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by Twiga
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2171065
Happy Halloween! To celebrate here is a Beastly Tale
[Introduction] I started improvising this story on the In & Out Steve's Place and decided to make what I wrote the start of a campfire to celebrate the season of scariness. This isn't a role play campfire but of course other writers can create the other Human/Animal Creations described in this opening...

This is a story about EXTREME stuff. It was started with a bowl of pasta, a Girl with Brown Hair and Brown Eyes ordered a large bowl of elbow macaroni with marinara sauce as she sat at a table in the corner all by herself. When her food arrived she took
Her spoon and immediately dug in. As she ate she began to hear the sound of the person at the table next to her. It was a man with brown hair, blue eyes and mustache. He was talking on a headset telephone about something. The Girl listened and heard a..
A bunch of strange things coming from the Man. "I don't know." Said the Man into the phone. "I have no idea if this is gonna go mainstream or not!" The Man listened to whoever he was talking to for a few minutes and then he said "The Test Subjects seem to
"Have reacted to the serum as they should have. The Transformations are complete." The Girl froze with her spoon halfway in her mouth Serum? Transformations? What the heck was this man talking about? She ate as quietly as she could as she continued to...

Listen to a Man's bizarre conversation. He kept going on and on, about how the Test Subjects were 'Revolutionary' and this was gonna 'Change the World' The Girl licked her bowl clean as she listened to everything the Man said when they Waitress brought...
The Bill. The Girl left her Debt Card. The Man seemed to be finishing his meal as well, and the Waitress brought his Bill. The Girl watched the Man leave his Card he seemed antsy for some reason. The Girl stared at him, She had to know what the heck was..
Happening! So the Man left the Restaurant and the Girl began the Process of Shadowing him so subtly that he didn't notice. She followed him into a darkened alley and the Man came to a crooked wooden door and he knocked three times. The door opened and the

Man went inside. After the Door closed, the Girl put her ear against the door in hopes she could hear whatever was happening in there. "How are the test subjects?" Asked the Man. "Very good." Said Another Man "They're eating and sleeping just fine." "What"About aggression?" Asked the First Man "After the initial freak outs they've calmed down." Said the Second Man "Finally!" Said the First Man "The first successful experiments in Human-Animal Transmutation! " The Girl gasped with terror! She ran into a
Couple of trash cans, causing a lot of noise. alerting the two men someone was outside. The rooked door opened and they saw the Girl. "What have you heard? The Brown Haired Man asked her "I haven't heard anything." The Girl said as the two Men grabbed her

The Two Men brought her into the Laboratory, strapped her to a chair and the Assistant, a scrawny man with short black hair and wore glasses started sifting through his various bottles containing different Animal DNA Serums. "How about a Hagfish?" Asked..

The Assistant "That would prevent her from talking." "I can't stand Hagfish." The Brown Haired Man said as he looked the Girl up and down, she wasn't a very pretty girl, her brown hair was short and boyish and in dire need of washing. She was also obese..

"She's very clearly a Pig." Said the Brown Haired Man "Let's turn her into that." The Assistant got out his bottle of Domestic Pig Serum. The Girl tried to squirm out of her binds but it was no good, she was bound too tight. The Assistant injected the.... Serum into The Girl's Neck. The Girl felt a slight burning sensation as the Serum worked it's way into her system. She was already beginning to feel the changes the bones in her feet crunching as they turned into hooves. Her,
Nose turning upwards and lengthening into a Pig's snout. Her ears moved postilion to the top of her head as they changed shape into Pig Ears. The two men laughed evilly as her screams of pain turned into pig squeals. Finally after the transformation was,
...Complete. But she wasn't completely a Pig. she was an Anthro. She still had hands, upright stance, her own hair and eyes
The Scientist says "That's one down, I have an idea for our next test subject. You'll find him at Yale University." He holds up a picture of a young man holding a bulldog puppy.

In Downtown New Haven, The Yale Bulldogs are lined up in the north end of the Historic New Haven Green for a meet and greet coutasy of the Mayor. Keith Wallis along with his pet bulldog Mastin, the next Yale's Mascot Handsom Dan. Passer byers kept petting Mastin, and he enjoys all the attention. Two man in white coats comes up to Keith, "Mr. Wallis? Could you come with us to someplace more private? We need to talk."
Meanwhile, someone else was watching the men in lab coats.

"Can't we apprehend them?" the person asked, as if to himself.

"No," said a voice by his ear. "Much to my personal regret. Our job is to locate those behind them."

"I don't like it," the man said.

