look at the images of the stolen items. "Sounds like a costume party to me."
Arthur then finds something. A piece of cloth stuck on one of the broken cases.
The Cloth had a few drops of blood on it.
Hunter found that the cloth was white, doesn't match with any of the stolen items. "Hmm, must be from one of the robbers, and we got a clue. Let's take this back and we'll go through a forensic and find out which criminal foolishly cut themselves on the broken glass."
"Better inform the locals," said the Trainer. "If we try to cut them out, or not share any information with them, they might not help us if we need aid. There's going to be enough jurisdiction friction as it is."
Thus the adventure would continue for many years while Martha Brown found a way to release Wolf Number 1 into the Wild when she was six years old.

Hunter and Arthur would pursue the Crooks for many years only after the Mutant Animal Liberation Act of 2006 when Mutants could walk freely among the True Men could they begin to get close to catching them

The End!

© Copyright 2018 Twiga, Hertzman, BIG BAD WOLF is Howling!, EHH, (known as GROUP).
All rights reserved.
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