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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2174682
Three Anthros must work together to escape a decrepit lab
[Introduction] Okeydoke how about we try something simpler for a very short Campfire. Three Anthro Animals (I won't even say if they're Humanimals, Mutants or some Third Category) wake up in a decrepit, decaying lab with no memory of anything but their names and certainly no idea how they got there in the first place...They seek to escape the abandoned lab the only question is...How to do it?

That's it for this campfire, other than that...Anything Goes as the old song says
Okeydokey this character I feel I have to explain this is a character I created when I asked if I could join a game of Cyberpunk 20/20 some friends were playing at my local game shop when I learned in Cyberpunk you could create 'Exotics' basically your player character can get plastic surgery to look like any Animal (In this continuity I think she's actually an Anthro Animal but we shall soon see...For laughs I made my character a Lobster Exotic with the name 'Dinky Doodle' as it was the only name I could think of at the moment, in the game Dinky Doodle was a news reporter with low intelligence and massive amount of beauty so I played her as a typical Bimbo with five boyfriends of different 'species' whether this is the case for her in this story or not has yet to be seen for as I stated earlier the characters have no memory of anything except their own names so...Dinky Doodle I shall immortalize thee!

Name: Dinky Doodle
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Species American Lobster (Homarus americanus)
Appearance:Is a svelte Red Lobster with blonde head hair for some reason
Personality: Calm easy-going get distracted easily

Dinky Doodle found herself waking up to the feeling of hitting a cold hard floor, she opened her eyes and looked around, she was in some dark dingy laboratory only illuminated by some glowing fungus clinging to the wall it was that moment Dinky realized to her horror she couldn't remember anything but her own name!
{Are you deliberately doing the opposite of what the campfire introduction does just to spite me now? The story of the campfire is three Anthros wake up in an abandoned Lab with no memory of anything but their names...I mentioned Dinky's past for the context in the author's note but the actual story part honestly I try to give the simplest rules for the story and you still mess it up! You either change the your entry to fit with what the actual plot of this story is or I'm deleting this campfire /c}
Name: Slivis Ziris
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Species: American Five-Lined Skink (Plestiodon fasciatus)
Appearance: Mainly black with white stripes down his back, with a reddish head and a blueish tail.
Personality: Hyperactive, inquisitive, friendly.

Slivis Ziris looked around. He wondered where he was. He thought that he heard movement, and decided to investigate.
Okay, one more time and this time campfire rules.

Name: Froofie the Dog
Sex: Male
Age: 71
Species: Golden Retriever
Apearance: Mostly white fur due to his age, still have some streaks of golden yellow fur.
Personality: Grumpy and easily angered, Have no memories of earlier life.

Froofie woke up in what it appears to be an examination room but as he tried to get up, he found that he is chained to the bed. Shackles are on his right ankle attached to the frame of the bed which is bolted down.
Dinky Doodle was not chained up but she was in a different room entirely...She seemed to have tumbled down from a some kind of lump in the floor she couldn't quite see in the dark.

Suddenly she heard a sound...It sounded like the voice of a Canine calling for help...She looked around her own room to see if their was some kind of exit out of her room
Slivis soon found what looked to be a doorway. Approaching carefully, he decided to test the door, to see if it was safe.
Froofie looked around and saw this place is completely abandoned, if is that so how come he hears movements? The room had little to go on, Shattered windows but spotted nothing to sever his shackles except a surgical saw which is out of reach.
Dinky Doodle finally saw there was a door and decided to open it with one of her lower hands (Dinky has three sets of arms, the top pair has lobster claws for hands which aren't good for much except fighting, the lower four hands have three fingered hands on the end) She opened the door and saw a long black hallway

"Where am I?" Dinky finally had to ask herself "And why can't I remember anything other than my own name?"
Slivis soon managed to open his door. He looked and saw someone in a hallway.
Froofie heard movements in the hallway and yelled "Anyone out there, help me. I'm chained to the bed and unable to move any further then a few inches from the bed!"
Dinky jumped when she heard that barking voice and that was when she noticed the Lizard

"I won't hurt you if you won't hurt me." Said the Lizard

"Did you hear something that sounded like a...Barking voice?" Asked Dinky
"Well, I just heard something," said Slivis.
Suddenly, the door opened and a lizard came in then he called out "In here, I hope those claws of yours can cut through metal." Froofie says "Oh, thank goodness. If you don't mind get this chain off my leg?"
Dinky Doodle came in and saw the saw "I don't we need to claw the way through those chains there is a saw right there." She took the saw in one of her lower hands and began to saw "By the way my name is Dinky Doodle."
"Slivis Ziris," said Slivis. "Do you remember anything oldtimer?
Froofie says "No, I just woke up chained to this bed, call me Froofie." He heard the chain sever as Dinkiedoodle successfully cut through it, "Ahh, that's better. Thanks Dinkeydoole. I have no recollection about my past and how I got here." He slowly stood up getting used to his balance.
"Same with me." Dinky said "It's really freaking me out how I can remember my name but not one thing other."

"Same with me." Slivis said with a sigh "It's really freaky like you said."
"Let's just figure out how to get out of here," said Slivis.
Froofie says "It depends on which floor we're on. If there's a ground floor there must be an exit somewhere and if it's two or higher, either we find either an elevator or a staircase. Let's start by going out into the hallway."
The Hallway was still dark except for some glowing fungus, the three heroes found a light switch but it didn't work at all. The continued down the hallway until they came to the very end of it, there was a large room like as large as a Ballroom, by the illumination of fungus they could see there was a large screen like a giant television or computer monitor on the wall nearest to them above them
"Okay," said Slivis. "Creepy. I guess it's the maid's day off. Still, I think I see a light over there. Might be a window."
I hope that this isn't your version of The Walking Dead Twiga Zombies or Walkers we can do without.