"Neither do I, but those are the orders," the voice said. "Keep an eye on them."
The Girl who had been transformed into a Spotted Sow, was taken to a row of large cages where there were three other Human-Animal Hybrids who seemed to be sleeping until the noise woke them up.

The Girl was placed in a Cafe beside a Test-Subject who was Half Girl, Half Gray Wolf. As the Pig-Girl's cage was locked, the Wolf-Girl lifted her head and sniffed at her new neighbor in the darkness. The Pig-Girl began to sweat, even though the Wolf probably wouldn't be able to break through the Bars she had no idea if the Lupine creature would be friendly or Hostile.

The Wolf-Girl said "So you're also a Girl? That's great now I'm no longer the only Girl here."
Kieth says "Sorry gentlemen, My father's the Dean of Yale University, though I don't mind my pup is getting all the attention, it's my duty to stay here and keep him company." The man on the left says "But we have a job to offer you. We'll even let you take your dog with you." Keith says "I don't know, my father will be so mad if I left." Suddenly he felt a sting on his neck as the 2nd. man injected him with a tranquilizer syringe then he slumped onto the table with a thump. The man says quietly "Quickly, let's take him back to the lab before someone notices us."
"They took the kid," the hidden figure said.

"Follow them," said the voice. "We need to find their base of operations."

"Missed them last time," the figure said. They then touched the wall, and vanished. If one listened carefully, they would of heard what sounded like someone, or something, climbing, but they would have seen nothing.
Meanwhile the Pig-Girl was talking some more to the Wolf-Girl.

"My name's Brittany." Said the Wolf-Girl sticking her muzzle in between the bars.

The Pig-Girl didn't want to reveal anything about her real identity there may very well be listening devices in the room. "For the time being..." Said the Pig-Girl "...Could you call me Pigsy?"

"Pigsy it is then." Brittany said as the Two Beast-Girl snouts got close Brittany's tongue briefly touched Pigsy's nose causing the Sow to retreat quickly

"Oh my gosh!" Brittany said realizing what she had done "I'm SO sorry! I didn't mean to do that! It's this weird Wolf instinct I get when I meet new people! Please don't think I was trying to give you a lesbian kiss!"

"I wasn't thinking of that." Pigsy said "I was thinking your Wolf instincts was reacting to the smell of bacon."
Keith woke up bounded to a chair where a Brown haired man is looking at him, "Finally awake Mr. Wallis? That's good because I have big plans for you because you'll make and excellent test subject. Keith struggled in his bindings, "Who are you? Most Importantly, where's my dog, Mastin?" "Who I am is irrelavent as for your dog, I have no idea what your talking about." One of the men says "I believe he's talking about a bulldog pup, we left it back at Yale, Although, I have no idea why these Yale students favor such a breed." The man just smiled "Is that so? So if he favors bulldogs, then a bulldog he shall be."

The assistant pulls out a bottle of Bulldog syrum. Keith tried to stuggle but his bonds makes him completly immoble. The assistant injected the syrum right in his wrist. Keith felt a buning sensation as the syrum went to sork though his system, he felt his bones changing causing great pain, he then saw his sneakers rip as his feet turned into paws he stared as his arms as course fur grew out, his face screamed as his whole face turned canine his ears grew long and floppy, finally Keoth let out a long howl as the pain got intensified as it finsihes. Before Keith fainted form his ordeal. He says "Your...not...gonna...get...away...with....this."
Meanwhile, the hidden man was reporting what they'd discovered. "Their base is at a zoo. They came in through one of those employee only entrances."

"Figures," said the voice. "It's obvious that they'd move after we and the others escaped. They probably had this place set up as a back-up facility. With the zoo animals on top, they not only have a source for genetic materials, but loud noises, like screaming, could be attributed to the animals."

"So, what do we do?" the hidden man asked.

"We'll send the Alphabet Soup after them, starting with the IRS," the voice said. "It seems there's some irregularities in their accounting practices. After that, it only gets worse - Parks and Recreation, Animal Control, FBI, US Marshals, NSA, perhaps even CIA, and let's not forget the Boys and Girls Scouts of America."

"Do we have to include them?" the hidden figure asked. "I had a bad experience with Scouts when I was younger."

"Media loves kids," said the voice.
Meanwhile Keith was brought to the Cages and put in the Cage next to Pigsy's

"Um...Hi?" Pigsy said

Keith didn't say anything at the moment he was too upset.

"Who are the other two of the first three guys?" Pigsy asked Brittany

"The fist guy is Garth, an Ape-Man." Said Brittany "He mostly spends his days huddled in a corner. The second guy is a Great Dane, but he's a Japanese Guy who doesn't speak English so I don't know his name because I don't know what he's saying."

"On the plus side, we might not be the only ones," whispered Brittany.

"What do you mean?" Pigsy asked, also in a whisper.

"Apparently, you, me, and these guys, we're batch number two," said Brittany.

"You mean, there's others out there?" Pigsy asked.

Brittany nodded. "I have good hearing. When the doctors think that they aren't in hearing range, they talk about the ones I call The Escapees. Seems they abducted some people they shouldn't have."

"Like who?" Pigsy asked.

Brittany shrugged. "Not sure, but I'm guessing that they were ex-military, or police, or firefighters, or criminals, or at least those whose jobs made them strong and good at getting out of danger. From what I've heard, they busted out, and formed some sort of vigilante gang. If nothing else, the idea that someone escaped from these guys gives me hope that we can figure a way out of here."
"What are they gonna feed us?" Keith asked finally feeling like talking

"They've actually been feeding us rather well." Brittany said "They want to see how human-like are digestive tracts are so they've been giving us lots of Human Food and so far we've been able to eat all of it without trouble...They also gave each cage a water fountain for drinking...And if you look at the back of your cage you'll see a curtain surrounding a flushable device for doing the business...They clearly want us alive and well for some reason."
"What do they want with us?" Kieth asked.

"I'm not sure," said Brittany. "I could make a few guesses, but I doubt you'd like any of them."

"What do you think?" Pigsy asked.

Brittany shrugged. "These are just guesses, but the sex slave market is a possibility, as there's plenty of freaks out there, and so would making us into seamless fur coats."

"Seamless fur coats?" Pigsy asked.

"Okay, got that idea from a Totally Spies episode I saw once, where the villain kidnapped people for that purpose," said Brittany. "Don't know what they'd do with a pig-type skin, but the idea is still a sound one. As for something made from dog skin, look at 101 Dalmatians to figure that one out."

"Any other ideas?" Kieth said.

"Could be making us into super soldiers or assassins, if what I've heard about the first batch is any indication," said Brittany. "There is another idea, which you might not what to know about, but for you Pigsy, it would be related to bacon."
The Ape-man looked at Keith, "Oh look, another dog. I certainly you speak English." Keith says "Perfectly well, why?" The Ape-man says "Because, the Great Dane here speaks only Japanese." Keith says "Let me try, I'm from Yale and I took a Japanese language class." The Ape-man says "Thanks, oh forgot my manners, the name's Garth and may I ask who you are?" Keith says "The name's Keith, Keith Wallis."
Meanwhile as all the creatures were introducing themselves, the Assistant was preparing some hamburgers for the Test Subjects to eat. As the Brown-Haired Man came into the Kitchen the Assistant quipped "The Test Subjects eat better than I do, I mostly live off Ramen Noodles but I still get the job of preparing proper meals for the Creatures."

That was when a Message caused the Two Men to jump "Hank! Eugene!" A TV in the Kitchen instantly turned on showing a thin pale man with a bald head and an eye patch.

"I've decided I will introduce myself to this second batch of creatures and explain the nature of this experiment, I fear not doing that soon enough the last time was what caused the first batch to flee."

"Yes Sir!" The Brown Haired Man said Saluting "Shall I bring you over to the..."

"No need." Said the Man "I'll take myself there."

With that the TV lifted itself off the wall with a propeller to fly and flew to where the Cages were.

Just when all the Creatures thought things couldn't get more strange, in came a flying TV with an Old Bald Man with an Eye Patch on it."

"Greetings." The Man said "I am the one behind this experiment. You may call me The Alchemist...I have come to explain why you have been Mutated into Animal-Human Hybrids, fear not, you will not come to harm...And you are serving a very important purpose in the salvation of Humanity and Reality itself!"

The Creatures looked at each other

"We're listening." Said Brittany.

"I am a Great Scientist." Said the Alchemist "In my study of the Cosmos I have discovered a 'glitch' in the design of Creation...Vacuum, decay...This could potentially destroy all of existence...I seek to prevent that from ever happening, so I have begun many experiments...You are the first step, successfully transmuting species is my first step to transmuting the vacuum of Space into something that won't decay."

Brittany, Pigsy and Keith all looked at each other.

"How does turning Humans into Animals solve an issue with the vacuum of space?" Pigsy asked "That seems a bit like apples and oranges."