As they approached the window, they noticed some overgrown foliage below the window but clearly they aren't on the ground floor judging by the height they are about on the 4th, floor.
No I don't even like Zombies...Really I was imaging no antagonist and all it is is the Characters figuring their way out of a massive building

Dinky saw underneath the giant screen was a massive keyboard giving some hint that this was a giant computer
Suddenly, Slivis screamed.

"What?" Dinky asked.

"That!" Slivis exclaimed, pointing at something.

Dinky and Froofie looked. It was an image of someone looking like they were a rotting corpse, that was walking.

"It's just a stupid picture," said Froofie. "'The Walking Dead' or whatever. Probably some dumb story involving a bunch of dead guys walking around."

"Really?" Slivis asked. "Let's look it up."

He then walked over to the computer, and typed in the name. Problem was, nothing happened.

"Either there's no power, or the thing isn't plugged in," said Froofie. "That, or we need to press the 'On' button."

"Then let's see if it's plugged in," said Dinky. "Let's press the 'On' button."
They noticed that the computer is plugged in, just no power going into the computer. "Hmm," Froofie says, "No electricity. How long were we stuck here?"
"I woke up like half an hour ago." Dinky said "I have no memory of traveling or anything that got me here."

"Why don't we look around some more." Slivis said he found more pictures from various TV Shows and movies several frames containing such pictures were hanging on the walls
"Let's find the stairs," said Slivis. "Go down a few flights, and then find the door out."
They found the stairs but only went down one floor as the rest of the way is nothing but a huge gap where stairs should've been. "Looks like we have to make our way down another way, I'm not going to jump that." Froofie says.
"I'm not sure he saw all there was of that really large room." Said Dinky "I think there was a whole other side we didn't explore."

They went back to the large room and they found something on a Table...A Book.

Slivis opened the book "It's still legible." He said "It's a journal! Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
"Why do you ask that?" Dinky asked.

"Feels like something from a movie, or a book," said Slivis. "That being said, let's see about finding some more stairs, or possibly a rope."

"Why a rope?" Froofie asked.

"Because I don't fancy being stuck here," said Slivis. "We can get down to the next floor, so there might be another set of stairs on that level that also go down. Alternatively, use the rope to climb down to the next floor."
As they opened the journal, there was a cloud of dust both Dinkey and Froofie coughed. "This journal is about us by Dr. Eliot Sykes." Dinky says, Froofie says "What does it say?"
Dinky read "Day 1: We have begun work on a portal that can reach into other dimensions..." Everyone stopped when they heard that
"Okay," said Slivis. "Let's find a rope. I know enough to know that we can easily climb down three stories with even the most basic of ropes."

"Don't you want to know what happened?" Dinky asked.

"This guy probably got ate by some monster, and I'd rather not be here when it shows back up again," said Slivis.

"He has a point," said Froofie. "I could climb down with some help from a rope."
Froofie looks into a closet and finds a rope ladder among some old junk. "Here's a rope ladder." Froofie says, "Better test it first, last thing we need is it breaking from our weight."
However feeling some of the rungs with their hands they could feel they had been chewed on most likely by hungry rodents.

"Maybe the Journal will have a clue how to escape." Said Dinky she continued reading the Day 1 Entry "We hope to utilize this portal to capture..." She hesitated before reading the line "...Test subjects from other dimensions."
"There's still the rope itself," Slivis said, as he started to carefully test it. "The rungs might be no good, but we could still shimmy down it, especially if we fold it upon itself, and strategically add knots in it."

"You sure about that?" Froofie asked.

"Fairly sure," said Slivis. "There's even a special knot that can be broken loose with an easy tug in the right direction but hold against anything else. Makes rope retrieval simple. Basically, this one rope can get us to the ground, even when the rope otherwise can't reach the ground from the starting point."

"Don't you want to know about what's in the Journal?" Dinky asked.

"Unless there's a map, probably not really worth reading," said Slivis. "Something about Test Subjects freaks me out."
Froofie says "I maybe wrong, but I believe those test subjects are us."
"Well wherever the 'Scientists' are they're clearly not here anymore!" Slivis said "I think my idea will work!"

Here was right they were able to climb down with that rope trick, However Dinky decided to take the Journal with her just in case (It's great when you have four hands in addition to your two claws) When they got down they saw...Another hallway, this time they saw some evidence there had been life...A couple Human Skulls and Skeletons, most only partial skeletons were shattered about the hallway.
"Okay," said Slivis, as he jerked the rope down to them. "Let's keep on going down to the ground. I don't want to be here with whatever it was that did all that."

"More space outside," said Froofie.
The trio noticed that there was an old video camera near one of the skeletons.
Dinky picked it up "This probably shows whatever killed these People."

She had the camera play the last thing it recorded.

The three saw the Hallway brightly lit and spotless... Humans were running...So was the one holding the camera which was why the camera mostly saw the floor and running feet.

"It's coming!" Said a Female Voice

Then there was some inhuman roar. The one holding the camera turned around.

Coming down the hall was what looked like an enormous Velociraptor! It looked larger than the average Velociraptor it was twice as large as a Human! The Dinosaur leaped toward whoever was holding the camera and the camera went pitch black
"Now, this is the part where we get out of here," said Slivis. "I'd hate to encounter that thing's big brother, or worse yet, their mother."
I'm gonna cut this campfire off now, because this was another 'Campfire for the duration my folks are on vacation' campfire and this week their coming back early but don't worry I can make a sequel campfire with these same characters!

They finally saw something that looked like an exit, the door looked like an airlock and when Dinky peeked out the small window she learned the horrible truth

"This place is on the moon!" She said

The End!

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