"You serve another purpose." The Alchemist said "There is a much smaller disaster coming to Planet Earth's Future "How many of you have watched The Land Before Time?"

Pigsy, Brittany and Keith raised their hands

"Soon there will be a great evolutionary cataclysm." The Alchemist said "Soon there will be a great shift of continental plates like when South America and India broke off from Africa the Planet will completely change, cities will be destroyed in the upheaval...There will be a great crash...If Humanity if the survive they must have the speed, strength and senses of Animals as we will have to rebuild civilization from the ground up."

"Is this disaster gonna happen anywhere near our life times?" Asked Keith

"Luckily, no, you won't have to worry about that yourselves," the Alchemist said. "That being said, the triggering event will occur in approximately two hundred years. That should allow for enough time for your mutated genes to migrate into the gene pool to ensure that there will be enough survivors to rebuild afterwards."

"You do realize that we are going to be looked at as freaks by everyone else," said Brittany.

"Not when they are freaks themselves, or are related to one, or know one as a friend," the Alchemist said. "Been working on a mutagen that works similar to a virus, in that it spreads readily through the water supply. Once it's ready, it will affect about twenty percent of the population, at the very least, up to seventy percent, and those are the conservative estimates. Process should take me ten years to finish. In short, you don't need to worry too much about contributing to the gene pool yourselves, if you chose not to."

"Then, why us?" Pigsy asked.

"Well, you were snooping around, from what I've heard," said the Alchemist. "As for the others, those of different races and backgrounds might have different resistances that might need to be overcome. After all, for example, most of those who have European ancestry have an increased tolerance for drinking milk and fermented fruit juices compared to those whose ancestors didn't regularly consume such beverages."

"Why would that be an issue?" Brittany asked.

"Let's just say that those whose ancestors committed Bestiality are more likely to be transformed than those who didn't," said the Alchemist. "I'm still not sure how that works myself."
While the Creatures certainly weren't pleased with this reason (Keith least of all) They were at least relieved they weren't gonna be killed to be turned into fur coats or turned into sex slaves.

"Now then." The Alchemist said "I do think 5 is enough test subjects for the moment, the last time my workers got far too many at one time for just the two of them to handle which is probably why they escaped."

"What are you gonna do with us next?" Asked Garth

"Some simple physical tests." The Alchemist said "Testing your speed, strength and senses."

Meanwhile the Hidden Figure at the Zoo, one of the Escapees, who was also a Gray Wolf Mutant. Was getting a sense that one of his Fellow Escapees was near. He turned his head, and saw coming out of the ground, a Naked Mole Rat Mutant, who was an expert in navigating the airwaves.

"I was able to get into their Communications." The Rodent-Man said "You will not believe what I just heard!"
The wolf listened the recording that the naked mole rat had. "Either it's a strange kind of truth, or a very elaborate lie. Better send it on to the others."

"Have that feeling myself," the naked mole rat said. "Still, there's always hitting them with the Alphabet Soup later."
The wolf looked behind him, "Oh there you are, my feline friend. Tell me, do you have any more information about the these new ones?" A tigress mutant comes out from behind a tree, "Glad your on my side, it's almost impossible sneaking up on you. The Bulldog mutant is or shall I say was a student of Yale University and the Great Dane is Japanese and doesn't speak a word of English, I don't have any info on the rest."
The next morning the Creatures were given breakfast, it would be the first day of tests
"I hope these aren't too ridiculous," said Pigsy.
Keith says "Physical? Mental or written?"
First Test was the Speed Tests, the Creatures were put on treadmills to see how much they could run.

Meanwhile the Wolf-Man spoke to the Naked Mole Rat and the Tigress, they wanted to break the New Creatures out but first they had to figure out what to do the ensure the Alchemist didn't get away.

Next was the senses test, the Scientists tested the strength of the senses of smell, hearing and sight
"Okay," the wolf-man said. "We'll start with the IRS. There's a lot of things that they forgot to mention while filling out their tax forms. Uncle Sam doesn't like to get cheated."
There was a knock on the gate, when one of the assistants opened a man in a government suit shows his IRS badge, "I'm with the IRS here to collect the taxes you owe." He shows him the paper, "Oh boy," The assistant took out his radio, "Sorry to bother you with your tests, but we have a big problem."
At the moment the Brown Haired Man was testing Pigsy's hearing when he realized what was happening, he took Pigsy and shoved her into a dark space hidden behind a wall, he took all the other creatures and hid them too
I guess it's time to end this campfire because it seems no one can think of what comes next

The End!

Hank the Brown Haired Man said to the IRS agents "Would you like some refreshments first?"
"I see," the one agent said. "The old 'Distract them with milk and cookies while the other one hides the real records' routine."

"Sorry, we already ate," the other said. "Nice try though. Seems that you've been buying some equipment with monies that your company neglected to mention in their tax forms. This gives us grounds to start an investigation into the company. Funny enough, it seems we're not the only ones."

The man looked past the two agents, and saw a number of cars, with a number of people, all in suits, to say nothing about a few people in local police uniforms. "Um, do you have any warrants?" he called out.

At this, easily a dozen folders were pulled out, from each car.

"Um, let me get a hold of my boss," the man said, as he looked at the one that one of the IRS agents gave him. "He's the one you want to talk to."

"We'll be waiting," the IRS agent said. "Don't try to leave."
While Hank and his assistants were busy with the agents, the trio went over to the hiding spot to free the others. "Great job Tracker." The wolf said over the radio, "They'll be distracted for quite a while."
Meanwhile in the Hiding Place, Pigsy asked the others "What should we do?" Because they could hear the conversations taking place outside
It was then that they heard a sound, and a hole opened up in the floor, and up came a male wolf. "Depends on if you want to leave, or stick around. It's Alphabet Soup up there, with a lot of Federal agencies arguing over who has jurisdiction over what. It will get even more interesting when they come down into this lab, regardless of if you are here, or not."

"Listen," said Brittany. "We were just told that there's going to be a disaster in two hundred years, and unless they get mutated, humanity isn't going to survive."

"We heard about that one," the wolf said. "Real trick is if it is a lie or not. Kind of short on any real proof though."
Keith asks "Are you saying what they told us is a scam?" The tigress says "if you put that way, yes." Pigsy asks, "What if they return?" The wolf says "They'll be busy for quite a while, the IRS is here and they aren't here for a social call."
So they followed these Older Mutants down the hole soon they were in the sewers.

Pigsy inhaled sharply "Sure would be nice if some certain Turtles came by right now." She laughed at that attempt at a joke. Brittany and Keith smiled, they knew what she was talking about.

"Where are you taking us?" Asked Keith

"To one of our secret bases." Said the Male Wolf "We have to travel a lot...Some of us...Who got transformed into tropical birds and tropical reptiles and amphibians had to permanently relocate down South in Costa Rica... Because for them North American winters even here in Sunny Southern California became unbearable for them."

"How many of the original batch were there?" Asked Brittany

"35." Said the Tigress "A few died after being mutated that's how the scientists learned you can't cross a vertebrate with an invertebrate they're too different...Those who were injected with the serum of an insect or mollusk like an octopus or snail, they died as their internal skeleton dissolved."
"So, how many's left?" Pigsy asked.

"Thirty," the wolf said. "Although, more than a few of the ladies in the group are expecting." He glanced at the tigress, who had a slight smile on her face at the mention of the word.

"Seriously?" Pigsy asked, as she looked at the tigress. "I wouldn't have guessed."

"It's still a little early for mine to be showing," the tigress said.

"Whose the father?" Brittany asked.

The tigress chuckled nervously. "I'm not exactly sure. I didn't exactly see him."

"Some of the ladies were, you might say, forcefully impregnated against their will," the wolf said. "For all I know, the child's father might be me."

"Are you saying that you rape the women in the group?" Kieth asked.

"One of our early members was indeed a rapist," the wolf said. "Suffice it to say, we killed him after we caught him in the act."

"Then, how is she pregnant?" Brittany asked.

"Artificial insemination," said the naked mole rat. "Much like farmers do with cattle when they don't have a good bull."

The new ones looked at each other, especially Pigsy and Brittany.
A bat mutant flew in from another room, "I see your plan worked." He turned to Brittany and the new group, "Greetings, name's Tracker. I was the one who called the IRS, it's a shame that Alchemist hadn't made the same fate as Al Capone." Keith asked "Harassed by Elliot Ness and the Untouchables?" Tracker says "Arrested for tax evasion."
"Are you...A vampire bat?" Asked Pigsy

"Yes I am." Said Tracker "Don't worry, I only drink the blood of normal farm animals."

"Thank the Gods they didn't impregnate me." Pigsy said "I had only been there for a day and a half after Mutation they immediately put me in my cage and I was never knocked out for any medical procedure."

"Yeah they never did that with me either." Said Brittany "Seems after the first batch escaped they got a lot more careful with the next batch."

"What Animal did the Rapist get turned into?" Pigsy asked the Male Wolf.

"A common rat." The Wolf chuckled "I do have to give credit where credit is due...They do seem to turn everyone into the Animal they are on the inside."
"And what was your job?" Kieth asked, looking at the bat.

"I was a lawyer," said Tracker. "Problem was, I found out that my one client was involved in something more than what I'd been hired to represent him on."

"What about you?" Pigsy asked, looking at the wolf.

"I was a Marine," the wolf said. "My problem was that I was discharged after assaulting my superior officer - my team was sent into a very dangerous zone, and I was the only one that made it out alive, and he knew it was too dangerous for the number of men that had been sent! Luckily, it was decided to chalk it up to PTSD, especially once the truth about the bastard was revealed, which apparently involved a couple of underage teenagers at the very least, along with sex trafficking, and a few other things. Seems he was later found in his car, with his service pistol with a round missing from the magazine, and a rather large hole in the back of his head. It was ruled a suicide."

"You killed him?" Brittany asked.

The wolf grinned. "I think he got off lucky. So did the Rapist - the trial was as fair as possible under the situation, although the votes for Guilty outnumbered the votes for Not Guilty. Then there was the question of how to punish him - seems that Death outweighed Banishment. Finally, there was the question of how to kill him - more than a few seemed to be in favor of dismemberment. Luckily, we'd stolen a pistol during the escape, and so, that was used, otherwise we would have hung him."

"What about the body?" Kieth asked.

"We had it burned," said Tracker. "Less evidence that way."
"I was just a college student." Said Brittany. "I was taking linguistics classes."

"I was a college student as well." Said Keith

"I...Write science fiction for a living." Pigsy said

Brittany cocked her head "I thought for sure you'd be some kind of journalist since the reason you got transformed was you were caught snooping."
"There's a saying about curiosity, but I wouldn't want to offend those who are cats," the wolf said.
Meanwhile back at the facility, Hank went back to the hiding spot but when he opened it, empty. Even the hole was filled as if it wasn't even touched. "What? Another batch of mutants disappeared. How did they escape?" One of the men said, "Perhaps you left the door open." Hank says "Impossible, I closed and locked it and I have the only key."
(Author's Question How were Hank and the other guys not jail right now because of the IRS)

"Funny thing you mentioned 'Those Turtles' The Male Wolf said "Some of us believe they may actually exist and the cartoons and toys are cover up."
Back at the lab, one of the goons looked out the window through a set of blinds. "What do those guys want? There's still a lot of cars out there."

"I mentioned getting someone higher than I was," said the one who was at the door. "They want to talk to the Boss."

"That might be a problem."
Keith says "I wish there was a phone down here, my father must be worried sick. Also I want to check on Mastin." Brittany asks "Who's Mastin?" Keith says "My pet bulldog, he's the future Handsome Dan."
"We will help you." Said the Tigress "But first the five of you need to be checked over by our Team Medic

"And who and what is your Team Medic?" Asked Garth.

"Her name is Dahlia." Said the Tigress "She's a White Rabbit."
"Why do we want to do that?" Pigsy asked.

"One never knows," the wolf said. "Better safe than sorry."
Dahlia came in, "So these are the new one's I heard about, I'll see you each one at a time. The great dane spoke to the rabbit in Japanese, Dahlia smiled and said "O home no kotoba o arigat┼Źgozaimasu," Pigsy asks what did he said, Dahlia responded "He complimented on how pretty I am, I just responded thank you for the compliment in Japanese."
Garth looked at his fellow Americans "I am so tempted to say something I shouldn't..." He said giggling under his breath

"You know anything about Japan?" The Male Wolf asked

"When I was a Teen I watched a lot of Anime with friends." Garth said "I admit I had a brief...Weeaboo Phase."
"Had a Pokemon phase myself," the wolf said. "Lost interest when they increased the number after the second generation as there was no way I could catch all of them without having multiple devices. I mean, if they came up with an online game thing that continuously evolved, and you could catch them all without help, or at least interact with other players more easily, then I'd might be interested in getting back into it. Used to watch the TV show even - had a bit of a fondness for Pikachu."
Brittany says "Although this is a quite interesting subject, but I want to know about who you freed us from? What's the real reason why we're err..mutants?"
"We're still trying to figure that out!" Said the Male Wolf "So far the Leader only showed himself to you guys and gave HIS explanation of why he turned us into Mutants."

Thus this was the first of Adventures for Pigsy the Brown Eyed Gilt and her Friends, this may be the first of many campfires

The End!

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